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Full text of "New Spanish and English dictionary : in two parts : I. Spanish and English - II. English and Spanish ..."

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CCL^ , I , Av , o -f- 

^ "^^ ^^H^'- 

\/¿^'¿Á.L , ^ 

yíúí^ í^2-».*/-4^ 


I .-V',//) 




lEn ^iuo ^arts: 














The present intercourse between this country and Spain, and its foreign 
possessions, being established on a broad basis, the utility of this new- 
Dictionary will, it is hoped, obtain and share that distinguished patron- 
age, which an enlightened nation never fails to bestow on labours con- 
ducive to general improvement, and already conferred eminently on its 
Author for other national works of a similar nature. Its size, the 
accurate and distinct definition of words, their great increase — all these 
combined advantages will prove highly beneficial to those who visit 
those countries either for pleasure, or civil, or mercantile pursuits. 

In offering this new work to the public, the chief object of the Au- 
thor has been to remove the many imperfections encountered in the 
Dictionaries extant, and facilitate the acquirement of a language both 
sublime and useful. In it will be found, in the two Parts, a definite 
correspondent meaning to every word, free from any vague circuitous 
explication, which every student must naturally know in his own lan- 
guage, and which circumlocution prevents him from conveying his 
ideas in a proper and concise manner, for want of an adequate expres- 
sion. Another most important deficiency is also filled up by affixing 
to every noun its gender and number — ^^a part which, although most 

essential to complete every Dictionary, is yet omitted in the English 
and Spanish side of those in present use. AU references to other words 
of a similar sense are carefully avoided, as every one may contain its 
own meaning without being directed to another or more, where the 
repetition of the same is generally the result. To prevent every ob- 
struction to learning, in the Spanish and English Part, words spelt 
according to either the new or old style will be found m their alpha- 
betical order. 

Should the present work meet with the approbation of a discerning 
public, and promote the end in view, the long and arduous labours of 
the Author will be amply compensated, and his most earnest wish 
most fully satisfied. 


sitig. plur. ». p. siugular, plural 
art. article 

part, participle 
perf. perfect tei 

re/, verb reflected 

1. verb of the ñrst conjugation 

2. verb of the second conjui;atiori 

3. verb of the third couju|{ation 
attr. verb auxiliary 

muttop. verb munopersaual 

prep, preposition 

adv. adverb 

ivterj. interjection 

-a, after an adjective, forms the fcjnin 

OS, as, plural of adjective:, in o, a 



lEspañol é ingles.— ^panísíj aniJ lEngítsij. 

vith", from, after, upon, against I Examples) 
A'Londres (caminar,) to travel to London 
A'la Francesa, in the French fashion 
A'la puerta (parar,) to stop at the door 
A'léy de Francia, according to the law of France 
A'pie (venir,) to come on foot 
A'hiérro morir, to die by the sword 
A'Inglatérra (partir,) to set off for England 
A'vinágre (oler,) to smell of vinegar 
A'ótra(unir una cosa,) to join a thing to another 
A'algúno (robar algo,; to take anything from one 
A'la moda (vestirse,) to dress after the fashion 
A'algúna cosa (resolverse,) to fix upon a thmg 

Aba, «/. measure 'for lands) 

Ababa, sf. red poppy; corn rose; coquelicot 

Abacería, sf. chandler's shop; oil-shop 

Abacero, -a. smf. chandler; provision-retailer 

Abacial, arfy. abbatial; of an abbey 

A'baco, sm. abacus; upper part of the chaptrel 

Abad, sm. abbot; Romish priest; clergyman 

Abada, sí. rhinoceros (female) 

Abadejo, sm. cod fish; yellow wren; Spanish fly 

Abadengo, -a. adj. abbatial; of ' ' 

.\badesa, sf. abbess, ( 
Abadia sf. abbey ; at 
Abadiado, sm. lands. 
Abajamiento, sm. hu 
Abajo, adv. below; undei 

Spanish flie; 


1. 1. tore 

> balar 

Abalado -a, adj. spongy; soft; 

Abalanzar, ' ' ' ' 


Abalear, va 

Aballar, va 


Abalorios, ; 


)f an abbey 


le; debase; reproach 
lowmnow; silt; separate 
to strike down; carry off; move 
1. to haul a cab e (naut; 

'. glass beads, bugles 

m, standard-bearer; 

Abandeiizadórj-a,)./. ring-leador; head of a riot 
Abamlerizár, va. 1. to cabal; foment; encicrage 
Abandonado, -a, adj. abandoned; protligate 
Abandonamiento, sm. abandonment; profligacy 
Abandonar, va. 1. to abandon; forsake; give up 

Abanicar, : 
Abanico, sr 
Abanillo, s: 
Abanino, si 

Abanto, sm 
Abaratar, i 
Abarca, sf. 

; self to 

fan; winnow; sift; separate 
sm. flap, stroke with a fan 
^. fan; sprit-sail (naut.) 
n. small fan; ruff; fold; ruffle 
n. small fan, ruff, frill, ruffle 
I, sm. fan-maker 
fan; sprit-sail; large fan 
. sort of vulture (bird of prey) 
a. 1. to cheapen, lessen the value 
sole of coarse leather 
Abarc,ido,-a, a with the feet wrapped in dry skins 
Abarcadór, -a, sin/ embracer; fondler 
Abarcadura,.?/', embrace; fond pressure; hug 
Abarcar, !'a. 1. to embrace; clasp; contain 
Abarcón, sm. iron ring; hoop; circle 
Abarlo.ár, rn. 1. to bear up; haul the wind 
Abarquillar, rn. 1. to shape, form like a boat 
Abarracarse, rref. 1. to go into barracks 
Abarrado, -a, adj. striped, variegated with lines 

.\barraganarse, vief. 1. to live in concubinage 
Abarrancadero, sin. heavy road; precipice 
Abarrancamiento, sm. falling into cavities, ruts, va. 1. to open a road; dig holes 
Abarrancarse, tref. 1. to fall into a pit 
-Abarrar, va. 1. to dash one thing against another 
Abarráz, sm. louse- wort (plant) 
Abarrerá, sf. huckster, hagirler; socket 
Abarrisco, aúf«. without distinction: pellmell 

Abarrote, sm. small bale (to fill up the stowage) 
Abastadaménte, adv. abund.intly; in plenty 

abundance; p.enty: fulness 
!ater; provide; supply; find 

I cater; supply; provide; find 
Abastecimiento, sm. providing; provisions 
Abastionar, va. I. to fortify with bastions 
Abasto, sm. provisions i for a town); embroideries 
Abatanar, va. 1. to full; beat, cleanse cloth 
Abate, sm. priest (wearing a short cloak) 
A'bate! ««¿rrj. take care! out of the way I away 
Abatidamente, adv. dejectedly; meanly; basely 



Abatido, -ti,adí. dejected; low spirited; mean 
Abatimiento, tm. dejection; overthrow 
Abatir, ra. 3. overthrow; cutdown; fall; humble 
Abatir, rn. S to descend; bend; submit; stoop 
Abatirse, vre/. 3 to be disheartened, dejected 
Abaxadór, »m. stable-boy (in mines); abater 
Abaxamiénto, sm. dejection; depression; lowness 
Abaxii, adv below; under; underneath 
Abdicación, t/abdication; resignation; giving up 
Abdicár,ra Í. to abdicate; resijn; give up; annul 
Abdicativo, -a, adj. abdicative; lesigning 
Abdomen, tm. abdomen; lower belly 
Abdominal, adj. abdominal; of the abdomen 
Abducción, «/. abduction; form of argument 
Abductor, sm. abductor (with drawing muscle) 
Abecé, tm. alphabet; lettT»: elements of speech 
Abecedario, sm. spelling book; table of contents 
Abedul, tm. birch tree 

Abeja, ^. bee; Abeja maestra, sf. queen bee 
Abe ár, sm. bee-hive, case, (box foi bees) 
Abejar, (uva), sf. grape much liked by bees 
Abejarrón,Abej'órro,»m. horse fly, stinging insect 
Abejaruco, Abejerú bee eater; mean fellow 
Abejera, sf. balm-mint; bee-wort; (plant) 
Abejero, tm. bee-master; keeper of bees 
Abe. iea, ilia, tta, icéUj, dimin, ^f- little bee 
Abejón, sm. drone; hornet; buzzing in the ear 
Abejonázo, wn. laige wild bee; great dnme 
Abejoncillo, sm. small wild bee; small drone 
Abellacado, -a, o. mean spirited; of low habits 
Abellacarse, vref 1. to degrade one's self 
Abellár, tm. apiary (place where bees are kept) 
Abellotádo,-a, odj. in form of acorns; likeac 
Abemolar, va. 1. to soften; make soft, plia 
Abenúz, tm. ebony-tree (hard black wood) 
Abeflóla. -úl.i, sf. eye-lashes (hairs of the eye-lid) 
Aberengenádo, -a, a. of the hue of the egg-plant 
Abernúncio! inter), far be it from me! 
Abetozéra, sf. strawberry tree; arbute 
Aberración,»/, aberration; deviation; wandering 
Aberrugádo, -a, adj. warty; covered with warts 
Abertura,*/, opening; overture: beginning; leak 
Abete, tm. tenter; (hook to stretch cloth, &c.) 
Abetémo,a<iti. (Lat.)from all eternity; forever 
Abeto, sm. silver-tree; yew-leaved fir 
Abetunado, -a, adj. like, resembling bitumen 
Abeurréa, tf. land-mark; boundary of property 
Abezána, sf. several yokes of oxen ploughing 
Abezon, sm. dill; anise (species of parsley) 
Abiertamente, ado. openly; frankly; plainly 
Abierto, -n,adj. open; candid; generous; frank 
Abigarrado, -a, adj. striped; of various colours 
Abigarrar, va. í. to variegate; streak; dapple 
Abigeato, tm. theft of cattle; cattle stealing 
Abigeo, sm. cattle stealer; robber of cattle 
Abigotado, -a, ad), wearing long whiskers 
Abihares, sm. daffodil; narcissus; precious stone 
Abinicio, adv. (hat.) from the beginning 
Abintest&to -a, a(<>. intestate; without a will 
Abintestáto, tm. judge's process in case of no will 
Abiosa. tf. buffalo snake; boa-constrictor 
Abismal, adj. of an abyss; of dreadful depth 
Abismales, tm. plur. clasp nails (sorts of hooks) 
Abismar, va. 1. to crush; destroy; humble 
Abismo, tm. abyss; gulf; immense depth; hell 
Abispón, tm. hornet (great strong stinging fly) 
Abitadúra, t/. turn of the cable around the bits 
Abitáque, tm. rafter; joist (secondary timber) 
Abitar el cable, va. 1. to bite the cable 
Abitas, sm. plur. bits (naiit.) 
Abitones, tm. plur. topsail sheet; bits (naut.) 
Abizcochado, -a, adj. shaped like a biscuit 
Abjuración, if. abjuration; 


Abjurar, va. 1. to abjure; recant upon oath 
Ablandador,- a, tn\f. moUifier; softener; assuager 
Ablandamiento, tm. mollification; mitigation 
Ablandar, ra. 1. to soften; mollify; mitigate 
Ablandar, vn. 1. to grow mild, temperate, calm 
Ablandativo, -a, adj. bland; soft; mild; moUient 
Ablano, sm nut-tree; hazel (small tree) 
Ablativo, sm. ablative (last case of Latin nouns) 
Ablución, sf. ablution; cleansing; purifying 
Abnegación,*/, abnegation; self-denial' 
Abnegar, ra- 1. to abnegate; renounce; deny 
Abobado, -a, adj. stupid; simple: foolish; silly 
Abobamiénto, sm. stupefaction; diilness 
Abobar, va I. to make stupid; deprive of sense 
Abobarse, r. to grow stupid; l«ise one's senses 
Abocado, adj. agreeable ; sweet (wine) 
Abocamiento, sm. conference; parley; interview 
Abocar, va. 1. to catch, take with the mouth 
Abocar la artillería, to level the guns 
AbocAr un estrecho, to enter the mouth of a strait 
Abocarse, vref. 1. to have an interview, meet 
Abocardado, -a, adj. wide-mouthed 
Abochornado," a, adj. out of countenance; flushed 
-abochornar, va. 1. to throw in a heat; provoke 
Abocinado, -a, adj. curvated; elliptical; bent 
Abocinar, vn. 1. to fall upon one's face (low) 
Abofeteadór, -a, smf. who gives cuffs; insulter 
Abofetear, va. 1. to slap one's face; box; insult 
Abogacía, sf. profession of advocate, pleader, &c. 
Abogada, sf. advocate's wife; mediatrix 
Abogadear, rn. 1. to act. assume the lawjer (iron) 
Abogado, sm. advocate; pleader; counsellor 
Abogar, va. 1. to plead, defend the cause; 
Abohetádo, -a, adj. tumid; puffed up; swollen 
Abolengo, tm- lineage; descent; inheritance 
Aboléza, tf meanness; baseness: vileness 
Abolición, sf abolition; disuse: interruption 
Abolir, va. 3. to abolish; annul; put an end to 
Abollado, -a, adj. curled like the leaf of a lettuce 
Abolladura, tf. indentation; embossment; relief 

' to emboss; annoy; stun; confound 

Abollón, sm. bud; first shoot; (chiefly of vines) 
Abollonar, pa. to emboss; rn. to bud; sprout 
Abolório, tm. lineage;descent; birth; inheritance 
Abolsado, -a, adj puckered; folded like a purse 
Abominable, a. abominable; detestable; hateful 
Abominablemente, oefr. abominably; hatefully 
Abominación, tf. abomination; detestation 
Abominar, va. 1. to abominate; detest; abhor 
Abonado, -a, adj. creditable; rich; fit for 
Abonador, -a, »m/. security; bail; guarantee; 
Abrmamiéntcj, tm. bailing; cautioning; receipt 
Abonanzar, »n. 1. toclearup; turn fair (weather) 
Abonar, ra. 1. to bail; improve; affirm; manure; 
Abonarse, ref to subscribe; advance money for 
Ahondar, rn. to abound; suffice; be enough 
Abono, sm. bailing; cautioning; receipt; dung 
Abordador, tm. he who boards a ship; intruder 
Abordáge, sm. boarding (a ship); shock; conflict 
Abordo, tm. approach; attack; shock; meCing 
A Bordo, adv. on board; in a ship; on shipboanl 
Abordonár, rn. 1. to support one's self by a staff 
Aborrachado, -a. adj. high coloured; inflamed 
Aborrascár, rn. 1. to raise tempests, tumult 
Aborrascarse, vref. I. to get tempestuous, stormy 
Aborrecedór, -a. tmf. hater; detester; abhorrer 
Abhorrecér, ra. 2. to hate; de^^■it; desert; spend 
Aborrecible, adj. detestable; hateful; cursed 
Aborreciblemente, adv. detestably; hatefiiUy 
Aborrecimiento, sm. detestation; dislike; hatred 
Aborrér, Aborrescér, rn. 2. to abhor; hate; loathe 
,sm. abortion; untimely birth 
. to miscarry; have an abortion 


Ahortivaménte, adv. abortively; immaturely 
Abortivo, -a, adj. abortive; untimely; immat 
Aborto, sin. miscarriage; abortion; monster 
Abortón, sm. abortion (of a quadruped) 
Aborujarse, vref. 1. to be wrapped up, muffled 
Abotagarse, vref. 1. to be swollen, inflated 
Abotinado, -a, adj. like half gaiters, spatterdashes 
Abotonador, sni. small iron to button gaiters 
Abotonar, van. 1. to button; bud; form a button 
Abovedado, -a, adj. arched; vaulted; concave 
Abovedar, ra.l. to arch; vault; concamerate 
Aboyado, -a, ndj. rented farm and ploughing oxen 
Aboyar, va. 1. to lay down buoys inaut.) 
Abra, sf. bay; haven; cove; dale; valley; fissure 
Abracijo, siii. embrace; clasp; fond pressure; hug 
Abrahomár, va. 1. to hold fast by the clothes 
Abrasadaménte, adv. eagerly, earnestly ; warmly 
Abrasador, -a, sinf. burner; inflaraer; incendiary 
Abrasamiento, sin. burning; fire; inflammation 
Abrasar, va. 1. tobum;parch;squander;provoke 
Abraisárse, vref. 1. to be agitated by passion ¡glow 
Abrasarse vivo, to be inflamed with passion 
Abrasarse las Pajarillas, to be burning hot 
Abrasiládo, -a, adj. of the colour of Brazil-wood 
Abrazadera, sf ring; bar to fix the plough-tail 
-abrazador, -a, smf. embracer; thief-taker; hook 
Abrazamiento, sm. embracement; fond pressure 
Abrazar, va. 1. to embrace; encircle; contain 
Abrazo, sm. embrace; clasp; hug; fond pressure 
Ábrego, sm. south-west wind (south and west) 
Abrenuncio! luterj far be it from me I (horror) 
Abrevadero, sm. watering-place (for cattle) 
Abrevado, -a, adj. steeped in water (skins) 
Abrevador, sm. who waters cattle; waterer 
Abrevar, va. 1. to water (cattle, lands, &c.) 
Abreviación, sf. abbreviation; contraction 
Abreviadór, -a, smf. abbreviator; abridger 
Abreviar, va. 1. to abridge; contract; diminish 
Abreviatura, sf. abbreviation; abridgment 
Abreviatura, (en) adv. briefly; summarily 
Abreviaturia, sf. office, charge of breviator 
Abribonarse, vref. 1. to act the scoundrel; stroll 
Abridero, sm. peach (easily divided when ripe) 
Abridero, -a, adj. aperitive; easily opened 
Abridor, sm. nectarine; one who opens, unlocks 
Abridor de Láminas, sm. engraver (artist) 
Abrigadero, Abrigado, sm. shelter; cover; screen 
Abrigaño, sm. shelter, shed for cattle 
Abrigar, va. 1. to shelter; protect; patronize 
Abrigo, sm. slicltcr; refuge; protection; asvlum 
Abril, sm. April (fourth month of the year) 
Abrillantar, van. 1. to polish (diamonds); shine 
Abrimiento, sm. aperture; opening; breach 
Abrir, va.Z. toopcn;unlock;toobstruct;engrave 
Abrir á chasco, to jest; mock; laugh at; deride 
Abrir el Dia, to dawn; begin to grow light 
Abrir el ojo, to be alert, watchful, observant 
-Abrir la Mano, to accept bribes; be generous 
Abr r los ojos á uno, to undeceive; set right 
Abrirse, vref. 3. to open, extend itself; tell a secret 
Abrochador, sm. instrument to button clothes 
Abrochadura, sf. Abrochamiento, m. buttoning 
Abrochar, a.\. to button; clasp; fasten with hooks 
Abrogación, sf. abrogation; renovation; repeal 
Abrogar, va. 1. to abrogate: repeal; annul; reverse 
Abrojár, sm. place covered, full of caltrops 
Abrojo, sm.caltrop; crow-foot; lash; hidden rocks 
Abromado, -a, a. dark; hazy; foggy; worm-eaten 
Abromarse, vref. 1. to be worm-eaten, gnawed 
Abroquetárse, vref. to shield one's self; defend 
Abrótano, sm. southernwood (plant) 
Abrotoñar, vn. 1. to scud a hull (naut.) 
Abrumado, -a, a. weary; overwhelmed; in trouble 
Abrumador, -a, smf. troubler; tea 

> ACA 

Abrumar, va. 1. to crush; trouble; overpress; 
Abrutado, -a, adj. brutish; unmannerly; savags 
Absceso, sm. abscess; imposthurae; swelling 
Absolución, sf. absolution; acquittal; remission 
Absoluta, sf. dogma; established principle; tenet 
Absolutamente, adv. absolutely; positively 
Absoluto, -a, adj. absolute; positive; peremptory 
Absolutorio, -a, adj. absolutory; clearing of crime 
Absolvedéras,/. plur. facility of giving absolution 
Absolvedor, sm. he that absolves, remits a sin 
Absolver, va. 2. to absolve; acquit; discharge 
Absorción, sf. absorption; sucking up of humours 
Absortar, va. 1. to strike with astonishment 
Absorto, -a, adj. amazed; absorbed in thoughts 
Absorvéncia, sf. absorbing; absorption 
Absorvénte, m. absorbent; sucking up of humours 
Absorvér, va. 2. to absorb; suck; swallow up 
Absorvido, adj. absorbed; absorpt; swallowed up 
Abstemio, -a, arij. abstemious ; temperate ; sober 
Abstenerse, vref. 2. to abstain; refrain from 
Abstergente, Abstersivo, -a. ailj. abstergent 
Absterger, va. 2. to absterse; purify; cleanse 
Abstersion, sf. abstersion; dispersion of humours 
Abstinencia, .'¡f. abstinence; temperance; fasting 
Abstinente, adj. abstinent; temperate; sober 
Abstinentemente, íjrfr.with abstinence; soberly 
Abstracción, .■sf. abstraction; absence of mind 
Abstractivamente, adv. abstractively; separately 
Abstractivo, -a, adj. abstractive 
Abstracto, -n.,ndj. abstracted ¡separated; abstruse 
Abstraer, ru. 2. to abstract; abridge; differ 
Abstraerse, vref. to w ithdraw from worldly ideas 
Abstraído, -a, adj. retired; abstracted 
Abstrúso, -a, adj. abstruse ¡hidden ¡dark ¡difficult 
Absúelto, -a, mlj. p.p. free; absolved; acquitted 
Absurdidad, 5/. absurdity; want of judgment 
Absurdo, sm. absurdity; want of judgment 
Absurdo, -a, adj. absurd; contrary to reason 
Abubilla, sf. hoop, or hoopoop (bird) 
Abuchomárse, vref. 1. to be muffled, wrapped up 
Abuela, sf. grandmother; grandam 
Abuelo, sm. grandfather; forefather; ancestor 
Abuhádo, Abuhetádo, -a. adj. pale ¡discoloured; 
Abultado, -a, adj. bulky¡ large; increased 
Abultar, va. 1. to increase; enlarge; heighten 
Abultar, I'Ti. to grow, be bulky, large, of greatsize 
Abundamiento, sm. abundance; plenty ¡fulness 
Abundancia, sf. abundance¡ exuberance¡ plenty 
Abundante, adj. abundant; plentiful; exuberant 
Abundantemente, adv. abundantly¡ plentifully 
Abundar, vn. 1. to abound; have in great plenty 
Abuñuelar, va. 1. to make some sort of fritter 
Aburar, va. 1. to bum; consume; overheat 
Abureládo, -a, adj. of a greyish colour 
Aburrido, -a. ad), weary; vexed; ventured 
Aburrimiento, sm. perplexity, uneasiness of mind 
Aburrir, va. 3. to weary; perplex; vex; venture 
Aburujádo, -a, adj. perplexed; pressed together 
Aburujár, va. 1. to press, heap, mix together 
Abusar, va. 1. to abuse; make an ill use of 
Abusión, sf. misapplication; divination; fancy 
Abusivamente, adv. abusively; improperly 
Abusivo, -a, adj. abusive; deceitful; improper 
Abuso, sm. abuse; misuse; bad custom; error 
Abyección, sf. abjection; baseness; servility 
Abyecto, -Si,adj. abject, mean ¡contemptible ¡vile 
Acá, adv. here; hither; this way; in this place 
Acá, (de quándo) ? since when ? how long ? 
Acá no se estila, that is not the custom here 
Acá y allá, adv. here and there. Acá, interj! hey! 
Acabáble, adj. possible to be finished 
Acabadamente, adv. perfectly (iron.) ; very badly 
Acabado, -a, ad;, perfect; old; ill dressed 
Acabador, -a, tmf. finisher; perfecter; corapletet 

ACÁ ■* 

Acabal&r, ra. 1. to finish; perfect; complete; end 
Acaballadero, nn. place and time to cover mares 
Acaballado, -a, adu covered (¡ipplied lo mares) 
Acaballár, ra. 1. tocopulate «itliuovtrianiarc;) 
Acaballerado, -a, arfj. S'iv' 
Acaballerar, va. 1. ti> i ¡ rt 

Acaballerarse, vref. to b iii 

Acabamiento, sm. end; li; i 

Acabar, ca. 1. to finish; (1 - ; ; lint 

Acabar, vn. to die; fail; oxtingvúih; havt\ be just 
Acabar de llegar, to have or be just arrived 
Acab;irse, t>r?/. to grow feeble, debilitated 
Acabarse, (es cosa de nunca) it is an endless affair 
Aeabestrillár, vn. to go behind a stalking horse 
Acabildar, va. 1. to persuade persons to unite 
Acabosito, adv. there is an end of the matter 
Acabronádo, -a, adj bold ; confident ; without fear 
Acacharse, vrejf. 1. to crouch; lie squat 
Acachetear, va. 1. to tap; pat; touch jjontly 
Acacia, sf. acacia (shrub drus, from Rxrypt) 
Academia, s/. acadiniy; literary society; ,ÍL-iiri' 
Académio, sm. academician: academi>t; student 
Académico, -a, ndj. academical; academic 
Acaecedero, -a, adj. incidental; fortuitous; casual 
Acaecer, vn. 2. déf. to happen; arrive; fall out 
Acaecimiento, sm. event; incident; casualty 
Acal, sm. canoe (boat made of a hollowed trunk) 
Acália, sf. marsh-mallows; altliea officinalis 
Acallar, pa. 1. toquict;silence;mitigate;assuage 
Acalofiár, va. 1. to accuse; slander; calunmiate 
Acaloramiento, sm. heat; ardour; excitation; 
AcaloKir, va. to warm; inflame; urge on;promote 
Acalonirse, vrcf. to grow hot, warm in a debate 
Acamado, -a, adj. laid down flat; overlaid 
Acambray;ido -a, adj. in imitation of cambric 
AcanielUulo, -a, adj. in appearance like a camel 
Acampamento, sm. encampment; pitching tents 
Acampar, va. 1. to encamp an arm>- in a plain 
Acampo, sm. commonage (sranted to ira/icrs) 
Acamuzádo, -a, of the colour of a shamois skin 
A'cana, sf. hard reddish \Mic>d (uto» in;; in Cuba) 
Acanahido, -a, a. passing throu;,'h a canal; fluted 
Acanalador, sm. tool to make grooves, flutes 
Acan;iládos, sm. plur. ridge of the back of a horse 
Acanaliir, ri. 1. to make a canal; gutter; flute 
Acanilihido, -a, adj. made with sharp points 
Acandilado, (sombrero) hat with sharp points 
Acanehido, -a, adj. of the colour of cinnamon 
Acangrenarse, vref. to corrupt, gangrene, mortify 
Acanillado, -a, adj. forming furrows 
Acantalear, vn. 1. to hail large hail-stones 
Acantarár, »a. 1. to measure a four gallon- vessel 
Acantilado, -a, arfi. of easy approach; accessible 
Acantilada, (costa) s. an easy accessible coast 
Acántio, sm. cotton-thistle; caries on the teeth 
Acanto, sm. bear's-foot; brank-ursine (plant) 
Acantonamiento, sm. cantoning, division of land 
Acantonar, va. 1. to canton ;cantonize; parcel out 
Acaflavereár, va. 1. to prick with pointed canes 
Acañonear, va. 1. to cannonade; batter 
Acaparrarse, 1. to shelter under another's cloak 
Acaparrosado, -a, mij. of a copperas colour 
Acaponado, -a, adj. made a capon, an eunuch 
Acarar, va. 1. to confront; compare; tend 
Acardenalar, va. 1. to pinch; beat black and blue 
Acardenalarse, ^ref. to be covered with livid spots 
Acareamiénto, 4111. comparing; confronting 
Acariciador, -a, smf. fondler; who caresses 
Acariciar, va. 1. to fondle; caress; make much of 
Acarrarse, to go under the shade (applied to sheep) 
Acarreadizo, -a, a. portable; that may be carried 
Acarreador, -a, smf. carrier; bearer; conveyer 
Acarreadúra, «/: Acarreamicnto, m. carriage 
1. 1. to carry, (in a cart &c.); cause 

Acíirreár, vi 


Acarreo, tm. carriage; conveyance; carrying 
Acarreo (cosas de) goods carried by land-carriage 
Acarreto (hilo de) sm. pack-thread; carriage 
Acaso, sm. chance; hazard; accident; fortune 
Acaso, adv. by chance ¡fortuitously ¡accidentally 
Acastilládo, -a, a^;. in the form of a castle 
Acastilláge, sm. upper works of a ship 
Acastorado, -a, adj. like the texture of beaver 
Acatable, adj. venerable; exciting reverence 
Acataléctico, -a, adj. complete in syllables 
Acatamiento,», esteem; acknowledgment; view 
Acatar, ca. 1. to respect; inspect; acknowledge 
Acatarrarse, vref. I. to catch a cold 
Acatarse, vref. 1. to be afraid; dread; apprehend 
Acaudalado, -a, adj. opulent; wealthy; affluent 
Acaudalar, va. 1. to hoard up riches; get a name 
Acaudillador, sm. chief, commander of troops 
Acaudillar, va. 1. to head, command troops 
.\ccedentp, adj. acceding, agreeing, consenting 
.\cceder, r». 2, toaccedp;yieldto;agree;conscnt 
Accenso, -a, 'i//. kindled; inflamed; set on fire 
Accesible, ndj. accessible; easy of approach 
Accesión, \f: access; paroxysm; swoon; fit 
Acceso, sni. access; copulation; increase 
Accesoriamente, adv. accessorily; additionally 
Accesorias,/ plur. out-houses ; coach-houses, ¿c. 
Accesorias, (íibras.) outwojrks of a fortress 
Accesorio, -^adj. accessory; additional; joined to 
Accidentado, -a, adj. subject to fits, paroxysms 
Accidental, a<y. accidental; fortuitous; casual 
Accidentalmente 1 ac¿t'.accidentally;by chance 
Accidentariamente/ fortuitously, casually 
Accidentarse, vref. 1. to be seized with a fit 
Accidentázo, sm. (augment) severe fit of illness 
Accidente, sm. accident; chance; hap; sudden fit 
Acción, .«/. action; deed; fight; suit at law; stock 
Acción de gracias, thanksgiving; act of thanks 
Accionar, vn. 1. to speak with much action 
Accionista, sm. stock-holder; partner; sharer 
Acebadamiénto, sm. surfeit; disease of animals 
Acebadar, va. 1. to surfeit with barley and water 
Acebedo, sm. plantation of holly-trees 
Acebo, sm. holly-tree; dwarf oak (ever-green) 
Acebuchal, sm. plantation of wild olive-trees 
Acebuchal, adj. of the quality of wild-olives 
."Vcebúche, sm. wild olive-tree (oleaster) 
Acebuchéno, -a. adi. of the wild olive 
Acebuchina, sf. fruit of the wild olive-tree 
Acechador, -a, tmf. Her in ambush; intruder 
Acechar, va. 1. tolieinambush;way-lay;pr)'into 
Aceche, sm. copperas; vitriol; sulphate of iron 
Acecho, sm. waylajing; lying in ambush 
Acecho (al, en) adv. in ambush; in wait 
Acechón, -a, tmf. waylayer; lierin ambush; prier 
Acechona (hacer lá) to pry into ; scrutinize; search 
Acecinar, va. 1. to salt and dry meat in the air 
Acecinarse, vref. 1. to grow old, drj-, withered 
Acedamente, adv. sourly; tartly; with acidity 
Acedar, va. 1. to sour; make acid; displease 
Acedera, sf. sorrel (plant having an acid taste) 
Acederilla, sf. woodsorrel (plant of an acid taste) 
Acedia,/, acidity; roughness; asperity of manners 
Acedo, -a, arfj, acid; sour; harsh; unpleasant 
Acedi'ira, sf. acidity;soumess;asperity of manners 
Acéfalo, -a. adi. without a chief; wanting a head 
Aceitar, a. 1 . to oil ; rub, lubricate with oil ; anoint 
Aceite, sm. oil ¡fat, greasy, unctuous thin matter 
Aceitera, if. oil-jar; oil-cruet; oil-horn: oil-flask 
Aceiteras, íí plur. phials for oil and vinegar 
Aceiterázo, sm. blow with an oil-jar, oil-flask 
Aceitería, sf. oilshop (where oils, &c. are sold) 
Aceitero, -a, smf. oilman; vessel for oils, pickles 
Aceitoso, -a, adj. oily; fat; greasy; unctuous 
Aceituna, tf. olive (fruit of the olive-tree) 

ACE » 

Aceitunas zapateras, sfp. olives long in pickle 
Aceitunada, sf. season of gathering olives 
Aceitunado, -a, «. of olive-colour, dark b^o^vn 
Aceitunero, sm. gatherer, selli-r, carrier of olives 
Aceituno, sm. olive-tree (fruii, producing oil) 
Aceleración, st. acceleration; increase of motion 
Aceleradamente, <i.¡i'. quickly; speedily; swiftly 
Aceleramiento, sm. quickness; swiftness; haste 
Acelerar, va, to accelerate; hasten; hurry 
Acelga, sj: beet (plant of unsavory taste) 
Acémila, sf. mule (utfspring of the horse and ass) 
AeemiUr, ad,, belonging to mules and muleteers 
Acemileiia, sf. stable; royal stable for mules 
Acemilero, m. muleteer; nule-driver; stable-boy 
Acemilero, -a, adj. for mules, for the king's mules 
Acemita, sf. bread made of fine bran; pollen 
Acemite, m. tine bran;half ground wheat-pottage 
Acender, ra. 2. to set on fire; inflame; foment 
Acendrado, -a. adj. purified; refined; unstained 
Acendrar, va. 1. to purify; refine; free from stain 
Acensuadór, »7n. annuitant, copy-holder for life 
Acensuar, va.\. to let out; farm at a fixed rent 
Acento, sm. accent; modification of the voice 
Acentuación, sf. accentuation; mark upon words 
Acentuar, va. 1. to accentuate; place the accent 
Acéfla, sf. water-mill (mill turned by water 
Aceñero, sm. miller; keeper of a water mill 
Acepár, vn. 1. to take root; strike into the earth 
Acepción, sf. acception;senseof a word: meaning 
Acepci jn de personas, sf. partiality for a person 
Acepilladura,/, planeing; sraoothingwithaplane 
Acepillar, fu. 1. to plane; clean clothes; polish 
Aceptabilidad, sf. acceptability; acceptableness 
Aceptable, uf;. acceptable: agreeable; pleasing 
Aceptablemente, adv. acceptably, in a fit manner 
Aceptación, sf. acceptation; acceptance; sense 
Aceptador, -a, smf. accepter; aceipient; receiver 
Aceptante, sm. accepter; endorser; ratifier 
Aceptar, ra. 1. to accept; receive kindly; take 
Aceptar personas, to favour in preference to 
Aceptar una letra, to accept, honour a bill 
Aceptarse, vref. 1. to be pleased, gratified 
Acepto, -a, adj. acceptable; pleasing, agreeable 
Acequia, sf. canal; channel; trench; drain 
Acequiado, -a, a. intersected by canals; channels 
Acequiadór, m. maker of canals, chaimels, drains 
Acequiar, va. 1. to make canals, channels, drains 
Acequiero, sm. surveyor and maker of canals 
A'cer, Í. maple- tree (tree frequent in hedge-rows) 
Acera, sf. foot-path; stones of a front- wall 
Acerado, -a, adj. steeled; made of steel; strong 
Acerar, va. 1. to steel; impregnate with steel 
Acerbamente, ad. with acerbity; rudely; roughly 
Acerbidad, sf. acerbity; asperity; sharpness 
Acerbo, -a, ndj. sour to the taste; harsh; severe 
Acerca, prep, about; concerning; in regard to 
Acercamiento, sm. approach; approximation 
Acercar,ra. 1. approaeh;bring near to; draw near 
Acerico, Acerillo, sm. pin-cushion; small pillow 
Acerino, -a, a. steely: made of steel; hard; firm 
Acernadár, vn. 1. to cover, overspread with ashes 
Acero, sm. steel sword; acero colado, cast steel 
Aceros, (espada de buenos) well tempered sword 
Aceros (comer con buenos) to eat with hunger 
Aceros, m. plur. mettle; spirit; courage; firmness 
Aceróla, sf. haw of the parsley-leaved hawthorn 
Acerólo, tm. parsley-leaved hawthorn (shrub) 
Acerrar, va. 1. to catch at; gripe; seize: grasp 
Acérrimamente, adv. strenuously; vigorously 
Acérrimo, -a, adj. most vigorous, strenuous. 
Acertadamente, aav. in time; seasonably; fitly 
Acertado, -a, adi. timely, seasonable; fit, proper 
Acertada, (conducta) sf. propriety; fit conduct 
Acertadór, -a, smf. who hits upon the right point 


Acertar, va.\. to hit the mark; conjecture right 
Acertar, vn. to happen unexpectedly; takeroot 
Acertijo, Acertajo, sm. riddle; enigma; puzzle 
Aceruelo, sm. small pack-saddle (for riding) 
Acervar, va. 1. to acérvate; heap up; amass 
Acervo, sm. accumulation; heap; pile; totality 
Acetábulo, m. cruet (for oil, &c.) Roman measure 
Acetar, va. 1. to accept; receive kindly; take 
Acetosa, sf. sorrel (plant of an acid taste) 
Acetosidád, .«/. acetosity; acrid taste; sourness 
Acetosilla, sf. gilliflower (sweet-scented plant) 
Acetoso, -a, adj. acid; sour; tart; acrid; sharp 
Acetre, sm. small bucket; holy water-pot 
Acevilár, va. 1. to dishonour; defame; vilify 
Achacadizo, -a, adj. feigned; false; deceitful 
Achacar, va. 1. to charge upon; impute; accuse 
Achacarse, vref. to ascribe to one's self 
Achacosamente, adv. in a sickly state of health 
Achacoso, -a, adj. sickly; unhealthy; Iiectick 
Achaflanar, va. 1. to lower one end of a table 
Achaparrado, -a, adj. short; bushy; like a shrub 
Achaparrado (hombre) short and lusty man 
Achaque, sm. habitual disorder;vice;excuse;fine 
Achaquéro, sm. magistrate of the owners of cattle 
A chaquiénto, -a, adj. in a bad state of health 
Achaquillo, sm. dim; slight complaint; disorder 
Achár, va. 1. to find; see; observe; discover; meet 
Acharolar, va. 1. to japan; varnish; paint on gold 
Achicado, -a, adj. diminished; reduced; lessened 
Achicador, -a, smf. diminisher; reducer; scoop 
Achicadura, sf. diminution; reduction; decrease 
Achicar, va. \. to diminish; lessen; extenuate 
Achicar un cabo, to shorten a rope, cordage 
Achicar el agua del navio, to free the ship 
Achicharrar, ca. 1. to fry too-much; overheat 
Achichinque, tm. miner," draining the water 
Achicoria, sf. succory; wild endive (esculent) 
Achinar, va. 1. to frighten; terrify; intimidate 
Achineládo, -a, adj. made like a slipper 
Achiote, Achote, sm. heart-leaved bixwort (plant; 
Achocar, va. 1. to drive against the wall; break 
Achorizádo, -a, adj. chopped; minced 
Achuchar, Achuchurrár, ve. 1. to crush, &c. 
Achulado, -a, adj. frolicksome; wild; waggish 
Aciago, -a, a. unlucky; unfortunate; sad; gloomy 
Acial, Aeiár, sm. pincers (for the nose of a horse) 
Aciano, sm. corn-flower; blue-bottle (wild plant) 
Acibár, sm. juice of the aloes; aloes- tree 
Acibarar, va. 1. to mix the juice of aloes; imbitter 
Acibarrar, va. 1. to dash against; crush; collide 
Acicaladór,-a, smf. polisher; burnisher; furbisher 
Acicaladura, sf. Acicalamiento, m. burnishing 
Acicalar, va. 1. to polish; burnish; furbish 
Acicate, sm. long-necked Moorish spur 
Aciche, sm. two-edged tool (used by tilers) 
Acidez, sf. acidity; acritude; sourness; sharpness 
Acidia, sf. laziness; sluggishness; idleness 
A'cido, sm. acid; acidness; sourness; tartness 
A'cido, -a, adj. acid; sour; sharp; tart; acrid 
Acidular, va. 1. to acidulate; make sour; piquai» 
Acidulo, -a, adj. acidulated; sourish; tart 
Acierto, sm. efficient hit; good hit; prudence 
Acierto, (con. )aíip. with effect; efficaciously 
Aciguatado, -a, adj. jaundiced; with the jaundice 
Aciguatarse, vref. 1. to be affected with jaundice 
Acijado, -a, adj. of the colour of copperas 
Acije, s. copperas; green vitriol; sulphate of iron 
Acijóso, -a, adj. brownish; of the blackish earth 
Acimbóga, st. "citron-tree (bearing large lemons) 
Acimentárse, vref. 1. to settle in a place 
Ación, sf. stirrup-leather (to support the feet) 
Acionéro, sw. maker of stirrup-straps, leathers 
Acipado, -a, o. well milled (applied to cloth, &c.) 
Acirate, sm. land-mark (to show boundaries) 


Acitara, itA thin wall; partition- wall; railing 
Acitrón, sm. preserved citron; candied lemon 
Acivilar, va. 1. to debase; humble; vilify 
Aclamación, sf. acclamation; shouting; cry of joy 
Aclamadór, -a, sinf. shouter; applauder; praistr 
Aclamar, vn. 1. to shout; applaud; cry up; huzza 
Aclamarse, vref. 1. to complain; lament; groan 
Aclaraeión, ^. illustration; elucidation 
Aclarar, va. 1. to elucidate; expound; clarify 
Aclarar, »«. 1. to clear up; brighten; purify 
Aclocado, -a. adj. stretched;seatedatafire, &c. 
Ac locarse, vref. 1. to brood; lie down full length 
Acobardar, va. 1. to daunt; discourage; fright 
Acobdár, t>. 1. to lean ones elbow upon; set shoots 
Acoceador, -a, sm. kickin?, wincing', horM- niare 
Acoceamiento, sm. kicking; wimir,::: kirk 
Acocear, va. 1. to kick; wince; sírikiuitii tlv f'.iut 
Acocharse, v. 1. tocruuch;lic clnsr tu tlir gruund 
Acochinar, va. 1. to murder; obstruct; hu^h up 
Acocotar, va. 1. to kill with a blow on the head 
Acodadura, */. bending flexure of the elbow 
Acodalar, va. 1. to put window frames (in a wall) 
Acodar, »a. 1 . to lean the elbow ; set layers; square 
Acoderarse, vtef. 1. to put a spring upon a cable 
Acodiciar, va. 1. to stimulate; excite; urge on 
Acodiciarse, vref. 1. to be provoked to anger 
Acodillar, va. 1. to double; fold; bend to an angle 
Acodillar, rn. 1. to sink down under a burden 
Acodo, .im. shoot;sprig;small branch (of alayer) 
Acogedizo, -a, adj. collected; gathered easily 
Acogedor, -a, sm. shelterer; protector; supporter 
Acoger, va. 2. to receive; shelter; protect; cover 
Acogerse, rret. 2. to take refuge; resort to 
Acogida, «/. reception; concurrence of things 
Acogido, sm. place to keep breeding mares for a 

certain price; temporary admission of flocks 

into pasture-ground 
Acogimiento, s. reception; concurrence of things 
Acogollar, va. 1. to cover plants with straw 
AcogoUadúra, sf. covering of plants with earth 
Acogombradura, s. turning the earth about plants 
Acogombrar, va. 1. to dig the earth about plants 
Acogotado, -a, adj. killed with a blow on the head 
Acogotiir, va. 1. to kill with a blow on the head 
Acolalán, sm. insect like a bug (in Madagascar) 
Acolar, va. 1 .2. joincoats of arms under acrown 
Acolchar, va. 1. to quilt; line; stuff with wadding 
Acólito, sm. acolyte; assistant to a mass-priest 
Acolladores, syn.'plur. laniards (of a ship) 
Acollarado, of different plumage round the neck 
Acollarar, v. 1. to yoke horses, &c.; couple hounds 
Acombar, va. 1. to bend; twist; crook 
Acomendadór, -a, mf. protector; supporter; aider 
Acometedor, -a, sn{/i aggressor; assaulter; briber 
Acometer, va. 2. to assault; attempt; bribe; tempt 
Acometerse mutuamente, vref. 2. to justle; clash 
Acometida, sf- Acometimiento, m. attack; assault 
Acometimiento de calentura, of the fever 
Acomodable, adj. accommodable; suitable; fit 
Acomodación, if. accommodation; conveniency 
Acomodaméntc,ad. commodiously;conveniently 
Acomodado, -a, udj. conomodious; moderate rich 
Acomodador, -a, smf. box-keeper in a theatre 
Acomodamiento, sm. accommodation 
Acomodar, va. 1. to accomodate; pacify; provide 
Acomodar, vn. 1. to suit; fit; be convenient 
Acomodarse, vref. 1. to condescend; comply 
Acomodaticio, -a, adj. figurative; metaphorical 
Acomodo, tm. accommodation; employ; fate 
Acompañado, -a, adj. accompanied; attended 
Acompai^ódo, sm. assistant judge; physician, &c. 
Acompailadór, -a, smf. accompanier; attendant 
Acompañamiento, sm. attendance, retinue 
Acompa fiante, adj. accompan>iiig; attending 

6 ACO 

Acompañar, va. 1. to accompany; attend; join 
Acompañarse, vre/. 1. to consult with others 
Acompasado, -a, adj. measured by the compass 
Acomplexionado, -a, a<ii. of a constitution 
Acomunalar, vn. 1. to treat with; negotiate 
Aconchabárse, vr^. 1. to condescend; comply 
Aconchadillo, sm. kind of ragout; stewed meat 
Aconchar, vu. 1. to fit out (of ships); go in a bay 
Acondicionado, -a, ndl. conditioned; of qualities 
Acondicionado, (hombre bien ó mal) a man of 

good or bad qualities 
Acondicionar, vn. 1. to dispose; constitute 
Acondicionarse, t'. 1. to acquire a certain quality 
Acongojar, va. 1. to vex; afflict; oppress; harass 
Acónito, sm. aconite; wolfs-bane; (poison plant) 
Aconsejable, adj. advisable; fit to i>e advised 
Aconsejador, -a, mf. counsellor; adviser; monitor 
Aconsejar, va. 1. to counsel; advise; admonish 
Aconsejarse, vref. 1. to be advised; take advice 
Aconsonantar, va. 1. to use rhymes improperly 
Aconfcir, va. 1. to count; calculate; prop; shore 
Acontece<léro, -a, idj. that may possibly happen 
Acontecer, v. monop. 2. to happen; arrive; fall out 
Acontecer (hacer y) promises of some good ; threat 
Acontecimiento, sm; event; incident, casualty 
Acopado, -a, ailj. shaped like a cup, vase, &c. 
Acopar, va. 1. to shape the head like a vase 
Acopetado, -a, adj. formed, shaped like a toupee 
Acopiamiento, sm. gathering; picking up; hoard 
Acopiar, ca. 1. to gather; lay up; collect; store up 
Acopio, sm. collection; store; amassment; hoard 
Acoplado, -a, a. adjusted;fitted:coupled; joined 
Acoplar, va. 1. to couple; adjust; settle (diff.) 
Acoplarse, vref. 1. to make up matters; be agreed 
Acoquinar, v. 1. to discourage; intimidate ; daunt 
Acorar, va. 1. to afflict; molest; suffocate 
Acorch;\rse, vref. 1. to dry up; become torpid 
Acordablementc, adv. unaiümously; jointly 
Acordación, ^f. recollection; remembrance 
Acordada, sj. letter from a higher to a lower court 
Acordadamente, aav. unanimously, jointly 
Acordado, -a, adu agreed; done deliberately 
Acordado (lo) decree enforcing prior proceedings 
Acordar, va. 1. to decide unanimously; remind 
Acordar, to tune (instr.) group figures in a pict. 
Acordar, vn. to agree; consent; be of one opinion 
Acordarse, vref. to come to an agreement; fall in 
Acordarse con uno, to close in with one; unite 
Acorde, adj. conformable; suitable; accordant 
Acorde, sm. consonance; accord; hannony 
Acordelar, 1. to measure; draw a line with a cord 
Acordemente, ad. unanimously; with one consent 
Acordonado, -a, a. made likeacord; surrounded 
Acordonar, va. 1. to make like a cord; surround 
Acores, SOT. St. Anthony's fire; shingles (disease) 
Aeomeadór, -a, smf. beast striking with its horns 
Acornear, va. 1. to strike with the horns; butt 
Acoro, sm. sweet-smelling flag; cane; grass 
Acorralar, va. 1. to fold (cattle); silence; daunt 
Acorrer, va. 2. to run to; help; hasten; shame 
Acorrucarse, vref. 1. to muflfle one's self up 
Acortadizos, sm. plurfpaxiags; cuttings off; rinds 
Acortamiento, sm. contraction; abridgment 
Acortar, va. 1. to shorten; cut off; abridge 
Acortarse, vrtf. to shrivel; be bashful; fall back 
AcoruUár, ra. 1. to bridle; hold up the oars 
Acorvar, va. 1. to curve; bend; crook; inflect 
Acorzár, va. 1. to dress a child in short clothes 
Acosador, -a, smf. persecutor; pursuer; vexer 
Acosamiento, sm. persecution; vexation; trouble 
Acosar, va. 1. to pursue close; vex; molest 
Acostiulo, -a, «<(/• stretched ; laid down ; with a pay 
Acostamiento, sm. lying down; rest; fixed salary 
Acostar, va. 1 . to lay do wn ; put to bed ; help to bed 


Acostí-rse, vref. to incline; iie down; approach 
Acostarse con, to sleep ; lie down ; go to bed with 
Acóstica, sf. acoustics; doctrine, theorj' of sounds 
Acostumbradamente, anr. according to custom 
Acostumbrar, va. 1. toaccustom:inure;habituate 
Acostumbrar, vn. to be accus-omed, inured to 
Acotación, sf. limit; bound; quotation; note 
Acotamiento, sm. restriction; limit; quotation 
Acotar, va. 1. to limit; lop off; quote; attest 
Acotarse, vref. to shelter one's self for safety 
Acotillo, sm. large hammer (used by smiths) 
Acoyundar, rn. 1. to yoke oxen to a draught 
A'cr'e, ad', acrid; sour: rough; piquant 
A'cre, sw. acre (land 40 perches long, and 4 wide) 
Acrecencia, sf. Acrecentamiento, m. increase 
Acrecentadór, -a, smf. increaser; amplifier 
Acrecentar, va. 1. acrecer, 2. to increase; augment 
Acrecimiento, sin. increase; augmentation 
Acreditado, -a, adj. accredited; respectable 
Acreditar, va. 1. to affirm; give credit; prove 
Acreditarse, vref. to bring one's self into repute 
Acreedor, -a, smf. creditor; one that gives credit 
Acreér, va. 2. to lend; assist; alTord; supply 
Acremente, adv. sourly; sharply; with acidity 
Acrescér, va. 2. to increase; augment; enlarge 
Acrianzado, -a, adj. well brought up; educated 
Acribadura, sf. sifting; cribration; examining 
Acribar, va. \. to sift; separate; part; examine 
Acribillar, rn. 1. to pierce like a sieve; molest 
Acriminación, sf. crimination; impeaching 
Acriminador, -a, smf. accuser; impeacher 
Acrimüiár, va. 1. to criminate; accuse; aggravate 
Acrimonia, ¡f. acrimony; sourness; asperity 
Acrisolar, t'a. 1. to refine; purify; cleanse; clear up 
Acristianar, ra. 1. to christen; baptize; name 
Acritud, si. acritude; biting taste; sharpness 
Acromático, -a, anj. achromatic (optical term) 
Acromion, sm. crooked back; high shoulders 
Acronicaménte, adv. in an acronical manner 
Acronieto, -a, rising or setting of a star at sun-set 
Acróstico, -a, «</;. acrostic; enigmatical ¡obscure 
Acrotéra, \ sf. small pedestal (to support figures) 
Acrotér¡a,J highest part of columns, buildings 
Acrotério, sm. superior part of the frontispiece 
Acróy, sm. gentleman of the king's household 
A'ctii, sf. act;recordofproceedings;decree; thesis 

A'ctas de los santos, sf. plur. lives of the saints 
Actimo, sm. twelfth part of measure called punto 
Actitár, va. 1. to decree; enact; establish; sue 
Actitadéro, -a, a. actionable; admitting an action 
Actitud, sf. attitude; posture; position of body 
Activamente, aiír. actively; effectively; busily 
Actividad, sf. activity; quickness; nimbleness 
Activo, -a. adj; active; quick; nimble; diligent 
Activa, (voz) St. suffrage : right of electing 
A'cto, sm. act; action; deed; thesis; copulation 
Actor, sm. pert'ormer; author; plaintiff; proctor 
Actóra, sf. plaintiff; claimant; pursuer at law 
Actriz, sf. actress; player; comedian; jjerformer 
Actuación, sf. action; "operation: agency; ctTect 
Actuado, -a, adj. actuated; skilled; experienced 
Actual, adj. actual; real; effective; present; true 
Actualidad, sf actuality; present existence 
Actualizar, va. 1. to realize; bring into act 
Actualmente, adv. actually; really; at present 
Actuante, tm. supporter; defender (of a thesis) 
Actuar, va. 1. to digest; consider; support a thesis 
Actuar, to record the proceedings of a court 
Actuario, sm. actuary; recorder of proceedings 
Actuoso, -a, ad], active; diligent; careful 
Acubado, -a, adj. resembling a hucket; pail 
Acucharado, -a, <i. shaped like a-spoon; of a spoon 
Acucuillodo, -a, a. slashed; hacked; tried: skilled 


Acuchillador, -a. smf. bully; quarrelsome person 
Acuchillar, r. 1. to slash; cut with a sabre; murder 
Acuchillarse, ref. to fight with swords; knives &c. 
Acuciar, va. 1. to stimulate; covet eagerly 
Acudimiénto, sm. help; aid; succour; assistance 
A cudir, va 3. to help; run to; yieli'. ; have recourse 
Acuénto, (no me está) adv. that does not suit me 
Acuerdado, -a, adj. constructed by line, or rule 
Acuerdo, sm. decision of a tribunal, an assembly 
Acuerdo, body of the members of a tribunal met 
Acuerdo, advice, consent; concurrence; harmony 
Acuerdo (de) unanimously; by common consent 
Acuerdo (ponerse de) v. 2. to agree unanimously 
Acuerdos del remo, remonstrances of the realm 
Acuitar, va to afflict; oppress; molest; torment 
Acuitarse, viel. to grieve; mourn; sorrow 
Aculado, -a, arfi. retired; forced into a comer 
Acular, vn. 1. to force into a comer; to retreat 
Aculebrinado, -a, a. formed, made like a cul verin 
Acullá, adv. on the other side; yonder; opposite 
Acumulación, sf. accumulation; heaping together 
Acumulador, -a, smf. accumulator; recorder 
Acumular, va. 1. to pile up; impute; file records 
Acumulativamente, adv. by way of precaution 
Acuñación, sf. coinage; coining; mintage ; milling 
Acuñador, -a,jn/. coiner;minter;maker of money 
Acuñar, a. 1. to coin; mint; stamp metals; wedge 
Acuñar Dinero, va. to hoard up: make money 
Acurrucarse, vref. 1. to muffle one's self up 
AcurruUár, va. 1. to take down the sails (of a ship) 
Acusación, sf. accusation; impeachment; charge 
Acusador, -a, siinf. accuser; impeacher; informer 
Acusar, va 1. to accuse; acknowledge the receipt 
Acusarse, vref. \o confess one's sins to a priest 
Acusativo, sm. accusative, 4th case of latin nouns 
Acusatorio, -a, adj. accusatory; of an accusation 
Acuse, sm number, at cards, thought to win much 
Acústica, sf. acoustics (doctrine theory of sounds) 
Acústico, -a, adj. of sounds; belonging to sounds 
Acutángulo, -a, ad having acute angles 
A'd.T, sf. small apple [of the pippin kind) 
Adafina, Adefina, sf. stewed meat; fricasse 
Ad;igio, sm. adage; proverb; slow time (in mus) 
Adaguar, ua. 1. to water cattle; irrigate land, &c. 
Adala, sf. pump-deal (nautical term) 
Adalid, sm. chief; commander; leader of a band 
Adamadillo, -a, adj. nice; delicate; pretty^; neat 
Adamado, -a, a. like woman; effeminate lof men) 
Adamantino, -a, adj. adamantine; of adamant 
Adamar, ra. 1. to be deeply in love with; adore 
Adamascado, -a, adj. like damask; variegated 
Adamascar, rn. 1. to damask; flower; variegate 
Adaptable, adj. that may be adapted; fit; suitable 
Adaptación, sf. adaptation; fitness; convenience 
Adaptadaménte, adv. fitly; justly; properly 
Adaptado, -a, adj. adapted; suitable; proper; fit 
Adaptar, va. 1. to adapt; fit; apply ; proportion 
Adaptarse, vref. to conform ; comply w ith ; yield 
Adaraguéro, sm, warrior that used a shield 
Adarája, Adarása, sf. comer-stone: jutting stone 
Adarce, sm. sea-froth dried on canes 
Adarga, sf. leather shield (made of an oval form) 
Adargiir, va. 1. to shield; cover with a shield 
Adargarse, vref. to cover one's self with a shield 
Adargázo, sm. blow given with the shield 
Adáinie, sm half adrachm (16th part of an ounce) 
Adarmes (por) adv. exp. very sparingly ; scantily 
Adár\'e, ««. flat top of a wail; rampart; wall 
Adatar, v. 1. to place to account the date of goods 
Adatoda, sh willow-leaved nut- tree{ of Malabar) 
Adaza, sf. pannic; pannicle (of the millet kind ) 
Adecenamiento, sm. forming by ten and ten 
Adecenar, va. 1. to form companies by tens 
Adefesio, sm. folly; extravagance; nonsense 


Adefuéras, 5A plur. buildings close to the town 
Adehala, if. gratuity; gift (above the fixed price) 
Adehesado, tin. ground converted into pasture 
Adehesamiénto, rm. converting into pasture 
Ailehesár, va. 1. to convert into pasture-ground 
Adelantadamente, adv. beforehand; previously 
Adelantadillo, sm. red wine (of the first grapes) 
Adelantado, im. title of the governor of a province 
Adelantado, -a, adj. anticipated; prevented 
Adelantadór, -a, sm/. forwarder; preventer 
Adelantar, va. 1 to advance; anticipate; improve 
Adelantar, push forward;get a-head; win the race 
Adelantarse, vret. to take the lead ; forerun ; excel 
Adelante, adv. farther off; higher up; forward 
Adelante (en) henceforth; in future; forward 
Adelfa, ft/, rose-bay; rose- laurel (evergreen tree) 
Adelfal, sm. plantation, grove of rose-bay trees 
Adelgazado, -a, a. made thin; slender; attenuate 
Adelgazadór, -a, smf. that makes thm; slender 
Adelgazamiento, tin. attenuation; making thin 
Adelgazar, va. 1. to make thin; lessen; refine 
Adelgazarse, vref. to become thin; slender 
Adema, »/. timber securmg the sides of mines 
Ademador, sm. miner boarding the sides of mines 
Ademan, tm. motion expressive of; look; attitude 
Ademán (en) in the attitude of doing (something) 
Ademar, va. 1. to board the sides of mires 
Además, adv. moreover; besides; likewise; also 
Adenográfia, sf. adenography; treatise on glands 
Adenologia, sf. adenology; description of glands 
Adénos, sm sort of cotton (coming from Aleppo) 
Adenóso, -a, adj. glandulous; subsisting in glands 
Adentellar, va. 1. to bite; catch with the teeth 
Adentellar una pared, to in lent a wall 
Adentro, adv. within; inwardly; internally 
Adentro (de botones) adv. exprés, in my heart 
Adentro (ser muy de) to be intimate in a house 
Aderezar, Pa. 1. to adorn; prepare; clean;dispose 
Aderezar la comida, to cook; dress victuals 
Aderezo, tm. adorning; dressing; gum; starch 
Aderezo de mesa, service for the table (oil. &c.) 
Aderezo de diamantes, set of diamonds, jewels 
Aderezo de caballo, caparisons of a saddle-horse 
Aderezo de casa, furniture; moveables of a house 
Aderezo de espada, hilt, &c ; ornaments of a sword 
Adérra, sf. sedge-rope (to press husks of grapes) 
Adeshóra, ad», unseasonably; not in proper time 
Adestrado, -a, ad;', instructed; on the dexter side 
Adestradór, -a, sm/. instructor; teacher; critic 
Adestrar, tía 1. to guide; teach; perform skilfully 
AJestrárse, vref. to practise; exercise one's self 
Adeudado, -a, adj. indebted; under obligation 
Adeudar, va. 1. to pay duty; contract debts; owe 
Adeudarse, vref. to be indebted; run into debts 
Adevinár, va. 1. to foretell; guess; unriddle 
Adherencia, sf. adherence; alliance; adhesion 
Adherénte, adj. adherent: attached; united with 
Adherénte, sm. adherent; follower; partisan 
Adheréntes, sm. plur. ingredients; tools 
Adherir, va. 3. to adhere; remain firmly fixed to 
Adhesión, sf. adhesion; acquiescence; consent 
Adiado, -&,adj. fixed; appointed; agreed upon 
Adiado (al dia) on the day appointed, agreed upon 
Adiamantado, -a, adamantean; haid as adamant 
Adición, sf. addition; note put to accounts; rule 
Adición de la herencia, acceptance of a heritage 
Adiciunadór,-a,m/'. increaser: maker of additions 
Adicionar, va. 1. to make additions; add up 
Adieto, -a, adj. addicted; inclined; devoted to 
Adieso, adv. immediately; instantly 
Adiestrar, va. I. to guide; instruct: do skilfully 
Adietar, va. 1. to diet; prescribe a regimen, diet 
Adinas, sf. glanders i^ under the ears of horses) 
Adinerado, -a, ad), rich; opulent: wealthy 


Adintelado, from an arch inagradual rightliue 
Adiposo, -a, aiij. adipous; fat; fleshy; plump 
Aditamento, sm. additament; addition; increase 
Adiva, sf. Adive, m. jackal (animal like a pointer) 
Adivas, sf. swellings under the ears of horses 
Adivinación, sf. divination; prediction; prophecy 
Adivinado, -a, ad;, foretold; conjectured 
Adivinador, -a, jot/, diviner; soothsayer; guesser 
Adivinamiento, jin. foretelling; prediction; guess 
Adivinanza, tf enigma; riddle; divination 
Adivinar, va. 1. to foretell; guess; unriddle 
Adivino, -a, sn\f. divmer; soothsayer; foreboder 
Adjetivación, sf. adjection; uniting; concord 
Adjetivar, t-a. I. to adject; make agree together 
Adjetivo, sm. adjective (word added to a noun) 
Adjudicación,»/, adjudication; award; grant 
Adjudicar, va. 1. to adjudge; award; decree 
Adjudicarse, vref to appropriate to one's self 
Adjunta, sf. letter enclosed in .-mother 
Adjunto, -a, ati). united; annexed; joined 
Adjunto, tm. adjective; additament; addition 
Adjuntos, im. plur body of judges (to trv acause) 
Adjurár.a. I. to adjure; swear solemnly; conjure 
Adminicular, va. I. to give force by collateral aid 
Adminiculo, fm. collateral aid; additional help 
Administración, sf. administration; conduct 
Administración (en) adv. exprés, in trust 
Administrador, -a, sm. administrator; trustee 
Administrador de orden, sm. kniuht substitute 
Administrar, va 1. to administer;govem; serve 
Administrativo, -a, adi- administrative; practical 
Adrainistratório, -a, ad}, of an administrator 
Admirable, adj. admirable; wonderful; rare 
Admirable, im. hymn in praise of the eucharist 
Admirablemente, adv. admirably; wonderfully 
.'admiración, sf admiration; "'onder; surprise 
Admiración (es una) it is worthy of admiration 
Admirador, -a, tmf. admirer; wonderer; lover 
Admirante, rmf. admirer; who admires, wonders 
Admirar, va. 1. t) admire; regard with wonder 
Admirarse, vref. to admire one's self; wonder 
Admirativamente, adv. in an admirable manner 
Admirativo, -a, adj. expressive of admiration 
Admisible, adj. admissible; qualified; fit; proper 
Admisión, sf. admission; admittance; reception 
Admitir, va. 3. to admit; receive; accept; permit 
Admitido, (ser bien, ) to be well received 
Admonición, */. admonition; counsel; reproof 
Admonitor, sm. monitor; admonisher; instructor 
Adnata, sf. external white membrane of the eye 
Ado, adv. whither? where? to what place? 
Adobado, -a, adj. pickled; preserved by salts 
Adob-ido, sm. pickled pork, or any other meat 
Adobadór, -a, sf. dresser; preparer; curer of meat 
Adobar, na. I. to dress up; pickle; cook; condite 
Adobe, nil. brick; (m a raw state, not yet baked) 
Adobería, sf. brick-kiln; (place to burn bricks in) 
Adobo, sin. repairing; pickle sauce; rouge 
Adocenádo,-a, a. very common;ordinar5'; vulgar 
Adocenar, va. I. to count; sell by dozens; despise 
Adoctrinar, va. 1. tu instruct; break m (horses) 
Adolecer, vn. 2. to be ill; labour under pain 
Adolecer, va. ti produce pain; disease; illness 
Adolescencia, sf. adolescence; youth; young age 
Adolescente, adj. in a state of adolescence 
Adonde, ad. int. whither? where? in what place? 
Adonde quiera, to whatever place you please 
Adónico, ism. adonic; Latin verse,' consisting of 
Adunio, J one dactyle and one spondee 
Adopción, sf. adoption; fathering; choice 
Adoptador, -a, smf. adopter; who protects a child 
Adoptante, a<ij. adopting; embracing; taking 
Adoptar, tía. 1. to adopt; father: embrace; graft 
Adoptivo, -a, a. adoptive; desirable; assumptive 


Adoquiér, Adoquiéra, adv. where you please 
Adoquín, sm. long stone to bind the pavements 
Ador, sm. distribution of water to irrisate land 
Adorable, adj. adorable; excellent; oeautiful 
Adoración, sf. adoration; worship: homase 
Adorador, -a, stnf adorer; worshipper; admirer 
Adorar, va. 1. to aiore; revere; love excessively 
Adoratório, sm. temple of idols (m America) 
A<lormecedór, -a, adj. soporiferous; eausmgr sleep 
Adormecer, va. 2. to cause sleep; calm; mitisate 
Adormecerse, vref. to fall asleep; be benumbed 
Adormecido, -a, á. sleepy; drowsy; numb; stupid 
Adormecimiento, sm. sleepiness; drowsiness 
Adormidera, sf. poppy; (soporiferous plant) 
Adormitarse, vref. 1. to doze; be half asleep 
Adornado, -a, adj. adorned; ornamented; set off 
Adornadór, -a, smf. beautifier; embellisher 
Adornar. tia. 1. toadom;grace;fitup;accomplish 
Adornista, sm. pamter of ornaments 
Adorno, sin. ornament; decoration; furniture 
Adquiridor, -a, smf. acquirer; purchaser; gainer 
Adquirir, va. ó. to acquire; gam; piocure; obtam 
Adquisición, sf. acquisition; gain; purchase 
Adquisito, -a, adj. acquired; gained; obtained 
A'dra, sf. turn; change; succession; alternacy 
Adragante, (goma,) sf. gum tragacanth 
Adrales, sm. plur. hurdles; sides; racks of carts 
Adrede, Adredemente, ad. purposely; knowingly 
Adrizar un navio, va. 1. to right a ship 
Adrubádo, -a, adj. gibbous; convex; protuberant 
Aúscribir, va. to appoint to a place, employment 
Aduana, sf. custom house; tax; impost; bad house 
Aduanas, (pasar por-tódas las,* to be tried closely 
Aduanar, va. 1. to pay duty at the custom-house 
Aduanero, sin. custom-house-officer; exciseman 
Aduar, «m. horde; ambulatory crew; gypsies' tent 
Adúcar, sm. coarse sort of siik-stuff, once worn 
Aducir, va. I. to conduct; lead: bring; carry 
Aductor, sm. abductor; adducent; muscles 
Aduendado, -a, a. restmbling a ghost : like a ghost 
Adutazo, sm. blow with a timbrel, tambarine 
Adufe, sm. timbrel; tambarine; small drum 
Aduf'éro, -a. smf. tnnbrel, tarabarme-player 
Adujadas, Adujas, sf. pi. coil; coiled cable, rope 
Adujar, va. 1 . to coil a cable; wmd up mto a ting 
Adula, sf. land with no particular irrigation 
Adulación, sf. adulation; flattery; cringing 
Adulador, -a, smf. flatterer; wheedler; cajoler 
Adular, va. 1. to flatter; extol; wheedle; cringe 
Adiilatório. -a, a. adulatory ; flattering; fawning 
Aduleá.r,ti«. 1. to bawl; hoot; cry out; shout 
Adulero, sm. herd: keeper, driver of horses 
Adúltera, sf adulteress; perfidious woman 
Adulteración, s/. adulteration: spurious mixture 
Adulterado, -a, a ij. adulterate; not genuine 
Adulterador, -sl, smf adulterator; sophisticator 
Adulterar, ra. I. to adulterate; commitadultery 
Adulterinamente, adv. in an adulterous manner 
Adulterino, -a, adj. adulterous; adulterated 
Adulterio, sm. adultery; unfaithfulness; breach 
Adúltero, sm. adulterer; perfidious husband 
Adulto, -a, adj. adult; arrived at muturity 
Adulzar, ra. 1. to sweeten; soften; render "ductile 
Adumbración, */. adumbration; faint sketch 
Adunacion, sf union; jiining; adunation 


!; link 

Adur, Adúrn, ladv. scarcely; hardly 
Adúras, ) trouole;no sooner tlian; as soon as 

Adustible, adj. adustihle; inflammable 
Adustión, sf. adustion;burning heat; burning up 
Adustivo, -a. adj that has the power of burning 
Adusto, -a, adj. adust; burnt up; scorched 
Advéna, sm. foreigner; stranger; unknown 
Advenedizu, -a. a. foreign; denizened; converted 

9 AFE 

Advenuniénto, sm. coming; arrival; advent 
Adventája, sf. jewel, &c. out of the inheritaru^ 
Adventicio, -a, a. adventitious; got by industry 
Adverbial, adi. adverbial; in the form of adverb 
Adverbialraénte, ad. in the manner of an adverb 
Adverbio, sm. adverb; ^qualifying word) 
Adversamente, adv. adver>elv; uiifortimalely 
Adversario, im. adversary: common-place book 
Adversativo, -a, adj adversative: restrictive 
Adversidad, sf. adversity; affliction : distress 
Adverso, -a, adj. adverse; contrarj': calamitous 
Advertencia, sf. advertence: attention, regard to 
Advertidami-nte, adv. advisedly; deliberately 
Advertido, -a, a Ij- observed:skilful;circumspect 
Advertimiento, sm. infonnation; attention to 
Advertir, va. 3. to advert; advise; perceive; note 
Adviento, sm. advent; time of devotion 
Advocación, sf. nomination; office of pleading 
Advocatório, -a, adj. calling together an assembly 
Advocatória (carta) letter of convocation 
Adyacente, auj. adjacent; lying close: contiguous 
Adyutorio, sm. aid; help; support; assistance 
Aechadéro, sm. place for the wiimowing of grains 
Aechadór, -a, S7nf. winnower; sifter (of grains) 
Aechaduras, sf. plur. chafi"; husks; refuse of com 
Aechar, va. 1. to winnow, sift, separate (grain) 
Aecho, stn. winnowing; sifting: cleansing 
Aéreo, -a, adj. aerial: consisting of air; fanciful 
Aeriforme, adj. formed of air; consisting of air 
Aerografia, sf. aerography; theoi-y of the air 
Aerología, sf. aerology; doctrine of the air 
Aerománcia, sf. aeromancy; divination by the air 
Aeromántico, sm. diviner by aeromancy 
Aerometria, aerometry; art of weighing the air 
Aerómetro, s. aerometer(instrument to weigh air) 
Aeronauta, sm. aeronaut; sailor through the air 
Aeroscópia, sf. aeroscopy; observation of the air 
Aerostación, sf. aerostation; science of the air 
Aerostático, -a, adj. aerostatic; of tlving machines 
Afabilidad, sf. affabiliti 
Afable, adj. affable; c 
Afablemente, adv. affably: 
Afáca, sf. yellow vetch (sort of plant) 
Afagásmo, sm. sort of tax, duty, impost; excise 
Afamado. -a,a. famed; celebrated; noted; hungry 
Afán, sm. anxiety; worldly eagerness; fatigue 
Afanadamente, adv. anxiously; with toil, labour 
Afanador, -a, s. eager pursuer of riches; labourer 
Afanar, on. Afanarse, ref. to toil; labour; work 
Afanoso, -a, adj. anxious; solicitous; laborious 
Afascalár, va. 1. to stack; pile, heap up ricks of 
Afeadór, -a. smf. one that deforms, disfigures 
Afeamiénio, s. deformation; ugliness: calumny 
Afear, va 1. to deform; find fault with; censure 
Afección, sf. afTeetion; properly; advowson 
Afectación, sf affectation; conceit; pretension 
Afectadamente, adv. affectedly; formally 
Afectado, -a, adj. affected; conceited; formal 
Afectador, -a,s. affected, conceited man, woman 
Afectar, va. 1. to affect; feign; unite livings 
Afectillo, sm. dimin slight affection, love 
Afectivo, -a, adj. affective; from affection, p.iin 
Afecto, sm affection; passion; sensation; pain 
Afectos desordenados, m. pi. inordinate desires 
Afecto, -a, adj. affectionate; reserved; subject 
Afectuosamente, adv affectionately; fondly 
Afectuoso, -a, adj. affectionate; fond; tender 
Afeitador, -a, sf. hair-dresser: decorator; decker 
Afeitar, «a. 1. to shave; set off; clip; cut; trim 
Afeitarse, vref. to rouge; paint one's face 
Afeite, sm. paint; colours laid on the fact 
Afelio, aphelion, ircmotest point from tt 
Afelpado, -a, adj. rugged; hairy; rough; shaggy 
Afelpados, (palletes,) sm. plur. cased mats 

ce; rouge 
the sun) 

Afeminación, tf. effemination; emasculation 
Afeminadamente, ad. effeminately; like a woman 
Afi'ininádo, -a, a. effeminate; womanish; tender 
. unmanly delicacy; softness 


o effen 

._is, sf. cutting off the first letter of a word 

Afermoseár, t)a. 1. to beautify; embellish; adorn 
Aferrado, -a. o. stubborn; obstinate; headstrong 
Aferradór,-a, t. grasper; who grapples; catches 
Aferramiento, sin graspmg; catching; grappling 
Aterramiento de las velas, furling of the sails 
Aferrar, i-n. 1. to grasp; grapple; furl; moor 
AflT^ár^e, rret. to grasp one another strongly 
Aferravólas, sf. plur. furling-lines; rope-bands 
Afervorizar, va. I. to heat; inflame; incite 
Afianzar, va. I. to bail; support; make fast 
Atíár, va. 1. to promise for the safety of another 
Afición, sf. affection; love; kindness; eagerness 
Aficionadamente, adv. affectionately; fi'ndly 
Aficionado, -a, smj. lover; amateur; devotee 
Aficionar, va. 1. to affect; cause, inspire affection 
Aficionarse con eseéso, ref. to give one's mindt 
Aficioncilla, sf. slight affection, regard 
Afijo, sm. particle united to the end of a word 
Afiladera, sf. whetstone; sharpening-stone 
Afilado, -a, a. sharp; with a keen edge; sharpened 
Afiladura, if. sharpening; whetting; keenness 
Afilamiento, sin. thinness of the face, of the n( 
Afilar, va. 1. to sharpen; grind; whet; render keen 
Afilar las unas, to effect a rare effort of skill, &c. 
Afilarse, vref. to grow thin, lean, slender, slim 
Afiligranado, -a, adj. cut out; of open work 
Afiliar, va 1. to adopt; take as a son, daughter 
Afilón, sm. whetstone; sharpening instrument 
Afilosofado, -a, a. pretending to be a philosopher 
Afin, sm. relation, kindred, kin by affinity 
Afinación, sf. completion; refining; tuning 
Afinadamente, adv. fully; perfectly; completely 
Afinado, -a, «i/j. well finish.'d; complete; perfect 
Afinador, -a, s. finislirr; pcriVcter; tuning-key 
Afinadura, sf. complition; refining; tuning 
Afinamiento, sm. refinement; delicacy; purity 
Afinar, va. 1. to finish; complete; fine; tune 
Afincado, -a, adj. wished, longed for anxiously 
Afine, adj. very similar to one another 
Afinidad, ff. affinity; connexion; friendship 
Afir, sm. juniper-berry medicine (for horses) 
Afirmación, j/. afiHimation; assertion; oath 
Afirmadaménte, wlv. firmly; strongly; steadily 
Afirraaílór, -a, smf. affirmer; assurer; resident 
Afirmamiénto, sm. affirmation; agreement 
Afirmante, sm. affirmant; assertor; assurer 
Afirmar, va. 1. to affirm; secure; fasten; contend 
Afirmar, vn. to reside; sojourn; inhabit; dwell 
Afirmarse, vref to fix one's self ; stand firmly 
Afirmativa, sf. affirmative; confirmation 
Afirmativamente, adv. affirmatively; positively 
Afirmativo, -a, ad'i. affirmative; positive 
Afistolár, va. 1. to render fistulous, callous 
Af xo, sm. affix; (unit<>d to the end of a word) 
Aflechátes, sm. plur. rattlings; rat-lines; (naut.) 
Aflicción, sf. affliction: pain; grief; anguish 
Aflictivo, -a, adj. afflictive; painful; corporal 
Aflicto, -a, adj. afflicted; grieved; tormented 
Afligidamente, adv. grievously; sorrowfully 
Afligimiento, sm. affliction; grief; distress 
Afligir, va. 3. to afflict; pain; grieve; torment 
Afligirse, vref. to grieve; fret; repine; lament 
Aflojadura, sf. Aflojamiento, m. laxat^n; laxity 
Aflojar, va. 1. to loosen; relax; debilitate; soften 
Aflojar los obenques, to case the shrouds 
Aflojarse, vref. to grow weak; lose courage 

' AGA 

Afluente, adj. affluent: abundant: voluble 
Afollado, -a, adj. wearing large, wide trousers 
Afollar, va. 1. to blow with bellows; ill-treat 
Afondar, pa. 1. to put under water; sink 
Afonía, tf. aphony; loss of voice; loss of speech 
Aforado, -a, ad), privileged; invested with rights 
Aforadór, sm. ganger; measurer (of vessels, &c.) 
Aforamiento, sm. gauging; duty on foreign goods 
Aforar, vn. 1. to gauge; measure; examine 
Aforisma, sf swelling in the arteries of beasts 
Aforismo, m. aphorism; maxim; general sentence 
Aforístico, -a, «((7. aphoristical ; of leading truths 
Aforo, ¡fin. gauging; just valuation of duties 
Aferrador, -a, smf. who lines the inside of cloths 
Afornlr, va. 1. to line; face; emancipate; sheathe 
Aforrar un cabo, to serve a cable (nautical term) 
Aforro, sm. lining; sheathing; waist of a ship 
Afortunadamente, adv. fortunately; happily 
Afortunado, -a, adj. fortunate; happy; lucky 
Afortunado, (tiempo) blowing, windy weather 
Afortunar, va. 1. to make happy; felicitate 
Afosarse, vref. 1. to protect one's self by a ditch 
Afrailar, vn. 1. to lop off the branches of trees 
Afrancesado, -a, a. Frenchified; like the French 
Afrancesar, va. 1. to give a French termination 
Afrancesarse, to imitate, adopt French dress, &c. 
Afratelarse, vref. 1. to live like brothers 
Afrecho, sm. bran, (the refuse of ground-corn) 
AfrenilliVr, va. 1. to bridle the oars, (naut. expr.) 
Afrenta, sf. dishonour; insult; infamy; valour 
Afrentar, va. 1. to dishonour; insult;' outrage 
Afrentarse, vr. to be affronted, put to the blush 
Afrentosamente, adv. disgracefully; with shame 
Afrentoso, -a, ad,i. insulting; disgraceful 
Afretar, va. 1 . to clean the bottom of a galley 
A 'frico, sm. African wind; south-west wind 
Afrisonádo, -a, like a Friesland draught-horse 
Afrontar, van. 1. to face; confront; reproach with 
Af uer, adv. upon the word of a gentleman 
Afuera, adv. abroad; out of the house; moreover 
Afuera afuera, out of the way; clear the way 
Afueras,)» pi. environs ofa place; neighbourhood 
Afuéros, sm. plur. foreign duties, customs 
Afufar, Afufarse, viiref. 1. to run away; escape 
Afuste, im. carriage of a gun; frame to carry a gun 
Agabachádo, -a, a. Frenchified; after the French 
Agachada, sf. stratagem; deceit; artifice; trick. 
Agachadiza, sf. snipe (small fen fowl) 
Agachadiza, (hacer la,) to conceal one's self 
Agacharse, vr. 1. to stoop; crouch; squat; cower 
Agalbanado, -a, adj. indolent; careless; lazy 
Agiilla, .</. nutgall (excrescence of an oak) 
Agalla, 'quedarse de la) vref. 1. to be deceived 
Agallas, s/. plur. glands (in the throat, tonsils) 
Agallas, gills (of fishes); wind-galls; beaks 
Agallado, -a, adj. steeped in an infusion of galls 
Agallón, sm. large nutgall (bitter excrescence) 
Agallones, «n. plur. strings of large silver beads 
Agalluéla, sf. dimin, small nut gall 
Agamitár, va. 1. to imitate the cry of a fawn 
Agamuzado, -a, of the colour of a shamois-skin 
Ágapas, sf. pi. love-feasts of the first Christians 
Agapéta-s, sf. pi. virgins living in sisterhood 
Agarbado, -a, adj. genteel; elegant; graceful 
Agarbanzar, vn. 1. to bud; shoot; be in the bloom 
Agarbarse, vref. I. to cower; squat like a hare 
Agárico, m. agarick; mushroom, (used as adrug) 
Agarradero, sm anchoring-ground; hold; haft 
Agarrádo,-a, adj. seized; miserable; covetous 
Agarrador, -a, smf. holder; grasper; bura-bailifT 
Agarrafi'ir, va. 1. to grasp; grapple: hold fast 
Agarr.Hma, sf. tax; imposition; robber)'; fraud 
Agarrante, smf. holder; grasper; bum-bailiff 
Agarrar, va. 1. to seize; catch;gripe; get; obtain 

te; ignorant 


Agarrarse, vref. to grasp at; lay hold of-, grapple 
Agarro, sm. grasp; catching; seizing; grapple 
Agarrochadór, sm. pricker; goader; inciter 
Agarrochar, Agarrochear, va. 1. to prick; goad 
A^arrot^ir fa. 1. to tie, bind, fasten with cords 
A^a^aiadóV, -a, smf. kind, hearty welcomer 
Agasajár.ra. 1. to receive, treat kindly; welcome 
Agasáj o,sm. welcome : kindness ; friendly present 
A°gata, .«/ agate (precious stone of minor value) 
A'gatas, r. all-fours (game at cards plaved by two J 
Agavanza,, s>. dogrose (flower ot the hip-tree) 
Agavillador, -a, smf. sheaves-bmder; monopolist 
Agavillar, va. 1. to bind corn in sheaves, bundles 
Agavillarse, vref. 1 to associate with sharpers 
Agazapar, va. 1. to catch unexpectedly 
Agazaparse, rref. to hide one's seltjiot to be seen 
A'^e, sa:. chronical distemper; habitual disease 
Ao-ear, r/i. 1. to cry like a partridge closely chased 
Ajenar, va. I. to alienate; transfer; enrapture 
Agencia, sf. agency; office of agent; diligence 
Agenciar, va. I. to solicit; try eagerly to obtain 
Agencioso, -a, adj. diligent; active; officious 
Agengibre, sm. ginger (Indian aromatic 
Agéno, -a, ailj- foreign; strange; r°'"""" ' 
Agéno de verdad, void of truth; 
Ao-énte sm agent; deputy; factor; solicitor 
Ajenuz, sm. field-fennel flower (scented plant) 
Agéo (perro de)sm. setting-dog (for partridges) 
Ageráto, sm. sweet milfoil (medicinal plant) 
Agestado, -a, (bien ó mal) adj. well, or, ill-faced 
Ageste, sm. north-west wind (halfviorth and west) 
Ag¡,.í.sortof American sauce (of the Agi pepper) 
Agible, adj. feasible; practicable; effectible 
Agigantado, -a, adj. gigantic; vast; enormous 
A gil, adj. agile; active; nimble; ready; quick 
Agilid;\d, s/.°agility; activity; nimbleness 
Agilitar, ra. L to make nimble, active, quick 
Ágilmente, adv. activelv; nimbly, quickly 
A'gio, s. exchange; interest; discount; brokerage 
Agiógráfo, sm. hagiographer; holy writer 
A-'iógrafos, sin. piar, holv writings; scriptures 
Agiotidor, sm. stock-jobber; bill-broker 
Agiotage, sm. stock-jobbing; usury; commerce 
Agiotista, sm. money-changer; discounter 
Agironár, 1. to sew pieces of cloth to strengthen 
Agitable, adj. agitable; susceptible of motion 
Agitación, sf. agitation; perturbation; flutter 
Agitador, -a, smf. agitator; fomenter; intriguer 
Agitanado, -a, adj. like, resembling a gipsy 
Agitar, oa. 1. to agitate; fret; affect; discuss 
Agitarse, vref. to flutter; be uneasy, discussed 
Aglomerar, va. 1. to agglomerate; gather up 
Aglutinante, adj. glutinous; viscous; sticky 
Aglutinación; sf. glutinousness; viscosity 
Aglutinativo, -a, adj. glutinous; gluy: adhesive 
Agnación, sf. descent from the sa - '-"-— 
Agnado, -a, adj. descended from 

Agnaticio, -a, adj. of the- "■ 

Agnicion, sf. agni 


blood ; near of kin 

Agnocásto,'smragnus castus; chaste tree (shrub) 
Agnomento, sm. surname (name of the family) 
Agnus dei, sm. emblematic figure of Christ 
Agobiar, va. 1, to bend the body to the ground 
Agobiarse, vref. to stoop; bend down; lie down 
Agolar, va. 1. to hand the sails (nautical term) 
Agolparse, vref. to assemble in crowds; crowd 
Agonía, sf. agony; death-bed; greatpain; anguish 
Agonia d'e la muerte (en) in the agony of death 
Agonista, sm . dying person ; in the pangs of death 
Agonizando (estór) to be in the agony of death 
Agonizante, sjn. who prays by the dying 
Agonizar, »-/. 1 . to assist the dying; desire eagerly 
Agora, adv. at present; now; at this time, atone 
.Agorar, fa. 1. to foretel; prognosticate; augur 

Agorería, sf. prediction; foretelling; augury 
Agorero, -a, smf augur; diviner; fortune teller 
Agorgojárse, vref. to be destroyed by gruDs 
Agostadero, sm. summer-pasture (for cattle) 

tá.T,v. 1. to be parched with heat(in August) 

tár, va. to pasture cattle on stubbles 
tero, SHI. harvester; reaper; assisting boy 
tizo, -a, a. born in August ; foaled in August 
to, Sill. August; harvest-time; harvest; crop 
ár, va. 1. lo drain off; waste; spend ; exhaust 
ár la paciencia, to tire one's patience 
e, sm. name of a race of people in Navarre 
..,._céjo, sm. olive falling ofT before it is ripe 
Agraceño, -a, adj. acrid, biting like verjuice 
Agracera, sf verjuice-cruet; unfruitful vine 
Agraciado, -a, adj. graceful; elegant in manners 
Agraciar, r. 1. to adorn; favour: give eraplojTnent 
Agracillo, sm. olive falling off before maturity 
Agradable, adj. agreeable; pleasing; graceful 
Agradablemente, adv. in an agreeable manner 
Agradar, va. 1. to please; content; gratify; like 
Agradar, vn. to be pleased, contented, gratified 
Agradecer, v. 2. to acknowledge a favour; reward 
Agradecidamente, adv. gratefully; thankfully 
Agradecida, -a, adj. grateful; acceptable; glad 
Agradecimiento, sm. gratitude; thankfulness 
Agrado, sm. affabilitv'; content; pleasure; will 
Agrado (eso no es de-rai)that is not to my liking 
Agramadera, sf. brake (instrument to dress flax) 
Agramador, -a,/, flax-dresser; who prepares flax 
Agramar, va. 1. to dress flax, hemp with a brake 
.\gramilar, r. 1. to point and colour a brick-wall 
Agramiza, sf. stalk, stem, refuse of hemp dressed 
Agrandar, va. 1. toaggrandize;enlarge; increase 
Agranujado, -a, adj. filled, covered with grain 
Agrario, -a, adj agrarian; of fields; of grounds 
Agravación, sf. aggravation; provocation; anger 
Agravador, -a, smf. oppressor; provoker; loader 
Agravamiento, sm. aggravation; provocation 
Agravante, aaj. aggravating; making worse 
.Agravánteménte, ad. in an aggravating manner 
Agravar, va. 1. toaggravate;oppress;makeworse 
Agravatorio, -a, ad], compulsory; aggravating 
Agraviadamente, adv. injuriously; strongly 
Agraviador, -a, smf. injurer; wronger: offender 
Agraviar, va. 1. to injure; wrong; offend; load 
Agraviarse, vref. to be aggrieved, offended 
Agravio, sm. injury; insult; oflence; appeal 
Agraz, sm. verjuice; unripe grape; disgust 
Agrazada, sf. verjuice-water (acid liquor) 
Agrazar, r?ia.l. to have a sour taste: disgustivex 
Agrazón, sm. wild grape; gooseberry-bush 
Agregación, sf. aggregation; coUectii n; mass 
Agregado, -a, a. aggregate; eollectfd; assembled 
Agregado, sm. aggregate; collection; assembly 
Agregar, va. 1. to aggregate; collect; assemble 
Agresión, sf. aggression; attack; assault; insult 
Agresor, .a, smf. aggressor; attacker; assaulter 
Agreste, adj. rustic; rural; agrestic: rude; plain 
Agréte, nn. sweet-acid tasted relish, flavour 
Agréte, adj. sourish ; somewhat sweet and sour 
Agriamente, adv. tartly; with acidity, asperity 
Agriar, va. 1. to sour; make acid; tart; irritate 
Agriarse, fre/. to sour;become acid; grow peevish 
Agricultor, sm. farmer; cultivator; husbandman 
Agricultóra, sf woman tilling the ground 
Agricultura, sf. agriculture; tillage; husbandry 
Agridulce, adj. sweet and acid; somewhat sour 
Agrietado, -a, adj. ñav,-y: defective; unsound 
Agrifolio, sm. holly-tree ; holly-oak : holm (shrub) 
Agrillado, -a, atlj. in chains; put in irons, fetters 
Agrillarse, vref. 1. to shoot; sprout; grow;spring 
Agrillo, -a, adj. diram. sourish; somewhat tart 
Agrimensor, sm. land-surveyor, measurer 

AQR ' 

Agrimensura, »/. land-surveyin?; mensuration 
Acrimonia, sf. agrimony; liverwort (plant) 
A'erio, -a, adj. sour; acrid; aoid; sharp; rough 
A'sria (una respuesta) »/. smart, sharp reply 
A'Krio, »/n. acidity; tartness; sharpness; sourness 
A'grios, rm. plur. plantation of sour fruit-trees 
Agrión, tm. tumour in the joint of a horse-ltnee 
Agripalma, tf. motherwort; feverfew (plant) 
Agrisetádo, a, adj. flowered; imitating flowers 
Agronomía, nf. husbandry; tillage; agriculture 
Agrónomo, «m. writer on agriculture, husbandry 
Agropila, sm. German bezoar (medicinal stone) 
Asrumárse, rr"/. 1. to clog; coalesce; adhere 
Agrupar, va. 1. to group; unite figures; crowd 
Agrura,, sf. acidity; acerbity; trees of sour fruit 
A'lnia, s^. water; liquor:lustre of diamonds; leak 
A'gua de azahar, orange, lemon flower water 
A'gua L'ovediza, rain-water (collected from rain) 
A 'gua fuerte, aqua fortis. A gua regia, aqua regia 
A'gua viva, running water, spring-water 
A'gua bendita, holy water (in the Roman church) 
A'gua va (notice) the water is going to be thrown 
A'gua abajo, abáxo, adv. down the stream;easily 
A'gua arriba, adv. against the stream ; with pains 
A'guas, plur. mineral waters ; clouds in silk ; tide 
A'guas muertas, neap-tjdes;low-tides;low water 
A guas vivas, spring-tides (tide at the new moon) 
A'guas (entre dos) between wind and water 
Aguacate, sm. vegetable marrow(likealarge pea) 
Aguacero, sm. short heavy shower of rain 
Aguachirle, tm. small wine (slipslop; weak drink 
Aguacibera, sf. dry ground sowed, then watered 
Aguacil, s. policeman; constable; market-clerk 
Aguada, sf. water-provisions on board of a ship 
Aguada, watering-port, place; outline; sketch 
Aguada ( hacer) to water; take in water on board 
Aguaderas, sf. plur. frames for jars of water 
Aguadero, sm. watering place (for cattle, ships) 
Aguadija, sf. watery humour in pimples, sores 
Aguado, -a, adj. watered; drinking water 
Aguador, ». water-carrier; water-wheel-bucket 
Aguaducho, s. water-course: place todrink water 
Aguadúra, sf. water-surfeit (disease in horses) 
Aguáge, gm. rapid current of sea- water 
Aguaitaidór, -a,»n/. spy;watcher of others motions 
Aguaitamiénto, sm. spying, watching closely 
Aguaitar, r. 1. lo spy; watch; discover by artifice 
Aguajáque, sm. sortof gum ammoniac (a salt) 
Aguájas, sf. malanders, dry scab on the pastern 
Aguamanil, sm. water-jug, for a wash-hand basin 
Aguamanos, sm. water for washing the hands 
Aguamarina, sf. aqua-marina; berjl; stone 
Aguamelado, -a, a. washed with water and honey 
Aguamiel, sm. hydromel. mead;honey and water 
Aguanieve, sf. sortof magpie; sleet: small hail 
Aguanosidad, sf. serosity; watery humours 
Aguanoso, -a, a. watery; very humid, moist, wet 
Aguantar, i'. 1. tobear;maintain;carryastifrsail 
Aguante, sm. fortitude; courage; force: patience 
Aguiinte (navio de) ship carrying a stiff sail 
Aguañón, sm. hydraulic machines' constructor 
Aguapié, sm. small wine; slipslop; weak drink 
Aguar, va. 1. to mixwater with wine, &c:disturb 
Aguardar, va. 1. towait for;expect;granttimeto 
Aguardentería, sf. liquor, brandy-shop by retail 
Aguardentero, -a, smf. retailer of brandy, liquors 
Aguardiente, sm. brandy, strong liquor from wine 
Aguardo, sm. lurking-place for sportsmen 
Aguarrás, sf. spirit of turpentine (to varnish) 
Aguarse, vrvf. 1. to be overflowed, grown stiff 
Aguatocha, if. fire-engine, machine to putout fire 
Aguatócho, tm. fire-engine; small quagmire 
Aguavientos, sm. yellow sage-tree; broad sage 
Aguaxáque, sf. sort of gum ammoniac (a salt) 

i AHH 

Agnaytadór, -a, if. watcher of others' motions 
Aguaytamiénto, sm. spying; watching closely 
Aguaj-tár, v. 1. to spy; watch; discoverby artifice 
Aguaza, sf watery humour: juice of trees 
Aguazal, sm. pool of stagnant water; impe<liment 
Aguazarse, vri/". 1. to be wet, covered with watiT 
Aguazo, (pittúra de,) painting in gum of dull tint 
Aguazoso, -a, adj. water)-; extremely moist 
Aguaziir, sm. dark green large-leaved barila 
Aguciár, Urt. 1. to desire, solicit with eagerness 
Agudamente, adv. acutely; keenly; sharply 
Agudeza, sf. acuteness; sharpness; witty sajHnir 
Agudillo, -a, adj. dim. little sharp; witty; lively 
Agudo, -a, at/;'. acute:keen-edged; active; pujnful 
Agüelo, -a, smf. grand-father, grand-motíier 
Agüera, sf. channel, trench to irrigate grounds 
Agüero, sm. omen; prediction; augury; soothsay 
Aguerrido, -a, adj. usedto war;warlike;fighting 
aguerrir, va. 3. to train up for, accustom to war 
'- áda, sf. spur; goad; excitement; pungency 
ador, -a, smf. stirrer up; inciter; instigator 
adúra, sf. stirring-up; goading; stimulation 
Aguijar, va. 1. to spur; goad; prick; stimulate 
Aguijar, vn. to march fast; go at a quick pace 
Aguijatório, -a, adj. stimulating; inciting; urging 
* — -• --- sting of a bee, &c.; goad; spur 


Aguij , 

1. tost 

ig; goad; spur oi 

>, sm. thrust with a goad; prick; spur 

Aguijoneador, -ií,tmf. spurreron; inciter; mover 
oneár, va. 1. to prick; spur; goad; incite 
la, sf eagle; gold coin; Roman standard 
Agúilándo, sm. new year's gift; christmas-box 
Aguileno, -a, adj. aquiline; hooked; like an eagle 
Aguililla, í/". little eagle; eaglet; young eagle 
Aguilucho, sm. eaglet; young eagle; hobby 
Aguinaldo, sm. new-year's gift; christmaj-box 
Aguisar, va. 1. to dress; adjust; cook provisions 
Agilita, ;/. dim. small rain; mist; small thin rain 
Aguja, sf. needle; steeple; needle-fish; st)-le;rod 
Aguja de marear, sf. mariners compass (to steer) 
Aguja de hacer media, sf. knitting-needle 
Aguja de pastor, shepherd's needle; Venus' comb 
-Agujas, sf. pi. ribs;distemper, of horse; horn-fish 
Agujas, (vino de,)sm. wineof a sharp acrid taste 
Agujar, vn. 1. to prick, pierce with a needle 
Agujerar, va. 1. to pierce; make holes; perforate 
Agujazo, sm. prick, puncture with a needle, &c. 
Agujerázo, sm. large, wide hole; perforation 
Agujerear, v. 1. to pierce; make holes; perforate 
Agujerico, -illo, -uelos, sm. dim. small hole 
Agujero, sm. hole (in clothes, walls, &c.); gap 
Agujero, needle-maker, seller; pin, needle-case 
Agujeta, */. lace; string; strap, thong of leather 
Agujetas, pi. straps; girths; laces; drink-money 
Agujetería, ?/■. shop for leather-straps, girths 
Agujetero, -a, ». maker, seller of leather-straps 
Agujón, tm. avgm. very large needle 
Aguosidad, aquosity; lymph, transparent humour 
Aguoso, -a, aqueous; aquose; watery; lymphatic 
Agur, adv. farewell; adieu; act of departure 
Agusanarse, rref. 1. to be worm-eaten, rotten 
Agustiniáno, -a, a. of the order of .St Augustine 
Agustino, -a, gtnf. Augustine, monk, nun 
Aguzadera, sf. whet-stone, to sharpen knives 
Aguzadero, tm. haunt of wild boars 
Aguzadura, tf. sharpening, w betting of tools 
Aguzaniéve, sm. wagtail, water-wagtail, bird 
Aguzar, r. I . to w het; sharpen ; excite; stimulate 
Aguzar el ingenio, to sharpen the wit; quicken 
Aguzar las orejas, to cock up one's ears; listen 
Aguzar la vista, to sharpen one's sight; put to 
Aguzonázo, sm. violent thrust (in fencing, &c.) 
Ah! ivterj. Ah! (expression of grief, pain) 
Ahebrado, -a, adj. formed of parts like thread» 

AHE 1 

Ahelear, va. 1. to give gaU to drink; make bitter 
Ahelear, vn. to taste like gall, ver>- bitter 
Ahembrado, -a, adj. eUVminatt-; womanish 
Aherrojamiento, sm. puttine in irons; chaining 
Aherrojar, rn. 1. to put in chains. tVtters: chain 
Aherrumbrarse, rref. to turn ferruginous 
Ahervorarse, r. 1. to be htated (^applied to grain) 
Ahi, adv. thcrp; in that place; in that; yonder 
Ahi (de porl, about that (of a trilling thing) 
Ahidalgiido, -a, onj. becoming good birth; noble 
Ahijada, sf. god-child, god-daughter; favourite 
Ahij.ádo, sm. god-child; god-son; favourite 
Ahijar, va. 1. to adopt as a child; impute to 
Ahijar, 1-71. to bring forth young ones (cattle) 
Ahilarse, rref. I. to grow faint (for want of food) 
AhiUrse, to grow sour (leaven); be weak 
Ahilarse, el vino, to turn, grow ropy (the wine) 
Ahilo, sm. faintness; weakness, for want of food 
Ahinco, sm. eagerness; solicitude; forwardness 
Ahirmár, va. 1. to fasten; secure; afBrra; contend 
Ahitar, va. 1. to surfeit; satiate; cloy; overload 
Ahitarse, rref. to be surfeited, cloyed, sated 
Ahitera, sf. violent, continued indigestion 
Ahito, -a, adj. labouring under an indigestion 
Ahito, sm. indigestion; surfeit; over-fulness 
Ahobachonado, -a, adj. dull; slovenly; slow 
Ahocinarse, vref. 1. to flow, run rapidly (streams) 
Ahogadero, sm. halter; crowd; necklace 
Ahogadizo, -a, adj. harsh; unpalatable (fruit) 
Ahogado, -a, adj. suffocated; choked; stifled 
Ahogado, (carnero), stewed mutton, &c. 
Ahogado (estar), to be over-done with affairs 
Ahogador, -a, smf. that suffocates, chokes, stifles 
Ahogamiénto, sm. suffocation; choking; stifling 
Ahogamitnto de la madre, hysterics; hysteric fit 
Ahogar, r. 1. to suffocate; choke; drown; oppress 
Ahogar (of ships), founder; go to the bottom 
Ahogarse, rref. to be suffocated; drown one's self 
Ahogo, sm. oppression; pain; severe oppression 
Ahoguijo, ym. quinsy; inflammation in the throat 
Ahoguío, Ahoguido, nn. oppression in the breast 
Ahojar, va. 1. to eat the leaves of trees (cattle) 
Ahombrado, -a, adj. masculine; like a man 
Ahondar, fa. 1. to sink; deepen; excavate ¡search 
Ahondar, vn. to penetrate far into; dive into 
Ahora, adv. now; this moment; at present 
Ahora bien, adv. exp. well granted ; nevertheless 
Ahora, cotij. disj. whether; or 
Ahorcado, sm. man executed, hanged, gibbetted 
Ahorcadura, sf. hanging; execution; death by law 
Ahorcajarse, vref. to sit astride, with open legs 
Ahorcar, »ii. 1. to hang; gibbet; lay aside 
Ahorcarse, vref. to be vexed, irritated, angry 
Ahormar, va. 1. to shape; bringto ásense of duty 
Ahornar, va. 1. to bake; dress in an oven 
Ahornarse, to be scorched without being done 
Ahorquillado, -a, a. forked; in the shape of a fork 
Ahorquillar, va. 1. to stay; prop up with forks 
Ahorquillarse, vn. to fork; divide into two points 
Ahorrado, -a, adj. unstopped; unobstructed; free 
Ahorrador, -a, smf. enfranchiser; liberator 
Ahorramiento, $m. enfranchisement; freedom 
Ahorrar, va. 1. to enfranchise; husband 
Ahorrar, to allow limited pasturage for sheep 
Ahorrativa,/. ? parsimony ;frugality; husbandry; 
Ahorro, sm. J saving; that which is spared 
Ahorrativo, -a, adj. frugal; thrift)^: saving 
Ahoyador, sm. that makes holes to plant trees 
Ahoyadúra, sf. making of holes to plant in trees 
Ahoyar, va. \. to make, dig holes to plant trees 
Ahuchador, -a, smf. hoarder; saver; sparer; miser 
Ahuchar, ra. 1. to hoard up savings: lay by 
Ahuecamiento, tnt. excavation; cavity; hcllow 
Ahuecar, va. 1. to excavate; hollow;"scoop 


Ahuecarse, t»f/. to grow haughty; be proud 
Ahuma a, if. s"ignal by smoke; sea-fish 
Ahumar, va. 1. to smoke: dry in smoke 
Ahijr, adv. farewell; adieu; leave; departure 
Ahusado, -a, adj. like a spindle; long and slender 
Abusar, va. 1. to make as slender as a spindle 
Abusarse, vrf. tobe slender, shaped like a spindle 
Ahuyentadór, -a, ««/. scare-crow; driver a«ay 
Ahuyentar, va. 1. to drive away; put to flight 
Ahuyentar, (met), to overcome; banish care 
Aijada, sf. goad; pungency; spur; excitement 
Ainas, adv. nearly; almost; well nigh 
Airadamente, adv. angrily; in a hasty manner 
Airarse, vref. 1. to fly in a passion; grow angry 
Airazo, S7n. {augm.) violent gust of wind; blast 

;; look: gait 
Aire tcreerse aei,i, v. z. to oe credulous 
Aire (hablar al), v. 1. to talk idly, meffectually 
Aire (tomar el), v. 1. to take a walk, an airing 
Aire (en), adv. exp. in a good, pleasing humour 
Aire (de buen), in a pleasing manner 
Aire (en el), m a moment; in a speedy manner 
Aires naturales, sin. plur. native air, "country 
Aires (beber los), v. i. to desire anxiously 
Airearse, rref. 1. to take the air; cool one's self 
Airecico, illo, ito, sm. ydimin.) gentle breeze 
Airón, sm, violent gale, plume; crested crane 
Airosamente, adv. gracefully; lively; lightly 
Airosidad, sf. graceful deportment; elegant mien 
Airoso, -a, adj. airy; graceful; genteel; successful 
Aislado, -a, adj. insulated; isolated: embarrassed 
Aislar, va. 1. to surround with water; separate 
Ajada, sf. sauce (of steeped bread, garlic and salt) 
Ajado, -a, adj. worn out; spoiled: ill-used, treated 
Ajar, sm. garlic-field; plantation of garlic 
■ ir, ra. I. to out-wear; spoil; treat ill; insult 
ir la vanidad á alguno, to pull down one's pride 
irafe, sm. flat roof of a house; platform 
izo, sm. large head of garlic (pungent plant) 
e, sm. inveterate, habitual disease, complaint 
. -a, sf. brush-wood (used for fuel near Toledo) 
Ajedrea, sf. winter-savory (esculent herbl 
Ajedrez, sm. chess (a game); netting; grating 
Ajedrezado, -a, aaj. chequered; variegated 
Ajenabe, sm. hedge-mustard (wild plant) 
Ajénj o, sm. worm- wood (wholesome bitter plant) 
Ajenuz, sm. fennel-flower (plant of strong scent) 
Ajero, sm. vender, seller, retailer of garlic 
Ajesuitádo, -a, adj. of the Jesuits; Jesuitical 

«m. young garlic; sauce made with garlic 
n. red Indian dwarf pepper (warm spice) 
Aji.acéite, sm. mixture of garlic and oil 
Ajicóla, sf. glue of scraps of leather and garlic 
Ajilimóge, gili, sm. sauce of pepper and garlic 
Ajilio, sm. tender young garlic plant) 
Ajimez, sm. arched window supported by a pillar 
Ajipuerro, sm. leek; scallion (pot-herb) 
I Ajo, sm. garlic; garlic-sauce; paint (for ladies) 
; Ajo (revolver el,r. 2. to stir up new disturbances 
A'jo bianco, dish of garlic, bread, oil, and water 
Ajobar,». 1. to carry upon one's back ; heavy load 
Ajobo, sm. carrying of heavy loads; heavy loads 
Ajofaina, sf. earthen jug (large gibbous vessel) 
A julio, sm. (prov.) sauce made of garlic and oil 
Ajónje, sm. birdlime ( gluy matter to catch birds) 
Ajonjéra, sf. low carline thistle; hare's lettuce 
Ajonjolí, sm. sesame; oily purging Indian corn 
Ajoquéso, sm. dish made' of garlic and cheese 
Ajorca, sf. gold and silver rings for wrists, ancles 
Ajordár, v. 1. to hoot; bawl; cry with vehemence 
Ajomalado, -a, adj. hired and paid by the day 
Ajomalar, va. 1. to hire for daily labour and pay 
Ajuágas, sf. plur. spavin (tumour in the hough) 
Ajuanetádo, -a, a. with hard tumours on the feet 


Aiuar sm. bride's apparel and ft>™"'"?¿|^??' 

Ajustador, sm. <^>°*^"¿~t agreement I Mancp-. ^a. 1 

1 üSí'J, r. to eo-e to a. agreement; cou,,^. 

Ajusticiar, ca.. &c. (formed of á and el) 
A'la! «/ w"n-- flank; rim (of ahat); auricle; fin 
l'l^ «/- p"«r protection; defence; velocity 

. l'^í, ,;,, Inínn in praise of the sacrament 
A S^6; a «ITprSs^er^commender; extoUer 

^rxt'sn::":'ai ---tremrsrr' 

Alabaudina, sf. mangane^e ' ^ f f^""' "^^'Z 
Alabanza, sf. Praise; commendauon, gU 

14 ALB 

Alamina, ,f. fine on pot^« ^-«^1^1,%^ 
llri^^^°Cusrc?Ui.°n.r.heTcaleof notes 
lifamo,'.-n.. poplar; -P- Uree) 

irt; «ound with a lance 
";""V"'-' o- ^of 1 to become drv (silk worms) 
Alandrearse, '^«(•.¿.- ^ .,„„" kjná (surly doe) 

AUrde' m re4w Of soldiers; ostentat.on;boa^ 


tlrr|^tn;iriirytp?o,;a''etion; lengthening 

Xübaudma, ... -^ng--- a^enu^n^e-^ Álariamiént^o.. delay ;pro'rae.on^.^^^^^^^^ 

■-, V 1- ,^ W„w\Mtnii halberd, poleaxe 
Alabardazii. sm- "■ .. i ;,,„>, euard 

Alabardero, s,«. ^f'^.l^^'ZA^.^ry- fair 
Alabastrado, -a,m;j. ''''^/ ,',:„*■ alabiter 
Alabastrina, ,/. *'" ^^^^¿¿ri^ade of alabaster 

Alabésa, sf. pike Cf<'nn"-1> maae m ^^^ 
Alabiado, -a, a. rag&<.a '¡' r,^,^^ Cabins of ships) 
Alacena, ^. cup- board - oekrr Un «ao 
Alacha, .r. ^ha^ isea-h^h ^™^"l^iher; decay 
It tí'^r.m.'¿=?rpTorrinrc5thebit; stop;chain 
íll^^í, a, »* ^t hV -eon.>on 
Alacranera, it. "o"** '^^'^. „i ,u„ „ines 
Alada, ,/. fl"«-r,|' í^,^PJ'^|i°over the^mples 
Aladares, m pi. locks ^^ ^air °vey v^^ 

Altdrüaí^' Tfr^^h^anchovy, not put in pickle 
A tfia ?oedirra 2.) to implore mercy, pardon 
A'laga, í^ yeilo- WW (jpec^es of^^^^^^^^^ 

» r^T. ,f win-'ed ant, p smire, emmet 
luii^f showf fu?iiture; thing of great value 
i'^^ I adorn; f^rrn^^^^^l^ 

AÍ»;Sárs;' vret'. to be 'prolonged ; grow longer 
is::: ÍÓ >rch: expatia« «n^a s^-l,^^^^^^^^^ 


í;"S;' ."■ ■ £ S™ ci th. «mi Milu. 

A avanco, "»; \^°^.°*„t (paid for building on) 
Al^rn TfrsoreUoVa fawn-colour; bay 
ilCV dawn;treak of day; a^b ;,^»n'l'<;^,, 

Alwrrl'°/Tea-fish ve% 1ík¿ atunny; early fig 

Albahaca, s/. s" c winter-thistle 

Albahaca aq"at'<=a, sort ot win« ^_^^ ^^.^^^^ 

Albahaca salvage, ^''^7"^' ^ scabwort, (plant) 
Albahaquilla <\f\"°''L'°^,l°\r„7rs paU-nt 
AlbalA, -v. ^°;^"i„^rtch partridges, rabbits, &c. 
Albantga,s/. ntt locditu h ri,.i,„io. mittpr 

(hole; gutter 
raTonTbuiweVwitt. stone, brick 

A^^tr «^ s^lk-trimming used as button-holes ] AlbaiMleria,^5r. m^^^^ i^^^.^.^^j,,^ p„^o„ 



Alambique, n» alembic f '»' '°'„'^,i„^,„,ann 



leprosv I luaul^u"«: "... 
sole of coarse leather of a shoe 

( for papers) Albárc o„ncot-tree iwaii-t.^,:; 

^:^ I ISr^ PaX-sXdle (broad slice of bacon) 


Albardádo, -a, a. of a differentcolour at the loins 
Altordár,». 1. to put a pack-saddle on; lard fowls 
Albardéla, sf. small saddle (to break m colts) 
Albarderia, si. shop where pack-saddles are made 
Albardéro, sm. pack-saddle-maker, seller 
AlbardUla, sf. small pack-saddle; border; batter 
AlbardiUas, plur. ridges on the sides of toot-paths 
Albardin,sm. mat-weed ;lygeum spartum (bot.) 
Albardón, sm. pannel; kind of rustic saddle 
Albardoncillo, sm. aimin. small pack-saddle 
Albaréjo, Albarigo, sm. sort of very white wheat 
Albaricóque, sin. apricot (kind of peach, orpluraj 
Aibaricoquéro, sm. apricot-tree (.wall-tree) 
Albarillo, sm. counter-dance played on the guitar 
Albarino, white paint (formerly usedby women; 
Albarráda, sf. drv wall; fence; ditch for defence 
Albarrána (cebolla) */. squill; sea-onion (plant) 
Albarrána (torre) sf. sort of watch-tower 
Albarráz, sm. white leprosy;lousewort; larkspur 
Albatára, sf carbuncle, pimple in the urethra 
Albatóza. sf. small covered boat (to cross over) 
A.bavaldádo, -a, adj. covered with white-lead 
Albaválde, sm. white-lead; cerusei sort of paint) 
Albazáno,-a,a. ofadarkchesnutcolour,darkhay | 
Albáxo, sm. assault, attack at day-break (mil. tcr.) 
Albeár, vj. I. to whiten; make white; bleach freewill powerto choose good.evU) 
Albeitár, sm. farrier; horse-doctor; veterinary 
Albeiteria, sf. veterinary art; farriery 
Albellón, sm. sewer; gully-hole; gutter; drain 
Albénda, sf. hangings of white linen 
Albendéra, sf maker of white hangings; gadder 
Albengala, sf. light crape, gauze worn in turbans 
Albentola, sf. net of thin thread (for small n»h) 
Albérca, sf pond; pool; conduit; dram; gutter 
Albérchiga,s/. Albérchigo, m. almond-tree, fruit 
Albercón, sm. augm. large pond, pool, conduit 
Alberengéna, sf mad-apple; egg-plant 
Albergadór, -a, smf lodging-housekeeper 
Albergar, va. 1. to lodge; harbour;let lodgings 
Albergarse, vref to take a lodging; reside; dwell 
Albergue, sm. lodging; lodging-house; hospital 
Albergueria, sf hospital for poor travellers 
Alberguéro, sm. innkeeper; landlord; host 
Albericóque, sm. apricot (kind of peach, or p um) 
Albéro, s. whitish earth; cloth for cleaning plates 
Alberquéro, s. who takes care of the soaking-flax 
Alberquilla,s/-. dimin. little pool; small pond 
Albicante, adj. whitening; blanching; bleaching 
Albihár, sm. ox-eye; ox-head; black hellebore 
AlbiUa,'»/ Albillo, m. early white grape 
Albillo, -a, adj. of the early white grape (wine) 
Albín, sm. blood-stone (precious stone) 
Albina, sf. marshv ground covered with nitre 
Albino, -a, borno'f a white man and black woman 
A'lbis (quedarse in vref 1.) to be disappointed 
A Ibo, -a, adj. eminentlv white ; snowy ; very tair 
Albogalla, sf nut-gall (excrescence of an oak) 
Albogue, sm. shepherd's flute; music on cymbals 
Alboguéro,-a, smf maker nf, player on cymbals 
Albohol, sm. species of bind-weed (plant) 
Albóndiga, sf forced meat-ba 1, with eggs, spice 
Albondiguilla, sf dimin. small forced meat-ball 
Albor, sm. whiteness; white; dawn; break of day 
Alborada, sf twilight; first dawn of day; music 
Alborear, vn. 1. to dawn; begin to grow light 
Albórga, sf sandal made of mat-weed (loose-shoe) 
Albornía, sf large glazed earthen jug, vessel 
Albornoz, sm. sort of coarse woollen stuff; cloak 
Alboronia.s/. dish of love-apples, pumpkins, &c. 
Alboroque, treat at the conclusion of a bargain 
Alborotadamente, ad. noisily; loudly; confusedly 
A borotádo. Alborotadizo, -a, a. turbulent; loud 
Alborotador, -a, ««/. disturber; violator of peace 

urd (plant) 
vhite colour 

15 ALC 

Alborotapueblos, tm. mover of sedition, of feasts 
Alborotar, va. 1. to disturb; excite tumults, not 
Alborotarse, vref. to come over; fling out 
Alboroto, sm. noise; tumult; riot; outcry; clatter 
Alborozador, -a, smf promoter of mirth, gaiety 
Alborozar, Jja. 1. to make merry, cheerful, joytul 
Alborozo, sm. joy; gaiety; cheertulness; mirth 
Albricias. s/. pi. reward for som •■ ""'-'' """-^^ 
Albudeca,.»/: pompion; pumpki 
Albufera, */. l.irge lake formed 
Albugíneo, -a, adj. albugineous; 
Albuginoso, -a, a. like the «bite ... ii.. cgs ^. >..- 
Albú albugo (disease in the eye) 
Albuhera, sf fresh-water lake (from the hills) 
Albúr,sín,dace(small river-fish), game at cards 
Albura, sf. whiteness; w hite colour; being while 
Alburéro, sm. player at the game Albures 
Albures, s;n. plur. game at cards; Albures 
Alcabala, sf excise; duty paid on saleable goods 
Alcabala del viento, tax on goods sold by chance 
Alcabalatório, svi. book of the rates of excise 
Alcabalero, sm. collector of excise; tax gatherer 
Alcabór, sín. flue, pipe, shaft of a chimney 
Alcabuz, sm. arquebuse; hand gun; fire-lock 
Alcacel, Alcacer, sm. green corn (not eared) 
Alcachofa, sf. artichoke; instrument to stop blood 
Alcachofado, -a, adj. resembling an artichoke 
Alcachofado, mi. dish of artichokes 
Alcachofal, sm. ground for rearing artichokes 
Alcachofera, sf artichoke (esculent plant) 
Alcahaz, sm. large bird cage (made of twigs, wire) 
Alcahazáda, s. shutting up of many birds in a cage 
Alcahazár, va. 1. to shut up birds in a large cage 
Alcahuete, -a, smf. procurer; pander; pimp 
Alcahuetear, Alcahuetar, ua. 1. to pander; pimp 
Alcahuetería, sf. obscenity; immoral practice 
Alcahuetillo, -a, smf dimin. little pander; pimp 
Alcahueten, Alcahuetázo, -a, sii,f. great pander 
Alcaiceria, sf. market-place for raw silk 
A I caico, -a, alcaie; of two dactylesand trochees 
Alcalde, sm. alcaid; judge; governor; jailer 
Alcaldesa, sf wife of an alcaid, governor, jailer 
Alcaidía, sf. office of alcaid, governor, jailer 
Alcaldada, s/. imprudent action of an alcaid, &c. 
Alcalde, sm. justice of the peace; judge; leader 
Alcalde de barrio. Sin. head-borough; constable 
Alcaldeár, vn. I. to assume the airof mock power 
Alcaldesa, sf. wife of a justice of the peace, &c. 
Alcaldía,?/', office, jurisdiction of an alcalde 
Alcalescéncia, .s/". alkalescence; alkalization 
Alcalescénte,adí. alkalescent; alkalizing 
Álcali, sm. alkali; fermentable substance 
Alcalino, alcalizado, -a, a. alkaline; of alkali 
Alcalizar, va. 1. to alkalizate; make alkaline 
Alcalización, sf alkalization; alkalizating 
Alcám, sm. coioquinteda; violent purgative 
Alcamonías, sf.plur. various kinds of aromatics 
Alcana, sf bazar; place for the saie of goods 
Alcance, overtaking; final payment; arm's length 
Alcance (no dar un, va. 1.) not to get sight of 
Alcances, sm. plur. profits; perquisites; gains 
Alcances (ir á los, vn. 3.) to be at one's heels 
Alcancía, sf. monev-box; cavalcade; stinkpot 
Alcanciazo, sm. blow with a money-box, or ball 
Alcándara, sf perch, roost of a trained falcon 
Alcandía, sf. millet; lurkev-millet (seed) 
Alcandial, sm- ground, field sown with millet 
Alcanfor, sm. camphire (resinous substance) 
Alcanforada, sf camphire-tree (sort oi willow) 
Alcanforado, -a, adj impregnated with camphire 
Alcántara, sf wooden cover for velvet webs 
Alcantarilla, sf small bridge; drain; sewer 
Alcantarillado, sm. subterraneous vault; arch 
Alcantarillo, -a, adj. barefooted; Franciscan 


Alcanzadizo, -a, adj. easily reached; within reach 
Alcanzadizo (hacerse, vref.) to affect ignorance 
Alcanzado, -a, cuij. necessitous; needy; wanting 
Alcanzadór, -a, mf. pursuer: chaser; overtaker 
Alcanzadura, sf. tumour in the heel of a horse 
Aloanzamiénto.ím. overtaking; balance of acct. 
Alcanzar, p. 1. tooveitake; pursue; reach; know 
Alcanzar, vn. to come in for a share; suffice 
Alcanzar en días, to survive; remain alive 
Alcanzarse, reí to hurt the pasterns in t ravelling 
Alcaparra, sf. Alcaparro, m. caper-bush; caper 
Alcaparrado, -a, adj. seasoned with capers 
Alcaparral, im. plantation of caper-bushes 
Alcaparrón, rm. augm. very large caper 
Alcaparrosa, tf. copperas; sulphate of iron 
Alcarahuéí a,»/, caraway; caraway-seed (plant) 
Alcaraván, sm. bittern (long legged bird) 
Alcaravanéro, sm. hawk that pursues the bittern 
Alcaravea, sf. caraway; caraway-seed (plant) 
Alcarceña, s/; bitter vetch (small kind of pea) 
Alcarceñal, sm. plantation of bitter vetcli, fitch 
Alcarracéro, -a, s maker, seller of earthen ware 
Alcarraza..?/, unjtlazed pitcher, jug to cool water 
Alcatifa, sj. sort of fine carpet; roof of a house 
Alcatraz, sm. pelican; sea-iish caught in India 
Alcaucil, sm wild artichoke (kind of thistle) 
Alcayata, sf. hooked nail; tenter; hook; crook 
Alcazar, «n. palace; castle; fort; quarter-deck 
Alcazuz, sm. licorice (root of sweet taste) 
Alee, sm. cut (of the cards after bemg shuffled) 
Alcedón, ». halcyon; king-fisher (species of bird) 
Alcino, sm. wild, small basil (odoriferous plant) 
Alción, sm halcyon; king-fisher; zoophyte 
Alcoba sf. alcove;recess;partforab(id inaroom 
Alcobilla, Alcobita, sf. dim. small alcove, recess 
Aleobéla, */. endive; succory; plaited frill; ruff 
Alcohol, ym. alcohol; high rectified spirit of wine 
Alcoholado, -a, adj. darker round the eyes 
Aleoholador, -a, smf. rectifier of spirits; dver 
Alcoholar, va. 1. to paint, dye with antimony 
Alcoholar, to rectify spirits; reduce to powder 
Alcoholera, sf. vessel for antimony, alcohol 
Alcoholizar, oa. 1. to alcoholize; rectify spirits 
Alcnholización, sf rectifying of spirits, &c. 
Alcor, i»n. rugged hill; neck; back-bone 
Alcorán, sm. alcoran; koran ( Mahometan Bible) 
Alcoranista, sm. expounder of the alcoran 
Alcornocal, »m. plantation of cork-trees 
Alcornoque, tm. cork-tree (glandiferous tree) 
Alcorza, sf sweetmeat-paste; piece of sweetmeat 
A Icorzár, to cover with a paste of sugar and starch 
Alcotán, sm. lanner(kind of hawk, bird of prey) 
Alcotana, sf. pick-axe: axe with a sharp point 
Alcotancillo, sm. small hawk; laneret (bird) 
Alcrebite, sm. sulphur; brimstone (mineral) 
Alcribís, sm blow-pipe at the back of a forge 
Alcrócd, sm. saffron; crocus (yellow flower) 
Alcubilla, js/t reservoir (of water); fish-pond 
Alcurnia, Alcúña, «/.extraction; descent; family 
Alcuza, sf. oil-bottle (sufficient for daily use) 
Alcuzáda,!/. oil-cruet (enough oil to fill a cruet) 
Alcuzázo.í/n. blow (given) with an oil-bottle 
Alcuzcuz, Alcuzeúzu, s. ballsof flour, honey, &c. 
Alcuzéro, -a, smf. maker, seller of oil-bottles 
Alcuzéro, -a, adj. belonging to an oil-bottle 
Alcuzón, tm. augm. large oil-bottle 
Aldaba, tf knocker; hammer (on the doori 
Aldaba (caballo de) steed, horse (fot state, war) 
Aldabada,^/, knock; (at a door) sudden fear 
Aldabazo, Aldabonázo,ím. violentknocking, rap 
Aldabear, rn. 1. to knock, rap (at a door) 
A Idabia, sf. horizontal beam laid on two walls 
Aldabilla,»/, dimin. small knocker, hammer 
A Idabón, tin. large knocker; trunk's iron-handle 

16 ALK 

Aldea, sf. small village; hamlet; large farm 
Aldeana, tf. villager; country-woman, girl, lass 
Aldean.aniénte, after the manner of villagers 
Aldeaniego, -a, adj. belong-ing to a village 
Aldeano, sm. villager; country-man; peasant 
.-Mdebaran, sm. aldebaran; bull's eye (fixed star) 
Aldehuéla, Aldeilla, sf. small village, hamlet 
Aldeorrio, sm. nasty village; uncivilized towu 
Aldiza, sf. (sort of/ small reed without knots 
Aldrán, sm. wine-seller to shepherds in pastures 
Aleación, sf. art of alloying metals; alloying 
Aleadór, sm. ailover; refiner; purifier 
Alear, ra. 1 to alloy; mix metals with alloy 
Alear, vn. to flutter; flap; movequickly; recover 
Alebrado, -a. hare-hearted; timorous; cowering 

Alebronarse, iTi/. to be discouraged, dispirited 
Aléce, sm. ragout (of the liver of the mulo, fish) 
Alechugado, -a, adj. curled, like a lettuce-leaf 
Alechugar, va. I. to curl, like a lettuce-leaf 
Alectória, */. stone in a cock's liver; aleetoria 
Aleda, sf. first wax; refuse of wax (in a bee-hive) 
Aledaño, sm. confine; boundary; limit; border 
Aledaño, -a, adj. adjacent; contiguous; bordering 
Alefanginas sf plur. purgative pills (of spices) 
Alefris, sm. mortise; hole cut in wood to fit a joint 
Alegación,*/ allegation; aflirmation; plea 
Alegar, ra. 1. to allege;affirm;quote;cite;plead 
Alegato, sm. affirmation; declaration; plea 
Alegoría, sf allegory; figurative discourse 
Alegóricamente, adv. allegorically; by figure 
Alegórico, -a, adj. allegorical; figurative 
Alegorista, í7n. explainer of allegories, figures 
Alegorizar, va. 1. to allegorize; form allegories 
Alegrado, -a, adj. delighted; pleased; rejoiced 
Alegrador, -a, ym./: rejoicer; jester; merry fellow 
Alegrar, va. I . to gladden ; make merry ; enliven 
Alegrar las luces, to snuff the candles, lights 
Alegrarse, vret. to rejoice; be merry, glad; exult 
Alegre, adj. merry; joyful; comical; gay; lucky 
Alegre (un ciél)»m. a beautifully clear sky 
Alegremente, oaf», merrily; joyfully; lightly 
Alegria. s/. joy; gaiety; mirth; pleasure; extasy 
Alegro, s. quick, gay, brisk tune, movement(mus.) 
Alegrón, sm. sudden, unexpected joy; flash 
Alejamiento, (. removal to a distance; separation 
Alejandrino, -a, adj. of six feet(poetical measure) 
Alejar, va 1. to remove to a distance; separate 
Alejijas, sf. plur. soup made of peeled barley 
Alelarse, vref 1. to become stupid, heavy, dull 
Aleli, sm wi'nter-gilliflower ^name of violets) 
Aleluya, sf. allelujah; praise God; shouts of joy 
Alema, sf. allotted quantity of water for a field 
Alemán, sm. German language, tongue, dialect 
Alemana, sf. ancient Spanish dance; slow music 
Alenguamiénto, sm. agreement for pasturage 
Alenguár.ü. 1. to make an agreement for pasture 
Alentada, sf. inter^-al between two breaths 
Alentadamente, adv. bravely; courageously 
Alentado, -a, adj. brave; courageous; valiant 
Alentador, -a, smf. encourager; cheerer; stirrer 
Alentar, DO 1. to animate; encourage; hearten 
Alentar, vn. to breathe; respire; draw breath 
Alepin.ijn. (sort of) bombasm (slight silken stufl) 
Alerce, lárch-trce (kind of leafless fir in winter) 
Alero, ». projecting of the roof; gable-end; eaves 
Aleros, sm. flur. snares (for partridges) 
I Alerta,»-, warning of danger;siiddenalarm; watch 
Alerta. Alertamente, adv. watchfuUj ; briskly 
Alerta (estúr, vaux. 1.) to be on the watch 
Alertar,», to make watchful; put on one'spuard 
.Alerto, -a, adj watcliful; vigilant; brisk; nimble 
Alesna, tf. awl; pricker; budkin; piercer (tool) 

ALE ' 

Alesnado, -a, sharp-pointed; formed like an awl 

Aleta, »■/: dimhi. small wing; fin of a fish 
Aletada, sf. motion, ttapping of the wings 
Aletargado, -a, adj. lethargic; morbidly drowsy 
Aletargarse, vref. 1. to fall into a lethargy 
Aletazo, sm. stroke of the wing, of the fin 
Aleteado, -a, adj. finned; furnished with fins 
Aletear, vn. 1. to flutter; flicker; flit; flap 
Aleteo, sin. fluttering; flickering; clapping 
Aleto sm 1 eruvian falcon (species of hawk) 
Aleton, sm. aui(m. large wing; broad fin 
Aletni .,/ vermicelli,' kind of paste like worms 
Aleudarse, rref. 1. ferment; become fermented 
Al¿ve, a.-i. faithless; treacherous; perfidious 
Alevosa, sf tumour under cows, horses' tongue 
Alevosamente, adv. faithlessly; perfidiously 
Alevosía, sf. faithlessness; perfidy; treachery 
Alevoso, -a, adj. faithless; perfidious; treacherous 
Alexifármaco, Alexitcrico, -a, adj. antidotal 
Alexijas, si. pi. soup made of peeled barley, &c. 
Alfábega, sf. sweet basil (odoriferous plant) 
Alfabéticamente, adv. alphabetically , , , ^ 
Alfabético, -a, adj. alphabetical; of the alphabet 
Alfabetista, sm. studier of the alphabet, letters 
Alfabeto, sm. alphabet; letters; horn-book 
Alfadia, sf- bribe; reward to pervert honesty 
Alfagia, sr. piece of wood to make w indows 
Alfahár, vii. 1. to raise the forehead too much 
Alfaharéro, sm. potter; maker of earthen-ware 
Alfahareria, sf. potter's trade; earthen-ware 
Alfajor, sm. paste made of almonds, walnuts, &c. 
Alfalfa, sf. Altalfe,m. lucerne; grass like clover 
Alfalfal, Alfalfar, sm. field sown with lucerne 
Alfana, sf. large, strong, spirited horse 
Alfanéque, sm. white eagle; tent;pavilion;booth 
Alfánge, sm. hanger; short broad-sword; cutlass 
Alfangéte, sm. dim. small hanger, broad-sword 
Alfanjazo, s?n. cut, wound with a broad-sword 
Alfanjón, sm. aug. large hanger, broad-sword 
Alfanjonázo,sm. cut with a large hanger, cutlass 
Alfaque, wi. sand-bank (on the sea-coast, &c.) 
Alfar, sm. pottery; earthen- ware manufactory 
Alfar, vn. 1. to raise the forehead too much 
Alfaráz, horse of the light cavalry of the Moors 
Alfarda, sf. duty for the irrigation of land 
Alfardéro, sm. collector of irrigation duties 
Alfardilla, sf. galloon (lace made of silk) 
Alfardón, sm. hoop; dutyfor the watering of land 
Alfarería, sf. potter's trade; earthen- ware 
Alfarero, sm. potter; maker of earthen-ware 
Alfárge, s. oil-mill's lower stone; carved ceiling 
Alfargia, st. piece of wood to make windows 
Alfárma, sf wild rue; herb of grace (plant) 
Alfayáte, sm. tailor; clothes, habit, dress-maker 
Alféizar, sm. inside aperture of a door, window 
Alfeñicarse, vref 1. to atTect peculiar nicety 
Alfeñique, sm. sugar-pasteof almonds; weakling 
Alferecía, sf. epilepsy; ensign's commission 
Alférez, sm. ensign; officer carrying the flag 
Alficóz, sm. serpent-cucumber (plant and fruit) 
Alfil, sm. bishop 'moveable piece at chess) 
Alfiler, sm. pin (sharp-pointed wire with a head) 
Alfileres, sm. pin-money (wife's yearly money) 
Alfilerazo, sm. prick of a pin; large pm 
Alfilete, Alfiletéte, sm. paste (of coarse flour) 
Alfiletero, sm. pin-case; case to keep pins 
Alfolí, sm. granary; store-house; magazine of salt 
Alfoliero, Alfolinero, sm. keeper of a granary 
Alfombra, sf floor-carpet; scarlet fever 
Alfombrar, va. I. to carpet; spread with carpets 
Alfombráza, sf. augm. very large carpet 
Alfombrero, -a, smf. maker, seller of carpets 
Alfombrilla, sj. small carpet; scarlet fever 
Alfóncigo, sm. pistachio; pistich-nut (dry fruit) 


Alfóndega, Alfóndiga, sf public granar; 
Alfonsearse, vref. I. to jest, joke with eachotaer 
Alfonsi, sm. sort of maravedí (Spanish coin) 
Alfónsigo, sm. pistachio; pistich-nut (dry fruit) 
Alfonsin, -o, -a, ad), of alphonso, of ildefonsus 
Alfonsina, alphonsine discussions (at alcalá) 
Alforja, sf. saddle-bag; portmanteau; wallet 
Alforjero, >m. maker of saddle-bags; lay-brother 
AlforjiUa, ita, uéla, sf. dim. small sadclle-bag 

„.s<.,.- ...--. ..^-, o ashed on the sand 

Algadonéra, sf. cudweed; cudwort (plant) 
Algaida, sf. sand-bank; ridge of shifting sand 
Algáido, -a, adj. thatched; covered with straw 
Alfaidas (casas), sf pi. thatched houses, cottages 
Algalaba sf. brvony; white bryony; wild hops 
Algalia, sf. civet (perfume from the civet-cat) 
Algaliar, va. 1. to scent, perfume with civet 
Algara, sf pellicle of an egg; marauding party 
Algarabía, s/. Arabic; gibberish; confused noise 
Algarabía, sf centaury (plant) 
Algarada, sf loud cry; sudden attack; catapult 
Alfarero, -a, acj. prating; chattering; babbling 
Alfarero sm horseman of a marauding party 
AÍ-'arnida, sf. driving of bulls in the pin-fold 
Algarroba, sf smooth tare (kind of pulse. 
Algarrobal, sm. plantation of carob-trees 
Algarrobera, sf Algarrobo, m. carob-tree 
Algazara, sf huzzah; yell; confused noise; cry 
Algebéna, sf earthen jug (large gibbous vessel) 
A'lgebra, sf algebra;puzzle;artof setting bones 
Algebrista,' sm. Algebraist; setter of bones 
Algecería, sf place where plaster of Pans is sold 
Algecero plasterer- moulder of plaster figures 
Al'énte, 'adj. extremelv cold, chill with cold 
Alg¿z, sm. crude plaster; plaster in Üie stone 
Al^ezón, sm. calcined plaster; plaster of Paris 
Al°ibe, sm. cistern; reservoir; enclosed fountain 
Algibé'ro, sm. (one) who takes care of a cistern 
Algimifrádo, -a, adj. dressed; prepared 
A'lgo, ?n. somewhat;something; aught; anything 
A'lgo, somewhat; in some degree; in a manner 
A'lgo, sin property; peculiar quality; faculty 
Algodón, s,n. cotton; cotton-tree; cotton-doNvn 
Algodonado, -a, adi. filled, stutfed with cotton 
Algodonal, sm field, plantation of cotton-trees 
Algodonero, -a, smf. dealer in cotton; cotton-tree 
Al-orin, sm partition in oil-mills for the olives 
Algoritmo, sm. algorism; science of numbers 
Algoso, -a, adj. weedy; full of sea-weeds, rushes 
Algrinál, sm. veil (worn by ladies, nuns, &c.) 
Alguacil, police-ofScer; bailiff ; market-clerk 
Alguacil de campo, sm. watchman of corn-fields 
Al^uaciláz-'O sm. place, office of police-officer 
Al^uann, store-room; pantry; flour-mill bucket 
Alguáza,'s . hinge; pivot; revolving joints 
A'l'-uien, pron. m. some body: some person 
Al<nin 1 "iémpo, adv. sometime; once; formerly 
AW'in tanto, sm. somewhat: something 
AKúno, -a, pron. mf some one; any person 
Alguna vez, a<iv. sometimes; now and then 
Alhábega, sf sweet basil (odoriferous plant) 
Alhadida, sf. saffron of burnt copper; copper 
Alhaja, sf showy furniture, ornament; jewel 
Alhajar, Alhagár, va. 1. to furnish ; adorn ; fitnp 
Alhaiuéla, sf little toy, bauble; trifle; play-thing 
Alharaél, sm. beast of burthen; porter; earner 
Alhandál, sm. coloquinteda; bitter apple (truit) 
Alharaca, sf. exclamation; cry; clamour; noise 
Alharaquiento, -a, adj. clamorous; noisy; loud 
Alhárgama, Alhánna. sf. wild me; herb of grace 
Alhelí sm winter-gilliflower (name of violets) 
Alhéñk, sf privet; privet-flower; blasting of corn 




Alheñar, va. 1. to dye with the powder of privet 
Alheñarse, vref. to grow sniutty; be mildewed 
Alhócigo, sm. pistachio; pistich-nut (dry fruit) 
Alhoja, sf. small bird resembling a lark 
Alholva, ^. femigreck (species of plant) 
Alhóndisa, sf. public granary (for the sale of com) 
Alhondiguéro, »m. keeper of a public granary 
Alhorma, tí. royal Moorish teni, pavilion 
Alhorre, cutaneous eruption in anew bom child 
Alhóstigo, sm. pistachio; pistich-nut (dry fruit) 
Alhóz, tm. limit, portion of land (in a district) 
Alhucema, sf. lavender (aromatic plant) 
Aliabierto, -a, ailj. with open, expanded wings 
Aliacán, sm. jaundice (disease of the liver) 
Aliacanado, -a, adj. jaundiced; with the jaundice 
Aliado, -a, 7nf. anda. ally;allied;united;leagued 
Aliaga, sf. furze; gorse; goss; whin; heath; fern 
Aliagár, tm. heath; place covered with furze 
Alianza, »/. alliance; league; union; aflflnity 
Aliara, sf. goblet, cup (made of cow's hom) 
Aliaría, sf. garlic (sort of strong tasted onion) 
Aliarse, vref. 1. to be allied, leagued, united 
A'lias, adv. (Lat.) otherwise; in another manner 
Alica, sf. dimin. small wing, pinion 
A'lica, /. pottage (made of spelt-wheat and pulse) 
Alicaído, -a, with fallen wings; weak; uncocki " 
Alicántara, */: small lizard (its bite is mortal) 
Alicante, sin. kind of poisonous snake 
Alicantina, .*/. stratagem; artifice; cunning 
Alicatado, sm. work inlaid with Dutch tiles 
Alicates, sm. plur. small pincers; nippers; plie 
Aliciente, sm. attraction, entfcement; hook 
Alieionár, va. 1. to teach; instmct; give a lesson 
Alicuanta, wlj. f (parte; aliquant; remainder 
Alicuutá, adj. f. (parte) part without remainder 
Alidada, í/. quadrant; cross-staff; transom 
/^lidúna, */. stone in the intestines of a swallow 
Alienar, va. 1. to alienate; make over; transport 
Aliénde, ad. on the other side ¡besides; moreov 
Aliento, sm. breath; respiration; spirit; smell 
Ali¿r, sm. rower ;on board a galley) marine 
Alifafe, sm. callous tumour behind a horse's hock 
Alifár, va. 1. to polish; burnish; make bright 
Alifara, sf. collation; light meal; luncheon 
Aligación, sf. alligation; tying, binding together 
Aligación (regla de) rule of alligation (arith.) 
Aligador, sm. alligator; large crocodile 
Aligamiénto, sm. tving, binding, joining together 
Aligar, va. 1. to tie; bind; unite; oblige; lie down 
Aligeramiento, sm. alleviation; softening 
Aligerar, va. 1. to lighten; alleviate, hasten 
Aligero, -a, adj. winged; having wings; quick 
Ali ador, ».{one)who lightens;cotton-seed.pieker 
Alijador ( lanchijn) sm. lighter (boat to unload) 
ca. 1. to lighten; unload; pick cotton-seed 
sm. uncultivated, low, stony ground 
ir, ru. 1. to divide waste-land, to cultivate 
!ro, sm. sharer of waste-land, to cultivate 
ego, -a, adj. of uncultivated, waste-land 
„_, tm. lightening, unloading of a ship 
I la, sf. dimití, small wing; fin (of a fish) 
Alimaña, sf. animal devouring game (as the fox) 
Alimentación, sf. alimentation; nourishment 
Alimentar, va. 1. to feed; nourish; maintain 
Alimentario, ista, tm. who has alife-maintenance 
Alimenticio, -a, a. alimental; nutritive; bracing 
Alimento, sm. aliment; nourishment; food 
Alimentos, plu. maintenance to heirs to property 
Alimentoso, -a, adj. nutritive; nourishing 
Alindado, -a, adj. affectedly nice, elegant 
Alindiir, va. 1. to limit; embellish; adom; deck 
Alindar el ganado, to pasture cattle to the limits 
Alinde, sm. mercury (prepared for mirrors) 
Alineación, if. lineation; laying by lines; level | 

Alinear, va. 1. to level; lay out by lines; square 
Alinearse, los soldados, vrt^. to fall in with 
Aliñador, a, imf. embellisher; decker; executor 
Aliñar, va. 1. to embellish; adom; cook; season 
Aliño, sm. dress; ornament; apparatus 
Alionin, sm. blue-feathered duck (water-fowl) 
Alióx, sm. marble (polishable stone) pillar; tomb 
Alípede, adj. with winged feet; swift-footed 
Aliquebrado, -a, adj. broken-winged, dejected 
Alisador, -a, polisher; tool to make wax-candles 
Alisadura, sf. planing; smoothing; polishing 
Alisaduras, sf. pi. shavings; cuttings (of wood) 
Alisar, va. 1. to plane; smooth ; polish; mangle 
Alisar, sm. Aliseda, /. plantation of elder-trees 
Alisma, sf. water-plantain (aquatic plant) 
Aliso, sm. alder (tree growing in humid places) 
Alistado, -a, adj. listed; enlisted; enrolled; striped 
Alistador, -a, smf. keeper of accounts; enroUer 
Alistar, va. 1. to enlist; enrol; register; prepare 
Aliteración, sf. alliteration; paronomasia 
Aliviador, -a, smf. (one'j who eases, lightens, helps 
Aliviar, fa. 1. to lighten; ease; relieve; hasten 
Alivio, sm. alleviation; ease; mitigation 
Aljaba, sf. quiver lease for arrows) 
Aljama, sf. assembly of Moors; synagogue 
Aljamia, Moorish name of the >panish language 
Aljarfa, sf. Aljárfe, tarred net with small meshes 
Aljecero, sm. plasterer; figure-modeller 
Aljez, sm. white lime in its crude state; plaster 
Aljezar, sin. pit of white lime, sulphate of lime 
Aljezon, sm. gj-psum; parget; plaster of Paris 
Aljibe, sm. cistern; recepucle of water; basin 
Aljibéro, sm. guarder, keeper of cisterns, basins 
Aljofaina, Aljafana, */. earthen jug, vessel 
Aljófar, sm. pearl ofanirregularform;dew-drop 
Aljofarado, -a, adj. in the form of a small drop 
Aljofarar, c. 1. todeckwithpearls;imiute pearls 
Aljofifa, sf mop (cloth to wash and clean floors) 
Aljofifar, va. 1. to mop; mb with a cloth, mop 
Aljonje, Í. bird-lime; gluy matter tto catch birds) 
Aljonjéra, sf low carline-thistle; hare's lettuce 
Aljonjolí, sm sesame; oily purging Indian com 
Aljor, sm. white lime in its crude state; plaster 
Aljúba, Moorish dress wom of old by Christians 
Allá, adv. there; in that place; in other times 
Allanador, sm. leveller; gold beaten-leaf paper 
Allanamiento, sm. level; levelling; affabiUty 
Allanar, va. 1. to level; remove ditñculties 
Allanar la casa, to force the house by warrant 
Allanar el camino, to pave the way to obtain, &c. 
Allanarse, vref. to abide by; acquiesce; go to min 
AUanz, sm. linen made at Allariz in Galicia 
Allegadizo, -a, adj. collected without choice 
Allegado, -a, a. proximate; united; conjoined 
Allegador, -a, mj. gatherer; collector; hoarderup 
Allegados, Í in. plur. friends; allies; favourers 
Allegamiento, sm. gathering; collecting; uniting 
Allegar, ua. 1. to gather; collect; draw near 
Allende, Allen, AUcnt, adv. on the other side 
AUi, adv. there; in that place; to that end, point 
Alii mismo, «dr. in that very place; exactly there 
AUi (de) adv. thence; from that place 
A'llo, sm. macaw ibird in the West Indies) 
Alloza, sf. green almond (nut of the almond-tree) 
Allozo, stn. wild almond-tree 
AUudél, sm, earthenware water-pipe, tube 
A'lma, sf. soul;vital spirit; mind; human being 
A'lma del negocio, main point of tlie business 
Alma de cántaro, ignorant insignificant fellow 
A'lma mia, mi A'lma! interj. my dear, my soul! 
A'lma y la vida, (con el) adv. with all my heart 
.V'lraa,(dar el. 1.) to expire, breathe the last 
Alma (hablar, al, v. I. \ to speak plainly, boldly 
A'lma me dá (el) proverb exp, my heart tells me 



l'. to store ■, deposite ; lay up ; hoard 
?i. warehouse-keeper 
mf. seller of goods in a warehouse 
lastich (eum);plantation; nursery 

1. to perfume with mastich 
mastich-tree; plants on a seed-bed 
-a, ail). (IÍ the nature of mastich 



Almagre, s 
All ■ " 

,, Aim 

H. quilted .-. , 

wooden shoes (worn by peasants) 
warehouse; magazine; storehouse 
, very large heavy hammer 
almagest , old book on astronomy) 
d ochre; ruddle; red earth, lead 
ice abounding in red ochre, leac 
to colour with ochre ; draw blood 
I ochre; ruddle; red earth, lead 


f Moc 

Almajára, sf. mastich (gum); seed-plot; 
Almaleque, sf. long robe 
Almanac, Almanaque, s 
Almanaques, (hacer, v. : 
Almanaquero, sitK make 
Almancebe, sm. fishmg- 
Almandina, sf. almandi 

's belt 






,ner a) to plant vines irregularly 
'. triangular poniard without edge 
t' town built on low marshy ground 
press ; closet ■. wooden case ; cupboard 

I. glass-wort (a plant) 

common clarv (a plant) 
sm. pluT. tools' to pick cotton- wool 
A.hnarráza, sf. glass-phial with holes 
Almártaga ¿rtega, artiga, sf. litharge; massicot 
Almástiga,' s/. mastich (gmn); seed-plot; nursery 
Almastigado, -a. ad), containing mastich 
Almatréro, sm. fisher with shad-fish-iiets 
Almatriche, sm. aqueduct to irrigate land 
Almazara, sf. oil-mill (engine to extract oil) 
Almazarero, sm. oil-miller; keeper of an oil-miU 
Almazarrón, sm. red ochre; ruddle; red earth 
Almazén, sm. storehouse; warehouse; magazine 
Alméa, star-headed water-plantain 
Almeár, sm. stack of hay, corn, &c. i: 
Almecina, sf. fruit -"-'-- ' — *'"" 

1 Almendrilla, s/. locksmith-file (of almond- shape) 
Almendro, ím. almond-tree (tree bearing nuts) 
Almendrillas, sf plur. almond-shaped ear-rings 
Almendrón-úco, green almond with downy husk 
Almenilla, sf small turret; fringe for dress 
Almete, sm. helmet; head-piece; helmed soldier 
Almez, Almezo, sm. lote-tree, Indian nettle-tree 
Almeza, sf. fruit of the lote, Indian nettle-tree 
Almíbar, simple sirup; juice boiled with sugar 
Almibarado, -a, adj. soft; endearing; efleramate 
\lmiijarar, vi. 1. to preserve fruit m boiled sugar 
Almicantaradas, "t sf. /.lur. almacanter; circle 
Alraicantarát, m.j drawn parallel to the horizon 
Jilmidon, m. starch (viscous matter made of flour) 
almidonado, -a, a. starched; stift'; precise; formal 
Almidonar, va. 1. to starch; stiffen with starch 
Almilla, x/. under waistcoat; military jacket 
Almiránta, sf. admiralship; admiral's lady 
Almirantizgo, sm. admiralty; admiralty-court 
Almirante, sm. admiral; commander of a fleet 
Almirante, (contra-) rear-admiral; fine shell 
Almirantia, sf. admiralship; rank of admiral 
Almirez, sm. brass-mortar (to pound materials) 
Almizclar, va. 1. to perfume, scent with musk 
Almizcle, s. niusk (perfume from an Indiangoat) 
Almizcleña, sf musk grape-hyacinth 
Almizcléíio, -a, adj. musky; smelling of musk 
Almizclera, sf. musk-rat (an animal) 
Alniizcléro'-á,íi. musky: smelling of musk;sweet 
Almiztéca, V- mastich '(gum); sort of cement 
A'lmo, -si,adj. cherishing; supporting; venerable 
Almocadén, (formerly) commander;now captain 
Almocafre, sm. gardener's hoe (garden-tool) 
Almocáti, sm. marrow; brain; understanding 
Almocatrácia, sf duty on broad-cloth, woollens 
Almocéda, s) ' ' 


. lote-ti 

ie, of the lotos 

Almodi, sn 
Almófar, s 



n. sal ammoniac (s. 

rn. hodge-podge; ga 
reclining part of ai 

rt of gum) 

abe.'l SI 

11 the fomi of a cushion 
rge cushion, bolster, ic. 

■ shell-fish) 

^ 3ned dress 

Almélga, sf. furrow' made with a plough as a guide 
Almena, sf. turret on the walls of old fortresses 
Almenado, sm. series of turrets round a rampart 
Almenado, -a, adj. in battle array; embattled 
Almenáge, rni. series of turrets round a rampart 
Almenar, va. 1. to fortify a rampart with turrets 
Almenara, sf. fire (in light-houses); channel 
Almendra, s. kernel;almond;diamond: silk-ball 
Almendrada, almond-milk; emulsion (for sleep) 
Almendrado, -a, adj. like an almond; kernelly 
Almendrado, sm. macaroone; sweet biscuit 
\lmendral, sm. plantation of almond-trees 
Almendrera, sf. Almendrero, m. almond-tree 
Almendrero, (Plato) tm. dish of almonds 
Almendrica, iUa.ita, sf. dimin. small almond 

Almohadilla, sf ; 
Almohadillado. - 
Almohadón,. «n. a 

Almohatre, AhiK.j..-.., .... 

Almohaza, s/. curry-comb (tool to curry horses) 
Almohazado, -a, a*, rubbed with a curry-comb 
Almohazadór, grcom; stable-boy currying horses 
Almohazar, i'. 1 . to currv ; rub with a curry-comb 
Almojába, sf smoked, dried tunny fish 
Almojábana, sf cheese and flour-cake; paste 
Almojarifadgo-azgo, S7n. excise duty on goods 
Almojarife, sm. collector; custom-house officer 
Almona, sf. soap-manufactory; shad-fishery 
Almóndiga, sf. forced meat-ball with eggs, &C. 
Almondiguilla, .v/. dim. small forced meat ball 
Almoneda, st auction; public sale 
Almonedear, va. 1. to sell by auction, public sale 
Almoradux, sm. sweetmarjoram (fragrant plant) 
Almóri, Almúri s. sweetmeat; cake; dainty bread 
Almoronia, s. dish of love-apples; pumpkins, &c. 
-Mmorránas, sf. pi. hemorrhoids; piles; emerods 
Almorréfa, sf mosaic tile floor, pavement 
Almorta, sf. blue, chickling vetch (plant) 
Almorzada, sf both hands together full of grain 
i Almorzado, -a, breakfasted ; taken one's first meal 
! Almorzadór, Si», breakfast case (with requisites) 
1. to breakfast; e 

It one's first meal 


Almotacén, tm. police-inspector of weights, &c. 
Almotacenazgo, sm. oflfice of inspector of weights 
Almotacenía, »/. duty to the market-clerk 
Almotazáf, Almutazáf, tm. weigher of wool 
Almozárabe, sm. Christian subordinate to Moors 
Almiid, sm. measure equal to the 1 2th of a bushel 
Almudada, V'- Held taking half a bushel of seed 
Almudéro, sm. officer of the standard-measures 
Almudi,; SIX bushels 
Almuérdago, sm. bird-lime (viscous substance) 
Almuerza, */ both hands together full of giain 
Almuerzo, sm. breakfast; cupboard; press 
Almutazáfe, sm. puliceinspector of weights, &c. 
Alnado, -a, smf. step son; step-daughter 
Aloária, s/. sort of vault, cellar, cave 
Alübadádo. -a, a bit by a wolf; having swellings 
Alobunadillo, -a, adj. somewhat like a wolf 
Alobunado, -a, adj. of the colour of a wolf 
Alocadamente, adv. inconsiderately ; rashly 
Alocado, -a, adj. crazy; foolish; acting rashly 
Alocución, sf. allocution; conversation 
Alodial, adj allodial; independent; not feudal 
Alodio, sm. possession independent of tenure 
Aloe, s. aloes (tree and perfume); medicinal juice 
Aloja,»/, hydromel; drink of honey and water 
Alojamiento, sm. lodging; place of residence 
Alojár,»a. 1. to lodge; let lodgings; take lod^'ers 
Alojarse, vref. to reside; take up one's lodgings 
Alojería, sf. place where hydromel is made, sold 
Alojero, sm. preparer, seller of hydromel; box 
Alomado, -a, adj. with a curved back like a pig 
Alomar, va. 1. to equilibrate the load of a horse 
Alomarse, rre/. to grow strong and vigorous 
Alón, tm. wing; bird stripped of its feathers 
Alón! íní.(French) come! let usgo! let us set off! 
Aloncillo, sm. little wing; small pinion 
Alondra, sf. lark (sweet singing bird) 
Alongar, va. I. todilate; expand; extend; impart 
Alopecia, sf. baldness of the head I from leprosy) 
Alopiado, -a, adj. opiate; composed of opium 
Aloque, iidj. of clear white wine; of red and whi 
Aloquin, sm. stone on which wax is bleached 
Alosa, sf shad, kind of sea-fish coming up rive 
AlOsma, sf. wormwood(plantof verybittertiiste) 
Alotár las anclas, va. 1 . to stow the' anchors 
Alóton, sm. fruit of the lotos, Indian nettle- tree 
Alpai^ata, sf. piece of shamois to smooth pottery 
Alpargata, sf. Alpargate, m. hempen shoe, sandal 
Alpargata (compañía de la) set of ragamuffins 
Alpargatado, -a, wearing hempen shoes, sandals 
Alpargatar, va. 1. to make hempen shoes, sandals 
Alpargatázn. sm blow with a hempen shoe, sandal 
Alpargatería, sf. hempen shoe-manufactory, shop 
Alpargatero, sm. manufacturer of hempen shoes 
Alpaigatilla,if dtm. small hempen sandal; cheat 
Alpechín, sm. water oozing from a heap of olives 
Alpicóz, sm. potato (esculent root) 
Alp ste, sm. canary-seed (seed of canary-grass) 
Alpiste (quedarse, vref 1.) to be disappointed 
Alpistela, era, sf. cake made of flour, honey, eggs 
Alpistéro, sm. sieve (for sifting canary-seed) 
Alquería, ff. house in a farm-yard for tillage-tools 
Alquérmes, sm. sweetmeat; celebrated mcdicin~ 
Alquérque, sm. place to lay the bruised olives 
Alquéz, sm. wine-measure containing 32 pints 
Alquicel, Alquicer, «m. Moorish dress like a cloak 
Alquifol, sm. black-lead; potter's ore 
Alquiladizo, -a, adj. that may be let, or hired 
Alquilador -a, mf. letter of coaches on hire;hirer 
Alquilamiento, »m letting on hire; hiring 
Alquilar, va. 1. toletout;hire;give, takcon hire 
Alquilarse, vreí. to engage one s self for wages 
Alquílate, s. duty on the sale of goods in Murcia) 
Alquiler, tm. money paid for the hire of; hire 

20 ALT 

Alquilón, -a, adj. that can be let, or hired 
Alquilona,»/. cliar-woman; day-woiking woman 
Alquimia, sf. alchymy;most sublime chemistry 
Alquimico, -a, adj. alchymical; of alchymy 
Alquimila, sf. lady's mantle (a plant) 
Alquimista, sm. alchyraist; pursuer of alchymy 
Alquinál, sm. woman's veil, or head-dress 
Alquitara, sf. alembick; vessel for distilling 
Alquitarar, va. 1. to distil ; draw by distilling 
Alquitira, sf. tragacanth (a gum plant) 
Alquitrán, sm. tar; liquid pitch; combustible 
Alquitrán (es un i sm. he is all fire and tow 
Alquitranado, stn. tarpauling; tarred-cloth 
Alquitranados (cabos) sin plur. tarred cordage 
Alquitranar, va. 1. to tar; pay the ship with tar 
Alrededor, adv. around; on every side 
Alrededores, sm. plur. environs; neighbourhood 
Alrota, sf very coarse sort of tow; refuse of hemp 
Alsine, sm. scorpion-grass; mouse-ear (plant) 
A Ita, sf. dance; fencing; roll of able soldiers 
Altabaque, sm. women's small work-basket 
Altabaquillo, sm. small bindweed (a plant) 
Altamente, adv. highly; in an eminent degree 
Altamía, sf plate made in the form of a cup 
Altamisa, sf mug-wort (a plant) 
Altanería, */. towering flight (of birds); crest 
Altanero, -a, adj. soaring; towering; haughty 
Altár.s. altar;communion-table; symbol of faith 
Altarero, sm. adorner of altars for great feasts 
Altarico,-iUo^-ito, sm. dimtn. little altar 
Altea, sf. marsh-mallow; common mallow 
Alterabilidad, »/. alterableness; mutability 
Alterable, adj. alterable; changeable; mutable 
Alteración, sf. alteration; strong emotion 
AUerádo, -a, adj. alterative; medicated; alterant 
Alterador, -a, sm/. (one) who alters, changes, &c. 
Alterante, adj. alterant; producing changes 
Alterar, va. 1. to alter; change; disturb: excite 
Alterativo, -a, adj. alterative; medicated 
Altercación, sf. Altercado, m. altercation; strife 
Altercador, -a,íni/ arguer; disputer; contender 
Altercar, va. 1. to debate; dispute; contend 
Alternación, sf. alternation; successive action 
Alternadamente, adv. alternatively; by turns 
Alternar, va. 1. perform by turns; change in turn 
Alternativa, sf. alternative; option; choice 
Alternativamente, adv. alternatively; by turns 
Alternativo, -a, adj. alternate; reciprocal 
Alterno, -&,adj. alternate; reciprocal; by turns 
Alterréina, sf. sweet milfoil (medicinal plant) 
Alteza, i/. height; elevation; highness (title) 
Altibajo, SOT. thrust (in fencing}; flowered velvet 
Altibiijos.p/. vicissitudes; upsand downs in life 
Altillo, -a, adj. dim. alittlehigh;somewhathigh 
AltiLo, sm. aimin hillock; little hill, height 
Altiloqiiéncia, sf. lofty, pompous language 
Altiioqiiénte, adj. using lofty, pompous language 
Aitilóqüo, -a, ajlj. high sounding; pompous 
Altimetria, sf. altimetry; mensuiation of heights 
Altímetro, -a, a. of altimetry;measuring heights 
Altísimo, -a, adj. highest; h"ighmost;most high 
Altísimo, s. the most high; God; supreme being 
Altisonante, Altísono, -a, adj. high in sound 
Altitonante, adj. (poet.) thundering; fulminant 
Altitud, sf. height; summit; altitude; dignity 
Altivamente, adv. highly; in a haughty manner 
Altivarse, t>re/. I, to be arrogant and haughty 
AUivéz, tf. haughtiness; arrogance; pride 
Altivo, -a, o. haughty;proud;high-minded;lofty 
A'lto,-a,a. high;elevated;tall;arduous;eminent 
A'lto, sm. height; story; high land; halt; treble 
A Ito! ahí! t'ni, stop there! A'lto deaqui! move off! 
A'lto ,de \o)adv. exf. from above; from heaven 
A'lto (por) adv. by stealtli; by particular favour 

y I 

lurse: fostermother; fosterer 

Altramuz, sm'. lui>me'(kind of pulse) Ai 

Altramuces, voting black ballsmixedwith^vory Ai 

AUúíaírand"e)high''degrPe of dignitf, favour I Ai 
AUúras,Cl>io!.de las) God, theLordof the heavens 
A uár, tomar por la lúa, en. 1 . te bring by the lee 
Alubia. sA French bean; kidney-bean (pulse) 
Alucinación, sf. Alucinaraiénto, m. oversight 
Alucinar, m. 1. to doeeive; blind; lead into error 
Aluda, sf. winged emmet, pismire, ant 
Aludél sm. aludel ; subliming pot ( 1 or chemistry ) 
Aludir, vn. 3. to allude; have some reierence to 
Aluéne adv. at a great distance; far off 
Alufrár va 1. to discover; descrv; perceive 
Alumbrado, -a, a. aluminous; flustered mthwme 
Alumbrado, sm. illumination; testal lights 
Alumbrador, -a, mf. (.one) v.ho lights gives sight 
Alumbramiento, «n. illumination; illusion 
Alumbrar, va. 1. to light; give sight; instriict 
Alumbrarse, vr,-f. to be intoxicated inebriated 
Alumbre, sm. alum (mineral salt of acid taste; 
Alumbre catino, alkali from the glass- wort-plant 
Alumbre de rasuras, sait of tartar 
Alumbrera, sf. alum-mine; mine of alum 
Alumbrera artificial, sf. alum-works 
Alúmina,»/, pure clay; basis of alum 
Al uminado, -a, adj. of alum ; mixed with alum 
Alurainóso, -a, a. aluminous; consisting of alum ; 
Alumno, -a,í>n/. foster-child; nurse-child; pupil 
Alunado, -a, adj. lunatic; spasmodic; tainted | 
Aluquéte, sm. match; touchwood; spunk i 

Alusión, sf. allusion; hint; implication 
Alusivo -a. a. allusive; hinting at; referring to I 
Alukrár, v.i. 1. to give lustre to; make to shine i 
Aluvión,»/, alluvion; inundation; accretion 
Alveario, sm. inward cavity of the ear 
A'lveo, sm. bed of a river; source of a river 
Alveolo, sm. socket of a tooth; cell (of bees) 
Alverja. Alverjana, «« common vetch; tare plant 
Alvidriár, va. 1. to glaze (earthen- ware >; gloss 
Alvino, -a, adj. of the bowels; griping; writhing 
A'lza,s/ advance in the price of ; hard struggle 
Alzacuello, sm. clprgyman's black collar 
Alzada,»/ town, village (on an emmence): appeal 
Alzadas (juez dv) sm. judie in .ippeal-causes 
Alzadamente, adr. wholesale; by large parcels 
Alzado, i/n. planof thefront, height otabuildmg 
Alzado, -a, a. fraudulent (applied to bankrupt) 
Alzados, sm. plur. spare-stores; things laid by 
Alzadura, »/■ elevation; raising up: height 
Alzamiento, sm. lifting; raising up; outbidding 
Alzapaño, sm. hook (to fasten a curtain) 
Alzaprima, sf. lever (mechanical power) 
Alzaprima (dar.) to deceive, ruin by artifice 
Alzapiimár, va. 1. to raise by means of a .ever 
Alzapuertas, sm. player, of dumb servants only 
Alzar ra I t» raise; erect; recall; hide; gather 
Alzá/cabéza, to recover fromaealamily, disease 
Alzar de codo, el codo, to drink much_ 

ma de leche,»/. 
I Amabilidad, sf. amaDuiiv; iuvci...c:.= 
«y. amiable; lovely; pleasing 
.mableraénte, ad» amiably; pleasmgly 
Amacena, tf. damson; damascene; (small plum) 
Amacollarse, vre.f. 1. to throw out shoots, stalks 
Amador, -a, smf' lover; sweetheart; wooer 
Amadriáda, sf. hamadryad; wood-nymph 
Amadrigarse, vref 1. to burrow; live retired 
Amadrinar, va. 1. to yoke together; join; unite 
Araadroñíido, -a, adj. resembling strawberries 
Amaestrado, -a,n taught; instructed; brought up 
Amaestrado (cabálloj horse fully broken in 
Amaestrar, va. 1. to teach, instruct; break in 
Amagar, va. 1. to threaten with uplifted hand 
Amagar, to have some symptoms of (a disease, 
Amagar, to express a wish to say, do something 
Amagarse, vref. to crouch; stoop low ; bend; fawn 
Amago, sm. threat; indication; squeamishness 
Amainar, va- 1. to damp; relax; lower the sails 
Amaitinar, va. 1. to observe, watch attentively 
Amajadar, va. 1. to fold; shut sheep in the fold 
Amajadar, «. to retire for shelter m a sheep-told 
Amalgama, sf. 

Amamblucéa, sf. 

impound mixture (of metals) 
inite metals with quicksilv cr 

. _.,.-t of cotton-stuff 
,, adj. attached; devoted to excess 
Amancebamiento, concubinage; immoral union 
Amancebarse, vref 1. to live in concubinage 
Amancillar, va. 1. to stain; detile; injure 
Amanecer, vn. 2. to dawn; arrive at break of day 
Amanecer, to begin to appear; to show itself 
Amanecer (al) at the break of day; at the dawn 
Amanerado, -a, (painted) in one unvaried manner 
Amanojar, ra. 1. to gather, pick by handfuls 
Amansador, -a, smf tamer; mitigator; pacifier 
Amansamiento, sm. taming; tameness 
Amansar, va 1. lo tame; domesticate; .soften 
Amantar, va. 1. to cover with a blanket 
Amante, smf. and adj. lover; sweetheart; loving 

■ ^ — •---* '■•• -toutly 




Alzar de obra. 
Alzar de eras, t 
Alzar Figura, t 
Alzar el dedo. 
Alzar la casa, t 
Alzar velas, to 
Alzarse, vref. t 

e working; leave off work 

Amáños,s?n plúr. tools; implements; intrigues 
Amapola, »/. poppy (soporiferous plant i 
Amapola morada, sf. corn-poppy ; corn-rose 
Amar, va. 1. to love; like; fancy; be fond of 
Araaracino (Ungüento: sm- marjoram-ointment 
Amaraco, sm. sweet marjoram (fragrant plant) 
Amaranto, sm. amaranth; love-flower (plant) 
Amargado, -a, adj. embittered; made bitter 
Amargaleja, »/ bitter, wild plum i fruit) 
Amargamente, adv. bitterly; sharply ; painfu ly 
Amargar, va. 1. to imbitter; make bitter; oflend 
Amargar, vn. to be bitter, of a hot biting taste 
Amargo, a. a<lj. bitter; of a biting taste; painful 
Amargo, bitterness, swe' ^~^^- 

Amargón, sm. dandelion 

aise the forefinger 
uit the h^ 

It of i( 

off; decamp 
e in rebellion; rebel; oppose 
-1 -takean erect posture; appeal 
Alzarle,' to make a fraudulent bankruptcy 
Alzarse'con el dinero, to run away with the money 
Alzarse á mavores, to be petulant, peevish 
Alzarse con also, to appn.priate to one's self 
A 'ma, sf. mistress of the house; housewife 
A'ma de Haves, de gobierno, sf. house-keeper 

Amaróos sm. pi. bitters (made of bitter herbs) 
Amargosamente, arft>. bitterly; painfully 
Amargoso, a, bitter; of a hot hitmg taste : paintul 
Amarguillo, -a, adi. and ». .somewhat bitter 
Amarsúra, */. bitterness; acerbity; sorrow 
Amaricado, -a, a. effeminate; womanish; tender 
Amarillazo, -a, adj. of a pale yellow colour 
Amarillear, vn. 1. to incline to yellow 
\marillejo, -a. a. dim. yellowish; a little yellow 
Amarillento, -a, adj. inclining to yellow ; golden 

AMA < 

Amarillez, tm. yellow colour of the body 
Amarillito, -a. a. dim. yellowish; a little yellow 
Amarillo, -a, yellow; gold-colour; amber-colour 
Amarillo, »m. jaundice (disease of silk-worms) 
Amariposádo, -a, adj. papilionaceous (of flowers) 
Amaro, rm. common clary (plant) 
Amarra, si. cable; raartingal; ititer. belay! (naut.) 
Amarras (tener buenas) to have powerful friends 
Amarradero, stn. post; stake; safe mooring-place 
Amarrar, ra. 1. to tie; fasten; make fast; moor 
Amarrazónes, sm. plur. ground-tackle (naut.) 
Amarrido, -a, adj. dejected;melancholy; gloomy 
Amartelar, va. 1. to court; woo; love;dole upon 
Amartillar, ». 1. to hammer; cock (a gun) 
Aniasadc-ra, «/. kneading-trough (baker's trough) 
Amasadijo, sm. kneaded flour; kneading; medley 
Amasador, -a, stnf. who kneads dough into bread 
Amasadura, sf. kneading; working dough 
Amasamiento, sm. uniting, joining together 
Amasar, va. 1. to knead; mould; arrange matters 
Amasijo, sm. kneaded flour: kneading; medley 
Amatista, »/. amethyst (precious stone) 
Amatorio, -a, adj. amatory; of love; amorous 
Amaúris, sm. kind of Indian linen 
Amayorazgado, -ai, adj. entailed; lineally settled 
Amazona, */ Amazon; warlike woman; virago 
Amazorcado, -a, adj. edged with various colours 
Ambages, sm. plur. ambages; circumlocution 
Ambagióso, -a, adj. full of ambiguities; doubtful 
Ambár, sm. amber (yellow gummy substance) 
A'rabara, »/. amber-fish (large fish in the Atlantic) 
Ambarar, va. 1. to amber; perfume with amber 
Ambariba, sf. sweet centaury; sultan flower 
Ambarilla, sf. amber-seed; musk-seed (plant) 
Ambarino, -a, adj. amber; consisting of amber 
Ambición, sf. ambition; great desire; emulation 
Ambicionar, va. 1. to desire, seek, covet eagerly 
Ambiciosamente, adv. ambitiously; highly 
Ambicioso. -a, a. ambitious; high-minded; greedy 
Ambidéstro, -a, a. ambidextrous; double-dealing 
Ambiente, adj. ambient; surrounding 
Ambiente, «n. ambient, surrounding air 
Ambigú, sm. medley of cold and hot dishes 
Ambiguamente, adv. ambiguously; doubtfully 
Ambigüedad, sf. ambiguity; double meaning 
Ambiguo, -a, a. ambiguous; doubtful; equivocal 
A'mbito, sm. ambit; circuit; circumference 
Amblar, vn. I. to amble; pace;move, walk easily 
Ambleo, s. short, thick w ax-candle with one wick 
Arabliopia, sf. amblyopy (disease of the eyes) 
A'mbos, -as, prori. wf. both; the two 
Ambracán, sm. sea-fish of an enormous size 
Ambrollar, va. 1. to embroil; confound; perplex 
Ambrosia, ^f. ambrosia; exquisite food; dainty 
Ainbrúsia campestre, sf. buckthorn i tree) 
Ambrosiano, -a, adj. of St Ambrose; ambrosian 
Ambulante, adj. ambulatorj-; fickle; wavering 
Ambulativo, -a, o. roving; strolling; wandering 
Amebóo, -a, adj. spoken in verse; versified 
Amedrentador, -a, smf. threatener; discourager 
Amedrentar, va. 1. to frighten; deter; discourage 
Amelga, tf. ridge between two furrows 
Amelgado, sm. little hillock to limit a field 
Amelgar, va. 1. to furrow; mark boundaries 
Amelo, rm. golden star-wort (plant) 
Amelonado, -a, adj. formed, shaped like a melon 
Amén, sm. so be it; so it is { Hebrew word; 
Amén (voto de) prov. exp. partial vote 
Amenaza, sf. threat; menace; menacing 
Amenazador, .tL,smf. threatener; menacer 
Amenazante, adj. minatory; full of threats 
Amenazar, ra. 1. to threaten; menace 
Amenes, Amiénes, rm. pi. amiens (sort of stufll 
Amenguar, ra. 1. to diminisb;decrease-,defamc 

i AMO 

Amenidad, sf. amenity; pleasantness; elegance 
Amenizar, va. 1. to render pleasant, agreeable 
Ameno, -a, adj. pleasant; delightful; elegant 
Amenté, ad), mad; raving; frantic; hare-brained 
Améos, sm. royal cumin; bishopweed (plant) 
Amerar, ca. 1. to mix (wine, &c.) with water 
Amerarse, rref. to soak, enter gradually into 
Amercendearse, vref. I. to pity; commiserate 
Ametalado, -a, adj. having the colour of brass 
Ametista, sf. Ametisto, m. amethyst (jewel) 
Ami, sm. royal cumin; bishopweed (plant) 
Amianta, tf. amianto, m. asbestos (fossil stone) 
Amicisimo, -a, a. most friendly ; intimate, kind 
Amiento, sm. thong of ahelmet putunder the chin 
Amiga, */; girls school ; lawful wife without rights 
Amigable, adj. friendly; amicable; fit; suitable 
Amigablemente, ad. in a friendly way; amicably 
Amigo, -a, tmf. friend; companion; sweetheart 
Amigo, -a, adj. friendly; kind; favourable 
Amigóte, sm. au^m. great friend, intimate 
Amiguillo, -a, smf. dim. little friend (contempt) 
Amilanamiénto, sm. want of courage; timidity 
Amilanar, va. 1. to frighten; terrify; craven 
Amilanarse, vref. to grow dispirited, dejected 
Amillaramiénto, rm. assessment of a tax 
Amillarar, va. 1. to assess a tax; impose a duty 
Amillonado, -a, a. liable to pay tax on wine. &c. 
Amimár, va. 1. to wheedle; flatter; coax; fondle 
Amisiád, sf. amity; friendship; kindness 
Amistar, va. 1. to reconcile; restore to favour 
Amistosamente, adv. in a friendly manner 
Amistoso, -a, adj. friendly; amicable; cordial 
Aimto, sm. amice (first part of a priest's habit) 
Amnistía, sf. amnesty; royal act of oblivion 
A'mo, sm. master (ofaho'use:;proprietor;owner 
A'mo de casa, sm. householder; master of a family 
Amoblar, ra. I. to furnish; fit up with furniture 
Amodita, sf. cerastes (serpent with four horns) 
Amodorrado, ido, -a, a. heavy with sleep; sleepy 
Amodorrarse, vrf. to be drowsy, heavy with sleep 
Amogotádo, -a, a. steep with a flat top (hills) 
Amohecerse, vref. 2. to grow mouldy, musty 
Amohinar.t). 1. to put out of humour; vex; plague 
Amojamado, dry and clean like a smoked tunny 
Amojonador, rtn. setter of limits, landmarks 
Amojonamiento, tm. setting of landmarks 
Amojonar, va. 1. to set landmarks, boundaries 
Amoladera, sf. whetstone; grindstone 
Amolador, sm. grinder; whetter; unskilful artist 
Amoladura, sf. whetting; grinding; sharpening 
Amolar, v. I. to whet;grind;sharpen(edgedtools) 
Amoldador, sm. moulder; one who moulds, fits 
Amoldar, Pa. 1. tomould;fashion; figure; adjust 
Amoldar, las agujas, to polish, finish needles 
AmoUadór, -a, smf. who lets an inferior card w in 
Amollar, va. 1. to let an inferior card win 
Amolletádo, a, adj. shaped like a loaf of bread 
Amómo, stn. grain of paradise (Armenian shrub) 
Amondongado, -a, a. sallow;ccarse-featured 
Amonedar, va. i. to coin; stamp metals for money 
Amonestación, if. advice; warning: admonition 
Amonestaciones, sf. plur. bans of marriage 
Amonestadór, -a, smf. admonisher; monitor 
Amonestar, ra. 1. to admonish; ad vise ; correct 
Amonestar, to publish bans of marriage 
Amoniaco, sm. ammoniac (a gum, a salt) 
Amontarse, vref. I. to fly, take to the mountains 
Amontonadór, -a, smf. accumulator; beaper 
Amontonamiento, ttn. accumulating; gathering 
Amontonar, ra. to heap togetber;gather; lay up 
.Amontonar, to group a crowd of figures in a pict. 
Amontonarse, vref. to fly into a passion 
Amor, sm. love; aflection; tenderness; passion 
Amor próprio, sm. self-love; conceitednes« 

AMO < 

Amor miol or, mis Amores! interj. my love! 
Amor mió, or, mis amores, sea-daffodil (plant) 
Amor de hortelano, sm. goose-grass; cleaveís 
Amor de la lumbre íal) close, near to the fire 
Amor de dios (por) for God's sake, the love of God 
Amores, tin. plur. amours; intrigue; gallantry 
Amores, (de mil) adv. exp. with all my heart 
Amoratado, -a, adj. livid; of a mulberry-colour 
Amorcillo, sm. vimin. slight love; kindness 
Amores, or Amores mil, sm. red valerian (herb) 
Amorgádo, -a, adj. stupified with eating olives 
Amoricones, sm. pi. looks, &c., expressive of love 
Amorio, sm. friendship, being enamoured of 
Amoriscado, -a, adj. like, reserabing the Moors 
Amormiido, -a, adj. having the glanders (horses) 
Amorosamente, udi\ lovingly; artectionately 
Amoroso, -a, adj. loving; aflectionate; pleasing 
Amorrar, vn. 1. to hold down the head; be silent 
Amortajar, va. 1 to shroud; dress for the grave 
Amortecerse, vref. 2. to faint; be in a swoon 
Amortecimiento, sin. swoon; fainting fit 
Amortiguación, sf. ? mortification; gangrene; 
Amortiguamiento, m. J corruption of vital parts 
Amortiguar, va. 1. mortify; soften (colours) 
Amortización, sf. mortmain; unalienable land 
Amortizar, va. 1. to entail; render unalienable 
A mos, as, pron. mf. both; the two 
Amoscar, va. 1. to flap; beat with a flap (flies) 
Amoscarse, vref. to shake off the flies;be angry 
Amosquiládo, -a, a. tormented with flies (cattle) 
Amostachado, -a. adj. wearing whiskers 
Amostazar, va. 1. toprovoke; exasperate; enrage 
Amostazarse, vref. to fly into a violent passion 
Amotinadamente, adv. mutinously; seditiously 
Amotinado, -a, a. mutinous; seditious; turbulent 
Amotinadór, -ai,smf. mutineer; mover of sedition 
Amotinamiento, sm. insurrection; sedition 
Amotinar, va. 1. to excite rebellion; pertúrbate 
Amotinarse, vref. to mutiny; rebel; revolt 
Amover, va. 2. to depose; divest; remove 
Amovible, ad), removable; that can be moved 
Ampara, sf. distress; seizure of moveable goods 
Amparador, -a, srnf. protector; favourer; helper 
Amparar, va. 1. to protect: shelter; favour;help 
Amparar, to sequestrate; make a seizure 
Amparar, en la posesión, to keep in possession 
Ampararse, vref. to enjoy, claim protection 
Amparo, .on. protection;'favour; help; shelter 
Ampelita. .s/cannelcoal (a fine kind of coal) 
Amplaménte, adv. amply; largely; copiously 
Ampliación, sf. enlargement: exaggeration 
Ampliador, -a, smf. amplifier; enlarger 
Ampliamente, adv. amply; largely; copiously 
Ampliar, va. 1. to amplify; enlarge; exaggerate 
Ampliativo, -a, adj. amplifjing; enlarging 
Amplificación, sf. amplification; extension 
Amplificador, -a, «n/. amplifier; expatiator 
Amplificar, va. 1. to amplify; enlarge; extend 
Amplio, -a, a. ample; dilated; extensive; large 
Amplitud,/, amplitude ; horizontal ; extent ; width 
A'mplo, -a, a. ample; diffuse; full; capacious 
A'mpo de la nieve, whiteness (comparative exp.) 
A'mpo de la nieve (blanco como el) white as snow 
Ampolla, »/. blister; phial; cruet; small bubble 
AmpolUr, va. 1. to blister; raise blisters;hollow 
Ampollarse, vref. to rise in blisters (bv the wind) 
Ampollar, adj. like, resembling a blister 
Ampolleta, sf. dimin. small phial; hour-glass 
Amprár, f . 1 . to borro w ; ask the use of (something) 
Amputación, .5/. amputation; cutting off 
Amputar, ra. 1. to amputate; cut ofF(alimb,&c.) 
Amuchachado, -a, a. boyish; childish; trifling 
Amuchiguár, va. 1. to augment; multiply 
Amueblar, va. 1. to furnish ahouse; fit up; fill 

i ANA 

Amugamiento, tm. setting of land-marks 
Amugronadór, -a. sm.f. who trains vine shoots 
Amugronar, v. 1. to propagate by layers (of vhie) 
Amularse, rref. 1. to become steril (mares) 
Amulatado, -a, a. of a tawny, dusky complexion 
Amuleto, sm. amulet; charm; talisman; spell 
Amunicionar, ti. 1. to supply with ammunition 
Amura, sf. tack of a sail; word of command 
Amura á babor, aboard larboard-tacks 
Amura á estribor, aboard starboard-tacks 
Amura (cambiar la) to stand on the other tack 
Amuradas, sf. plur. spirketing; spirket-rising 
Amurár, ra. 1, to haul the tack aboard (naut.) 
Amurcar, j;. 1 . to strike with the horns (a bull, &e. ) 
Amurco, s. blow, stroke with the horns (bull, &c. ) 
Amurillar, va. 1. to earth up; cover with earth 
Amusgar, va. 1. throw back the ears (in wincing) 
Amusgar las orejas, to listen; contract one's eyes 
A'na, ell; kind of fox in India; equal parts (med.) 
Anabatista, Anabaptista, sm. anabaptist 
Anacalifa, sm. poisonous animal of Madagascar 
Anacálo, -a, smf. baker's servant, helper 
Anacarado, -a, adj. of a pearly-white colour 
Anacardél, sm. kind of serpent of Madagascar 
Anacardina, sf. sweetmeat of cashew-nut 
Anacárdio, sm. cashew-tree (Indian plant) 
Anacatártico, -a, sm. and adj. anacathartic 
Anacoreta, sm. anachorite; recluse;hermit 
Anacorático, -a, adj. solitary; like a hermit 
Anacósta, sf sort of woollen stuff 
Anacreóntico, -a, a. anacreontic; of anacreon 
Anacronismo, sm. error in computing time 
A'nade, smf. duck (waterfowl wild and tame) 
Anadear, tn. 1. to waddle; walk like a duck 
Anadéja, sf. dimin. duckling; young duck 
Anadino, sm. young duck; duckling 
Anadón, sm. mallard; the drake of the wild duck 
Anadoncillo, sm. dimin. grown duckling 
Anafáya, sf. sort of cloth, stuff, &c. 
Anafe, sm. portable furnace, stove; brasier 
Anáfora, sf. repetition of the same word 1 figure) 
Anagálide, sf. pimpernel; bumet (a plant) 
Anagiris, sf. stinking bean-trefoil (plant) 
Anáglifo, sm. vase adorned with basso relievo 
Anagoge, sm. mystic sense of the holy scriptures 
Anagógia, sf. elevation of the soul to heaven 
Anagogicaménte, adv. in a mystical sense 
Anagógico, -a, aí</. mystical; emblematical 
Anagrama, sf. anagram; transposition of letters 
Anagramatizadór, sm. maker, writer of anagrams 
Analéctico, Analéptico, -a, adj. restorative 
Analectos, sm. pi. chosen fragments of authors 
Analépsia, ^. recovery; restoration (of health) 
Anales, sm. pi. annals; histories; chronicles 
Análisis, sf. solution into the first elements 
Analista, sm. annalist; writer of annals; event 
Analiticaménte, adv. in an analytical manner 
Analítico, -a, adj. analytical; soluble; reducible 
Analizador, sm. analyzer; resolver; chymist 
Analizar, va. 1. to analyze; decompose; resolve 
Análogamente, adv. in an analogous manner 
Analogia, sf. analog}'; relation; proportion 
Analógicamente, adv. analogically; by analogy 
Analógico, Análogo, -a, a. analogical; similar 
Analogismo, sm. argument on cause and effect 
Anana, sm. ananas; pine-apple (Indian plantl 
Anapelo, sm. great yellow wolfs bane; aconite 
Anapesto, s. foot of two short and one long (poet. ) 
Anaplerótico, -a, adj- generating flesh 
Anaquel, sm. shelf; board (in book-cases, &c.) 
Anaranjeár, va. to pelt, strike with oranges 
Anaranjado, -a, adj. orange-coloured; yellow 
Anarquía, sf. anarchy; state without head 
Anárquico, -a, anarchic; confused; without head 

4 ANE 

Andado, -a, a. beaten; much frequented; wom 
Andador, -a, mif. pood walker; court messenger 
Andador, in. fine sailer; swift-sailins vessel 
Andador, m. inferior minister of justice 
Andador, m. alley; small walk m a garden 
Andadores, sm. plur. leadmg-strings 
Andadura, tf. gait; walking; pacing; amble 
Andália, sf. sandal; loose shoe; slipper 
Andamio, ». scaffold; platform; gait; gang-board 
Andana, tf. row ; rank; line; tier; file; succession 
Andana de rizos, the reefs in the sails of ships 
Andanada, tf. broadside; volley of shot, reproof 
Andaniño, tm. ¡kind of) go-cart for children 
Andante, sm. moderate movement (in music) 
Andantésco, -a, adj. of knighthood 
Andanza, tf. occurrence; event; incident 
Andar, vn. 1. to fro; walk; proceed; move; elapse 
Andar á cuerpo, to go out without cloak, surtout 
Andar por decir, hacer, to be determined to say, do 
Andar en carnes, to go stark naked 
Andar á caza de gangas, to waste one's time 
Andar de zeca en meca, to be roving, rambling 
Andar en dares y tomares, to deal in ifs and ands 
Andar á trompis, to box; fight with the fist 
Andar en buena vela, to keep the sails full 
Andar (á mejor) adv. exp. at best; at most 
Andar (á peor) adv. exp. at the worst 
Andar, (á mas) in full speed; with haste 
Andar! inletj. well, never mind! no matter! 
Andará^, sm. wheel of a well to draw the water 
Andariego, -a, adj. restless; of a roving turn 
Andarín, tm. fast, quick, nimble walker 
Andarines, sm. plur. Italian paste ( usi'd for soup) 
Andarjo, sm. white wagtail (small bird) 
Andas, sf pi. frame (to carrj- on a person, bier) 
Andátis, sf. sort of stuff manufactured in China 
Andén, sm. shelf; bnard .'in book-cases, &c.) 
Andero, sm. bier-shafts-carrier on his shoulders 
Andilú, tm. (shoe-maker's; burnishing stick 
Ándito, sm. gallery round a building 
Andóla, sf. unmeaning jocular expletive 
Andolina, Andorina, sf. swallow, tub-fish 
Andorga, (llenar la ». 1.) to fill up the belly 
Andorrear, va. 1. to gad; rove; ramble about 
Andorrera, sf street- walker: gadder; rambler 
Andorrero, tm. rover; rambler; wanderer 
Andosco, -a, a. of two years old (applied to ewes) 
Andrajero, sm. rag-man; old clothes-man 
Andrajo, sm. rag of wom out clothes; vile thing 
Andrajos, (hacer, v. 2.) to tear to rags, Utters 
Andrajosamente, adv. raggedly; in tatters 
Andrajoso, -a, adj. ragged; dressed in tatters 
Andriána, sf. flowing robe with bordered cuffs 
Andrina, rf. sloe (fruit of the blackthorn) 
Andrino, ifn blackthorn; sloe-tree 
Andro^'ino, sm. androgj-nus ; hermaphrodite 
Andrómina, «^ trick; fraud; artifice; cheat 
A'ncora, sf. anchor (heavy iron to fasten a ship) i Androsemo, sm. parkleaves (an herb) 
A'ncoras, (echar, r. 1.) to cast anchor I Anduár, sm. sort of ambulatory village of Arabs 

A ncoras, (llevar, r. l.i to weigh anchor j Andulirios, tm. plur. long and wide gown 

A'ncoras,(estaren,sobrelas, r. l.)tolie at anchor i Anduléncia, tt. occurrence; event; incident 
Ancoráge,»m. casting-anchor; anchoring-ground | Andullo, jm. twistof tobacco; timbrel; simpleton 
Ancorar, tin. I . to anchor; cast anchor; at anchor | Andurriales, tm. plur. by-roads; retired places 
Ancorca, tf. pale yellow earth (used for paintj Anea, »/. cat's tail; reod-mace (an herb) 

ANA ' 

Anasirut, tf. anasarca; kind of universal dropsy 
Añascóte, ttn. kind of woollen stuff like serge 
Ana5tásia, sf. mug-wort (an herb) 
Anastomosis, if. inosculation of vessels(anatom.) 
Anástrofe, sm. anastrophe; inversion of words 
Anita, tf. annats; first fruits; first year's mcome 
Anatema, «. anathema; excommunication; curse 

Anatematizar, vn. 1. to excommunicate; curse 
Anatomía, sf. anatomy; dissection; skeleton 
Anatómicamente, adv. in an anatomical manner 
Anatómico, -a, atlj. anatomical ; of anatomy 
Anatomista, sm. anatomist; investigator 
Anatomizar, ra. 1. to anatomize; dissect 
A'nca, sf. croup, haunch (of a horse) 
Aneado, sm. contraction of the nerves, muscles 
Anchamente, adr. widely; largely; extensively 
Anchária, tf. width, breadth of cloth, stuff, &c. 
Ancheta.^. venture;goods sentón chance to India 
Anchicorto, -a, adj. more wide, broad than long 
A'ncho, -a, adj. wide; broad; large; extended 
A'ncho (ponerse muy, vref. 2.) to look big 
A'ncha (vida,/.) loose, disorderly, immoral life 
A'ncho, Anchor, «m. width; breadth ¡largeness 
Anchoa, Anchova, sf. anchovy (little sea-fish) 
Anchuélo, -a, ar/j. dimin. somewhat wide, broad 
Anchura if. width: breadth; latitude; laxity 
Anchuras (amis, sus, &c.) at large; at full liberty 
Anchuras (vivir á sus, v. 3.) to live as one chooses 
Anchuroso, -a, adj. wide; spacious ¡large; broad 
Anchúsa, sf. alkanet (name of a plant) 
Aneianár, vn. I. (poet.) to grow old, out of use 
Ancianía, sf. jurisdiction of the 4 oldest monks 
Ancianidad, if. old age; longevity; antiquity 
Anciano, -a, adj old; striken in years; ancient 
Ancla, sf. anchor (heavy iron to fasten a ship) 
A'ncla, (pescar una, 1.) to drag for an anchor 
A'nclas, lalotár las. 1.) to stow the anchors 
A'ncla, (arganéo de, m. ) anchor-ring for the cable 
A'ncla, (cafia, del, /. ) shank of the anchor 
A'ncla, (cepo del, m.) anchor-stock (naut.) 
A'ncla, (cruz del, ^.) crown of the anchor 
A ncla, (pico del, m.) bill of the anchor 
A'ncla, (de esperanza,/. ) sheet-anchor 
A'ncla del ayuste, de uso, best bower-anchor 
A'ncla sencilla, de leva, small bower-anrhor 
A'ncla de la mar hacia fuera, /. sea-anchor 
A'ncla de la tierra, playa, f. shore-anchor 
A'nclas de servidumbre, plur. bower-anchors 
A'ncla, Anclado (al) adv. at anchor (naut.) 
Ancladero, sm. anchor-smith ; w ho makes anchors 
Ancláge, sm. casting anchor; anchoring-ground 
Ancláge, (derecho de, m. ) anchorage-duty 
Anclar, v. 1. to anchor; cast anchor; lie at anchor 
Anclóte, im. stream-anchor ;ffrapnel: grappling 
AnclotiUo, tm. kcdger; small anchor (for rivers) 
Ancón, Anconada, sm. open road; bay; fleet 

Ancorería, sf. anchor-forge; anchor-smithy 

Ancorero, sm. anchor-smith; maker of anchors 

Ancúna, tf. common alkanet a plant) 

Andabáta, sm. gladiator fighting hood-winked 

Andabóba, sf. lansquenet (game at cards) 

Andada, >. thin hard-baked cake (without crumb 

Andadas, plur. traces of game on the ground ) 

Andaderas, sf. pi. go-carts (for children to w.<vlk) I Anegádi 

Andadero, -a, adj. accessible; easy of approach Anegamiento, 

Andado, tm. step-son; sc 


_.neáge, tm. eil-measure; almage 
Anear, va. 1. to measure by ells ; rock in a cradle 
Aneblar, ra. I. to cloud; obscure; darken 
Anécdota, »/. anecdote; unpublished story 
Anegación, tf. inundation; overflowing; flood 
Anegadizo, -a, adj. liable to be inundated 
Anegado, -a, adj. inundated; overflowed 

' ' '"^ ' 'sm. water-logged ship 

inundation; overflowing 

I Anegar, t 

. I. t. 

inundate; overflow; submerge 

ANE *' 

Anegarse, ere/, to be inundated, ovetflowed 
Aneíociádo, -a, adv- ppressed with business 
Anejo, sm. benefice; church (under an advowee) 
Anejo, -a, ad!;, annexed; joined; united 
Aneraográfia, s/ description of the winds 
Anemómetro, s. instrument to measure the wind 
Anemone, s/. anemone; wind-flower; (celandine) 
Anemóscopio sm. machine to torettll the winds 
Anepígrafo, -a.,smf. medal; piece of honour 
Aneqiiin,(á, or de) tid. .^o ranch a head (of sheep) 
Aneurisma, sf. aneurism: disease of the arteries 

Anexidades, sf phir. additions; annexments 
Anexión, sf. annexion; union; conjunction 
Anexo, -a,' adj. annexed; joined; united 
Anfibio, -a, adj. amphibious ;lirin? in 2 elements 
Anfibolog-ia, ^. amphibniocry; ambisuity 
Anfibológicamente, 'id. in an ambiguous manner 
Anfibológico, -a, a. amphibolosical; ambiguous 
Anfíbraco, sm. foot of 3 syllables loner.short, long 
Anfión, sm. name of opium in the East Indies 
Anrishéna, sf. serpent supposed to have two heads 
Anfiscios. sm. plur. inhabitants of the torrid zone 
Anfiteatro, sm. amphitheatre; circular building 
Antractd, sm fulness of windmss and turnings 
Anfractuosidad, s'. anfractuousness; windings 
Anfractuosidades, /-/«r. convolutions of the brain 
Angarillas,»^, pir. barrow;panniers:cruet-stand 
Angarillen, sm large wicker-basket, barrow 
Angaripóla, sf. (kind of i coarse striped linen 
Angaripolas, 'sf pi. gaudy ornaments (on dress) 
A'ngaro, s»n. light; fire, smoke (used as a signal) 
A'ngel sm angel ¡spirit; kind of ray; chain-shot 
A'ngel (manga de sf.) plaited sleeve of a coat 
AoL'el custodio, or de la guarda, guardian angel 
Angel de guarda, protector; patron: supporter 
Angel patúdu. nickname of a malicious person 
Angélica, sf. garden-angelica (fragrant plant) 
Angélica carlina, carline thistles: ashweed 
Angelical. Angélico, -a. adj. antelical; divine 

Angélico, ito, sm. dimin. little angel; child 
Angelón, Angelonázo, sm. aiigm. great angel 
Angelóte, sm. large figure of angel on altars 
Angéo, sm sort of coarse linen 
Angina, sf. quinsy; inflammation in the throat 
A'ngla, sf. cape; neck-piece of a coat, cloak, &c. 
Anglicáno, -a, adj. Anglican; protestant 
Anglicána, ^la iglesia: s/. the established church 
Anglicismo, sm. Anglicism; English idiom 
Angostamente, adv. narrowly; closely; nearly 
Angostar, va. 1. to narrow; contract: compress 
Angostillo, -a, adj. dimin. somewhat narrow, close 
Angosto, -a, a. narrow; close; strait; compressed 
Angosto, (venir, v. 3 ) to bp much disappointed 
Angostura, sf narrowness; narrow pass; distress 
A'ngra, sf. small bay, creek; cove; small port 
Anguarina, st. loose coat hanging to the knees 
Anguila sf eel (serpentine slimy fish) 
Anguila de cabo, port- rope to flog sailors 
Anguilas, slips used at the launching of a ship 
Anguilázo, sm. lash, stroke with a port-rope 
Anguilero, sm. basket, p.mnier to catch eels 
Anguina, s) vein of the groins (veterin) 
Angulado, -a, a. angulated; with angles; angular 
Angular, adj angular; formed with angles 
Angular, (piedra) comer-stone of a building) 
Angularménte, adv. angularly; with angles 
Angulema, si. coarse Imen (made at Angouleme) 
Angulemas, sf. plur. fulsome flatteries 
A'ngulo, sm. angle; intersection of two lines 
Anguloso, -a, a. angulous; angular; with angles 
Angurria, sf. water-melon (esculent plant) 
Angustia, sf. anguish; affliction; heart-ache 


Angustiadamente, adv painfully; grievously 
Angustiado, -a, a. painful; afflictive; miserable 
-\ngustiar, va. 1. to afflict; grieve; torment 
Anhelar, vn. J. to breathe with dilTiculty; long 
Anhelar honores, to aspire at hnn.iiirs 
Anhélito, sm. respiratmn: act nf l.reathing 
Anhelo, sm. anxiousnfis;ea:;irn. ?>; great desire 
Anheloso, -a, a. anxi. u>lv tUsirous; panting for 
Anheméles, beasts carrving goods to the sea-side 
Anhina, si. darter (aquatic bird of prev in Brasil) 
Aniága, sf. yearly wages of a ploughman 
Anidar, vn. 1. to nestle; dwell; reside; shelter 
Anidando, (andar, r. 1.) to prepare for lying in 
Anieblar, va. 1. to darken; obscure;mildew;mist 
Anifála, sf. bread made of bran; coarse bread 
Anillar, va. 1. to form rings, circles in work 
Anilléjo, Aníllete, sm. dim. annulet; little ring 
Anillo, sm. ring (circle of gold, &c.) circuit 
Anillo al dedo (venir como) to come just intime 
A'niraa, sf soul; mind; spirit; life; bore; valve 
A'nimas, plur. ringing ot bells at sun-setting 
.A.nimáble, adj. animable; susceptible of life 
Animación, sf. animation; spirit; fire; ardour 
Animado, -a, a. manfu.; spirited; animated;bold 
Animador, -a, smf animator; encourager 
Animadversión, sf. animadversion; observation 

Animal, s. animal ; man : dunce ; blockhead: beast 
Animal, ndj. animal; sensible; carnal; natural 
Animalazo, stn. nugm. large, big animal, beast 
Animaléjo, ,co, illo, .«n. dimin. small animal 
Animalón, Animalóte, s. augm large, big animal 
Animalucho, sm. ugly, hideous animal 

A'nime, (goma) sf. resin resembling myrrh 
Animéro,s. asker of alms for souls in Purgatory 
A^nimt>, sm. soul courage, mind, thought, will 
iV'nimo, (hacer buen ) to bear up under adversities 
Animosamente, wlv. courageously, spiritedly 
Animosidad, sm. valour; courage; fortituUe' 
Animoso, -a, adj. courageous; brave; valorous 
Aniñadamente, adv. in a childish manner 
Aniñarse, vrej. 1. to grow childish 
Aniquiláble, adj. annihilable; destructible 
Aniquilación, s'. annihilation; extinction 
Aniquilador, -a, smf destroyer;who annihilates 
Aniquilamiento, sm. annihilation; extinction 
Aniquilar, va. 1. to annihilate; annul; destroy 
Aniquilarse, vref. to humble one's self; decay 
Anís, sm. anise (plant with sweet scented seeds) 
Anises, p/ur. anise-seeds; sugared anise-seeds 
Anises, (llegar á los) come the day after the feast 
I Anisado, -a, adj. tinctured with anise ( spirits) 
i Anisar, va. 1. to tincture, cover with anise 
I Anisillo, sm. dimin. small anise 
I Aniversario, ÍTO anniversary ; yearly 
Aniversario, -a, adj anniversary; añnual;yearly 
Annójo, sm. yearling calf; calf being a year old 
A'no, sm. anus; orifice of the rectum; fundament 
Anoche, adv. exp. last night 
Anochecer, vn. ¿. to grow dark: be night 
Anochecer, (al) adv. exp. at night-fall 
Anodinar, va. 1. to apply anodyne remedies 
Anodino, -a, adj. anodyne; mui'gant; lenitive 
Anomalía, sf. anomaly: irregularitv ; deviation 
Anomalidád, sf irregularity; anomaly 
Anómalo, -a. adj. anomalous; irregular 
Anomia, sf. anomy ; breach of law 
Anón, srri. annona-tree; custard-apple-tree 
Anona, sf. annona; custard-apple; store of food 
Anonadación, i/. annihilation; self-contempt 
Anonadomiénto, sm. being reduced to noihing 
Anonadar, va. 1. to annihilate; annul; destroy 
Anonadarse, vref. to humble, abase one's self 

ANO '¿ 

Anónimamente, ad. anonj-mouslv, without name 
Anónimo, -a, a, anonyraous;iinnamed; nameless 
Anotación, »/. annotation; explication; note 
AnotAQór, -a,m/. annotator; commentator; noter 
Anotar, va. J. to note; comment; annotate 
Anqueta, (estar de media) not to be seated at ease 
Anquiboyúno, -a, ad), having a croup like an ox 
Anquilósis, rf. privation of motion in the joints 
Anqiiiséco, -a, a. lean crouped (of horses, mules) 
A'nsar, sm. goose; A'nsar macho, gander (male) 
Ansareria, »/. place where geese are reared 
Ansaréro, sm. keeper, breeder of geese 
Ansarino, -a, adj. of geese; relating to geese 
Ansarino, sm. young goose; gosling 
Ansarón, tm. goose (large foolish water-fowl) 
Anseático, -a, adj. hanse (united in commerce) 
Ansí, adv. so; thus; in this manner; therefore 
A'nsia, «/ anxiety; solicitude; ardent desire 
Ansiadaniénte, adv. anxiously; solicitously 

A'nta, »/. tapir (kind of elk found in Brasil) 
A'ntas, plur. ancient druidical altars; antes 
Antáceo, sm. large fish of the siurgeon-kind 
Antagállas, »/. plur. sprit-sail; reef-bands 
Antagonista, antagonist; opponent; contender 
AntamiUa, s/ plate made in the form of a cup 
Amana, (llamarse, vref 1.) to unsay; retract 
Antañazo, adv. a long time since; long ago 
Antaño, adv. last year; foregone year 
Antapóca, sf. security; caution (given by a debtor) 
Antartico, -a, a ij. antarctic; of the south poU 
A'nte, s. dressed buck, buftalo-skin ; first cour 
A'nte, pr. before, A'nte mi. before me 
A'nte todas cosas, before all things; above al 
Anteado, -a, adj. buff-coloured; of a pale yellow 
Anteanteanóche, aav. three nights ago 
Anteanteayer, Anteantiér, adv. three days ago 
Anteayer, adv. the day before yesterday 
Antebrazo, sm. anterior part of the arm 
Antecama, ÍÁ bed-side caipet 
Antecámara, si. antechamber; hall; steerage 
Antecamarilla, ». room to the king's anteehanibe 
Antecapilla, sjí. space before a chapel's entry 
Antecedente, sm. antecedent; first preposition 
Antecedente, adi. going before; preceding 
Antecedentemente, adv. antecedently ; before 
Anteceder, va. t. to precede; antecede; forego 
Antecesor, -a, smf. antecessor; predecessor 
Antecesores, plur. forefathers; ancestors 
Antechinos, sm plur. fluted mouldings 
Antéco, -a, sm. and adj. antóeci. of the antoeci 
Antecoger, va. 2, to bring before;gathertoosoo 
Antecolúna, sf. column in front of porticos 
Antecóro, sm. entrance leading to the choir 
Antecristo, sm Antichrist; false prophet 
Antedata, sf. antedate; date prior to the time 
Antedatar, v. 1. to antedate; date before the time 
Antedicho, -a, adj foresaid; mentioned before 
Ante diem, (Lat. ) the preceding day; day before 
Antedía, (de) yestf rday; prior; before 
Antediluviano', -a, adj. prior to the deluge 
Anteiglesia, sf. portico at the church-entrance 
Antelación, si. preference; choice; selection 
Antelucáno, -a, adj. about the dawn of day 
Antemano, (de) adv. beforehand; previously 
Antemeridiano, -a, ". antemeridian; before noon 
Antemural, sm. rock, &c. protecting a fortress 
Antemuralla, «/.I rock, mountain protecting a 
Antemuro, sm. J fortress; safeguard; defence 
Antena, sf. lateen yard; feeler, horn of insects 
Antenállas, sf. pi- pincers (tool to draw nails) 
Antenoche, ndv. the night before lajt 
Antenombre, s. titlebeforeaproper n.imc. as. Sir 
Anteojo, sm. spyglass; eyeglass (to help the sight) 

> ANT 

Anteojo, de larga vista, telescope (long glass) 
Anteojo de puño, opera-glass (small spy-gla>s) 
Anteojos, spectacles; round pieces of leather 
Ante omnia, (Lat.) before all things; above all 
Antepagar, va. 1. to pay beforehand; at first 
Antepasado, -a, a(/j. elapsed; glided away; passed 
Antepasiidos, sm. plur. forefathers; predecessors 
Antepecho, sm. breastwork; footstep; poitrel 
Antepechos, plur. iron horse of the headinaut.) 
Antepenúltimo, -a, adj. antepenult; last but two 
Anteponer, va. 2. to prefer; place before 
Antepúrtico, sm. porch before a building) 
Antepuerta, sf. curtain; screen before a door 
Antequino, jot. concave moulding (archit.) 
Antera, sj. male organ of generation in plants 
Antérico tardio, mi mountain-spiderwort (pla.) 
Anterior, adj. anterior; preceding; going before 
Anterioridad, sf. anteriority; priority 
Anteriormente,' adv anteriorly; previously 
A'ntes, prep, before; in the presence of; prior to 
A'ntes del Dia, before day; at day-break 
A'ntes, adv. firát; rather; better; heretofore 
A'ntes con antes, adv. exp. as soon as possible 
A'ntes (de) adv. eip. of old; in ancient times 
A'ntes, -que. adv. exp. rather; sooner than 
Antcsaoristiii, sf. room leading to the sacristy 
Antesala, si room leading to the chief apartment 
Antestatura, small intrenchment made m haste 
Antetemplo, sm. portico; porch (before a church) 
Antever, va. i. to foresee; see beforehand 
Antevíspera, sf. the day before ye.sterday 
Anti, united preposition, signifying against 
Antla, sf. mutton-fish (ichthyology) 
Antiapopléctico, a, adj. good against apoplexy 
Antiapóstol, sm. antiapostle; false apoitle 
Antiartritico, -a, adj good against the gout 
Antiasmático, -a, udj good against the asthma 
Anticardenál, sm. schismatic cardinal 
Anticipación, si. anticipation; foretaste 
Anticipada, sf. unexpected thrust, blow (in fenc.) 
Anticipadamente, adv. by anticipation 
Anticipadór, -a, smf. (one) who anticipates 
Anticipamiento, sm anticipation; foretaste 
Anticipante, a. returning before the usual time 
-anticipar, va. 1. to anticipate; foretaste 
Anticlimax, sm. sentence decreasing 
Anticósmestico. -a, adj. anticosmetic; deforming 
Anticristiano, -a. smf. and adj. aniichristian 
Anticritieo, sm anticritic; opponent to a critic 
Antidorál, adj. remunerative; compensative 
Antidisentérico, -a, adj. good against dysentery 
Antidotarlo, sm. dispensatory; pharmacopoeia 
Antídoto, sm. antidote; counter-poison 
Antiemético, -a, adj. that prevents vomiting 
Antiepiléctico, -a, adj. good against convulsions 
Antiescorbútico -a, adj. good against the scurvy 
Antler, sm the day before yesterday 
Antieipasmódico, -a, relieving from' the cramp 
Aniifáto, sm. black coral (sea-plant) 
Antifebril, adj. febrifuge; good against fevers 
Antifrodisiaco, -a, adj. antaphroditic 
Antifaz, sm. veil which covers the face 
Antiflogístico, -a. adj. good against inflammation 
Antífona, sf. antiphon; alternate singing 
Antifonál-ário, sm. anthem-book set to music 
Antifonéro, sm. precentor; leader of the choir 
Antífrasis, sf. opposite meaning of words; irony 
Antigualla, sf. monument of antiquity; ruins 
Antiguamente, adv. anciently; in times of yore 
Antiguamiento, sm. making, rendering old 
Antiguar, va. I. to antiqu.ite; make obsolete 
Antiguar, vn. to obtain seniority as member of 
Antigüedad, sf. antiquity; ancient times 
Antigiiisimo, -a, adj. tuperl. very ancient, old 

ANT ' 

Antiguo, -a, ad], ancient;old: advanced in years 
Antiguo, sm. antique; ancient monument; statue 
Antiguo, aged member; senior of a college, &c. 
Antiguos, plur. ancients; illustrious raen of old 
Antihelmíntico, -a, acfj, good to destroy worms 
Antihistérico, -a, adj. good against hysterics 
Antilógia, sf. contradiction; inconsistency 
Antiministeriál, adj. opposing the ministry 
Antimonárquico, -a, a. against single supremacy 
Antimonial, ailj. antimonial; made of antimony 

Antinomia, sf. contradiction betwepn two laws 
Antinoo, sm. antinoiis (northern constellation) 
intipope; usurper of the popedom 
. unlawful possession of popedom 
nimical, adverse to popery 
in; gaiter for the front of the leg 
-a, nrlj. good against the palsy 
Antiparástasis, sf charge made praiseworthy 
Antiparras, sf. plur. spectacles; horse- eye-flaps 
Antipáres, sm. black coral; precious black stone 
Antipatía, sf antipathy; invoiuntarj' aversion 
Antipático, -a, adj. antipathetical; repugnant 
Antiperistasis, */. contrary action heightened 
Antipestilénciaí, adj. good against the plague 
Antipóca, sf. deed obliging to pay a certain rent 
Antipocár, v. 1. to bind by deed to pay a fixed rent 
Antipodas, sm. plur. antipodes; opposite persons 
Antipódia, f. odio, m. extra-dish to the usual meal 
Antipontificádo sm. unlawful dignity of pope 
Antipúdrido, -a, adj. antipi 

Antip'ipa, sm. 
Antipapádo, in 
Antipapál, adj. i 
Antipara, s. sere 
Antiparalitico, - 







Antirrino, ¡ 


I, adj. antiquated; old; out of use 

1. toaiitiquate:makeold, obsolete 
«. antiquary; studier of antiquity 
aénte, aUv. superl. very anciently 
-a, adj superl. very ancient, old 
)nário, -a, arij, antirevolutionary 
. snapdragon (a plant) 
nts equidistant from the tropics 
I. antispodium (chemistry) 

Antistrofa, sf. second of every third 
Antítesis, sf. opposition of words; contrast 
Antitético, -a, adj. full of antithesis; opposite 
Antitipo, sm. antitype; symbol; image; eucharist 
Antitrinitário, sm. disbeliever of theTrinity 
Antivenéreo, -a, adj. antivenereal 
Antojadizamente, adv. longingly; fancifully 
Antojadizo, -a, adj. lunging; wishful; maggoty 
Antojado, -a, adj. anxious; longing; desirous 
Antojamiénto, sm. longing; earnest, great desire 
Antojánza,s. whim; longing; eye-flap (Horse, &c.) 
Antojarse, rref. 1. to long; desire earnestly 
Antojéra,s/'. speclacles-case;e>e-flap (horse,&c.) 
Antojero, sm maker, seller of spectacles, &c. 
Antojo, sm. whim; longing; spectacles; eye-flap 
Antojuélo, S7n. dtmin. slight desire (for a thing) 
Antología, )./. collection of flowers, poems, &c 
Antonomasia, sf. title used for the proper name 
Antór, sm. seller of stolen goods bought fairly 
Antorcha, sf. torch; flambeau: taper; cresset 
Antorchero, sm. candlestick for tapers, &c. 
Antoría, sf. discovery of a thief who sold goods 
A ntras, sm. vermilion; beautiful red colour 
A'ntro, sm antre; cavern:den; cave of wild beasts 
Antropófago, sm man-eater; anthropophagite 
Antropografia, sf. description of the human body 
Antropología, sf. doctrine of anatomy 
Antropomorfita, believer of God in human form 
Antroposofia, sf. knowledge of human nature 
Antruejár, va. hto wel;play some carnival trick 
Antruejo ido sm. the three days of the carnival 

' ANO 

Antuvión, sm. sudden, unexpected attack, stroke 
Antuvión (de) udv. unexpectedly; suddenly 
Anual, adj. annual ¡yearly, lasting only one year 
Anuales, (plantas, sf. plur.) annual plants 
Anualidad, sf. durati.m of one year 
Anualmente, adv. annually; every year; yearly 
Anubada, sf. ancient tax paid in Spain 
Anubarrado, -a, adj. clouded (applied to linen) 
Anubladamente, adv. in a misty, clouded manner 
Anubládo,-a, a. misty ¡clouded; o%'ercast ; gloomy 
Anublar. »a 1. to cloud; darken; overcast; shade 
Anublarse, vref. to be blasted: be disconcerted 
Anudar, va. i. to knot; unite; join; complicate 
Anudar, vn. to fade; wither; pine, waste away 
Anudarse la voz, vref. not to be aide to speak 
Anuencia, sf condescendence; compliance 
Anuente, a'j. condescending; compliant; civil 
Anuláble, adj. revocable; that can be annulled 
Anulación, sf. abrogation; revocation; repeal 
Anuladór, -a, smf. (one) who annuls, makes void 
Anular, va. 1. to annul; make void; irritate 
Anular, adj. annular; like a ring; annulary 
Anular, (dedo, sm. ) ring-finger; fourth finger 
Anulativo, -a, a. that has the power to make void 
Anuloso, -a, adj. annular; made of many rings 
Anunciación, sf. annunciation; Lady-day 
Anunciada, sf. military order; religious order 
Anunciador, -a, smf. announcer; proclaimer 
Anunciar, va. I. to announce;proclaim;furetell 
Anuncio, sm. presage; omen; forerunner; notice 
A'nuo, -a, adj. annual; yearly; lasting one year 
Anverso, sm. head-side (of coins, medals, &c.) 
A'nvir, m. red liquor (from the leaves of tobacco) 
Anzolado, -a, adj. hooked in; bent; curvated 
Anzoléro, sm. maKer, seller of fish hooks 
Anzuelito, sm. dimin. small fish-hook 
Anzuelo, sm. fish-hook; allurement; fritter 
Anzuelo (caer en el, v. i.) to be taken in, tricked 
Anzuelo, (roer el, v. 2.) to escape a danger 
Anzuelo, (tragar el, v. 1.) to swallow the bait 
A'ña, sf stink-fox; American fox (cunning ani.) 
Ailacéa, sf. annual feast; festival 
Añada goodorbadseason;moiety of arable land 
Añadidura,*/'. Añadimiénto, m. addition ¡access 
Añadir, va 3. to add; subjoin; exaggerate; lay 
Añafea, (papel de) sm. brown paper 
Añafil sm. musical pipe (used bv the Moors) 
Añafiléro, sm. player on the Añafil 
Añagaza, sf bird-call; decoy; allurement; lure 
Añal, nt. annual offering (on a tomb); anniversary 
Añal, adj. annual; yearly; coming every vear 
Añal, (cordero) sm. lamb a year old; yearling 
Añalejo, sm. ecclesiastical almanac 
Añascar, va. 1. to collect by degrees; entangle 
Añáza, sf annual feast; festival 
Añejar, va. 1 to make old; alter by time 
Añejarse, vref. to grow old; become stale, musty 
Añejo, -a, a. old; stale;musty; spoiled with time 
Añicos, sm. plur. small bits, pieces remt, broken 
Añicos, (hacer, v. 2.) to break into small bits 
Añicos, (hacerse, vref.) to overheat one's self 
Añil, sm. indigo pUnt; indigo (blue colour) 
Añméro, sm. skinner; dealer in lamb-skins 
Añinos, sm. plur. fleecy skins of lambs a year old 
Aftir, sm. indigo plant; indigo (blue colour) 
Añirádo, -a, adj. dyed with indigo; blue 
A'flo. sm. year ;tweive months; long space of time 
A'ño, bisiesto, m. leap-year; bissextile;-ith year 
A'ño, (mal) adv. exp. surely; without doubt 
A'ños, sm. pi. birth-iiay;day on which one is bom 
A'ños, (celebrar los v'. l.j to keep the birth-day 
A'ños, (tener, v. 2.) to be old, advanced m years 
Añojal, m. land cultivated for some yearsat rest 
Añojo, a, smf yearling calf; calf a year old 


Aflora. Afloria, ff. draw- well (deep well) 
Aftóso, -a, adj. old; advanced, striken in years 
Anublado, -a, n. blindfold; with the eves covered 
Añublar, va. 1. toeloud;darkcn; overcast: shade 
Añublarse, tref. to b<- blasted, disconcerted 
A iludo, fm. mildew (disease incident to plants) 
Añudado, -a, adj. knotted; formed into knots 
Añudadór, -a, sinf. (one) who ties, knote 
Añudar, vn. 1. to knot; unite;make fast; tie close 
Añudar los labios, to impose silence; silence 
Añusgar, r. 1. to choke; stifle; vex; molest; annoy 
Añusgái, tin. tobe vexed, annoyed, displeased 
Aocár, va. \. to hollow; excavate; scoop; loosen 
Aojado, -a, adj. fascinated; charmed; bewitched 
Aojador, -a,im/. enchanter; conjurer; charmer 
Aojadúra, »/. Aojamiénto, m. witchcraft 
Aojar, V. ;. to fascinate; charm ; bewitch ; enchant 
Aojo, sm. fascination; bewitchery; enchantment 
Aoristo, ». aorist (perfect indefinite in Greek) 
Aorta i/". aorta (great left arterv' of the heart) 
Aovado, -a, adj. oviform; shaped like an egg 
Aovar, va. 1. to lav eggs (oviparous animals) 
Aovillarse, vref. l.'to grow formed like a clew 
Apabilar, va. 1. prepare the w ick of a wax-candle 
Apabilarse, vret. to die away; go out; expire 
Apacentadero, sm. pasture: grazing ground 
ApacenUdur, sm. herdinian; grazier; panor 
Apacentamiento, sm. pasturage; grazed lands 
Apacentar, ra. 1. to graze (cattle); teach; incite 
Apacibilidád, sf. affability: meekness; civility 
Apacible, adj. affable; meek; placid; pleasant 
Apacible (tiempo) sm. moderate weather (naut.) 
Apacible, (semblante) sm. serene countenance 
Apacible, (sitio) ira. pleasant, agreeable place 
Apaciblemente, adv. affably; gently; agreeably 
Apaciguador, -a, smf. pacifier; peace-maker 
Apaciguamiento, tm. appeasing; pacifying 
Apaciguar, ra. 1. to appease; pacify; calm; hush 
Apaciguar, p. to abate;growmoderate(wind &c.) 
Apadrinador -a,ím/. patron; protector;cherisher 
Apadrinar, ra. 1. to patronize-, protect; support 
Apagáble, adj. cxtinguishable; quenchable 
Apagado, -a, adj. submissive; mean-spirited 
Apag.idór, sm. extinguisher: that deadens 
Apagamiento, sm. quenching; extinction 
Apagapénolcs, sm. plur. leech-ropes: leech-lines 
Apagar, va. 1. to quench; extinguish; destroy 
Apagar la cal, to slack lime 
Apagar la sed, to quench the thirst 
Apag.irse la lumbre, la luz, el fuego, to go out 
Apagullar, va. 1. to give an unexpected blow 
Apaineládo, -a, adj. half elliptical (arch, &c.) 
Apaisado, -a, like a landscape; broader than high 
Apalabrar, va. 1. toappointa conference;parlcy 
Apalambrár, va. 1. to set on fire; bum; consume 
Apalambrárse de sed, to be parched with thirst 
Apalancar, va. 1. to move with a lever; displací 
Apaleado, -a, adj. cudgelled; caned; drubbed 
Apaleadór, -a, smf. beater with a stick, cane 
Apaleamiento, sm. cudgelling; caning, drubbing 
Apalear, va. 1. to cudgel; cane; shovel (grain) 
Apalear el dinero, to heap money with shovels 
Apaleo, sm. moving, shovelling (of grain, &c.) 
Apalmada, sj. palm of the hand stretched (blaz.) 
Apancora, sf. common crab (shell-fish) 
Apandill&r, r a. I . to form a league, party, faction 
Apandillarse, rn/. to be united to a party, faction 
Apanojádo, -a, a. paniculate;paniculated (bot.) 
Apantanar, ra. I. to make a pond, pool, reservoir 
Apantuflado, -a, adj. slipshod; wearing slippers 
Apañiulo, -a, a. like woollen cloth in body, &c. 
Apañador, -a, smf. grasper, catcher, pilferer 
Apañadura, s. seizing; grasping ¡snatching away 
Apañamiento, sm. seizing; cleverness; patch 

28 APA 

Apaflár, va. 1. to seize; grasp; take;dress; patch 
Apañarse, vref. to submit, reconcile one's self to 
Apaño, sm. seizing; grasping; cleverness; patch 
Apañuscadór, -a, smf. (one) who rumples, creases 
Apañuscar, ra. 1. to rumple; crease; pucker 
Apapagayado, -a, like a parrot; dressed in green 
Apapagayárse, rrff. 1. to be dressed in green 
Aparador, sm. side-board; dresser; workshop 
Aparador, (estar de) to be decked out, dressed 
Aparar, r. 1. to stretch the hands to catch, receive 
Aparar, to dig and heap the earth round plants 
Aparar, close upper and hind quarters of a shoe 
Aparar un navio, to dub a ship (n-iut. ) 
Aparasolado, -a, adj. umbelliferous; umbelUted 
Aparatado, -a, ndj. ready; prepared; disposed 
Aparato, sm. apparatus; pomp; shew; sign; token 
Aparatoso, -a, adj. pompous; showy ;magnificent 
Aparcería, sf. partnership in a farm, or any firm 
A parcfcro, sm. partner in a farm, or other concern 
Aparear, r. I. to match; couple;pair; yoke; join 
Aparearse, vref. to be coupled, jomed two by two 
Aparecer, rn. 2 ? toappcarunexpectedly;make 
Aparecerse, ref. j sudden appearance; come up 
Aparadura, tf. garbel (plank next the keel, naut.) 
Aparecido, sm. apparition; ghost; spirit: vision 
Aparecimiento, mi. apparition ; appearance 
Aparejado, -a, adj. prepared; ready; in fit <irder 
Aparejador, -a, «m/. preparer; overseer; rigger 
Aparejar, ra. 1. to prepare; saddle; harness, rig 
Aparejarse, vref. to get ready; prepare one's self 
Aparejo, sm. preparation;hamoss;sizing;laekle 
Aparejos, sm.flvr. tools; implements; material» 
Aparejuélo, sm. dimin. small apparatus, tackle 
Aparentado, -a, adj. related; allied; kindred 
Aparentar, va. I . to preU-nd; make a false show 
Aparente, adj. apparent; conspicuous: outward 
Aparentemente, udr. apparently; outwardly 
Aparición, sf. apparition; walking spirit; ghost 
Apariencia, sf. appearance; outside; face; mark 
Apariencia, (caballo de, stn.) stately horse 
Apariencias, pi. phenomena; scenes: decorations 
Aparrado, -a, adj. crooked; spreading like vines 
Aparroquiado, -a, adj. parochial of a parish 
Aparroquiar, ra. 1. to bring customers to a shop 
Apartadero, sm. cross-roads: parting place 
Apartadijo, sm. small part, share, portion 
Aparted.jos, (hacer, t>. 2.) to divide into shares 
Apartadizo, sm. small room parted from another 
Apartadizo, -a, adj. shy; reser^-ed; retired; rough 
Apartado, -a, aaj separated; distant; different 
Apartado, sm. retired room: smelling-house 
Apartado, room for sorting letters at the post 
Apartador, a, smf. divider; separator; sorter 
Apartador de ganado, sheep, cattle-s'.ealer 
Apartador de metales, smelter; who smelts ores 
Ap.irtamiénto, sm. separation; renunciation 
Apartamiento de ganado, stealing of sheep, &e. 
Apartamiento meridiano, meridian distance 
Apartar, va. 1. to divide; dissuade; remove; sort 
Apartarse, ref. to withdraw; give up; be divorced 
Aparte, sm. break in a line; interruption; pause 
Aparte, ad. apart; separately; aside (on the stage) 
Aparte (dejar, va. 1.) to lay aside; set apart 
Aparvar, ra. 1. to lay com for threshing: he.ip 
Apascentár, va. 1. to graze (cattle); teach; incite 
Apasionadamente, adv. passionately; fondly 
Apasionado, -ti,atlj passir.nate;fond;devotedto 
Apasionar, va. 1 to fill with great love, ardour 
Apasionarse, vref. to be taken « ith to excess 
Apasionarse de, to be much in love with 
Apatía, tf. apathy; insensibility: indifference 
Apático, -a. insensible; void oif feeling, passion 
Apatuscar, va. ). to bungle; botch: do clumsily 
Apatusco, sm. ornament; dress; bungled work 


Apazóte, tm. American basil (a plant) 
Apea, s/. rope on the forefoot of a hurse grazing 
Apeadero, s. horseblock; temporary hired house 
Apeador, sin. land-surveyor; measurer of land 
Apeamiénti), sm- survey; props to stay a building 
Apear, va. 1. to alight; measure (lands); scoat 
Apear, to prop (a building); take down; remove 
Apear, to dissuade; overcome; displace; degrade 
Apear el Rio, to wade, ford a river, stream 
Apear una caballería, to shackle a horse, mule 
Apearse, vref. alight; come down (from a horse) 
Apearse por la cola, to give some absurd answer 
Apechugar, va. 1. to push with the breast; breast 
Apechugar, (met) to undertake with spirit 
Apedazar, va. 1. to patch; mend; repair 
Apedernalado, -a, adi. flintv; as hard as flint 
Apedrár, va. 1. to stone; pelt, kill with stones 
Apedreadéro, m. spot where boys stone each other 
Apedreado, -a, adj. stoned; pelted with stones 
Apedreada (cara), face pitted with the small pox 
Apedreadór, sm. thrower, flinger, caster of stones 
Apedreamiénio, sm. throwing, flinging of stones 
Apedrear, vi. 1. to stone; pelt, kill with stones 
Apedrear, vn. to hail; talk in a rude manner 
Apedrearse, reí. tobe injured by hail (grain, &c.) 
Apedreo, sm. stoning; pelting with stones 
Apegadamente, adv. studiously; devotedly 
Apegamiento, sm. alhesion; sticking to; union 
Apegar, vn. I. to adh-^ie; stick to; remain firm 
Apegarse, vref. to be much taken with 
Apego, vm. attachment; inclination for; fondness 
Apelable, adj. liable, subject to an appeal 
Apelación, sjf appeal; summons; citation; writ 
Apelación (medico de), doctor's advice in danger 
Apelación, (no haber, tener, 2) to be despaired of 
Apelado, -a, adj. of the same coat, colour (horse) 
Apelambrár, va. 1. to steep hides m lime-water 
Apelante, smf. appellant; suramoner; claimant 
Apelar, vn. 1. to appeai; be of the same colour 
Apelativo, adj. appellative; generical 
Apeldar, vn. I. to flee; run away; escape 
Apelde, sf. flight; escape; running away 
Apeligrado, -a, adj. in danger; exposed to danger 
Apeligrar, va. 1. to endanger; expose to danger 
Apeliótes, sm. north-east wind 
% Apellar, va. 1. to dress leather; curry skins, &c. 
Apellidado, -a, a. named; proclaimed; convened 
Apellidamiénto, sm. calling one by his name 
Apellidar, va. i. to call one by his name 
Apellido, surname; nickname; muster of troops 
Apelluzgádo, , -a a modelled; moulded; formed 
Apelluzgár, va. 1 to model; mould; form;shape 
Apelmazar, va 1. to compress; render less spongy 
Apenachado, -a, adj. adorned with plumes 
Apenas, adi\ scarcely; hardly; no sooner than 
Apendéncia, sf. appurtenance; appendage 
Apéndice, sm. appendix; supplement; addition 
Apeñuscár, va. 1. to rumple; crease; crush 
Apeo, SOI. surveying; props to stay a building 
Apeonar, vn. 1. "to run swiftly (partridges, &c.) 
Apepsia, tí. apepsy; loss of natural concoction 
Aperador, sm. farm-steward; cart-wright 
Aperar, va. 1. to build, repair carts, wagons, &c. 
Apercibido, -a, adj. provided; prepared; ready 
Apercibimiento, s. providing; adjustment; order 
Apercibir, va.'S. to provide; prepare; warn; cite 
Aperción s/. opening; apertion; beginning; leak 
Apercollar, va. 1 to collar; snatch; assassinate 
Aperdigado, -a, ady. broiled; burnt by the luquis. 
Aperdigar, va. 1. to broil partridses; stew 
Aperitivo, -a, adj. aperitive; gently purgative 
Apemadór, sm. dog seizing the game by the legs 
Apernar, va. 1. to seize by the leg, hams(dog.s> 
Apero, tm. all the farm-implements; sheep-fold 

29 APL 

Apero, all the tools and implements for a trade 
Aperreado, -a, (andar,) to be harassed, fatigued 
Aperreadór, • a, i/n. intruder; troublesome person 
Aperrear, va. 1. to throw to the dogs; tear to bits 
Aperrearse, to toil and beat about: overwork 
Apersonado, -a, adj. favoured; of a fine figure 
Apersonarse, vref. 1. to appear (in a court) 
Apertura, sf. aperture; opening; passage; gap 
Apesadumbrado, -a, adj concerned; mournful 
Apesadumbrar, va. 1. to vex; trouble; afflict 
Apesadumbrarse, ref. to grieve; mourn; sorrow 
Apesaradaménte, adv mournfully; grievously 
Apesarar, va. 1. to vex; disturb; afflict; grieve 
Apesgamiénto, sm. sinking under a load, burden 
Apesgar, «.1. to overload; burden with too much 
Apesgarse, vref to grow dull; be aggrieved 
Apestado, -a, adj. pestered; plagued; teased 
Apestado, -a, de (estar), to have plenty of 
Apestar, va. 1. to infect with the plague; pester 
Apétalo, -a.,adj. apetalous; without flower-leavea 
Apetecedor, -a, smf. desirer; wisher for 
Apetecer, va. •¿ to wish, long for earnestly 
Apetecible, adj. desirable; to be wished for 
Apetencia, si. appetite; hunger; appetence 
Apetite, sm. sauce: seasoning; condiment 
Apetitivo, -a, adj. appetitive; desirable ;covetab1e 
Apetito, sm. appetite; hunger; violent longing 
Apetitoso, -a, adj. palatable; guslful; relishing 
Apezuñar, vn. 1. to tread firm on the hoof 
Apiadadór, -a, s. (one) who pities, commiserates 
Apiadarse, vref. 1 to pity; commiserate 
Apiaradero, sm. shepherd's number of his sheep 
Apicarado, -a,adj. roguish;knavish;mischievous 
A'pice, sm. summit; top; apex; extreme 
A'pices, pi. small knobs in the middle of flowers 
A'p'ces (estar en los; to know minutely a thing 
Apilador, sm. piler of the wool at the shearing 
Apilar, va. 1. to pile, heap, lay up; accumulate 
Apimpollarse, rre^ 1. to shoot; germinate 
Apifládo, -a, a. of the form of a pme; pyramidal 
Apiiladúra,s/ Apiilamiento, m. pressing together 
Apiñar, va. 1. to press close together; join; unite 
Apiñarse, ref to clog; crowd; surround; hinder 
A'pio, tm. celery (esculent plant) 
A'p'o montano, levistico, sm. common lovage 
A'pio de risa,sm. crow-foot; ranunculus (flower) 
Apiolar, vn. 1. to gyve a hawk; tie by the legs 
Apiolar, seize; apprehend; nab; kill; murder 
Apique, adv. almost; well nigh; nearly 

Apisonar, va. 1. 

Apitonar, v 


Aplacáble, udj. placabl( 
' sf. Aplac 

sm. putting forth tenderlings 
1. to pul forth the tenderlings 
pick the eggs i as hens do toliatch) 
' " treat each other abusively 
" ' appeasable ; gentle 
- appeasing 

Aplacadór, -a, smf. appeaser; pacifier; quieter 
Aplacar, va. I. to appease; pacily: mitigate 
Aplacér, va. 2. to please; gratify'; humour 
Aplaciente, adj. assuasive; lenient; softening 
Aplanadera, sf. rol:er ¡for levelling the ground) 
Aplanadór, sm. (one) who levels, makes even 
Aplanamiento, ;m. levelling; miking level 
Aplanar, va. 1. to level; flat; make even; terrify 
Aplanarse, ref. to tumble down to the ground 
Aplanchado, -a, adj. smoothed with an iron 
Aplanchado, sm. ironing; linen ironed, or to be 
Aplanchadora, s. woman who dresses, irons linen 
Aplanchar, 1. to iron linen; smooth with an iron 
Aplantillar, o. 1. toadjust, fit (stone, timber, &c.) 
Aplastado, -a, adj. caked; flattened; confounded 
Aplastar. »«. 1. to cake;flatlen; crush; confound 
Aplastarse, ref. to flatten; grow even, dull 
Aplaudir, va. 1. to applaud; praise with shouts 
C 2 ' 


Aplauso, rm. applause; loud praise; clapping 
Aplayar, en. J. to overflow; superabound 
Aplazamiento, im. convocation; convening 
Aplazar, va. 1. to call together; invest; concert 
Aplebeyar, va. 1 to render vile like plebeians 
Apleiár, va 1. to join one thing to another 
Aplicable, adj applicable; suitable; agreeable 
Ai>lieaeión, sf. application; attention; study 
Aplicación de bienes, adjudication of estates 
Aplicado, -a, ailj- studious; diligent; laborious 
Aplicar, va. 1. to apply; adapt; impute; adjudge 
Aplicarse, re/ to devote one's self to; study 
Aplomado, -a, aiij. of lead-colour; leaden; heavy 
Aplomar, va. i. to overload; plumb a wall, &c. 
Aplomar, vn. to use a plummet to raise a wall 
Aplomarse, re/: to fall to the ground; tumble 
A'pooa, sf. receipt; acquittance; discharge 
Apocadamente, adv. sparingly; abjectly 
Apocado, -a, mean-spirited; with a narrow hoof 
Apocadór, -a, smf. (one) who lessens, diminishes 
Apocalipsi-ipsis, »m. apocalypse; revelation 
Apocalíptico, -a, adj. apocalyptical 
Apocamiento, sm. meanness of spit it; flatness 
Apocar, va. 1. to lessen; diminish; contract 
Apocarse, ref. to humble, demean one's self 
Apócema, Apócima, apozem; medicinal draught 
Apocopár, va. 1. to cut off the last letter or syll. 
Apócope, sf. cutting ofl'the last letter or syllable 
Apócrifamente, adv. apocrjphally; uncertainly 
Apócrifo, -a,ai<;'. apocryphal; unknown; doubtful 
Apodadór, tm. wag; ridiculer; scoffer; banterer 
Apodar, va. 1. to scoff; ridicule; compare; prize 
Apodencádo, -a, adj like a pointer, setting dog 
Apoderádo.m. proxy; substitute; agent; attorney 
Apoderar, va. 1. to put in, give possession of 
Apoderarse, r^. to get possession of; be strong 
Apodictico, -a, adj. apodictical; demonstrative 
Apodo, sm. nick-name; scoffing appellation 
Apófise, Apófisis, */ prominence of some bones 
Apoflegmático, -a, adj. drawing away phlegm 
Apógrafo, sm. apograph; transcript; copy; image 
Apoaéo, sm. greatest distance from the earth 
A pol il lado, -a^adj. moth-eaten ; gnawed by worm 
A polilladiira, sf. hole made by moths, worms, Sn 
Apolinar, va. 1. to eat, gnaw holes in cloth 
Apolinar, Apolíneo, -a, adj. of Apollo, the sun 
Apologético, -a, adj. palliative; extenuating 
Apologético, -a, of moral fable; allegorical 
Apologia, sf. apology; defence; excuse; eulogy 
Apológico, -a, teaching moral truth; of apologue 
Apologizár, vn. 1. to apologize; defend; praise 
Apologista, sm. apologist; defender; praiser 
Apólogo, sm. apologue; moral truth, fable 
Apólogo, -A,adj. leaching moral truth; allegoric 
Apoltron&rse, vref 1. to grow lazy; idle; loiter 
Apomazar, va. 1. to glaze, burnish with pumice 
Apoméli, sf. decoction of honey-comb, vinegar 
Aponer, va. 2. to impute; impose; lay; charge 
Apoplegia, sf. apoplexy; insensibility; torpor 
Apoplético, -a, adj. suddenly deprived of sense 
Aporcadura, s. raising of earth, round celery. Sec. 
Aporcar, va. 1. to cover with earth (plants^ &c.) 
Aporisma, sm. livid spots, blotches in the skin 
Aporisroirse, vref. 1. to turn into livid spots, &c. 
Aporraceár, va. 1. to beat black and blue; bruise 
Aporrar, vn. 1. to remain silent; not reply 
Aporrarse, vref. to become troublesome, teasing 
Aporreado -a, beaten: cudgeiled; dragged along 
Aporreamiento, tnt, beating; cudgelling; bruising 
Aporreante, sm. cudgeller; bad fencer; thumper 
Aporrear, va. 1. to cudgel; beat; knock; maul 
Aporrearse, ref. to study with close application 
Apoireórse en la jaula, to engage in vain toils 


Aporreo, sm. beating; cudgelling; 
Aporrillarse, vref. i. to swell in the joints (horae> 
Aporillo. sm. abundantly; plentifully; amply 
Aportadera, sf. chest to carry stores'on a horse 
Aportadero, place where a ship, person may stop 
Aportar, vn. i. to arrive ata port; meetashelter 
Aportelládo, sm. formerly an otBcer of justice 
Aportillar, va. 1 . to make a breach in a rampart 
.■^ portillarse, ref. to fall into rums; tumble 
A'pos, sm. sea-swallow; sand-martin (bird) 
Aposentador, -a, smf. (one) who lets lodgings 
Aposentador, sm. quarter-master fofa regim.) 
Aposentador de camino, officer of the household 
Aposentamiento, sm. giving a temporary lodging 
Aposentar, va. I. to give a temporary lodging 
Aposentarse, ref. to íodge; take up residence 
Aposentillo, sm. dimin. small room; bad ro6m 
Aposento, >m apartment; room; inn; box 
Aposento, (casas de) houses for the household 
Aposento de corte, room for the king's servants 
Aposento (huésped de) lodaer of the household 
Aposesionar, uo. 1. to give possession of 
Aposesionarse, ref. to take possession of 
Aposición, s. apposition; nouns in the same case 
Aposito, sm. any external medical application 
Apospélo, adv against the grain; reluctantly 
Aposta, Apostadamente, adv. designedly 
Apostadero, sm. station for soldiers, for ships 
Apostadór, sm. bettor; that lays bets, wagers 
Apo^tól, $m. convenient place for fishing (m riv, ) 
Apostáleos, *. pi. planks from 5 to 7 inches thick 
Apostar, va. 1. to bet; place relays; post (sold.) 
Apostarlas, to contend; bid defiance; defy 
Apostarse, vref. to rival; stand in competition 
Apostasia, nf apostacy; infidelity; defection 
Apostata, sm. apostate; renegade; deserter 
Apostatar, vn 1. to apostatize; fall away; desert 
Apostelar, va. 1. to write, take short notes 
Apostema, sf. aposteme; abscess; hollow tumour 
Apostemación, s. gathering of a purulent tumour 
Apostemar, I . to swell into pus; form an abscess 
Apostemarse, vref. to apostémate; grow tumid 
Apostemero, sm. bistoury (surgeon's instrument) 
Apostemilia, sf. dimin. small abscess; pimple 
Apostemoso, -a, adj. of an abscess; purulent 
Apostilla. (/ marginal note; annotation; remark 
Apostillar. V3. 1. to comment; annotate; note 
Apostillarse, ref. to break out in pimples 
Apóstol, sm. apostle; preacher; missionary 
Apostolado, sm apostleship; apostolical duty 
Apostolado, congregation of the apostles 
Apostolado, pictures, images of the 1^ apostles 
Apostólicamente, adv apostolically 
Apostólico, -a, adj. apostolical; like theapo.ctles 
Apostólos, sm. pi. dimissory apostolic letters 
Apostre, adv. ultimately; lastly; at last 
Apostrofar, va. 1. to apostrophize; address 
Apostrofe, tf. apostrophe; diversion of speech 
Apóstrofo, sm elision of a vowel; contraction 
Apostura, sf. gentleness; neatness; good order 
Aposturáge, sm. top-timber (nautical term) 
Apote, adv. abundantly; plentifully; largely 
Apotegma, sm apophthegm; remarkable saying 
Apoteosis, tf. apotheosis; deification 
Apoticário, sm. apothecary; druggist 
Apotóme, sm. apotome; remainder; difference 
Apoyadero, tm prop; support; stay; holder 
Apoyadúra, if. flow of the milk out of the breast 
Apoyar, va. I. to favour; support; confirm 
Apoyar las espuelas, to spur; prick with the spur 
Apoyar, n. to rest on; lie; remain still; be placed 
Apoyár.-ie, ref. to lean upon; rest against; loll 
Apoy.^rse en los estribos, to bear on the stirrups 
Apoyatura, sf. appogiature (leading note, mus.) 

APO ¿ 

Apoyo, ym. prop; support; help; protection 
A preciable, arfj. appreciable; estimable; valuable 
AiJreciación, */ appraisement; valuation 
A preciadamente, adv in an apprrciable manner 
Apriciadúr, -a, smf, appraiser; valuer; esteemer 
Apreciar, va- 1. to appreciate; apprai>e; value 
Apreciativo, -a, adj. relative to the value set on 
Aprecio, »•/». appraisement; value; esteem 
Aprehender, va. 2. to apprehend; conceive 
Aprehender la posesión, to take possession 
Aprehender los bienes, to seize, distrain goods 
Aprehensión, sf. apprehension; fear; conception 
Aprehensivo, -a adj. apprehensive; fearful; witty 
Aprehensivamente, adv. apprehensively 
Aprehensor, -a, smf. apprehender; percipient 
Aprehensórid, -a, adj. apprehending; seizing 
Apremiadainénte, adv. forcibly; violently 
Apremiador, -a, sm/. compeller; forcer; urgeron 
Apremiar, va. 1. to compel; urge; press; force 
Apremio, sm. pressure; compulsion; constraint 
Aprender, v. 2. to learn; study; hear; apprehend 
Aprendiz, -a, smf. apprentice; novice; learner 
Aprendizáge, sm. apprenticeship; experiment 
Aprensador, sm. calenderer; cloth-dresser 
Aprensar, va. 1. to calender; dress cloth; vex 
Aprensar, to stow wool, Sic, on board a ship 
Apresadór, -a, srnf. privateer; cruizer; captor 
Apresamiento, sm. capture; prize; hold; grasp 
Apresar, va. 1. to seize; grasp; capture; take 
Aprestar, va. 1. to prepare; adjust; make ready 
Apresto, sm. preparation; accoutrement; dress 
Apresuracion, .«/.swiftness; speed; quick motion 
Apresuradamente, adv. hastily; speedily 
Apresurado, -a, adj. hurried; hasty; forward 
Apresuramiento, sm. readiness; eagerness 
Apresurar, c. 1 . to hurry ; hasten ; speed ; forward 
Apresurarse, ref. to hurry one's self; accelerate 
Apretadamente, adv. closely; nearly; miserably 
Apretadera, sf. strap, rope, cord, string (to tie) 
Apretaderas, pi. pressing, urgent remonstrances 
Apretadero, sm. truss, bandage (for ruptures) 
Apretadillo, -a, adj. somew hat restrained, put to 
Apretadillo (estar, v. 1.) to be in great danger 
Apretiido, -a, adj. mean; narrow-minded; sordid 
Apretador, sm. presser; underwaistcoat; corset 
Apretadura, sf. compression; pressing down 
Apretamiento, sm. crowd; concourse; conflict 
Apretar, va. 1. to compress; constrain; afflict 
Apretar las soletas, to run away; fly; escape 
Apretar con (uno), attack, assail (a person) 
Apretar la mano, to correct with a heavy hand 
Apretón, s?». pressure; conflict; diarrhoea; race 
Apretura, sf. crowd; distress, confined place 
Apriesa, adv. in haste; in a hurry; speedily 
Aprieto, sm. crowd; conflict; exigence; cramp 
Aprisa, adv. in haste; fast: in a hurry; speedily 
Aprisár, va. 1. to hurry; hasten; push forward 
Aprisco, Apriscadéro, sm. sheep-fold; sheep-cot 
Aprisionadaménte, adv. contractedly; cl(jsely 
Aprisionado, -a, adj. bound; subjected; confined 
Aprisionar, va. 1. to imprison; confine; shi 
Apró, sm. profit; benefit; advantage; favoui 
Aproar, tin. 1. to turn the prow towards (naut.) 
Aproar, va. to advantage; benefit; do good to 
Aprobación, sf. approbation; consent; pleasure 
Aprobador, -a, smf. approver; commender 
Aprobante, sm. approver; examiner; trier 
Aprobar, va. 1. to approve; like; consent to 
Aprobativo, -a, adj. approving; eoramendable 
Aproches, sm. pi. approaches ¡besiegers' works) 
Aproches (contra), counter-approaches (milit.) 
Apron, m. small fresh- water fish (like a gudgeon) 
Aprontar, va. 1. to prepare, get ready in haste 
Apronto, nn. speedy, expeditious preparation 


Apropiación, ^. appropriation; assumption 
Apropiadamente, adv. properly; conveniently 
Apropiado, -a, adj. appropriate; suitable; ofiScial 
Apropiadór, sm. appropriator; beneficiary 
Apropiar, o. 1. to appropriate; assimilate; apply 
Apropiarse, vref. to appropriate to one's self 
Apropinquacion, sf. approach ; approaching 
Apropinquárse, vref. 1. to approach; draw near 
Aprovecer, vn. 2. to improve; make progress 
Aprovechable, adj. profitable; serviceable 
.Aprovechadamente, adv. profitably; usefully 
Aprovechado, -a, adj. improved; useful; sparing 
Aprovechamiento, m. profit; progress; city-lands 
Aprovechar, tía. 1. to improve; employ usefully 
Aprovechar, vn. to make progress; be of service 
Aprovecharse, ref. to take advantage, make of 
Aproximación, sf. approximation; nearness to 
Aproximar, va. 1. to approach; draw near to 
Aproximativo, -a, «. approaching; drawing near 
Aptamente, adv. aptly; properly; fitly; justly 
Aptitud, sf. aptness; fitness; ability; tendency 
A'pto, -a, adj. apt; fit; competent; proper 
Apuesta, sf. wager; bet; stake; pledge (of perf.) 
Apuesta (ir de) to undertake in competition with 
Apuesto, -a, adj. genteel; elegant; timely;proper 
Apuesto, sm. epithet; title; gentleness; order 
Apulgarar, va. 1. to force, drive with the thumb 
Apunchár, va. 1. to cut out the teeth of a comb 
Apuntación, sf. annotation; noting down; note 
Apuntado, -a, adj. pointed; noted; marked 
Apuntador, sm. aimotator; observer; gunner 
Apuntador de comedias, prompter (of a theatre) 
Apuntalar, va. 1. to prop; sustain; shore (aship) 
Apuntamiento, sm. observation; summary; aim 
Apuntar, va. 1. to aim; mark; note; fix a board 
Apuntar, to peep (day); sharpen (tools); prompt 
Apuntar y no dar, to promise and not perform 
Apuntarse, ref. to begin to turn, be pricked 
Apuntarse los vegetales, to grow up (herbs, &c.) 
Apunte, sm. annotation; prompter's words; stake 
Apufiadár, va. 1 . to strike with the fist 
Apuñar, va. 1. to seize, lay hold on with the fist 
Apuñear, va. 1. to strike with the fist 
Apuñetear, va. 1. to beat repeatedly with the fist 
Apuración, sf. search; inquiry; investigation 
Apuradamente, adv. exactly; at the niek of time 
Apuradéro, sm. inquiry; disquisition 
Apurado, -a, adj. poor; destitute; exhausted 
Apuradór.m. purifier;refiner;consumer; gleaner 
Apuramiénto, sm. inquiry; research; evidence 
Apurar, va. 1. to purify; investigate; consume 
Apurar, á uno, to tease and perplex one 
Apurarse, ref. to grieve: sorrow; be afflicted 
Apuro, sm. want; indigence; afiSiction; exigence 
Apurrir, va. 3. to hand, transmit, deliver to 
Aquadrillár, va. 1. to collect, form, head parties 
Aquário, sm. Aquarius (sign of the zodiac) 
Aquarteládo, -a, a. quartered; divided in 4 parts 
Aquartelamiénto, sm. quartering (of troops) 
Aquartelár, va. 1. to quarter, station (soldiers'» 
AquarteUir las velas, to flat in the sails 
Aquartillár, vn. 1. to bend in the quarters 
.Aqua tico, -a, adj. aquatic ; living in the water 
Aquátil, a. aquatile; growing, living in the water 
Aquedúcto, sm. aqueduct: water-conduit, pipe 
Aquejamiénto, sm. acceleration; quickening 
Aquejar, va. 1. to complain; afflict; stimulate 
Aquél-la-lo, mfn. pron. demon, he; she; that 
Aquéllos, Aquéllas, mf. pi. pron. demon, those 
Aquende, adv. hither; here; to this place 
Aqiieo, -a, adj. aqueous; watery; full of water 
Aquerenciarse, vref. 1. to be fond of a place 
Aquése-sa-so, mfn. pr. demon. that(not distant) 
Aquésos, Aquésas, mf. pi, pron. demon, those 

AQU i 

Aquestár, va. 1. to conquer; acquire; gain 
Aquéste-sta-sto, mftt, pron. demon, this; that 
Aquí, adv. here; in, to this place; now; then 
Aqui adelante (de), adv. henceforth; hereafter 
Aqui para alii (de), adv. to and fro; up and down 
Aqui, (de) adv. from this; hence; herefrom 
Aqui en adelante (de) adv. henceforth 
Aqui el rededor, ad. hereabouts; about this place 
Aqui dentro, adv. herein; hercinto; in this place 
Aqui, (fuera de) adv. hereout; out of this 
Aqui, (hasta) adv. hitherto; to this time; yet 
Aquiescencia, sf. acquiescence; compliance 
Aquietar, va. 1. to quiet; appease; pacify; hush 
Aquietarse, ref. to grow calm; be quiet, tranquil 
A'quila-alba, »/. corrosive sublimate refreshed 
Aquilatar, va.' 1. to assay (metals); investigate 
Aquilea, sf. milfoil; yarrow (medicinal plant; 
Aquiléña,'*/- columbine (plant and flower) 
Aquilifero, sm. eagle-bearer (Roman standard) 
Aquilino, -a, a. aquiline; haw lied; hoolced (nose) 
Aquilón, «n. north-wind; cold, stormy wind 
Aquilonal, Aquilonar, adj. northerly; northern 
Aquilonal (tiempo, sm.) winter-season; winter 
Aquitibi, m. nickname of hired priests in atrair 
Aquosidád, tf. aquosity; wateriness 
Aquóso, -a, adj. aqueous; watery; full of water 
Ara, ^r. altar; communion-table; cistern-head 
A'rabe, Arábigo, sm. Arabic language 
Arabesco, m. arabesic ; fancy painting, ornament 
Arábiga, $f. stone resembling spotted ivory 
Arábigo, Arábico, -a, Arabic; Arabian; of Arabia 
Arada, »/. ploughed land; tillage; husbandry 
Arado, sm. plough (instrument of agriculture) 
Arador, m. ploughman ¡husbandman; ring- worn 
Aradorcico, sm dimin. small ring-worm 
Arádro, sm. plough (instrument of agriculture) 
Aradura, lif. ploughing; land ploughed in a day 
Aragán,»m. idler; lounger;sluggard;lazy person 
AragnOiaes, sf. thin membrane of the brain 
Aragonesa, (uva, s.) large black grape (in Arrag.) 
Arambel, stn. drapery; furniture of bed, room 
Aránibre, sm. copper; copper-wire; sheep-ball 
Aramia, sf. ploughed ground, fit for sowing 
Arana, sf. imposition; imposture; cheat; trick 
Aranáta, sf. American animal resembling a dog 
Arancel, sm. fixed rate of things; regulations 
Arándano, sm. bilberry; whortleberry; cranberry 
Arandela, sf. socket-pan (,of a candlestick) 
Arandela, nave-box of a gun-carriage; half-ports 
Arandillo, sm. pad;hoop j part of women's dress) 
Araniégo, adj. caught in a fold-net (young hawk) 
Aranzáda, sf. acre of ground (differentin places) 
Araña, sf. spider; lustre; fold-net; crow-foot 
Araña, (ser una), to be an industrious man, worn. 
Arañadór, -a, smf. scratcher; who claws, scrapes 
Arañadór de dinero, sm. scraper; scrapepenny 
Arañamiento, sm. scratching; clawing; scraping 
Arañar, va. 1. to scratch; claw; scrape; gather 
Arañar riquezas, to gather riches eagerly 
Arañar la cubierta, to make great exertions 
Arañazo, sm. augm. long deep scratch, tear 
Arañero, -a, adj. wild; intractable (bird); sour 
Araño, sm. scratch; slight wound; nipping 
Arañón, sm. sloe (fruit of the blackthorn) 
Arañuela, sf dim. small spider; spiderwort (pi.) 
Arañuelo, sm. destructive spider; fold net (bird) 
Arapénde sm. old measure of 120 square feet 
Arar, fa. 1. to plough; labour;furrow (the waves) 
Arar con ancla, to drag, draw the anchor 
Aratório, -a, adj. aratory; necessary to tillage 
Arbellón, t. gutter (to drain the water from roads) 
Arbitrable, adj. arbitrable; left to one's will 
Arbitración, >/; arbitration; decision; valuing 
Arbitradór, sm. arbitrator; umpire; determiner 


Arbitradóra, tf. arbitress; arbiter; judge; umpire 
Arbitrage, Arbitramento, Í arbitrement; deci- 
Arbitramiénto, sm. Ssion; determination 

Arbitral, adj. arbitrary; at one's will; absolute 
Arbitrar, va. 1. to arbitrate; decide; adjudge 
Arbitrariamente, adv. arbitrarily; absolutely 
Arbitrariedad, sf. arbitrariness; self-will 
Arbitrario, Arbitrativo, -a, adj. arbitrary 
Arbitratorio, -a, a. of the award, umpire, arbiter 
Arbitrio, sm. freewill; pleasure; arbitration 
Arbitrio de juez, m. unlimited power of a judge 
Arbitrios, plur. taxes, duty on wine, &c., for sale 
Arbitrista, sm. schemer; contriver; projector 
A'rbitro, sm. arbiter; arbitrator; one's own master 
A'rbol, sm. tree; mast; uprightpost; drill; shaft 
A'rbol de amor, sm. Judas-tree (bot.) 
A'rbol de clavo, sm. clove-tree, (bot.) 
A'rbol del coral, sm. coral-tree, (bot.) 
A'rbol del paraíso, Árbol paraiso, flowering ash 
A'rbol marino, fish like the star-fish, but larger 
Arbolado, -a, adj. planted with trees; masted 
Arbolado, sm. ground covered with trees; wood 
Arboladura./, masts, yards ; round timbers ( naut .) 
Arboladura, (maestre de) master mast-maker 
Arbohir, va. 1. to raise; hoist; set upright 
Arbolar el navio, to mast the ship 
Arbolarse, ref 1. to rear on the hind feet (horse) 
Arbolario, sm. herbalist; botanist; mad-cap 
Arbolecico-llo, Arbolico-to, iarboret; small 
Arboléjo, Arborcillo, sm. J tree; shrub; bush 
Arboleda, sf. grove; boscage; plantation of trees 
Arbolete, sm. branch with lime-twigs 
Arbolista, sm. arborist; planter, dresser of trees 
Arbollón, sm. flood-gate; sluice; dam; conduit 
Arbóreo, -a, adj. of trees; arborous; full of trees 
Arborizado, -a, adj. resembling trees, leaves, &c. 
Arbotante, stone, brick-arch to support a vault. 
Arbotante de pie de campana, bell crank 
Arbusto, sm. arbuscle; small shrub; bush 
Arbustíllo, sm. dimití, very small shrub, bush 
A'rca, sf. chest; large wooden box; hutch 
A'rca, sepulchral urn; tomb; head of a spout 
A'rca denoé, s. lumber-chest; box full of rubbish 
A'rca de fuego, small box filled with gun-powder 
A'rca cerrada (ser), to be yet unknown i pers. &c.) 
A rca de agua, reservoir; cistern; basin; tank 
A'rcas, pi. iron-chest; coffer (to lay in money) 
A'rcas, (hacer) to open the treasury-chest 
A'rcas, cavities of the body under the ribs (anat.) 
Arcabucear, va. 1. to shoot with the cross-bow 
Arcabucería, sf. troop of archers; cross-bows 
Arcabucero, s. archer; maker of bows; gunsmith 
Arcabuz, sf. arquebuse; hand-gun; fire-arm 
Arcabuzázo, sm. wound from the shot of a gun 
Arcacil, sm. species of wild artichoke (plant) 
Arcada,/, violentthrowing up motion of the stom. 
Arcada, arcade; continuation of arches; piazza 
A'rcade, wlj. Arcadian; of polite literature 
Arcaduz, sm. conduit; water-pipe; bucket 
Arcaduzar, va. 1. to convey water through pipes 
Arcaísmo, mixture of ancientand modem words 
Arcam, s. very venomous serpent (in Turkestan) 
Arcángel, sm. archangel; highest angel, spirit 
Arcangelicál, adj. archangelic; of ai'changels 
Arcanidád, ^. profound secret of great moment 

Arcano, -a, secret; private; recondite; unknown 
Arcar, to beat wool with a bow of 1 or 2 coitls 
A'rcaz, sm. large chest; bier to carry the dead 
Arcáza, sf. augm. very large chest; coffer 
A'rce, SHI. maple-tree (frequent in hedge-rows) 
Arcedianáto, sm. archdeaconship; archdeaconry 
Arcediano, sm. archdeacon; bishop's substitute 
Arcvn. stn. border; edge; edge-stone of a well 

ARC ^ 

Archéra, tf. fenule archer; bowwoman; shooter 
Archéro, s. archer; bowman : shooter with a bow 
Archiducado, $m. archduki-dom; archdutehy 
Archiducal, adj. of an archduke, archdutehy 
Archiduque, sm. arch-duke (Austrian prince) 
Archiduquesa, s. archduchess (Austrian princess) 
Archilaúd, sin. instrument like a lute, but lar^'er 
Archipámpano, sm. imaginary dij^nity, power 
Archipiélago, sm. Archipelago (cluster of isles'» 
Archivar, va. 1. to deposit (papers; in archives 
Archivéro-ista, sm. keeper of archives, records 
Archivo, sm. archives; record-office; confidant 
Arcilla, sf. argil; potter's clay; white pure earth 
Arcilloso, -a, ndj. argillaceous; clayey; of argil 
Arciprestádgo-zgo, sm. dignity of archpriest 
Arcipreste, sm. archpresbj'ter; chief priest 
A'rco, sm. arc; arch; bow; liddle-bow; hoop 
A'rco del cielo, sm. rainbow; iris 
Areola, sf. sort of coarse linen 
Arcon, s. aug. large chest; great arch, arc, bow 
A'rctico, -a, cut]', arctic; northern; septentrional 
Arquádo, -a, ailj. arched; in the form of 

> ARI 

Arestín, tm. scab of the heel up to the pastern 
Arestinadu, -a, adj. w ith a scab of the heel (horse) 
Arfada, sf. pitching, torring of (a ship) 
Arfar, va. 1. to pitch; tar; smear with pitch 
Arfil, sm. bishop ,at the game of cliessj 
Argadijo, ? sm. reel; turning frame: stage-scene; 
Argadillo, J blusterer ; large wicker-basket 
Argado, sm. frolic ; prank ; trick ; artifice; antic 
Argalla, sf. civet ( perfume i catheter (surg. inst.) 
Argallera, sf. saw for cutting grooves 
Argamandel, sm. rag; tatter; tattered clothes 
Argamandijo, sm. collection of trifling tools 
Argamandijo, (dueño del) powerful lord; master 
Argamasa, sf. mortar; cement (for building) 
Argamasar, 1. toraaken; "' 



1. lar 

lula, sf. golden starwoi 
A'rgana, sf machine (like a i 
A'rganas, pi. fruit-baskets, Jtc. (carried by hor.) 
Arganel, sm. small brass-ring of an astrolabe 
Arganeo, stn. anchor-ring (to fasten the cable) 
A'rgano, sm. ancient warlike machine 
A'rda,/ squirrel (small animal living in woods) ' Argel, a. with the right hind foot white (horse) 

Ardaleádo, -a, adj. thinned; made thin, clear 
Ardaleár, va. 1. to thin, make thin, attenuate 
Ardasas, Ardáses, sf. pi. coarsest Persian silk 
Ardasinas, Ardazinas, sf. pi. finest I'ersian silk 
Ardedor, sm. kind of serpent < creeping animal) 
Ardentía, sf. heat; phosphoric glow of the sea 
Ardeóla, sf. small kind of heron large bird) 
Arder, r. 2. to burn; blaze; glow; be agitated v\ith 
Arderse en pleitos, ref. be entangled in la« -suits 
ArdOro, -a, smf. squirrel-hunter (applied to a dog; 
Ard il, sm. stratagem; artifice, cunning; trick 
Ardido, -a, a. heated; in a fermenting state; bold 
Ardiente, adj. ardent; burning; fervent; fiery 
Ardiente (calentura, sf. burning fever 
Ardientemente, adv. ardently ; fervently 
Ardilla, s/. squirrel (small animal in woods) 
Ardimiento, sm. conflagration; intrepidity 
Ardineulo, sm. inflamed swelling on the back 
Ardite, m. ancient coin of little value (in Spain) 
Ardite (no valer un, v. 2.) not to be worth a doit 
Ardor, s. ardour; great heat; fire; fervour; valour 
Ardoroso, -a, a. fiery;restless;highmettled(hor.) 
Arduamente, adv. arduously; with difficulty 
Arduidád, sf. arduousness; great difficulty 
A'rduo, -a, a. arduous; hard to climb; difficult 
A'rea, sf. area; open surface; barn-floor: halo 
Arel, sm. large cribble to sift the corn, &c. 
Arelar, va. 1. to sift the corn with a large cribble 
Arena, sf. sand; gravel; arena (for wrestlers, &c. ; 
Arena (sembrar en, r. 1.) to labour in vain 
Arenas, sf. plur. gravel formed in the kidneys 
Arenáceo, -a, adj. arenaceous; sandy; gravelly 
Arenal, sm. sandy-ground; sandy-beach; shore 
11 sandy pie " 
ill land 
:over with sand 
1. uu^ very large herring (fish) 
Arenero, stn. dealer in sand; seller of sand 
Arenga, sf. harangue; speech; public oration 
Arengar, v. 1. to harangue; make a public speech 
Arenica, Arenilla, st dim. fine small sand 
Arenillas, sf. pi. granulated saltpetre (for powd.) 
Arenisco,-óso, -a, adj. arenóse; sandy; gravelly 
Arenque, sm. herring (small sea-fish) 
Arenque ahumado, sm. red herring (smoked fish) 
Areüla, sf. small coloured rim round the nipple 
Areómetro, sm. areometer (instr. to weigh fluids) 
Areopagita, sm. judge, member of the Areopagus 
Areipago, sm. highest tribunal in Athens 
Areoteetónica, */. military art of fighting 
ArOsta, tf. coarse tow; thorn; fish-bone; spine 

Argelino, -a, 'idj. Algerine; of Algiei 

Argenia, Ar;;emi.n, s. small white ulcerontheeye 

Argémune, m tlinrny poppy (soporiferous plant) 

Ivered over; white 
ig the white (shoes) 
Argeniauor, sm. w no silvers, covers with silver 
Argentar, ca. 1. to silver; cover plate with silver 
Argentirio-ero, silversmith; master of th» mint 
Argentería, sf. embroidery in gold, silver 
Argentifodina, sr. silver-mine ( cave in the earth) 
Argentina, sf. silver-weed; wild tansy (plant) 
Ar^^ento, sm. (poetical expression) silver 
Argento vivo, sublimado sublimate ( chem. prep. ) 
Argilla, sf. argil; clay; white pure earth 
Argiritas, sm. pi. marcasites (found in mines) 
Argirogónia, sf. philosopher's stone 
Argolla, sf. large iron ring; staple; pillory 
Argollas de cureña, pi. hooks of a gun-carriage 
Argollas de amarra, s/. plur. lashing-rings 
ArgoUéta-ica-ita, dim. small iron ring, staple 
ArgoUón, stn. auam. very large iron ring, staple 
A rgoma, sf. furze; gorse; goss; whin; broom 
Argomal, sm. plantation of shrub, milk-trefoil 
ArgomOn, sm. attgm. large prickly broom 
Argonautas,», pi. Argonauts; Jason's companions 
A'rgos, Í. Argo celebrated ship (of the Argonauts) 
Argos, Argus(ashepherd with 100 eyes 1; watcher 
A'rgos (ser un, vaux.) to be very vigilant 
Argoudán, s. kind of Indian stuff made of cotton 
Arguajáque, Arguaxáque, stn. gum anmioniac 
Argucia, sf. quirk; cavil; subtle device; cunning 
Argüe, sm'. machine to wire-draw gold; w indlass 
Arguellarse, ref. I. to be emaciated, in bad health 
.Arguello, sm. bad state of health: faintncss 
Arguenas, sf. pi. hand-barrow; cruet-stand 
Argüir, va. 3. to argue: dispute; oppose: reprove 
Argüir, vn. to give signs of; make a show of 
.A'rguma, sf. furze; broom; gorse; goss; whin 
Argumentación, sf. reasoning; argumentation 
Argumentador, -a, stnf. arguer; reasoner 
Argumentiir, rn. 1. to argue; reason; dispute 
Argumentativo, -a, adj. argumentative 
Argumentillo, nn. dim slight argument, ri 
Argumento, sm. argument; subject; c 
Arguyente, «ra. arguer; i 
A'ria, sf air; tune; song; modulated verses 
Aribár, va. 1. to reel, gather yarn into skeins 
Aribo, sm. reel (to wind up yarn into skeins) 
Aricar, v. I. to plough acrossland sown with cor 
Aridez, »/. drought; want of rain; drj-ness 

A'rido, -a, atii. arid; dry; parched up; barren 
Ariénzo, «771, little ram; old coin of Castile 
A 'ries, sin. ram (one of the 1 2 signs of the zodiac) 
Ariéta, t/; arietta; short air, sons, tuno; ballad 
Ariete, sm. battering ram (warliiie machinoj 
Arietiuo, -a, adj. resembling the head of a ram 
Arijo, -a, adj. light; easily tilled, ploughed 
Arillo, sin. dimin. small hoop; ear-ring 
Ariméz, tm. projecture; jutting out of (a house) 
Arindájo, ». jay; jacltdaw (small species of crow J 
Arisaro, tm. wake-robin; arum (a plant) 
Arisco, -a, adj. untractable; lierce; unpolished 
Arisniética, sf. arithmetic; science of numbers 
Ari^metico, -a, adj. arithmetical; of arithmetic 

Arisnegro, Arispriéto (trigo,) am. kind of wheat 
Arista, sm. beard i of ears of corn); rough edge 
Aristas, pi. salient angles crossing each other 
Aristarco, m impartial critic; spot on the moon 
Aristino, sm. scab of the heel up to the pastern 
Aristocracia, sf. state governed by nobles, &c. 
Aristócrata, sm. favourer of aristocracy 
Aristocráticamente, adv. aristocratically 
Aristocrático, -a, a. aristocratical; of aristocracy 
Aristolóquia, tf. birthwort (a plant) 
Aristoso, -a, adj. full of bearded cars (com) 
Aristotélico, -a, adj. of the doctrine of Aristotle 
Aritraáncia, sf. foretelling futurity by numbers 
Aritmética, ». art of computation ; calculation 
Aritméticamente, adv. by computation 
Aritmético, -a, aiithmetical; of arithmetic 
Aritmético, sm. aritlmietician ; computer 
Arlequin, sm. harlequin; buffoon; jack pudding 
Arlét. sm. sort of cumin (a plant, and seed) 
Arlienánse, sm. sort of linen 
A'rlo, sm. berberry (fruit of sharp taste, pickled) 
Arlóta, sf. tow of flax, hemp (falling in dressing) 
A rma, sf. arms; gun; sword; weapon; alarm 
Arma falsa, sf. false alarm 
A'rma, A'rma! á las armas! to arms! to arms! 
A'rma arrojadiza, sf. missile weapon 
A rma de fuego, sf. fire-arms; gun; pistol, &c. 
A'rma blanca, st. sabre; sword; pike; scimitar 
A rmas, sf. pi. troops; armies; family-arms, &c. 
A'rmas (hombre de, sm.) military man; soldier 
A'rmas (maestro de, sm. ) fencing-master 
A'rmas (pasar por las, r. 1. ) to be shot (criminal 
A'rmas (rendir las, v. 3.) to lay down the arms 
A'rmas, */. plur. means; power; reason 
Armada, sf. fleet; company of ships; navy 
Arraiida de barlovento, fleet to the windward 
Annadéra, sj. principal timbers (of a ship) 
Armadia, */ raft; frame of timbers laid across 
Armadijo, sm, tsap, snare (to catch birds) 
Armadillo, sm. four-footed animal of Brasil 
Armado, -a, armed; weaponed; plated with gold 
Armado, sm. man armed w ith a coat of mail 
Aniiadór, sm. privateer; cruiser; pirate; jacket 
Armadura, sf. armature; armour; skeleton 
Armadura del tejado, sf. shell of a building 
Armadura de una mesa, sf. frame of a Uble 
Armajál, sm. fen; marsh; moor; bog; morass 
Amiajára, sf. ground-plot for garden-plants 
Armamento, sm. armament; preparation forwa 
Armandijo, «n. trap, snare (to catch birds) 
Armar, va. 1 to arm; furnish with 
Armar la cuenta, U) make up an ac 
Armaria, to cheat at cards; pack the cards 
Armaria con queso, to decoy; lure into; entrap 
Armar navio, bajel, to tit out a ship, vessel, &c. 
Armar pleito, ruido, to stir up disturbances 
Armar un lazo, to lay a snare; entrap; entangle 
Armar una cama, to set up a bedstead 
Armar una casa, to frame the roof of a house 

34 ARQ 

Armar caballero, to knight; create a knight 
Armarse, ref. to prepare one's self for war 
Armarse de paciencia, to be prepared to suffer 
Armario, sm. cup-board; press; closet; buffet 
Armatoste, sm. cumbersome piece of furniture 
Armazón, sm. armour; hulk; fishing tackle 
Armelina, sf. ermine (choice and valuable fur) 
Armella, »/. staple; ring (of iron or other metal) 
Armelluéla, sf. small staple; small ring of iron 
Armer.a, sf. armory; arsenal; trade of armorei 
Armero, sm. armorer;gun-smith;keeper of arms 
Armígero, -a, adj. armigerous; bearing arms 
Armilár (esfera, ^.) armillary sphere 
Armilla, sf. chief part of the base of a column 
Armiiio, sm. ermine (small animal like a weasel) 
Annipoténte, adj. (poet.) mighty in w ar, in arms 
Armisticio, sm. armistice; suspension of arms 
Armoisin, sm. sarsenet; fine thin woven silk 
Armonía, harmony; melody; concord; symmetry 
Armonía, hacer, causar) to excite admiration 
Armonía, (correr, cim v. ü.) to live in peace 
Armoniaco, sm. gum ammoniac 
Armónicamente, adr. in a manner harmonica! 
Annónico, -a, a, harmonic; musical; concordant 
Armoniosamente, adv. harmoniously; musically 
Armonioso, -a, a. harmonious; melodious; sweet 
Armonista, smt. adept in harmony, music 
Annuélle, sm. orach; atriplex (plant) 
A'rna, sf. bee-hive; industrious family 
Amacho, sm. restharrow; ononis arvensis (plant) 
Ames, sm. coat of mail; armour; armory 
Ameses, sm. plur. necessary tools, utensils 
Ames de caballo, trapping, furniture of a horse 
Arnilla, si. dimin. small bee-hive 
A'ro, sm. hoop of wood, iron, or other metal 
Aróca, sf. linen somewhat wider than 3 quarters 
ArOma, sf. flower of the aromatic myrrh-iree 
Aroma, sm. odorous principle, spirit of plants 
Aromaticidad, sf. fragrance; sweetness of smell 
Aromático, -a, adj. aromatic; sweet-scented 
Aromatización, sf. scenting with aromatics 
Aromatizador, sm. (one) who scents with spices 
Aromatizar, va. 1. to scent; perfume; aromatize 
Aromo, sm. aromatic myrrh-tree 
Aróza, sm. foreman in iron-works, forges 
Arpa, sf. harp; lyre; harp (constellation) 
Arpado, -a, adj. serrated; indented; toothed 
Arpadór, sm. harp-player; harper 
Arpadura, sf. scratch; nipping: slight wound 
Arpar, va. 1. to tear to pieces; rend; claw 
Arpegio, sm. harping the sounds of a chord (mus. ) 
Arpélla, »/. harpy (sort of hawk, ravenous bird) 
Arpeo, sm. grappling iron; grapnel (naut.) 
Arpia, sf. harpy (fabulousbird) ravenous wretch 
Arpillera, sf. sack-cloth; pack-cloth; coarse linen 
Arpista, sm. harper; player on the harp; lyrist 
Arpón, m. harpoon; harping-iron (strike whales) 
Arponado, -a, adU struck with a harpoon 
Arponero, s. harpooner; who throws the harjKKiu 
Arqueada, sf. stroke with the fiddle-bow 
Arqueado, -a, a. arched; vaulted; concave; bent 
Arqueador, tm. ship-gauger; builder of arches 
Arqueáge, sm gauging, measuring of a ship 
Arqueamiénto, sm arcuation; tonnage; gauging 
,, Arquear, v. 1. to arch;arcuate;dust(woül);gauge 

fit up Arquear las cejas, to arch the eye-brows; frown 
Arquearse, ref. bend; sU)op; grow round-backed 
Arqueo, sm. arcuation; tonnage, gaugmg 
Arqueología, if. discourse on antiquity 
Arquería, tf. continuation, series of arches 
Arquero, sm. maker of arches, &c; cashier ;archei 
Arqueta, •■;/". dim. small chest; little trunk; box 
Arquetipo, sm. archetype; original; model; copy 
Arqueten, tm. augm. large chest; trunk; coffer 

ARQ •' 

ArquetoncíUo. sm. dim. middling trunk, chest 
Arquibanco, sm. bench, seat with drawers 
Arquiepiscopal, adj. belonging to an archbishop 
ArquitUósofo. sm. man supremely learned 
Arquilla-ita, sf. dim. very small chest, trunk 
Arquillo, sm. dimiu. small arch, bow 
Arquimesa, sf. scrutoire; case of draw. 
Arquisinagogo, sm. chief 
Arquitecto, sm. architect; 

uildef ; contriver 
adj. skilled in architecture 
/; architecture ; art of building 

Arrabales, pit . . 

Arrabalero, a, adj. churlish; rude; avanciou 
Arrabio, sm. cast iron uron cast in a mould) 
Arracada, s/l ear-ring; drop; pendant (c 
Arracadas, plur. young childr- "■-""* ■ 
ArracadiUa, sf. dimin. small < 
Arracife, sm. cause«ay:ridgt 
Arracimado, -a, «. grow ing in 
Arraciraiirse, rref. 1. to grow 

about a widow 

of hidden rocks 
clusters; clustered 
in bunches; clu; 

' Arráez, sm. captain, master of a Moorish ship 
Arraigadas, sf. plur. foot-hook shrouds (naut. ) 
Arraigar, vn. 1. to root; fix the root; pledge land 
Arraigarse, vref. to fix one's residence; settle 
Arraigo, sm. landed property; estate; lands 
Arraigo, (hombre de) man of landed property 
Arrajáque, m. fork with three bent prongs; swift 
Arralar, ra. 1. to thin; make thin; rarefy 
Arramblar, ra. 1. to cover with sand; sweep away 
Arrancada, sf. sudden departure; violent sally 
Arrancadera, sf. belwether; animal with a bell 
Arrancadero, sm. thickest part of a gun-barrel 
Arrancada, (boga, sf.) strong uniform rowing 
Arrancada, (de boga) with long strokes of oars 
Arrancador, -a, svif extirpator; destroyer 
Arrancadura, sf. \ extirpation; destruction; 
Arrancamiento, m.j tearing up by the roots 
Arrancar, I'l. to eradicate; force out; wrest; pull 
Arrancar, to carry off by violence; run away 
Arrancar de raiz, to averruncate; root up 
Arrancar la espada, to unsheath the sword 
Arrancársele á uno, el alma, to die broken-hearted 
Arrancasiega, sf poor corn (half mowed; pulled) 
Arrancharse, vref. 1. to mess together (soldiers) 
Arranciarse, vref 1. to grow rancid, fetid 
Arranque, sm. extirpation;fitof passion; wrench 
A rránque, sudden and unexpected event 
Arranque, (un hombre de mucholmanvery hasty 
Arranque, tcarbr.n de) charcoal made of roots 
Arranque del caballo, start of a horse 
Arrapar, ra. 1 to snatch away; carry off 
Arrapiezo, Arrapo, sm. rag; tatter; vile wretch 
A'rras, sf. pi. bridegroom's pledge of marriage 
Arras de la bodega, wings of the hold (naut.) 
A'rras, macaco (sort of parrot) psittacus ara 
Arrasadúra, s. measuring salt, &c , n ith a strickle 
Arrasamiento, sm. demolition of a fortress 
Arrasar, ra. 1. to level; demolish; efface; brim 
Arrasar un bajel, to cut down a vessel (naut.) 
Arrasar, vji. to clear up; grow fine (weather) 
Arrastradamente, adv. imperfectly ; painfully 
Arrastradéras, sf. pi. lower studding sails (naut. ^ 
Arrastradero, sm. fit place for careening (coast) 
Arrastrado, -a, adj. dragged, pulled along 
Arrastrado, (andar) to live in the utmost misery 
Arrastramiento, sm. dragging along the ground 
Arrastrante, sm. claimantof a degree (in colleges) 
Arrastrar, v. 1. todrag along; bring over to; lead 
Arrastrar, v. creep; crawl; move without rismg 
Arrastre, m. leading a trump; trailing gown 
Arráte, »m. pound of sixteen ounces 
Arrayán, «n. myrtle (fragrant tree) 

Arrayanal, sm. plantation of myrtles 
Arrear, ra. 1. to drive, guide horses, mules ftc. 
Arrebañadór, -a, smf. gleaner; gatherer; picker 
Arrebañadúra, sf. gleaning; gathering; pickmg 
Arrebañar, va. 1. to glean; gather; pick up 
Arrebatada, (muerte, /.) sudden death 
Arrebatadamente, adr. rashly; without thought 
Arrebatado, -a, adj. violent; precipitate; hasty 
Arrebatado, (hombre) rash, inconsiderate man 
Arrebatador, -a, m/.snatcher; who takesby force 
Arrebatamiento, sm. carrying away by force; ht 
Arrebatar, va. 1. to carry off; snatch; attract 
Arrebatarse, vref. to be led away by passion 
Arrebatarse, to be in rapture, out of one s senses 
Arrehaíárse, to meet at the sound of alarm-bells 
Arrebatarse (el caballo) to be overheated (horse) 
Arrebatiña, sf. carryingoff hastily out of a crowd 
Arrebato, sm. surprise; sudden attack (in war) 
Arrebato, de colera, sudden burst of passion 
Arrebol, sm. red appearance of the sky; rouge 
Arrebolar, ra. 1. to paint red; colour with red 
Arrebolarse, vref. to paint; lay red on one's face 
Arrebolera, /.woman, who sells rouge;rouge-pot 
Arrebollarse, vref. 1. to fall headlong; tumble 
Arrebozada, sf. swarm, great number of bees 
Arrebozar, va. 1. to overlay meat with jelly 
Arrebozarse, re/, to muffle one's self up; gather 
Arrebozo, sm. muffling one's self up; muffler 
Arrebujadamente, adv. confusedly; pell-mell 
Arrebujar, ra. 1. to huddle; jumble together 
Arrebujarse, ref to roll one's self in bed-clothes 
Arrecáfe, s. thistle; fuller's thistle; teazil (planf" 
Arreciar, ra. 1. to increase; augment; swell 
Arreciarse, vref. to expand; go on increasing 
Arrecife, sin. causeway; ridge of hidden rocks 
Arrecil, sm. sudden flood, inundation; overflow 
Arrecirse, vref. á. to grow stiff with cold 
Arredondar, Arredondear, ra. I. to make round 
Arredramiénto, sm. removing further 
Airedrar, ra. 1. to remove further; terrify 
Arredrarse, ref. to be terrified, struck with terror 
Arredro, arfr. backwards; begone; away (Satan) 
Arregazado, -a, a. having the point turned up 
Arregazada, (nariz. */,) cocked, turned up nose 
Arregazár, ra. 1. to tuck up the skirts, &c. 
Arregladamente, ad. regularly, according to rule 
Arreglado, -a, adj. regular; punctual ; moderate 
Arreglamiento, sm. regulation; administration 
Arreglar, va. 1. toregulate; direct; frame; adjust 
Arreglarse, ref. to conform to law, rule, custom 
Arreglo, sm. rule; order; regularity; regulation 
Arreglo, (con) adv. conformably; according to 
Arregostarse, vrej. 1. to relish; have a taste for 
Arrejaca, sf three-prong-fork bent at the point 
Arrejacar, r. 1. to plough across; root out weeds 
rrejáco, sm. string; band; swift; martin (bird) 

Arrejáda, */. paddle of a plough; paddle-staff 
Arrejaque, s. fork with 3 bent prongs; swift (bird) 
Arrél-élde, sm. weight of 4 pounds; small bird 
Arrenallárse, vref 1. to sit at ease; lean back 
Arrenallárse, to make one's self comfortable 
Arremangado, -a, adj. lifted upwards; raised 
Arremangados, (ojos, sm. plur.) uplifted eyes 

. 1. to tuck up (one's clothes, &c. ) 
re/, to be determined to do, »■ c. 
. tucking up of one's clothes, &c. 
a, sm/. mimic; ludicrous imitator 
m. assailer; attacker; aggressor 
-I, ..... -d. to assail, attack; seize; shock 
¡da, s/. assault; attack; start (of a horse) 
Arremolinado, -a, adj. whirled; turned round 
Arrempujár, v. 1. to move;drive away; shoveoff 
Arremuéco, s. caress; endearment; mark of scorn 
arrendable', adj. rentable; tenantable; of hire 


Arrendación, tf. renting; hiring; lease 
Arrendadero, im. iron ring fixed to the miiger 
Arrendado, -a, adj. obedient to the reins (hoise) 
Arrendador, sm. renter; tenant; copv-holder 
Arrendador de plomo, very tiresome neison 
Arrendadorclio, ^. pettZrente^.Tn'aThirer 
Arrendajo, sm. mueking-bird; mimic; imitator 
Arrendamiento, sm. renting; hiring; lease 
Arrendante, sm renter; tenant; lessee; hirer 
Arrendar, ra, 1 to rent; hire; briale; ñ.imfc 
tí::n"^^,'.t.l"rd-:^ «i'.'^. "e"t of -nin onage 



«^1 reiiuar a aiente, nir< 
Arrendatario, -a, smf. remer- lenanf les 
Arreo, sm. dress; ornament; e'mbellishme 
Arreos, sm. plur. appendages; dependinci 
Arreo, arfi) successively; unmterrupiedlv 
Arreo (llevar, va 1.) to carry on one's shoulders 
Arrepapalo, sm. (sort of) fritters, pancakes 
Arrepasate acá compadre, «n. bovish play, &c 
Ar¡-!r"í'^°' ■'^ °f' J«-Pe»'ant; s¿rro«íful\r 
Arrepentidas, sj. pi. house for repentant women 
Arr^if Hi™'""'"- '""o ^^Pentance; compunction 
.ftrrepent ise. viei. 3. to repent; be sorrowful 
Arrepistar, va. J. to (¡nnd. pound rags into pulp 
A rrep.sto. sm. grindmg of rags into pulp 
Arrepticio, -a, adj. possessed of the devil 

AÍÍ!nnT""'^' ''^'^- ^- •" •='^"'"' "'^ke butter 
Arrequite, s. smgeing-iron (to smooth cot &c 1 
Arrequives, sm. pi. ornaments; requisites;"facts 

Am.Sr,Va^' r1ó"7e1t.''Ím ■''"'""'''^ ^"'^^^^^^^^ 
AÍÍI:f^''^'''''t^,? ^^-''^°'^'-ngáge";it°h spfrit in 
Arresto, sm boldness; spirit: prison; arrest 

aÍh t Í fl '" "f t'l'stles, brushwood 

Arr in ' inundation ¡overflow; deluge 

anisuiu, sm Arianism; doctrine of Arius 
A,¡.!í ¡' "v' "9- A''a"; of the tenets of Anus 
Arr ai la bandera, va. 1. to lower; strike the flag 
Arnar las-vergas, to strike the yards ( naiit 1 

to pay out the c" 

le (m 

Amar en banda, to pay out the whole cable 
llV^l , ^H ""• *°v.'''' «° "-^^ main-top-sail 
Amar, to destroy by flood, sudden fall of rain 
Amata,/ ate, m. border; trelis (ingarden) 
Amba, ad above; high; aloft; in the king's hknds 
Amba, (decretado de) decreed bv high nower 
AÍÍ'^ ""/fr- -'^. "*■■ «bove-meniioned, ca"d 
Amba. (abáxo de) adv. from top to bottom 
Arriba de seis varas, prep, above six yards 
Arriba (iragua,c. a.) to work up the river inanf I 

Alíüldi'^i*''"" ""T^^-^ '° th^^e re^onJi":" -^ 
Arr bada, sf arrival m a port (of a vessel &c 1 
Am hada, (de) into port b, stress of «Ser '^ 
Arribada-á sotavento, falling off to leeward 
Arr hiP' ^\ *'■'■"'*•; coming to; landing 
Arribar todo, to bear away before the wind 
Arribar a es^/.te larga, to bear away large (n 

ir sobre un bajel, t 

3 bear down up. 

« , ■ ^' J 6'"W well; attain o 

Arnoo, «n. arrival; coming to; landing i a 

Arricete, sm. shoal; shallow; shelf • sand.hanV T.V^-'i^'^" 

Ariu.ria,tr. mule-horse driver.s' occupation 
Arrierico-iUo-ito, sm. dim. pettv mule-driver 
Arriero, sm. mule-horse driver(carrving goods) 
Arriesgadamente, adv. in a hazardous manner 
Arriesgado, -a. adj. dangerous; hazardous 
Ame.sgádo, (hombre) dingeroils man 

AÍr1e%t;en.e/reTpri.n'e^ste'.rt'1r ''''^ ' T~ 

ímm^ri * '• ''^" ""-Peted & furnished room 
Xrf íí^^ "• "^ "*• intended to be applied to 
Arr mi^'f ' '^^'^ Parasitc; sponger; support 
A^ Ii^,,i-' 't'.'^-'' P"sse«pd by evil spirits 
Arrimadur. block of wood at the back ot the fire 
AÍ mtr".^^ f- access; appruach; drawing near 
Arrimar, üa. J. to approach; bring near; dismi'^s 
Arr.'l^r'"' '°f °"'the cargo; trim the hold (naut.) 
AÍÍm^í » '^'i*-^"''."?"^''' hurtahorse a shoeing 
aÍÍ m^y ^^^° \ """"' '" '""Po^e; deceive 
Arrimarse, re/, to lean upon; be supported; ioin 
Arrimarse, to come to the kno'wledgrof ; discover 
AÍrimo Z T '"■k*"-^ ?"" '° reach (at bowls) 
X^S^ • ^i aPP'oach; joining to; staff; support 
Í hacer el; io stagger along a wall 

..... >.„ acecho de. - estar del to watch over 

Arrinconado, -a, adj. out of favour- retired fV,,m 
Arrmconár. va. 1. to lay aside; dismiss 
Arrinconarse, vref. to withdraw from the world 
Arriscadamente, adv. boldlv; tonvardlv- brisklv 
Arriscado, -a. adj. bold; fo^ard; bri,sk free 
Arriscado, (caballo, sm.) high me'ttled horse 

-A.rritránca, s (sort of) wide crupper (formules) 
Arrizar, tía, J to reef ; stow the boat on deck 
Ar,¡íá!^ ?, ^°.•l^ *° ^'"* ^^^ *"'=bor (naut.) 
Arrizar la artiller-a. to house the guns (naut 1 
Arrizar alguno, to tie, lash one down (on oal > 
Arrona. ,/ weight of 26 lb; measure 'iz pin s 
Arroban, por) by wholesale; by the gross! lump 
Arrobas (echar por, va. 1.) to exaggerate 
Arrobadizo, -a. a,//, teigning ecstasy, rapture 
Arrohtf • r"^ "V ^2'-^Pi"'-ed; ecstasied; rav.Ihed 
Arrobado, (por) adv. by wholesale, the gro,".s 
Arrobador, sm. seller by wholesale, the gross 
Arrobanuento.m. ecstasy; rapture; amfzement 

ír^oblÍL^t/'t^b''"'^':' ""^^^"'^ ">■ «"'-bas 
Arrobarse, ref. to be raptured, out of one's senses 
Arrooero. -a, »</. proviaer of bread for a convent 
Arrobita, sf. dim. arroba in a small compass 

estasy; rapture; amazement 
.........„,,„.. grower of rice; dealer in rice 

Arrocinado, -a, adj. as stupid as an ass- dull 

ÍVrnT,tT' '"''■^■J- ^ ^'"'°""' dull- stipid 
Arrode ado, -a, adj. covered with a shield 
Arrodelarse, vref. 1. to be armed with a shield 
t^'n ,?' f • ^°'"S '•"""d;;delav 
Arrod. adura,/ Arrodillamiento, m. kneeling 
fJi^-ll^'^' ""■ *° bend the knee to the ground 
Arrodillarse, tre/ to kneel; rest on one's knees 
Arrodrigar, Arrodrigonar, va. 1. to prop vines 
Arrogación, sj. arrogation; claimins; proudly 
Arrogador, sm. assumer; haughty claimer 
A^rl'^r^'^ '/■■ ^^'■ogance; haughtiness; mettle 
Arrogante, adj. arrogant; haughty; spirited 
Arrogantemente, adv. arrogantlv: haughtily 
.) Arrogar, va 1, to arrogate; claim proudly 

rJ,. ■?""«f' • "" '• lo arrogate; claim proudlv 

ish p Arrogarse, re/, to assume unjustlvfc^a^Vainl, 


ro^adillo, sm. handkerchief (used for a cap) 
.jadizo, -a, a<i¡. missile; easily darted- bold 

Arrojar, va. 1. to fling; dart; scent; sprout; cast 
AnXl^^Z^)" '■'^'*bot(oyen); dismiss angrily 
Ari/i^! ' ^\ ^^^^ ""*> impetuosity; hazard 
AÍmM^Z: '"'■•^P','»">'; boldness; fearlessness 
aÍÍo tr ^' 1 '°"",«=y""«ier to move we.i^htsl 
Arrollar á un hiño, to dandle, lull to rrst a chi'd 
omadizarse, «,e/. 1. t« catch a cold 

.to translate into Spanish 
blunt; dull the edge, point 

ARR ^ 

Arromper, va. 2. to break up ground for sowing 
Arrompido, -a, newly broken iiii; fit for sowing 
Arrompido, s. ground new h broken up, fittosow 
Arrompimiénto, sin. breakingii]» land for sowing 
Arronzar, v. 1 toh.iul.pu 1 a cable (with hands) 
Arropado, -a, adj. mixed w ith boiled n ine (wine) 
Arropamiento, sm. clothing; dressin»; clothes 
Arropar, a. 1. to cover the body with clothes 
Arropar el vino, to mix wine with boiled w ine 
Arropar las viñas, to manure the roots of vines 
Arrope, m. new wine boiled to a sirup; conserve 
Arrope de moras, sirup of mulberries 
Arropeas, sf pi. irons; fetters; chains; shackles 
Arropéra, s/. vessel for holding must, sirup 
Arropía, «/". cake made of honey, flour, and spice 
Arropiéro, sm. maker, seller of sweet cakes 
Arrostrar, a. 1. to set about in a cheerful manner 
Arrostrar los peligios, to encounter dangers 
Arrostrarse, ref. to close with; tight face to face 
Arroxar, va 1. to make red hot; heat to redness 
Arroyada,/ Arroyadero, m. valley; current 
Arroyar, va. I. to overflow sown ground 
Arroyarse, ref. to be tainted with mildew (corn) 
Arróyalo, sí/i. rivulet; current; water-course 
Arroyico -uélo, sm. dim. rill; small rivulet 
Arroyo, sm. rivulet; small river; current 
Arroz, sm. rice (esculent grain) 
Arrozal, sm. field sown with rice 
Arrozár, ra. 1. to ice, congeal (a liquid) slightly 
Arrozéro, sm. grower of, dealer in rice 
Arruár, vn. 1. to grunt like a wild boar 
Arrufado, -a, adj. sheered; incurvated; bent 
Arrufado, (navio muy, sm.) moon-sheered ship 
Arrufadúra, sf. sheer of a ship (naut.) 
Arrufaldado, -a, n. having the clothes tucked up 
Arrufar, va. 1. to incurvate; form the sheer 
Arrufianado, -a, adj like a ruffian ; impudent 
Arrufo, sm. sheer of a ship (nautical term) 
Arriiga, sf. wrinkle; corrugation; rumple 
Arrugación,/: Arrugamiento, m. wrinkle 
Arrugar, rn. I. to wrinkle; erimple; rumple 
Arrugar la frente, to knit one's brow; frown 
Arrugarse, ref. to die; expire; leave the world 
Arrugia, sf. cavity dug in the earth to find gold 
Arrugón, sm. ornament of embossed carved work 
Arruinador, -a, smf demolisher; destroyer 
Arruinamiento, sm. demolition; destruction 
Arruinar, ra. 1. to demoash; ruin; destroy; raze 
ArruUadcJr, -a, smf' rocker; quieter; flatterer 
Arrullar, ra. 1. to lull to rest (babe); court; bill 
Arrullo, sm. cooing and billing (of doves, &c.) 
, endearment; scornful grin 
iwage of a ship's cargo (.naut.) 
Arrumar, ra. i. lo stow the cargo (naut.) 
Arrumazón, m. stowing; towage; cloudy horizon 
Arrumbadas, sf. plur. w ales of a row-galley 
Arrumbador, -a, smf. heaper; piler; steersman 
Arrumbamiento,**, direction; tendency of motion 
Arrumbar, va. 1. to put in a lumber-room 
Arrumbarse, ref. to steer the proper course 
A rrunflarse, vref. 1 . to have a flush of cards 
Arsenal, sm. arsenal; magazine; dock-yard 
Arsenical, adj. arsenical; consisting of arsenic 
Arsénico, sm. arsenic; violent corrosive poison 
ArsóUa, sf. green almond with its downv husk 
A'rta de agua, sf fleawort (plant) 
Artaléjo, m. little pie (baked dish with a crust) 
Artaléte, sm. (sort of) tart; small pie of fruit 
Artamisa-isia, -tf. mug-wort (plant) 
Artanica-ita, sf. sow-bread (plant) 
Artár, ra. 1. to force;compel; oblige; constrain 
A'rte, smf. art; skill; power; science; craft 
A'rte tormentaria, sf art of artillery 
A'rte, ^buen) gracefulness of manners and gait 



A'rte, (mal) awkwardness of manners and gait 
A'rtes, ^ plur. logic; physics, metaphysics ' 
A'rtes, &c , liberales, liberal arts, sciences 
A'rtes mecánicas, sf pi. mechanical arts, &c. 
A'rtes, (las bellas) the fine arts as painting, &c.) 
Artec^Uo-lla, smf. dimin. petty art, trade 
Artefacto, sm. manutacture;mechanical work 
Artejo, sm. joint, knuckle of the fingers 
Arteinisa-isia, sf. mug-wort (plant) 
Arténa, sf. aquatic fowl in the island of Tremiti 
Artera, sf. iron to mark bread before it is baked 
Arteramente, adv. cunningly; slily; artfully 
Artería, sf. artery (canal conveying the blood) 
Arteria, (áspera) wind-pipe; diict for the breath 
Arteria, .g*". artifice; cunning; stratagem; trick 
Arterial, adj. arterial; contained in the artery 
Arterióla, sf. dimin. small artery; blood-vessel 
Arterioso, -a, adj. arterial; in tlie artery 

Artero, -a, .irf;. skilful; dexterous; artful 
-Artesa, sf kneading-trough; canoe (boat) 
-Vrtesa de panaderos, sf. wooden bowl 
-Arte-iáoo, sin. artizan; manufacturer: mechanic 
Artesilla. st. dimin. small trough, tub 
Artesón, sm. round kitchen tub (to wash dishesj 
Artesón, ornamented vaulting; carved ceiling 

Artesonado, -a, adj. formed like a trough 
ArtesonciUo, s/n. dimin. small trough, tub 
Artesuéla, sf small kneading trough 
Artética, sf. gout; disease in the joints 
Artético, -a, adj. gouiy; relating to the joints 
A'riico, -a, adj. artic; northern; septentrional 
Articulación, s^. articulation; joint (of bones) 
Articulación, distinct, clear formation of words 
Articulación, joints in plants; knottiness 
Articuladamente, adv. distinctly; articulately 
Articular, ra. 1. to articulate; speak distinctly 
Articular, draw up in articles; put questions 
Articulár-áiio, -a, adj. articular; of the joints 
Articulo, .sm. article; plea; question; clause 
Articulo, (formar) to st:irt a question in a plea 
Articulo de la muerte, sm. point of death 
Artifice, sm. artificer; artizan; contriver 
Artificial, ndj. aniticial; niadebv art; artful 
Artificiales, (fuegos, sm í>/í¡r.) fire- works 
Artificialmente, adi-, arlilkially; artfully 
Artificiar, ra 1. to do, act in an artful manner 
Artificio, sm. art; craft; artifice; stratagem 
Artificiosamente, aitr. with skill; artfully 
Artificioso, -a, adj. artful; crafty; sly; deceitful 
Artiga, sf. newly broken up land for culture 
Artigar, v. 1. to break and level land for culture 
-Artillar, vn. I. to mount with artillery, cannons 
Artillería, sf. artillery; cannon; great ordnance 
Artillería, (parque de) sm. park of artillery 
Artillería, (tren de) sm. train of artillery 
Artilleria, (poner toda la) set all engines at work 
Artillero, sm. artillery-man; gunner; cannonier 
Artimaña, sf. trap; snare; stratagem; artifice 
Artimón, ni. mizen mast; sail of a galley (naut.) 
Artista, sm. artist; professor of an art; artificer 
Artizado, -a, adj. skilful; dexterous 
Artizar, ra. 1. to work with skill; finish well 
Artólitos, sm. concave stone of a spongy nature 
Artrítico, -a, adj. gouty; relating to the joints 
Artritis, s. gout; disease in the joints; great pain 
Artrodia, sf. articulation with little motion 
Artúña, ¡f. ewe.(the lamb of which died) 
Arturo, s. Arcturus; Charles's wain (fixed star, 
Ariigas, sf. pi. mother-»ort; feverfew (plant) 
A'rul.i, sf dimin. small altar, communion-table 
Arundináceo, -a, adj abounding with reeds 
Aruflár, va. 1. to scratch: claw; scrape; gather 


AruflAzo, tm. aug. long deep scratch; large rent 
Aniño, tm. scratch; slight wound; laceration 
Aruñón, im. scratcher; tearer; pick-pocket 
Ariispex, ? sm. augurer, diviner; soothsayer; that 
Arúspice, 5 is giftfd with second sight 
Aruspicina, sf divining from the intestines 
Arveja, sf. vetch; fitch (small kind of wild pea) 
Arvejál-ár, tm. field of vetches, fitches 
Arvejo, sm. bastard chick-pea; Spanish pea 
Arvejón, sm. chickling-vetch, fitch (pulse) 
Arvejúna, sí. vetch; fitch; smooth podded tare 
A'rza, sf. fall of a Uckle (nautical term) 
Arzobispado, sm archbishopric; dignity, &c., of 
Arzobispal, adj. belonging to an archbishop 
Arzobispo, sm. archbishop; metropolitan 
ArzoUa, sf. green almond with its downy husk 
Arzón, saddle-bow; fore and hind bow of a saddle 
As, ace; Roman copper coin and weight; measure 
A'sa, sf handle; haft; vault like a basket-handle 
A'sa dulce, sf. gum-benzoin (medicinal resin) 
A'sa fétida, sf. asafoetida (gum of sharp taste) 
A'sa, (annigo del, sm.) bosom-friend; confidant 
A'sa (dar, tomar, I.) to afi'ord, borrow a pretence 
A'sabiéndas, adv. knowingly and prudently 
Asación, sf. roasting; assation; decoction 
Asadero, -a, a. fit for roasting, to put on the spit 
Asado, -a, adj. roasted; dressed before the fire 
Asador, sm. spit; jack (engine that turns the spit) 
Asador de bjmba, sm. pump-hook (naut.) 
Asadorázo, sm. stroke, blow with a spit 
Asadorcillo, sm. dimin. small spit, jack 
Asadura, sf. entrails (of animal); chitterlings 
Asadura de puerco, sf. haslet, harslet (of a hog) 
Asadura, Asaduria, sf. toll paid for cattle 
Asadurilla, sf. dimin. small entrails 
Asaeteador, archer ; bow-man ; shooter with a bow 
Asaetear, v. 1. to attack, wound, kill with arrows 
Asaetinádo, -a, adj. like satin; Imitating satin 
Asalariar, va. 1 . to give a fixed salary, pay 
Asalmonado, -a, adj. tasting like salmon 
Asaltador, sm. assaulter; assailcr; highwaymian 
Asaltar, va. 1. to form an assault; storm: asail 
Asalto, 771. assault; storming; attack; fit of anger 
Asamblea, sf. assembly;meeting;beatof thedrum 
Asar, va. 1. to roast; dress meat before the fire 
Asarse, vref. to be excessively hot, roasted 
Asarabacára, Asaráca, sf. wild ginger 
Asarero, j77i. black-thorn; sloe-tree (hedge shrub) 
Asargádo, -a, a. in imitation of serge; like serge 
Asanna, sf bastard asarum;asarabacca (plant J 
Asáro, tm. asarum; asarabacca ;plant) 
Asativo, -a, adj. dressed, boiled m its own juice 
Asaz, adv. abundantly; plentifully; enough 
Asbestino, -a, adj. abestine; incombustible 
Asbestos, tm. asbestos; incombustible fossile 
Ascalonia, tf. scallion; shallot (kind of onion) 
Ascárides, sf. plur. ascárides; internal worms 
Ascendencia, sf. line of ascendants; origin 
Ascendente, sm. ascendant; horoscope; power 
Ascendente, adj. ascending; predominant; ruling 
Ascender, va. 2. to ascend; mount; climb up 
Ascender, n. be promoted, elevated; rise; ascend 
Ascendiente, tm. ancestor; forefather; power 
Ascensión, sf. ascension; rise; Holy Thursday 
Ascensional, adj. of the ascension of planets 
Ascenso, tm. elevation; rise; promotion; asceni 
Asceta, tm. hermit; ascetic; devoted to prayers 
Asceticismo, sm. mortification; retirement 
Ascético, -a, a. ascctic;wbollydevoted to prayers 
A'schia, sf. grayling; umber (fish) 
A'scios, tm. pi. inhabitants of the torrid zone 
Ásciro, tm. St John's wort; milfoil; yarrow (pla.) 
Ascitis, tf. ascites; abdominal dropsy, swelling 
A,' '"O, a, adj. dropsical; hydropical; ascitic 

íí ASE 

Asclepiáda, sf. swallow-wort (plant) 
A'sco tm. nauseousness; loathing; disgusting 
A'sco, (ser un, vaux. > to be a despicable thing 
A'scos, (hacer, r. 2.) to excite loathSDmeness 
Aicondnjo, Sin. hiding, lurking place; privacy 
Ascua, sf. red hot coal; wood burnt red hot 
A'scuas! interj. how it pains! how painfull 
A scuas, (estar en,) tobe very uneasy, upon thonis 
A'scuas, (echar) to be flushed with anger 
AseadumOnte, adv. cleanly; elegantly; neatly 
Aseado, -a, a. clean; elegant; neat; neatly made 
Asear, va. 1. to set oil; adorn; embellish; deck 
Asechador, stti. insnarer; waylayer: deceiver 
Asechamiento, sm. iwaylaying;ambush; lying in 
Asechanza, sf. J wait; artifice; stratagem 
Asechar, va. 1. to waylay; watch insidiously 
Asechóso, -a, adj. circumveniive; insidious; sly 
Aséela, sm. follower; attendant; adherent 
Asecución, sf. obtaining of a benefice, office, &c. 
Asecuración, sf security; safety; ensurance 
Asedado, -a, a. silky; as smooth and soft as silk 
Asedar, ra. 1. to work flax and hemp soft as silk 
Asediador, -a, smf. besieger; that blockades 
Asediar, va 1. to besiege; beleaguer; block up 
Asedio, sm. siege; blockade; besieging of (aplace) 
Aseglararse, vref. 1. to secularize one's self 
Asegundar, va. 1. to repeat almost instantly 
Aseguración, sf. security; safety; ensurance 
Asegurador, s77i. ensurancer; underwriter 
Aseguramiento, sm. security; safety; ensurance 
Asegurar, va. 1 to secure; ensure; bail; shelter 
Asegurar las velas, to secure the sails (naut.) 
Asegurarse de la altura, ref. to fix the latitude 
Asemejar, va. 1. to assimilate; liken; compare 
Asemejarse, ret', to resemble;t<i have likeness to 
.-isendereádo -a,a. frequented;bcaten(road,ikc.) 
Asenderear, v 1 persecute; pursue; open a path 
Asengladiira, sf ship's run in twenty-four hours 
Asenso, Í771. assent; sanction ¡consent; agreement 
Asentada sf. stone ranged in its proper place 
Asentada, ide una) adv. at once; at one sitting 
Asentada, (á) i anv. on horseback like a w o- 
AsentadiUas, (á) $ man with both legs on one side 
Asentado, -a, adj. seated; planted; clear; serene 
.--sentador, sm- stone-mason ; stone-cutter 
Asentadúra, sf. i possession awarded for non- 
Asentamiéntó, m. $ appearance, residence 
Asentar, c 1. to place on a chair; suppose ;ailirm 
Asentar, put in possession of property claimed 
Asentar, to note; place; form; adjust; assess 
Asentar bien su basa, to establish one's credit 
Asentar casa, to set up house for one's self 
Asentar con maestro, bind one's self to a master 
Asentar el rancho, stop in a place) to eat, rest 
Asentar plaza, to enlist in the army 
Asentar, vn. to fit well (dress); sit down; settle 
Asentarse, ref. to subside; perch; give way; sink 
Asentir, vn. 3 to coincide;acquitsce; grant; yield 
Asentista, cm. navy, army-contractor (for prov.) 
Asent.stade construcción, ship-building contract 
Aseñoreár, ra I. scignorize; excel; call lord 
Aseo, sm. cleanness; neatness; purity; curiosity 
Asequi, sm. duty on every forty head of cattle 
Asequible, a((; attainable acquirable; to begot 
Aserción, sf. assertion; atHrmation; defence 
Aserradero, m. saw-pit; wooden horse to saw upon 
.\serradizo, -a, thatmaybesawed;cut witha saw 
Aserrado, -a, ailj. jagged: indented; like a saw 
Aserrador, 5771. sawer, sawyer, who saws timber 
Aserradura, /. sawing; cutting timber with a saw 
Aserradiiras, sf. pitir. saw-dust; timber-dust 
-Aserrar, va 1. to saw; cut with a saw; cut down 
Asertivamente, nJv. in an assertive manner 
Asertivo, -a, adj. assertive; positive; aflTirmative 


Aserto, tm. assertion; afiBrniatíoii: position 
Asertorio, -a, aiij. declaratory: affirmative 
Asesar, vn. 1. to become wise, prudent, discreet 
Asesinar, va. 1. to assassinate; murder; waylay 
Asesinato, sm. assassination; murder; killing 
Asesino, sm. assassin; murderer; cheat; patch 
Asesor, -a, smf. counsellor; adviser; confidant 
Asesorarse, rref. 1. to take the help of counsel 
Asesoría, «A. office, place, fees, pay of an assessor 
Asestadéro, sm. place to take a nap after dinner 
Asestadór, sm. gunner; eannonier; engineer 
Asestadura, »/. pointing of the cannon; aim 
Asestar, va. 1. to aim at; point; level; make after 
Aseveración, .v7'. asseveration; solemn affirmation 
Aseveradanv nti-, ,,rlv. witli solemn affirmation 
Aseverar, íi. 1. t" a-^-rviratt; affirm solemnly 
ifálto, mi. :-.]'', alt.. i i bitiniunuus substance; 


Asi, ad. so; thus; 




therefore; also 
Así bien, adv. as well; as much so; equally 
Así que, arfe, so that; therefore; in consequence 
Así Así, adi\ so so; middling; not much amiss 
Asi que Asi, it matters notwhethcrthis, that way 
Así que Asá, or Asado, odr. let it be as it will 
Así, (como,) iidv. even so; just so; how so? 
Asidero,»///, handle; hold; occasion; pretext; plea 
Asideros, s. ropes to haul (ships; along the shore 
Asidilla, sf. handle; hold; opportunity; pretext 
Asido, -a, adj. fastened; attached; tied; wedded to 
Asido, -a, pp. of asir, seized : grasped ; laid hold of 
Asiduidad, s/. assiduity; diligence; application 
Asiduo, -a, adi. assiduous; diligent; continual 
Asiento, sm. chair; bench; seat; side; contract 
Asiento, rt-gist(.ring; list; rolhbottom (of a ship) 
Asiento, (hombre de) a man of judgment 
Asiento del estómago, indigestion; crudity 
Asiento de mohno, bed, lowest stone m a mill 
Asientos, bindmgs at the wrists, &c., of shirts 
Asientos de popa, plur. stern-seats in the cabin 
Asignable, a. assignable; which may be assigned 
Asignación, sf. assignation; distribution 
Asignado, s. French paper-money issued in 1789 
Asignar, va. 1. to assign; determine; ascribe to 
Asignatura, sf. list of lectures in universities 
Asilla, */• dimiri. small handle; slight pretext 
AsUlas, pltir. clavicles: small keys in an organ 
Asilo, sni. asylum; refuge; harbour, protection 
Asimésmo, adv. exactly so; in the same manner 
Asimetna, sf. disproportion; want of symmetry 
Asimiento, m. grasp; hold; attachment; alfection 
Asimilación, sf. assimilation; resemblance 
Asimilar, ra. 1. to resemble; be like; assimilate 
Asimilativo, -a, adj. assimilating; resembling 
Asimismo, adv. in the same manner; exactly so 
Asimplado, -a, udj. having the air of a simpleton 
Asm, As;na, aiv. so; thus; in this manner so that 
Asinárias, sf. plur. ugly birds braying like asses 
Asin no, -a, adj. asinine; of an ass: like an ass 
Asir, ra. 3. to grasp; gripe; seize; fang: clutch 
Asir, Vil. to root; Uke root; strike into the earth 
Asirse, vref. to contend; rival; contest; dispute 
Asi rse-de, &c. to avail .ine's self of an opportunity 
Asisia, »/. depositions uf witnesses (in law ) 
Asison, sm. kind of heath-cock; rail (large bird) 
AsistenciE, si. actual presence; reward; help 
Asistencias, ¡wur. alio» anee for subsistence, &c.) 
Asistenta, j'. waiting maid on maids of honour 
Asistente, sm. assistant; Helper; helpmate 
Asistir, ra. 3. to assist; help; attend; accompany 

A'sma, SI. asthma; difficult, short respiration 
Asmar, ra. 1. to consider; estimate; compare 

f ASP 

Asmático, -a, adj. asthmatical; short-breathed 
A'sna, if. she-ass; foolish, ignorant woman 
A'snas, plur. secondary timbers of the roof 
Asnácho, «H. cammock; petty whin; restharrow 
Asnada, sf. foolish fault, action; stupidity 
Asnádos, sm. plur. large timbers to secure mines 
Asnal, adj. asinine: of an ass; stupid; foolish 
Asnales, sm. plur. large and strong stockings 
Asnállo, sm. cammock; petty whin; restharrow 
Asnalmente, adv. foolishly; stupidly; like an ass 
Asnázo,m. uvg. large jack-ass; very stupid fellow 
Ásnena, */. collection of asses; foolish action 
Asnerizo, Asnero, sm. ass-keeper; ass-driver 
Asnico, -a, siiif. dimin. little ass; andiron;irons 
Asnilla, sf. stanchion; prop; support; stay 
Asnillo, -a, tmf. dimin. little ass; grasshopper 
Asnino, -a, adj. asinine; of an ass; foolish ; stupid 
A'sne, sm. ass i beast of burden); stupid fellow 
Asobarcár, r. 1. lift witli one hand a great weight 
Ásobinárse, lef. 1. to fall under a burden beast; 
Asocarronado, -z, adj. crafty; cunning; waggish 
Asociación, sf. Asociamiento, m. association 
Asociado, sm. associate; companion; partner 
Asociar, ra. 1. to associate, unite; conjoin 
Asociarse, tef. to keep company with; frequent 
Asol?-ción, .-i soladura, sf. desolation; waste 
Asoladcr, -a, sinf. destroyer; who desolates, ruins 
Asolamiento, .s>n. depopulation; desolation; ruin 
Asolanar, va. 1. to parch, dry up (easterly wind) 
Asolar, va. 1. to destroy; lay waste; devastate 
Asolarse, rref. to subside; sink to the bottom 
Asolear, v. 1. to expose to the sun, heat of the sun 
Asolearse, ref. to be sun-burnt, tanned, parched 
Asolvamiénto, sm. stopping; stoppage; obstacle 
Asolvárse, nf. 1. to be stopped, obstructed (pipes) 
Asomada, s-. appearance; spot where first seen 
Asomado, -a, adj. fuddled; half seas over 
Asomar, vn. 1. to begin to appear; become visible 
Asomar, va. show; exhibit to view; make appear 
Asomarse, vref. to be flustered with wine, tipsy 
Asombradizo, -a, adj. fearful ; timorous ; bashful 
Asombradór, -a, smf. frightener; terrifier 
Asombramiénto, sm. fear; dread; astonishment 
Asombrar, fa. 1. to frighten; terrify; astonish 
Asombrarse, vref. to take flight; startle: shrink 
Asombro, sm. dread; fear; terror; astonishment 
Asombrosamente, adv. amazingly; wonderfully 
Asombroso, -a, a. wonderful: amazing; strange 
Asomo, sm. sign; mark; teken; supposition 
Asomo, (ni por) ad. not in the least; by no means 
Asonada, sf. tumultuous crow d of people 
Asonadia, s. tumultuous crowd of hostile people 
Asonancia, sf. assonance; rhyme; harmony 

Asonante, aoj. assonant; similar in sound 
Asonar, vn. 1. to accord in sound; join in riots 
Asordar, ra. 1. to deafen, stun with noise 
Asotanar, ra. 1 to vault; arch; make vaults 
A'spa,/ cross; foi-m of X , reel ; w ings of wind-mill 
Aspado, -a, with one's arms in the form of across 
Aspador, s. reel: frame to wind up yarn in skeins 
Aspador, -a, smf. winder (of yarn into skeins) 
Aspaláto, sm. rose-wood; lignum rhodiumi plant) 
Aspalto, s. mummy colour paint; esplanade; talc 
Aspamiénto, ..aspaviento, sm. dread;fear;wonder 
Aspar, r. 1. to reel;wind up yarn into skeins; vex 
Asparse á gntos, rej. to hoot; cry out with force 
Aspavientos, s7h. plur. boast; brag; bravado 
Aspecto, sm. aspect; sight; look; face; position 
A-pecto, (á, al primer adr. at tirst sight 
Aspecto, (tener buen ó mal ibeinagood, badstate 
A^peIaménle, adr. roughiy; rudely; harshly 
Asperear, ra. 1. to exasperate; provoke; irritate 
AsDcrear, vn. to be sour, tart, acrid to the taste 

ASP ' 

Asperete, «ni. sour taste (of unripe fruit, &c.) 
Aspereza, Asperidád, tj. as))erity; sourness; gall 
Asperges, »m. holy water-spruikler; aspersion 
Asperiéga, si. sour apple (of the pippin kind; 
Asperilla, «/. wood-roof ; asperula (herb) 
Asperillo, swi. sour taste (of unripe fruit, &c.) 
Asperillo, -a, anj. dimin. tart; sharp of taste 
A'spero, Turkish silver coin, value half acrown 
A'spero, -a, adj. rough; uneven; rugged; harsh 
Asperón, atti. grindle-stone; grindstone (to whet) 
Aspersión, if. asijersion; sprinkling about 
Aspersorio, m. brush to sprinkle the holy water 
A'spid, A'spide, sm. aspick (serpent); culverin 
Aspiración, sf. aspiration; ardent wish, desire 
Aspiradamente, adv. with aspiration; earnestly 
Aspirante, im. aspirant; candidate; competitor 
Aspirar, va. 1. to draw breath; aspiie; aspirate 
Asquear, va. 1. to consider unbecoming; disdain 
Asquerosamente, adv. nastily; filthih ; foully 
Asquerosidad, sf. nastiness; filthiness'; dirt 
Asqueroso, -a a. nasty ; filthy ; impure; loathsome 
A'squia, ^f. (kind of ) grayling (fresh water-fish) 
A'sta, if. iance; spear; horn; pencil; staff-handle 
A'sta de bandera de popa, sf. ensign-staff (naut.) 
A'sta de bandera de proa, sf. jack-staff (naut.j 
A'sta de tope, «/. flag-stalT (naut.) 
A'sta de bomba, j/. pump-spear (naut.) 
A'stas sf. pi. horns of animals (bulls, &c.) 
A'stas, ( darse de las) to snap & carp at each other 
Astáco, sm. lobster; craw-fish (shell-fish ) 
Astado, Astéro, sm. Roman pikeman; lancer 
Asténico, -a, adj. much debilitated; enfeebled 
Aster, Í. starwort; elecampane (medicinal plant) 
Asteria, tf. star-stone; cat's eye (precious stone) 
Asterisco, sm. asterisk (mark *); oxheal (plant) 
Astil, m. handle (of an axe, &c.);shaft (of arrow) 
Astil, beam (of a balance); prop; stay; support 
Astiléjos. tin. pi. Castor and Pollux (two stars) 
Asulico, tm. dimin. small handle, haft 
Astilla, Í. chipof wood;splinter;reed(of a loom) 
Astilla, (de tal palo tal) chip of the same block 
Astillar, va. i. to chip; cut into small pieces 
Astillazo,!. crack;sudden sound; injury; damage 
Astilléjos, sm. pi. Castor and Pollux (two stars) 
Astillero, tm. lance, spt-ar-stand; reed-maker 
Astillero de construcción, sm. shipwiight's yard 
Astillero, (poner en, v. 2. ) to place in a great'post 
Astiilica-ita, tf. dimin. small chip of wood 
Asirágalo, sm. astragal; little round moulding 
Astral, a(i}. astral; starry; relating to the stars 
Astráncia, sf. master-wort (plant) 
Astricción, Astringencia, sf. astringeney 
Astrictivo, -a. adj. astrictive; styptic; binding 
Aslricio, -a, adj. contracted; compressed 
Astrífero, -a, adj. astriferous; bearing stars 
Astringente, adj. astringent; binding; st>ptic 
Astringir, tin. a. to astringe; contract; compress 
A'stro, sm. luminous body, sun, moon, &c. 
Astrografia, */. science of describing the siars 
Astróite, sm. astroites; star-stone (petrifaction) 
Astrolábio, nn. astrolabe; cross-staff ; quadrant 
Astrologia, »/. astrology; knowledge of the stars 
Astrológico, Astrólogo, -a, adj. astrological 
Astrólogo, *»«. astrologer; diviner by the stars 
Astrológicamente, ad, in an astrological manner 
Astronomía, s/. astronomy; science of the stars 
Astionomicaménte, adv. astronomically 
Ahtroiióraicu, -a, adj. astronomical ; of astronomy 
Astrónomo, sm. astronomer; observer of the stars 
Astrosamente, ad. slovenly; in a sluttish manner 
Astroso, -a, unbecoming ; indecent; unfortunate 
Astucia, tf. cunning; craftiness; artifice; deceit 
Asturión, sm. small horse; pony; pike (fish) 
Astutamente, adv. cunningly; artfully; craftily 

t' ATA 

Astuto, -a, adj. cunning; artful; crafty; subtle 
Asubiár, tin. 1. to guard against the rain 
Asueto, «tn. play-day; students, boys" holyday 
Asulcár, va. 1. to furrow; plough; ripple; cleave 
Asumir, fa 3 to ascend; assume any dignity 
Asumirse, vtef. to arrogate; claim vainly 
Asunción, sf. «ssumpiion; postulate; elevation 
Asunto, CTn. subject; matter; argument; reason 
Asuramiénto. sm. burning; being parched (com) 
Asurarse, rtef. 1. to be burnt in the pot (meat) 
Asurcar, 1. to furrow sown land to root out weeds 
Asúso, a<i. upwards; above; in the upper regions 
Asustadizo, -a, aif.;. easily frightened; very timid 
Asustar, va. 1. to frighten; terrify; put in fear 
Asustarse, vref. to be frightened, terrified 
Atabacado, -a, atl}. of the colour of tobacco 
Atabal, ítTi. kettle- drum; kettle-drum player 
Atabalear, I. to imitate thenoise of kettle-drums 
Atabaléjo-éte-illo, it. dimin. small kettle-drum 
Atabalero, sm. kettle-drum player 
Atabanado, -a, a. white spotted on the head, &c. 
Atabardillado, -a, a. of the kind of spotted fevers 
Atibe, sm. small vent opened in water-pipes 
Atabemado, -a, adj. retailed in taverns (wine) 
Atabillár, a. 1. to fold cloth the selvage outside 
Atabladera, sf. roller to level sown land 
Atablar, va. 1. to level sown land with a roller 
Atacadera,!, rammer to split stones with powder 
Atacado, -a. adj. irresolute; not fixed; close 
Atacador, sm. aggressor; rammer; gunstick 
Atacadura,/. Atacamiento, ni. stricture; tightness 
Atecár, va. 1. to fit tight (dress): ram; attack 
Atacar bien la plaza, to stuff gluttonously 
Atachonádo, -a, adj. buttoned; laced; tightened 
Ataderas, sf. pi. garters (string to tie stockings) 
Atadero, cord; rope, place where the rope is tied 
Atadero, (no tener) to have neither head nor tail 
Atadijo-ito, sm dtmiu. ill-shaped little bundle 
Atadito, -a, adj. somewhat cramped, contracted 
Atado, sm. bunde; parcel; packet; bale; pack 
Atado de cebollas, sm. string of onions 
Atédo, -a, adj. pusillanimous: good for nothing 
«tador, sm. packer; binder (of goods, sheaves) 
Atadura, sj. tying together; tie; fastening; union 
Atafagar, a. í . to stupifj ; deprive of sense; tease 
Atafetanádo, -a, adj. like tiffany; of tbin silk 
Ataháiie, sm. broad crupper of a pack saddle 
Atahúrma, sf. ospray; sea-eagle; ossifrage 
Ataifór, Ataifonco, "íín- round table; deep plate 
Atairár, va. i. to cut mouldings (in panels, &c.) 
Atajadizo, 5. partition; part taken from another 
Atajadizo de la caja de agua, manger-board 
Atajador, sm. obstructer; hmderer; scout; spy 
Atajador de ganado, sm. sbeep-stealer 
Atajar, va. 1. to overtake; divide; intercept; stop 
Atajar, r. to go the shortest way (across the road) 
Atajar ganado, to steal, carry ofl sheep 
Atajar la tierra, to reconnoitre the ground 
Atajarse, ref. to be confounded with shame, &ic. 
Aiajéa-ia, ;/. aqueduct's vault; small sewer 
Atajo, «tn. short cut; partition; guard; agreement 
Alájo, (salir al, v. 3.) to interrupt a speaker 
Ataladrár, va. 1. to bore; pierce; penetrate into 
Atalantar, va. I. to stun: stupify; confound 
Atalantar, vn. to agree; yield to; be pleased 
Atalaya, */ watch-tower; bright; guard; watch 
Atala\adór -a.«/i/. guaid; sentry; close observer 
Atalayar, va. 1. to observe Ironi a watch-tower 
Atalvina, s'. milky substance drawn from seeds 
Atamiento, sm. meanness of spirit; perplexity 
Atanásia,!/. alecost; marsh-mallow (plant) 
Atancár, ro. 1. to press down ; constrain urge 
Atanor, sm. s\pbon; tube: pipe (to convey wateri 
Atanquía, t/. depilatory; refuse qf silk 

ATA ^ 

AtaSér, vn. 2. monop. to; appertain 
Ataque, sm. attack; trench-, verbal dispute; fit 
Ataquiza, sf. laying of a vine-branch in the earth 
Ataquizar, v. 1. to lay vine-branches in the earth 
A'uir, B. 1. tie: bind; lace ¡deprive of motion;stop 
Atar bien su dedo, to take care of one's self 
Atar de los trapos, (al) at the close of accounts 
Atar, tloco de) fool that should wear a strait-jacket 
Atarse, cref. to be embarrassed, at a loss how to 
Atarse á la letra, to stick to the letterof the text 
Atarse las manos, to bind one's self by promise 
Ataracéa, s/. marquetry; inlaid checker-work 
Ataracear, va. 1. to checker; inlay; variegate 
Atarantado, -a, 'id>. bit by a tarantula; surprised 
Atar xia, 4/; tranquility; ease; peace of mind 
Atarazana,' sf. ? arsenal; rope- walk; cellar 
Atarazamil, sm. J where wine is kept in casks 
Atarazar, va. 1. to bite; wound with the teeth 
Atareado, ai^j. busied ; engaged; occupied; intent 
Atarear, va. 1. to task; impose a task; exercise 
Atarearse, pre/ to overdo one's self; work hanl 
Atarjea, s/. aqueduct's vault; small sewer, drain 
Atarquinar, v. 1. to soil; bemire; cover with mire 
Atarqumárse, vref. to be covered with mire 
Atarraga, sf. clarnmy Inula (plant) 
Atarragar, va. 1. to fit a shoe to a horse-foot 
Atarrajar, va. 1. to form the thread of a screw 
Atarugado, -a, a(tj. abashed; ashamed; bashful 
Atarugamiénto, sm. fastening with wedges 
Atarugar, va. í. to fasten with wedges; silence 
Atasajado, -a, ailj. stretched across a horse 
Atasajar, va. 1. to cut (meat; into small pieces 
Atascadero, sm. deep miry place; obstruction 
Atascar, va. 1. to stop a leak (naut.); obstruct 
Atascarse, to stick deep in the mire; stop short 
Ataxia, si. irregular fever, irregular paroxysm 
Ataúd, sin. coffin; hearse; measure (for corn) 
Ataudádo, -a, adj. made in the form of a coffin 
Ataujía, inlaying gold, &c , with various colours 
Ataujiádo, -i a. like damask; inlaid; variegated 
Ataviado, -a, adj. ornamented; embellished; fine 
Ataviar, va. 1. to adorn; embellish; trim; dress 
Atavio, ym. dress; finery; embellishment; gear 
Atediar, ra 1. to displease; disgust; nauseate 
Atediarse, vref. to be vexed, tired, disgusted 
Ateísmo, sm. atheism; disbelief of God 
Ateista, sm. denier of the existence of God 
Atemorizar, va. 1. to terrify; strike with terror 
Atémpa, s/. pasture in plains and open fields 
Atemperación, /. tempering; hardening of metal» 
Atemperar, va. 1 to temper; soften; cool;modi^ 
Atemporado, -a, alternate; reciprocal; by turns 
Atenazar, Atenazeár, «. 1. to tear off with pincers 
Atención, */. attention; regard; contract of sale 
Atención, (en rirff. in consideration ; with regard 
Atender, rn. J. attend; hearken; wait for; look at 
Atener, to walk at the same pace with another 
Atener, va. to guard; observe; regard attentively 
Atenerse, rrf. to stick to (one ) for greater safety 
Atenerse á alguna cosa, to abide, bear with 
Atentación, sf. procedure contrary to the laws 
Atentadamente, adv. prudently; contrary to law 
Atentado, -a, adi. prudent; discreet; moderate 
Atentado, sm. illegal proceeding of a judge 
Atentamente, adv. attentively; politely 
Atentar, 1. to attempt a crime; try with caution 
Atentarse, r/e/. to act with the utmost caution 
Atentatorio, -a, adj. illegal; contrary to the laws 
Atento, -a, udj. attentive; mindful; polite; civil 
Atento, adv. ia ronsideration; with regard 
Atenuación, sf. attenuation; debility; thinness 
At'.'nuár, va 1. to attenuate; lessen; macerate 
Ateo, m. atheist; denier of the existence of (íod 
Atercianado, -a, a. affected with a tertian fever 

1 ATO 

Aterciopelado, -a, adj. like velvet; soft; delicate 
Atericiarse, vref. 1. to have the jaundice 
Aterido, -a, a. benumbed, stiff with cold; frozen 
Aterimiento, sm. growing stiff with cold; chill 
Aterirse, ret. 3. to grow stiff, benumbed with cold 
Aternerádo, -a, a. like a calf; resembling a calf 
Aterramiento, sm. destruction; ruin; terror 
Aterrar, fa. 1. to destroy, pull down; terrify 
Aterrarse, ref. to stand in shore (nautical term) 
Aterronár, va. 1. to clod; concrete; coagulate 
Aterrorizar, va. 1. to frighten; terrifj'; daunt 
Atesar, va. \. to harden; stifl'en; haul taught 
Atesorar, va. 1. to treasure; hoard up (riches) 
Atestación, st. attestation; evidence; testimony 
Atestado, -a, a. attested; witnessed; confirmed 
Atestados, sm. plur. certificates; testimonials 
Atestadura, sf. cramming; stuffing, must 
Atestamiento, sm. crammine; stuffing; evidence 
Atestar, va. 1. to cram; stuft": fill up; attest 
Atestiguación, ,■;/ deposition upon oath 
Atostiguamiento, sm. deposition upon oath 
Atestiguar, vi. 1. to depose: attest; give evidence 
Atestiguar con alguno, to cite (one) as a witness 
Atetado, -a, adj. mammillary; mammiform 
Atetar, va. 1. to suckle; nurse at the breast 
Atetillar, va. i . to dig round the roots of trees 
Atezado, -a, adj. black; blackened; made black 
Atezamiento, s. blackening; making black, dark 
Atezar, vn. 1. to blacken; make black; darken 
Atezarse, ref. to grow, become black; blacken 
Atiborrar, v. 1. to stuff, pack up with wool; cram 
Aticismo, sm. attic style; concise and elegant nit 
A'tico, -a,/i attic; elegant (wit); of an upper story 
A'tico, (testigo, sm.) irrefragable witness 
Aticúrga, sf. base of an attic column 
Atiesar, vn 1. to harden; make hard; stiffen 
Atifle, sm. sort of trevet used by potters 
Atigrado, .a, a. of tiger colour; like a tiger skin 
Atildadura,/, dress; good breeding; punctuation 
Atildar, V. 1 ! put a dash o ver a letter ; blame ; deck 
.Atinadamente, adv. cautiously; to the purpose 
Atinar, v. 1. to touch the mark; hit upon by guess 
Atiplar, ». i . to raise the sound of an instrvunent 
Atirantar, va. 1 . to fix collar- beams in a building 
Atiriciarse, I . to be affected with the jaundice 
A.tisbadéro, sm peep-hole ; secret place for spying 
Atisbador, -a, smf. prier into other's business 
Atisbadura, sf prying into others' business 
Atisbár. va. 1. to pry; examine closely; search 
Atisuádo, -a. adj. like tissue; variegated; woven 
Atizadero, sm. exciter; that excites, stirs up 
Atizador, -a, mf. inciter; stirrer up; poker; feeder 
Atizar, va. 1 . to stir the fire with a poker; rouse 
Atizar la lámpara, to fill the glasses 
Atizonar, ». 1. to fill holes with bricks and stones 
Atizonarse, ref. to be smutted, mildewed (grain) 
Atlante, s. he who bears the weight of government 
Atlantes, plur figures of men used for coliunns 
Atlántico, -a, adj. Atlantic; western 
A'tlas. sm. atlas;colleetionof maps; Indian satin 
Atleta sm. wrestler; fighter; prize-fighter 
Atlético, -a, adj. athletic; of wrestling; robust 
Atmósfera, sf. atmosphere; circumambient air 
Atmosférico, -a, adj. atmospherical; of the air 
Atoar, va. 1. to haul; tow; draw by a rope (ship) 
Alohár, va. I to astonish; cause admiration 
Atocha, sf feather-grass; bass- weed (plant) 
Atochál-ár, sm. field where bass-weed grows 
Atochar, va. I . to fill with bass-weed, &c. 
Atocinado, -a, adi. fat; corpulent; bulky; Heshy 
Atocinar, a. 1. to cut a pig for salting and drying 
Atocinar, to assassinate; murder perfidiously 
Atocinarse, vref to be exasperated, enragjd 
Atóle, sm. Mexican liquor made of Indian com 

ATO ^ 

Atolladero, tm. deep miry place; obstruction 
Auillár, 1. to lall into the mire; stick in the mud 
Atollarse, vref. to be involved in difficulties 
Atolondrado, -a, atlj. hare-brained; thoughtless 
Aiolondraiuiénto, mn. stupidity; dulness 
Atolondrar, va. 1. to stupify; confound; stun 
Atiilondráise, rre/. to be stupified; grow dull 
Atomismo, sm. doctrine, philosophy of atoms 
Atoraista sm. follower of the atoraical system 
Atomístico, -a, atlj. atómica) ; consisting of atoms 
A'tomo, gm. atom; minute object; corpuscle 
A'tomo, (reparar en un) note the minutest thing 
A'tomos, pi. minute parts seen by a solar ray 
Atondar, va. 1. to spui; pricli with the spur 
Aionia, »/. weakness; debility; want of strength 
Atónito, -a, adj astonished; surprised; amazed 
ri tomadamente, adv. in a stupid, foolish manner 
Atontado, -a, adi. foolish; stupid; mopish; dull 
Atontamiento, sin. stupefaction; insensibility 
Atontar, va. 1. to stupify; dull; stun; confound 
Atontarse, vref. to be stupilied; become foolish 
Atora, sf. law of Moses (the divine precept) 
Atorarse, ref. 1. to stick in the mire; fit the bore 
Atormentadaménte, ad. in a tormenting manner 
Atormentado, -a, adj. painful; full of alfliction 
Atormentador, -a, imf. tormentor; molester 
Atormentar, va. I. to torment; cause affliction 
Atorozonárse, vref. to suffer gripes (horses, &c.) 
Atürtolár, va. 1. to intimidate; confound; fright 
Atortolárse, ref. to be frightened, intimidated 
Atortorár, va. i. to frape a ship with ropes 
Atortujar, va. 1. to squi^eze; flatten by pressure 
Atosigador, sm. poisoner; destroyer; oppressor 
Atosigamiento, sm. poisoning; poison; venom 
Atosigar, va. i. to poison; envenom; oppress 
Atrabancar, t>a. 1. to huddle; perform in a hurry 
Atrabanco, s. doing with precipitation and hurry 
Atrabilário, Atrabilióso, -a, adj. atrabilanan 
Atrabilis, sm. black bile; state of melancholy 
Atracadero, sm. landfall (nautical tenn) 
Atracar, va. 1 to overtake, come up with (a ship) 
Atracar, to cram, fill with food and drink; glut 
Atracarse, ref. to be stutfed with food and drink 
Atracarse al costado, come along-side of a ship 
Atracción, sf. attraction; enticement; charms 
Atractivo, -a, adi- attractive; enticing; magnetic 
Atractivo, sm. attractive; charm; grace; lure 
Atractiz. sm. power of attraction ; attractor 
Atraer, va. 2. to attract; draw; allure; conciliate 
Atraerse, vref. to join; meet; be closely united 
Atrafagado, -a, adj. much occupied; laborious 
Atrafagái, rn. 1. to toil; labour; be overnrought 
Atiagantárse, vref. 1. to stick in the throat 
Atragantarse, to be cut short in conversation 
Atraidoradamente, adv in a treacherous manner 
Atraidorado, -a, adj. treacherous; perfidious 
Atraillar a. 1. to bind with a string; follow game 
Atraimicnio, sm. attractive; enticement; charm 
Atramentóso, -a, adj. proper for dying black 
Atramparse, vref. 1. to be caught in a snare 
Atiampárse, to be involved in ditHculties 
Atramúz, on lupine (kind of pulse) 
Atrancar. t>a. 1. to bar (a door) take long steps 
Atrancar, to skip over passages in reading fast 
Atrapar, vi 1. to overtake; lay hold of; deceive 
Atrás, ad. backwards; past; in timepast;of yore 
Atrás, (hacerse, vref. 2.) to fall back; give way 
Atrás, (quedarse, vref. I.) to remain behind 
Atrás, (volverse, rf^ '2.) to retract; recant; unsav 
Atrás, ( hacia) far from that; quite the contrary 
Atrasado, -a, a. obstructed; delayed; left behind 
Atrasado de medios, adj. shori of means; poor 
Atrasado de noticias ignorant of common things 
Atracados, pt arrears; sums due left unpaid 


Atrasar, va. 1. to prevent the fortune of; delay 
Atrasar el relóx, to retard the motion of a watch 
Atrasarse, vr^. to remain behind; be in debt 
Atraso,», backwardness; loss of fortune; arrears 
Atravesado, -a, adj squint-eyed, oblique 
Atravesador, sm disturber; violator of peace 
Atravesaño, s. cross-timber; timber laid across 
Atravesaños de las latas, pi. carlings ^na^t.) 
Atravesar, J. to lay abeam athwart; run through 
Atravesar, cross over; bewitch; bet; lay a trump 
Atravesar el corazón, move to compassion, pity 
Atravesar los géneros, to buy goods to retail 
Atravesar todo el pais, to go over all the country 
Atravesar los umbrales, (no) not dark one's door 
Atraverárse, vref. to be obstructed; dispute 
Atravesarse, to cross the course (of another ship) 
Atrayénte, sm. and adj. attrahent; attractive 
Atrazár, va. 1. to practise shifts, expedients 
Atreguadamente, adv. rashly; foolishly; madly 
Atreguado, -a, adj, rash; foolisn; inconsiderate 
Atresnalar, va. 1. to collect sheaves into heaps 
Atreverse, ref. 2. to be too forward ; dare ; venture 
Atrevidamente, adv. audaciously, fearlessly 
Atrevidillo, -a, adj. dimin. somewhat audacious 
Atrevido, -a. adj audacious; daring; bold 
Atrevido, sm. muscle of the shoulder-blade 
Atrevimiento, sm. boldness; confidence 
Atriaquéro, sm. maker and retailer of treacle 
Atribución, sf. attributing; attribution; power 
Atribuir, va. 3. to attribute; ascribe; impute 
Atribuirse, ref. to assume; take upon one's self 
Atribular, va. 1. to vex; harass; disquiet: afflict 
Atribularse, ref. to be vexed, afflicted, in pain 
Atributar, va. 1. to impose tribute, tax, duty 
Atributivo, -a, adj. attributable; imputable 
Atributo, sm. attribute; quality adherent 
Atricapilla, sf. epicurean warbler (bird) 
Atricéses, *. pi rings holding the stirrup-straps 
Atrición, */. grief for sin unatoned; contraction 
Atril, s. stand for the missal (in aRoman church) 
Atriléra, s. ornamental cover of the missal stand 
Atrincheramiento, sm. intrenchment; mound 
Atrincheramientos de abordage, breast-works 
Atrincherar, va. 1. to intrench; raise a mound 
Atrincherarse, ref. to be fortified with trenches 
A'trio, sm. porch; portico; covered walk 
Atristar, 1. to grieve; sadden; make melancholy 
Atrito, -a, adj. sorrowful for sin unatoned 
A'tro, -a, adj. (poet.) black; dark; gloomy 
Atrochar, v. 1. to go by cross-paths and by-ways 
A'troche moche, adv. exp. hastily; in a hurry 
Atrocidad, sf. atrocity; enormous crime; excess 
Atrofia, sf. gradual wasting; consumption 
Atrófico, -a. adj. gradually wasting of atrophy 
Atrompptádo. -a, adj. shaped like a trumpet 
Atronadamente, adv. inconsiderately; hastily 
Atronado, -a, adj. inconsiderate; imprudent 
Atronador, -a, i;n/.thunderer; vociferous person 
Atronadura, tf. tumour in the pastern (of ahorse) 
Atronamiento, sm. thundering; .-.tupetaction 
Atronar, van. I. to thunder; make a loud noise 
Atronarse, vref- to be thunderstruck, stupified 
Atroncrár, va. 1. to make embra5ures(ina wall) 
Atropado, -a, adj. grouped; clustered in clumps 
Atropar, v. 1. to assemble in groups without order 
Atropelladamente, adv. confusedly; in a mass 
Atropellado, -a, adj. speaking, acting in a hurry 
Atropelladór, -a, smf tramplcr under foot 
Atropellamiénto, nn. trampling under foot 
Atropellár, va. 1. to trample; tread under foot 
Atrepellar, to insult with abusive language 
Atropellár, to hurry; flurry; fluster; confuse 
Atropellár las leyes, to act m defiance of the law 
Atropellár el caWlo, to overwork the horse 

Atrepellarse, vref. to speak, act too hurriedly I A'lireo, - 

Atroz, adj. atrocious; grievous; cruel; huge A'ureo m 

AtrOz. (estatura) s/. enormous stature, size Aureola, . 

Atrozár, v. 1. to iruss a yard to the mast (iiaut.) Auricálco, 

adv. atrociou,sly 
Atrozmente, (trabajar, v. 1.) to work to excess 
Atruhanado, -a, adj. scuirilous; using low jests 
Attelábe, sm. sea-spider (kind of sea-fish) 
Atiifadaménte, adv. peevishly: morosely; sourly 
Atufar, va. 1. to vex; torment; plague; harass 
Atufarse, vri-/ to be angry; be on the fret (wine) 
Atún, sm. timny (sea-fish) 
Atún, (pedazo de) sm. ignorant, stupid fellow 
Atunara, s/. place for the tunny fisheries 
Atunera, sf. fish hook, net to catch tunnies 
Atunero, sm. fisher of tunnies; dealer in tunnies 
Aturar, va. 1. to stop, shut up closely; endure 
Aturdido, -a., adj. harebrained; heedless; wild 
Aturdimiento, s. perturbation of mind; dulness 
Aturdir, va. 3. to disquiet; stupify with v/onder 
Aturdirse, vtef. to be out of one's wit. scupified 
Aturrullar va. 1. to confound; 

adj. gold; made of gold; golden 
lero, im. golden number; lunar cycle 
. glory; crown of r.avs round the head 

Atusadór, s. hair-dresser; shearer nf box, plants 
Atusar, va. 1. to cut (the hair): shear, trim box 
Atusarse, vref. to dress one's self too affectedly 
Atutía, sf. tutty; sublimate of zrac, calamine 
A'uca, s/. goose (large water-fowl); r(nal garne 
Audacia, s. audacity; boldness: .issurance ; spirit 
Audaz, adj. audacious; bold; forward; fearless 
Audible, adj. audible; that may be heard 
Audiencia, .«. audience; hearing; court of justice 
Audiencia de los grados, court of appeal 
Audiencia pretorial, court of judicature 
Auditivo, -a. adj. auditory; giving an audience 
Auditor, sm. aiiditor; hearer; la^vyer; judge 
Auditor dp la nunciatura, delegate of the Nuncio 
Auditor de rota, one of the 1 2 prelates of the rota 
Auditoria, sf. place and office of an auditor 
Auditorio, sm.. auditory: congregation; meeting 
Auditorio, -a, adj. auditory; giving an audience 
A'uge, sm. highest point of glory, &c.; apogee 
Augmentar, va. i. to augment; enlarge; extend 
Augmentarse, r to increase: grow bigger, larger 
Augur, sm augur; piognosticator; diviner 
Auguración, sf. auguration; foretelling 
Augural, adj. augurial; belonging to an augur 
Augurar, van. 1. to augur; presage; foretell 
Augures, sm. pi. augurs; foretellers; soothsayers 
Augurio, sm. augury; omen; prognostication 
Augusto, -a adj. august; great; majestic; royal 
A'ula, s. hall for lectures; court, palace of a king 
Aulaga, s/. furze; gorse; goss; whin (shrub) 
A'ulico. -a, a. auhc; belonging to a court, 
AuUadéro, sm. place xvhere wolves howl at night 
Aullador, -a, s. hov> ler; that utters cries of horror 
Aullar, rn. I. to howl; yell; waul; cry as wolves 
Aullido, Aúllo, sm. howl; howling; cry of horror 
Aumentáhle, adj. that may be augmented 
Aumentación, sf. ausmentation; increase 
Aumentado, -a, adj augmented; increased 
AuraentadOr, -a, smf. increaser; amplifier 
Aumentar, va. 1. to augment; increase; extend 
Aumentarse, ref. to increase; grow bigger: larger 
Aumentativo, -a, adj. augmenting; increasing 
Aumento, s. augment: increase; addition; access 
Aumentos, p/. promotion; exaltation; fortune 
Aún, ndv. yet; still; even; nevertheless; however 
Aunar, va. 1. to unite; join; assemble; irabody 
Aunarse, vref. to be united together, leagued 
Aunque, corij. though;aUhough;notwithstanding 
Aupa, int. up, up! (to animate children to get up) 
Aura, sf. bird of Mexico; gentle breeze (poet.) 
Aura popular, s. popularity; regard of the people 
A'ureo, t. ancient gold coin ; weight of 4 scruples 

Auricula, sf. auricle (of the heart); bear's ear 
Auricular, adj. auricular; secret; told in the ear 
Aurífero, -p, adj. auriferous; producing gold 
Auriga, sm. coachman (poet.); wagoner 
Aurista, s. aurist; who cures disorders of the ear 
Aurora, sf. dawn of day; morning watch-gun 
Aurora boreal, northern lights, meteor 
Aurora, (color de] s. white, red, and blue colour 
Aurraugado, -a, adj. badly tilled, cultivated 
Aurúspice, sm. soothsayer; diviner; foreteller 
Auscultación, sf. hearkening; listening to 
Ausencia, sf. absence; time of being absent 
Ausentarse, ref. 1. to absent one's self; withdraw 
Ausente, odj. .absent; not present; distracted 
Auspicio, .s. auspice; omen; prediction; favour 
Auspicios de Vd, (.bajo los) under your guidance 
Austeramente, adv. austerely; rigidly; harshly 
Austeridad, sf. austerity; strictness; .acidity 
Austero, -a, adj. austere; rigid; severe; harsh 
Austral, Austrino, -a, adj. austral; southern 
A'ustro, sm. south-wind; very hot southerly wind 
Aután, (beber de 2 to ilrink as often as invited 
Auténtica, sf. certificate; attested copy 
Autenticación, »/. authenticalness; authority 
Auténticamente, adv. in an authentical manner 
Autenticiir, va. 1. to authenticate: attest; certify 
Autenticidad, sj. authenticity: authority 
Auténtico, -a, adj. authentic; genuine: certain 
Autillo, sm. dim. particular decree;kind of owl 

icial d. 

edict; s 

A'uto de fé, sentence read on the scaffold 
A'uto sacramental, acting of a sacred allegory 
A'utos, pi. pleadings; proceedings in a law-suit 
A'utos, (estar en los) to know profoundly 
Autocracia, sf. absolute government of a despot 
Autócrata, sm. absolute and independent ruler 
Autocrático, -a, adj. absolute in power; despotic 
Autográfico, -a, adj. of one's own writing 
Autógrafo, sm. original; person's own writing 
Autómata, s autnmaton; self moving machine 
Autonomía, sf. living according to one's mind 
Autopsia, sf. ocular demonstration-, autopsy 
Autor, s author; inventor; maker; writer; cause 
Autor, manager of (a theatre); plaintiff 
Autor de nota, sm. celebrated writer, composer 
Autora, sf. authoress; female writer, author 
Autorcillo, sm. dimin. bad writer, author 
Autoría, sf. management !of a theatre) 
Autoridad, sf. authority; legal power; credit 

>, adv. 

Autoritativo, -a, adj. authoritative; arrogant 
Autorizáble, adj. that may be authorized, legal 
Autorización, sf. authorization; permission 

Autorizado, -a, adj. respectable; commendable 
Autorizadór, sm. who authorizes, impowers 
Autorizaraiénto, sm. authorizing; permission 
Autorizar, va. 1. to authorize; impower; attest 
Autorizar, to prove an assertion from an author 

Auxiliador, -a. smf. auxiliar; helper; assistant 
Auxiliar, va. 1. to help; assist; aid; attend 
Auxiliar, adj auxiliary; helping; assisting 
Auxiliares, (tropas) sf. pi. auxiliary troops 
Auxiliatório, -a.,adj auxiliary; assisting; helping 
Auxdio, sm. aid; help; assistance: comfort 
Avacádo, -a, adi- like a cow; big-bellied (horse) 
Avadáise, ref. 3. to be fordable; subside (anger) 
Avahar, va. 1. to warm with the breath, &c. 
Avalanzárse, vref. 1. to lush on; bend forward 



Avallar, Avaluar, v 

o value; estima; 

Avallar, va. 1. to fence; hedge;enclose (ground) 
Avalo, (. slight shock; earthquake (convulsion) 
Avalóte, tm. conunotion; agitation; tumuli 
Avalorar, va. I. to estimate; value; animate 
Avaluación, tí. valuation; rate; assessment 
Avambrázo, armour from the elbow to the wrist 
Avampiés, sm. instpp of boots, spatter dashes 

Avandicho, Avantdicho, adj. above-mentioned 
Avantál, sm. apron (-mall cloth worn before) 
AvantalúUo, sm. dimiii, small apron 
Avante, (hala) pull " ' " 

I ; forward 

Avanzado, -a, adj. advanced; oi 
Avanzado de edad, advanced, st 
Avanzar, van. 1. to advance; co 
Avanzar, to have a balance in o 
Avanzo, sm. account of goods r 
Avaramente, adi\ avariciously; niggardly 
Avaricia, «/. avarice; cupidity; covetousness 
Avariciár, ra. 1. to covet; desire anxiously 
Avaricioso, -a, adj. avaricious; covetous: stingy 
Avarientamente, adv. avaricious!) ; covetously 
Avariento, -a, adj. avaricious; sordid; niggard' 
Avaro, -a, adj. sordid; stingy; parsimonious I 
Ava.sailár, va. 1. to subdue; subject; enslave | 
Avasallarse, vref. to become a vassal, subject 
A've, sf. bird (name for all the feathered kind) 
A've de rapiña, sf. bird of prey 
A've brava, silvestre, tf. wild bird 
A ve fria, lapwing (kind of wild pijeon) 
A've nocturna, rambler about m the night-time 
A've, (ser un) vaux. to be as li^ht as a feathtr 
Avechúcho, sm. sparrow-hawk; paltry fellow 
Avecica-illa-ita, tf. diinin. small bird, fow 1 
Avecinar, pa. 1. to bring near; admit; enrol 
Avecinarse, vref. to come near; approach 
Avecindamiénto, tm. freedom of a Denizen 
Avecindar, va. 1. to grant the rights of a denizen 
Avecindarse, to obtain the rights of a denizen 
Avecindarse, vref. to approach; join; come near 
Avejentado, -a, a. looking old without being so 
Avejentar, v. \. to look old from sickness, grief 
Avejentarse, vrei. to appear older than one is 
Avejigar, a. 1. to produce pimples, small blisters 
Avelár. vn. ]. to set sail; put to sea (naut.) 
Avellana, tf. filbert; hazel-nut (sort of almond) 
Avellana I'ndica, sf. mytobalan; Indian nut 
Avellanado, -a, nd'. nut-brown; brown like a nut 
Avellanar, tm plantation of hazels, nut-trees 
Avellanarse, 1. to shrivel, grow as dry as a nut 
Avellanera, sf. common l.azel-niit-tree 
Avellanero, -a,>m. seller, vender of filberts, &c. 
Avellanica sf. dimin. small filbert, hazel-nut 
Avellano, tm. common hazel-nut tree 
Avemaria, tf. avemary; ;the angel's salutation) 
Avemaria, (al) adv. at the fall of night 
Avemaria (en un) adv. in an instant 
Avena, sf. oats (grain with which horses are fed) 
Avena, pastoral pipe (made of stalks of corn) 
Avena blanca, sf. cultivated white oat 
Avena negra, sf. cultivated black oat 
Avena estéril, 'sf. bearded oat-grass 
Avena estrigósa, sf. bristle- pointed-oat 
Avena pubescente, tj. downy oat-grass 
Avena pratense, tf. narrow-leaved oat gresR 
Avena alpina, s). great alpir.e oat-grass 
Avena flavescente, ti. yellow oat-grass 
Avena loca, silvestre, sf wild oat 
Avena común, tf. French oat 

oriental, sf. Tartarian oat 
geóigica, tf. potato oat 
Avenado, -a, adj. of oats; lunatic; mad; insane 
Avenal, sm. field sown with oats 
Avenamiento, sm. draining; drawing off water 
Avenar, ra. 1. to drain, draw off the water 
Avenate, water-gruel (made of oatmeal & water) 
Avenenar, vn. 1. to poison; envenom; leproach 
Avenencia, sf. agreement; bargain; concord 
Avenentéza, Avenintéza, occasion; opportunity 
Aveníceo, -a, adj oaten; made of oats 
Avenida, s. inundation; flood; conflux; concord 
Avenidas, s. / i. avenues; waik of trees; freshes 
Avenido, -a, adj. agreed; reconciled; united 
Avenidos, (bien, mal) living on good, bad terms 
Avenidor, -a, smf. intercessor; reconciler 
Avenir, ra. 3. to reconcile; conciliate; reunite 
Avenirse, vref to be reconciled; unite; consent 
Aventadéro, sm. winnowing place 
Aventado, -a, a. agitated; driven away; escaped 
Aventadas, (escotas) sf. pi. flying sheets (naut.) 
ived and sold ! Aventador, tm. tanner; winnower; fan; cribble 
i Avcntadúra, */. wind-gall (disease in horses) 
Aventadúra de estopa, sf leak (naut ) 
Aventaja, sf. advartage; profit; prior share 
1 Aventajadamente, adv. advantageously 
Aventajado, -a, adj. advantageous; beautiful 
Aventajar, va. 1. to benefit; melioiate; surpass 
Aventajarse, to exceed; advantage one's self 
Aventar, va. blow; fan; sift; winnow; expel 
Aventarse, ref. to be inflated; esrape; be tainttd 
Aventario, sm. nostril (of an animal) 
Aventura, sf. adventure; event; chance; haz.-ird 
Aventurado, -a, adj exposed, subject t" hazard 
Aventurado, -a, (bien forlunnte; lucky; happy 
Aventurado, -a, (mal) unfortunate; unlucky 
Aventurar, va. 1. to venture; hazard; endanger 
Aventureramente, adr. fortuitously; by chance 
Aventurero, sm adventurer; fortune-hunter 

I, -a, ait;, volunuiy; undisciplined 
Averámia, sf. kind of duck (aquatic fowl) 
Averár, va. 1. to aver; assert; certify; afifirm 
Avergonzar, Aver^oñár, va. 1. to shame; abash 
Avergonzarse, Avergoñarse, tef. to be ashamed 
Avena, sf. damage (to goods in a ship); duty 
Avena, aviary; collection of birds in a cage 
Averia gruesa, sf. general average, medium 
Avena particular, si. particular average 
Averia ordinaria, sf. usual, ordinary average 
Avei lado, -a, adj. diamaged; spoiled by sea-water 
Averiarse, r. I . to sustain damage by sea-water 
Averiguáble, adj. investigable; inquirable Into 
Averiguación, i/; investigation; examination 
Averiguación judicial, tf. judicial inquiry 
Averiguadaménte, adv. certainly; surely 
Averiguador, -a, s- inquirer; searcher; examiner 
Averiguamiento, sm. investigation; examination 
Averiguar, va. 1. to inquire; investigate; search 
Averiguarse con alguno, to bring one to reason 
Averio, sm. beast of burden; flock of birds 
Avéino, sm. hell (poet.); infernal regions 
Avernigádo, -a, having many pimples in the face 
Aversár, ran. 1. to be pverse. repugnant; dislike 
Aversión, sf. aversion; dislike; hatred; fear 
Avérso, -a, aaj. averse; repugnant; hostile 
Avertir, r.i. 3. to dissuade; part; remove; sort 
Aves, scarcely; hardly; no sooner than ; as soon as 
Avestruz, sm. ostrich (bird); tóU stupid man 
Avezar, r. 1. to accustom; use; inure; habituate 
Aviado, sm. supplied w th money to work mines 
Aviador, ». provider of provisions for a joume> 
Aviar, ra. i. to provide for a journey; hasten 
Aviarse, rrej. to prepare; makt one's self ready 
Aviciár va. J. to vitiate; give bloom to trees,&c. 

Avidez, sf. greediness; covetousness; avidity 

A'vido, -a, a. greedy; 

Aviento, sm. fork (with 
Aviesamente, ndr. fovti 
Aviesas, adv. in a conti 
Avieso, -a, a. fortuitou 
Avigorar, va. 1. U< iiivi. 
Avilantéz-éza, sf. bM 
Avillanado, -a, a. ru 
Avillanár, fa, 1. tn 
Avillanarse, ref. t* - 
Avinagrado, -a, ndj 
Avinagrar, v. 
Avio, m. preparation; i r 
Avión, sm. martin ; mar 
Avisadamente, adv. \n\ 

AvisAdo', -a, imal ill-a. 

eager; desi 
old : look, appear old 

i.iM ;ui.l, cr;ibbed, tart 
i.^iiin ; ;idv;uiccd money 
n,-t (kind of swallow) 

antinus: skilful; clever 
¡M'd; injudicious 
nionisher; informer 
insel ; inform; acquaint 
ladaménte, to warn 
rning; prudence; care 
vessel with despatches 

cell of wasps 

ing fly) 

ce; see far off 

Aviso, advice-boat; ligt 
Aviso, (estar, andar sol 
Avispa, s/. wasp (stingi 
Avispado, -a, a. brisk; lively: vis 
Avispar, o. 1. to spur: urge forwa 
Avisparse, ref. to fret; be vexed, 
Avispero, itn. wasps' nest; eomb. 
Avispón, sm. hornet (strong stinj 
Avistar, a. 1. to descrj' at a distai 
Avistarse, vref. to have an interview, a meeting 
Avitár, ra. 1. to bit the cable (nautical term) 
Avitónes, sm. pi. top-sail sheets; bits fnaut.) 
Avituallar, va. 1 . to supply with provisions 
Avivatlaménte, adv. in a lively manner; briskly 
Avivador, -a, imf. enlivener; plane for fluting 
Avivar, va. 1. to enliven; encourage; hasten 
Avivar, vn. to revive; cheer up; grow gay, lively 
Avivar el paso, to hasten, hurry one's step 
Avivar el ojo, to be on the watch, vigilant 
Avizorar, va. 1. to watch with care; spy; search 
A'vo, ». part into which a fraction is subdivided 
Avocación, sf Avocamiento, m. appeal (in law ; 
Avocar, V. 1. toappeal;transfertoahighercourt 
Avucásta, sf. widgeon (water-fowl like a duck) 
Avucástro, «n troublesome, importunate person 
Avuguéro, sm. kind of pear-tree 
Avugués, sm. bear-berry, strawberry tree 
Avutarda, sf. bustard; wild turkey (large fowl) 
Avutardádo, -a, itJj. like a bustard, wild turkey 
Ax! iuterj. alas! (exclamation of pain, grief) 
Ax, sm. habitual complaint; continual pain 
Axéa, sf. sort of brushwood, shrubby thickets 
Axedréa, sf. winter-savory (plant) 
Axedréz, sm. chess (game in imitation of a battle) 
Axedrezádo, -a, a. chequered; like a chess-board 
Axenábe, sm. wild mustard (plant) 
Axénjo, sm. wormwood (plant of bitter taste 1 
Axedúz, sm. fennel-flower: plant of strong scent) 
Axi, stn. red Indian dwarf pepper ( kind of spice) 
Axilar, adj. axillar; axillary; of the arm-pit 
Axioma, sm. axiom; maxim; evident truth 
. bride's clothes, paraphernalia 

» AZA 

Avrázo, sm. blast; gust, puff of wind; breathing 
A'vre, sm. air; wind; manner; look; mien; tune 
Ayreárse. rref. 1. to take the air; cool one's self 
Ayrecico-illo-ito, sm. dimin. gentle breeze 
A>Tón, s. <j!i!f. violent gale; ornament of plumes 
Avrosidád, sf. graceful, elegant deportment 
AyrJso, -a, i¡ilf.a.ÍTy\ graceful; elegant; sprightly 
Ayuda, sf. heip; assistance; support; friendship 
Ayiida, injection; clyster; syringe (medical pipe) 
Ayuda de parroquia, sf. chapel of ease 
Ayuda, de costa, sf. gratuitous remuneration 
Ayuda, sm. assist;uit of a court; high officer 
Ayuda de cámara, sm. valet de chambre 
A5TÍda de cámara del rey, groom of bed-chamber 
Ayuda, sm. helper; supernumerary servant 
Ayuda de oratorio, priest sacrist in an oratory 
Ayuda de cocinero, sm. cook's shifter (naut.) 
Ayuda de despensero, ««.steward's mate (naut.) 
Ayuda de virador, sm. false preventer (naut.> 
Aj-udadór, -a, smf. assistant; helper; who assists 
Ayudante, sm. adjutant; aid-de-camp 
' udánte de cirujano, sm. surgeon's mate 
udár, va. 1. to help; aid; assist; support 


IS for su 

Ay! i, 

Ay, sm. r.- 

Ayontár, t>. 

y de n 

, 1. to join; unite; couple; a 

. faster; who abstains from food 
;o fast: abstain from food 
i-. fasting; without knowledge 
Ajiinas, (quedar en) to be ignorant of an affair 
Ayuno, sm. fast; abstinence from food; fasting 
Ayuno, (estar) not to have yet broken one's fast 
Ayunque, sm. anvil; constancy; bone of the ear 
Ayuntadór, -a, smf. uniter; who joins, assembles 
Ayuntamiento, sm. union; junction; corporation 
Ayuntamiento, (casa de )s. town-house: guildhall 
Ayuntar, va. 1. to join; unite; couple; amass 
Ayunto, sm. congress; assembly; council; union 
Ayúso, adv. under; underneath; below 
Ayustar, v. 1. to bend two endsofacable(naut.) 
Ayustar con costura, to bend with a splice (naut ) 
Ayustar con gorúpo, to bend with a knot naut.) 
Ayiiste s. splicing the two ends of a rope (naut.) 
Azabachádo, -a, adj. jetty; black as jet 
Azabache, sm. jet (beautiful deep black fossil) 
Azabaches, sm. ptur. trinkets (made of jet) 
Azabára, sf. Barbadoes-aloes (precious tree) 
Azábra, sf. small coasting vessel 
Azacán, sni. water-carrier; wine-leather-bott!e 
Azacán, (estír, andar hecho un) to be very busy 
Azac:\ya, sf. water-pipe; conduit; water-canai 
Azáche, O'ij. of an inferior quality (silk) 
Azada, sf. spade; hoe (tool for digging) 
Azadada, .^f. blow with a spade, hoe 
Azadica-illa-ita, sf. dimin. small spade, hoe 
Azadón, s. pickaxe;mattock (sharp-pointed axe) 
Azadón de peto, spike used between stones, roots 
Azadonada, sf. blow, stroke with a pickaxe 
Azadonar, va. 1. to dig the ground with a spade 
Aradonazo, sm. blow, stroke with a mattock 
Azadoncillo, sm. i:imin. small pickaxe, mattock 
Azadonéro, sm digger; deber; pioneer (milit.) 
Azafata, sf. lady of the queen's n ardrobe 
Azafate, sm low, flat-bottomed basket; tray 
Azafrán, sm. saffron (plant and flower) 
Azafrán bastardo, romi, romm, bastard saffron 
J^zafrán del timón, after-piece of the rudder 
Azafrán del tajanwr. fore-piece of the cut- water 
Azafrán de venus, calx, oxide of saffron colour 
Azafranado, -a, (i. satTron; the colour of safl'ron 
Azafranal, sm. plantation of safl-fon 
Azafranar, ru. 1. to dye, impregnate with saffron 
Azafranéro, sm. dealer in saflron 
Azagador, sm. path for cattle 
Azagaya, s/. javelin; spear; half pike (weapon) 




Azaeayáda, tf. throw, cast, stroke of a javelin 
Azahar, tm. orange, lemon flower 
Azahar, (á?ua Ue) sf. orange flower water 
Azahar bravo, sm. harrow-leaved blue lupine 
AzainarJaraénte, adv. perfidiously; viciously 
Azalón, sm. small bird enemy to the crow and fox 
Azambóa, sf. fruit of the zamboa-tree 
Azambúo, sm. zamboa-tree^ kind of orange-tree) 
Azanori;!. tf. carrot (garden esculent root) 
Azanoriate, sm. preserved carrots; flattery 
Azar, sm. unforeseen accident; impediment 
Azar con, en. (tener. ) to be always unfortunate in 
Azarbe, sm. trench; drain (to carry off' waters) 
Azarcón, sm. tninium; red lead; earthen pot 
Azaria, sf. kind of coral (hard and stony plant) 
Azárja, sf. instrument for winding raw silk 
Azarnéfe, sm. orpiment: yellow arsenic (mineral) 
AzaróUa, sf. Neapolitan naedlar; service (fruit) 
Azarollo, sm. Neapolitan medlar- tree ; service 
Azarosamente, adv. unfortunately; unluckily 
Azaroso, -a, odo. unfortunate;unlucky;unhappy 
Azaróte, sm. sarcocol; Persian gum (medicine) 
Azáya, sf. instrument for reeling silk 
Azcón, sm. Azcona, f. dart (missile weapon) 
Azconilla, sf. dimin. small dart, spear 
Azemár, fa. I. to instruct; adorn ; form; improve 
Azenória, sf. carrot (garden esculent root) 
A'zimo, -a, adj. unleavened; not fermented 
Azimut, sm. azimuth (vertical circle of a planet) 
Azimutal, udj. relating to the azimuth, vertical 
Aznácho-állo, sm. Scotch fir; kind of restharrow 
Azóe, sm. azote; base of the atmo-pherical air 
Azofaifa, sf. jujube (fruit of the jujube-tree) 
Azófar, s. latten; brass (mixture of copper, &c.) 
Azogadamente, adv. in a quick, restless manner 
Azogamiento, sm. overlaying with quicksilver 
Azogamiento, state of restlessness and agitation 
Azogar, ra. I to overlay with quicksilver 
Azogar la eál, to slake, extinguish lime 
Azogarse, rref. to undergo a salivation 
Azogarse, to be agitated, at a loss how to act 
Azogue, s. quicksilver; mercury (mineral subs.) 
Azogue (ser un to be as restless as quicksilver 
Azogues, Í. pi. ships carrying off the quicksilver 
Azoguéjo, sm. small market-place 
Azogueria, sf. quicksilver-laboratory 
Azoguéro, sin. dealer in quicksilver, mercury 
Azolar, va. 1. to shape (timber) with an addice 
Azolvar, va. 1. to stop, obstruct water-conduits 
Azomár, r. 1. to incite, stimulate to fight 'anim ) 
Azor, sm. goshawk (bird of prey of a large kind) 
Azorado, (navio) ill-stowed ship sailing heavy 
Azoráfa, sf. camelopard (tall long necked animal) 
Azoramiénto, »m trepidation; trembling 
Azorar, va. 1. to frighten; terrify; irritate 
Azorarse, vref to be restless, agitated, unquiet 
Azorrado, -a, adj- drowsy; sleepy; lethargic 
Azorramiénto, sm. great heaviness of the head 
Azorrarse, re.f. 1. to be drowsy, heavy with sleep 
Azotacalles, sm. street-lounger; idler; gadder 
Azotado, rm. criminal publicly whipped 
Azotadór, -a, smf. whipper; lasher; who whips 
Azotáina-ina, sf. sound drubbing, floggmg 
Azotamiento, sm. whipping; flogging; lashing 
Azotar, ». 1. to whip; lash; flog: horsewhip; drub 
Azotar las calles, to lounge about the streets 
Azotar el aire, to act to no purpose; beat the air 
Azotar la ampolleta, to flog the glass (naut. ) 
Azotazo, sm. aug. severe lash, blow on the breech 
Azote, sm. whip; lash; calamity, affliction 
Azotes (pena de)»7. public whipping (for crime) 
Aioti-tL, sf. flat roof of a house; platform 
Azútico (gas) tm. azotic gas (chem.) 
A'zre, itn, maple-tree (tree frequent in hedges) 

I Azúa. tf. Indian beverage from Indian corn-flour 
Azúcar, ». sugar(sweet juice from the sugar-cane) 
Azúcar de pilón, sm. sugar-loaf (refined sugar) 
Azúcar de lustre, fine powdered sugar 
I Azúcar mascabádo, tm. single loaves 
I Azúcar negro, sin. coarse brown sugar 
I Azúcar piedra, cande, sm. sugar-candy 
I Azúcar terciado, moreno, sm. brown sugar 
Azúcar de plOmo, sm. calcined sugar of lead 
Azúcar y canela, sorrel-grey (colour of hoises) 
Azucarado, -a, adj. sugared; sweet: affable 
Azucaradas (palabras) soothing, artful words 
Azucarado, sm. kind of paint used by ladies 
Azucarar, va. 1. to sugar; sweeten; soften 
Azucarero, sm. sugar-dish, basin; confectioner 
Azucarillo, s. sweetmeat of flour, rose-water, &c. 
Azucena, sj. white lily (flower) 
Azucena amarilla, sf. yellow amaryllis (flower) 
Azucena anteada, sf. copper-colour day-lily 
Azucena pajiza, sf. yellow day-lily (flower) 
Azucenas, sf. plur. military order of the lily 
Azud, sf. dam with a sluice to irrigate lands 
Aziida, sf. Persian wheel to raise water for lands 
Azuela, sf. addice; chip-axe (carpenter's tool) 
Azuela de construcción, sf. ship-wright's axe 
Azufáifa, sf. jujube; fruit of the jujube- tree 
Azufáifo, Azuféifo, tm. iujubetree 
Azufrado, -a, a. whitened with sulphur 
Azufrador, sm. stove to bleach wooi with sulphur 
-Azufrar, va. 1. to bleach, fjmigate with sulphur 
Azufre, sm. sulphur; brimstone (mineral) 
Azufroso, -a, adj. sulphureous; of brimstone 
Azul, adj. blue. Azul celeste, sky blue 
Azul oscuro, dark blue, de Prusia, Prussian blue 
Azul subido, Turqui, bright blue, Turkish blue 
Azul verdemar, de costras, sea blue, sea green 
Azul, sm. lapis; blue stone stieaked with white 
Azulaque, sm. bitumen (fat unctuous matter) 
Azulado, -a, adj. azure; sky coloured; faint blue 
Azular, va 1. to dye, tinge, colour azure blue 
Azulea, sf. slight blue colour: bluishness 
Azulear, rn. 1. to have a bluish tint, cast 
Azulej.ido, -a, adj. covered with bluish tiles 
Azulejo, sm. Dutch glazed tile; blue bottle (pla.) 
Azulino, -a, udj somewhat of an azure colour 
.■azumar, ra. 1. to dye the hair 
Azumbar, sm. water-plaiitAin (plantl 
Azumbrado, -a, a<'j. measured by half gallons 
.'\zúmbre,í.;measure of liquids (half a gall. Eng.) 
Azuquero, sm. sugar-dish, basin ; confectioner 
Azur, sm. blue colour in coats of arms 
Azút, sm. dam (across a river to turn its course) 
Azutéa, » terrace:platform;flat roof of a house 
Azutéro, tm. sluice-master; dyke- reeve 
Azuzador, -a, smf. exciter; inciter; spurrer on 
Azuzar, ra. 1. to set on dogs; provoke; irritate 

Baba. sf. drivel; slaver; spittle falling in drops 
Bababui, sm. mocking-bird V.American bird) 
Babada, »A thiirh.bone(from the hip to the knee ) 
Babadero, Babador, <. bib; chin-cloth (for infa.) 
Babanca, sm. dunce; dolt; booby; stage-bufibon 
Bábara, s.f. landau ; oblong coacli ; counter dance 
Babaza, frothy humour running from the mouth 
Babaza, slimy snail without a shell; aloes (tree) 



Babazórro, sm. coarse, iU-bred fellow; clown 
Babear JJ»! 1 to slaver; drivel; dribble; dote 
Babeo, 'sm. slavering; drivelling; dribbling 
Baberk, sr. part of the helmet covering the cheeks 
Baberi siUv, foolish, stupid fe^ow; bumpkin 
Babero, s. bib (linen put under the chin of achild) 
Baberoi, .m. Partof the helm covering the cheeks 
Baberól, sillv, foolish, stupid fellow; bumpkin 
Bihia tf estar en, r. 1.) to be absent in lumd 
Babia, sr esiar eu, • ■ > / iannnnt fellow 

Babieca, sm. (ser un) to '^^'^''^|^J?,"^'J[j^°ya lior^^ 
R^bilonia'fser una)"to^be"all uproar, confusion 
B^bom^ larboard left side facing the head) 
Bab .r del'timou ( \' ) a-port the helm (naut.) 
Babortodo, (M head a-port, (nautical term) 
Babur 4 estrib^^r, (de) ship, (naut.) 
Babosa %; slim; snail ^vithout a s^ell; aloes 
Babosa! oÍd °°i^'";;^^';^P¿^"^;t' ^wnth s^piX 
Babosíni s" "smalUlimyVorm of the snail-kind 

Babucha, sf. kind of slipper, easy shoe 
Baca, ./ berr%- (small fruit ); breach m a dyke 
Baca de laurel, ./. ''='V-^,;'J>'„*[,^;?„\^Í; '^^^'^ 
Bacas, sj. ph-r. quick tune on ("« -"'"J 
Bacáda, sr\ fall; falling; lapse; dimmut on 
■Rapalláo «m- lins: icocl very lean ana ^leem 
Bacante, termagant; drmking« ornan baccnant 
Wánara Bacáris Si o-reat flea-bane (plant) 
Bacári,\,ri>. covWedjit^h tot^^er (oval^^^^^^^^ 

BacáS s/: four remaining cards ^l^^^° 
Bache, sm. miry hole (m a road) b«ca!ing-place 
Bachlco -a,-i. of Bacchus; drunken: merry; jolly 
Bach Uér, sm. bachelor of arts; babbler; prater 
Bachiller; arfj. loquacious; babbling; garrulous 
Tiachillpra. Sf forward, babbling w oman 
Baehi «ato sm degree of a bachelor of arts 
Bachil ereár' t 1. to babble-. prattle;talk much 
lrchm""o .,;-. .i>nn„. talkative "ttle feUow 
Bachillería, sf. babbling; prattling; 'd ^ t«.ll^ 
l::!Í'^'m¿t!:í^a:inr,^^:^í9^ basin 
Báci-a.s;' game plaved with three cards 
, Bacm. night-table's large pan, basin ; poor s box 
Bacina, sf. poor's box ; small pan ot a ni„ni-raoie 
Bacinádl sf. filth from the night-table-basm 
Bacinéio, sm. dimin. small night-table 
Bacinero -a, smf. collector of alms in a church 
Bacineta, .r small poor's box (to collect alms) 
V acineta de arma de fuego, sf. pan of a gun-lock 
Bacinete, head-piece; cuirassier; man m armou' 
Bacinica-illa sf. dim. small earthen pan, basm 
lfcuTo,.«Valking-stick; staff; cane; support 
Báculo de Jacob, sm. Jacob's staff; quadrant 
Báculo de peregrino, sm. pilgrim s staff 
Báculo pastoral, sm. bishop's crosier 
Bada. sf. female rhinoceros (large animal) 
Badajada, sf. strokeof the bell'sclapper;id le talk 
Badajazo, sm. aug. large clapper (of a bell, 
Badaieár vn 1 to babble; talk much nonsense 
Bad! 0, sm. clapper; tongue of a bell; idle talker 
Badaiuélo, sm c,',m. small clapper (of a bell) 
Badal, s. muzzle (fastening formouth of anira.) 
Badal á la Boca (eschar un) to stop one s mouth 
Badal, shoulders and ribs of butcher's meat 
Badil, surg. instrument for opening the mouth 
Badana, ¡-f. dressed sheep-skin 
Badana (zarrár la,) to give a h.dmg flogging 
Rarlajas sf vlur. keys of the bonnets (naut.) 
l^^s. pompion; pumpkin; dull, insipid being 
Badén, ,. channel made by a sudden fall of water 

, Radiána, tf. Indian aniseed (sort of parsley) 
lad^tm. Badila, /. fire shovel (to take up ashe.s) 
fadilázo, sm. blow -j^h a fire-shove 
' Ifdria^'sri^fshnt^nVn^enTSbr'^'ty 
Baaomid, V f livers; stupid person 

bI"»:'"*^-» l". to SoLtl brag of; m'agn^fy 
1 Bafanena j/-.' romancing; boasting; bragging 
, Ba*/"'?"a,5/ .j^j. ; bragger. romancer 
i ^''I'tT'rope to tie burdens on theback of beasls 
I íí'^^llpsm beast of burden; baggage; equipage 
I l^aSero „„ driver (of beasts carrying baggage) 
! w^t? ,°n 1 to yield the seed (flax, hemp) 
Bagar, in i-^> prostitute about ditches 
B^ate^a^ ii me; touble; thing of no value 
B^azo . remain^ of pressed grapes olives &c. 
ISma; :>. table-service; apparatus for the Uble 
Bá^re sm. delicious fish in American seas, ocl. 
B^hari, sm. sparrow-hawk (smal bird of prey) 


'ro sm. catcher of birds in nets, snares 

f dance- ball; bailifl'; justice; sea-trout 

¿r dutfu'o de la; to be the chief of the 

a smt dancer; who dances; thief 

Bailarín, - 

igua adelante, to dance attendance 
r?»/: "f roluTdancer : high mettled horse 
Bade, sm. dance; ball; rout; bailiff; justice; hop 
Baile de candil, de botun gordo, rustic dance 
5„'i„ ;, hailiázt'O m. iursdiction of a bailiff 
Ba á.-' sm iommanderv in the order of Malta 
Ba horkni^ht of Malta; ¡"^"-^"^^^^/^f Vaf^'^^S^ 
Raivpl 9 bevel (square used by masons, joiners) 
Ba á sm bashaw; pacha viceroy of a province) 
B^fa; f^ll; d-i-tin; decrease of^nee; dance 
Ba áda, s . descent; inclination of an arch 
Ra Ado a 'KÍ; very excellent; unexpected 
S'^J^^o'del ciélo%*. dropped from heaven 
nár sm low water; shallow water 
lénie, ad. baselv; meanly ; abjectly; humbly 
In. I. to descend; come down; lessen; fall 
r to lower- abite; narrow ; humble 
'•p"ref to crouch; grovel; stoop low;lessen 
' de ¿unto, to decay; declme; be impaired 
los humos, to become more humane 
„. ...'los ojos, to be ashamed; look downwards 
S: ár la ca'béza, to obey ^;**out objection 
ár la tierra, to lav the land (naut.) 
ir por un rio, to drop down a river (naut.) 
tr las velas to lower the sails (naut. ) 
'l sm. vessel (general name for all ships) 
Í1 desaparejado, ship laid up in ordinary 
n bovánte, light ship; craft; frigate, &c. 
áde bajo bordo, low-built ship, vessel 
¿1 marinero, good sea-boat 
él velero, swift sailer; swift sailmg ship 
Ba eléro sm. owner, master of a vessel, ship 
Ba ero -a, adj. (said of a thing which is) under 

I sábana 1 s'. under sheet 

im person of low stature; middle-tenor 
sr. meanness;mean act; lowness 
Ba éza de ánimo, sf. weakness of mind 
Bajeza de nacimiento, sf. meanness of birth 
Baillo sm wine-pipe (in a vintner's shop) 
la "l-m shoal; sand-bank; decline of fortune 
Bá o, -a, a. low; abject; ordinary; humble; (.uU 
Ba o de^ley, of a base Quality (metals &c., 
1^ °- ?n a low roÍc"e"1n':?tI?¿rsubfecUon " 
Bájo, in L humble and submissive manner 

BAJ '* 

Bajo, (mano) underhand; privately; secretly 
Bájo. sm. bass, base; player on abase vkil 
Bajo relieve, sm. bass relief (ornamental sculp.) 
Bajo, (quirto) sm. ground-floor; lower story 
Bajo, (pur lo) in a prudent manner; cautiously 
Bajos, sm. pi. under petticoats; hoofs (of horses) 
Bajüi-a, si. green kidney-beans; dead silk-worm 
Bajón, sm. bassoon; player on the bassoon 
Bajoncillo, sm. counter-base; base-viol, voice 
Bala, sf. ball; bullet; shot; bale; printers ball 
Balas rojas, sf. plur. red hot balls (military) 
Balas encajonadas, case-shot (bullets in a case) 
Balas enramadas, encadenadas, chain-shot 
Balas de metralla, grape-shot 
Balada, s/. bailad; song; ditty; popular song 
Baladi, aJj. mean; despicable; base; worthless 
Baladór, -a, smf. that bleats, cries like a sheep 
Baladre, sm. rose-bay (shrub) 
Baladren, sm. brasrger; boaster; vaporer; bully 
Baladronada, í^. boast; brag; bluster; bravado 
Baladronear, vn. 1. to boast; brag; exaggerate 
Balagár, sm. long straw, hay tor winter fodder 
Bálago, sm. hay-rick; thick spume of soap 
Bálago, (sacudir el, 3.) to give a sound drubbing 
Balaguero, rick of straw; straw heaped together 
Balance, sm. fluctuation; balance; doubt; rolling 
Balancear, va. 1. to balance; weigh; examine 
Balancear, vn, to waver; be unsettled; fluctuate 
Balanceo, sm. oscillation; undulating motion 
Balancéro, sm. balancer; weiaher of coins 
Balancio, sf water-melon; scale; white grape 
Balancín, sm. splinter-bar (of a carriage) 
Balancín, rope-dancer's pole; pendulum; flier 
Balancines, sm. plur. lifts of a sail (naut. ) 
Balancines de la brújula compass-brass-rings 
Balandra, s. bilander (small ship tocarry goods) 
Balante, adj. t'leatins; crying as a sheep 
Balanza, sf. scale; balance; tishing-net 
Balanza de la romana, (tiél de) needle of scale 
Balanza. íandár en) to be in danger of losing 
Balanzár, vi. 1. to weigh; balance; examine 
Balanzário, sm. balancer; weigher of coins 
Ealánzo, sm. fluctuation;balance; doubt; rolling 
Balanzón, sm. copper-pan (used by silversmiths) 
Baláou, tm. kind of sprat (as big as a pilchard) 
Balar, vn. 1. to bleat; cry as a sheep 
Balando por, (andar, v. 1.) to be gaping after 
Balata, sf. ballette; historical, dramatic dance 
Balasór.ím. Chinese stun' (made of bark) 
Balaústra-ustria, sf. wild pomegranate flowers 
Balaustráda-eria, s. balustrade; row of balusters 
Balaustrádo, -a, arij. ornamented with balusters 
Balaustre, sm. baluster; small pillar, column 
Balaustres de navio, sm, pi. head rails of a ship 
Baláx, sm. balass (kind of ruby of a light red) 
Balazo sm. shot; discharge from a gun, &c. 
Balbucencia, sf. slammer; stutter; hesitation 
Balbuciente, adj. stammering; stuttering 
Balcón, balcony; small gallery before a window 
Baiconáge, jn. Balconería, /. range of balconies 
Balconizo, sm. au^. large balcony 
Balconcillo, sm. dimin. small balconv 
Balda, sf trifle; minutia; thing of no' value 
Balda, (á la) ad. in a heedless imprudent manner 
Baldaqui-ino, sm. canopy (supported by pillars) 
Baldar, va. i. to cripple; break a set; trump 
Balde, sm. bucket (used on board of ships) 
Balde, (de) adv. gratis; for nothing; without cost 
Balde, (en) in vain: to no purpose; to no end 
Baldear. t>. 1. to throw water on the deck in vain 
Ealdéro, -a, adj. idle; vagrant; strolling 
Baldés sm. soft & pliable piece of dressed skin 
Baldío, ■Si.axtí. untilled; uncultivated (land) 
Baldío, (hombre) im. vagrant; stroller; vagabond 

> BAN 

Baldíos, (los) pi, lay-land; commons; waste land 
Bál:lo, -a, adj. not having a card of the same suit 
B.ildún, sm. censure; blame; insult; reproRch 
Baldonár-eár, v. 1. insult with abusive language 
Baldó.sa, sf. fine square lilei plate of baked clay) 
Baldrés, sm. soft, pliable piece of dressed skin 
Balería, s. great quantity of bnlls, &c. heaped up 
Baléta, sf. small bale, bundle of goods 
Balido, sm. bleat; bleating (cry of a sheep) 
Balija, i^. portmanteau; post-man's bag; mail 
Balsero, sm. post-man. boy; letter-carrier 
Balijón, s. large portmanteau (to carry clothes) 
Balisa, sf. buoy (piece of cork, wood floating) 
Balitadera, sf call (for calling fawns) 
Bailar, va. 1. to sing; recite; celebrate; praise 
Ballena. .«/! whale; train-oil; whale-bone 
Ballenato, sm. cub (the young one of a whale) 
Ballenér, sm. vessel shaped like a whale 
Ballesta, sf. cross-bow (missive weapon) 
Ballesta, (á tiro de) adv. at a great distance 
Ballestada, sf. shoot from a cross-bow 
Ballestázo, s. blow from a shoot from a cross-bow 
Ballesteador, sm. cross-bow-man; arcubalister 
Ballestear, va. I. to shoot with a cross-bow 
Ballestera, sf. loop-holes to shoot cross-bow.s 
Ballestería, sf. archery; number of bows, archers 


Ballestéro de maza, sm. mace-bearer 
Ballesteros de corte, plur. king's porters 
Ballestilla,!/ small cross-bow; fleam; cross-staff 
Ballestón, sm, augm. large cross-bow; arbalist 
Ballestrinque, sm. clove-hitch (nautical term) 
BalUco, sm. red, perennial darnel; rye-grass 
Ballueca, sf. wild oats ¡sort of grass) 
Balón, sm. large foot-ball; large bale; 24 reams 
Balota, sf. ballot; little ball used in voting 
Balotada, sf. leap of a horse between two posts 
Balotar, va. i. to ballot; choose bv ballot; vote 
Balsa, sf. pool; lake; raft; half a butt of wine 
Balsamerita, sf. small balsam smelling bottle 
Balsimico, -a. adj. balsamic; balmy; odoriferous 
Balsamina,*/: balsam-apple (Indian plant) 
Balsamita mayor, sf. alecost; marsh-mallow 
Balsamita menor, sf. tansy; annual costmary 
Bálsamo, sm. balsam; balm; lenitive; ointment 
Bálsamo de mana, sm. balsam of Tolu 
Balsar, sm. marshv ground full of brambles 
Balsear va. 1. to cross (rivers) on floats, rafts • 
Balsero, sm. ferryman; waterman; boatman 
Balsilla. sf. dimin. small float, raft; ferry-boat 
Balsopeto, sm. large pouch worn near the breast 
Bálteo, sm. officer's belt, girdle, cincture 
Baluarte, s. bastion; bulwark; defence; support 
Balumba, sf. bulk; many things heaped together 
Balumbo, Bali'ime, sm. heap of things 
Bálza, sf. banner; standard; ensign; flag 
Rambaleár, Bambanear, vn. 1. to reel; stagger 
Bambalina, sf. upper part of the fixed scenes 
Bambarria, sm. fool; idiot; luky hit (at billiards) 
Bambochada,/ ? landscape representing drunk- 
Bambóche, «n. $ en feasts with grotesque figures 
Bambolear, Bambonear, va. I . to reel ; totter 
Bamboleo, Bamboneo, «m. reeling; staggering 
Bambolla, sf. boast; vain show ; ostentation 
Bán.xm sort of fine muslin brought from China 
Banana, sf fruit of the plantain, banana-tree 
Banano, sm. plantain; banana-tree 
Banasta, sf. large basket (made of twigs, &c ) 
Banasta, (meterse en i to meddle with officiously 
Banastero, sm. basket-maker; deaier in baskets 
Banasto, sm. large round wicker-basket 
Banca, sf. form; bench; long wooden seat 
Banca de plaza, table for selling fruit; stall 
Bancal, sm. oblong plot (to raise pulse)ilerrace 

BAN ^ 

Bancaléro, tm. carpet manufacturer, dealer 
Bancária. (fianza' s/. bank-secutity (in Rome) 
Bancarrota, sf. bankruptcy; failure; insolvency 
Bancaza, si'. Bancázo, m. atig. larsje form, bench 
Banco, sm. bench; bank:compinyofajoint-stock 
Banco tie acepillar, sm. planir.2 tieneh 
Banco de ar-na, ¿and-bank; -hallow; shoal 
B;vnco de hielo, firl.i nf ice-, laii;i:' extent nf ice 
Banco de rio, sand-hank, shalluiv in a river 
Banco pinjado, ancient batterinfc niactiine 
Banco, (pasar, va. 1.) to flog (sailors; on board 
Banco (razon de pie de) sf. absurd reason 
Blinda, s. officer's sash; ribbon (of a milit. order) 
Banda, band; body; party; sanj; crew; covey 
Banda, (á la) heeled, hove down (naut.) 
Banda, (arriar en, 1.) to let go a-niain (naut.) 
Blinda, (caer, estar en, 2. 1.) tobea-main(naut.) 
Bandas del tajamar, the cheeksof the head (ñau.) 
Bandada, s. covey; flock of birds flying together 
Bandárria, s/. iron maul (to drive large nails) 
Bandear, va. 1. to traverse; cross: pass a cross 
Bandear, vn. to join a band; form parties 
Bandearse, vref. to shift, earn for one's self 
Bandeja, sf. silver- waiter, tray (of any metal) 
Bandera, if. banner; standard; flag; ensign 
Bandera blanca, de paz, sf. flag of truce (naut.) 
Bandera (vuelo de la, m.) flag of the ensign 
Bandera, (arriar, la, 1.) to strike the colours 
Bandera, (dar la) to submit to superior talents 
Banderas, (levantar, 1. )to head a party 
Banderas desplegadas (con.) with flying colours 
Banderéta. sf. dim. bannerol; little flag; streamer 
Banderétas, .if. plur. camp-colours (military) 
Banderica-iUa, sf. diinm. bannerol; little flag 
Banderilla, sf. small dart with a bannerol 
Banderilla (poner á-una, 2. ) to taunt; revile 
Banderillear, va. 1. to put small flags on bulls 
Banderillero, s. who sticks a flag in a bull's neck 
Banderizar, va. 1. to stir up disturbances; cabal 
Banderizo, -a, ndj. factious; seditious 
Banderolas, sí. plur. bandrols; camp-colours 
Bandido, sm. bandit; outlaw; freebooter; robber 
Bandín, sm. seat in a row-galley (naut.) 
Bandita, sf. dimin. small band, body, party 
Bando, sm. edict; law; proclamation; faction 
Bando, (echar, 1.) to publish, proclaim an edict 
Bandola, s. small musical instrument; jury-mast 
Bandolera, sf. shoulder-belt; leather-belt 
Bandolero, sin. robber; highwayman; rogue; thief 
Bandosidad, st. partiality: friendship; party 
Bandujo, s. large sausage minced pork rolled up) 
Bandullo, sm. belly; the whole of the intestines 
Bandurria, sf. musical instrument like a fiddle 
Bánge, sm. stuff manufactured in Burgundy 
Banóva, sf. bed-quilt;counterpane;bed-coverlet 
Banquera, small open bee-house; bee-hive-frame 
Banquero, sm banker; exchanger; cambist 
Banqueta, sf. stool with three legs; banquette 
Banquetas de cureña, gun-carriase-beds fnaut.) 
Banquetas de calafate, af. calkin^-ítools (naut.) 
Banquete, sm. banquet; magnificent repast 
Banquete casero, sm. family-feast, feasting 
Banquetear, rn. 1. to feast; banquet; fare daintily 
Banquillo, sm. dim. little stool, seat without back 
Banzo, sm. side of a quilting, embroidering frame 
Baña, sf. poul; puddle; bathing-place: balneary 
Banadera, sf. skeet (narrow oblong ladle, naut.) 
Bañadero, sm. pool; puddle; bathing-place 
Bañado, sm. large pan (used as a nights table) 
Bañador, -a, smt. bather; tub to dip wax-candles 
Bañar, to bathe; steep; soak; dip; water; imbue 
Bañarse, vref. to bathe; welter; delight; swim 
Bañarse en agua rosada, to bathe in rose-water 
Bañero, sm. bath-keeper; owner of baths 

ind imperiously 

It blow (in falling) 
accustomed: inured; used to 
o inflict the gantlet; vex; beat 

' B.\R 

Bañil, gm. small pool (in which deer bathe) 
Bafiista, s. drinker of, bather in mineral waters 
Baño, sm. bath;bathing; bathing-place; machine 
Baño de maria, s. vessel put into hot water 
Bañuélo, sm. dim. little bath: ¡.vivM bathing-tub 
Bao, sm. beam; main cross timber (naut.) 
Bao maestro, sm. midship-beam (naut.) 
Baos de las cubiertas, plur. beams of the deck 
Baos del sollado plur. orlop-beams (naut.) 
Baos del saltillo depria, pi. collar-beams , naut.) 
Baos de los palos, /,/. tre.-tle-trees ínaut.) 
Baptismo, sm. bapti.-m: christening 
Baptisterio, sm. baitisiery; chri-trning-place 
Baptizar, va. 1. to baptize: christen: purily 
Baque, sm. blow (from a fall ; water-trougli 
Baqueriza, si. cow-house; stable (for cattle) 
Baqueta, .«/ ramrod; rammer; 
Baqueta, (mandar á 1.) to com 
Baqueta, (tratar á) to treat in 
Baquetas, pi. drumsticks; gan 
BaqueUizo, s. violent tall ; gi 
Baqueteado, -¡ 
Baquetear, va. 
Baquetear la 1; 
Baquetilla, sf. climiri. little rod, switch, stick 
Báquico, -a,.!, of Bacchus; drunken:incrry; jolly 
Baradero ilebaja mar, inuddv place at low water 
Baradára, sf groundmg (of a vessel) 
Barahiinda, .sV. noise: great bustle; hurly-burly 
Baraja, sf. complete pack of cards; quarrel 
Barajas, (meterse en, vref. 2.) to seek a quarrel 
Barajadura, sf. shuttling of cards: dispute 
Barajar, v. 1. shuffle (cards); bar acast; iumble 
Barajar un negocio, entangle; perplex an añ"air 
Barajar una proposición, to reject a proposal 
Barajar, rn. to dispute; wrangle; contend 
Baranda, sf. railing; series of rails (of iron, S:c.) 
Baranda (echar de, 1.) to exaggerate; magnify 
Barandado, sm. balustrade; series of balusters 
Barandal, sm. under-piece of a balustrade 
Barandilla, sf. dimin. small railing, balustrade 
Barangáy, sm. Indian rowing vessel, boat 
Barár, vn. 1. to be stranded; strike a ground 
Barár en la costa, to run on shore (naut.) 
Barata, sf. barter; exchange; low price 
Barata, (:i la) ridv. confusedly; in disorder 
Barata (mala prodigality; profusion; waste 
Baratador, sm. barrator: impostor; barterer 
Bar.atiir, va. 1. to barter; exchange; cheat; deceive 
Baratas, sm. kind of sea-mouse 
Baratear, v. 1. to cheapen; sell atan under price 
Baratería, sf. barratry: fraud; deception 
Baratero, sm. obtainer of money from gamesters 
Baratijas, sf. plur. trifles; things of little value 
Baratillero, j. pedler; seller of trifles, toys. Sic. 
Baratillo, -a, a,ij dimin. cheap; of little value 
Baratillo, sm. pedlery; frippery: trumpery 
Baratista, sm. barterer; exchanger; bill-broker 
Barato, -a, a. cheap; bought, sold for a low price 
Barato, (de) gratuitously; gratis; for nothing 
Barato, sm. cheapness; low price: plenty; fraud 
Barato, (hacer, -.i.) to sell under value, cost-price 
Barato (dar del to grant: admit: allow to be so 
Barato, ad. cheaplv; at asmall price, at a low rate 
Báratro, sm. hell I'poet. ; gaming-house; brothel 
Baratura, sf. cheapness; lowness of price 
Baraúnda, sf. noise; great bustle: confusion 
Barauste, sm. baluster; small pillar; column 
Barba, sf. chin; beard; first s« arm of bees 
Barba cabruna, sf. yellow goat's beard (plant) 
Barba de aaron, sf. green dragon arum (plant) 
Barba de gato, (amarrado á) moored by the head 
Barba, (temblar la, 1. ) to shake with fear 
Barba (hacer la, 2.) to shave; take otf the beard 


Barba, (mentir por la, 3.) U 

Barba á bároa, face to face; «<,... .^ "••- i i,-. ,, ,.■ 

Barba regada. (á)ad. in great plenty, abundance Barbudo, -a, adj. 

Barba, (á pulla por) every man his bird ' K=.rl,„dn. .m. vu 

Báiba, (por) adr. a-head; a-pieec; to, for each 

Barba, sm. player (.acting the parts of old men) 

Barbas, sf. plur hawses (naut.); slender r..ots 

Barbas, disease under the tongue of horses 

Barbas de baléna, whalebone (flexible matter) 

Barbas de gallo, barbs under a cock's bill 

Barbas honradas, respectable, honourable man 

Barbas, (pelarse las) to fly into a great passion 

Barbas, (subirse á las, 3.) to fly into ones tace 

Barbas, (tener buenas) to have a graceful mien 

Barbas, (tener pocas, 2.) to be young, - 

) BAR 

Barbotar, ra. 1. to mumble; mutter; muimur 
Barbóte, i. fore part of a helmet; foolish fellow 

1, adj. with a long beard 
Barbudo, sm. vine transplanted with the roots 
Barbulla, tf. loud confused clatter (of people) 
Barbullar, vn. I. to talk loud and all at once 
Barbullón, -a, ndj. Ulking loud, fast, confusedly 
Barca, s. boat; barge; bark: small ship of burden 
Barca chata para pasar gente, ferry-boat 
Barca lónga, fisher-boat; boat to catch fish 
Barca, (conducir bien su) to steer, manage well 
Barcada, sf ferrv-boat passage; boat full 
Barcada de lastre, tf. boat-load of ballast 
Barcáge, sm. ferriage; passage-boat; ferry 
Barcaza, sf. augm. large ferry-b— * 

Barbada, ¡f. beard of a horse; curb; dab Barceno, -a, adj. ruddy; approaching to 

Barbada, (agua de !a) s. Barbadoes-water ;li 


a, (agua de !a) s. Barbadoes-water ;liq"or) 

Barbad.unénte, adv. vigorously; stronglv' 
Barbadillo, -a, adj. dimin. having little beard 
Barbado, -a, adj. bearded; barbed; jaggpd 
Barbado, man (grown up) ; tree with roots planted 
Barbaja, tf indented snakeweed (plant) 
Barbajas, tf. plur. first roots of the plants 
Barbajóve, Barba de Jupiter, sf kidney vetch 
Barbánca, «/. confusion; great bustle; flutter 
Barbar, vn. 1. to have a beard; rear bees 
Báibara, (santa) sf. powder-room (in a ship) 
Bárbaramente, adv. barbarously; rudely 
Barbaresco, -a, adj barbaric; of barbarians 
Barbáricamente, adv. in a barbaric manner 
Barbaridad, sf. barbarity; rudeness; barbarisni 
Barbarie, */ barbarousness; impurity of speech 
Barb^risrao, s. barbarism; ignorance; rudeness 
Barbarizar, ra. 1. to barbarize; make barbarous 
Bárbaro, -a. a. barbarous; cruel; rude; ignorant 
BarbarOte, sm. ansm. great barbarian; savage 
Barbato, a. adj. bearded (applied to a comet) 
Barbaza, sf. augm long, thick beard 
Barbfár, vn. 1. to reach with the beard, lips 
Barbechar, ra. 1. to plough; prepare for sowing 
Barbechazón, sm. fallowing-time (agricultural) 
Barbechera, sf. different .successive ploughings 
Barbecho, sm. first ploughing; fallow 
Barbecho, (como en un) too much confidence 
Barbera, if. barber's wife . 

Barbería, sf. trade of a barber; barber s shop 
Barberito-illo, sm. little barber, shaver 
Barbero, sm. barber; shaver; mutton-fish 
Barbeta, sf. rack-line; ring-rope (naut.) 
Barbeta, (batería á) battery set over the parapet 
Barhiblánco, -a. adj. gray-bearded (with age) 
Barbica -ilia -ite. sf dimin little beard 
Barbicácho, t riband, band tied under the chin 
Barbicano, -a, adj. gr.-iy-bearded 
Barbiespéso. -a, adi. who has a thick beard 
Barbihecho, -a. adj. fresh, newly shaved 
Barbilampiño, -a, adj. who has a thin beard 
Barbilindo, -a, adj. well shaved and trimmed 
Barbilla, sf. point of the chin; small beard 
Barbilléra, tf. tuft of tow; bandage for the 
Barbilucio, -a, adj. smooth-faced; pretty ; genteel Barón, 
Barbinegro, -a, odj. black-bearded . «"""' 

Barbiponiente, adj. having the beard growing 
Barbiquejo, t. handkerchief (to muffle the chin) 
Barbiquejo, bobstay ; rope to fix the bowsprit 
Barbinibio, -a, a. red-bearded; with a re.l beard 
Barbirúcio, -a, adi. with a black and white beard 
Barbitaheño, -a, adj. who has a rough beard 
Barbiteflido, -a, adj. with a paint<;d beard 
Barbo, sm. barbel (fish found in rivers) 
Barbón, sm. gray-beard; old man; la -bro lirr 
Barboouéjo. sm. rope (used for a bridle); !ia\vse 
Barboquejo, bandage Ito keep the n}outh shut) 

ino, -a, adj. ruddy; approaching ti 
Barcéo, sm. dry sedge (to make mats, ropes, &c.; 
Barchilla. sf. measure of grain, third of a bushel 
Barcina, sf sedge-net; large truss of straw 
Barcmár, r. 1. to load a cart with sheaves of corn 
Barcino, -a arfjruddv; reddish; approaching red 
Barco, s. boat; barge;' bark; small ship of burden 
Barco aguador, sm. watering-boat 
Barco chato, sm. flat-bottomed boat 
Barco de la vez, sm. passage boat 
Barcolóngo, Barcoluéngo, sm. oblong boat 
Barcón, Barcóte, sm. augm. large boat, barge 
Barda, sf. barb, armour of horses; straw 
Bardado, -a, adj barbed; furnished w ith armour 
Bardágo, sm. loof-hook rope (nautical term) 
Bardaguera, s. sort of sedge (used to make mats) 
Bardal, sm. mud- wall (topped with straw, &c.) 
Bardana.*/", common burdock (medicinal plant) 
Bardanza," (andar de, 1.) to go here and there 
Bardar, a. I. to cover the tops of walls with straw 
Bardilla, sm. dimin. small brushwood 
Bardo, sm. bard; poet; minstrel; verseman 
Bardóma, sf dirt; filth; nastiness; mud; mire 
Bardoméra,í. weeds, &c. carried off by currents 
Barfol, s. coarse stuff (from the coast of Gambia) 
Barga, s. steepest part ot a slope; thatched hut 
Barbante, (no) notwithstanding; nevertheless 
Bariga,if Indian silk (brought by the Dutch) 
Barillo, sm. inferior silk (from the East Indies) 
Baripto, s. precious stone (of a blackish colour ■ 
Barítono, s low tone (between a tenor & a base) 
Barjuleta, s. knaps.ack; travelling bag; purse 
Barloar, va. 1 . to grapple (in order to boardi 
B.arloás, í. pi. relieving tackle pendants (naut.) 
Barloventear. I. to ply to windward; beat about 
Barlovento, sm. weather-gage; weather-side 
Barlovento, (costa de) s/". weather-shore (naut.) 
Barlovento, (costado Ue) í. weather-side (naut ) 
Barlovento,' (gañár el. 1.) to get to windward 
Barnacle, sm barnacle (bird like a goose: ; fish 
Barniz, sm. varnish; paint; rouge; printer's ink 
Barnizar, ra 1. lo varnish; lacker;; paint 
Baro, -a, adj. thin; slim; slender; small; bare 
Barométrico, -a, barometrical; of the barometer 
the chin I Barómetro, sm. barometer; weather-glass 
■ Barón, sm. baron (title of nobility); judge 
Barones del timon, plur. rudder pendants, &c. 
BaronAl. adj. baronial; of a baron, barony 

BaronTa, «/■ barony: baronage; title of a 
Barosanémo, aerometer; instrument tc " 

Barquear, on. 1. to cross, go to and fr^, 

Barquero, sm. boatman; waterman; lerryman 
Barquéta. ,/. dimin. small boat, b'^'^f • ^f J^ 
Barquichuclo, »m. dimtn. small boat, bark 
Barquilla, «r. dimin. littleboat; bark; skiff 
Barquillero, sm. maker, seller of rolled cakes 
Barquillo, sm. cock-boat; ibin pastry-cake 


Barquín, m. barquín; ri.- I 
Earquinázo, sm, r i r 

Barquinéro, im 1 
farquino, sm. "i- 

Barra, (tirar la, I.) to enhance the price 
Parra á barra, (de) from one point to another 
Barras, plur. arched trees of a pack-saddle 
Barras, bars; part of a horse's nether jaw; prison 
Barras de cabrestante, bars of the capstem (naut. ) 
Barras de escotillas, bars of the hatches (naut.) 
Barras de portas, gun-port-bars (naut.) 
Barras, (estar en ) to be on the point of settling 
Barras, (sin dáñode,) ad. without injury, danger 
Barras derechas, (á) ad. fairly; openly; candidly 
Barrabasada, sf. plot, intrigue; bold action 
Barraca, st. hut (for soldiers, fishermen) 
Barrachél, sm. head-constable, police-officer 
Barraco, boar; spume of must; kind of ship-guns 
Barrado, -a, adj. corded; striped; with stripes 
Barragán, sm companion; bachelor; barracan 
Barrajána, sf. concubine; wife bereft of rights 
Barraganería, sf. concubinage; unmarried state 
Barragania, sf. living m an unmarried state 
Barraganétes, sm. plur. top-timbers (naut.) 
Barrál, «m. large bottle containing 25 pints 
Bair.inca, sf. ? deep break, made by moun- 
Barrancál, m. I tain floods, heavj- falls of rain 
Barranco, sm. gill; fissure; great difficulty 
Barrancoso -a, a. broken^ uneven; full of breaks 
Barraque, O'l. at all times; with whatever motive 
Barraquear, jjri. 1. to grunt like a boar 
Barrar, ra. 1. to daub; paint coarsely; barricade 
Barrear, !■. 1. to bar; barricade: secure with abar 
Barrear, v. graze the armour (stroke of a lance) 
Barrearse, tJ/e/. to beintrenched; wallow; welter 
Barreda, s/l clay-pit; barrier; cup-board; mound 
Barrederas, sf. plur. studdmg-sails (naut.) 
Barredero, sm. mop i sort of broom madeof rag?) 
Barredero, -a, sweeping off whateverisin the way 
Barredera, (red)s/. dragnet (net used in water) 
Barredura, sf. sweeping; taking away dirt 
Barreduras, plur. sweepings; remains; residue 
Barrena, sf. auger; borer; strong pointed iron 
Barrena de diminución, sf. taper-auger (tool) 
Barrena de guía, sf. centre-bit (tool) 
Barrenado, -a, (de cáseos) crack-brained; crazy 
Barrenador, sm. auger: borer; piercer (naut.) 
Barrenar, ra. 1. to bore; pierce: make holes 
Barrenar, to defeat one's intentions; frustrate 
Barren;ir un navio, to sink a ship (naut.) 
Barrendero, -a, smf. who sweeps, frees from dirt 
Berrenéro, s. boy serving with borers (in mines) 
Barreno, sm. large borer, auger; hole; vanity 
Barreno, (dar. 1.) to bore and sink a ship (naut.) 
Barreño, sm. barreña, f. earthen-pan 
Barreñón, sm. augm. large earthen-pan 
Barrenoncillo, sm. dimiit. small earthen-pan 
Barrer, va. 'i. to sweep; carry off the whole 
Barrer de popa á proa, to rake fore and aft inaut.) 
Barrera, sf. clay-pit; barrier; mound; cup-board 
Barrréra, (salir á, 3. ) to lay open to public censure 
Barrero, sm. potter;height; clay-pit; clayey place 
Barreta, sf. dim. small bar; shoe-lining; helmet 
Barrete, sm. helmet; head-piece; helm; casque 
Barretear, va. 1. to secure with bars; line (shoes) 
Barretero, ». worker with a crow, pick (in mines) 
Earretillo, tm. dimin. small helmet, casque 
Barretón, sm. au^m. large bar, iron-crow, &c. 
Baretoncillo, sm. dimin. small bar; iron-crow 
Barriada, */. suburb; ward, district of a city 
Barrica, sf. keg; small barrel; cask; cag 
Barricada, sf. barricade; sort of parapet; bar 
Barrido, tm. sweep; sweeping; freeing from dirt 


Barriga, sf. abdomen; pregnancy; swell of avase 
Barrigón, sm. augm. big paunch; swelling belly 
Barrigudo, -a, a. fat; big-bellied; with a big belly 
Barriguilla, sf. dimin. little belly, protuberance 
Barril, s. barrel; large earthen jug; water-cask 
BarriUime, sm. barrilería, /. number of barrels 
Barriléjo, sm. dim. rundlet; small barrel, cask 
Barrilero, sm. cooper; maker of barrels, casks 
Barrilete, sm. mouse (naut.); keg; small barrel 
Barrilete de estay, sm. mouse of a stay (naut.) 
Barrilete de remo, sm. mouse of an oar (naut. ) 
Barrilete de virador, sm. mouse of the top-rope 
Barrilete de banco, sm. holdfast (joiner's tool) 
Barrilico-illo-ito, sm. dim. keg; rundlet; firkin 
Barrilla, sf. dimin. little bar; glasswort plant) 
Barrilla, impure soda (called in trade barilla) 
Barilla de Alicante, i/l Spanish, Alicant soda 
BarriUár, sm. barilla pits; barilla ashes 
Barrio, sm. district, ward (of a town); suburb 
Barrio, (andar de) to wear a plain, simple dress 
Bariióndo, -a, adj. sour; tart; sharp; acid: rou.'h 
Barriscar, va. 1. to lump; take, put in the gioss 
Barrita, sf. dimin. small bar; small keg, cask 
Barrizal, s. clay-pit; place full of clay and mud 
Barro, sm. clay; mud; sweet-scented clay vessel 
Barro, lock of wool put into the comb 
Barro á mano, (dar, tener) to have the means 
Barros, plur. red pustules, pimples (in the face) 
Barrocho, sm. high open carriage with two seats 
Barroso, -a, adj. muddy; full of pimples 
Barróte, í»í. iron bar (to make tables fast) 
Barróte, beam of timber laid across otheis, &c. 
Barrotes, pi. battens; scantlings; ledges (naut.) 
Barrotines de los baos, sin. pi. carlings (naut.) 
Barrolines de la toldiUa, beams of the stern 
Barrueco, sm. pearl of a disproportionate form 
Barrumbada, s. great expense through vam show 
Barruniador, -a, smf. guesser by signs, tokens 
Barruntamiento, sm. guessing by signs, tokens 
Barruntar, va. 1, to foresee: conjecture by signs 
Barninte, sm. notice; information; knowledge 
Barrunto, sm. conjecture; guess; imagination 
Bártulos, sm. pi affairs; transactions; business 
Barulé. sm stockings rolled up over the knee 
Barzón, idle walk; strap tying oxen to the plough 
Barzonear, vn. 1. to loiter; rove about; lounge 
Basa, sf. pedestal (of a column); found.ition 
Rasa cula, sf. locker of the thumb-plate 
Basalto s.basaltes; black marble; ver>- hard la va 
Basamento, sm. base; foundation; ground-work 
Bajar, b .zar, Turkish market-place; repository 

Bascosidad, sf fihhiness; foulness; dirt; filth 
Báscula, sf. lever; staff; pole; counterpoise 
Base, sf. basis; base; ground-w.rk; chief colour 
Basilica, sf stately church; court of justice 
Basilica, basilica; basilic vein; large hall 
Basilicón, sm. basilicon (ointment) 
Basilisco, sm. basilisk; cockatrice (serpent) 
Basquear, I. tobe ^queamIsh, inclined to vomit 
Basquilla, s:. fulness of blood in sheep (disease) 
Basquina, s. upper petticoat (of Spanish women) 
Basta, adv. enough; stop; halt; sufficiently 
Basta, sf- tackmg slightly together to keep even 
Bastas, pi. distant stitches (m a mattress, &c.) 
Bastáge, sm. port-r; street-porter; carrier 
Bastante, adj. sufficient: enough; competent 
Bastantemente, adv. sufficiently; enough 
Bastantéro, s examiner (m Spanish law courts) 
Bastar, vn. I. to suffice; be enough; abound 
Bastarda, » . bastard-file; piece of ordnance 
Bastarda, main-sail (naut.); Italic (type) 
Bastardear, v. 1. to degenerate; debase one's self 
Bastárdelo, sm. draft-book (of a notary, Sc-) 


Pastardia, tf. basUrdy; spurious birth 
Hastardilla, tf. kind of flute; Italic (type) 
H.islárdo, -a, adj. bastard; illegitimate; spurious 
Bastardo, tm. bastard; one bom out of wedlock 
Bastardo, bastard; large sail; poisonous snake 
Bastardo de un racamento, parrel-rope (naut.) 
Baste, «n. pack-saddle; ace of clubs (at cards) 
Bastear, r. 1. tobaste; stitch loosely, sew slightly 
Bastecer, Bastescér, 2 to purvey; plot; scheme 
Bastéma, sf. kind of travelling cart 
Bastero, »m. maker, retailer of pack-saddles 
Bastida, sU ancient warlike engme 
Bastidor,'», stretcher (for linen, &c.); stage scene 
Bastidores, plur. frames for canvass bulkheads 
Bastilla, tf edge of cloth doubled and sewed 
Bastimentar, na. 1. to supply with provisions 
Bastimento, tm. supply of provisions; vessel 
Bastión, tm bastion; bulwark; fortification 
Basto, tm. pack saddle; ace of clubs 
Bastos, plur. clubs (one of the 4 suits at cards) 
Basto, -a, ailj. coarse; rude; home-spun 
Bastón, ttn. cane; walking stick; staff; roller 
Bastón, vdár, \.) to stir the must with a stick 
Bastones, sjn plur. bars in a shield (heraldry) 
Bastonada, tf- Bastonazo, m. bastinade; caning 
Bastoncillo, tm. liimin. small stick; narrow lace 
Bastonear, va 1. to stir mud with a stick 
Bastonero, ». master of ceremonies; under jailer 
Basura,»/. sweepings;manure;dung; offscouring 
liasuréro, .>m. dustman;dustpan; dunghill, yard 
Bata, sf. morning, night-gown; refuse of silk 
Batacazo, tm. violent contusion (from a fall) 
Batahola, tf. hurley-burley ; tumult; clutter 
Batalla, 5/ battle; combat; tight; struggle; joust 
Batalla, i campo de) tm. field of battle 
Batalla, (cuerpo de) centre division of (army) 
Batalla, (en) adi'. with an extended front 
Batallador, -a, tmf. combatant; fighter; fencer 
Batallar, vn. 1. to battle; fight; fence; contend 
Batallóla, tf. rail (tackle on board of a ship) 
Batallón, jm. battalion; troop; body of forces 
Batalloso, -a, adj. warlike; militan-; martial 
Batán, tm. tulling-miU (where cloth is cleaned) 
Batanado, -a, a. fulled; cleansed from oil, grease 
Batanar, va. 1. to full; cleanse from oil, grease 
Batanear, va. 1. to bang; beat; handle roughly 
Batanero, tm fuller; cleanser of cloth from oil 
Batata, tf. Spanish potato (of Malaga; yam) 
Batatín, tm. dimin. small-rooted Spanish potato 
Balayólas, tf. plur. rails (nautical term) 
Balayólas de las cafas, top-rails (naut.) 
Balayólas del pasamano, gangway rails (naut.) 
Batea, tf. japanned tray; trough; long boat 
Batear, va. I. to baptize; christen; duck (naut.) 
Batehucla, sf dimtn. small hamper, tray 
Batel, tm small vessel 

Bateo, tm. baptism; christening; purification 
Bateiia, tf. battery; range of cannons; firing 
Bateria, á barbeta, sf. barbet-battery 
Bateria enterrada, sf sunk battery 
Bateria á rebote, sf. ricochet batter^' 
Bateria cruzante, tf. cross battery 
Bateria de cocina, sf. kitchen utensils 
Bateria, tier, range of guns on one side of a ship 
Bati-ria entera de una banda, broad-side (naut.) 
Bateria florada, tf. ports at a proper height 
Batero, -a, tmf. dress-maker; raantua-maker 
Baticola, tf. crupper (of a horse, mule, &c.) 
Batida, tf. hunting party; cries of huntsmen 
Batidera, tf. beater (tool of plasterers, &C.) 
Batidero, t. collision; rugged ground ; wash-board 
Batidero de una vela, tm. foot-Ubling of a !<ail 
Batidero de proa, wash-board of the cut-water 
Batideros, pi. broken roads; 


Batido, -a, adj. changeable (silk); beaten (road) 
Batido, int. batterof flour and water (for wafers) 
Batidor, tm. scout; ranger; life-guard (on dutj) 
Batidor de cáñamo, sm. hemp dresser 
Batidor de oro, plata, gold, silver-beater 
Batiente, tm. jamb, post of a door; port-ecU 
Batiente de la bandera, fly of the ensign (naut.) 
Batiente de un dique, apron of a dock 
Batihoja, batifúUa, sm. gold-beater; warp 
Batimiento, sm. beating; collision; demolition 
Batiportár, iia. I. to house a gun on board a ship 
Batipórtes, sm. plur. port-cells (naut.) 
Batir, 3. to beat; raze; move in a violent manner 
Batir banderas, to salute with the colours 
Batir banderas, to strike the colours (naut.) 
Batir el campo, to reconnoitre the enemy's camp 
Batir moneda, coin money; mint; stamp metals 
Batir las olas, to ply the seas; plough the deep 
Batir las cataratas, nubes de los ojos, to couch 
Batir hoja, to foliate; beat into leaves (metals) 
Batirse, ref. to be discouraged; decline in health 
Batirse el cobre, to toil hard for useful ends 
Batista, sf. lawn; cambric; fine linen 
Batojar, va. i. to beat down the fruit (of a tree) 
Bat. .logia, tf. repeating one and the same thing 
Batucar, va 1. to mix and stir up things together 
Baluquério, sm. agitation; disturbance 
Baturrillo, s. hotch-potch; medley; odd mixture 
Baúl, tm. trunk; chest (for clothes); belly 
Baulillo, tm. dimin. small trunk ; box 
Bauprés, tm. bow-sprit (mast at the ship's head) 
Bauprés, (botalón del) tm. the bolt«prit-boom 
Bausán, -a, tmf. effigy; idiot; fool; down 
Bautismal, adj. baptismal ; of baptism 
Bautismo, sm. baptism; christening; ducking 
Bautisterio, sm. baptistery; font (for baptism) 
Bautizante, sm. baptizer (one who christens) 
Bautizar, va. 1. to baptize; christen; duck 
Bautizar un b.íjel, to give a name to a ship 
Bautizar el vino, to mix water with wine 
Bautizo, tm. baptism; christening, ducking 
Bauzadór, -a, tmf. impostor; deceiver; sharper 
Báxa, and all words spelt bax, &c. (vide) baja 
Baya, tf. berry (small fruit); pole to part horses 
Bayál, ady. unsteeped; not soaked (flax, &c.) 
Bavál, tm. lever (used to raise mill-stones) 
Bayeta, tf. baize (kind of coarse open flannel) 
Bayeta de alconcher, tf. Colchester baize 
Bayeta fajuéla, sf. Lancashire baize 
Bayeta miniquina, sf. long baize 
Bav'éta del sur, de cien hilos, white list baize 
Batéta fina, tf. swan skin {kind of soft flannel) 
Bayetas, tf plur. pall (covering of the dead) 
Bayetas, felts ito make paper, in paper mills) 
Bayetas, (arrastrar, ] . ) claim a degree (in college) 
Bayetas, (arrastrar) to enforce a claim by care 
Bayetón, tm. coating, coat (of animals, &c.) 
Bayetón raa^•ádo, tm. spotted coating, coat 
Bayetón de nubes, tm. clouded coating, coat 
Bayetón rayado, sm. striped coating, coat 
Bayo, -a, a. bay; light brown; of chestnut colour 
Bayo, tm. brown butterfly (used in angling) 
Bayóco, tm. Italian coin of about 3 farthings 
Bayona, (arda) feast of great costs to the giver 
Bayoneta, bayonet (to fix at the end of a musket) 
BayonC-ta calada, sf. fixed bayonet 
Bayonetazo, vn. thrust, stroke « ith a bayonet 
Bayóque, stn. Italian coin of about 3 farthings 
Baysáre, tm. large sea-fish 
Bayuca,»/, tippling house; resort of drunkards 
Baza, sf. trick (at cards); oozv ground (naut.) 
Baza, (no dejar meter) not let one put in a word 
Baza, (tener bien asentada su) have a good name 
Bazáo, tm. fine sort of cotton from Jerusalem 


Bazo, -a, adj. brown inclining to yellow 
Bár.o, (pan) sm. brown bread; coarse bread 
Bazo, J. spleen (found in the left hypochondres) 
Bazofia, sf. offal; refuse; remnants; liog^wash 
Bazucar, va. 1. to stir and shake(liquids); dash 
Ba/.uqueo, sin. stirring and shaking; jumbling 
Be, sm. baa (cry of a bleating sheep, lamb) 
Beata, sf. woman devoted to works of charity 
Beatería, »/. affected piety, religion; bigotry 
Beat>rio, stn. house inhabited by pious women 
Beático, -a, sm/. dimiri. little hypocrite; biifot 
Beatificaciejn, sf. beatification; act of sanctity 
Beatificamente, adv. in a beatific manner 
Beatificar, va. 1. to beatifv; rank among saints 
Beatífico, -a, adj. beatific; beatifical; heavenly 
Beatilla, sf. sort of fine thin linen 
Beatísimo padre, s. most holy father (the pope) 
Beatitud, sj. beatitude; celestial felicity 
Beato, -a, smf. pious person devoted to charity 
Beato, -a, adj. happy; blessed; pious; devout 
Beatón, -a, smf. hypocrite; dissembler in piety 
Bebedero, stn. drinking vessel (for birds, &c.) 
Be()edéros, plur. strips of cloth (to line clothes) 
Bebedero, Bebedizo, -a, adj. drinkable; potabie 
Bebedizo, J. love-potion; philtre; swill; draught 
Blbfdo°; -a,' }«<'■• '^'""'^' inebriated; intoxicated 
Bebedor, -a, smf. drunkard; toper; tippler; sot 
Beber, vn. 2. to drink; swallow; pledge; toast 
Beber á la salud de, to drink to (one's) health 
Bebérde codos, todrink at leisure and with gusto 
Beber los vientos, to solicit most ardently 
Beber como una cuba, to drink like a fish 
Beberrón, sm. tippler; sot; low drunkard 
Bebida, sf. drink: beverage; short pause to drink 
Bebido, «.draught: drench; potion (for brutes) 
Bebistrajo, sm. extravagant mixture of drinks 
Beborrotear, n. 1. to sip; drink by small draughts 
Beca, sf. scarf of a collegian's gown; fellowship 
Beca, fellow; collegian; member of a college 
Becas, s. pi. strips of velvet, &c. (edging cloaks) 
Becabúnga, sf. brook-lime (an herb) 
Becada, sJ. woodcock (bird of passage) 

. fig-pecker; becafico (singing-bird) 
I, great red-pole; red-headed linnet 

, _. snipe (small ten fowl); blockhead 

Becerra, sf. snap-dragon (plant) 

Becerra, fall of earth, &c. by mountain floods 

Becerrillo, -íto, -a, tiif. dim. calf; dressed calf-skin 

Becerro, -a, smf. yearling calf; dressed calf-skin 

Becerro marino, sm. seal; sea-calf, (fish) 

Becoquín, sm. cap tied under the chin 

Becuadro, sm. B sharp, in music 

Bedel, s. beadle; mace-bearer; warden; apparitor 

Bedelía, sf. beadle's place, office; wardenship 

Bedelio, sm. bdellium (aromatic gum) 

Bedija, sJ. lock of wool; flock 

Bedijero, -a, smf. piclier up of locks of wool 

Befa, sf. laughing at; scoffing; garland; wreath 

Befabemi, sin. musical sign 

Befar, va. 1. laugh at; mock; scoff; move the lips 

Befedád, sf. deformity of a bandy leg 

Befo, -a, "<//. with thick projecting under lip 

Befo, sin. lip of a horse, or other animal 

Begin, s. peevish, wayward child out of humour 

Beguer, sin. civil magistrate (in Catalonia, &c.) 

Beguerio, sm. district, jurisdiction of a beguer 

Behetría, sf. independent town; confusion 

Behetría (lugar ue), sm. place of perfect equality 

Bejín, Sí/i. fungus; puff; common puff-ball 

Bejinero, sw. parter of the lees from the oil 

Bejucal, sm. place where reeds grow abundantly 

"-=-'—- sm thin, nliable reed; Indian cane 


Becafigo r: 

3 BEN 

Belcho, sm. shrubby horse-tail; ephedra (plant) 
Beldad, sf. beautv; perfection of features, form 
Beldad (una) , s. fair; a beauty; a fair woman 
Beledin, sm. cotton-stuff of a' middling quality 
Belemuiia, sf. belemnite; thunder-stone (fossil) 
Beleño, sm. henbane (poisonous plant); poison 
Belerico, sm. fruit and tree (kind of myrobalan) 
Belfo, -a, blob-lipped; having « thick under lip 
Belfo (diente), sm. snag-tooth; projecting tooth 
Belfo, sm. thick under lip (of a horse) 
Belhéz,s/. Belhézo, m. large wine, or oil jar 
Bélico, -a, adj. warlike; martial; fit for war 
Belicoso, -a, adj. warlike; martial; quarrelsome 
Belicosidad, sJ. waging of war; warlike state 
Belígero, -a, adj. belligerous; waging war(poet.) 
Beligerante, adj. belligerant; warlike; martial 
Belitre, adj. low; vulgar; vile; mean; roguish 
Bellacáda, «/. set of vilLains, rogues; knavery 
Bellacamente, ridr. artfully; roguishly; slyly 
Bellaco, -a, adj. artful; roguisii; knavish; líase 

Bellacón, Bellaconázo, «ng-. great rogue, knave 
Bellacuelo, sm. dnnin. cunning little fellow 
Belladama, Belladona, sf. deadly night-shade 
Bellamente, adv. prettily; fairly; gracefully 
Bellaquear, a. 1. to trick; impose upon; swindle 
Bellaquería, if. swindling; cheating; roguery 
Belleza, sf. beauty; handsomeness; decoration 
Bellezas (decir, 3.), to say pretty, witty things 
Bello, -a, adj. beautiful; handsome; agreeable 
Bello principio, sm. excellent begin.iing 
Bella pedrería, sf. fine collection of jewels 
Bella gracia (de su), adv. of one's own accord 
Bellorio, -a, ndj. mouse-coloured (horse, &c.) 
"-"-=- -' cowslip (flowt - 

a prim; 

Bellota, SI. acorn (fruit of the oak); balsam box 
Bellota marina, sJ . centre-shell (of acorn shape) 
Bellote, sm. large round-headed nail 
Bellotear, va. 1. to feed with acorns (swine) 
Bellotera, sf. season to gather acorns for swine 
Bellotero, -a, smj. gatherer, seller ot acorns 
Bellotero, sm. tree "that bears acorns; oak tree 
Bellotica, -ilia, -ita, sf. dimiu. small acorn 
Belórta, sf. screw that fastens the plough-beam 

1. B flat 


Bemolado, -a, adj. having B flat (in music) 
Ben, Behen, sm. small fruit yielding fine oil 
Benaláque, sm. house, hut, in a vineyard 
Benarriza, s. very savoury bird (ortolan) 

Bendecir la bandera, to consecrate banners 
Bendición, sf. benediction; blessing 
Benedicion (echar la, 1.), to give up business 
Bendiio, -a, adj. sainted; blessed; silly 
Bendito (el), s. prayer beginning with bendito 
Benecir, Beneriicir, va. .S to consecrate; bless 
Benedicite, sm. permission asked with this word 
Benedicta,/. electuary(juices mixed with honey) 
Benedictino, -a, iidj_ benedictine [monk, nun) 
Benefactor, sm. benefactor; supporter; patron 
Beneficencia, sJ . beneficence; liberality 
Beneficíaeíón, sj. benefaction; doing a' kindness 
Beneficiado, sm. beneficiary; incumbent 
Beneficiador, -a, smf. administrator; improver 
Beneficial, udf. belonging to church livings 
Beneficiar, vn. 1. to bene'fit; meliorate; improve 
Beneficiar, to confer a church living 
Beneficiario, sm. beneficiary; incumbent 
Beneficio, sm. benefit; kindness; profit; right 
Beneficio cunido, benefice with a curacy 
Beneficio de inventario, benefit of inventory 
Beneficioso, -a, adj. beneficial; advantageous 
Benéfico, -a, adj. beneficent; kind; liberal; good 

Benemerencia,»/. . . . 

Benemérito, -a, adj. well deserved; meritorious 
Beneplácito, s. good-will; consent; approbation 

jii ni vnl,■nc•i;^ si. bmovolonce: good-will; love 
' ' 1 nt; kind; generous 

f thin slight stuff) 
i'.y. with kindness 
. iidncss: salubrity 
1 ... kind; generous 

lirninn. i,ii. \i\m\>\v (snKÜl red pustule)_ 
Benito, -a, smi'. and adj. benedictine i friar, nun) 
Benjui, sm. benzoin aromatic, medicinal gum) 
Beodez, tf. drunkenness; intoxication; cbriety 
Beodo, -a, adj. drunk; in. t.riafil; intoxicated 
Beque, sm. head " 

Bequébo, sm. vi . 

a's herb 

Berbéna, «/. verv;u 

Berberís, sm. barbtu., . i., i- ■— "i^='^ 
Bérbero, sm. sweetmeat ma^e of barberry 
Berbi, ym. sort of woUen stuff 
Berbiquí, sm. carpenter's breast-bit (for boring) 
Bercebú.sm. devil; per\-erse temper; uglyperson 
Bercería, sf. market, where vegetables are sold 
Bercero, -a, mf. green-grocer; seller of vegetables 
Berengéna, sf. egg-plant; night sha<le (plant) 
Berengenádd, -a, a. of the colour of a mad-apple 
Berengenál, sm. plantation of mad-apple trees 
Berengenál, (meterse en un) to get in difficulties 
Berengenázo, sm. blow given with a mad-applf 
Bergamota, sf. bergamot (pear); scented snuff 
Bergamote, Bcrgamoto, sm. bergamot-tree 
Bero-ánte, i/ft. ruffian; cut-throat; villain; robber 
Bergantín, im. brigantina (two masted ship) 
Bergantinéjo, sm. dimin. small brigantine 
Berganton, -a, s. brazen faced, impudent person 
Bergantonázo, »m. most impudent ruffian 
Berilo, Benl, sm. beryl (precious stone) 
Berlina, sf. landau; berlin (open carriage) 
Berl.nga,"sr. upright pnle (in drying grounds) 
Berma, >f. narrow path at the foot of a rampart 
Bermejekr, 1. Bermejecer, z. to incline to """ 



a, adj. reddish 

ndi of a brisht reddish colour 
I, adj. inclined to red; reddish 
1/; roach (small fresh-water fish) 
-a, adi. somewhat inclined to red 
f rpíiriishne.í.í: tpiidencv to redncss 
on (bright red) 
ain boasting 

I, BermiUnr 

I. blus 


Bernardo, _,..,.. , . , 

Bernegal, im. bowl (wide-mouthed vessel) 
Bernia, sf. rug; coarse coverlet; rough cloak 
Bernicla,' sf. barnacle (bird like a goose) 
Berniz, sm. varnish; paint; rouge; printers' irik 
Berra, sf. strong water-cress plant; waier-radish 
Berráza, sf. water-parsnep (plant) 
Berrear, vn. 1. to low; bellow; crj- like a calf 
Berreguetár, iin. 1. to play slight of hand tricks 
Berránche, sm. courage; bravery; fortitude 
Berrenchín, sm. grunting; cry of an angry child 
Berrendeárse, vtef. 1. U> grow yellow (corn, &c.) 
Berrendo, -a, nrfj.' imbued with ü colours; yellow 
Berrera, sf. procumbent water-parsnep (p'ant) 
Berrido, s. bellowing of a calf; cry of an animal 
Bcrrin, sm. child, person in a violent passion 
Berrinche, «n. anger; passion; peevishness 
Berrizal.ini. place full of water-cresses 
Berro, »m. water cresses (acquatic plant) 
Berro, (andar á la flor del ) to stroll, wander about 
Berrocal, tm. cragg\', rocky place; crags; rocks 
Berroqueña, (piedra) sf. granite (hard stone) 
Berrueco, im. rock; pin; small liomy induration 
BerrúB». ^f. wart; corneous excrescence 


Berrugaza, tf. large wart, e: .... 

Berrugóso, -a, adj. warty; grown overwith warts 
Berrúsa, sf. sort of stuff manufactured at l.yon.'» 
Berza, s. cabbage (esculent plant of various sorts ) 
Berza, col común, savoy (sort of colcwort) 
Berza lombarda, si. red cabbage (plant) 
Berza de perro, dog's cabbage; wild mercury 
Berza, (estar en, 1.) to be in the blade (grain) 
Berzáza, sf. auam. large head of cabbage 
Besadór, -a, smf. and u. kisser; fondler; kissing 
Besamanos, í. court-day; salute (with the hand) 
Besana, sf. first furrow opened with the plough 
Besar, va. 1. to kiss; treat fondly; touch closely 
Besar, (á) home, or block on block (naut.) 
Besiirel azote, to bear punishment with patience 
Besar, (llegar y) adv. no sooner said than done 
Besarse, vref. to strike heads, faces by chance 
Besico-illo-ito, S7n. dimin. little kiss, salute 
Béso,í. kiss; salute; violent knock; kissingcrust 
Beso de monja, sm. delicious kind of sweet-meat 
Beso al jarro, (dar un) to toss about the pot 
Bestezuela, sf. dimin. little beast, brute 
Bestia, sf. beast (irrational animal); clown 
Bestia de albárda, sf. beast of burthen 
Bestia de silla, sf. saddle-mule 
Bestia, (gran) sf. elk (animal of the stag kind) 
Bcstiáge, Besti'áme, number of beasts of burthen 
Bestial, adj. bestial : beastly ; brutal ; brutish 
Bestialidad, sf. bestiality; brutish quality 
Bestialmente, ad. bestially; in a brutal manner 
Bestiáza, sf augm. great beast; brutal man 
Bestiecica-illa-lta, JUttle beast; animal; very 
Bestiezuéla, sf. dim. S ignorant pirson 
Bestión, sm. aug lar- 1 .-t: ' : iiav. bulwark 
Béstola, s. paddlr : ' ' the coulter) 

Besturin, srn. bi^t 1 - • ument) 

Besucadór. -a, sí;i r. -; kisses 

Besucar, va. 1. to gi- m ,ry k^ . ; kiss often 
Besucón, sm. hearty kiss, buss, salute with lips 
Besugáda, lunch; lunchion; supper of sea-bream 
Besugo, im. sea bream; red gilt head (sea fish) 
Besugo, (ojo de) adj. squint-eyed (person) 
Besuguéra, sf. pan for cooking sea-breams) 
Besuguéro, sm. seller of breams; bream-hook 
Besuguéte, sm. red sea-bream; red gilt head 
Besuqueo, sm. heartv and repeated kissing 
Beta, sf. bit, line of thread; tape (to tie sandals) 
Beta de la madera, sf grain of the wood 
Betas, sf. plur. pieces of cordages for all tackle) 
Betarfága, Betarrata, sf beet-root (plant) 
Betel, sm. betel (Indian shrub) 
Betónica, sf. betony (a plant) 
Betúm, Betúme, Betúmen, sm. bitumen 
Betún, sm. bitumen, (kind of pitch); cement 
Betún de colmena, im coarse wax (in a hive) 
Betunar, va. 1. to pay, cover with pitch, tar, &c. 
Betuna, sf. gold coloured wine made of betuna 
Beút, sm. beut (kind of sea-fish) 
Bey, im. bey (governor of a Turkish province) 
Bevupúra, sf large fish ioff the coast of Brasil) 
Beza.'ir, sf. bezoar i medicinal stone); antidote 
Bczaártico, -a, a. bezoardic; made up with bezoar 
Bezánte, i. round figure, like a coin, on a shield 
Bczár, s. bezoar (stone once used as an antidote) 
Bezo, »m. blobbcrlip; thick lip; lip; proud flesh 
Bezoar, sm. bezoar .medicinal stone); antidote 
Bezoárdico. -a, bezoardic; made up with bezoar 
Bezón, sm. battering-ram (warlike engine) 
Bezote, i. ring (worn in the under lip by Indians) 
Bezudo, -a. adj. blobber-lipped: with thick lips 
Biambónas, sf. plur. Chinese stuff made of bark 
Biangular, adj. biangulous; with two angles 
Biása, sf coarse silk (brought from the Levant) 
Biásas, sf. plur. leather saddle bags 



Bibaro, sm. beaver; castor (amphibious animal) 

Bibeto, sm. sort 

Biblia, St. bible; 
Bíblico, -a, arij. biblical ; of the bible; scriptural 
Biblii.iilo, «. lover of books; bookworm; studen 
Bibliografía, bibliography; knowledge of bookí 
Bibliográfico, -a, adj. of the knowledge of books 
Bibliógrafo, sm. bibliographer; transcriber 
Bibliomania, sf. excessive love of books 
Bibliómano, sm enthusiastic lover of book; 
Bibliót ifo, sm. who lends his books to no person 
Biblioteca, ¡if. library; collection of books 
Bibliott'Ciirio. .sm. librarian; keeper of a Ubrarv 
Bica, s/. sea-fish ( reseniblins a br^-ani) 

"ir, adj. bicapsular; with 2 seed-vessels 
L, s/. kind of wild, mountain goat 
3, sm. long pole w ith a hook at one end 
3, (asta de) sf. shaft of a boat-hook 
Bichero, (gancho de) sm. hook of a boat-hook 
Bicho, bicha, smf. small grub, insect; vermin 
Bicho, (mal) mischievous urchin; slut: jade 
Bichos, sm. plur. vermin; noxious animals 
Bicoca, sf. sentry-box; small borough, village 
Bicoquete, s. bonnet, head-dress (worn formerly) 
Bicoquín, sm. cap tied under the chin 
Bicorne, ailj. bicorne; having two horns 
Bicorpóreo, -a, adj. bicorporal; having 2 bodies 
Bicos, sm. plur. small gold tags, points, lace 
Bicuadrática, sf. biquadrate; fourth power 
Bidente, s. 2 pronged spade; sheep; water-hemp 
Bielda, sf. pitch-fork ( to gather and load straw ) 
Bieldar, 1. to winnow corn; part grain from chaff 
Bieldo, bielgo, sm. winnowing fork 
Bien, sm. supreme goodness; object of esteem 
Bien, good: utilitv; benefit; propertv; estate 
Bien de la patria "(elj public welfare 
Bienes, sm plur. property; riches; fortune; land 

>: furniture 

Bienes muebles, moveables: 
Bienes de fortuna, w orldly 
Bienes, (decir mil. 3.; to praise; extol; commend 
'"'-- ' well: right; very; happilv; willingly 
-■ ■■-" ■■-'" ='" all well! 
. . . _, . 3ugh; however 

Bien si, rouj. but if; yet should it happen that 
Bien, I ahora) adv. now this being so; as it is 
Bién está, adv. very welU Bien, (:mas) ad. rather 
Bien de eso, (hay ) arfi-. there is plenty of that 
Bien á bien, (de) por bitn, wiUinglv; amicablv 
Bién, (ser. v<ni.r. ) to be good, useful, convenient 
Bienal, adj. biennial: during two vears 
Bienamado, -a, adj. much beloved'; very deaf 
Bienandante, adj. «omg on well; prosperous 
Bienandanza, ,v/. felicity; prosperity; success 
Bienaventuradamente, ailr. fortunately; happily 
Bienaventurado, -a, adj. bles>ed; happy; lucky 
Bienavenrunmza, si. beatitude: human felicity 
Bienaventuranzas, the 8 beatitudes of heaven 
Bienestar, Ȓn. well-being: enjoying a happy life 


k afflue 


Biengranáda, s/: curl-leaved gooi , , 

Bienhablado, -a, adj well and civilly spoken 
Bienhecho, -a, a. well done, shaped, performed 
Bienhechor, -a, stnf. benefactor, benefactress 
Bienio, sm. term, space of two years 
Bienquerer, va. t. to wish (one) well: esteem 
Bienquerer, s. esteem; great regard: attachment 
Bienquisto, -a, a. generally esteemed, n spicted 
Bienvenida, st. welcome; friendly reception 
Bienvista. .•;/. prudence; good appearance 
Biénza, si. thin film of the mside of an egg shell 
Biérzo.s. sort of linen (manufactured at Bierzo) 
Bifórme, ndi. biformed; having two forms 
Bifrónte, adj. double-faced; having two fronts 

Bigamo, s, 

. guilty of h 


wives at once 

Bigamo, w dower marri 


; tw ice married 


vn. 1. to lead 


ious, roving life 

Bigardía, */ 

jest; fiction 

, dis 


Bigiirdo, sn 

. opprobriou 

of a rakish friar 

Bigirro, s,« 

. large sea-s 




-a. ad.). variL 


lotley; dapple 

Bigáto, -a. 

Í. stamper! \\ 



ise and 2 horses 

lall ai 


r (plant) 

Bigota, sf dead eye i small block with holes) 
Bigotázo, sm. aUKm. large whisker, mustachio 
Bigote, whisker; mustache; hair on the upper lip 
Bigote, (.hombre de) man of spirit and vigour 
Bigotes, (tener, 2.) to be firm and undaunted 
Bigotera, sr. leather cover for whiskers 
Bigotera, breastknot; folding seat in a chariot 
Bigotera, (pegar una, 1 ) to play one a trick 
Bigoteras, sf. plur. face; mien; countenance 
Bigoteras, (tener buenas, to have a pleasing face 
Bi.ia sf. heart leaved arnotta, bixa (plant) 
Bilánce, sm balance; making an account even 
Bilander, sm. bilander; small merchant vessel 
Bilbaíno, -a, smf and adj. native of Bilboa 
Bilbilitiino, -a, smf. and a. native of Calatayud 
Biliario, -a, adj biliary: of the bile-vessels 
Bilingüe, adj. double-tongued; deceitful; false 
Bilioso, -a. adj. bilious; full of bile; choleric 
Bilis, sf bile: gall (thick yellow bitter liquid) 
Billalda, billarda, sf kind of children's play 
Billar, sm. game of billiards; billiard table ' 
Billete, sm. billet; note; advertisement; label 
Billete de banco, sm. bank-note; bank-bill 
BiUetico, sm. dimin. small billet; love-letter 

-aist; professor of Algebra 
■ country-sport 

Bilmador, si 
Bilórto, sm. 


rooked h 
mble abo 


Bimestre, sm. leave of absence for two months 
Binadera, sf. weed-houk (agricultural tool) 
Binador, digger; who digs the same ground over 
BimVr, va. 1. to dig, plough a field a second time 
Binario, sm. binary; number of two unities 
Binateras, sf. pi. beckets; strops; wooden hooks 
Binazón, sm. digging, ploughing a field again 
Binóculo, s-m. binocíe; telescope with two tubes 
Binocular, adj. binocular; using two eves at once 
Binóraia, (raíz) sf. binomial root (in Álgebra) 
Binza, sf. pellicle; inside of an egg-shell: skin 
Biografía, biography: historical life of somemen 
Biográfico, -a, a biographical; of some men's life 
Biógrafo, sm biographer; writer of lives 
Biombo, sm. screen; shelter; concealment 
Bipartido, -a, adj. with two corresponding parts 
Bipedal, adj. bipedal;2 feet in length ; 2 feet long 
Bípedo, sm. biped (animal with two feet) 
Bipetalo, -a, a. bipetalous; of two flower-leaves 
Biquitórtes, m. pi. quarter-gallery-knees (naut.) 
Birabiqui, sm. borer (instrument "to bore holes) 
Biráda, sf tack (turning a ship at sea, naut.) 
Birada de bordo, sf. tack; putting the ship about 
Birador, sm. top-rope (nautical term) 
Birár, va. 1. to wind; twist; tack; put, go about 
Birár el cabrestante, to heave at the capstern 
Binir para proa, popa, to heave a-head, astern 
Birár el cable, to heave taught (naut. ) 
Birár de bordo, to tack, put, go about (naut.) 
Birár-por avante, to put the ship to windward 
Birár-en redondo, to put the ship to leeward 


Birazones, sm. ptur. land and spa breezes 
Birbiqui, sm. borer (instrument to bore holes) 
Biribis, bisbi8, sm. biribi igarae of hazard) 
Biricú, sm. sword belt feather girdle) 
Birilla, i/; gold, silver ornament (worn on shoes) 
Birla, birlo, bowl round mass to play at bowls) 
Birlador, m. knocker down at one blow (9 pins) 
Birlar, a. 1. to knock down at one blow; deprive 
Birli birlóque, (por arte de) by odd means 
Birlocha, sf. paper-kite (fictitious bird) 
Birlocho, sm. high open carriage with 4 wheels 
Birlun, sm. large middle pin (at nine pins) 
Birlonga, mode of playing at orabre (card game) 
Birlonga, ¡á la) in a negligent, careless manner 
Birola, Í. brass ferrule (at the end of canes, goad 
Biróla de chavetas, sf. forelock rmg (naut.) 
Birolas de puntales, pi. hoops of the stanchions 
Birréme, a. with two rows of rowers; two-oared 
Birreta, sf. cardinal's red cap (badge of dignity) 
Birrete, sm. cap; round cap; bonnet ¡doctor's cap 
Birretina, sí. grenadier's cap tmilitary) 
Bisabuela, rf. great grandmother 
Bisabuelo, sm. great grandfather 
Bisagra, hinge; shoe-makers' box-wood polisher 
Bisagras y pernos, plur. hooks and hinges 
Bisagras de la portería, plur. port-hinges n.iut.) 
Bisagüélo, -a, smf. great grandfather, mother 
Bisalto, sm. pea (well known esculent pulse) 
Bisanuo, -a, adj. biennial; lasting two years 
Bisarma, j. halberd (battle axe with a long pole) 
Hisección, sf. oisection; quantity divided in two 
Bisel, sm. edge of a looking-glass, crystal plate 
Bisestil, bisiesto, sm. bissextile; leap-year 
Bisílabo, -a, adj. dissyllable; of two syllables 
Bislingua, sf. butcher's broom (plant; 
Bisnieto, -a, m. great grand-son, grand-daiisrhtcr 
Bisojo, -a, nilj. squint-eyed; looking sideways 
Bisonte, sm, bison, American wild ox; buft'alo 
Bisoñería, bisoñada, sf. rash speech, or action 
Bisóilo, -a, ailj. undisciplined; novice; unbroken 
Bispun, Jin. roll of oil cloth (used by cutlers) 
Bistola, sf. paddle of a plough; paddle staff 
Bistórta, sf. bistort; snake-weed (plant) 
Bistréta, sf. money in advance (before it is due) 
Bisturí, sm. bistoury; incision-knife (surgical) 
Bisulco, -a, adj. cloven-footed; bifidated; in two 
Bisunto, -a, adj. dirty; greasy; foul; nasty 
Bisurcado, -a, bifurcated; forked: with a prongs 
Bitácora, sf. binnacle (frame for the compass) 
Bitácora, (lámpara, lantias de la) binnacle lamp 
Bitadura, sf. cable bit; turn of the cable (naut.) 
Bitadura entera de cable, weather-bit of a cable 
Bitadura con el cable, (tomar la' to bit the cable 
Bitas, sf. flur. bits (to belay the cable atjnchor) 
Bitas, (forro de las) sm. lining of the bits naut.) 
Bitas, (contra) standards of the bits (naut.) 
Bita de molinete, s. knight-head of the windlass 
Bitcheraáre. sm. fish salted and cured like cod 
Bitónes, sm. plur. bits of the capstern (naut.) 
Bitoque, sm. bung; stopper (for a barrel) 
Bitoque, (tener los ojos de, 2.) to squint 
Bitor, ». rail (bird called the king of the quails) 
Bitumen, sm. bitumen (unctuous matter) 
Bituminoso, -a, ad), bituminous; of bitumen; fat 
Bivalvo, -a, adj. bivalve; having 2 valves (fish) 
Bivir, ». gander (male of the goose, aquatic fowl) 
Bivério, tin. beaver; castor (amphibious animal) 
Biza, sf. sort of tunny (sea-fish) 
Bizarramente, adv. gallantly; courageously 
Bizarreár, vn. 1. to act gallantly and spiritedly 
Bizarría, sf. gallantry; high-spirit; liberality 
Bizarro, -a, adj. gallant; high-spirited; liberal 
Bizazas, ^. pi. leather saddle-bags (for travel.) 
Bizcácha, tf. animal of Peru (like rabbit's fiesh) 

> BLA 

Bizcar, tin. 1. to squint; look askaunt; leer 
Bizco, -a, adj. squint-eyed; looking sideways 
Bizcochada, ^. biscuit-soup (made of milk, iic. 
Bizcochar, ra. 1. to make, bake biscuiU 
Bizcochero, sm. biscuit-cask; biscuit- maker. &c. 
Bizcoch:llo-ito-uélo, tm. dimin. small biscuit 
Bizcocho, sm. biscuit; fine cake; soft chalk 
Bizcotela, sf. thinner and lighter sort of biscuit 
Bizma, sf. assuaging poultice, cataplasm 
Bizmar, ra. 1. to apply an assuaging poultice 
Bizna, zest; membrane of the kernel of a walnut 
Biznaga, ^. sprig of the carrot like ammi (plant) 
Biznieto, -a,s. great grand-son, grand-daughter 
Bizquear, vn. 1. to squint; look-sideways; leer 
Blanca, sf. copper coin (worth half a maravedí) 
Blanca, (no tener, 2.) not to have a doit by one 
Blanca morféa, tetter; ring-worm; white scurf 
Blancazo, -a, adj. avgm. very white; hoary 
Blanco, -a, a. white; hoary; honoured; untarred 
Blanco, (^hómbre;, honest man 
Blanca, (hijo de la gallina) sm. lucky fellow 
Blanca, labor) sf. plain work (needlework) 
Blanca, (ropa, tela) sf. linen (cloth made of flax) 
Blancas, (armas) sf. pi. side-arms; swords, &c. 
Blanco, sm. white spot; blank; mark to shoot at 
Blanco, (patente en) cart blanche; blank paper 
Blanco, (dar en el, 1.) to hit the mark 
Blanco, dejar en, 1.) to pass over in silence 
Blanco, (quedarse en, I. ref.) to be disappointed 
Blanco del ave, (el) the breast of a fowl 
Blanco, (de punta t-n) point blank ¡directly 
Blancor, sm. blancura,/; whiteness; hoariness 
Blancura del ojo, sf. white spot, film on the eye 
Blanda la mano, (llevar,) to punish with mercy 
Blandáles, s. pi. back stays (strong ropes, naut) 
Blandamente, a.-í. softly; gently; sweetly; mildly 
Blandí'adór, -a, smf. softener; who renders mild 
Blandear, va. 1. to soften; persuade; brandish 
Blandear, fíi. to be softened; yield; tread softly 
Blandear con otro, to coincide with another 
Blandearse, ref. tobe unsettled, unsteady, roving 
Blandengue, sm. soldier (armed with a lance) 
Blandeo, s. quality of pasture lands and forests 
Blandíante, ad;, moving to and fro; vibratory 
Blandillo, -a, adj. ditnin. somewhat soft; pliant 
Blandimiénto, sm. adulation; cajolery; flattery 
Blandir, va. 'd. to brandish; whirl round; flatter 
Blandirse, to quiver; move to & fro with tremour 
Blando, -a, soft; pliant; limber; mild; tractable 
Blando de ojos, adj tender eyed; of tender sight 
Bl.indo de boca, -a, adj. tender-mouthed (horse) 
Blando de carona, ndj. soft: fond of women 
BUndo de corazón, adj. tender-hearted; feeling 
blando, (hombre) sm. gentle, mild man 
Blandón, s. wax taper; large church candlestick 
Blandoncillo, sm. dimin. small candlestick 
Blandúcho-újo, -a, adj soft; flabby; not firm 
Blandura, sf. softness; lenitive white paint 
Blandurilla, sf. (sort of j fine soft pomatum 
Blanqueación, sf. blanching whitening (metal) 
Blanqueador, sm. blancher; whitener; bleacher 
Blrmqueadúra, sf whiteness; white; bleaching 
Blanqueamiento, sm. whiteness; bleaching 
Blanquear, ra. 1. to bleach; whiten; white wash 
Blanquear, to give coarse wax to bees in winter 
Blanquear cera, to bleach wax í expose to the air) 
Blanquear, rn. to grow white; show whiteness 
Blanquecedór, sm. mint-ofiScer polishing coins 
BLinquecér, ra. 2. to blanch, polish coins (mint) 
Blanquecimiento, s. whitening; bleaching (met.) 
Blanquecino, -a, adj inclining to white; whitish 
Blanqueo, sm. whitening; bleaching; whitewash 
Blanqueo del lienzo, (el) the bleaching of linen 
Blanquería, tf. bleaching place; bleach-field 


Blanquéro, un. tanner; leather-dresser 
Blanqueta, sf. coarse blanket, woollen cover 
Blanquete, sm. white paint (used by women; 
Blanquibolo, »m. ceruse; "hite le:iil (paint) 
Blanquición, sf. whitening'; bleaeliini (metals) 
Blanquilla, st. Uuit iííu;iU e.un : yellow plum 
Blanquilla, white srape; blanket i sort of pear) 
Blanquillo, -a, a. diui. \\liiti>h, si miewhat white 
Blanqunniénto m. oorapnund fluid for bleaching 
Blanquinoso, -a, adj. whitish; inclinins to white 
Blanquizal, un. whitish clav; pipe clay 
Blanquizco, -a, ad. whitish; inclining to white 
Mao, «i/;. mas. azure; blue: faint blue (heraldry) 
Blasfemáble, adj. blameable; culpable; faulty 
Blasfemadur, -a.smf blasphemer; impiou-beins; 
Blasfemamente, utiv. blasphemously; impiously 
Blasfemar, nn. i. to blaspheme; speak impiously 
Blasfematorio, -a, a. blasphemous; with impiety 
Blasfemia, sf. blasphemy; impiety towards God'idecir, 3.) to blaspheme; curse 
Blasfemo.-a, mf. anda, blasphemer ; blasphemous 
blasón, sm. heraldry; blazonry; honour; glory 
Blasón, (hacérj to blazon; embellish; set out 
Blasonador, -a, smf boaster; brasger; vaporer 
Blasonante, sm. boaster; vain-glurious person 
Blasonar, va. 1 to blazon; boast; brag of 
Blasonar del arnés, to boast of deeds never done 
Ble, sm. game with balls against a wall 
Bledo, sm, «ild amaranth (unfading flower) 
Bledo, (no me importa un) I do not care astraw 
Bledo, (no vale un) it is not worth a rush 
Blenda, sf. black jack; native sulphuret of zinc 
Bléno,, sm. hake; hakot (kind of fish 
Blindage, m. blind; covering made by besiegers 
Blonda, sf. blond-lace (broad lace made of silk) 
Blonda, (escofieta de) sf. head-dress of silk lace 
Blondina, sf. narrow silk-lace, blond-lace 
Blondo, -a, a. fair; flaxen; white in complexion 
Bloquear, va. 1. to blockade; form a blockade 
Bloquear nn puerto, to block, shut up a port 
Bloqueo, sm. blockade; shutting up of a place 
Boa, sf. boa (large serpent m Calabria) 
Boaláge, sm. pasturage for black cattle 
Boarréte, sm. storm, tempest at sea (naut.") 
Boato, sm. pompous show; shout of acclamation 
Bobada sf. silly speech, action; foolishness 
Bobalías, sm. dunce; dolt; very stupid fellow 
Bobalicón, Bobázo, sm. au¡;m. great blockhead 
Bobamente, aav. without trouble, care; stupidly 
Bobárron, -a, ndj. little foolish, stupid, silly 
Bobatel, sm. stupid fellow; dolt; goose-cap 
Bobático, -a, adj. stupid; foolish; silly; witless 
Bobázo, -a, adj. migm. very stupid, sillv, foolish 
Bobear, va. 1. to talk, act foolishly; trifle; loiter 
Bebería, sf. silly speech, action; foolishness 
Boberias. sf. pliir. idle conceits; foolish fancies 
Bóbilis, (de bóbilis) adv. without pain, merit 
Bobillo, -ito, -a, siiif. dimin. little dunce, fool 
Bobillo, sm. big-bellied jug: frill of the tucker 
Bobinas, sf. plur. bobbins (sort of large spools) 
Bobisimaménte, adv. most stupidly, foolishly 
Bobo, -a, smf. blockhead: dolt; stupid fellow 
Bobo, -a, adj. large; ample; wide; extended 
Bobas, (a) ad. exp. in a stupid manner; foolishly 
Bobón, -a. SHi/. ougm. great blockhead, dunce 
Boboncillo, -a, smf. little dunce, dolt, idiot, fool 
T~iobóte, sm. dKgi». great blockhead, simpleton 
Boca, sf mouth; entrance: opening; muzzle 
Boca, bung-hole ¡of a barrel ; pincers of a crab 

a de e- 

Foca de fuego, si. fire-arm; gun, pistol, 

Bocada lobo, dark dungeon; lubbers' hole (naut.) 

57 BOC 

Bócade la escotilla, sf. hatchway (naut.) 
Boca de risa, sf. smiling countenance, face 
Boca de rio, de puerto, s. mouth of a river, port 
Boca de oro. mellifluent tongue; honeyed words 
Boca de gacha, sf. nick name of a stutterer 
Boca, (cerrar, tapar auno la) to stop one's mouth 
Boca, (coserse la, 2. ; to shut one's mouth 
Boca en búca, andi'ir de) to be the talk of the tov. ri 
Boca abierta, (andar con la) to go gaping about 
Boca, (guardar la) to eat, drink moderately 
Boca de ganso, (hablar por) say what was hinted 
Boca, (irse de, 3. ref.) to speak much hastily 
Boca para neg.ár, (no tener) not to dare to sayno 
Boca, (tener buena, m;ila) to talk well, ill of 
i~!.)ca es mia, (no decir esta, 3.) to be most silent 
Boca hace juego, (la) to be as good as one's word 
Boca de invierno, (á) at the beginning of winter 
Boca de noche, (á; at the fall of niü:ht 
Boca a boca, adv. exp. by word of mouth 
Boca con boca, adv. exp. face to face 

Boca de costal, adi\ profusely; without measure 
Boca llena, (ál adv. perspicuously; openly 
Boca, (á pedir de) according to one's desire 
Boca, (de manos á) adv. exp. unexpectedly 
Boca de jarro (á) sf. a hearty draught (drinking) 
Boca, (de) adv. verbally; not really (boasting) 
Bocacalle, sf. entry, opening of a street 
Bocacaz, s. "opening in the dam of a river, sluice 
Bocaci, Bocacin, sm. fine glazed buckram 
Bocada, sf. mouthful; morsel; small quantity 
Bocadear, va. 1. to divide into bits, morsels 
Bocadico, -illo, -ito, sm. dimin. small bit, morsel 
Bocadillo, sm. thin linen; narrow ribbon; lunch 
Bocado, s. morsel; mouthful; bite; mouth-piece 
Bocado sin hueso, sinecure (profit & no labour 
Bocado, (no tener para un) be in extreme misery 
Bocados, sm. plur. wards of great guns (naut.) 
Bocados, slices of quinces, &c. to make conserves 
Bocál.m. pitcher; mouth-piece; narrows of aport 
Bocamanga, sf part of the sleeve near the wrist 
Bocaniida, sf. mouthful of wine, or other liquor 
Bocanada de gente, sf. mob; tumultuous crowd 
Bocanada de viento, sf. sudden blast of wind 
Bocanadas de sangre, sf. pi. mouthfuls of blood 
Bocanadas, (echar, I.) to boast of valour, birth 
Bocaran, sm. fine sort of buckram (stiff cloih) 
Bocateja, sf. last tile of each row on a roof 
Bocaza, sf. aus m. large wide mouth 
Bocear, 1. to move the lips one side to the other 
Bocel, sm. brim; edge i of a vessel); fluting-plane 
Bocelár, va. to make fluted mouldings 
Bocelete, sm. dtmin. small moulding plane 
Bocelon, sm. nusim. large moulding plane 
Bocera, sf. crumbs, &c. sticking to the lips 
Bocezar, 1. to move the lips one side to the other 
Bocha, sf bowl (wooden ball); fold (in clothes) 
Bochas, (juego de las) sf. plur. game at bowls 
Bochas, (pan de) sm. white bread 
Bochar, v. 1. to throw a bowl so as to hit another 
Bochazo, sm. stroke of one bowl against another 
Boche, sm. cherry-pit: thrust; gallipot; canister 
Bochín, sm. public executioner; han°:man 
Bochista, .sm. good player at bowls; good bowler 
Bochorno, m. hot, sultry weather;blush; flushing 
Bochornoso, -a, adj. shameful; reproachful 
Bocin, round piece of brass on the nave of a cart 
Bocina, si. bugle-horn; speaking trumpet; shell 
Bocina de cazador, sf. huntsman's horn 
Bocinar, va. 1. to sound the trumpet, bugle-horn 
Bocinero, sm. trumpeter; who blows the horn 
Bocinilla, s'. dimin. small speaking trumpet 
Bocólica, sf. exquisite, delicious eating 
Bocón, sm. aug. wide-mouthed person; braggart 

BOD o 

Boda, marriage; nuptials: wedding; matrimony 

Soda de hongos, »/. beggars' wedding, marriage 

Bode, tm. he-goat (male animal of that species) 

Bodega, */. wme-cellar; full vintage; magazine 

Bodega, hold (between the floor and lower deck) 

Bodega de popa, de proa, s. after-hold; fore-hold 

Bodegón, sm. chop-house; cook's shop; low inn 

Bodegón de puntapié, stall for black-puddings 

Bodegoncillo, sm. di. very low chop-house, inn 

Bodegonear, va. 1. to frequent tipplmg houses 

B.>degonéro, -a, tmj'. keeper of a low chop-house 

Bodeguero, -a, butler; who furnishes the table 

Bodeguilla, sf dimin. small cellar, vault 

Bodián, rm sea fish resembling a tench 

Bodigo, J. manchei (small loaf offered in church) 

Bodigo, tn. unequal match; un.-iuitabie marriage 

Bodocál, adj. of a kind of black grapes 

Bodocázo, ». stroke of a pellet from a cross-bow 

Bodóllo. íjn. pruning-knife (hook to lop trees) 

Bodoque, tm. pellet; dunce; end ribs of mutton 

Bodoques, (^haeer 2.) to be reduced to tliist 

Bodoqi-éra, sf mould (to cast pellets); cradle 

Bodoquillo, sm. dim. small pellet, bullet of clay 

Bodorrio, t. unequal mateh; unsuitable marriage 

Bodrio, $m. soup; broken meat; hodge-podge 

Boémio, ym. sort of short cloak, garment 

Boezuélo, jt. stalking-ox (screen used by fowlers; 

Botada, sf. ragout; fricassee made of liver, &c..' 

Botes, tm. plur. lungs; lights (organs of breath) 

Bofes, (echar el bofe, los) to labour vervclosely 

Boféta, í/. Bofelán, m. son of thin stiff "lii 

Bofetada, sf slap; box; buffet; blow on th« 

Bofetada, (dar una, I.) to treat with great 

Bofetón, tm. great blow on the face; stage-scene 

BofetMncillo, sm dim. slighi slap on the lace 

Bofórdo, jn. short lance, sp^ar (pointed weapon) 

Boga, »/. rowing; poniard- like two edged knif 

Búga, ox-eyed cackerel; white branch of tree 

Boga, (dar la, 1.) to give the stroke 

Boga, (estar en, 1.) to be fashionable 

Bogá<la. sf. rowing-stroke; bucking with lie 

Bogador, tm. rower; who drives forward by oars 

Bogante, Boga. sm. rower; rowing (poet.) ' 

Bogar, van. 1. to row; drive forward by oars 

Bogar a quartéles, to row by divisions (naut.) 

Bogar á barlovento, to row abroad (naut.) 

Bogar á -otavento, to row to leeward (naut.) 

Bogavante, sm. head-roiver (of a galley); lobster 

Bogúla, sf kind of herring (small sea-Hsh) 

Bogiganga, sf. company of strolling players 

Bohemio,»/!, short cloak (once worn by archers) 

Bohena, Bohena, sí. lungs; lights; pork-sausages 

Bohonéro, »n. pedlar; peddler; hawker; huckster i Bolo, (ser 

'^ liordár, va. to throw wands (m tournaments) i Bolones, 

Bohordo, tm. blade of flag ; scalk of cabbage 


Bolarménico, tm. Armenian bole (red earth) 
Bolázo, sm. violent, great blow with a bowl 
Kolcháca, sf. Bolcháco, m. purse; pocket 
Bolea, s> swing-tree-bar (of a carriage) 
Bolear, n. 1. to play at billiards; throw balls ; lie 
Bolear, va. to dart; thri)w; push; launch 
Bolear el sombrero, to fix the hat on the head 
boleo, sm. place where balls are thrown 
Bolero, tm. Spanish dance; child running away 
Boleta, /. ticket of admission; billet (of soldiers) 
Boleta, small roll of tobacco sold in paper 
Boletár, ra. 1 . to roll up tobacco in bite of pap» r 
Boletín, sm. warrant for receiving money, billet 
Boletín, admission ticket to a theatre, &c. 
Boliche, Í. jack; draught of small fish; drag-m t 
Boliche, (juego de) 1 pigeon-holes; troU-raadai.i 
Biiliches, plur. fore-top, top-gallant bowlines 
Bolichero, -á, stnf. keeper of a pigeon-hole, &e 
Bolilla, sf dimin. small ball, bowl 
Bolillo, sm. dimin. of bolo, jack; bobbin; frarr.e 
Bolillos, plur. paste-nuts; starched cuffs (dress i 
Bolín, jack (small ball used as a mark at bowls) 
Bolín, (de bolán, de) adv at random; heedlessly 
Bolina, sf. noise (of a scuffle); bowline (a rope' 
Bolma de barlovento, sf. weather-bowline 
Bolina de sotavento, de revés sf. lee-bowline 
Bolma de trinquete, tf. fore-bowline (naut.) 
Bolina (dar un salto á la) to cheek the bowline 
Bolina, (presentar la, I.) to snatch the bowline 
Bolina (navegar de. 1.) to sail with bowlines 
Bolina, (ir á l.i, 3.) to sail with sidewind (naut.) 
Bolina, (eehár de, 1. make fanfaronades í fig. ) 
Bolinear, v. 1. tohaulthe bowline in light winds 
Bolinéte sm. moveable capstem (on the deck) 
Bolisa,/ embers; hot cinders; ashes not extinct 
Bolla, s/ duty on woollen and silk stuffs 
I Bolladura, »;/. indent; embossed work; relievo 
Bollar, fa. 1. to put a leaden mark (on cloths) 
Bollero, -a, s. pastry-cook; seller of sweet cakes 
Bnllico, -ito, sm. dim. small cake made of flour 
BoUido, -a, adj. boiled; baked; experienced 
BoUir, van. 3." to boil; bustle; fluster; be active 
Bollo, sm roll; penny loaf; small sweet biscuit 
Bollo, morbid swelling; bruise (in metals, &c. ) 
Bollo maimón, í»i. cake filled with sweatmeats 
Bollos, piur. ancient head-dress; bars of silver 
Bollos de relieve, s. pi. embossed, raised works 
Bollón, im. brass-beaded nail; bud; ear-ring 
Bollonado, -a, adj. adorned with brass nails 
BoUuélo, sm. dimin. small roll, biscuit, cake 
Bolo, tm ninepin; lace-cushion; beam 
Bolos, (juego de) sm. game at ninepins 

) to be an ignorant stupid fellow 

plur. mortar- bed pintles (naut.) 


tall; St 

d for o: 

Boitrinn, tm kind of flshing-net to catch fish 
Boja, ?/". pustule; small tumour; southernwood 
Bojár, va. 1. to sail round (an island. &c.) 
Bojár, vn. to measure around; contain 
Bojear, en. 1. to sail round (an island, cape, &c.) 
Bojedal, sm. plantation of box-trees 
Bwjéo, Bójo, »»n. sailing round (an island, &c.; 
Bol, tm. Armenian bole (sort of red earth) 
Bola, tf. ball; slohe; bolus; game of liowls; lie 
Bola, truck; acorn; round iiiece of wood (naut ) 
Bola, (escurrir la, 3.) to take French leave; fly 
Bola, (ruede la) things are going on well 
Bola, (pie con) artv just enough; sufficiently 
Bola de jabón, if. washball (ball made of soap) 
Bolas (juego de tm. bowling-green, ground 
Bolada, t/. throw, cast of a ball, of a bowl 
Bolado, s. cake of clarified sugar ( put in water) 
Bolán, jack ^small ball used asamark at bowls) 
Bolantín, tm. fine sort of pack-thread 

I Bolónio, tm. ignorant, rattle-headed fellow 
) Bolsa, if purse; money; exchange; pouch; bag 
' Bolsa real, tf. royal exchange (for commerce) 
I Bolsa de pastor, »/. shepherd's purse (plant) 

Bolsa de dios, (. charity; alms; relief to the poor 
1 Bolsa de hierro, tf. avaricious, covetous person 
Bolsa rota, sf. spendthrift; prodigal; lavisher 
Bolsa, (page de) minister's servant with papers 
Bolsa, (castigar en la, 1.) to fine; pay a penalty 
Bolsa, (dar otro nudo á la) to become very f ruga) 
Bolsa, (tener bien herrada la, 2.) to have raomy 
Bolsear, van. 1. to pucker; contract into folds 
Bolsería, »/'. place where purses are made, sold 
Bolsero, sm. ca.shier; treasurer; maker of pur.^es 
Bolsica, -ita, -ilia, »/ dimin. small purse, bag 
Bolsico, tm. poke; pocket; small bag 
Bolsillo, ím. purse; pocket; money 
Bolsillo, buen, gran I >m. large capital 
Bolsillo secreto, tm. private purse (of the king) 
Bolsillo, (hacer, 2.) to make, get money 
Bolsillo, (tener un gran. 2.) to be very rich 

BOL í 

Bolso, sm. pursp of money; raonpv-bag 
Bolsón, sm mtg. large purse of monev; iron-bar 
Bolúla. sf. strnllins comedian (who acted alone) 
Bomba, sf pump (t-ngine tn raise water); bomb 
Bomba de gumihaléte,s-. cnmmon pump (naut ) 
Búraba de rosario, de cadena, sf. chain-pump 
Bomba de proa, head-pump (naut.) 
Bomba de mano, hand- pump (naut.) 
Bomba de carena, sf bilge-pump (naut.) 
Bomba libre, sf. purap in good trim (naut.) 
Bóraua de fuego, de báho, sf. steain-engine 
Bomba de apagar incendios, sf. fire-engine 
Bomba incendiaria, sf. carcass; exploding shell 
Bóraba marina, sf. water-spout (at sea) 
Bomba, (cargar la, 1.) to fetch the pump (naut.) 
Bomba (dar á la, i ) to pump the ship (naut.) 
Bomba (estar á prueba de, I.) to be bomb-proof 
Bombarda, ,</. bombard; great gun; bomb-ketch 
Bombardear, v. to bombard; attaclc with bombs 
Bombardeo, s. bombardment; attack with bombs 
Bombardero, sm. bombardier; shooter of bombs 
Bombasí, sm. bombasin (slighi silken stuff) 
Bombazo, sm bursting, explosion of a bomb 
Bombear, vi. 1. to bombard; discharge bombs 
Bombo, sni. humming of bees, wasps, &c. 
Bonachón, -a, smf. good-natured easy person 
Bonaocihle, ndj. moderate; calm; fair (weather) 
Bonanza, sf fair weather (at sea); prosperity 
Bonanza, (ir en) sail with fair wind and weather 
Bonanza, (ir en) to go on prosperously ; do well 
Bonazo, sm. bonasus (kind of buffalo) 
Bonazo, -a, adj. good-natured; kind; sincere 
Bondad, si. goodness; kindness; goodnature 
Bondadoso, -a, adj. kind; benevolent; generous 
Bondón, sm. bung; stopple; stopper (forabarrel) 
Bonétas, st. plur. bonnets f small sails) 
Bonetada, sf salute (by taking off the hat, &c.) 
Bonete, s bonne'; cap (doctors, &c ¡; out- works 
Bonetes, (tirarse los, I. ref.) to pull caps 
Bonete, (bravo, gran) s. great dunce; blockhead 
Bonetería, s. shop where bonnets are made, sold 
Bonetero, -a, smf. bonnet maker; pnckwood 
Bonetillo, sm. dimin. small cap, bonnet 
Bonicamente, adv. prettily; pleasingly; neatly 
Bonico, -a, adj. pretty; neat; good; passable 
Bonicas, (andar á las, I.) to take things easily 
Bonicas, ( juegár á las) to play bulls by sleight 
Bonificar, va. I. to credit; meliorate; improve 
Bonincativo, -a, a. melior.iting; making better 
Bomllo, -a, adj. dim. somewhat handsome, greal 
Bonina, s. ox-eye chamomile (odoriferous plant) 
Bonitalo, sm. sea-fish resembling a tunny 
Bonitamente, adv. prettily; passably; neatlj 
" ■■ " ' ' t handsome, neat 


a-flsh r( 


Bomto, -a, adj. dim. pretty good; passable; soft 
Bonvarón, sm. wild tansy; cinquefoil (herb) 
Bónzo, sm. bonze (Chinese, Japanese priest^ 
Boñníga, sf. soil of cows; cow-dung 
Boñigar, sm. kind of round white fig 
Bootes, sm. Bootes (northern constellation) 
Boqueada, sf. opening the mouth; gasp 
Boqueada, (á la primera,) adv. immediately 
Boqueada, (la última,) sf. the last gasp, breath 
Boquear, vn. I. to gape; gasp; breathe one's last 
Boquear, v. toend;termmate; utter; pronounce 
Boquera, sf. sluice (for irrigation); opening 
Boquera, eruptionof the lips; ulcer in the mouth 
Boquerón, s. wide opening: large hole; anchovy 
Boquete, sm. gap; narrow entrance (of a place) 
Boquiabierto, -a, adj. with open mouth; gaping 
Boquiancbo, -a, adj. with a wide mouth 
Boquiangosto -a, adj . with a narrow mouth 
Boquiconejúno, -a, adj. rabbit-mouthed (horse) 
Boquiduro, -a, adj. hard-mouthed (horse) 

' BOR 

Boquifresco, -a, adj. fresh-mouthed (horse) 
Boquifruncido, -a, having the mouth contracted 
Boquihendido, -a, adj. with a large mouth 
Boquihundido, -a, adj. with the mouth sunk in 
Boquilla, sf- little mouth; opening; mouth-piece 
Boquimuelle, adj. tender-mouthed; imprudent 
Boquín, sm. sort of coarse baize iopen cloth) 
Boquinaturál, ndj, well mouthed (horse) 
Boquinegro, -a, adj. with a black mouth 
Boquinegro, sm. sort of blacki.=h snail 
Boquirasgádo, -a, adj. deep-mouthed (horse) 
Boqiiiróto, -a, adj. talkative; loquacious 
Boquinibio, -¡i,adj. simple; easily imposed upon 
Boquiseco, -a, adj. dry-mouthed (horse) 
Boquisumido, -a, adj. with the mouth sunk in 
Boquita, sf dimin. small mouth; small openin? 
Boquitorcido, Boquituerto, -a adj. wry-mouthed 
Borbollar, Borbollonear, vn. 1 . to bubble out 
Borbollón, Borbotón, s. bubbling; flash;bombast 
Borbollones, (á) adv. in an impetuous manner 
Borbollones, (hirviendo k) adj. boiling hot 
Borbotar, v. 1. to rise in bubbles; boil up, over 
Borceguí, sm. buskin (kind of half boot) 
Borceguinena, sf. buskin-shop, manufactory 
Borceguiniro, -a, smf. maker, seller of bu.skins 
Borceilár, sm. edge;' brim: top (of a vessel) 
Borda, sf hut; cottage; poor people's abode 
Borda, sf. gunnel; gunwale (piece of timber) 
Bordád:i, s;; board; tack; turning of the ship 
Bordada, (dar una, 1.) to tack; make a tack 
Bordadillo, sm. double flowered taffeta (silk) 
Bordado, m embroidery; variegated needlework 
Bordado de pasado, plain embroidery 
Bordador, -a, smf. embroiderer; needleworker 
Bordadúra, sf. embroidery; border of escutcheon. 
Bordáge, sm. side-planks' of a ship (naut ) 
Bordar, v. to embroider; adorn with needlework 
Bordar á tambor, embroider in a round frame 
Borde, sm. border; ridge; hem; bastard; shoot 

. I adv. 

Borde, ndj. wild; uncultivated; sauvage (tree) 
Boideár, vn. 1. to ply to windward (naut.) 
Bordo, sm. border; edge; ship; side of a vessel 
Bordo con bordo, board and board ; side by side 
Burdos, (dar) to tack, go frequently to and fro 
Bordón, s pilgrim's staff; base; burden of a song 
Bordones, sm. plur. shores; out-riggers 
Bordoncico, sm dimin. small staff 
Bordoneado, -a, adj. pommeled; wandered 
Bordonear, vn. 1. to try the ground with a staff 
Horeonear, rove, play well on the thorough-base 
Bordonería, roving under the mask of devotion 
Bordonero, -a, s. vagabond; vagrant; wanderer 
Bordúra, sf. embroideiy; border of escutcheon 
Boreal, adj. boreal; rorthern; septentrional 
Bóreas, sm. Boreas; north wind (cold wind) 
Borgóña, sf Burgundy wine (delicate wine) 
Borgoñóta, /. sort of ancient helmet, head-piece 
Borgoñóta, (á la) after the Burgundy fashion 
Hórla, s. tassel; tuft; doctor's bonnet; doctorship 
Borlica, -lUa, -ita, sf. dimin. small tassel; tuft 
Borlón, sm. large tassel; thread and cotton stuff 
Borne, sm. end of a lance; kind of oak-tree 
Borneadéro, sm. berth (of a ship at anchor) 
Borneadizo, -a, adj. flexible; pliant; easily bent 
Bornear, v. to bend; twist; model; cut all round 
Bornear, vn. to edge; sidle; warp; turn; swing 
Bornear la verdad, to explain, expound the truth 
Bornear las palabras, to turn the sense of words 

Borneo, swinging round the anchor ( naut.) 
Bornéra, sf. son of a blackish millstone 
Bornéro, -a, adj. ground by a black millstone 
Borní, s. lanner ( species of hawk, bird of prev) 
Borona, sf. sort of gram like maize, Indian com 

BOR t 

Korooia. ff. dish made of apples, pumpkins, &c. 
Rórra, »/. yearling t'we; goat's hair; nap; dregs 
Borra, wool; tax on sheep; useless, unfit words 
Borracha, tf. leather bottle (for wine) 
Borrachada, */. drunkenness; drunken feast 
Borrachear, »»i. 1. to be often inebriated, drunk 
Borrachera, Borrachería, s/. drunkenness; folly 
Borrachera, «/. Indian intoxicating seed 
Borrachez, sf. intoxication; loss of one's reason 
Borracho, -a, adj. drunk; intoxicated; inflamed 
Borrachún, Borrachonázo, »m. great drunkard 
Borrachuela, tt. ray, (its seed intoxicates) 
Borrádmelo, -a, smf. little tippler, drunkard 
Borrador, t. rough draft (of a writing); day-book 
Borrageár, vn 1. to scribble; write without care 
Borraja, sf. borage (medicinal plant) 
Borrajo, sm. hot cinders retaining sparks of fire 
Borrar, va. 1. to blot; efface; sponge; cloud 
Borrar la plaza, to abolish the place, employ 
Borrasca, ^. sudden storm, tempest; danger 
Borascoso, -a, stormy, tempestuous, boisterous 
Biirrasquéro, -a, smf. and adj. reveller; loud 
Burrax, sm. borax (artificial salt melted in wine) 
Borregada, s. large flock of sheep, lambs 
Borrego, -a, <'inf. lamb not a year old; simpleton 
Borreguero, sm. shepherd (who tends sheep) 
Borreguillo, -a, smf. dimin. little lamb 
Borrén, tm. pannel of a saddle 
Borriba, s/ engine (to raise water to a height) 
Borrica, sf. she-ass; stupid, ii;norant person 
Borricada, sf. drovn of assis; >illy word, action 
Borneo, sm. ass; foolish, stupid, ¡\;norant person 
Borricón, Borricote, sm. nugm. l.irje jack-ass 
Borrilla, st. down (covering some fruits); flue 
Borriquéfio, -a, adj. asinine; of an ass; stupid 
Borriquero, sm. keeper, driver, grazier of asses 
Borriquete de proa, sm. fore-topmast (naut.) 
Borriquillo, -ito, -a, smf. dimin. little ass 
Borriquillos, sm. pi. cross-bars of a table-frame 
Borro, s. wether (not2 yearsold); duty on sheep 
Borrón, sm. blot of ink; rough draft; firstsketch 
Borrón, blemish; unworthy, disgraceful actior. 
Borronázo, sm. augm. great blot, blemish, stain 
Borroncillo, sm. dim. small blot, blemish, stain 
Borronear, v. to sketch; waste paper in writing 
Borroso, -a, a. full of dregs, lees; done clumsily 
Borrosa, (letra i sf. badly written letter 
Borroso, sm. bungler; botcher; bad workman 
Borrufálla, sf. bombast; high-sounding words 
Borrumbada, ». great expense through vain show 
Borujon, sm. knob; protuberance; tumour 
Borusca, sf. withered leaf falling off the tree 
Bosár, va. 1. to run over; overflow; vomit 
Boscage, s. boscage; wood; woodlands; landscape 
Bosforo, sm, strait; channel (joining two seas'! 
Bosque, s. plantation of trees; grove; woodland 
BosqueciUo, s. dim. small wood; grove; coppice 
Bosquejar, r. to make a sketch; design; model 
Bosquejo, sketch (of a paint.); unfinished work 
Bosquejo, (estar en) to be in an imperfect state 
Bostár, sm. oxstall; stand, stable fur oxen 
Bostezador, sm. one who yawns repeatedly 
Bostezante, ad¡j. yawning; gaping; very drowsy 
Bostezar, vn. i. to yawn; gape; be very drowsy 
Bostezo, sm. yawning; gaping; oscitation; gape 
Bota, sf. small wine leather-bottle; butt; boot 
Bota, marriage; wedding; water-cask (naut.) 
Bota fuerte, sf. jack-boot (wide ^trong boot) 
Botas puestas, (estar con las) ready to perform 
Botábala, ^, rammer; gunstick 
Botador, m. driver; puncheon; crow's bill insU) 
Botador, starting pole to shove off (a boat) 
Botafuego, sm. linstock (staff with a match) 
Botagueña, s/. sausage (made of pork-haslets) 

" BOV 

Botalón m. boom (long pole to set up stay-sails) 
Botalón, del foque, sm. jib-boom (naut.) 
Botalones, sm. plur. fire-booms (naut.) 
Botamen, all the casks, barrels on board a ship 
Botana, sf. jilug; stopple; plaster; cicatrice 
Botiinica,' sf. botany (knowledge of plants) 
Botánico, -a, botanical, botanic, of plants herljs 
Botánico, Botanista, sm. botanist 
Bntanom-incia, sf. divination by plants, herbs 
Botinti'S, 47». plur. shores; outriggers (naut.) 
Botiir, va. 1. to cast; throw; launch; bound 
Botar en vela, to fill the sails (naut.) 
Botar afuera los botalones, to bear off the booms 
Botarate, sm. madcap; wild, thoughtless person 
Botarél, sm. buttress (wall to support arches) 
Botarga, sf. gaskins; harlequin's dress; buffoon 
Botarga, kind of large sausage; figure of a boy 
Bótasela, sf. trumpet-sound to saddle (cavalry) 
Botavante, seaman's pike (to keep off the eneiiiy) 
Botavara, >/. small boom (crossing the sailj 
Botavara de cangreja, gaff-sail-boom (naut.) 
Bote, sm. thrust with a pike, Sec. ; rebound 
Bote, toilet-box; gallipot; boat (worked by oars) 
Bote de tobáco, sm. snuff canister 
Bote de lastre, sm. ballast-lighter (naut) 
Bote de maestranza, minuéta, shipwright's boat 
Bote en piezas de armazón, sm. boat in frame 
Bute de paságe, pescar, ferry-boat, fishing-boat 
Bote en Bote, (estar de, ) to be full of people 
Bute y voleo, (de) adv. exp. instantly 
Botes, sm. plur. heaps of wool; bounds of a horse 
Botecico, -illo, -ito, sm. dimin. small canister 
Botella, sf. bottle: flask; content of a bottle 
Botequin, sm. skiff; small boat; cog (naut. i 
Botería, sf. collection of leather bottles of wine 
Botero, sm. leather-bottle-maker (for wine) 
Botica, sf. apothecary's shop; potion; lodging 
Boticage, sm. rent paid for a shop; shop-rent 
Boticario, sm. apothecary; pharmacopolist 
Botiga, sf. shop (place where goods are sold) 
Botiguéro, sm. shopkeeper; seller in a shop 
Botiguilla, sf. dimin. small shop, place of retail 
Botija, sf. earthen jar (with a short narrow neck) 
Botija para aceite, sf. oil-jar 
Botijero, sm. maker, seller of jars 
Botijilla, -uela, sf dimin. small jar 
Botijo, m. big earthen jar with a narrow mouth 
Botijo, plump little child (figuratively) 
Botijón, m. large earthen jar; plump little child 
Bolilla, small leather bottle; woman's half-boot 
Botiller, sm. preparer, seller of ices, jellies, &c 
Botillería, sf. ice-house; steward's room (naut.) 
Botillero, sm. preparer, seller of ices, jellies 
Botillo, sm. dimin. small wine-leather-bottle 
Botín, sm. buskin; gaiter; booty; lashmg (naut.) 
Botinero, sm. soldier taking care of the booty 
Botinero, maker, seller of gaiters, buskins 
Botinico, -illo, -Ito, sm. dimin. little gaiter 
Botiqueria. s'. perfumer's shop (for perfumes) 
Botiquín, sm. travelling medicine-chest 
Botivoléo, sm. recovering a ball at the rebound 
Boto, -a, a4j. blunt; dull of understanding 
Boto, sm. large gut filled with butter 
Botón, sm. bud; button; tip of a foil; amulet 
Botón, de met'il dorado, sm. gilt-plated-button 
Botón de cerradura, sm. button of a lock 
Botón de fuego, cautery ( in the form of abutton) 
Botón de oro, creeping double-flowered crowfoot 
Botones adentro, (de) adv. exp. internally 
Botonadura, sf. set of buttons (for a dress) 
Botonázo, sm. thrust (given with a foil in fenc. ) 
Botoncico, -illo, -ito, sm. dimin little button 
Botonería, sf. button-maker, seller's shop 
Bováge, Bovaticu, m. duty onceen homed cattli 

Bovedilla,./-, smal 
Bovedillas, sr. pl 
Bovedillas, ^ 
Bovino, -a, a. of I 
Boulingrin, sm. bi 
Box, sm. box-trcí 
Bóxü, s/. three-toi 
Boxár, va. 1. to s; 
Boxedál, sm. plan 
Boy, ox, i>l. oxen > 
Boya, Sí. buoy; 

r, (ec 

Bováda, sf. drove 
Boyal, a. of black c-attl-; lor ta. ,:;.,nire of oxen 
Boyante, adj. buoyant: ll>.;itini;: ^.uliiií well 
Boyar, vn. to buoy: be all. .at; mi iiu on the water 
Boyar, sm. kind of Flmiish bilaiukr inaut.) 
Boyazo, sm. augm. lar-e ox (.animal) 
Boyera, Boyeriza, si: ox-stall; cow-house; stable 
Boyero, sm. ox-driver; cow-herd; keeper 
Boyezuelo, sm. dimin. youn": ox; small ox 
Boyuno, -a, adj. of black cattle, oxen, bulls 
Boza, sj: end of a rope made fast in a bolt-ring 
Bozas, sf. plur. stoppers, short ends of cables 
Bozas de la uña del ancla, shank-painter (naut ) 
Bozas de cable, cubiertas, cable-stoppers (naut. ) 
Bozas de las vergas, stoppers of the yards (naut.) 
BOzas de 1 


Bozal, adj. inexperienced; i 
Bozalájo, sm. dim. small n 
Bozo, sm down (tender ha: 
Brabante, sm. Brabant ( Fli 
Brabera, f. air-hole; hole to 

Í to hmder to bite) 
itupid; not broken in 
luzzle, mouth-piece 
r); head-stall 
imish linen; 
admit air; ventilator 
at public games) 

.' with braces; depth 

Bracero, (ir de, 3.) to walk arm in arm 
Bracete, sm small arm; small branch, inlet 
BraciUo, -ito, sm. dimin. little, small arm 
BraciUo, m. branch of the mouth-bit of a bridle 
Bracraan, m. Indian priest; ancient philosopher 
Braco, -a, pointing; setting (dog); broken- nosed 
Braco, sm. pointer (dog that points out game) 
Brafonera, st. ancient armour; plaited sleeve 
Braga, sf. child's napkin (to keep him clean) 
Br.ágas, sf. plur. gaskins; wide hose; breeches 
Bragas (calzarse las) to lord over one's husband 
Bragada, si. flat of the thigh ( in beasts) 
Bragada de una curva, t. throat of a knee (naut.) 
Bragada, (madera de i sf. compass-timber (naut.) 
Bragado, -a, adj. with flanks of different colour 
Bragado, -a, ill-disposed; of depraved sentiments 
Bragadura, s''. division from the hips in two 
Bragadura, sf. flat of the thigh (in beasts) 
Bragazas, sf. plur. wide breeches; easy husband 
Braguero, sm. truss; bandage; bracer 
Braguero de cáfion, breeching of a gun (naut.) 
Braguero de una vela, sm. bunt of a sail (naut.) 
Bragueta, sf opening of the front of breeches 
braguetero, sm. man given to women 
Braguetón, sm. aug. large opening of breeches 
Braguillas, sf plur. little breeches; ugly dwarf 
Brama, sf. rut-season (copulation of deer, ic.) 
Bramadera, «■. rattle; shepherd's call; horn 
Bramadero, rutting-place (where deer, &c meet) 
Bramador, -a, noisy, boisterous person; brawler 
Bramante, sm. pack-thread; sort of linen 

Bramar, V7 
Bramido, s 

1. (cry of w ild b 
painted line (u; 
Indian priest; : 

ialtar la, 1.) to 

,t philosopher 
lul language 

:; poin 

sf. ilia-nrt; huttom-fishing net) 
.,na, si: b> ai 's brcieh (plant) 

.-;/. plur. gills (of a fish) 
, /)/. back- stays i strong ropes, naut.) 

volantes shifting back-stays (naut.) 
', va. -i. to soften; mollify; make soft 
Hi great coat (in foniier use) 

' collars of ladies' night-gomis 

e (ad 


o a dar 
ortos; sphe, 


Urásas ^cs 

Bráulis, sf. cloth 
Brava, sf. heavy ; 
Bravada, sf. brav 

Braveza, /. braver 


Bravo, (mar 

Brava cosa. 
Bravonel, sh 

10 unas) to be all in a blaze 
•omo en) to be uneasy, restless 
o, sm dimin. chafing-dish 
an: place to burn criminals 
imerican wood used by dyers) 
paint used by ladies) 
of a Brasil colour; ruddy 
úl-wood of a paler colour 
with white and blue stripes) 
veil of the sea (naut.) 

bravely; valiantly: 




ess (of beasts) 
/;. brave; valiant; bullying; savage 
) sm. swollen, rough sea (naut.) 
3ravo! well done! very well indeed! 
m/'/j. very fine indeed! (ironical) 
i. bravo; hector: swaggerer; bully 
sf. graceful air; elegance; bravery 
ferocity (of beasts); courage; brag 
Braza, si. fathom (measure of 6 feet); brace 
Brázís, sf. plur. braces (ropes tied to the yards) 
Br.ázas de barlovento, i "' '^ 

5, lee-b 


Brazas de la cebadera, sprit-sail braces (naut ) 
Brazas, (halar sobre l;is, 1.) to haul in the braces 
Brazada, sf. stretching, lifting up of the arms 
Brazado, sm. as much as the arms can hold 
Brazado de leña, sm. armful of fire-wood 
Brazado de heno, sm. truss of hay 
Hrazage, m number of fathoms; depth of water 
Brazal, sm. muscle of the arm; bracer; ditch 
Brazál"s dp pri.a sm. plur. head-rails ¡naut.: 
Brazalesdi? lUfdioilMpr .a, middle rail ofthehead 
Brazalete, sm. biaerlet ornament for the arms) 
Brazaletes, sm. ¡dur. brace-pendants (naut.) 
Brazazo, sm augm. large, long arm 
Brazo, sm. arm; strength; valour; large bough 
Brazo de araña, curved branch of a girandole 

BRA '1 

Brizo i brazo, arm to arm; with equal weapons 
Brazo partido, (A) with the arras only 
Brazo de m4r, (hecho un,) with great show 
Brazo de candeléro, sm. branch of a chandelier I 
];ráZo de una trompeta, m. branch of a trumpet I 
Et:'izo de mar, sm. arm of the sea 
Brazo de silla, srn. arm of a chair 
Brazo derecho de, (ser el) to be the right hand nf | 
Brazos del Reino, sm. plxtr states of the realm 
Krázos a uno, fdár los, 1.) to embrace one , 

Brazos, infucrzade)ad.byforce of merit, labour j 
Brazos (abiertos con los) with open arms; trladly i 
Brazos, (cruzados los) with the arms fok|i>d | 

Erazólas, sf. plur. coamings of th? hatchways I 
Brazuelo, m. dim. small arm; shoulder of beasts I 
Brazuelo, branch of the mouth-bit of a bridle I 
Brea, tf, pitch; tar; coarse canvass; sackcloth | 
Brear, va. 1. to pit<'h; tar; tease; vex; cast» joke : 
Breháge, sm. beverage; drink; potion medicine 
Breca, sf. bleak; blay, (small river-fish) 
Brecha, sf. breach; opening; impression 
Brecha, (batir en, S.) to batter a breach; pursue 
Brecho, sm. one who has distorted feet 
Brédo, sm. wild amaranth (plant) 
Brésa, sf. strife; contest; pun; jest; trick 
Brega, (dar, 1.) to play a trick upon 
Bregar, vn. 1. to contend; struggle with; strive 
Bregar, m. to work up dough with a rollin¿-pin 
Bregar el arco, to bend the bow 
Bren, sm. bran (husks of corn ground) 
Brenca, sf. maidenhair; sluice-post; filn.ment 
Breña, sf. ground craggy, full of br;imbles 
Brefíál, lirefiár, sm. place full of brambles 
Brefloso,-a. adj. craggy; full of brambles, briers 
Breque, sm. bleak; blay (small river-fish) 
Breque, (ojos de) sm. plur. weak, bloodshot eyes 
Bresca, sf. honey-comb (cells to store the honey) 
Brescadillo, sm. small gold, silver-tube 
Bretadór, sm. call-bird; whistle; pipe to call birds 
Bretaña, sf. sort of fine linen 
Brete, »m,' fetters; shackles; want; Indian fnod 
Brete, (estar puesto en un, I.) to be hard put to 
Breva, s'. early fig (of the common fig tree) 
Breva, (mas blando que una) brought to reason 
Brevál, sm. early fig-tree 
Breve, sm. brief; card of invitation; ticket 
Breve, adj. brief; concise; laconic; summary 
Breve, (en1 arh\ shortly; in a little time 
Breveclco,-illo,-ito. sm. dimin. somewhat short 
Brevedad, sf. brevity; conciseness; shortness 
Brevemente, adv. briefly; concisely 
Brevete, sm. short annotation; memorandum 
Breviario, sm. breviary (Roman church-book) 
Breviario, memorandum-book; brevier: epitome 
Brezal, sm. heath, (place covered with shrubs) 
Brezo, sm. heath; ling, (sort of shrub, plant) 
Briaga, sf. rope, (of the shaft of a wine-press) 
Briál, sm. rich silk petticoat jworn formerly ) 
Briba, sf. tniantship; idleness; neglect of duty 
Briba, (á la) adv. in an idle, negligent manner 
Briber, rn. I. to play the truant; loiter about 
Bribia, sf. beggar's tale of misery, distress 
Bnbia, (echar la, I.) to go a begging; ask charity 
Bribón, -a, smf. & adi. vagrant; impostor; rogue 
Bribonada, si. knavery; beggar's trick; roguery 
Bribonázo.m. aug. great impostor, rogue, beggar 
Briboncillo, sm. oimtn. little impostor, rogue 
Bribonear, en. 1. to lead a vagabond's life; rove 
Bribonería, sf. vagrant's life; beggar's trade 
Bribonzuélo, sm. oíiní»?. little vagabond, rogue 
Brico, sm. spangle (small plate of shining metal) 
Brida,/ bridle; reins of a bndle; horsemanship 
bridar, va. 1. to bridle; curb; check; restrain 
Bridón, $m. horseman riding a bur-saddie 

? RRO 

Bridón, horse with a bur-saddle on; small br: lie 
Brigada, sf brigade: division of forces; band 
Brigadier, sm. brigadier; general of brigade 
Brigadier en la real armada, commodore 
Brigola, */. battering ram (to batter walls) 
Brilladór, -a, adj. brilliant; sparkling; gaudy 
Brilladúra, sí brilliancy; splendour; glare 
Brillante, m. brilliant; diamond of great lustre 
Brillante, ndj. brilliant; shinmg; glittering 
Brillantemente, adv. brilliantly; splendidly 
Brillantez, sf. brilliancy; lustre; brightness 
Brillar, vn. I . to shine; sparkle; glitter; outshine 
Brillo, sm. brilliancy; splendour; respleudence 
Brin, $m fragments of fibres; sail-cloth; canvass 
Brincador, -a, smf. one who leaps, jumps, skips 
Brincar, vn. 1. leap: jump; skip; fly in a passion 
Brincho, sm. manner of playing at reversi (cardsj 
Brincia, »/. peel, thin skin of an onion 
Bnnco, sm. leap; jump; bound; small jewel 
Brindar, v. 1. to drink one's health; invite; allure 
Bríndeles de chapines, s. plur. tapes (to tie clog^) 
Brindis, sf. health; toast; wish of happiness 
BringabAla, sf. handle (of a pump) ; brake 
Brinqmllo,-iño, sm. gewgaw ; sweetmeat 
Brio, sm. strength; force; vigour; spirit; courage 
Brios á alg.'ino (bajar los, 1.) to humble; abase 
Briol, sm. bunt-line (rope fixed to square-sails) 
Briolin, m. slab-line (rope fixed to the main sails) 
Brionia, sf. bryony (plant) 
Briosamente, adv. vigorously; spiritedly 
Brioso, -a, adj. vigorous; spirited; high-minded 
Brisa, */. north-east; breeze; skin of grapes 
Brisa carabinera, >/. vi,jlent gale 
Brisca, s.f. brisque; ten and ace (game at cards) 
Briscado, -a, a^ij of gold twist mixed with silk 
Briscar, va. 1. to embroider with gold twist 
Británica, sf. great water-dock (plant) 
Briza, sf. breeze from the north east (naut.) 
Brizar, va. •■. to rock the cradle; lull; quiet 
Brizna, sf. fragment; broken part; splinter; chip 
Briznóso, -a, adj. full of fragments, scraps 
Brizo, sm. cradle; kind of sea-urchin 
Bruca, sf. reel (to wind twist, &c); drill; button 
Brocadél, sm. brocade (rich silk-stuff) 
Brocadillo, sm. brocade with gold, silver-flowers 
Brocado, sm. gold, silver-brocade 
Brocado, -a, a brocaded; embroidered with gold 
Brocadúra, sf. bite of a bear 
Brocal, sm kerb-stone; metal rim of a scabbard 
Brocal de Bota, mouth-piece of a leather-bottlu 
Brocamantón, sm. crochet of diamonds 
Brocárdico, sm. axiom at law 
Brocatel, sm. stuff made of silk &hemp; marble 
Btocáto, -a, <i brocaded; embroidered with gold 
Brocha, st. pencil, jewel; button; cogged dice 
Brochado, -a, adj. like brocade: embroidered 
Brochadúra, sf. set of hooks and eyes, of clasps 
Broche, sm. clasp; hook and eye; hasp; brooch 
Brochón, sm. aug. brush; white-washing-brush 
Brocúla, sí. drill (instrument to bore holes) 
Bróculi, sm. broccoli (species of cabbage) 
Bródio, sm. soup; broken meat; medley 
Brodista, sm. poor scholar (begging his broth) 
Bruma, sf. rubbish mixed with mortar; gruel 
Broma, (, 1.) to indulge in jokes, in jests 
Broma, ship-worm (boring the bottom of ships) 
Bromado, -a, a. y. worm-eaten (bottom of a ship) 
Bromjir, ra. 1. to gnaw (like the ship- worm) 
Bromear, vn. 1. to jest; joke;make others laugh 
Bromista, sm. joker; jester; droll, comical fellow 
Bromo, sm. wild oats; brome-grass (herb) 
Broncamente, adv. peevishly; waspishly; rudely 
Bronce, sm. bronze; brass; trumpet; 
Bronce, (ser un, t>. aux.) to be indefatigable 


Bronce, (ser de) to have a heart as hard as steel 
Bronce, (escribir en, 3. ) to remember for ever 
Bronceado, sm. bronzing; brassiness 
Bronceado -a, adj. of a bronze colour; brazen 
Bronceadura, sA. giving a bronze brass colour 
Broncear, aa. 1. to bronze; adorn with brass 
Broncería sf. collection of bronzes, medals 
Broncha, sf. poniard; jewel; plasterer's brush 
Broncista, m. worker in bronze; brass; brazier 
Bronco, -a, ailj. roiigh; rude; harsh; morose 
Broncotomia, sf, incision of the windpipe 
Bronquetád, st. harshness; rudeness; asperity 
Bronquial, adj. of the throat; bronchial 
Bronquina, */. contention; dispute; quarrel 
Broquel, m. shield; buckler; protection; support 
Broqueles, (rajs') sm. brasgart; boaster; bully 
Broquelázo, sf. stroke, blow with a shield 
Broquelero, j«. shield, buckler-maker; wrangler 
Broqueléte, sm. aimin. small shield, buckler 
Broquelillo, sm. small shield; small ear-rings 
Brosquil, sm. sheep-fold; sheep-cot 
Brota, /. shoot of vine; bud (of trees); fragment 
Brotadura, sf. budding; shooting forth buds, &c. 
Brótano, sm. southern-wood; wild wormwood 
Brotar, vn. 1. to bud; sprout; gush; bre;ik out 
Brote, Broto, sm. shoot of vine; bud fot trees) 
Brotón. m. large clasp; shoot; sprout of cabbage 
Broza, sf. remains of leaves; printer's brush 
Broza, (gente de toda) sf. people without trade 
Broza, (servir de toda. 3 ) to do all sorts of work 

Brozóso, -a, adj. full of rubbish, dead leaves 
Brucero, sm. brush-maker, seller; brusher 
Bruces, Bruzas, s/plur. the upper lips 
Bruces, (á, de) adv. with the mouth downwards 
Bruces, (caer, dar de) to fall down headlong 
Bruéta, wheel-barrow; carriage driven bv a man 
Brugidór, »:. glazier's nippers (to pare off glass) 
Brugir, va. to pare off the corners, &e., of glass 
Bnigo, sm. kind of norm (creeping animal) 
Bruja, s/ witch; enchantress; sorceress; sand 
Bruja, (ser, parecer una) to look like a witch 
Brujear, va, 1. to rove about m the night-time 
Brujería, s/. witchcraft; witchery; sorcen,- 
Brujo, m. sorcerer; wizard; enchanter; conjurer 
Brújula, sea-compass; small hole to point a gun 
Brújula, (mirar por) to pry into others' affairs 
Brujulear, va. to examine one card after another 
Brujulear, to discover by conjectures; guess 
Brujuleo, sm. examining one card aftnr anothiT 
Brujuleo, close examination; conjecture; guess 
Brucóte. sm. fire-ship; ancient warlike machine 
Bruma, sf. winter-season; mist; haze; fog 
Brumadór, -a, smf. vexer; tormentor; teaser 
Brumal, adj. winterly; wintery; of «inter; cold 
Brumamiénto, sm lassitude; fatigue; weariness 
Brumár, to oppress; crush; overwhelm; harass 
BrumaTón, sm. thick fog, mist (at sea) 
Brumo, sm. whitest, finest wax ito polish tapers) 
Brumóoo, -a, adj. foggv; mistv; hazy; dark 
Brúñela, sf. self-heal (a plant) 
Brunéta, sf. sort of black cloth 
Brúñete, sm. coarse black cloth 
Bruno, -a, adj. brown; of a brown, dark colour 
Bruno, sm. small black plum, plum-tree 
Bruñido, sm. polish; glcss; superficial lustre 
Bruñidor, -a, smf polisher; burnisher; glosser 
Bruñidor, sm. burnisher (tool of boxwood) 
Bruñimiento, sm. polishing; burnishing; gloss 
Bruñir, va. 3 to polish; burnish; put on rouge 
Brusca,/, rounding of masts (naut.); brushwood 
Bruscamente, adv. abruptly; bluntlv; rudely 
Bruscáte, sm. sort of hash made of "lamb's liver 
Brusco, ítn, kneeholly; refuse of wool; remains 

) BUE 

Brusco, -a, adj. abrupt; rough; blunt; rude 
Brusela, sf. lesser periwinkle (plant) 
Bruselas, pi. broad pincers (silversmith's tool) 
Bruséles, sm. pi. spattle (to mix, spread drugs 
Brutal, adj. brutal; churlish; ferocious; savage 
Brutal, brute; senseless animal; ignorant man 
Brutalidad, */'. brutality; savageness; rudeness 
Brutalmente, adv brutally; unmannerly; rudely 
Brutésco, -a, adj. uncivil; rude; rough 
Brutáz, sf. brutality; savageness; incivility 
Bruteza, sf. roughness; want of polish 
Bruto, sm. brute (reasonless animal); lude man 
Bruto, -a, a. rough; unpolished; < 

en) adv. in 
diamante ei 

5"gh. u 

jght St 

ürüto, (madera en) sf. rough timber (naut) 
Bruxeár, ivi. I. to practise witchcraft, spells 
Bruxena, sf witchcraft; sorcerv; witcherv; sp.'U 
Brúxo, -a, smf sorcerer; enchanter: witch; hag 
Brúxula. se.i-compass: small hole to point a gun 
Bruxulcár, ru. 1. to examine closely everv card 
Bruxuleo, .Km. examining closely every card 
Bruxuleo, close examination; conjecture; guess 
Bruza, sf round brush (to clean horses, mules) 
Bruzas, pi brushes (used in woollen manufac.) 
Búa, sf. pustule; pimple; small sore swe ling 
Buár, va. 1. to limit; restrain; circumscribe 
Buárda, sf. sky-light; window in the ceiling 
Buáro, Bl arillo, sm. buzzard ( species of hawk) 
Buba, sf. pustule; tumour. Bubas, pi. buboes 
Búbalo, sm. buffalo (kind of wild bull, cow) 
Bubatico, -a, adj. having glandular swellings 
Bubilla, sf. dim. small pustule, blotch, pimple 
Bubón, sm. large tumour, swelling, bubo 
Buboso, -a, adj. having morbid tumours, buboes 
Bucarán, sm. fine glazed buckram (linen cloth) 
Bucarito, sm. dim. small vase of scented earth 
Búcaro, sm. vase made of fine odoriferous earth 
Bucear, vn. 1. to dive; plunge; go under water 
Bucelário, sm. vassal; dependent; servant 
tiucéo, sm. diving; plunging; going under watei 
Bucéro, a. black-nosed (hound, setting-dog) 
Buces, (de) adv. with the face to the ground 
Búcha, */ large chest; money-box; money saved 
Búcha pescadera, *'. herring-fishing-buss 
Buch.ár, va. 1. to hide; keep secret: conceal 
Buche, sm. crop; maw; mouthful (of water, &c.) 
Buche, young sucking ass; breast; stomach 
Buche áotro (hacerel) tomake one dine heartily 
Buche de almizcle, musk-bag; little perfume-bag 
Buchecillo, sm. dim. little craw, crop. So. 
Buchéte, sm. cheek puffed up with wind 
Bucinadór, m. trumpeter; who sounds a trumpet 
Bucinár, v. 1. to publish at the sound of trumpet 
Huele, sm. buckle; hair curled; curl; ringlet 
Buco, sm. ship (naut.); buck (male deer, &c.) 
Bucólica,/, pastoral; idyl, bucolic; rural poem 
Bucólico, -a, adj. pastoral; rural; of rural poetry 
Bucosidad, ;./. tonnage, bulk, burthen of a ship 
Budiál, sm. marsh; low flat and moist ground 
Buega, sf. landmark; index of the boundary 
Buen, good (bef. a mase, noun, as buen hombre 

Buena, sf. property; estate; fortune; possessions 
Buenabóya, sm. voluntary seaman in a galley 
Buenamente, adv. freely; voluntarily: easily 
Buenandanza, sf. good fortune, good luck 
BuenaveiJtura, sf. fortune; luck; prediction 
Bueno, -a. adj. good; simple; fit; pleasant; useful 
Buen dia, (tener 2 ) to spend a pleasant day 
Buena calentura, sf strong fever 
Buenos días, sm. pi. good day (familiar salute) 
Buenas noches, sf pi. good night; sleep well 
Buenas tardes, sf. pi. good afternoon, evening 

BUE tí 

Buenas letras, (las) ^f. plur. the belles lettres 
Bueno, (adúndei inlerrog. where are you going? 
Bueno, ide dónde) inter, whence do vou come? 
Bueno á bueno, ide) adv. willingly; freely 
Buenas á buánas, (de) adv. willingly; heartily 
Buenas, (á) adv. willingly; with pleasure 
bueno, adv. enough; sutlicundy; well; good 
Bueno or Bueno esta, ndn. eno'ush; no more 
Buenparecér, sm pleasing aspect, countenance 
Bucnpasár, tin. comfortable subsistence, living 
Bueña, si. hog's pudding; black pudding 
Buéra, »/. pustule; pimple; (about the mouth) 
Buésu, sm. person ridiculously, oddly dressed 
Buey, sm. ox; plur. oxen; Buey marino, sea-calf 
BuL-y de caza, sm. stalking-ox ^fowler's mask) 
Buey de agua, great body of water from a duct 
Bueyázo, sm. augin. large, big ox, bull, bullock 
Bucyecillo, But-yezuélo,»/». líiintn. little ox, &c. 
BuejTino, -a. a. of black cattle, oxen, cows, &c. 
Búf;i, s/ laughing at; scoffing; garland; wreath • 
Bufado, -a, d. bursting with anoise(glass-drops) ' 
Búfala, s/. female buflfalo, wild cow I 

Bufalino, -a, ndi. of buffaloes, wild oxen &c. ¡ 
Búfalo, sm. buffalo; buffle; wild ox 
Bufir, V. 1. to swell with anger; snort (horse, &c.) ' 
Bufete, sm. desk; writing table; scruUure ' 

Bufetillo, sm. dim. small desk, writing-table ! 
Bufi, sm. kind of watered camelot, camlet 
Bufido, sm. blowing, snorting of a horse, &c.) 
Bufo, sm. harlequin; butfoon; jack-pudding 
Búfi), -a, adj. comic; comical; droll; laughable 
Bufón, sm buffoon;merry-andrew;jester; joker 
Bufón, -a. a. comical; facetious; droll; laughable 
Bufonada, sf. buffoonery; mimicry; raillery 
Bufnnázo, «n. aug. great buffoon, jester, mimic 
BufónciUo, sm. dtmin. little joker, merry fellow 
Bufonearse, va. \.ref. to play the buffoon; mimic 
Bufonería, sf. buffoonry; drollery; low mirth 
Bufos, sm. plur. ancient head-dress of women 
Bugiida, s'. buck (water for washing clothes) 
Bugacéta, Bugaléta, »/. small vessel, ship (naut. ) 
BugúUa, */. nut-gall i excrescence of an oak) 
Búge, sm. iron ring at inside end of nave-holes 
Bugellúda, si. kind of paint (for ladies) 
Bugia, »/; wax taper; candlestick with a taper 
Bugiér, gentleman usher of the king's household 
Bugieria, sf. wax-candles' office (at court) i 

BuglOsa, »/. bugloss; ox-tongue (a plant) 
Búgula, sf. bugle; middle consound (a plant) 
Buharda, sf. sky-light; garret-window 
Buhardilla, s/. dimiiu small garret-window ! 

Buharro, sm. eagle-owl (nocturnal bird) 
Buhédal, sm. pool of stagnant water 
Buhédo, sm. marl (calcareous earth for manure) 
Buhera, sf. embrasure (aperture in the wall; 
Buhéro, sm. owl- keeper: feeder of owls 
Buho, m. owl: serun Kúho. be an unsociable man 
Buhonena, s/; pedler's box ; pedlcry; small wares 
Buhonero, sm- pedler; hawker; petty dealer j 

Buir, vn. '». to polish; burnish; gloss; brighten 
Buitre, sm. vulture i larire bird of prey) 

Buitr. r vlir: feeder of vultures 

Buitri.. -111.; of. like vultures 

Buitrun. nt 1 I K I H'-iti'h fish)) partridge-net 

Bu alaz'jr, Bujarasul, hi. lig with reddish pulp ^ 
Bujarrón, sm. sodomite; one guilty of sodomy 
Bu éda, »/. Bujedál, Bujédo, m. planUtion of box 
Bu er.a, sf. gewgaw; bauble; toy; showy trifle 
Bujeta, JÍ. box- wood-box; perfurae-box 
Bujéto, ». burnisher; polisher (shoe maker's tool ) 
BÚJO, ». painter's wooden frame to fix the canvass 
BÚ a,»/, bull (from the pope); bubble i.of water) ¡ 

i BUR 

Bula para todo (tener, a.) to act at one's plea^'ire 
Bulas a uno (echarlas, 1.) to impose a burden on 
Bul:ir, va. I. to mark, brand with a red hot iron 
Bularcámas, sf. plur. breast-hooks lof a shipj 
Bulário, sm. collection of bulls (from the pope) 
Búlbu, sm bulb; onion; scallion; (round bodv) 
Bulboso, -a, a bulbous, bulbaceous; of bulbs 
Bulero, sm. distributer of bulls of crusades, &c. 
Buléto, m. brief granted by the pope, or his legate 
Bulimia, St. voracious appetite; bulimy 
Bulla, SI. noise; clatter; shout; crowd; loud cry 
Bulla, (meter, 2 ) to make a noise; shout; uproar 
Bulla meterlo á to carry it off with a joke 
BuUadur, m impostor; swindler; cheat; deceiver 
BulUge, m. crowd; throng;multitude; concourse 
Bullanguero, -a, smf turbulent; noisy person 
BulUr, a. i, put a leaden mark (ongoods) imboss 
Bullebulle, m. busy body; bustling, active person 
Bullicio,>m. noise; clamour; tumult; uproar 
Bulliciosamente, adv. in a disorderly manner 
Bullicioso, -3, adj. brisk; active; noisy; turbulent 
Bullidor, -a, a4j. lively; busy; noisy; turbulent 
Bullir, r. i. to boil: bustle; be industrious, active 
Bullirle á uno, to be earnestly desirous of 
Bullir, va. to move from one place; manage 
Bullón, sm. knife; dye bubbling up in a boiler 
Bult co,-:llo,-ito, sm. dim. little tumour, pimple 
Bt'ilto, m. bulk; tumour; pillow-case; bu-t; image 
Bálto, (figura, imagen de) figure in sculpture 
tlúlto, (coger el, ¿. pescar el, l.)tolay holdof one 
Búlto,(meneár, tocar, á otro el 1.) give a drubbing 
Bulto (comprarlas cosas á) to buy wholesale 
Bulto, , ser de aux.) to be as evident as possible 
Bulto (á) culv. in a lump; confusedly 
bululú, tm. strolling comedian acting all alone 
Bun ito, m. hedge-sparrow ,bird living in bushes) 
bunio, sm. pignut; earth-nut i root like a nut; 
buñolero, -a, smf. maker, seller of bunns 
Buñuelo, m. bunn(kind of sweetbread); pancake 
Buprcste, sm. sort of Spanish fly 
Buque, sm. bulk; hull (of a ship); vessel ship 
Bunito, m. Cyprus (black silk); light silk veil 
Búrb.T, í^l African coin (of small value) 
Burbalór, sm. whale of a large kind (fish) 
Burbuja. «/. bubble (small bladder of water) 
Burbujear, vn. 1. to bubble; rise in bubbles 
Burbujita, sf. dimin. small bubble 
Burcho, sm. sort of large sloop, barge ( naut.) 
Burdas, f. pi back-stays (ropes to fix the mast) 
burdel, sm. brothel; house of ill fame 
Hurdeléro, -a, sm . pimp; bawd; procurer 
Burdinállas, xf. plur. sprit-top-sail-stay (naut.) 
Burdo, -a, aai. coarse; ordinary; common; ugly 
Burél. sm. bar, ibeing the ninth partof a shield 
bursles, sm. plur. wooden rollers (naut.) 
l:urengue, sm. mulatto slave, dependant 
Bureo, sm. court of justice; entertainment 
Bureo, (entrar en 1. ) to meetto discuss a subject 
l.úrga, sf. hot spring of mineral waters 
BurgaUs, sm ancient coin (at burgos) 
Burges, sm. native, inhabitant of a village 
B.irgo, sm. borough (town with a corporation) 
Burgomaestre, m. burgomaster; head magistrate 
buriel, sm kersey (cloth ) ; rope-manufactory 
Buriel, adj. reddish; between dark red and black 
Buril, »'«. burine; graving tool; graver 
Buril de Punta, m. sharp pointed burine, graver 
buril chipie redondo, sm. curved burine, graver 
Burilada, sf. line of a burine; grains of silver 
Buriladúra, sf. engraving with a burine, graver 
BuriLir, va 1. to engrave; picture by incisions 
Burjaca, sf pilgrim, beggar's leather-bag 
Burla, •/■ scoff; sneer; jest; trick; hoax; fun 
Burla pesada, (f. biting jest; bad trick 

BÜR " 

Burlas, sf. plur. falsities said in a jokii? way 
Hurlas (dejadas las) setting jokes aside 
Burlas thablár de, 1.) to speak in jest 
Burlas (hombre ie) sm. empty foolish jester 
Burlas, (no ser hombre de) be a plain honest man 
Burlas, (de) adv. in jest; for fun; wagsishly 
Burlador, -a, smf. jester; mocker; deceiving vase 
Burlar, va. 1. to ridicule; deceive; frustrate 
Burlarse, ref. to jest; laugh at; make game of 
Burlería, s'. fun; jest; deceit; derision; scoff 
Burlescamente, adv. in a ludicrous manner 
Burlesco, sm. mimic; jester; wag; buffoon 
Burlesco, -a, adj burlesque; ludicrous; comical 
Burléta, -illa, -ita, »/. dim. little trick, jest, fun 
Burlón, -a, smf great wag; jester, scoffer 
Burra, sf. she-ass (animal.; hobby-horse (whim) 
Burra, (caer de su, ■¿. ) to perceive one's errors 
Burrada, s'. drove of asses; foolish action, word 
Burragear, va 1. to scribble; write carelessly 
Burrajo, sm. dry stable dung ito heat ovens) 
Burrázo, -a, smf. au^. large, big ass; she-ass 
Burrero sm- ass-keeper; seller of asses' milk 
Burrillo, sm. ecclesiastical Hlmanae; portass 
Burro, ass; dolt; sawyers hor>e; wheel of a reel 
Burro cargado de letra^;, bear full of learning 
Búrró en el trabajo, (ser unj to work like an ass 
1 fall from one's hobbi " 


n bow- 

Burnicho, sm, young, little ass; little dunce 
Burrumbada./, great expense through vain show 
Burujo, sm. dregs of squeezed olives, grapes 
Burujo, lump of pressed wood, or other matter 
Burujón, BuruUón, m. large bump; swelling 
Burujoncillo, sm. dim. small bump, swelling 
Eusárdas, sf pi. breast-hooks (of a ship, naut.) 
Busca./ search (of p.ipers); terrier; huntsmen 
Buscada, s/. search; inquiry; examination 
Buscador, -a, smf. searcher; examiner; inquirer 
Buscamiénto, sm. searching; inquiry; research 
Buscapié, word dropped to come at the bottom 
Buscapiés, m. pi. squib running in people's feet 

Buscar por todos lados, to hunt up and down 
Buscaruidos. sm. restless, quarelsome person 
Buscavidas, m. one who pries into others' actions 
Busco, track (mark left by the foot of animals) 
Bus.ón, -a, smf. searcher; pilferer; pettj' thief 
Busilis, sm. the point where the difficulty lies 
Buso, sm. hole; gap; needle-maker, seller 
Busto, sm. bust; statue down to the breast; tomb 
Butifáira, sf. sausage; gaskins; sort of trowsers 
Butillo, -a, aJi. of a pale yellowish colour 
Butório, m. bittern; heron;dunce;stupid person 
Butrino, sm. fowling-net (to catch birds) 
Butrón, m. net Uo catch birds); basket (for fish) 
Buxeiia, sf. gewgaw; bauble; toy; showy trifle 
Buxéta, sf. box-wood-box; perfume-box 
Buxéto, burnisher; polisher (shoemaker's tool) 
Biixo, painter's wooden frame to fix the canvas: 
Buyo, hut; shepherd's cottage; boa-constrictor 
Biiytre, sm. vulture ivoraeious bird of prey) 
Buvtréro, sm. vulture-fowler; feeder of vulture 
Buytrón, m. basket (to catch fish); partridge-ne 
BÚZ, m. kiss (out of lespect and reverent regard) 
Buz, (hacer el, to do homage in a servile mannf 
Buzáno, m diver; kind of culverin (cannon) 
Buzo, m diver; plunger; kind of ancient ship 
Buzón, sm. conduit; hole (at post-offices); lid 
Buzón, kind of ancient battermg-ram; hooks 

Ca, coitj. because; forthis reason; on this account 
Cab, Cabe, corn-measure (of different quantity) 
Cabáco, small end of wood; end of round timber 
Cabal, a. exact; complete; falling to one's share 
Cabala, sf cabal; secret science of the Rabbins 
Cabala, junto of men; intrigue; confederacy 
Cabalgada. sC cavalcade; booty from the enemy 
Cabalgador, m. rider; horseman; horse-block 
Cabalgadura, sf. sumpter ^beast of burthen; 
Cabalgar, v?i. 1. to ride, parade in a cavalcade 

harness; horse-trappings; traces 
ilcade; procession on horseback 
kind of saddle 
skilled in Hebrew traditions 
adv. in an ocult meaning 

Cabalgar, v. 
Cabalgar, w. 
Cabalgata, /. c 
Cabalist£i, n 
Cabal isl 

Cabalisl ... 
Caballa, sf. horse-mackerel, (fish) 
Caballada,/ stud of horses; games on horseback 
Caballáge, sm. place, monev for mares' covering 
Caballar, sm. mackerel, (fish) 
Caballar, adj. of a horse; belonging to a horse 
Caballejo, sm. small horse; hag; wooden frame 
Caballerato, sm privilege of gentleman 
Caballerear, n. 1. to set up for a gentleman 
Caballerescamente, adv. in a knightly manner 
Caballeresco, -a, a. like a knight, a man of birth 
Caballerete, sm. dim. spruce young gentleman 
Caballería, ./". saddle-horse, mule; horsemanship 
Caballería, cavalry; chivalry; knighthood 
Caballería, share of spoils; lot of land; rank 
Caballería, (libros de) books of knight-errantry 
Caballería andante, sf. knight-errantry 
Caballerías, (andarse en) to flatter fulsomely 
Caballeril, a. like a knight, a man of birth 
Caballerito, sm. dimia. young gentleman 
Caballeriza, sf. stable; many horses in a stable 
Caballerizo, sm head-groom of a stable 
Caballerizo del rey, equerry to the king 
Caballerizo mayor del rey, master of the horse 
Caballero, m. knight; cavalier; noble; horseman 
Caballero, red-legged horseman; gambet (bird) 
Caballero andante, sm knight-errant; stroller 
Caballero, (armar á uno, 1.) to make a knight 
Caballero, (meterse á) to affect to be a knight 
Caballero, (áj adv. above; in a superior degree 
Caballero, -a, adj. riding on horseback 
Caballero, (ir, 3.) to go riding on horseback 
Caballero en burro, (ir) to go riding on an ass 
Caballerosamente, ad. in a gentlemanly manner 
Caballeroso, -a, ad), noble; liberal; gentlemanly 
Caballeróte, sm. unpolished, coarse gentleman 
Caballeta, sf. field-cricket (squeaking insect) 
Caballete, top of the roof; wooden horse; brake 
Caballete, bridge of the nose; gallows of a press 
Caballete de aserrar, sm. sawyer's trest e, horse 
Caballete de colchar cabos, stake-head (naut.) 
Caballete de pmtór, sm. painter s easel 
CabalUco, -íto, sm. pony; hobby; rocking-horse 
Caballo, sm. horse; wooden machine: trestle 
Caballo pá,dre,.sm stallion; stone-horse 
Caballo de montar, de silla, saddle-horse 
Caballo üe carga, horse of burden; pack-horse 
Caballo de coche, coach-horse; horse of cairiiise 
I Caballo frisón, draught-horse; Flanders horse 
Caballo de guerra, charger; oificcr s horse 




CahAUo de recalo, de albáda, state-horsp 

Caballo de arcabuz, horse tiial sUnds the fire 

Caballo de caza, hunting horse; hunter 

Caballo de carrera, race-horse; racer 

Catiállo rabón, short-tiiled horse; docked horse i Cabéi 

Caballo desorejado, cropped horse (with ears off) Cabí 

Caballo de e: 

í-ell 1 

Caber en el mundo, (no) to be puffed with pride 
C Hbér en sí. (no) to he full of one's own merits 
Cabe (todo) it is all possible; it may well be so 
Cabe más, (no) nothmg more is to be wished for 
>a. 2. to contain; include; comprise 
sm. handle-maker (for working tools) 

ained, managed : Cabestraje, sm. cattle-drivi 

Cabillo aguililla, Peruvian hor^ very swift . . . _ 

Cabalo de alquiler, hack; hackney; hired horse ! Cabestrante, capstan; machine 

Caballo de tiro, de vara, draught, shaft-horse I Cabestrar, pa. 1. to halter; •'- 

Catiállo de frisia, rollmg war-engine with pikes Cabestrar, 

Caballo de palo, engine of torture for criminals " • ■ - 

Caljallo marino, river-horse; sea-horse (fisn) 

Caballo marino, knivht (in the game of chess) 

Caballo de buena boca, servile compiler 

Caballo, (trabajar un, 1.) to break in a horse 

Caballo, (sacar bien 

Cabestrase, halter; tying with a halter (beast) 
" ' ' e weights 


ith a stelking-ox 

Cabe treár, o. 1. to follow readily when haltered 
I Cabestreria,/. shop where halters are made, solil 
I Cabestrero, tm. maker, seller of halters, collars 
I Cabestrillo, m. sling (bandage); gold neck-chain 
I Cabestrillo. ( buey de) sm. stalking-ox 

~ léstro. haIter;'bell-ox; chain; pimp to his wifp 

Caballo, (huir á uña de, 3 ) to escape narrowly | Cabestro, (traer , 

Caballo (á) on horseback; mounted on a horse > Cabeza , sf head, person; chief; 
Caballos, íTO p/u.. horse; cavalrj-; horsemen Cabeza "" ■ -•• ■ 

Caballón, m.aug. clumsy horse ; ridse of furrows ' Cabeza 
Caballóna, »/ queen (in the game of chess) 
Caballuélo, sm. dim. nag; pony; small horse 
~ " ■' a, of a horse; belonging to a horse 

rment; top 
Cabeza mayor, / head of black cattle, oxen, &c. 
Cabeza menor, sf. head of sheep, goats, &c. 
Cabeza de un miiélle, »/. pier, mole-head 
Cabeza de ajos, «/. head of garlic 
Cabeza de monte, sierra «/. top of a 

Cabalmente, ad perfectly; completely; exactly ' Cabeza torcida, sf. wrong-headed person 

Cahaliiste, sm. kind of saiddle, of seat for riding 
Cabana, / cot; hut; flock of ewes; drove of 
Cabana, line 

C.ibáfla real, travelling flocks of la Mésta 
Cabañal, adj. of the roads for travelling sheep 
Cabañero, of the 
Cabañil, adj. of t 

Cabañil, m. keepei of mules, asses to carry 
Caiiañuéla, sf. dim. small cot, hut, cottage 
Cabañuelas, sf pi. festival of the Jews of Toledo 
Cabáza, sf. large cloak (with hood and sleeves) 
Cabe, point won by a stroke of balls at argolla 
Cabe al bolsillo ; dar un) lo hurt one's fortune 


Cabeza redonda, sf blockhead, s 
Cabeza, (dar de, I.) tu fall into mistorlunes 
billiard table; picture of a hut Cabeza, (ser mala, vaux ) to be of bad princii-les 

- ' Ca'iéza, (hablar de, 1.) to spc.ik without ground 

Cabeza, (hacer, i.) to be the leader, the head 
of mules Sflockof sheep ' Cabeza, (llevar en la, 1.) to be disappointed 
■ going with the sheep | Cabeza, (otorgar de, 1.) to give a nod of assent 
Cabeza, (perder la, á.) to lose one's senses 
Cabeza de hierro, (tener una) to be unwearied 
Cabeza abajo, (caer cim la, 2.) to fall headlong 
l'abéza, (pagar á tanto por) pay so much a head 
Cabeza, (tener mala) adv. without judgment 
Cabeza, (á un volver de) ado. m an instant 

Cabezada, sf blow; bull with the head; halter 
¡ Cabezada, head-stall; head-band; instep 
{ Cabezada, pitching of a ship; acclivity (of land) 
I nod; nodding; shaking of the head j Cabezadas, plur. (dar, 1.) to fall asleep; nod 

C.-iooceár, to nod (with sleep); shake o 

ne's head 

Cabecear, u. incline to one side; hang c 

ver; pitch 

Cabecear, ra. to cauterize; head wine 


Cahecéquia, sm. inspector, guardian of canal! 
Cabecera, / nead of atable, hall; bolster; pillon 
Cabecera, capital (of a kingdom, &c.); vignette 
Cabecera de cama, head of a bed; heail-b.iard 
Cabecero, sm. lintel; fir-t headof a noble family 
Cabeciáncho, -a, a. broad, flat-headed (nail) 
Cabecica, -ilia, -ita, sf. dimin. small head 
Cabecilla, sm. perverse, indiscreet, light person 
Cabecilla, head, leader of a party of rebels 
Cabellázo, sm. great bushy hbai of hair 
Cabelléjo, sm. dimin. little hair 
Cabellera, long hair; false hair; tail of a comet 
Cabello, sm. hair (of the head) 
Cabello, (llevar á uno de un) to lead by the nose 
Cabello, (no faltar en un) tobe complete, perfect 
Cabello, en el aire, (hender un) lo split a hair 
Cabello, (asirse de un, a. ref. ) to catch at a hair 
Cabello, (no montar un) not to be worth a rush 
Cabello, (en) adv. in a dishevelled manner 
Cabélliis, m /)/. large sinews (in mutton); fibres 
Cabellos de ángel, conserve sliced very small 
Cabellos, (arrancarse los) to tear one's hair 
Cabellos, (arrastrar por ios) to drag by the hair 
Cabelludo, -a, a. hairv; long-haired; lull of hair 
Cabelludo, sm. kind of sea-fish 
Cabelluelo, sm. dimn thin short hair 
Caber, 71. 2. to be able to contain; be entitled to 
Caber, fall to one's share; have rooiii. admission 
Caber de gozo, (no) lo be overjoyed, ravished 
Caber de pics, (no) lo have no room to sUond 

I Cabezadas, (dársi 

I Cabezáge, sm. poll-tax; impost on every head 
I Cabezáge, (á) ad. per head; so much a head 
I Cabezal, »m. head- piece; small pillow; compress 
Cabezal, long round bolster; post (of a door) 
Cabezales de coche, m. pi. standards (of a coach) 
Cabezaléjo, -ico, -ito, -illo, m. dim. small pillow 
Cabezo, $m. top of a hill; shirt-collar 
Cabezón, sm. register of taxes; shirt-coUar 
Cabezón, cavesson; noseband; opening (in shirt) 
Cabezones, (llevar por los) to drag by the collar 
Cabezorro, in. aug. large disproportioned head 
Cabezóto, adj. nugm. big-heiided; club-beaded 
Cabejúdo, sm. chub; cheven (river fish) 
Cabezudo, -a, adi- big-headed ; headstrong 
Cabezuela, sf. dim. small head; dolt; simpleton 
Cabezuela, coarse flour; rosebud (forrose-water) 
Cabezuela, sf. eringo; ragwort leaved centaury 
Cabezuela, (escobas de)/ brooms of centaury 
Cabezuélo, sm small head; top (of any thing) 
Cabial, sm. sausage made of sturgeon s eggs) 
Cabida, sf. content; extent; cap.acity; space 
Cabida con uno, (tener, 2. 1 to be in high favour 
Cabido, knight ot Malta claiming a commandery 
Cabildada, tf. hasty resolution (of a chapter) 
Cabildante, sm. one who has a vote in a chapter 
C.-ibildear, n. 1. to hold a chapte. ; form design^ 
Cabildero, -a, adj. of, belonging to a chapter 
Cab.ldo, «n chapter; meeting of a'chapter 
Cabildo, corporation (of a town); body politic 




It the end 

eigli all things 

Cabilla, »/. wooden pin (to fix the planks of ships) 
Cabilléio, sm. dimin. partial flower-stalk 
Cabillo, sin. flower-stalk; small end of a rope 
Cabimiento, sm. right of.claiming a commandery 
Cabio, sm. lintel (of a door) ; rafter (timber 
Cabito, «I. dimin. small end of ropes: small line 
Cabizbajo, -áxo, -a, a. dejected; pensive; drooping 
Cabiztu¿rto, -a, ndj. wry-headed; hypocritical 
Cable, sm. cable (fope of the principal anchor) 
Cable de esperanza, sm. sheet-cable (largest) 
Cable del avúste. sm. best b.j»er-cable (naut.) 
Cable sencillo, de leva, ..■«. small bower-cable 
Cabo, m. extremity; emi; cape; headland; handle 
Cabo, lowest card (at reversis): paragraph: heart 
Cabo, any cord in a ship; thread; cumplement 
Cabo de anueria. original house of a noble race 
Cabo de ár.o, religious anniversary of a deceasert 
Cabo de barras, bist payment of an account 
Cabo de forzados, overseer of galley-slaves 
Cáuo de escuatina, corporal (inferior officer) 
Cabo de ronda, de alcabalas, tide-waiter 
Cabo (dar 1 ) to throw out a rope to take hold of 
C.lbo a idar,' l'.), to perfect; complete; destroy 
Cabo (estar muy al, 1.), to be at death's door 
Cabo de (estar al), to be thoroughly acqui 
Cabo (volver á coger el. 2.) to resume a di' 
Cabo, ni cuenta (no tener), have no head 
Cabo (al), iidv. at last; in conclus 
Cabo á lábo (de) , >idv. from head 
Cabo (por; por el cál.o), ndi: last 
Cábo(por,.ingm,),„d<' bynoir» 
Cabos (coger todos los, 2.), toj 
Cabos nt-gros en - , ,, 

Cabos blancos, sm. pl. ui.tarred cordage (naut.) 
Cabotage, sm. coasting-trade; pilotage (naut.) 
Cabra,/, goat; balista (engine to shoot stones) 
Cabra montes, sf. wild goat (mountain animal) 
Cabra (piel de), V,^ goatskin; hide of a goat 
Cabrina, ) ■> ^ , u c 

Cabras, /. p. red marks on the legs, caused by fire 
Cabras, small white clouds floating in the air 
Cabras (echar, 1.) , play for him who pays the loss 
Cabrahigadúra,/. art of ripenmg figs by insects) 
Cabrahigal, -ár, sm. plantation of wild fig-trees 
Cabrahigar, vn. 1. to improve a fig-tree 
Cabrahigo, sm. male wild fig-tree 
Cabreiar*/. balista (machine to throve stones) 
Cabreo, sm. register (of privileges and charters) 
Cabrería, sj. herd of goats; sale of goafs milk 
Cabrero, sm. goat-herd; keeper, feeder of goats 
Cabrestá capstan; engine to raise weights 
Cabria, .*/. a.\le-tree; crane; sheers (udut) 
Cabriál, sm. beam (large and long timber 
Cabrilla, \f. dim. small goat; prawn (small fish) 
Cabrillas, ff. pi. pleiads; duck and drake (stones) 

Cabrillear, vn.\. to s 

Cabij, sm. barren, sterile ground; poor land 
Cabujáda, .«/. hunting-saddle 
Cabujón, sm. rough unpolished ruby (red stone) 
■ ■ ' sf agave; cord made of the aloes-plant 
excrements (of a ehild, child's word) 
scubrir la, 3.), to make public a fault 
1, Cacaotal, /«.plantation of cocoa-trees 
te, Cacahuete, im. American earth-nut 

lor, -a, m. caukler^fowl); tattler; boaster 

■ n 1 to crow; cackle; boast: exaggerate 

' ■ ' ■■ ittle; boast 


sort of pig-nut 

ing party; landscape 

iviug; ( 

• powder,&i 

.shake (in a 
/. canal; chain 
1, sJ. hunting, s 
Cacerilla, sf. dimin. siuai. ..i» 
Cacerina, sf. cartridge-box (to 
Caroeróla, sf. stewing-pan; skmci, !,au.^^t,-^^ 
Caceta, sf. small pan (used by apothecaries) 
Cacha, s/. handle (of a knife); sluggishness 
Cachas (hasta las), full to the brim; brimful 
Cachada, sf. stroke of one top against another 

■ - ' ilot, kind of whale (sea-hsh) 



Cachar, v.l. to break in pieces; shatter; shiver 
Cacharro, sm. earthen pot; shiver; useless thing 
Cachaza,/, inactivity; forbearance; rum (Amer.) 

I, bull-fighter's 
Cachetudo, -a, ndj. plum 
Cachicán, sm. overseer, i 

Cachicuerno, -a, adj. with a handle, Halt oi norn 
Cachidiábolo, sm. hobgoblin; ridiculous figure 
Cachifollar, va. 1. to puff, blow one's cheeks 
~ ■ 'ordéte, -a, -i:o, thick and plump; squat 
Cachillada, y . litter (brood of young animals) 
" hipólla,/. white butterfly (on 
Cachiporra, -o,>/. stick withaO 
Cachiporra, interj. (vulgar excla 
Cachiporro, sm. (iron.)chubbed 
Cachivache, sm. bro 
Cacho, sm. slice (of 1 
Cacho, red mullet (: 
Cacho, -a, «dj. bent. 
Cachólas, sf.plttr. cheeks of 
Cachonda (perra), sf. female 
Cachondas, sf. pltir. slashed trousers (.wuni 
Cachondez, sf. lust; violent, irregular desi 
Cachones, wi. pl. breakers (waves brok. by 
" hope, m. gulf of the sea; stunipof adrn 
horréuas.y.pí. soap(madi 

of a 

lobbed head 

; plump face 
ery; useless tellow 
,) ; game of chance 

ted; crooked 


, salt) 

u heraldry) 
ibliiig a goat 

lb; young 
, _, .mf. grown puppy; cub; 
0, sm. sixth partof apound(oilmeasure) 

0, cartridge; clumsy earthen pot; hole 

1, St. fricassee, of the liver, ixc, of rabbits 

Cabriolar, -ear. vri. 1. to capei 
Cabriole, sm. cloak (ladies'): 
Cabrita, sf. little female kid; 

iamb, I 

irof ki 

.ung of a goat) 
Cabrito, sm. kid; cheveril (young of a goat) 
Cabritúno, -a, "dj. goatish; of the goat-kind 
Cabrón, sm. buck (male goat): pimp of his wife 
Cabronada, sf. vile sanction of a wife's adultery 
Cabronazo, sm. promoter of his wife's adultery 
Cabroncillo, sm. dimití, easy husband; fetid herb 
Cabruno, -a, «. goatish; like a goat in everything 

small ri 

ichúmbó, m. hardcc 
ichúnde, sf. Chines, 
ichupin, sm. Spanisl 
icicázgo, sm. digiiitj 

fish like an anchovy 

wood (used for rosar.) 
te (made of musk, &c.J 
tier (in America) 
■ritory of a cacique 
nail saucepan, skillet 
;; head of a small town 
lining thief; coward 
riy; bad sound of words 
m of the humours 

)urs depraved 
and gloomy 




Cada uno. Cada qual, pron. every one; each 
Cada vez, every time, Cada dia, every day 
Cada palabra, (á) adr. at every word 
Cada uno, (dar á, l.)to give to every one, each 
Cada vez que, Cada que, every time that 
Cada y quando, adv. whenever; conj. as soon as 
Cadahalso, sm. wooden shed (projecting) 
Cadalecho, tm. bed made of branches of trees 
Cadalso, sm. scaffold; temporary gallery bulwark 
Cadañal, Cadañágo, -a, arij. yearly; every year 
Cadañero, -a, a. yearly; lasting a year; annual 
Cadañera, (mugér) woman pregnant every year 
Cadarzo, sm, silk so entangled as not to be spun 
Cadáver, ttn. corpse; dead body; corse 
Cadavera, sf. corpse; skull; cranium; madcap 
Cadavérico, -a, adj. cadaverous; deadly pale 
Cadejo, j/i. entangled skein of thread; matted hair 
Cadejo, threads put together to make tassels 
Cadena, t/. chain; mortice; bond; series; iron-bar 
Cadena, chained malefactors led to the galleys 
Cadena, treadle of a ribbon-weaver's loom 
Cadena de rocas, sf. ridge of rocks, sand-banks 
Cadena de puerto, boom of a harbour, port 
Cadena, (estar en la) to be imprisoned; in prison 
Cadena, (renunciar la) to make a cessio boni.rum 
Cadena, (balas de¡ sf. plur. chain-shot 
Cadcnádo, sm. padlock; pendant: drop; ear-ring 
Cadencia, sf. cadence; fall of the voice; po-tiy 
Cadencia, (hablar en, 1.) to affect poetry's How 
Cadenciado, -a, cadenced; musical, harmonious 
Cadeneta, sf. lace, needle- work made likeachain 
Cadenilla,-ita, sf. dimin. small chain 
Cadente, adj. falling; uttering with harmony 
Cadera, sf. hip; joint, fleshy part of the thigh 
Caderillas, /. pi. hoops (part of ladies' full dress 
C.Tjéte, sm. cadet (volunteer in the army) 
Caili. Hin. Cadi; judge; magistrate (in Turkey) 
Cadillar, m. ground full of burdock, bur-parsley 
Cadilléro, -a, adj. covered with prickles (plants) 
Cadillo, sm. great bur-parsley; common burdock 
Cadiz, sm. coarse wollen stuff; cheap serge 
Cádmia, ^f calamine (with copper forms brass) 
Cádo, sm. ferret-hole; lurking place: ambush 
Cadoce, sm. gudgeon (small fish); simpleton 
Cadóso,-ózo, sm. hole; deep place (m a river) 
Caducamente, adv. in a decrepit, frail manner 
Caducante, m. & a. dotard : impaired in his senses 
Caducar, vn. to dote; be worn out by old age, use 
Caducar el legado, to decome extinct, abolished 
Caduceadór, sm. king at arms; herald; harbinger 
Caduceo, sm. wand of mercury: herald's stafl" 
Caducidad, sf. caducity; decrepitude; dotage 
Caduco, -a, a. decrepit; frail; infirm; worn out 
Caduco, (mal) sm. epilepsy; falling sickness 
Caduquez, m. caducity; last stage of life; old age 
Caedizo, -a, adj. ready to fall; of no consistence 
Caedizas (peras) pcai-s dropping from the tree 
Caedúra, sf. loose thrpads falling from the loom 
Caer, vn. 2. to fall, decline; happen; become due 
Caer á plomo, to fall flat on tlie ground 
Caer á esta pú:t •. to lie situated on this side 
Caer á la mar, to fall overboard (naut.) 
Caer á sotavento, to drive to leeward (naut.) 
Caéi de espaldas, to fall backwards 
Caer el plazo, to arrive (the time fixed to pay, &c.) 
Caer en las cosas (no) not to comprehend 
Caer bien á caballo, to sit well (in horseback 
Caer de la gracia de alguno, to lose one's favour 
Caer en alguna cosa, to get knowledge of a thing 
Caer en gracia, gusto, to please; be agreeable 
Ciér en cama, en la cama, keep one's bed, be sick 
Tacr la balanza, to be partial, favourable 
Caer bien con, to be well matched with 
Caer en nota, to scandalize; dcf.iice; disgrace 

Caer on falta, to in tlie performance of 
Caer en ello, to understand, comprehend 
Caer el color, to fade; wither; lose one's colour 
Caer, (estar al 1.) to be about falling 
Caer en la cuéntíí, to recal to reflection 
Caer de la hoja, (al) adv. at the fall of the leaf 
Caerse de sueño, rref. to fall asleep 
Caerse en flor, to die in the bloom of youth 
Caerse á pedazos, to be very fatigued, foolish 
Caerse de ánimo, to be dejected; low-spirite,l 
Caerse de risa, to burst out into laughter 
Cafa, /. cotton stuff (of various kinds, colours) 
Café, sm. coffee; coffee- tree; coflee-house 
Cafetal, sm. plantation of coffee-trees 
Cafetera, sf. coffee-pot (pot for boiling coffee) 
Cafetero, sm. coffee-house keeper; coffee-tree 
Cafetero árabe, Arabian coffee-tree 
Cafetero occidental, Jamaica coflee-tree 
Cáfila, /.multitude; caravan 'body of merchants) 
Cafre, a. savage; inhuman; cruel; rude; uncivil 
Caga-acéite, m. little bird (whose dirt is oilyl 
Cagachin, sm. kind of gnat, or fly, (that stains) 
Cagada, sf. excrement; ridiculous action, issue 
Cagadero, sm. privy ; place of retirement 
Cagadillo, sm. dimin. pitifnl little fellow 
Cagado, -a, a^lj. mean-hearted; chicken-hearted 
Cagafiérro, sm. scoria; dross of iron 
Cagajón, sm. dung (of horses, mules, asses) 
Cagalaolla, sf dancer in trousers & a mask 
Cagalar, sm. trijie; intestine; gut; belly of a vessel 
Cagalera, si. looseness; laxity; diarrhoea; flux 
Cágamelos, sm kind of mushroom, fungus 
Cagar, va. 1. to excrete from the body; evacuate 
Cagarópa, sf. kind of gnat, or fly (that stains) 
Cagarrache, sm. olive-washer, (in oil-raills);bird 
Cagarria. St George's agaric ; kind of mushroom) 
Cagarruta, sf. dung of sheep, of goats 
Cagatinta, sm. nickname (of an attorney's clerk) 
j Cagatorio, sm. privy; place of retirement 
Cagón, -a, smf. person afflicted with a diarrhoea 
Cague, m. kaag; kind of bilander (Dutch vessel) 
Cahiz sm. measure of about ii English bushels 
Cahizada, sf. land requiring one cahiz of grain 
Caída,/ fall; falling; tumble; downfall; descent 
Caida de la proa, tf casting, falling off (naut.) 
Caída de una vea, sf. depth, drop of a sail (naut) 
Caída, (ir de capa, 3 1 to be down in the mouth 
Caída de la tarde, (á la) at the evening-fall 
Caída del sol, (á la) at sunset, the close of day 
Caidas, sf. plur. lappets; coarse wool (of a fleece) 
Caido, -a, adj. languid; faint; heartless, dejected 
Caídos, m. pi. rents due, unpaid; arrears of ta.xes 
Caimán, sm. caiman, (American crocodile) 
Caimiento, sm. lowness of spirits; dejection; fall 
Caique, sm. skiff; shelf; ketch ( English ship) 
Cairel, sm. false curls (for women;; furbelow 
Cairelado, -a, adj. set off, adorned with flounces 
Cairelar, va. 1. to set off, adorn with flounces 
Caja, sf. box; case; coffin; chest; writing-desk 
Cájí, room in a pnst-office; printer's case 
Caja de escopeta, sf. stock of a firelock, gun 
Caja de brasero, wooden case for the brasier 
Caja de coche, í/". body of a coach, carriage 
Cá'a de agua, */. manger of a ship (naut. ) 
C'ájade bombas, sf. pump- well of a ship (naut.) 
Cája de balas, sf. shot-locker (naut.) 
Caja ce lastre, tf. ballast-case, (naut.) 
Caja de mar, if. sea-chest; sailor's box (naut ) 
Caja de consulta, sf. counsellor's brief 
Caja (libro de) sm. cash-book (among merchants) 
Caja de cartuchos, sf. cartridge-box (railit.) 
caja de hueso roto, sf. eradle for a broken limb 
Caja (notario de) m. public notary (of Saragossa) 
Caja, (estar en, 1 . ' tu equilibrate; be in equipoise 

Cajas destempladas (echar con, 10 to turn away 
Cajeras, sf. plur. cavities, holes in blocks, (naut:) 
Cajero, sni. cashier; reservoir of water; pedler • 
Cajeta, sf. snuff-box; poor's box (tocoUect alms) 
Cajet n, sm. di7nm. very small box; casket I 

Cajilla, -ita, -uéla, sf. dim. small box; casket I 
Cajista, sm. compositor (he that sets the types) 
Cajo, s7n. notch; groove (amon? bookbinders) 
Cajón, sm. box; chest of drr.wers; drawer; locker 
Cajón, mould (for casting the pipes of an organ) 
Cajón, wooden shed (for selling provisions) 
Cajón, space between the shelves of a bookcase) 
Cajón, (ser de, vavx.) to be a common thing 
Cajón de sastre, (ser un) to know many thmgs 
Cajones de cámara, jíi. pl. lockers in the cabins 
Cájoncito, m. small box, chest, drawer, locker 

Cal'viva, V. quick, uiiilftkcd lime, not quenched 
Cal V canto, i ser de) built with lime and stone 
Cala, crpek; small bav; bit (cut off to try fruit) 
Cala, suppository; probe; hole (made in a wall) 
Cala y cata. ;hacér) to try the quantity & quality 
Calabacera, sf. pumpkin; pumpion; gourd (plant) 
Calabacero, sm. retailer of pumpkins, pumpions 
Calabacica, -illa, -íta, sf. dimin. small pumpion 
Calabacilla, wood shaped like a gourd; pendant 
Calabacín, sm small voung tender pumpkin 
Calabacinate, sm. fried pumpkins, pumpions 
Calabacino, sm. 0:1!:.; :.-! ; Irv : .nvl ?cooped 
Calabaza, punipi. "; ,k.., 1 nfaspring 

Calabaza anaran.ja ' ' <l gourd 

Calabaza vin.-itéra, ' - : ,:a.ash 

Calabaza, (ten¿i c;i- - '\- ■ -■ ti r s 11 ly, stupid 
Calabazas (dar, 1.) to reprove; jive a denial 
Calabazas, (nadar sin, 1.) to need no support 
Calabazada, st. knock of the head agam.-t 1 

Calabazada, liquor drunk out of a calabash , 

Calabazar, sm. field planted with pumpkins 
Calabaz;Ue, candied pumpkin; knock of the head 
Calabazón, sm. aii^nu. large winter pumpkin 
Calabobos, sm. .small gentle continual rain 
Calabozáge, sm. prisoner's fee to the jailer 
Calalózii, sm. dungeon; pruning-knife, hook 
Calabriada, sf. mixture of white and red wine 
Calabrote, sm. stream-cable (naut.) 
Calacánto, sm. flea-bane (a plant) 
Calada, sf. swift flight of birds of prey; reproof 
Calada, introduction; narrow craggy road 
Calada, (dar una) to reprimand: reprove; chide 
Calado, sm. open work (m metal, wood, linen) 
Calado, draught which a ship draws; depth 
Calador, sm. piercer; calking iron; probe (surg.) 
Caladre, 4/". bird of the genus of larks 
Calafate, Calafateador, sm. calker 
Calaiateadúra, sf. calking; stopping of leaks 
Calafatear, Calafetear, ra. 1 to calk; stop leaks 
Calafeteo, im. calking; stopping of leaks fnaut.) 
Calafetin, m. calker's boy, mate; stopper of leaks 
Calafrága, sf. saxifrage; stone-break (plant) 
Caláge, m. chest; trunk: coffer; large wooden box 
Calagozo, bill; hedsiii^i-hoek; i.uinted hatchet 
Calagnu :.. -.:-.ii... ..r„v, ,, ,V, Hr for eating) 


Calamento, íTTi. Calaminta,/, cal amint (balm) 
Calamidad, sf. calamitj'; misfortune; misery 
Calamina, ^calamine; with copper forms brass 
Calamis, sm. calamus; sweet scented wood 
Calamita, /: loadstone: kind of small green fro? 
Calamite, small green frog that does not croak 
Calamitosamente, adr. unfortunately; unluckily 
Calamitoso, -a, adj. u 


Cálamo cúrrente, Lai 
Calamocano, (ir) to b 
Calamoco, >m. icicle (hangi 
Calamón, purple water hen 
Calamorrada,/. butt;strok( 
Calaraorrár. ru 


te; oifhand 

?r; be ir 

Í from the ( 


•headed n 

,_e head (Cat.) 

buit; strike with the head 
^ , _ n. rag hanging down; ragamuffin 
Cnlándri-Í, st. bunting; ealander (hot press) 
Calanis, m. calamus; sweet--cented wood (plant) 
Caiáña, sf. pattern; sample; character; quality 
Calaña, (ser de buena, mala) good, ill-natured 
Calapatillo, sm. niacgot (grub distroying corn) 
Calar, va. 1 to penetrate; discover; put; imitate 
Calar el timón, to hang the rudder (naut.) 
Calar el palo de un navio, to step a mast (naut.) 
Calar tantos pies, to draw so many feet water 
Calir el can de un arma de fuego, to cock a gun 
Calar la bayoneta, to fix the bayonet (military) 
Calar la cuerda, to apply the match (to a can ) 
Calar el puente, to let down a drawbridge 
Calar las cubas, to gauge a barrel, cask 
Calar el melón, to cut a piece of melon to taste 
Calar, vn. to sink into the water; founder 



C;.la¡;urr, ■ . - ;. .^ ' \.r ■ 

Calaho;.,., .... 

Calaai/, V',. -.■;r .,\ I:-,.i.;,n m -■ i 

Calamaco floreado, sm. flowered < 
Calamaco liso. sm. plain calamanco 
Calamaco ravádo, sm. striped calamanco 
Calamar, sm." sea-sleeve; calamar) (sea-fish) 
Calambác, sm. calamba; calambac-wood 
Calambre, spasm; cramp (contraction of limbs) 
Calambuco, sm. calaba tree 

ined fellow 
Calaverada, ¡f. foolish, imprudent action 
Calaverear, n. 1. to act foolishly, without sense 
CalaveriUa, -ita, s/. dimin. little skull, madcap 
Calbóte, sm. bread made of acorns, chestnuts 
Calcamár, m. sea-fowl (on the coast of Brazil) 
Calcañal, -ár, m. heelbone, hind part of the foot 
Calcañares, (tener el seso en los) to be stupid 
Calcáneo, m heelbone (largest bone in the heel) 
Calcañuélo. sm. disease of bees 
Calcar, va. 1. to counterdraw; trample on 
Calcáreo, -a, a. chalky; impregnated with chalk 
Calce, sm. iron plate; chalice; small water canal 
Calcedonia, sf chalcedony; white agate 
Calces, sm. mast-head (nautical term) 
Calceta, sf. understocking; fetters; shackles 
Calcetería, sf. hosier's shop; trade of a hosier 
Calcetero, -a, mf. stockings' maker or mender 
Calcetilla, Calcilla, sf dimin. small stocking 
Calcetón, m. aug. large stocking (under boots) 
i:alcide, Calcides, sm. kind of pilchards (fish) 
Calcina, s . mortar (mixture of lime and sand) 
Calcinación, sf calcination; pulverization 
1 Calcinar, va. 1. to calcine; reduce to powder 
1 Calcinarse rref to become a calx by heat , 
Calcinatório, (Vaso) sm. calcinatory (vessel) 
Calco, sm. counterdraw ing (by pression) 
Calcografía, sf chalcography (art of engraving) 
I Calcógrafo, sm. chalcographer; f 
I Calculable, a. calculaMe; that n 
C.ilculacion, sf calculation: compuiaiion 
Calculador, calculator; computer; accomptant 
Calcular, ra. I. to calculate; com;)Ute; reckon 
1 Calculo, sm. calcule: reel 
, Calculoso, - a, aiij. calcule 
I Calda, sf. warmth, heat; warmins; heat 
' Cá''. plur. hot-baths (vessels of h( 
; Caldáriai (ley; sf. water-ordeal (trial by wat . 
i Caldear, va. 1. to render iron fit to be forged 





Caldeo, m. Chaldaic (language of Chai dea) 
Cüldéra, %f. caldion; boiler; pot; large kettle 
cadera de jabón, >f. soap-boiler; suap-shop 
Caldera de p¿ro botero, Davy's locker; hell 
Calderada, «/ caldronfull; copperfuU 
Calderería, x/. brazier's shop; trade of brazier 
Calderero, sm brazier; coppersmith; tinker 
Caldereta,./, dim. small caldron; kettle; kettU-fuU 
Caldereta de agua bendita, holy water-pot 
Calderico,-illo, -a, sm. dim. small kettle, pot 
Calderilla, si. holy water-pot; copper coin 
Caldero,?», caldron; wide-mouthed boiler;copper 
Caldero hornillo, ím. pan; small stove 
Caldero de brea, un. pitch-kettle, (naut.) 
Caldero del equipage, sm. mess-kettle, (naut.) 
Calderón, sm copper; large caldron; paragraph 
Calderuela, sí. dim. small kettle; dark lantern 
Cala.llo,-ito," sm. sauce of a ragout; light broth 
Caldo, «n. broth (liquor in which Hesh is boiled) 
Caldo alterat.vo, sm. alterative broth 
Caldo, sm. pressed juice of herbs 
Caldos, m. i4- wine, spirite, oil, exported by sea 
Caldos (resolver, 2.) to excite disturbances 
Cald'jso, -a, adj. having plenty of broth 
Calducho, sm. plenty of bad broth; hog- wash 
Calecer, va. 2. to heat; «arm; urge; despatch 
Calecxo, sm. dim. small chalice, communion cup 
Calefacción,/, calefaction; heating; bemg heated 
Calefactorio, stove; warming-room, (in convents) 
Caléncas, sf. kind of East India calico 
Calenda, si. book of the martyrology for the day 
Calendas,'»/, pi. calends; first day of the month 
Calendar, a. 1. to dale note the day of the mouth 
Calendario, wi. calendar; almanac 
Calendarios, (hacer, a.) to muse; be thoughtful 
Calendáta, sf. date; Arragon law-term 
Caléndula, sf. marigold, ( yellow flower) 
Calendula arvcnse, »/. field, wild marigold 
Caléndula oficinal, sf. conmion marigold 
Caléndula pluvial, sf. small-cape marigold 
Calentador, m. who warms, heats; warming pan 
Calentamiento, sm. warming; heating; disease 
Calentar, va. 1. to heat; warm; urge; despatch 
Calentar á las orejas, to reprove, chide severely 
Calentar el homo, to drink too much spirits 
Calentarse, ref. to be hot, proud (anim. ); ferment 
Calentarse, grow hot, dispute; debate warmly 
Calentón, (darse un) to take a little warming 
Calentura, s/. fever; warmth; gentle heat 
Calenturiento, -a, a. feverish; now hot now coia 
Calenturilla, sf. dimm. feveret; slight fe\ er 
Calenturón, sm augm. violent fever 
Calepino, sm vocabulary; dictionary; word-book 
Calera, sj. lime-kiln (where stones are burned) 
Caler.a, sf. place where lime is burned and sold 
Calero, -a, a4j. calcarious; of the nature of lime 
Calero, sm. lime-burner; who breaks, burns lime 
Calesa, »/ calash; small carriage; chaise; gig 
Calesero, sm. driver of a calash, chaise, gig, &c. 
Calesín, sm. single horse-chaise; kind of gig 
Calesinéro, sm. driver of a single horse-chaise 
Caleta, I', cove; creek; small bay; inlet of water 
Caletre, sm. understanding; judgment; head 
Cali, tm. alkali; fermentative substance; salt 
Calibeado, -a, adj. impregnated with iron, steel 
Calibita, sm. cottager; inhabitant of a hut 
Calibrar, va. 1. to examine the caliber, bore 
Cahbre, sm. caUber;bore;diameter; kind; quality 
Calibre, (ser de buen, mal)be of a good, bad kind 
Calicanto, sm. allspice (axomatic substance. 
Cálice, sm. chalice; communion-cup; cup of grief 
Caliche, m pebble, lime->tone casually in bnck 
Calicó, sm. calico ( Indian stuff made of ccttonj 
Calicúd, Calicut, sf. Indian silk stuff 


Calidad,.»/, quality; kind; condition; requisite 
Calidad, ¡^dineros son) money is equal to nobility 
Calidades, s . pi. conditions, i in playing a game) 
Calidez, SI. incension; inflammation; tire; gli.w 
Cálido, -a, a. hot;acrid;piquant; crafty; artful 
Caliente, adj. warm; hot; fiery; feverish; ardent 
Caliente, (hierro) sm. red-hot iron 
Caiiénte, (tener la sangre, a.) to face dangers 
Caliente, (estar, 1.) to be hot, proud, (animals) 
Caliente, (en) ad. piping hot;on the spot; at once 
Calieta, sf. mushroom, (at the foot of junipers) 
Califa, m. caliph, (title of an .Arabian sovereign) 
Califato, sm. dignity, power, title of caliph 
Calificación, sj: qualificatioi.; powei ; proof 
Calificado, -a, adj. qualified: enip'weted; fit 
Calificador, sm. one competent to do and say 
Calificador del santo oíficio, sm. inquisitor 
Calificar, va. 1. to qualify; empower; certify 
Calificarse, vref to prove one's noble birth, &c, 
Caliga, sf. half boot, (worn by Roman soldiers) 
Caliginidad, sf darkness; obscurity; dimness 
Caliginoso, -a, adj. obscure; dark; gloomy; dim 
Caligraf a, s/. art of writing a beautiful hand 
Calígrafo, sm. beautiful-hand-writer 
Calilla, sf. dimin. gentle suppository, (clyster) 
Calimaco, sm. calamanco, (woollen stutfj 
Calm, sm metaUic composition (similar to lead) 
Calina, .</. dense vapour (resembling a mist) 
Calis, St alkanet; orchanet, plant; 
Caliz, sm. chalice; communion-cup; cup of g Clef 
Caliz, calyx: flower-cup, (resembling a flower) 
Calizo, -a. adj. calcarious; limy; full of lime 
Calla Callando, adv. privately; secretly; tacitly 
Callada, sf. dish of tripe (intestines and guts) 
Callada, (de) á las calladas, adv. without noise 
Calladamente, adv. privately; secretly; tacitly 
Calladáris, sf. red, or black cotton stuff 
Calládo,-a, adj. silent; reserved; discreet 
Callamiénto, »-m. silencing; keeping silence 
Callandico.-ito, adv. silently, in a low voice 
Caltir, vn. 1. tobesilent;hush; dissemble;abate 
Callar su pico, to hold one's tongue; not speak 
Callarse, vref. to bt " 
Calle, sf. street; pas><isc; iíü..^.- 
Calle de árboles, sf alley; walk 
Calle, (boca de, sf entrance of a 
Calle mayor, «/. main, leading s 
Calle pública, sf. public street, i 
Calle traviesa, sf cross-street , . ^ ^ . 
Calle sin, sf. blind alley (without issue) 
Calle, (alboroUr la, 1.) to disturb the peat* 
Calle, (azotar la, 1.) to walk the streets; lounge 
Calle, (dejar á uno en la, 1.) strip one of his all 
Cállel (hacer, 2.) to overcome difficulties 
Calle, I quedar en laj to be in the utmost misery 
Calle! interj. strange! wonderful! make way 
Callear, a. 1. to clear the branches, , in vineyards) 
Calleja, sf. lane; narrow passage ¡subterfuge 
Callejear, n. I. to walk the streets; loiter about 
Callejero, -a, v>f. lounser; loiterer; street walker 
Calléjo.-éyo, s. pit, (to catch game w hen pur>uedj 
Callejón, sm. long narrow lane pass, deble 
Callejón de combate, sm. orlop-gangway, (naut ) 
Callejoncillo, sm. dimin little narrow passa;,'e 
Callejuela, st. lane; narrow passage; subterfuge 
Callejuela, (dar pan y, 1.) to help one in his flight 
Callemándra, tf. woollen stuff, (like calamanco) 
CaUlUto, -a, with projecting welts, (horse-shoe> 
Callizo, sm. long narrow lane, pass; subterfuge 
Callo, sm. com (on the feet); wen; 
Callos, sm. plur. tripes (intestines of cattle) 
Callos, (hacer, tener, 2.) to become hardened 
Callón, sm. aug. big corn, wen; rubber 
Callosidad, tr. callosity; induration; swelling 

)t speak a word 
ay; lane 
a garden 

luch frequented 

of pain 

be calmed, pacified, appeased 
rone; tranquil; slow 

ef. to shiver w ith cold 


Calloso, -a, o. callous; homy; hard: indurated 

Callüú, sm. wine, (from palm and - ■— 

Calma, sf. calm; tranquillity; cess 
Calma muerta, sf. dead calm, (naut. 
Calma, (en) adv. in a smooth sea, (naut.) 
Calmas (tierras) í/ p¡. flat country, without trees 
Calmante, adj. lenitive; narcotic; anodyne 
Calmar, a. I. to calm; compose; alleviate; soften 
Calmarse, rt 
Calmoso, -a, 
Calocar, sin. 
Galocha, sf. 

Calofriádo, -a, aa . cnm; ; mii>ci. 
Calofriarse, Calosfriirse, rel. to sli 
Calofrió, Calosfrió, sm. shivering with cole. 
Calóma, f. sailor's singing, (when hauling a rope) 
Calomelanos, s. pi. calomel; (mercury sublimed^ 
Calongia, sf. canonry; house of canons 
Caloniár, va. 1. to fine; imposi a pecuniary fine 
Caloña, tf. pecuniary punishment (for calumny) 
Calor, sm. heat; glow; warmth; ardour, brunt 
Calora la empresa, (dar) encourage an attempt 
Calor, (dar) to raise the colour of a hide, (tan) 
Calórico, sm. caloric; producing heat 
Calorimetro, sm. calorimeter; measurer of heat 
Calorosamente, adv. warmly; ardently; hotly 
Caloroso, -a, a. warm;hot;heating;excitingheat 
Calostro, sin. colostrum; first milk of an animal 
Caloto, sm. American metal (from Popayan) 
Calpixque, sm. rent-gatherer; steward; factor 
Calseco, -a, adj. cured with lime 
Calumbrecerse, vref 2. to grow mouldy 
Calumnia, Calúnia, s/, calumny; slander 
Calumniador, -a, smf. calumniator; slanderer 
Calumniar, va. 1. to calumniate slander 
Calumniosamente, adv. in a slanderous manner 
Calumnioso, -a, adj. calumnious: slanderous 
Calurosamente, adv. warmly; hotly; ardently 
Caluroso, -a, a. warm; hot; ardent; causing heat 
Calva, sf. bald head; game among country people 
Calva de almete, sf crest of a helmet 
Calvar, a. 1. to hit a stone (at the game of calva) 
Calvar, to impose upon; deceive; delude; cheat 
ralv.lrio. sm. score; charnel-house; Calvary 
sm. baldness; wild person 
ugm very large bald head 

to put on gloves 
make tables stand fast 
nemien. at the enemy's heels 
• and scrupulous 

Calváza, s'. i 
Calvete, sm. 
Calvez, Calv 
Calvilla. sf c 

ich lands 

ie, sf \ 

I. head a 

It of hai 

ittle baldness, want of hair 
inism; doctrine of Calvin 

^„,,.„,^^^ ..,. . nist; follower of Calvin 

Calvo, -a, arf/bald; without hair: improductive 
Calva, (tierra),/: barren soil without trees, (pla.^ 
Calzas, f pi. long loose small clothes; trousers 
Calzas acuchilladas, sf plur slashed trousers 
Calzas bermejas, red stockings, vWorn by noblesj 
Calzas, (m¿dias; short stockings up to the knees 
Calzas y jabón, (en) in an odd, imperfect state 
Calza de arana, sand-bag (to chastise offenders ) 
Calza, (met¿r en una, 2 ) to put one on his mettle 
Calzada, sf. causev.ay; raised and paved way 
Calzadera, sf. hempen cord: coarse wooden sh 
Calzadillo,-ito, sm. dimin. small shoe 
Calzado, -a, a'O- shod; tilted with shoes 

Calzado sm. any si 
Calzados, sm pi. cc 
Calzado, (traer el 1 
Calzadoi, sm. shoeii 
Calzador, ( entrar cr 
Calzadura, sf. putti 
Calzar, va 1. put on shoes 

_ hite feet 

ig for the legs and feet 
ng the stockings, shoes 
irn.loather putonshoesl 
) enter with much labour 
n shoes: felloe 

a fixed si 

Calzar los guantes, ' 
Calzar las mesas, to 
Calzar espuelas al e: 
Calzar ancha, not to 

Calzar el ancla, to shoe the anchor, (nauí.; 
Calzarlos árboles, to fresh earth the roots of trees 
Calzarse á alguno, 7-el. to govern, manage one 
Calzatrépas, sf. snare; trap; ambush; stratagem 
Calzo, sm. iron-plate of llio felloes; cup; canal 
Calzos, m. pi boat-scantiings, skids, chocks 
Calzón, m. ombre, (game at cards): small clothes 
Calzones marineros, sm. plur. sailor's trousers 
Calzonázú, sm. aufr. large pair of small clothes 
Calzonazos, (ser uii) to be a weak, soft fellow 
Calzoncillos, /h./)/. drawers, (part of dress) ombre 
Cama, sf. bed; couch hed-hmgingt-; lair; form 
Cama, body, (of a cart; branch of a bridle; litter 
Cama, layer of dung and earth to raise plants 
Cama, die-box (in mints) ; layer of shells; gr?ve 
Cama con ruedas, Irucklebed; bed on wheels 
Cama del orado, sf. sheath (of a plough) 
Cama del melón, part of a melon close>to earth 
Cama, (hacer, to keep one's bed, confined to bed 
Cama, (hacer la) to make up the bed 
Carnada, sf. brood, litter (of young animals) 
Camada de ladrones, den, nest of thieves, rogues 
Camafeo, m. cameo; camaieu 'stone with figures) 
Camal, sm. hempen halter; chain for slaves 
Cámalachár, va. i. to barter; give in exchange 
Camaleón, sm. chameleon (kind of lizard i 
Camaleón blanco, dwarf carline-thistle iplant) 
Camaleón negro, corymbed carline thistle, i pla.) 
Camaleopardo, sm. cameleopard, (spotted anim.) 
Camamila, common chamomile, (odorous plant) 
Camá.ndula sf. rosary of one or three decades 
Camandulas, (tener muchas) to use many tricks 
Camandulénse, adj. of the order of camándula 
Camandulería, */. hypocrisy dissimulation 
Camandulero, -a,ai.y. hypocritical; full of tricks 
Camanónca, sf stuff used formerly for linings 
Cámara, sf. hall; bed-chamber; lax; granary 
Cámara, sf. cabin, (of a ship, naut.) 
Cámara ált¿ sf. roundhouse of a ship (naut.) 
Cámara del rey, room, where a king holds a levee 
Cámara alta de los pares, house of lords 
Cámara baja de los comunes, house of commons 
Cámara de Castilla, supreme council of Castille 
Cámara, (mózade) chamber-maid; dressing-maid 
Camaráda, f comrade ; partner; company; society 
Camarádas de rancho, sf. pZur. mess-mates 
Cam.arádas de navio, síiip-mates, (naiit.) 
Camaráge, sm. granary- rent; hire of a granary 
Camaranchón, sm garret; room to keep lumber 
Camarera, /'. head-waiting-maid (in great houses) 
Camarera, keeper of the- queen's wardrobe 
Camarería s/. place, office of valet-de-chambre 
Camarero, m.v.det-de-chambre; lord chamberlain 
Camareta, -/ dimití, small bed-chamber 
Camariento, -a, adj. troubled with a diarrhoea 
Camarilla,/, small room; flogging-room 
Camarín, sm. closet; lady's dressing room 
Camarina, sf. coppice; copse; short wood 
Camarista, stn. member of the supr( me council 
Camarista, sf. maid of honour to the queen 
Camarita, sf. dimin. small room, chamber 
Camarlengo, sm lord of the bed-chamber 
Camarón, sm. shrimp, ¡small erustaceous fish) 
Camaronero, sm. catcher, seller of .shrimps 
Camarote, sm. room on board a ship; birth 
Camasquince, sm. nickname for a busy body 
Camastro, sm. poor, miserable bed 
Camastrón sm. sly, artful, cunning fellow 
Camastronazo, m aug. great impostor, hypocrite 
Camatónes, sm. plur. iron-fastenings, (naut ) 

CAM ' 

CambalácUe, »m. barter: traffic by exchange 
Cambalachear, ra. 1. to barter, ifive in exchange 
Cambalachero, «in. barterer; exchanger 
Cámbales, sin. company of six comedians 
Cambas, sf. pi., goars put to cloaks, round garm. 
Canibáyas, »/. plur. kind of cotton-stuff 
Cambiable, tidj. fit to be exchanged, bartered 
Cambiador, xw. barterer; exchanger; banker 
Cambiamiento, sm. change; alteration; barter 
Cambiante, adj. bartering; giving in exchange 
Cambiante, sm. variety of hues, reflected by light 
Cambiante de letras banker; money-changer 
Cambiar, v. 1. tobarter;exchHnge; transfer; alter 
Cambiar, to carry on the iiusines» of a banker 
Cambiar las velas, to shift the sails, (naut.) 
Cambiar el seso, to lose one's senses; be mad 
Cambiarse, rei. to be translated, transferred 
Cambija, »/. reservoir; perpendicular; square 
Cambio, «m. barter; exchange; bank; change 
Cambio seco, sm. accommodation-bill; usury 
Cambio por letras, tradp m bills of exchange 
Cambio, (dar, tomará) lend, borrow on interest 
Cambista, sm. cambist; stock-broker; exchanger 
Cambiúnte, m. kind of camlet, (silk &. wool stuff) 
Carabrá-y, sm- cambric 'kind of fine linen) 
Cambrayádo, -a, udj. made like cambric 
Cambrayón, sm. coarse cambric (Imen) 
Cambrón, tm. buckthorn, (shrub in hedges) 
Cambronal, tin. thicket of briers, brambles 
Cambronera, sf. box-thorn, (genus of plantsl 
Cambronera berberisca, willow leaved box-thorn 
Canibiiy, sm American myrtle-tree (plant) 
Cambúx, sm. chil I's cap tied close; veil: mask 
Camedáfne, sf mezereon; spurge-olive, (plant) 
Camedrio, sm. wall-germander (plant) 
Camedris, m. wild germander; speedwell, (plant) 
Camedris de agua, water-germander 
Cameléa, sf. widow-wail, (a shrub) 
Camelete, stii. kind of great gun 
Cameleuca, s\ coifs foot (a plant) 
Cainelma, sf purging flax, (plant) 
Camella, sf. female camel ;milk-pail;ridsp; yoke 
Camelléjo, sm. di. small camel, piece of ordnance 
Camelleria,/. camel-stable; camel-driving 
CamelJéro, sm keeper, driver of camels 
Camello, sm. camel; ancient short cannon 
Camellón, sm ridge, (made by the ploush, spade) 
Camellón, catlle-drinking-trough; camlet 
Camellón, carpenter's horse; bed of flowers 
Camcllo,-pardál, s. cameleopard, (spotted anim.) 
Camelóte m camlet (stuff made of silk & wool) 
Caniemóro, sm. cloud-berry-bramble, (shrub) 
Camepitios, sm. common ground-pine, (plant) 
Camerhododéndros, nisty-leaved rhododendron 
Camero, m. uphol.sterer; who letsout furniture 
Camero, adj. belonging to a bed, mattre.<is 
Camilla, sf. dim. small bed; horse, to dry linen 
Camilla baja, cloth-shearer's low frame ' 
Caminada, sf. journey; march; opportunity 
Caminador, sm. good walker, traveller 
Caminante, sm. traveller; walker-, way-farer 
Caminar, vn. 1. to travel; walk; march 
Caminar con pies de plomo, to act with prudence 
Caminar derecho, to act with uprightness 
Caminata, sf. long walk, (for exercise); jaunt 
Camino, tm. highroad; journey; turn; way 
Camino de herradura, path for people on foot 
Camino carretero, road for carriages, wags'ins 
Camino real, high road; high-way; great road 
Camino de santiago, milky wav;"galaxy 
Camino, ( ir fuera del to be out of one's latitude 
Camino, (ir su; to pursue one's course; persist 
Camino (procurar el, 1.) to clear the w.iy 
Camino, (salir el, 3.) to go to meet (a person) 


Camino, Me) adv. in one's way; going along 
Camisa, sf. shirt; shift, surplice, skin of almonds 
Camisa, slough, (of a serpent); rough-casting 
Camisa de una vela, body of a sail, (naut. ) 
Camisa, (estar en su, 1.) to be in one's senses 
Camisa (saltárdesu,I.)tojumpoutof one's skin 
Camiseta, sf. short shirt, shift without sleeves 
Camisilla, if dim. small shirt, shift 
Camisola, «^.ruffled shirt; rower's frock 
Camisón, long and wide shirt; workmen's frock 
Camisóte, sm. armour (worn formerly) 
Camita, sf dimin. small bed, pallet,"mean bed 
Camomila, sf. chamomile, (odoriferous plant) 
Camón, sm. aug. large bed; frame (of an arch; 
( aiuón de vidrias, gla.<s-fiame partition 
Camones, «m. pi. oak shod felloes of cart-whoels 
Camones, bent timbers in the wheels of mills 
Camoncillo, sm. state stool in a drawing-room 
Camorra, sf. quarrel ¡dispute; strife; high words 
Camorrista, smi. noisy, quarrelsome person 
Camote, nn. various sorts of sweet potato 
Campal, ad I, in, of the field, encampment 
Campal, (.batalla) sf. pitched battle, (armies) 
Campamento, sni. encampment; pitching tents 
Campana, bell; parish-church; bottom of a well 
Campana, thing shaped like a bell; iron-hoop 
Campana de vidrio sf. bell-shaped glass-vessnl 
Campana de chimenea, bell funnel, (of a chim.) 
Campana de buzo, sf. diving-bell 
Campana de rebato, alarm-bell; warning of dan. 
Campana herida, (á) at the sound of the bell 
Campana, (á toque de) at the sound of the bell 
Campanada, sf. sound of the clapper of the bell 
Campanada, (dar) to cause scandal;makea noise 
Campanario, sm. belfry;noddle; rack in, (looms) 
Campanear, a- 1. to ring the bell often; divulge 
Campanéla, /. sudden circular motion in dancing 
Campaneo, sm. bell-ringing;chime;affected gait 
Campanero, sm. bell-founder; bellman; ringer 
Campanéta, sf. dim. small bell; hand-bell 
Campaniforme, adj. formed like a bell 
Campanil. metáU sm. bell-metal 
Cainp.v 1!". v' ■/;■••;,■, -mall bell; small bubble 
Canii. I ..,: 1 ! I , ,.1; bell-flower, (plant) 

Caiiii . y./ autumnal snow-flake 

Cam; .. . I- , :. ;■. r miulias) to be full of titles 
Campanillazo .sm. violent ringing of a bell 
Campanillear, vn. 1 to ring often a small bell 
CampaniUéro, sm. public bell-man, crier 
Campanino, sm. kind of marble 
Campante, adj. excelling; eminent; surpa.<;sing 
Campanudo, -a. a. wide; bell-shaped; pompous 
Campánula, sf. bell-flower, (plant) 
Campaña, sf. level country; fields; campaign 
Campaña naval, cruise; voyage for plunder 
Campaña, (víveres de) sm. plur. sea-provisions 
Campaña, (correr la) to reconnoitre the enemy 
Campaña, (estar en, 1.1 to make a campaign 
Campar, vn. 1. to encamp;excel in abilities. &c. 
Camper con su estrella, to be lucky, successful 
Campeador, sm. warrior eminent in the field 
Campear, vn. 1. to be in the fields; frisk about 
Campear de sol á sombra, to be eminent; excel 
Campeche, sm. log-wood; campeachy-wood 
Campeón, sm. champion; her»; stout warrior 
Campero, -a, in the open fields, exposed to the air 
Campúro, m. friar manager of a farm 
Campero, pig, hog, brought up, fed in the fields 
Campes, a. rural; campestral; in the fields 



Campo, «TO. flat country; field; ground; trees ¡ Cancillería, if. chancery; chancellorship 
Campo abierto, «n. plain open country I Canción, sf. song, (set to music) poem; lay 

Campo volante, «n. flying camp ! Canción, (volver á la nusma) repeat the old story 

Campo, (descubrir, 3.) to reconnoitre the enemy Cancioncica,-iUa,-ita, sf. dimin. canzonet 
Campo, (hacer 2.) to clear the way; fight closely Cancionero, sm. song-book; collection of songs 
Campo, (hacerse el, ref. 2.) to flee from danger Cancionista, sm author, singer of songs 
Campo travieso tir á) to make a short cut; cross i Cancro, sf. cancer, (virulent sore) sign of zodiac. 
Campo por uno, (quedar el) to be victorious Candadi<;o,-illo -ito, sm. dimin. small padlock 

Campo, (quedar en el, 1.) to be killed on the spot Candado, sm. padlock, pendant; 

Campo, (salir al, .S.) to go out to fight a duel 
Campo á campo, adv. force to force, (milit.) 
Camuesa, sf. pippin, (fine flavorous apple) 
Camuesa blanca, sí. white pippin, (apple) 
(•amuésa almizcleña, musk-apple, (fruit) 
Camueso, sm. pippin-tree; simpleton; dolt 
Camuñas, sf. pi. all seeds, exc. wheat, rye & barley 
Carnuza, s . chamois, (animal of the goat-kind) 
Camuzon, sm. augm. large shammy, (skin) 
Can, sm. field; dog; trigger: ancient cannon; ace 
Can lóstro, sm. pointer; setting-dog 

1 de levantar, sm. dog which starts the game 

Can de busca, sr 

Candado á los labios, (poner,) to keep a secret 
, Candados, m. pi. hollow parts of the horse's hoof 
I Cándamo, sm. ancient rustic dance 
! Cand.ár, va. 1. to lock; fasten with a lock 

Cándara, sf. frame, (to sift sand, earth, gravel) 

Cande, sugar, (congealed juice of the sugar-cane> 

Candeal, (trigo) sm. white wheat 
■ Candeal, (pan) sm. bread made of white wheat 
1 (Jandéda, sf. blossom of the walnut-tree 

Candela, sf. candle; blossom of the chestnut-tree 

Candela, inclination of the balance-needle; fire 

Candila, (arrimarse, ret. l.)to ' 

Can que mata al lobo, wolfdog (shepherd's dog, 
Canes, sm. plur. raodiUons; brackets; corbels 
Cana, sf. longmeasTire (.of about t ells) grey hair 
Canas, (peinar, 1.) to grow old; advance in years 
Canas, (no peinar muchas, 1.) to die young 
( anas, (tener, 2. i to be old (applied to things) 
Canaballa, sf. kind of fishing-boat. (nauL) 
Canal, sm. channel: strait; canal; kennel ; gutter 
Canal, comb of the loom; bar of a hol^press 
Canal de la mancha, British channel, ( naut ) 
Canal de tocmo, hog killed, cleaned, & gutted 
Canal de un brulote, train-trough of a fire-ship 
Canalado, -a, passing through a channel ; fluted 
Canaleja, sj. small trough, (to water cattle) 
Canalera, sf. gutter; passage for water 
Canalete, sm. paddle; small oír for canoes 
Canalita, sf. aimi». small channel, canal 
Canalizo, m. narrow channel, (between t islands) 
Canalla,/, mob; rabble;lowest people; populace 
Canalliiza, sf. roguery^ state of vagrancy 
Canalón, stn. aug. large gutter, spout, channel 
Canana, sf. cartridge-box; fricassee of chickens 
Canapé, sm. couch; sofa; seat of case and npose 
Canario, sm. canary-bird; quick dance; barge 
Canasta, sf. hamper; basket; olive-measure 
Canastilla,/, dim. small basket; swaddling- cloth 
Cana-tillo, sm. small wicker tray, hand-basket 
Canasto, Canastro, sm. large basket, hamper 
Cancabiiz, sm. veil, (for covering the face) 
Cáncamos, sm. plur. bolt rings, (of guns, naut.) 
Cáncamos de argolla, ringbolts, (naut. ) 
Cáncamos de gancho, hook-bolts, (naut.) 
Cancamórria, sf. melancholy; sadness 
Cancamusa, sf. trick; fraud, artifice; deception 
Cáncana, sf form, (to chastise boys in a school) 
Cancanilla, sf thing to play tricks; deception 
Cancano, m. louse, (small animal living on flesh) 
Cancel, sm. wooden screen, (to preclude wind) 
Cancel, glazed closet behind a chapel; limits 
Cancelación, Canceladura, sf. expunging 
Cancelar, va. 1. to cancel; obliterate; annul 
Cancelar de la memoria, to efface from memory 
f ancelaria, Cancelena, sf. the pope's chancery 
Cancelario, sm. chancellor, (in universities > 
Canceller, sm. lord chancellor; schoolmaster 
Cancelleria, sf. chancery, (court of equity ) 
Cáncer, cancer, (virulent sore) sign of the zodiac 
Cancerarse, vref. 1 to cancérate; have a cancer 
< anceróso, -a, adj. cancerous; of a virulent sore 
Cancilla, si, wicker-door; wicker-gale 
Canciller, tm. chancellor, (officer of high power) 
Cancilleresco, -a, adj. of the court of chancery 

(hunter under ground) ; Candela, (acabarse la, ref.) te 

Candela en la mano, (estar con la, I ) to be dying 
Candelabro, sm. chandelier; branch for candles 
Candelada, ^. sudden blaze, \, from straw, chips) 
Candelaria, /. candlemas, (feast) mullein (pla ) 
Candelerázo, sm. augm. large candlestick 
Candelería, sf. tallow, wax chandler's shop, &c. 
Candeléro, m. candlestick: tallow, wax-chandler 
Candeléro, fishing- torch, (^made of pine, birch) 
Candeléro, estar en el, 1.) to be high in office 
Candeléro de ojo, s. iron-stay with a ring, , naut.) 
Candeléro ciego, iron-stay without a ring, (naut.) 
Cañdelúros, sm. pi. stanchions; crotchets. (naut.) 
Candeléros del toldo, awning-stanchions, (naut.) 
Candeletón, sm. large stanchion, prop, support 
Candelíca,-ílla,-íta, sf. dimin. small candle 
Candelilla, s/. bougie, (surgical instrument) 
( andelilla, blossom of white poplars, asps, &c. 
Candelilla, (hacer la; stand on one's head & hands 
Candehzas, sf. plur, brails, (small ropes, naut) 
(^andeUzas de barlovento, weather-braces, (naut.) 
Gandeliz;is de sotovénto, lee-braces, naut.) 
•^andéncia, sL incalescence; «hite heat 
Candente, aiii. candent; hot; white-heated 
i.;ándi, (azúcar) SHI. sugar-candy; candied sugar 
Candial, trgo) sm. white wheat; summerwheat 
Candidamente, adv. candidly; fairly; sincerely 
Candidato, sm. candidate; competitor: rival 
Candidez, sf. whiteness; cimdour; simplicity 
Cándido, -a, adj. white; candid; sincere; simple 
(■.andiéU beverage made of white wine, yolk, &c. 
Candil, kitchen, stable-laiup;larap; cock of ahat 
Candil, fishing-torch; top of a stag's horn; fold 
Candil, baile de) ball by the light of a poor lamp 
Candilada, sf. small lamp full; spot of lamp-oil 
Candilázo, sm. blow given with a kitchen-lamp 
Candileja, sf inside of a kitchen-lamp; willows 
Candilejéra, s/. Spanish birtb«ort (plant) 
Candilejo, sm. dimin. small kitchen-lamp 
Candilera, sf. bastard mullein, ( plant) 
Candilón, .vm. augm. large open lamp 
Candiota, sf. barrel, keg; large earthen jar 
Candiotero, m. maker of barrels, kegs, candiotas 
Candonga, /. mean civility ; merry trick; old mule 
Candonga ó chasco, (.dar) to play ? carnival trick 
Candongo, -a, adj cunning; fawnmg; wheedling 
Candonguear, va. 1. to turn into ridicule; mock 
Candonguero, -a, adj. waggish; mischievous 
Candor,;/! supreme whiteness; candour; honesty 
Canecer, vn. 2. to grow old, mouldy; experience 
Canecillo, sm. corbel ; modillón, (^in architecture) 
Canela, sf. cinnamon, fragrant bark of a tree) 
Canela, (agua de) sf. c' 




Canelado, -a, a. of a cinnamon-colour, flavour 
Canelo, tm. cinnamon-tree, ( Indian plant) 
Canelón, »»n. gutter; sweet-meat; icicle 
Canelones, «m. piur. end of a cat of nine tails 
Canez, tf. grev hair (with age); old age 
Panfjr, rn. Cánfora,/, camphire (kind of resin) 
Cáníc, ji». exchange (of prisoners of war, &c ) 
CangeAr,»a. 1. to exchange (pris. of war, &c ) 
Gang 16n, w. earthen jar; pitcher; metal tankard 
Cangreja, (vela) «/. boom-sail; gaff-sol (naut.) 
Can rejo m.craw-fish;erab;cancer;truckle-cart 
Can rejuélo, sm. dimin. small craw-fish 
Cangrena, tf. gangrene; mortification 
Cangrenarse, v. ret. to be gangrened; mortified 
Gangrenoso, a- ad . gangrenous; mortified 
Cangróso, a. a><j. cancerous; of a virulent sore 
Cania, tf. small nettie (stinging herb) 
Caníbal, sm. cannibal; blood-thirsty man; savage 
Canícula, tf. dog-star; sirius (constellation) 
Canicula marina, ;'. lesser spotted dog-fish 
Canicular, adj. canicular; of the dog-days 
Caniculares, tm. plur. dog-days; canicular days 
Cánido, tm. parrot lof the West Indies) 
Can jo, a. adj & t. weak; infirm; sickly; puny 
Gam 1, sm. coarse bread ; dog's bread ; canine tooth 
Canilla,/, bone; principalbone(of a fowl);guilt 
Canilla, small pipe, tap (in a cask to draw liquor) 
Canillado, -a, udj. forming furrows 
Canillera, tf. greaves (ancient armour) 
Canillera, woman distributing skeins to be wound 
Canillero, tm. hole in a cask; weaver's winder 
Canina, tf. excrement filth, dirt, soil of dogs 
Caninamente, adv. in a surly manner, like a dog 
Caninéro, »rti gatherer of dogs' dirt for tan-yards 
Caninez, tf inordinate, violent desire of eating 
Canino, -a, a . canine ; like a dog voracious ; greedy 
Canina, i hambre) sf. canine appetite, hunger 
Canino (músculo), canine muscle of the upper-lip 
Caninos (dientes!, m. pi. eye-teeth; canine-) 
Caniqui, sf. fine Indian muslin; glass pliial 
Cano, -a. ad. hoary; frosty: grey-headed; prudent 
Canoa tf. canoe ^ Indian boat) 
Canoero, tm. steerer, conductor of a ca 
C.inói. tm. Indian fishing basket 
Canóita, if. dimin small canoe 
Canon, sm canon; rule; catalogue of holy books 
Canon, fee; catalogue; large printing letter 
Cañones, tm. plur. canons; canonical law- 
Canonésa, canoness not bound by monastic rules) 
Canónage, canon; prebendary; church-dignitary 
Canongia, »/ canonry; prebend of a canon 
Canongible, adj. of canons, canonical prebends 
Canónicamente, adv. agreeably to the church 
Canonicato, tm. canonship; benefice of a canon 
Canónico, -a, u. canonical; spiritual; of a canon 
Caninica (casa), sf. monastery of regular canons 
Canónigo, tm. canon; prebendary 
Canonista, tm. canonist; professor of canon-law 
Canonizáble ad . deserving canonization 
Canonización, «/. canonization; declaring a saint 
Canonizar, till. i. to canonize; praise; extol 
Canoro -a, a. canorous; musical; tuneful; shrill 
Canoso, -a, adj. hoary; frosty; grey headed 
Cansadamente, adv. in a troublesome manner 
Cansado, tm. troublesome person; one who tires 
Cansado, -a, a. weary; tedious ¡tiresome; painful 
Cansada (una petóla) sf. a spent ball 
Cansada (una viste), sf. an impaired eye-sight 
Cansada (una iámina), a worn-out copper plate 
Cansamiénto, tm. weariness; fatigue; lassitude 
Cansancio, tm. fatigue; weariness; lassitude 
Cansar, va, 1 to weary; fatigue; harass; jade 
Cansarse, t;. ref. to tire one's self; lie fatigued 
Can.'éra, sf. fatigue; weariness; lassitude 

Canso, Cansoso, -a orfj. weary:tiresome; tedious 
Cantábile, adj. tunable; harmonious; pathetic 
Cantada, ^ musical recitation and song 
Cantador, sm. singer; minstrel, bard 
Cantaleta, tf. pun; jest; joke; ludicrous sajing 
Cantaleta (dar l.) to laugh at; turn to ridicule 
Cantar, tm song (poetry set to music and sung) 
Cantares, í>ii. p¡. canticles; the song of Solomon 
Canteres de gesta, heroic romances 
Cantar, rn. 1 to sing; recite; announce the trump 
Cantar á libro abierto, to sing otf-hand 
Cantar la victoria, to triumph; conquer 
Cantar misa, to say mass ( Romish service) 
Cantar en tirája, to be fond of one's own praise 
Cantar de plano to make a plain, full confession 
Cantara, sf. narrow-mouthed large pitcher 
Cánura, wine measure of about thirty -two pints 
Cantaral, sm press, cup-board (with drawers) 
Cantarcico,-illo,-ito, sm. dimin. little song 
Cantarera, sf. shelf (to put on jars, pitchers, &c.) 
Cantarero, -a, smf. seller of earthen jars, &c. 
Cantárida, tf. Spanish fly; blistering planter 
Cantarillo, tm. dimin. small jar, pitcher 
Canterin, tm. one continually singing 
Cantarína, tf. stage-singer (woman) 
Cántaro, sm. narrow-mouthed large pitcher 
Cántaro, wine-measure; vessel tor voting-balls 
Cántaro, (estar en 1.) to stand a candidate 
Cántaro (entrar en 1 . ) to stand chance to be drawn 
Í ántaros (llover á 2.) to rain very hard; pour 
Cántaro (vover las nueces á) to renew a contest 
Cántaro (moza de)f. waler-girl; fat, big woman 
Cantatriz, */. stage-singer (woman) 
Cantazo, m. wound caused by a stone flung at one 
Cánteles, m. pi ends of old ropes put under casks 
Cantera, tf. stone-quarry; talents; genius 
Cantera (levantar una 1.) to cause disturbances 
Cantereár, va. 1. to hang up fliu-hes of bacon 
Cantería, sf. stone-cutting; building; quarry 
Cantero, m. stone cuiter;part of separable matter 
Cantero de pan, sin. crust of bread 
Cantero de heredad, tm. piece of ground 
Canterón, tm. larje tract of land 
Cántica, sf. song (poetry set to music and sung) 
Canticár, a. 1. to sing; recite; announce the trump 
Cántico, tm. canticle (holy song); song 
Cántico de los Cánticos, song of Solomon 
Cantidad,»/: quantítv; measure; number; portion 
Cantidad continua, ^. continued quantity 
Cantidad discreta, tf distinct, .separate quantity 
Cantidad (hacer buena algúna,ü. )to pay an arrear 
(. antiga, »/. song (poetry set to music and sung) 
Cantil, i>in. steep rock; precipitous mass of stone 
Canlilágua, tf. purging flax nbmus p ant) 
Cantilena, ^. ballad; ditty; tiresome repetition 
Cantillo, tm. dimin. little stone 
Cantimarónes, tm plur. kind of boats 
I antimplóra, tf. svphon; vessel t<> cool liquors 
Cantina, tf. cellar; sutler's shop (in barracks. &c ) 
Cantina, case (used to cool wine on a march, &c.) 
r.antinas, ^. pi. small tin chests (for wine, ^c.) 
Cantinela, if. ballad; repetition of an old story 
Cantinero, m. butler; sutler (in camps, barracks) 
Cantiña, tf song (in Galicia, and Asturias) 
Cantizal, tm. stony ground; place full of stones 
Canto, tm. stone; singing: edge; border; canto 
Canto de mesa, tm. end of a table 
Canto (de) adv. on the edge: on the end 
Canto (a. al) adv. at hand; very near; close 
Canto á los pechos (con un) ndv. most heartily 
Cantos (echar, l.j to be mad, out of one's senses 
Cantón, m. corner; partof an escutcheon; canton 
Cantonada, tf. corner; extremity; utmost limit 
Cantonar, ni. I . to send troops in 

CAN 75 

Cantonearse, ref. 1. to walk with an affected air 
Cantoneo, sm. affected walk; gait, manner 
Cantonera, sf. squareplate at the corner of trunks 
Cantonero, -a, a. lounging at the end of a street 
Cantor, -a, smf. singer; composer of hymns 
Cantorcillo, tm. dimin. petty, bad singer 
Cantería, sf. musical poetry'; singing 
Cantorral, «m. ground full of stones; stony land 
Cantúdas, sf. plur. large coarse knives 
Cantueso, an. French lavender (plant) 
Canturía, sf musical composition; vocal music 
Cantusar, va. I . to trick; cheat; impose upon: coax 
Canudo, -a, adj. hoary, white; grev w ith age; old 
Caña, sr. cane; stem; shaft of a column ¡marrow 
Caña, subterraneous passage ;in mines); bone 
Caña del trigo, sf. stalk of corn 
Caña de cuentas, Indian reed, walking stick 
Caña de azúcar. Caña dulce, sf. sugai cañe 
Caña de pe.-cár, sf. fishing-rod 
Caña de vaca, sf. shin-bone of beef 
Cana de la media, sf, leg of the stocking 
Caña de un cañón, sf chase of a gun 
Caña del pulmón, wind pipe; passage of the breath 
Caña del timón, sf. tiller; rudder (of a boat) 
Caña de cebadera, /. pi. sprit-sail sheet-blocks 
Cañas, sf pi. throwing canes on horseback 
Cañada, sf. glen; dale; glade;measure of wine 
Cañada real, s/: sheep-walk (fortravelling flocks) 
Cañadicas -itas, sf. pi. small measures of wine 
Cañafistula, sf fruit of the purging cassia 
Cañafistulo, sm. purging cassia-tree 
Cañahéja,-éria, s/. common gigantic fennel 
Cañal, sm. wear for fishing; plantation of canes 
Cañal, small sluice for catching fish; conduit 
Cañaliega, s . wear for fishing 
Cáñama, sf. assessment of taxes 
Cáñama (casa), >/. house exempt from taxes 
Cáñama (cogedor de), sm. tax-gatherer 
Cañamar, sm. hemp-field; land sown with hemp 
Cañamázo,m.tow;coarse canvass; painted carpet 
Cañan éno, -a, adv. hempen; made of hemp 
Cañamiel, «n. sugar-cane (Indian plant) 
Cañamiz, stn. kind of Indi ' 


Cañamiza, / stalk of hemp; refu 
Cáñamo, sm. hemp; cloth made of hemp; slings 
Cañamón, sm. hemp-seed 

Caña', sm plantation of canes; wear for fishing 
Cañatfcja, sf common gigantic fennel 
Cañariego, -a, a. of sheep dying on the road ' skin) 
Cañarróva, sf. pellitorj ; wailwort; dwarf elder 
Cañavera, sf. common reed-grass ( plant) 
Cañaveral, ¡m plantation of canes, reeds 
Cañaverear, va. 1. to prick with pointed canes 
Cañaveráro, sm. seller of canes, reeds 
Cañaveria, sf. place for the sale of reed-grass 
Cañavéte, in. penknife; grasshopper; small locust 


, blow giv. 

Cañazo, (dar. 1.) to confound by rude language 
Cañería, ■/. conduit of water; water pipe 
Cañéio, water pipe maker; w ater works' manager 
Cañero, angler, fisher with rod. hook, and line 
Cañilavado, -a, adj. small limbed (horse. &:c.) 
Cañilla,-ita, s^ dimin small cane, reed 
Cañillera, sf. ancient armour for the shinbone 
Cañivete, sm. small knife; penknife 
Cañiza, sf kind of coarse linen 
Cañizal,-izar, plantation of canes, reeds 
Cañizo, tm. hurdle, frame forsilk-worras, hatters 
Caño, sm. tube; common sewer; spring; cellar 
Caños, Cañones del órgano, m. pi. organ pipes 
Caíiocázo, sin. coarse flax 
Cañón, sm. tube; blowmg-pipe; quilt; down 
Cañón de candeléro, sm. tube of a candlestick 
Cañón de chimenea, sm. flue of a chimney 

Cañón de escalera, tm. well of a staircase 
Cañón de batir, tm. battering piece of ordnance 
Cañón de campaña, sm. field-piece (milit.) 
Cañón de crajia, tm. gun of a row-galley 
Cañón de proa, tm. bow-chase (naut.) 
Cañón reforzado, sm. reinforced cannon 
Cañón (á boca de), at the mouth of a cannon 
Cañones, sm. pi. bits of the bridle of a horse 
Cañonazo, m. large piece of ordnance; can. -shot 
Cañoncico,.íllo,-ito. sm. dim. small cannon, tube 
Cañonear, va. 1. to cannonade; batter with can. 
Cañonearse, v. ref to cannonade each other 
Cañoneo, sm. cannonade; attack with cannon 
Cañonera, /. embrasure (fora cannon); large tent 
Cañonería, sf all the pipes of an organ 
Cañonero, sm. cannoneer; artiliery-nian; gunner 
Cañota, tf. panicled sorghum, (plant) 
Cañota suave, sf. yjellow-seeded sweet grass 
Cañuela, s/. fescue-grass, (genus of various kinds) 
Cañuela descollada, sf. tall fescue-grass 
Cañuela ovina, sf. sheep's fescue-grass 
Cañuela duriUa, sf. hard fescue-grass 
Cañutazo, sm. information; private accusation 
Cañutería. s>. body of the pipes of an organ 
Cañutillo, sm. dimin. small tube; bugle (bead) 
Cañuto, sm. part of a cane: pipe; pin case; blast 
Cañuto, informer; private accuser; tale-bearer 
Caoba, Caobana, sf mahogany-tree 
Caos, sm. chaos, primitive mass; confusion 
Caoúp. stn. American tree with oiange-like fruit 
Capa, •. cloak:mantle;cover;layer: horse-bair 
Capa, pretence; mask; harbourer: fortune 
Capa, coat of paint laid over another; bell-mould 
Capa, American quadruped braying like an ass 
Capa del cielo, s_f. canopy of heaven 
Capa magna, ,>/. pontifical cope, (worn by bishops) 
Capa pluvial, sj. choir-cope worn in processions 
Capa del timón, st. rudder-coat, (naut.) 
Capa de fogonaduras, mast-coat 
Capa de los costados, & c . coat of tar on the sides 
j Capa y sombrero, hat-money; allowance per ton 
I Capa rota, disguised emissary on a secret errand 
j Capa, (hombre de buena) man of genteel address 
hemp dressed ' Capa parda, (gente de) folks clad in brown frieze 
-" — ' Capa negra, decent townsmen; priests; students 
Capa caída, (ir de, 3.) to be down in the mouth 
Capa y espada, ministro de) counsellor by brevet 
Capa, (estar, estarse á a) to have a good look out 
Capa al toro, (echar la, I.) to run into danger 
Capa, (jugar hasta la, 1.) to play off one's shirt 
Capa, (sacar bien su, 1. » to get ofl' difficulties 
Capa, ( tirar áúno de la, 1 .) to warn one of danger 
Capa, (á lai lying to, (nautical term) 
Capa y gorra ide) adv. in a plain manner 
Capacete, sm. helmet; head-piece; casque 
Capacha, sf. hamper; frail; large basket 
Capacházo, sm. blow given with a basket 
Capachero, sm. carrier (of things) in baskpts 
Capacho, sm. hamper; frail; ba-ket: bass-frail 
Capacho de albañil, sm. bricklayer's hod 
Capacho mendicant, friar hospitaller; barn-owl 
Capacidad, sJ. capacity: extent: opportunity 
Capada, sf parcel wrapt & c.-.rried in one's cloak 
Capador, sm. gelder; whistle used in castrating 
Capadura, sf. gelding; castration; gelding-scar 
Capar, va. i. to geld: castrate: curtail; cut off 
Caparazón, sm bony carcassofafowl; caparison 
Caparazón, oil-cloth cover of a coach, bass-frail 
Caparra, sf. sheep-louse; earnest-money 
Caparrilla, sf. dim. small tick, (molesting bees) 
Caparrón, sm. shoot of a vine, of a tree 
Caparros, sm. plur. 1 copperas; green vitriol : 
Caparrosa, sf. J sulphate of iron 

Capataz, j«. overseer; farm-steward; warden 




Capataz, receiver of marked metal for coining 
Capaz, a. capable; capacious; ample; fit; teamed 
Capaz de prueba, capable of trial; proof 
Capaz de, (hacerse) to render one's self master of 
Capaza, if. hamper; frail; large basket 
Capazmente, adv. capaciously; amply ¡suitably 
Capazo, tm. large bass-basket; blow with a cloak 
Capazón, »m augm. very large bass-basket 
Capciosamente, adv. captiously; insidiously 
Capcioso, -a, adj. captious; insidious; cunning 
Capeador, tm. bulUfighter; eloak-stcaler 
Capear, va. 1. strip, rob, (one) of a cloak; lay t . 
Capi'ar, to challenge a bull with one's cloak 
Capel, sm. cod, pod of a silk-worm 
Cápela, $f. star of the first magnitude in Auriga 
Capeiardente, lighted room where a corpse lies 
Capellada, sf toe-piece, (put to a shoe) 
Capellán, tm. chaplain; clergyman 
Capellán de navio, tm. chaplain of the navy 
Capellania, tj. foundation raised with piety 
Capellár, tin. kind of Moorish cloak 
Capellina, head-piece ofahelmet; hood; trooper 
Capelo, tm. bishop s dues; cardinal s hat; red hat 
Capeo, tm. challenging a bull with a cloak 
Capeón, m yearling bull challenged with a cloak 
Capero, m. priest who wears the cope in a church 
( aperóles, tm. pi. sculptured part of the stem 
Caperucéta,-illa, */. diinin. small hood, cap 
Caperuza, tf hood, cap ending in a point 
Caperuza de chimenea, covering of a chimney 
Caperuza de fogón, hood of the cook-room,(naut.) 
Caperuza, (dar en, 1 ) to disconcert one's views 
Caperuzon, tm. augm. large hood, cap 
Capialzado, tm arch sloping on the outside 
Capibara, tf. kind of fish 
Capichóla, tf. kind of silk-stufF 
Capidengue, tm small cloak, (for ladies) 
Capiéllo, tm. child's cap; christening-fee 
Capigorrista ? tm. vagabond; lounger; rover; 
Capigorrón J parasite; student giving up 
Capil, tm. small hood; little cap 
Capilar, aij. capillary; of the small veins, &c 
Capilla,/. hood;cowl; chapel; band of musicians 
Capilla, clerical body of a chapel ; portifljle chapel 
Capilla, chapter of collegians; proof-sheet 
Capilla, (caja de) chest for chapel-ornaments 
Capilla ardiente, lighted room for a corpse 
Capilla, (estar en, 1 ) to prepare fordeath,(crim.) 
Capilláda, tf. hoodfull; filling up of a hood 
Capilléja,-ita, tf. dimxn. small chapel 
Capillejo, tm. diinin. small hood; skein of silk 
Capiller, -ero, tm. clerk; sexton; churchwarden 
Capilleta, tf. dim. small chapel; knight's hood 
Capillo, m. ctiild'scap;christening-fee;rose-bud 
Capillo hood, (of a hawk) rabbit-net; colander 
Capillo de hierro, tm. helmet; head-piece 
Capillo, (seda de todo) s/. coarse kind of silk 
Capilludo, -a, a. like the hood, cowl of a monk 
Capingót, tm. riding-coat, (without sleeves) 
Capirón, tm covering for the head 
Capirotada, /. American paste, (made of herbs) 
Capirotazo, tm. fiilip given on the nose 
Capirote, m. doctor's hood; collegian's half gown ' 
Capirote, sharp pointed cap worn in processions I 
Capirote, (tóntode)»m. blockhead; ignorant fool 
Capirote de colmena, cover of a bee-hive 
Capirotéro, adj. used to have a hood, (hawk) 
Capi.-áyo, m. dress worn as a cloak & riding-coat 
Capiscol, tm precentor; subchanter, (in Toledo) 
Capiscolía, tf. office, dignity of precentor 
Capita, tf. dimin small cloak 
Capitación, »' poll-tax; duty on every person 
Capital, m. money put out at interest; stock 
Capital, fortune of a husband at his marriage 

Capital, tf. capital; chief city of a country 
Capital, ad), cat ital; chief; principal; essential 
Capital, jni. (remedio) remedy good for the bead 
Capital, (enemigo) tin. principal, chief enemy 
Capital, (error) tm. gross, capital error 
Capital (pena) tf. capital punishment 
Capitales, (pecados) tm. plur. capital sins 
CapitaUsta, tm. capitalist; possessor of funds 
Capitalmente, adv. capitally; affecting life 
Capitán, m. captain; comraander-in-chief; leader 
Capitán, superintendent of the wool-washing 
Capitán á guerra, mayor with military power 
Capitán de bandera, captain of theadmiral'ssbip 
Capitán de fragata, commander of a frigate 
Capitán de navio, captain of a man of war 
Capitán general de ejército, tm. field-marshal 
Capitán de puerto, tm port-capUin, (nauL) 
Capitán del puerto, harbour-master 
Capitana, tf. adinir il's ship; captain's wife 
Capitanázo, tm. great warrior; able general 
Capitanear, vi. 1. to command an army in chief 
Capitanía, t/ captainship; company of soldiers 
Capitanía, military government of a province 
Capitel, tm. spire on the dome of a church 
Capitol, nn. chapter; meeting of a corporation 
Capitolino, -a, ad} capitoline; of the capítol 
Capitolio, .TOi. capitol,(famous fortress at Rome) 
Capitón, tm. pollard; chub, (river fish) 
Capitóso, -a, a. stubborn; obstinate; whimsical 
Capitula, tf. part of the prayers read at church 
Capitulación, tf capitulation; stipulation 
Capitulación de matrimonio, marnage-contract 
Capitulante, tm. one who capitulates, surrenders 
Capitular, rm. member of a chapter; capitular 
Capitular, adj. established, settled by a chapter 
Capitular, xr.'l to conclude-, capitulate; impeach 
Capitular, rn. to sing prayers at divine service 
Capitularlo, sm. book of prayers read or sung 
Capitularménte, ad. by the rules of a chapter 
Capituléro ». &(i member ofa chapter; capitular 
Capitulo, tm. chapter; meeting of a corporation 
Capitulo, charge against one for want of duty 
Capítulos matrimoniales, m. pi. marriage-articles 
Capitulo, (dar un, 1. ) to reprimand severely 
Capitulo, (ganar, perder) togain, lose one's point 
Capnitis, tf sort of cadmía, (in chemistry) 
Capnománcia, f. divination by the flying smoke 
Capnománte, tm fortune teller by flying smoke 
Capo, tm. cape, head-land; extremity; end; chief 
Capóc. tm. bark of the capoc ; sort of coarse cotton 
Capolado, tm. minced meat; cutting into bits 
Capolado, -a, adj minced; chopped; beheaded 
Capolar, va. 1. to mince, chop into bits; behead 
Capón, capon, (castrated cock) eunuch; gelding 
Capon, fillip on the head; fagot; anchor stopper 
Capón de galera, salmagundi of liiscuit, oil &c. 
Capon de cemza, blow on the brow with a dust- bag 
Capona, »/ sort of Spanish dance 
Capona I Have)»/, key worn by a lord chamberlain 
Caponáílo, -a, a. tied together, ( branches of vine) 
Caponar, va. I. to tie up the branchesof vine;out 
Caponera, tf coop; good living at other's expense 
Caponera, (estar metido en) be shut up in a jail 
Capoquero, tm. capoc-tree, yielding coarse cotton 
Caporal, tm. chief; ring-leader; corporal 
Capota,/, thistle, used to raise the nap of cloth) 
Capóte, m. camiet-cloak; angry look; capot 
Capóte, thick cloud, hanging over a mouma.n 
Capóte de centinela, sentinel's watch-coat 
Capóte, (dar)tulet álate guest go withoutdinner 
Capóte, (dar) to win all the tricksat some games 
Capi'He, (á mi) adv. in my opinion 
Capotéro, tm. maker, seller of cloaks 
Capotillo, m. mantelet; short cloak, (for wotnen) 

CAP ' 

Capoten, m. mig. very wide coat 
Capotúdo,-a, adj. frowning; gruff; sour ot aspect 
Capricho, m. whim; caprice ; design of a painting 
Capricho, thómbrede)m. queer whimsical tVllow 
C-ipricho estravagánte, tm. odd fancy; crotchet 
Caprichosamente, ad, capriciously; whimsically 
Caprichoso, -a, adj. capricious; «himsical; queer 
Caprichudo, -a, a(/y. obstinate; perverse; stubborn 
C.ipricó Capricorn; winter-solstice 
Ca;irmiúlga, »/. goat-sucker, (kind of owl) 
Caprino, -a, adj. goatish; like a goat in rankness 
Capsário, rm. guard over the clothes of bathers 
Capfula, sj. pellicle containing the seeds 
Capsular, adj. cap>ular; enclosing the seeds 
Captar, va. to captivate; win by endearing words 
Captivár. a. 1. to make prisoner of war; imprison 
Captivár, to captivate; charm; enchant; subdue 
Captividad, »/. captivity; bondage; confinement 
Captura, »/' capture; seizure; apprehension 
Capturar, t)a. 1. to apprehend; scjzp; take up 
Capucha, sf. circumflex accent ('); hood; cowl 
Capuchina, sf. capuchin-nun; great Indian cress 
Capuchinas, j/ pi. crotchets and knees (naut.) 
Capuchino, sm. capuchin (monk of St Francis) 
Capuchino,-a, adj. of a capuchin friar, or nun 
Capuchina, (chupa)/, waistcoat with a bad back 
Capucho, sm. cowl ; hood ( part of a monk's dress) 
Capulín, sm. American fruit like a cherry 
Capullitn, sm. dimin small pod of a silk-worm 
Capullo, mi. pod of a silk-worm;bud of roses, &c. 
Capullo, course silk stuff; shiU of an acorn 
Capullos i.sCda de), / ferret-silk; grogram-yam 
Capumpéba, tf. name of a Brazil plant 
Capuz, sm. long morning-gown 
Capuzar, ra. 1. to duck; put one under water 
Capuzar un baxél, to sink a ship by the head 
Caquético,-a, a. cachectic; of an ill habit of body 
Caquexia, sf. cachexy; ill habit of body 

Car, si. end of the raizen-yard andmizen (naut.) 

Car, C07IJ. tor ;broause; on account of; forasmuch 

Cara, st face; presence; surface; kind of sugar 

Cara (buena), s< cheerful countenance 

Cara (mala;, sf. look of displeasure; frown 

Cara de acelga, sf pale, sallow face 

Cara de pascua, de rísa.s/- smiling countenance 

Cara de pocos amigos, »_/. churlish look 

Cara de vaquéto, de bronce, sf brazen-face 

Cara de viernes santo, «'. lean meagre face 

Cata de cartón, sf. wrinkled face 

Cara empedrada, face pitted with the small-pox 

Cara de cebo, sf. pa e, wan, languid face 

Caras (hombre de dos),sm. double dealer; deceiver 

Cara (hacer la), to extract the resin from a pine 
Cara descubierta (andar con la, 2.), to act openly 
Cara (dar en, 1.) to reproach; upbraid; censure' 
Cara a alguno (lavar la, 1.), to flatter; wheedle 
Cara á alguna cosa (lavar la), to clean; brush up 
¿.), to tell ■ - 



I), t< 

Cara (dar el sol de ;, to have the 

Cara se lo dice (la), his face betrays him 

Cara p?.ra (no tener), not to have the courage to 

Cara atrás (no volverla, 2. ) to pursue with spirit 

Cara descubierta (á), a. openly, frankly; plamly 

Cara (á primera , adv. at first sight 

Cara á Cara, a. face to face; with both present 

Cara (de), adv. opposite; against; in front 

Caraba, sf vessel used in the Archipelago ( naut. ) 

Cárabe, m arabpr(yellowtranspar*ntsubstance) 

Carabela, si. long narrow three-masted vessel 

Carabela, large basket (to carry in provisions) 

Carabelón, sm. brig; brigantine (light vessel) 

/ CAR 

Carabina, sf. carbine; carabine; small fire-lock 
Carabina rayada, sf. riflle carabine 
Carabinazo, stn. report of a carbine: carbine-shot 
Carabinero, sm. carabineer; light horse soldier 
Cárabo, m. sort of crab, cockle; large horn owl 
Cárabo, kind of setting dog; earth beetle (insect) 
Carache, sm. scab incident to Peruvian sheep 
Caracua, sf. small rowbarge in the Philippines 
Caracol, sm. small cone in a clock, walch; snail 
Caracol, winding stair-case; wheeling about 
Caracol marino, sm. periwinkle (small shell-fish) 
Caracoles, (hacer, 2.) to caracole; go to and fro 
Caracol, (no importa un), it is not worth a rush 
Caracola, sf. small whitish shell-snail 
Caracolear, vn.\ . to caracole; w heel about (hor.sp) 
Caracolájo, m. dim. small snail ; shell of a snail 
Caracoleo, sm caracoling; wheeling about 
Caracoléro,-a, smf. gatherer and seller of snails 
('aracóles! interj hah! wonderful! strange' 
Caracoli, tm metallic compound like pinchbeck 
CaracoliUa, »/. dimin. small snail shell 
Caracolillo, sm. dim. small srail; purple thread 
Caracolillo, snail-flowered kidneybcRn 
Caracolillos, m. pi. shell-work on edsmgsof dress 
Caracolito. sm. dim small snail (si. my auiioal) 
Caracón, sm kind of small vessel 
CarAcler, w. character; letter; hand- writing; type 
Carácter, personal qualities; humour; note; mark 
Caracteristicaménte, adv characteristically 
Caracteristico,-a, adj¡. of the true character 
Caracterizádo,-a, adj. of eminent qualities, &c. 
Caracterizar, v. 1 to characterize; mark; note 
Caracterizar, to confer a distinguished honour 
Caraciicho, -a, ad), of mouse-colour 
Caradelante, ndv. farther off; forwards; onwards 
Carádo,-a,(bién. ma\)adj. pretty- faced; ill- faced 
Caragách, sm. kind of cotton 
Caramanchón, sm. garret (room under the roof) 
Caramangza sf Chinese medicinal drug 
Caramba! interj. hah! wonderful! strange! 
Carámbano, sm. icicle: shoot, flake of ice 
Carambola, s/.carambol (at billiards,& revesino) 
Carambola, trick; device (to cheat, deceive) 
Carambola-, caramhola-tree ( East Indian trc) 
Carambolear, rn I. to carambol (at billiards) 
Carambolero, sm. carambol-player (at billiards 
Carambú, sm. willow-herb; tall jussiena (plant 
Caramel, sm. kind of pilcher ¡fish) 
Caramela, sf. hat (worn in old times) 
Caramelo, sm. burnt sugar; sort of lozenge 
Caramente, adv. dearlj : exceedingly; highly 
Caramiéllo, sm. hat worn in former days) 
Caramillár, vn. 1. to play on the flagelet 
Caramilleras, sf. pi. pot-hooks, hangers 
f aramil o, sm. flagelet; small flute (instrument) 
Caramillo, glasswort (plant); mass of confusion 
Caramillo, deceit; officiousness; tale-bearing 
Caramillo, (armar un, I.) to excite dissension 
Caramúyo, sm. kind of sea-snail 
Caramuzál, sm. Moorish transport-ship 
Carángue, sm. Caranga, / flat fish f in West Ind. 
Carantamaula, sf hideous mask; ugly person 
Carantoña, «/.hideous mask; painted old woman 
Carantoñas, si. pi cajoleries; wheedling caresses 
Carantoñera, tf. coquette; flirting woman, girl 
Carantoñero, sm. cajoler; flatterer; wheedler 
Caráña, sf. resinous American gum 
Caraos, m. drinking a full bumper to one's health 
Carápa, / oil of an American nut good for gout 
Carapúza, sf. pointed cap; hood of the cook-room 
Catátula, st. paste-board mask; histrionic art 
Caratulero, «7 . maker, seller of paste-board ma? ks 
Caraúz, m. drinking a full bumper to one'shealth 
Carava, / country people'* meeting on teast-days 

Caravana, tf. crui 

Caravanas, (hace 
Caravanera, sf. c¡ 
Caravanero, í 


le of the new kniphts of Malta ! Cardencha, tf. 

I; troop of traders, pilgrims ' '^-— ' — '■-■ 

,) to try many ways to succeed 

ravansary (inn for traders) 

iravan-leailer; wild-fellow 
Caravéla, »/. caravel (Portuguese galley) 
Caravero, m. frequenter of peasant's feast-days) 
Caray, tm. tortoise-shell (dissoluble substance) 
Caráza, tf. augm. very broad face 
Carballo, tm. common British oak 
Carbaso, tm. fine flax;sailof ashipjshortpettie. 
Carbón, tm. charcoal; black pencil; stain; spot 
Carbón de piedra, tm. coal-pit; coal-mine 
Carbonada, tf. meat broiled on the gridiron 
CarOonadilla, tf. dimtn. small carbonado 
Carbonato, sm. carbonate (chemical substance) 
Carbonc.ilo, tm. dim. small coalvblack crayon 
Carbonera, tf place to make charcoal; coal-pit 
Carbonería, tf coal-yard, shed, mine 
Carbonero, m. charcoal-maker; collier; coal-man 
Carbónico, -a, a. carbonic;of carbon and oxygen 
Carboniüación, tf. burning wood into charcoal 
Carbonizado, -a, ddj. united with carbon, &c. 
Carbonizar, va. 1. to impregnate with carbon 
Carbono, tm. carbon, (chemical charcoal) 
Carbunclo, -ónco, tm. carbuncle (jewel); pimple 
Carbuncoso, -a, adj. like a carbuncle; pimpled 
Carbúncula, tf carbuncle, (jewel) pimple 
Carbúnculo, ruby, (precious stone); red colour 
Carburéto, tm. carburet (chemistry) 
Carcajada, tf. loud lapghter; horse-laugh 
Carcamal, im. nick-name, (of old people, women) 
Carcañal, Carcañár, tm. heel-bone 
Carcápuli, tm. Indian orange of Java, Malabar 
Carcápuli, large American caroapulia-tree 
Cárcava, tf. inclosure; hedge; ditch; grave: pit 
Carcavár, Carcaveár, va. 1. to intrench a camp 
Carcavéra, tf. vile prostitute about ditches 
Cárcavo, tm. cavity of the abdomen 
Carcavón, tm. wide and deep ditch 
Carcax, im. \ fire-engine; ribbon with a case at 
Carcaza,/. J the end to bear the cross; quiver 
Cárcel, prison; wooden cramp; cheek of a press 
Cárcel, two small cart-loads of fire-wood 
Cárceles, tf. plur. cog-reeds of a loom, (i 


el; card, (comb to card wool) 
Cardenchal, 'xm place where teasels grow 
Cardenillo, tm. verdigris; verdeter, (green painty 
Cárdeno, -a, a. of a dark purple colour; livid 
Cardero, tm. card-maker, (to comb wool) 
Cardiaca, tf. mother-wort, (piantj 
Cardiaco, -a, adj. cardiac; cordial; invigorating 
Cardial, adj. cardiac; fortifying; bracing 
Cardialgía, tf. heart-burning; cardialgía 
Cardiálgico, -a, adj. from an aciid humour 
Cardico,-illo,-ito, tm. dimin. small thistle 
Cardillo, tm. golden thistle, (plant) 
Cardinal, adj. cardinal; chief; principal 
Cardita, ^f. dtmin. very small vessel, (naut.) 
Cardizal, tm. ground fall of thistles 
Cardo, tm. thistle, (prickly weed) artichoke 
Cardo bendito, tm. centeun; holy thistle 
Cardo lechero, tm. milk-thistle 
Cardón, tm. teasel; card; caiding of wool 
Cardoncillo, tm. mc 
Carducha, tf. large 
Cardume, Cardume 
Carduza, tf. teasel. 
Carduzador, tm. ca 

iron-comb, (to card wool) 
n, tm. shoal of fishes 
(to raise the wool on cloth) 
rder; wool-comber 
id full of thistles 
Carduzar, va. I. to card; comb wool; shear cloth 
Carear, va- 1. to confront criminals; compare 
Carear, to tend a drove of cattle, a flock of sheep 
Carearse, vref. to assemble to transact business 
Carecer, va. i. to want; have need of; lack 
Careciente, adj. wanting; in need of 
Carecimiento, tm. want; need; exigency; lack 
Carena, tf. careening; stopping of leaks; ship 
Carena mayor, thorough repair, (of a ship) 
Carena, forty days penance on bread and water 
Carena, (dar, 1.) to blame; reprimand; banter 
Carenáge, tm. careenmg-place; dock-yard 
Carenar, va. 1. to careen; calk; repair a .ship 
Carenar, (aparejo de) tm. careening-jeer 
Carencia, tf. want; need; exigency; lack 
Carenero, im. careening-place; dock-yard 
Careo, tm. confrontation; comparison; witness 
Carero, -a, adj. used to sell, (things) dear 
Carestía, tf. scarcity; want; famine; high price 
Careta, ^f. paste-board-mask; wire face-cover 

" se) 

V e) 

jn; jailer Careza, tf. scarcity; want; famine; high price 
Carga, «/. load;burthen;freight;cargo; duty 
Carga, charge, discharge, (of a cannon, fire-arms) 
Carga de balas encajonadas, tf case-shot 
' Carga muerta, tf. over-loading; dead load 

Carga real, «A king's tax; land-tax; uneasiness 
j Carga cerrada, »^ volley; general discharge 

... i Carga concejil, »/. municipal office, (of a place) 

consumed; decayed Carga, (navio de) ship of burthen;merchantman 

Carga cerrada, (dar á uno una) to scold severely 

Carga en tierra, (dar con la) to sink under toil 
( árga á otro, (echar la) lay the blame upon one 
Carga, (ser de ciento en) t« be of little value 
Carga, sobre el enemigo, (volver á la) fire again 
Carga cerrada, (á) adv. violently; heedlessly 
Cargas, (á) adv. plentifully ; in abundance 

Carcerár, va. 1. to imprison; put in jail; confine Carga, charge, discharge, (ofai 

Carcóa,»/. Indian row-barge 

Careóla, tf. treadle, (of a weaver's loom) 

Carcoma, tf. wood-louse; grief; prodigal; carie 

Carcomer, t>o. 2. to gnaw; consume by degrees 

Carcomerse, vref. todecline, decay in health, &c. 

Carcomido, -a, v 

Carda, t . teasel. 

Carda, severe reprimand; small vessel, (naut.) 

Carda, f gente de la) tf. loiterers; street walkers 

Cardador, tm. carder; wool-comber 

Cardadura, tf. carding; combing of wool 

Cardaestambre, tm. carder; wool-comber 

Cardámine praténs, lady's smock: cuckoo-flower 

I. drug, (used for dying) 

Cardamouri, .^. . . „ 

Cardar, a. \. to card; raise the wool with a teasel Cars 
Cardarle á uno la lana, to win a large sura at play 
Cardarle á uno la lana, to repriniand severely 
Cardelina, tf. gold-finch (singing bird) 
Cardenal, tm. cardinal, (high dignitary; bird) 
Cardenal, weal, lividity, (by a blow, lash, &c.) 
Cardenalato, m. cardinalship;rank of a cardinal 
Cardrnalia. tf dignity, rank of a cardinal 
Cardenalicio, -a, adj. of a cardinal 

Cargadéras délas gavias, top-sail brails, (naut.) 
Carsádéro, m. key, (to ship, unship;load, unload) 
Cargadilla,/, increase of a new contiacted debt 
Cargado, tin. Spanish step in dancing 
Cargado, -a, a loaded: filled; charged; fraught 
Cargado de espaldas, round shouldered 
Cargado de vino, (estar, 1.) to be half seas over 
Cargador, freighter; rammer; who loads canons 
Cargadores, jm. pi. tackles, (naut);gilding-plate 
Cargamento, tm. «-argo: freight of a ship; lading 


Carpár, va. I. to load; freight; ship goods; book 
Cargar, charge, attack the enemy; load, (a gun) 
Cargar, to impute; impeach; overload; clog 
Cargar, to lay on taxes; take a charge duty, trust 
Cargar á flete, to ship goods on freight 
C-argar delantero, to be half seas over, fuddled 
Cargar la consideración, to consider deeply 
Cargar la mano, to pursue with eagerness 
Cargar la mano, reproach severely; extort; wrest 
Caríjár sobre uno, toimportune;molest;tease, one 
Cargar los dados, to cog dice, secure their fall 
Cargar arriba una vela, to clue up a sail, (naut.) 
Cargarse, vr^. to recline; charge one's self with 
Cargazón, sf. cargo; freight; lading of a ship 
Cargazón de cabeza, s/. heaviness of the head 
Cargazim de tiempo, sf. cloudy thick weather 
Cargo, sm. burthen; total amount; charge; office 
Cárjo, obligation, command, deficiency, (to do) 
Cargo concejil, sm. municipal ofiiee 
Cargo de conciencia, ym. remorse of conscience 
Cargo de una, cosa ( hacen charge with a fault 
Cargo de alguna cosa, (hacer) to acquire a thin; 
Cargo, (ser en, vaux- ) to be a debtor, in debt 
Cargoso, -a, adj. weighty; painful; injurious 
Cargue, sm. loading of a vessel; licence to load 
Carguera, -a, charged with an office ; employraen 
Carguica,-illa,-ita, sf. dimin. small, light load 
Carguío, sm. cargo of merchandise, goods 
Caria, sf. body of a column; caries; rottenness 
Cariacedo, -a adj. of a surly countenance, face 
Cariaconttcido, -a, arfj. mournful; sorrowful; sad 
Cariacuchillado, -a, adj. with a face full of cuts 
Cariado, -a, adj. carious; gangrenpd; rotten 
Cariaguiléño, -a, a. with a long face, hooked nose 
Cariampollado, -a, a. a round face, plump cheek 
Cariancho, -a, adj. with a broad, chubby face 
Cariarse, vref. 1 . to grow carious, rotten, (bones) 
Cariátides, sf. pi. pillars, i in the form of women) 
Caribe, sm. cannibal; man-eater; savage 
Caribito, sm. river-fish of the bream-species 
Caribobo, -a, adj. with a stupid, sheepish look 
Carica, sort of kidney-bean (leguminous plant) 
Caricatura, sf. caricature; overcharging, (paint) 
Carjcia, sf caress; fondling; blandishment 
Cariciosamente, adv. in a fondling manner 
Caricioso, -a, a. carressing; fondling; endearing 
Caricuerdo, -a, a. of a serene, composed visage 
Caridad, sf. charity; alms; benevolence; relief 
Caridelantero, -a, adj. shameless; impudent; bold 
Caridnliente, adj. with a mournful countenance 
Caridóso, -a, adj, charitable; kind; beneficent 
Caries, sf caries; rottenness; pellicle of the bone 
Cariescrito, -a, adj. shrunk; shrivelled; withered 
Cariexento, -a, adj. impudent; shameless; bold 
Carifruncido, -a, adj. wrinkled by age, affliction 
Carigordo, -a, adj. with a full plump face 
Carilargo, -a, adj. with a long face, visage 
Carilla, sf. dimin. small face; mask; silver-coin 
Carilleno, -a, adj. with a plump, full face 
Carillo, -a, adj. dear; of a high price; beloved 
Carilucio, -a, adj. with a shining, glossy face 
Carillúdo, -a, adj. »ith full, plump cheeks 
Carina, sf Roman building; hard shells of fruit 
Carincurini, sm. Indian tree 
Carinegro, -a, adj. of a swarthy complexion 
Carininfo, -a, a. with a womanish face, (man) 
Cariñána, sf. ancient head-dress like a nun's veil 
Cariño, sm. love;fondness; kindness, greatdesire 
Cariñosamente, adv. fondly; kindly: anxiously 
Carinóse, -a, a. fond; tender; kind; longing for 
Cariofilata, sf. bennet; avens, (herb) 
Carioso, -a, «(<; carious; rotten; putrid; decayed 
Carióla, sf wild carrot, (root; 
Caripando, -a, adj. with a face like an idiot 


Cariparéjo, -a, adj. & s. with a similar face 
Cariraido, -a, atij impudent; bold; shameless 
Cariredóndo, -a, adj. with a round face 
Caris, sm. ragout, fricassee, (among Indians) 
Cariséa, sf kind of kersey, (coarse stuffj 
Garistia,/. small bird; scarcity; want; dearness 
Carita, sf dimin. small face; little visage 
Caritativamente, adv. charitably; benevolently 
Caritatéro, sm. almoner: distributer of charity 
Caritativo, -a, adj. charitable; beneficent; kind 
Garlan sm. magistrate of a district, (in Arragon) 
Carlanca, sf. mastiff's leather-collar, (spiked) 
Carlancas, (tener muchas, 2.) to be very crafty 
Carlancón, sm. very cunning, crafty person 
Carlania, sf. dignit}', office of a magistrate 
Carlear, va. 1. to pant; palpitate; harass; jade 
Carlin, sm. ancient silver-coin, (of Charles V.) 
Carlina, sf carline- thistle, (plant) 
Carlinga, sf. carlings, (timbers lying fore & aft 
Carloék, sm. kind of isinglass 
Carmel, sm. ribwort; plantain, (herb) 
Carmelita, im/. carmelite, (friar, nun); flower 
Carmelitano, -a ndj, of the carmelite order 
Carmen, m. country-house & garden 
Carmenador, sm. teaser: raiser of the nap, f cloth) 
Carmenadura, sf. teasing;raisingthenapof cloth 
Carmenar. 15a. 1. card wool; raise the nap of cloth 
Carmenar, pull out hair of the head; win at play 
Cannes, sm. kermes; cochineal, (animal insect) 
Carmesi, sm. crimson, (dark redi; purple 
Carmesin, carméso, s. crimson; dark red colour 
Carmin, sm. carmine, (fine bright red colour) 
Carmín bajo, sm. pale rose-colour 
Carminante, adj. carminative; expelling wind 
Carminar va. 1. to expel wind; cause perspiration 
Carminativo, sm carminative, (thatexpels wind) 
Carnada, sf bait, (lure to catch fish, wolves, &c.i 
Carnage, s. salt beef; carnage; slaughter; havock 
Carnal, adj. carnal; sensual; worldly 
Carnal, sm. flesh-eating time, (for catholics) 
Carnalidad, sf. carnality; sensuality; lust 
Camalménte, adv. carnally; sensually; with lust 
Carnaval, sm. carnival; masquerading festival 
Carnaza, 4/. fleshy part of the skin, hide; repast 
Came,/. flesh;meat; pulp, of fruit) boyish play 
Came de membrillo, pulp of quijces preserved 
Came de pelo, flesh of hares, rabbits, &c. 
Came de pluma, flesh of fowls, (of eatable kinds) 
Came momia preserved meat; without bones 
Came asada en horno, baked meat 
Came asada en parrillas, broiled meat 
Came fiambre, cold meat; dressed meat; cold 
Clime mollar, magra; lean meat 
Came sin hueso, much profit without labour 
Carne y sangre, flesh and blood; near kindred 
Came, (caldo de) m. broth, (liquor of boiled meat) 
Came, (color de) sm. flesh-colour; carnation 
Came de grajo, si. brown, lean woman 
Carne, (ser uña y voux. ) be hand and glove. &c. 
Carne de perro, (tener, 2. 1 to have much strength 
Came en el asador (poner toda la) hazard all 
Carnes, (ech.-ir, i. to grow fat. tleshv; fatten 
Carnes, (temblar las, 1.) to shudderwith fear 
Carnes, (en) naked; uncovered; in nudity 
Cameceria, Camesceria, sf. shambles; carnage 
Carnecilla.-ita sf. small excrescence of flesh 
Cárneo, -a, a. carneous; fleshy; that has flesh 
Carnerada, sf. flock, drove number of sheep 
Cameráge, sm. tax, duty laid on sheep 
Carnerario, sm. charnel-house; human bones 
Carnereamiento, m. pounding (sheep for damage) 
Carnerear, va. 1. to pound (sheep for damage) 
Carnerero, sm. shepherd; pastor; blot of ink 
Carneril, sheep-walk; pasture-ground for sheep 

CAR c 

Camero, m. sheep; mutton; sbeep-skin i 

Carnero adalid, manso, »m. bell-wether 
Carnero de simiente, »m. ram, tfor breeding) 
Camero ciclan, tin. ridgil; half castrated rara 
Carnero marino, tm. white shark, (voracious tish) 
Camero verde, sin. hashed mutton 
Carneros, (no hay tales) there is no such a thing 
Carneruno, -a, «<(/. like, .belonging to sheep 
Carnestolendas, «/. pi. three last carnival days 
Carnicería, »/. shambles; slaughter-house; havoc 
Carnicería, (hacer, -•.) to cut a deal of flesh 
Carnicero, sin. butcher; seller of animal food 
Carnicero, -a, mlj. carnivorous; blood thirsty 
Carnicera, (libra) «/. pound of butcher's meat 
Carnicol, am. cloven-hoof, small bone in the heel 
Carniñcación, st. conversion of bone into flesh 
Camiticárse, rref. I. to be converted into flesh 
Carnívoro, -a, adj. carnivorous; living on fl^sh, sf. offal; refuse of meatidog, cat's meat 
Carnosidad, sf. camosity; proud flesh; good case 
Carnoso, -a, adj fleshy; full of flesh; pulpous 
Carnudo, -a, a. canious; plump; full of flesh 
Carnuza, sf loathing abundance of meat 
Caro, -a, adj. dear; beloved; costly; high priced 
Caro bocado, sm. dear morsel 
Caro, (lo barato es) cheap things are dearest 
Caro, (tener en, i.) to estimate highly 
Caro, adi: dearly; at a high price: exorbitantly 
Carubo, sm. i-lth part of a grain; Turkish vessel 
Carocas, if. plur. caresses; coaxing words 
Carocha, »/. seed, eggs of the queen bee, (in a hive) 
Carochar, va. 1. lay and hatch eggs, (queen bee) 
Carólus, sm. ancient flemish coin, lonce currpnt) 
Caronióraia, tf. dry fl<»sh of a mummy 
Carona, »/. under part of the saddle; bark 
Carona, (esquilarla, 1.) shear the back of ;i it 
■ Carona, (a) close to the skin, back 

Carona, (blando del a. feeble; idle; soon in love 
Caronáda, s/. caronade, (light and short cannon) 
Caroñoso, -a, a. old; worn out with work & age 
Caroquero, -a, rmf. flatterer; coaxer; wheedler 
Cárosiéra, sf. species of palm-tree; date, (fruit) 
Carotas, sf. plur. rolls of tobacco, (in powuor) 
Carótida, /. carotid, (two arteries of the head) 
Carozo, pellicle, (of the grains of a pomegranate) 
Carpa,/, carp (pond-fishj torn ofl'bunch of grapes 
Carpanél, sm. seraielliptic arch, (architecture) 
Carpe, sin. common horn-beam, itrce) 
Carpedal, svi. plantation of horn-beam trees 
Carpenteir, va. 1. to plough across a field of com 
Carpenteria, sf. carpentry; trade of carpenter 
Carpeta, sf. table-cover; port-folio; letter cover 
Carpintear, a. 1. to he», square wood; carpen try 
Carpintería, sf. carpentry; trade of a carpenter 
Carpintero, sm. carpenter; artificer in woo-i 
Carpintero de blanco, maker of wood-utensils 
Carpintero de prieto, carretas, cartwright 
Carpintero de obras de afuera, who roofs houses 
Carpintero de riberas, navio, ship-wright 
Carpintero de remos, (maestro) master oar-maker 
Carpintero, (segundo), carpentei's mate 
Carpión, sm. large carp, ipond-fish) 
Carjiir, ra. 3 to tear; scratch; scrape; scold 
Carpo, carpus ; wrist, (joint of the hand to the arm) 
Carpobálsamo, fruit of the oriental balm- tree 
Carpófago, tm. liver on fruit 
Carquéja,-éija, tf rest-harrow; greenweed, (pla.) 
Carquesa, -ésia, /. annealing furnace; restharrow 
Carraca, sf. carack; galleon; rattle, (instrument) 
Carraco, -a, adj. old; wasted; withered; decrepit 
Carracón, sm. large ship of burden; large rattle 
Carracón, m. animal worn out with age & fatigue 
Carral, sm. barrel;butt: vat; ve.ssel to hold wine 
Carraleja, sf. black beetle with yellow stripes 


Carralero, sm. cooper: maker of barrels, butts 
Carranclo, tm. blue-feathered bird 
Carrancudo, -a, a4j. starched; stiff; affected 
Carránque, sm. Peruvian bird, (like a crane) 
Carrasca, sf. evergreen oak, (tree) 
Carrascal, sm. plantation of evergreen oaks 
Carrasco, sm. evergreen oak, (tree) 
Corrascón, sm aug. large evergreen oak, 'tree) 
Carraspada, negus; drink of red wine honey, &c. 
Carraspante, aiij. harsh; sharp; acrid; strong 
Carrasp.-ra sf. hoarseness; sore throat 
Carraspique, sf. candy-tuft, iplant) 
Carrasqueño, -a, adj. harsh;sharp: rough; strong 
Carrear, Carrej.ár, ra. 1. to carry in a cart, &c. 
Carrera, swift pace; career; race-ground; course 
Carrera, high road; street; avenue; al^ey; row 
Cirrera, profession of arms, letters; conduct 
Carrera, stich in a stocking; girder, (timber) 
Carrera, Spanish step, in dancing) quick dance 
Carrera, de cordelería, sf. rope-walk 
Carrera de Indias, - panish trade to S. America 
Carrera, (estar en) to be able to earn a living 
Carrera, i poner á uno, i. to get one employrñent 
Carrera abierta, (a) wlr. at full speed;, swiftly 
Carrera, (de) rashly; inconsiderately; swiftly 
Carrera, (partir de, 3.) to act in a rash manner 
rarrerilla,-ita, sf. dimin. short race, course, &c. 
Carrerilla, (juick Spanish dance with heel and toe 
Carrerilla, rise, fall of an octave, (in music) 
Carreta, «/ long narrow cart, (drawn by oxeni 
Carreta cubierta, gallery of a siege; covered way 
Carretada, sf. cart-load; great quantity of things 
Carretadas, á) adv. plentifully; in abundance 
Carretáge, sm. carriage, (carrying in a cart 
Carrete, -m. small reed, (for winding silk-twist) 
Carrete, fishing-pulley, to give line to a fish 
Carretear, to cart; convey in a cart; drive a cart 
Carretearse, ere/, to draw' unequally, (oxen, &c.) 
Carretel, sm. wheel, pulley of a fishing-line 
Carretel, log-reel : spun-yam winch; rope-walk 
Carretel de carpintero, carpenter's marking line 
Carretera, st. highway; public road 
Carretena, number of carts; cart-wright's yard 
Carretero, m. cart-wright; carter; driver of a cart 
Carretero, waggoner, (northern constellation i 
Carretero, (voz de) sf. harsh and loud voice 
Carretil, sm. cartway: cart road 
Carretilla, sf, small cart; go-cart; cracker; squib 
Carretilla, wheel-barrow; rowel; small wh el 
Carret.U.'v (dei adr. by custom, memory habit 
Carretilla, 'saberde, 2 )to know by heart 
Carretón, j. small chest-like cart; go-cart; pulley 
Carretón, stage for religious play-, (in Toledo; 
Carretoncillo, tm. dimin. small go-cart 
Carretonero, sm. driver of a small cart 
Carricoche, sm. old fashioned coach; dung-cart 
Carricola, s.f. kind of high carriage, phaeton 
Carricuréña, sf. carriage of a light tield-piece 
Carriágo, sm. osier Gshing-ba " 
Carril, sm. track of a wheel ;r 
Carrilada, sf. track of a 
Carrillada, sf. oily subsl 
Carrilladas de vaca, can 

Camllár, ra. 1. to hoist things out of the hold 
Carrillo, s. rfim. small cart;cheek; tackle, (naut.) 
Carrillos de monja boba, sm. plur. bluffy-chreks 
Carrillos, ^correr, ;i.)to horse-race; horse-racing 
Carrilludo, -a, nrlj. plump, round cheeked 
Garrióla, sf. truckle-bed;smallchariot;curricle 
Carrizal, sm. land full of reed-grass 
Carrizo, sm. c.immon reed-grass 
Carro, *. cart; carriage of a coach, without body 
Carro, greater bear, (northern constellation 1 
Carro menor, sm. lesser bear, (constellation) 

w road; furrow 

:e of a hog's cheek 
)W, sheep's head 

CAB 81 

o, cordage-manufactory; measure, forwnod) 
o de leña, (medio) cord of wood (measure) 
o de oro, sm. Brussel's camlet, (stuff) 
o de ezequiel, sort of woollen stuff 
o, (varas del; tf. plur. shafts of the cart 
Carro, testávas del) sf. plur. rails of the cart 
Carro, (arquillo del) sm. arched top of the cart 
Carro, (toldo del; sm. awning of the cart, &c. 
Carro, (guardacantones del) s>n. plur. wheel-iron 
Carro, (unt;ir el, 1.) to bribe; pervert; corrupt 
Carro, (cogerle á uno, 2.) to be unlucky, ill-fated 
Carrocho, sm. seminal «ubst;mcc, (in bees, &c.) 
Carrochar, to shed the seminal substance, ( bees) 
Carroc Ua, .-/. dtmin. small coach, carriage 
Carrocm, sm. chaise; curricle; two-wheeled car. 
Carromatero, sm. carter; carman; charioteer 
Carromato, sm. two-wheeled cart with a tilt 
jña, sf. carrion; putrefied flesh; carcass 
Carroñar, va. 1. to infect a flock of sheep 
jrto, -a, a. putrefied; putrid; corrupt 
iza, s'. large coach; awning;cabin on deck 
lije, sm. all kinds of carriages, vehicles 
iagero, sm. carrier; waggoner; carter 
Carrucha, sí. pulley; machme to card wool 
Carraco, sm. small cart, (used in mountains) 
Carrujado, -a, adj. contracted into wrinkles 
Carsáya, creso, m. kersey, (coarse woollen stuff; 
Carta,' St: letter; royal ordinance; map; paper 
Carta blanca, sf. cart-blanche; full powers to act 
Carta abierta, sf. open order, (to all persons) 
Carta cuenta, sf. bill, account of sale 
Carta credencial, sf credential letter 
Carta pastoral, sf. bishop's mandate 
Carta plomada, sj. deed with a leaden seal 
Carta receptoría, .-f. warrant; voucher 
Carta canta, proveable by written documents 
Carta forera, sf. judicial decree; royal grant 
Carta de crédito, sf. letter of credit 
Carta de dote, sf. articles of intermarriage 
Carta de encomienda, sf. letter of safe-conduct 
Carta de espera, sf. letter of respite, (to a debtor) 
Carta de guia, sf. passport; permission of egress 
Carta de marear, nf. sea-chart; map of the coasts 
Carta de examen, licence to pursue one's trade 
Carta de húrro, sr. letter of enfranchisement 
Carta de libre, sf. guardian's discharge 
Carta de naturaleza, sf. letter of naturalization 
Carta de pago,/, receipt; discharge; acquittance 
Carta de venta,' sf bill of sale, auction 
Carta de sanidad, */. bill of health 
Carta de vecindad, sí. burgher-brief 
Carta, (no ver, ■¿.) to have a bad hand 
Cartas, (perder con buenas, 2.) to fail of success 
Cartas, (venir con malas, 3.) be without proofs 
Cartabón, square; rule; quadrant, (of a gunner) 
Cartabón, (echar el, 1.) to take proper measures 
Cartabón de cola, rm. small square of glue 
Cártama, if. cártamo, m. wild saffron, (plant) 
Cartapacio, sm. memorandum- book; port-folio 
Cartapacio, (razón de) sf. farfetched argument 
Cartapél, m. useless, trifling memorandum; edict. 
Cartazo, sm. letter, paper of severe reprimand 
Cartear, vn. I. play a low card, (to try the game) 
Cartear, va. to steer by the seachart; turn over 
Cartearse, vre'. to keep a letter-intercourse 
Cartel, m. placard; posted bill; cartel; challenge 
Cartel, cartel-ship; flag of truce, (naut,) 
Cartela, sf. memorandum, (on a slip of paper) 
Cartela, console; bracket; iron-stay 
Cartelear, va. 1. to publish, post libels 
Cartelón, sm. augm. long placard, edict, bill 
Cartera,/, port-folio; letter-case; flap, (of pocket) 
Carieriana, si. sort of silk 
Cartero, sm. letter-carrier; postman 


Cartéta, sf. kind of game, (at cards) 
Cartibánas,/. paper glued to the leaves of a book 
Cartiea, sf. dimin. small letter; note billet 
Cartiéro, sm. quarter of a year; three months 
Cartilaginoso, -a, adj. cartilaginous; gristly 
Cartílago, sm. gristle; cartilage; parchment 
Cartilla, sf. small letter; primer; certificate 
Cartilla, ileérle á uno la, 2.) read one a lecture 
Cartilla, (no saber la, '¿.S to be most ignorant 
Cartón, paste-board; cartoon, painting on paper 
Cartón, kind of iron ornament shaped like a leaf 
Cartón, (parecer de, ü.) to be as stiff as a poker 
Carton, (estar hecho un. 1. ) be as thin as a lath 
Cartonero, sm. paste-board maker, seller 
Cartuchera, s/. cartridge-box, (for cartridges) 
Cartucho, in. cartouch ; case full of powder & shot 
Cartucho de fusil, sm. musket-shot; small target 
Cartuja, Cartúxa, sf. carthusian order 
Cartujano, Cartuxáno, -a, adj. carthusian 
Cartujo, Cartúxo, carthusian monk; kind of skin 
Cartulario, sm. cartulary; registry; register 
Cartulina, sf. paste-bonr'd pattern, (for broidery) 
Carúncula, sf. caruncle; small tumour 
Carvallo, evergreen oak with rough leaves 
Cárvi, sm. caraway, (plant); caraway-seed 
Casa, house; home; household; lineage; checkers 
Casade campo, de placer, /. country-house; villa 
Casa solariega, sf. ancient mansion-house 
Casa de posada, sf. lodging-house; lodgings 
Casa robada, sf empty house ; house robbed 
Casa de locos, mad-house; noisy, riotous house 
Casa de sanidad, sf. office of the board of health 
Casa pública, sf. house of ill-fame; brothel 
Casa de moneda, si. mint, (place to coin money) 
Cáia de co;ma, gaming-house; hell; place of ruin 
Casa de tía, sf. (iron.) jail; prison; gaol 
Casa, de, a la malicia, sf. house without stories 
Casa fuerte, sf. house surrounded with a moat 
Casa llana, sf. country-house without a moat 
Casa de Dios, oración, del señor, church temple 
Casa santa, sf. church of the holy sepulchre 
Casa, (apartar, 1.) to take a separate house 
Casa, (levantar la) to move into another house 
Casa, 'guardar la 1.) to stay at home 
Casa, ¡poner, 2.) to settl. , begin housekeeping 
Casa, (ponerle á uno; to furnish a house for one 
Casa, (hacer su, t. ) to increase one's own family 
Casa, (ser muy de, vaux ) be on familiar terms 
Casa, (franquear la) admit freely tu one's house 
Casa ni hogar, (no tener) have no house no home 
Casaca, sf. coat; cassock; close garment 
Casaca de mugér, sf. woman's ja ket; bed-gown 
Casaca, (volver, 2.1 to forsake o le's party 
Casación, sf. annulling; repealing; abrogation 
Casacón, sm. great coat; surtout; large garment 
Casada, sf ancient family-mansion 
Casadero, -a, adj. marriageable; fit for marriage 
Casadór, sm. (one) who annuls, repeals, mullifies 
Casal, sm. ancient family country-house 
Casaléro, m. (one) who resides in a country-house 
Casamata, /. casemate, (kind of vault in a bastion) 
Casamentero, -a. smf. match, marriage-maker 
Casamiento, sm. marriage; wife's fortune; bet 
Casamuro, j. single wall without platform, (fort) 
Casapuerta,/. porch;portico; entrance of a house 
Casaquilla, sf. kind of short and loose jacket 
(^asár, sm. small village; hamlet; labourer's cot 
Casar, vn. 1. to marry; unite; match; sort; annul 
Casarse, re/", to marry ; take a wife; unite together 
Casatienda, st. tradesman's shop, place of "retail 
Casizo sm. augin. great event, occurrence 
Cá--ca, sf. husks of pressed grapes; bad drmk 
Cascabel, sm. bell, (for animals); rattlesnake 
Cascabel, button, ,at the breech of a caimonj 


Cascabel, (echar & uno el) lay the burden on one 
Cascabel, (echar el) to drop a hint for trial 
Cascabel, (ser un vavx.) to be rattle-headed 
Cascabel, (tener 2.) to be uneasy in ones mind 
Cascabelada, s/. jingling with small bells 
Cascabelada, inconsiderate speech, action, &c. 
Cascabelear, va. 1. to feed with vain hopes 
Cascabelear, vn. to act inconsiderately 
Cascabelillo, sm. kind of small black plum 
Cascabillo, m. hawk'sbill; chaff; husk (cf acorn) 
Cascaciruelas, «m. mean, despicable fellow 
Cascada, «/• cascade; waterfall; cataract 
Cascadas, /. pi. folds in the drapery of paintines 
Cascado, -a, a. broken; cracked; decayed; in Rrm 
Cascado, -a, (estar niúy, 1. to have bad health 
Cascades, tm plur. small broken pieces of land 
Cascadura, sf. disruption; breaking asunder 
Cascajal, sm. place full of gravel and pebbles 
Cascajal, place where husks of gi apes are thrown 
Cascajar, sm. jjlace full oi gravel and pebbles 
Cascajo, m, gravel ¡broken fragments (of vessels) 
Cascajo, rubbish; old and useless furniture 
Cascajo, covering of kf rnels; bit of a bridle 
Cascajo, (estar hecho un) to be very old, infirm 
Cascajoso, -a, adj. gravelly; full of gravel 
Cascamajar, a. to pound, bruise, break slightly 
Cascamiénto, sm. pounding; bruising; breaking 
Cascanueces, m. nut-cracker (tool to break nuts) 
Cascapiñones, who shells, cleans hot pine-nuts 
Cascar, a. to crack; burst; craunch; beat 
Cascar á uno las liendres, to dress one's jacket 
Cascarse, vref. to be broken open; burst; break 
Cascara, sf. peel; rind; hull; bark (of trees) 
Cascara, lansquenet (game at cards) 
Cascaras, inlerj. oh I (exclamation of surprise) 
Cascarela, sf. lansquenet (game at cards; 
Cascarilla, Cascarita, sf. thin bark; Jesuit's bark 
Cascaruja, sf. ship- worm; wood-worm 
Cascaton, egg-shell; arch; trick (at lansquenet) 
Cascarrón, -a, adj. rough; harsh; rude 
Cascarrón, (vino) sm. wine of a rough flavour 
Cascarrona, (voz , sf. harsh, unpleasant vojce 
Cascarudo, -a. a. with a large thick rind, shell 
Cascaruleta, sf. noise of the teeth (by chucking) 
Cáseo, sm. skull; sherd; coat (of an onion); cask 
Cáseo, helmet; casque; crown (of a hat) 
Cáseo, sheepskin (tanned); hoof (of a horse) 
Cáseo de un navio, sm. hull, body of a ship 
Cáseo V quil la, bottomr>- (monev on ship's bottom) 
Cáseo de casa, shell, circass of a house 
Cáseo de lugar, extent, dimensions of ground 
Cáseo, (quitór del, I.) to dissuade; divert from 
Cáseos, m. heads of sheep, &c. without tongues 
Ciscos, (lavar á uno los, 1.) to flatter; wheedle 
Cáseos, levantarle á uno dci to fill with vanity 
Cáseos (romper los, •¿.) to molest; vex; disturb 
Cáseos á la ginéta, (tener los) be on the high horse 
Cáseos, (tener malos, 2.) to be crazy, unsettled 
Cascóte, m. rubbish; ruins; fragments of matter 
Cascoteria, ^. wall, work made of rubbish 
Cascudo, -a, adj with a large hoof (animals) 
Caseación,/, coagulation of milk to make cheese 
Caseoso, -a, adj. cheesy; of the nature of cheese 
Casera,/, housekeeper; provider for a family 
Caseramente, adr. in a plain manner; homely 
Casería, messuage ¡economy; brood (of chickens'» 
Caserío, row of houses; village; very small town 
Caserna, sf. barracks; lodu'ings for soldiers 
Casero, -a, ». landlord; landlady; house-steward 
Casero, -a, adj. in a family way; homebred 
Casero, (baile» tm. family ball, dance, sport 
Casera, (mugér) tf. good housewife; economist 
Ca.séro, (pan) sm. household, home-made br-ad 
Casero, (lienzo) sm. home-^pun, coarse linen 

- CAS 

Casero, -a, (estir muy, 1.) to dress very plain 
Casero, (ejemplo) sm. domestic example 
Casero, (remedio) sm. familv-remedv 
Caserón, sm. landlord, owner of a great house 
Caseta, sf. dim. small house: hut; cottage 
f'ási, ad. almost; nearly; something more or less 
Casi que, casi casi, adv. very nearlv; almost 
Casia,/, cassia (sweet spice ; bastard cinnamon 
Cas'ca, -ilia, -ita. sf. dim. small house; cottage 
Casillas,/, pi. pointsof a backgammon ¡checkers 
Casillas, (sacarle á uno de sus, I ) tu molest; vex 
Casil ér, night-table cleaner lin royal palaces) 
Casillo, sm. trifling cause (iron.); weishty affair 
Casimbas, íf. pt. pails. buckets (used in a ship) 
Casimiro, sm. kerseymere (coarse stuff) 
Casimódo, sm first Sunday after Kaster 
Casino, sm. farm-house; cottage; kind of tea 
C-aso, sm. case; event; occurrence; opportunity 
Caso de éso, en) in thatcase; should that happen 
Caso (en todo) wtv. at all events; however 
Caso que, conj. in that case; should that happen 
Caso (dado, or demos) supposing; granted that 
í'áso pensado, (de) ad. deliberately; by design 
Caso negado, sm. proposition to be refuted 
Caso de una persona, (hacer) to esteem a person 
Caso de una cosa, ( hacer, z ) to take notice of 
Caso, (ser.noseraDto be, notto be to the purpose 
Caso, ir al, 3. irr ; to come to the point 
Caso, (no estar en el) not to understand the matter 
Caso, -a, adj null; ineffectual; void of effect 
Casorio, m. inconsiderate marriage; marriage 
Caspa, s/. dandruff; scurf in the head 
Caspera, sf. comb (to clean off tlie dandruff) 
Cáspitai inlet j wonderñil ! (exclamation) 
Casposo, -a, a. full of dandruff; lentiginous 
Casquetazo, sm. blow given with the head 
Casquete, sm. helmet; concave cover of the head 
Casquete, cataplasm to take off the dandruff 
Casquiblándo, -a, adj. soft in the hoof (horse) 
Casquidorramádo, -a, adj. with a broad hoof 
Casquijo, sm. gravel; hard sand and pebbles 
Casqu.Ua, sf. queen bee's cell (in a hive) 
Casquillo small steel helm; iron point of arroir 
Casquilucio, -a, adj. gay; merry; frolicsome 
Casquimuléño,-a, adj. with a narrow hoof (horse) 
Casquivano, -a. adj inconsiderate; thought:ess 
Casta,./, particular breed ¡kind; quality ¡kindred 
Casta, (hacer) to get a particular breed «horses) 
Castamente, ndv. in a chaste maimer; modestly 
Castaña, / chestnut; bottle; hair tied up behind 
Castaña pilonga, apilada, sf dried chestnut 
Castaña regoldana, sf. horse-chestnut (fruit) 
Castañal, -ár, sm. plantation of chestnut trees 
Castañazo, blow (from the flinging of a ches 
Castañedo, sm. plantation of chestnut trees 

Castañero, -a, smf dealer in chestnuts 
I Castañeta, snapping of the fingers (in dancing) 

Castañetazo, sm. blow with a Castanet; crack 
, Castañetazo, crack of a chestnut in the fire 

Castañeteado, rattling of castanets (in dancing) 

Castañetear, n. to rattle the castanets i in danc. ; 
I Castañetear, to crackle (knees)¡ cry (partridge) 
I Castaño, sm. common chestnut tree 
I Castaño de Indias, sm. Indian chestnut tree 
1 Castaño, -a, adj. hazel ¡ of a light brown 
; Castañuela, sf. Castanet; prickly ox-eye (plant) 
i Castañuela, (estar como una, 1,) to be veiy gay 

Castañuelas,/, pi. cleats (fixed to the yard-arms) 
; Castañuelas muescas, notched cleats (naut.) 
I Castañuelas de pontón, ponton-cleats (naut.) 
1 Castañuélo, -a, adj. of a light chestnut colour 
I Castellan, sm. governor, warden of a castle 
1 Castellaoia, sf. district of a castle; wardenship 


Castellano, stn. ancient Spanish coir: warden 
Castellano, Spanish tongue; mule 
Castellano, -a, adj. Castilian; of Castile 
Castellana, (á la) ad. after the Castilian fashion 
Castellar, sm. place fortified with a castle 
Castellar, parkleaves; St John's wort (herb) 
Castidad, sr. chastity; purity (of body); modesty 
Castjficadór, sm. mspirer of chastity, purity 
Castificár, a. 1. to render chaste, virtUDUS, pure 
Castigación, s/ castigation; correction; purity 
Castigaciarnénte, adv. in a correct manner 
Castigadéra, sf. bell-rope of a mule & other beast 
Castiüadéra, cord to tie the ring 
P . .. 

igadór -a, inf. ch istiser; punisher; reprover 

I iM. ,1. ,j. 1.' to chastise; afflict; correct; mend 

' - . orrtction (made in proof sheets, print) 
C 1-1 li: , m. castle-toll; government of a castle 
«..astiiltjo, sin. dtmin. small castle; go-cart 
Castiilena, sf. castle- toll; government of a castle 
Castillo, am', castle; cell of the queen bee 
Castillo, whole mounting of a velvet loom 
Castillo depróa, sm. forecastle (in a ship) 
Castillo roquero, sm. castle built on a mck 
Castillo ó león, (jugar á) to toss up a coin & bet 
Castillos en el aire, (hacer) build castles in air 
Castilluélo, m. dim. small castle; fortified house 
Castizo, -a, of a noble descent; of a good breed 
Castizo, I caballo) sm. blood-horse 
Castizo (estilo) .v/« chaste pure, correct style 
Casto, -a, acij. chaite; pure; modest; clean 
Castor, sin. castor: beaver; (amphibious animal) 
Castóry Polux, >t Elm's fire; Jack with a anfrn 
Castorcil o in. kind of rough serge (like cloth) 
Castoiéo, sm. inguinal liquid matter in beavers 
Castra, SI. pruning; lopping off branches, &c. 
Castración, sf. castration; operation of gelding 
Castradera, s/. iron instru. to take out the honey 


/. gelder 

e that Ci 

Castradúra, / castration; gelding; gelding- 

Castrametación, f. castrametation; encamping 
Castrapuércas, sm. sow-gelder's whistle 
Castrar, va. 1. to geld; castrate; cut off; prune 
Castrar las colmenas, cut the combs out of hives 
Castrazón, m. cutting honey-combs out of hives 
Castrazón, castrating, gelding season 
Castrense, adj. castiensian; of a camp; military 
Cástio, sm campi ruins of ancient fortresses 
Cástio, stones set in the form of a camp (game) 
Castro, taking honey-combs out of bee-hives 
Castrón, sm. castrated he-goat 
'Casual, n. casual; accidental; fortuitous 
Casualidad, sf casualty; unforeseen event; hap 
Casualmente, adv. casually; accidentally; haply 
Casúcha, sf. poor, wretched hut, cottage, cabin 
Casual, sm. cassiowary (large bird of prey) 
Casuista, sm. casuist; theologian; divine 
Casuístico, -a, adj. casuistical 
Casulla,/, cope (sacerdotal vestment to say mass) 
Casullera, m. maker of copes, priestly vestments 
Cata, sf. tastmg; gustation; trial by taste 
Cata, (dar á, 1.) to give upon trial 
Cata, (echar, 1.) to make a careful inquiry 
Cata ! inli-j. mark ! observe I beware ! take care! 
Catpbre, sm. sheep-shank (nautical term) 
Catucáltlos, sm. taster of wine, liquors, &c. 
Cataclismo, sm. inundation; deluge; cataclysm 
Catacumbas, sf. pi. catacombs; burj-ing vaults 
Catacústica, sf. science of reflected sounds 
CaUrlór, sm taster; one who tries by taste 
Catadúpa sf. waterfall; cataract; cascade; spout 
liatadúra, s\ tasting: trial by taste; gesture; face 
Catadura, mode of guarding criminals 

Í C.\T 

Catafalco, tm. funeral canopy set over a bier 
Catalejo, m. telescope (glass to see far objects) 
Cataléctico, -a, a. catalectic; wanting a syllable 
Catalicen, sm. catholicon; universal medicine 
Catalina, Catalinilla, sf small kind of parrot 
Catalnica,/, parrot; magpie; loquacious woman 
Catálogo, sm. catalogue; list; enumeration 
Catalúfa, •./. kind of flour carpet 
Catamicnto, sn,. observation; close examination 
Catán, sm. Indian sabre: cutlass; broad sword 
Catanáncp, -ánque, sf. lion's foot (milky plant) 
Cataplasma, sf. cataplasm; poultice; plaster 
Carapúcia menor, sf lesser, caper spurge (plant) 
Catapúcia mayor, castor-oil plant; palma christi 
Catapulta, sf catapult (engine to throw stones) 


It the 1 


/. sheldrake (biidlikea 


la, 3.) of sight 


Cataratas del cielo, (abrirse las) to rain hard 
Cataratas, (tener, ■,;, not to understand clearly 
Cataribéra, man following the hawk on horse. 
Catarihéra, judge over magistrates' decisions 
Catarr.-il, ad'j. catarrhal; of, from a catarrh 
Catarriento, -a, adj catarrhous; of from a cold 
Catarro, sm. catarrh: defluxion from the head 
Catarroso, -a, adj. catarrhous: of, from a cold 
Catártico, -a, adj. cathartic; purgative; purging 
Catastro, sm. general tax (chiefly on land) 
Catástrote, sf. catastrophe: conclusion; event 
Cataviento, sm. dog- vane (nautical term) 
Catavino, small cup to taste wine (in cellars) 
Catavino, small hole in casks to taste the wine 
Catavinos, sm pi. wine-taster; Conner; tipplers 
Catear, n. 1. to investigate; e.xamino; discover 
Catecismo, sm. catechism (book of Christianity) 
Catecuniénico, -a, adj. of the rudiments of faith 
Catecúmeno, -a, s one in the rudiments of taith 
Cátedra, sf. professors chair; professorship; see 
Catedral, sf and a. episcopal church; cathe<lral 
Catedralidad, sf. dignity of a cathedral church 
Catt-drar, -ear. n 1. to obtain a professor's ch.tir 
Catedrático, sm. professor lin a university) 
Catedrático, priest's contribution to his bishop 
Catedrilla, sf. piofessor's chair of little profit 
Catcdnlla, least important professorship 
Categoría,/, class; order of ideas; predicament 
Categoría, (ser de) to be of estimable qualities 
Categóricamente, adv. positively; expressly 
Categórico, -a, adj. absolute; positive; decisive 
Catequismo, sm. caiechism rudiments of faith) 
Catequista, sm. catechist: instructor in faith 
Catequístico, -a, adj. of questions and answers 
Catequizante, m. catechizer: who asks questions 
Catequizar, va to catechize: instruct; persuade 
Caterva, sf. confused multitude of persons, &c. 
Cateto, sm. perpendicular line (in architecture) 
Caticiégo, -a, ndj. short-sighted; purblind 
Catimarón, sm. fishing-raft ;at Malabar &c.) 
Catino, sm. earthen pan; meat dressed in a pan 
Catino, women's gallerv (in .Spanish theatres) 
Catite, sm. loaf of the best refined sugar 
Cativación, si. captivitv: captivation; slavery 
Cativamiénto, m. Cativazon, /. captivity 
Cativo, -a, smf. captive ¡slave; prisoner of war 
Cato, m. Japan earth; rosin deencted from plants 
Católicamente, adv. in a catholic manner 
Catolicismo, m. faith in the C.itholic religion 
Católico, -a, adj. catholic: universal; infallible 
Católico, -a, (no estar muy) nor to be very well 
Católico, m. Roman catholic; chemical furnace 

CAT ' 

Catolicón, m. cathóUcon; universal medicine 
Catóptrica,/. vision by reflection; catoptrics 
Catóptrico, -a, adj. of vision by reflection 
Catorce, ttn. and num. adj fourteen 
Catorcena, sf. union of fourteen unities 
Catorceno, -a, ordinal adj. fourteenth 
Catre, sm. small bedstead (for a single person) 
Catre de mar, sm. hammock; swinging bed 
Catre de tgéraá la Inglesa, tm. field-bed 
Catricofre, fm. press-bed (bed shut up in a case) 
Catúres, »m. kind of armed vessel of Bantam 
Caucálide. great bur-parsley; common burdock 
Cauce, tm. dram (lo convey water in fiilds, &c.) 
Cancera, tf water-conduit (to water lands) 
Cauchil, fill, small reservoir of water 
Caución, tf. caution; security; gage; warning 
Caucionar, a. 1. to cautiun; warn; guard asainst 
Caucionero, bondsman; one who becomes surety 
Cauda, $f. tram (of a bishop's robe) 
Caudal, sm. property; wialth; capital; plenty 
Caudal de, (hacer, 3.) to ho)d in high estimation 
Caudal, adj rich; wealthy; opulent; abundant 
Caudal, (águila)/, red-tailed eagle ibird of prey) 
Caudaléjo, rm. dimin. middling fortime 
Caudaloso, -a, a. carrying much water; wealthy 
Caudntário, ¿m. priest bearing the bishop's train 
Caudáto, -a, a. tailed; with a tail; hairj; bearded 
Caudillo, í/n commander of an armed troop 
Caulicolo, / tm. ornament of the capital of 
Cauliculo, 5 columns of the Corintliian order 
Cauro, tm. north-west wind 
Causa, {/■ cause; motive; parly; law-suit 
Causa pública, ti public good; welfare 
Causa de, (a) prep, on account of ; for the sake of 
Causable, ndi. cansable; which may be caused 
Causador, -a, $mf. causer; promoter; occasioner 
Causal, adj. causal; relalin;: to a cause, causes 
Causalidad, sf. causality; agency of a cause 
Causante, tm. causer; promoter; occasioner 
Causar, a. to caus«; produce; sue; occasion; give 
Causativo, -a, adj causative; giving a reason 
Causídico, tm. advocate; pleader, counsellor 
Causón, tm. burning fever (lasting a few hours) 
Cáustico, tm. c.iiistic; burning application 
Cáustico, -a, adj caustic; burning; biting; sharp 
Cáustico, -a, unitmg a reflected ray with others 
Cautamente, dip cautiously; with precaution 
Cautela, sf. prudence; caution; heed; cunning 
Cautelar, a. 1. to be careful; act with prudence 
Cautelosamente, adv cautiousU ; guardedly 
Cauteloso, -a, ndj. cautious; heedful; cunning 
Cauterio, tm. cautery; burning application 
Cauterio actual, tm. cautery with a burning iron 
Cauterio potencial, cautery with caustic drugs 
Cauterización, t/ burning with red-hut irons 
Cauterizador, tm. surgeon who cauterizes 
Cauterizar, va. 1. to cauterize; correct severely 
Cautivar, ra. 1. to make prisoners; imprison 
Cautiverio, tm. Cautividad, /. captivity; prison 
Cautivo, -a, mf. captive (by enemies, by beauty) 
Cauto, -a, a. cautious; heedful; prudent; wary 
Cava,/ earthing of vines; subterraneous vault 
Cava, wine and water cellar in royal palaces 
Cavadizo, -a, adj. dug out of a pit (sand I 
Cavado, -a, adj. exeavated; hollow; concave 
Cavador, tm. digger; delver: grave-digger 
Cavador de gréua tm. ehalk -cutter 
Cavadura, ^f. digging; exeiivation; cavity 
Cavallillo, tm. water-drain between two ridges 
Cavar, va. 1. to dig; excavate; paw the ground 
Cavar, r». to penetrate far into; think deeply 
Caverna, ./. cavern; subterraneous place; hollow 
Cavemilla, tf. dim. small cavern; hollow place 
Cavernoso, -a, adj. cavernous; full of caverns 

Caví, m. oca dried and dressed ( Peruvian root) 
Cavidad, tf. cavity; hollow; excavation; hole 
Cavidos, m. measure of length (in Portugal) 
Cavilación, tf cavillation; false objection 
Cavilar, va. 1. to cavil; make cajitious objection» 
Cavilla, wooden pin (to fix the planks of shipsj 
Cavilladór, tm. tree-nail maker ' naut ) 
CaviUár, m sea-holly ;plant); tree-nail naut.) 
Cavillar, a. 1. to fasten with tree-nails (naut.) 
CaviUár un baje!, to drive tree-nails in a ship 
Cavilosxraénte, adr. in a captious manner 
Cavilosidad, tf. captious objection: cavilling 
Caviloso, -a, adj. captious; full of objections 
Cavo, -a, adj concave; with 29 days (month) 
Cáxa, sf. box; case; chest; cofiBn; sheath; drum 
Caxa, room to sort the letters tin post-otfices, 
Cáxa, portable writing desk; printer's ease 
'"áxa, cavity of a staircase; organ's wooden case 
Cáxa de escopeta, tf stock of a firelock 
Cáxa de coche, tf. body of a coach, carriage, &c. 
Cáxa de brasero, wooden case for a brasier 
Cáxa de consulta, */ counsellor's brief 
Cáxa de cartuchos, tf cartridge-box (military) 
Cáxa de hueso roto, */. eradle for a broken limb 
Cáxa, (Ubro de) tm. cash-book (of merchants) 
Cáxa (notario de) notary public (at Saragossa) 
Cáxa de agua, tf. man¡:er of a ship naut.) 
Cáxa de balas, tf. shot-locker (in a ship) 
Cáxa de bombas, tf. pump-well of a ship 
Cáxa de lastre, sf. ballast-case (in a ship) 
Cáxa de m:ir, sf. sea chest (nautical term) 
Cáxa del farol del paiiól de pólvora, light-room 
Cáxa, (estar eni to equilibrate; be in equipoise 
Cáxa méngala, tf kind of linen in China) 
Caxcras, %f. pi. holes in blocks with sheaves 
Caxéro, cashier; who has charge of ihe money 
Caxéro. reservoir of water; pedler; hawker 
Caxéta,/. snuff-box; poor's box; box for alms 
Caxetin, sm. dimin. very small box 
Caxilla, -ita, -uéla. tf. dim. small box; casket 
Caxista, sm compositor, who adjusts the types 
Cáxo, tm. groove (for the binding of books) 
Caxón, m chest (to convey goods); table-drawer 
Caxón, chest of drawers; space between shelves 
Caxón, mould (for the casting of organ-pipes) 
Caxon, wooden shed for selling provisions; 
Caxón, tub (to lay in wet cloth); locker 
Caxón. (ser de, vauz. ) to be a matter of course 
Caxón de sastre, (ser un) to know many things 
Caxónes de cámara, tm plur. lockers in cabins 
Caxoncit •, sm. dim. small box, chest, drawer 
Cayada, sf. shepherd s hook-, crosier; staff 
Cayadilla, rf. dimin. small shepherd s hook 
Cayado, sm. shepherd's hook; crosier; staff 
Cayánto, tm. kind of stuff 

Cayelác, sweet-scented wood (growing in Siam) 
Cayeput, tm. cajeput oil (grren fragrant oil) 
Cavo, tm. rock; shoal; islet (in the sea) 
Cajóte, tm. American gourd (plant) 
Cayuu, tm. cashew-nut (tree and fruit) 
CayréÚ false hair (worn by women); furbelow 
Cayrél, silk threads to fasten the hairs of wigs 
Cayreládo, -a, ad . adorned with flounces 
Cayrelár, «i. I. to adorn with flounces, furbelows 
Cayuco, tm. small fishing-boat (in America! 
Caz, tm. canal (close to a river for irrigation) 
Caza, chase; hunt; game; thin linen like gauze 
Caza, chase (vessel at sea pursued by another) 
Caza mayor, hunting wild boars, stags, wolves 
(;áza menor, fowling, shooting hares, rabbits 
Caza, (andar á, I.) to hunt; chase wild animals 
Caza de, (andar á) to go in pursuit of 
Caza, (levantar la, 1.) to rouse, sUrt the game 
Caza, ^dar, 1.) to chase, give chase to a vessel 

CAZ ( 

Caza, (ponerse, -en) to manoeuvre so as to escape 
Caza, (caballo de) S7n. hnnter ; hunting-horse 
Caza, (trompa de) »/. hunting-horn ; bugle 
Caza, (partida de) »/. hunting-match 
Cazabe, sm. cassavi; cassada; cassavi; flour, bread 
Cazadero, sm. ground fit for the pursuit of game 
Cazador, sm. hunter ; huntsman ; sportsman 
Cazador, animal or vessel chasing another 
Cazador de alforja, one who sports with dogs 
Cazadora,/, huntress ; woman following the game 
Cazamoscas, sm. fly-catcher ^bird) 

. chase; hunt; give chase (to a ship) 
gain a difficiJt point by dexterity 
gain the friendship of one b^ flattery 

Cazáí un 

n idle d. 

_, - J. 1. to bustle much about nothing 
%s,/.pl. splashings of dirt (on clothes) 
into, -a, «. splashed ; bedaubed with dirt 
Cazo, sm. copper-saucepan ; copper, iron ladle 
Cazo, back part of the blade of a knife 
Cazoleja, -éta./. small saucepan ; firelock-pan 
Cazoléro,man who busies himself in women's work 
Cazolero, -a, adj. too officious ; over forward 
Cazoleta, sf. firelock-pan ; shell of a sword 
Cazoleta, sf. boss of a shield ; sort of perfume 
Cazolilla, sf. dimin. small earthen pan 
Cazolón, sm. augm. large earthen pan ; stewpan 
Cazón, sm. tope ; sweet-william ; brown sugar 
Cazonal, m. fishing-tackle (for the tope fishery) 
Cazonete, s«i. toggel (wooden pin, naut.) 
Cazudo, -a, adj. with a thick back (knife) 
Cazuela, sf. earthen pan ; stewed meat 
Cazuela, women's gallery in Spanish theatres 
Cazuela maji, tart of cheese, bread, apples, honey 
Cazumbrar, a. 1. to join staves with hempen cords 
Cazumbre, sm. hempen cord (to join staves) 
Cazumbrón, sm. cooper; maker of barrels, casks 
Cazur, i;rt. bryony ; white jalap (plant) 
Cazurro, -a, a. silent; sulky; using low language 
Ce! !>/<erJ. hark! ho there ! here! come hither! 
Ce-ó por be, (por) adv. in one way or another 
Cea, sf. thigh-bone ; hip-bone ; huckle-bone 
Ceática, sf. sciatica ; sciatick ; hip-gout (disease) 
Ceático, -a, adj. sciatical ; affecting the hip 
Cebada, sf. barley (grain used to make malt) 
Cebada común, sf. spring-barley 
Cebada común blanca, wfiite-seeded spring barley 
Cebada caballar, winter barley (for horses) 
Cebada ladilla, common long-eared barley 

Cebadazo -a, adj. of barley ; made of barley 
Cebadera, sf. feed to working cattle in the field 
Cebadera, sprit-sail ; sail of the bowsprit (naut.) 
Cebaderia, sf. barley-market ; store for barley 
Cebadero, sm. place where game, fowls are fed 
Cebadero, breeder, feeder of hawks ; bell-mule 
Cebadero, mule with barley for the rest on a road 
Cebadero, dealer in barley ; mouth of a tile-kiln 
Cebadilla, sf. Indian caustic barley; sneeze-wort 
Cebadilla, prickly ox-eve ; hellebore used as snutf 
Cebado, a. of a wolf with a lamb, kid in its mouth 
Cebador, m. one who fattens fowls, other animals 
Cebadura, sf. feeding, fattening of fowls, &c. 
Cebar, va. 1. to feed; fatten (fowls, &c.) ; prime 
Cebar, to e.vcite, feed a passion ; let off a rocket 
Cebar, to keep up a fire by putting fuel on it 

Cebar, -un anzuelo, to bait a fish-hook 
Cebarse, ref. to be determined, firmly bent upon 
Cebellina, sf. martin ; (anim.) sable (skin, fur) 
Cebica, sf. clout (iron-plate to an axle-tree) 
Cebo, iw. food ; fodder; fattening of fowls 

) CEG 

Cebo, bait for wolves, birds of prey ; attraction 
Cebo, kind of large African monkey ; cart-grease 
Cebo de pescar, sm. bait for fishing, angling 
Cebolla, ,v/. onion; bulb (of any kind) 
Cebolla albarráua, sf. squill (pl'ant) 
Cebolla ascalonia, sf. eschalot-garlic (plant) 
Cebollána, sf. three-toothed globularia (plant) 
Cebollar, bed of onions ; ground sown with onions 
Cebollero, -a, smf. seller of, dealer in onions 
Cebolleta, sf. dimin. tender onion 
Cebollino, sm. young onion ; onion-seed ; chive 
Cebollón, sm. augm. large onion 
Cebolludo, -a, adj. with a big bulb; ill-shaped 
Cebón, sm. fat bullock, hog 
Cebones de Galicia, m. pi. stall-fed bullocks 
Ceboncillo, sm. falling; young fat pig 
Cebra, sf zebra (wild ass' beailtifully striped) 
Cebratina, long wooden tube ; piece of ordnance 
Ceburro (mijo) sm. millet; pannic grass (plant) 
Cecear, va. 1. to pronounce s like c; lisp 
Ceceo, sm. pronunciation of s like c; lisp 
Ceceoso, -a, adj. pronouncing s like c; lisping 
Cecha, sf. kind of vessel for drinking water 
Cecial, cod, any fish cured and dried in the air 
Cécias, sm. north-west wind 

Cecina,»/, hung-beef ; salt beef dried or smoked 
Cecina (echar en 1.) to salt and dry meat 
Cecinar, to make hung beef ; salt and dry meat 
Cedacería, shop where sieves are made, sold 
Cedacero, tn. maker, seller of sieves, cribs, &c. 
Cedacillo, -ito, sm. dimin. small sieve, &c. 
Cedazo, «;«. hair-sieve ; strainer; scarce 
Cedazo, (ver por tela de) to see others' faults 
Cedazuelo, sm. dim. small hair-sieve, strainer 
Cedente, orf;. yielding; conceding; granting 
/ 2. tn vield : » •■ • -■";■'■■ • "S"" "" 

; grant ; resign ; give up 

Ceder, i 

Ceder, !» . . . = 

Ceder, to happen ; turn out well, ill ; grow less 
Ceder á los deseos de, to fall in ; concur with 
Cedizo, -a, a. tainted; putrid; corrupted (meat) 
Cedo, adv. immediately ; without delay 
Cedria,/, cedria, (resinous liquor from the cedar) 
Cédride, Cédrio, sm. fruit of the cedar-tree 
Cedrino, -a, adj. cedrine; of the cedar-tree 
Cedro, sm. cedar (tree) ; Spanish juniper (plant) 
Cédula, slip of paper, parchment ; order; decree 
Cédula, schedule ; warrant ; scroll ; writing ; lot 
Cédula aduana, sf. permit (\\TÍtten permission) 
Cédula de abono, order to remit a tax to a town 
Cédula de cambio, sf. bill of exchange 
Cédula real, sf. royal letters patent 
Cédula ante diem, notice to members 
Cédula de inválidos, invalids' admissi 
Cédulas (echar 1.) to draw, cast lots 
Ceduláge, m. fees paid for the despatch of grants 
Cedulifla, -ita, sf. dim. small slip of paper 
Cedulón, sm. aug. long edict, libellous paper 
Cedulones, (poner, 2.) to put up edicts, libels 
Cefalalgia, i/. head-ache; cephalalgy 
Cefálica, sf. cephalic vein (anatomy) 
Cefálico, -a, «rf/. cephalic ; of, to, for the head 
Céfalo, sm. mullet (sea-fish like a perch) 
Céfiro, sm. zephyr ; west wind ; calm, soft 
Céfo, sm. large African monkey 
Cegador, -a, smf. flatterer; parasite; sycophant 
Cegájez, sf. weakness of sight ; blearedness 
Cegajo, S7n. he-goat two years old 
Cegajoso, -a, blear-eyed ; dim with rheum, water 
Cegar, vn. 1. to grow blind; lose one's sight 
Cegar, vn. to blind ; deprive of sight ; execute 
Cegar, to darken, obscure the light of reason 
Cegar los conductos, 8:c., to stop up channels 
Cegar una via de agua, to fother a leak (naut.) 
Cegarrita, one who contracts one eye to see far 

1, soft wind 


Ceg^arrttas, adv. with eyes shut 

Cegato, -a, adj. short-sighted ; unable to see fai 

Cegatoso, -a, adj. blear-eyed; dim with rheum 

Ct^uccíUo, Ceguezuélo, m. little blind fellow 

Ceguedad,/, blindness ; want of sight; ignoranci 

Ceguera,/, di-sordi-r in the eye; entire blindnesi 

Ccgueries, sm. kind of martens 

Ceguiñuéla, »/. whip-staff of tlie helm (naut.) 

Cegúta, sf. hemlock (poisonous plant) 

Ceiba, if. five-leaved silk cotton tree 

Ceja, sf. eye-brow; edging (of clothes) ; summil 

Ceja, bridjge (of instrument) ; circle of clouds 

Cejas, (hasta las) full to the eyes 

Cejas (quemarse las, ref. 1.) to study night & daj 

Cejadero, m. ropes, traces (of harness) 

Cejar, vn. 1. to go backwards; relax; slacken 

Cejijunto, -a, arf/. with eyebrows joined togcthei 

Cejo, >m. thick mist ; frown ; look of displeasure 

Cejuela, tf. dimin. small eye-brow 

Celada,»/, helmet; ambush; deceitful trick 

Celada, horse-soldier (anned with a cross-bow) 

Celada, ship's decoy to bring within gun-shot 

Celadilla, sf. dhnirt. small helmet 

Celáge, small cloud flying before 
Celáge. presage ; skylight ; upper part of a window 
Celáge, painting of the sun through the clouds 
Celiges, m. phtr. light clouds moving swiftly 
Celar,!), a. 1. to fulfil the duties of a post with care 
Celar, to watch from fear the motions (of a pers.) 
Celar, to cover ; hide ; engrave ; cut in wood 
Celda, sf. cell ; small cavity (in hives) 
Celdica, -ilia, -ita, »./. dimin. small cell, cavity 
Celdilla, sf. capsular cell (in plants, &c.) 
Celebérrimo, -a, adj. most celebrated; renowned 
Celebración, sf. celebration ; solemn day; praise 
Celebradór, sin. praiser; commender; applauder 
Celebrante, sm. officiating priest (at mass) 
Celebrar, va. 1. to perform in a solemn manner 
Celebrar, to celebrate; praise; revere; venerate 
Celebrar misa, to say mass (of the Roman church) 
Célebre, adj. celcbrious ; renowned ; facetious 
Célebremente, adv. celebriously; facetiously 
Celebridad, </. celebrity ; fame; magrnifir~'- 


Celemincro, m. óstler'(measunng grain , 

Celerado, Celerário, -a, adj. malicious ; vricked 
Celerário, m. usurer; money-lender (at interest) 
Celeridad,/, celerity; swiftness; speed; velocity 
Celeste, «rfj. ceiestinl; heavenly; sky-blue 
Celestial, nd;. celestial; heavenly; perfect ; silly 
Celestialménte, adx. in a heavenly manner 
Célfo, sm. large African monkey 
Celia, sf. beverage (made of wheat) 

Celibato, ÍOT. celibacy; single life; bachelor 
Célibe, sm. bachelor; unmarried; single man 
Célico, -a, adj. celestial ; heavenly ; perfect 
Celícola, im. inhabitant of heaven; angel 
Celidonia, sf. celandine ; swallow-wort (plant) 
Celindráte, m. ragout (made with coriander-seed] 
Celita, sf fish (in the straits of Gibraltar) 
Celia, »/. cell ; cavity (in bee-hives;) small cabir 
Cellenea, sf. prostitute ; public strumpet 
Celléneo, -a, adj. decrepit; infiri- ■ — • 

Celosía, sf. lattice (of a window) 

Celoso, -a, adj. light and swift-sailing; crank 
Celsitud, »/. celsitude ; height; highness 
Celticismo, sm. Celtic idiom. "■•""•»' ^„<,t«n. 

Celulilla, sf. dimin. very small cavity: cell 
Cembellina, sf. hartshorn (plant, and spirit) 
Cementación, sf. cementation ; cementing 
Cementar, a. 1. to lay the ground-work ; found 
Cementerio, Cemetério, m. church-yard 

Cena del rey, tax paid for the king's table 
Cenacho, sm. fruit, greens-basket'imade of bass) 
Cenáculo, sm. cenatory 

Cenadero, sm. place for supper; summer-house 
Cenador, sm. supper-eater ; summer house 
Cenador Chinesco, stn. Chinese temple 
Cenagal, sm. quagmire; marshy swamp 
Cenagal, (meterse en un 2. ref.) to be in a scrape 
Cenagal, (salir de un, 3.) to be disentangled 
Cenagoso, -a, adj. muddy ; miry ; marshy 
Cenar, va. 1. to sup; eat the evening meal 
Cenar á escuras, to sup in the dark ; be miserly 
Cenecéño, -a, ad;, lean ; thin; slender; s'mple 
Cenceño, (pan) sm. unleavened bread 
Cencerra, sf. bell (of the leading mule) ; ( lack 
Cencerrada, sf. rough music (at an old wedding) 
Cencerrear, n. 1. to jingle continually; rattle 
Cencerreo, sm. noise of the bell of a wether, &c 
Cencerril, adj. like the noise of a wether's bell 
Cencerrillo, -a, smf. dim. small bell of a wether 
Cencerro, m. bell (of the leading mule) 

r. Í tapados, (á) «d/i. privately ; by stealth 

tapados, (irse á 3. ref.) to sneak off 
, m. bunch of grapes left ungathered 
0, adj. like the noise of a wether's bell 
Cencido, -a, adj. unploughed; uncultivated 
Céncris, céncro, sm. white spotted serpent 
Cendal, »m. light thin stuff ; furbelow; garter 
Cendales, stn. plur. cotton for an inkstand 
Cendéa, sf. villages meeting on public matters 
Cendolilla, sf. forward girl acting heedlessly 
Cendra,/, paste (made of potash, to clean silver) 
Cendra, (ser una) to be as lively as a cricket 
Cendrar, vn. 1. to purify; refine; free from stain 
Cenefa, sf. frame (of a picture) ; valance ; fringes 
Cenefa, printed, painted border, list of stuff 
Cenefa, bank of a river, lake ; edge of a pond 
Cenefa de un toldo, centre of an awning 
Cenicero, sm. ash-hole ; place to put in the ashes 
Ceniciento, -a, adj. ash-coloured, Orown and gray 
Cénit, sm. zenith (highest point over our head) 
Ceniza, sf. ashes; size (laid on canvass); plaster 
Ceniza, sf. ashes ; remains of the dead 
Ceniza (dar con los huevos en la) to ruin an affair 
Ceniza (miércoles de) sm. Ash-Wednesday 
Ceniza alguna cosa, (hacerse) to come to nothing 
Ceniza en la frente, (poner ala) to make blush 
Cenizas azules, sf. plur. blue paint; azure colour 
Cenizo, sm. white eoose-foot ; vrild orach (plant) 
Cenizo, -a, adj. ash-coloured ; of a brown & gray 
Cenizoso, -a, adj. covered with ashes ; cineriüent 
CenóbiOj Jm. monastery; convent; cloister 
Cenobita, m. cenobite ; monk livingin community 
Cenobítico, -a, adj. cenobitical; monastic 
Cenofégias, sf. plur. feast of the tabernacles 
Cenogil, sm. garter; band to holdup the stocking 
Cenoria, sf. carrot (esculent root) 
Cenotáfio, »m. cenotaph; empty mausoleum 
Censal, im. right of annual pension ; poll-tax 
Censal, adj agreed to be paid yearly; feudal 
Censalista, sm. annuitant for life; copy-holder 
Censatario, censéro, m. tenant paying a quit-rent 

CEN í 

Censo, ím. right of annual pension ; poll-tax 
Censo al quitsu-, sm. annuity payable all at once 
Censo de por vida, annuity for one life, or more 
Censo di: agua, money paid for the water 
Censor, sin. censor; critic ¡ inspector of the press 
Censoria, if. censorship ; office of censor 
Censorino, censorio, -a, «. censorian; of censor 
Censual, adj. feudal ; of fees paid to a landowner 
Censualista, i». annuitant for life ; copy-holder 
Ceusualmente, adv. with the right of an annuity 
Censuario, sm. annuitant for lite ; copyholder 
Censura, i/. critical review; censure; reproach 
Censura, register; list; censorship 
Censurable, ««y. censurable; blameable; faulty 
Censurablemente, adv. in a blameable manner 
Censurador, «in. censurer; blamer; reprehender 
Censurante, iin. censurer ; reprehender; blamer 
Censurar, va. 1. to criticise; review; censure 
Censurar, to accuse ; condemn ; fulminate ; note 
Censurar, to record; register; reprove; correct 
Centaura, Centaurea, $/. centaury (plant) 
Centaurea mayor, >f. great centaury 
Centaviréa menor, sf. common erythroea 
Centauro, iin. centaur; archer (constellation) 
Centella, j/. lightning; flake of fire; flash 
Centella, (ser una) to be all life and spirit 
Centellador, -a, «dj. brilliant; shining; sparkling 
Centellante, adj. sparkling; flashing; radiant 
Centellar, Centellear, vn. 1. to sparkle; glitter 
Centelleo, >m. spark ; scintillation ; radiance 
CenteUica, -ita, s/. dimin. small spark; flash 
Centellón, ím. augm. great spark, flash 
Centena, sf. hundred ; centenary ; stubble of rje 
Centenadas, Centenares, (á) ndv. by hundreds 
Centenal, íin. field sown with rye ; centenary 
Centenar, jin. hundred ; field sown with rye 
Centenario, sm. feast kept every hundred years 
Centenario, -a, adj. centennial 
" ' a, ridj. of rye 

, rye "(coarse kind of bread-corn) 
adj. hundred ; of 10 multiplied by 10 
a, adj. of rye ; mixed with rye 
a, adj. centesimal; hundredth 

,«/. brilliancy ; splendour; lustre 

Centidonia, sf. knotberry-ímsh ; knot-grass (pla.) 
Centiloquio, íin. work divided into 100 parts 
Centimano, -a, adj. with a hundred hands 
Céntimo, m. coin equal to the 100th part of a franc 
Centinela, sf. sentry ; sentinel ; watch ; guard 
Centinela avanzada, sf. advanced guard 
Centinela á caballo, sentinel on horseback 
Centinela perdida, forlorn hope 
Centinela (estar de, or hacer) to stand sentrv 
Centinodia, sf. knotberry-bush ; knot-grass (pi.) 
Centiplicado, -a, adj. centuple ; a hundred-fold 
Centiplicár, va. 1. to centuplicate; centuple 
Centola, Centolla, sf. turtle with spotted scales 
Centón, sm. coarse covering of warlike machines 
Centón, collection of literary scraps ; cento 
Centrado, a, adj. with a globe in the centre 
Central, centrical, adj. central ; centrical 
Centralidád, sf. position in a centre 
Centralmente, adv. in a central manner 
Céntrico, adj. punto céntrico, sin. object; aim 
Centrifugo, -a, adj. receding from the centre 
Centrípeto, -a, adj. tending to the centre 
Centro, m. centre ; middle ; principal object ; disk 
Centro, (estar en su 1.) to be in one's element 
Centuplicar, vn. 1. to centuplicate 
Centiiplo, -a, arf;. centuple ; a hundred-fold 
Centuria, tf. century; period of 100 years 
Centuria, Roman company of 100 soldiers 
Centurión, >n. Roman officer at the head of 100 raen 
C«nzálo, m. gnat (small winged stinging insect) 

Cent< ■ 


Ceñar, vn. 1. to frown ; give a look of displeasure 
Ceñido, -a, adj. moderate ; encircled witli rings 
Ceñidor, s»n. lielt; cincture; girdle; girdlebelt 
Ceñidor de Venus, sm. cestus ; girdle of Venus 
Ceñidura, sf. girding; binding with a girdle 
Ceñígio, sm. white goose-foot; wild orach (pi ) 
Ceñir, va. 3. to gird; enclose; reduce; contiact 
Ceñir espada, to carry, wear a sword 
Ceñir el viento, to haul the wind (naut.) 
Ceñirse, v. rej. 3. to reduce one's expenses 
Ceño, sm. frown ; ferrule ; circle round the hoof 
Ceñoso, -a, adj. with a ring round the hoof 
Ceñudo, -a, adj. frowning ; supercilious ; gruff 
Cepa, sf. trunk of a tree from the root ; viue-stock 
Ci'pa, oriifin ; descent; bud; root of the wool 
Cepacaballo, sin. lardoon; thistle (plant) 
Cepádgo, fine (paid by an offender in the stocks) 
Cepejón, sm. highest and largest bran':h torn off 
Cepilladuras,/, pi. uhaviiigs (made with a plane) 
Cepillar, va. 1. to plane; smooth with a plane 
Cepillo, sm. plane; brush; alms-box; corban 
Cepita, sf. dimin. small scion of a vine 
Cepo, in. anvil's block; stocks; reel; trap 
Cepo del ancla, sm. anchor-stock (naut.) 
Cepo de maniguetas, cross-piece of the kevel 
Cepo de molinete, knighthead of the windlass 
Cepos, sm.plur. notched cleats fixed across 
Cepos quedos, no more of that; change the subjcit 
Cepun, rn. augm. large trunk of a tree, vine-stock 
Ceporro, sm. old vine pulled up by the roots 
Cequi, Cequin, m. gold Venetian coin of about 9s. 
Cera, s/. wax; wax-tapers, candles ; foot-path 
Cera aleda, coarse wax (in the inside of hives) 
Cera de los oídos, sf. cerumen ; ear-wax [wax 
Cera y pábilo, (hocer de uno) to mould one like 
Cera (ser una v. aux.) to be as pliant as wax 
Ceras, sf. plur. honey-combs 
Ceras, (melar las 1.) to fill the combs with honey 
Cerachátes, sf. plur. wax-stones (yellow agate) 
Cerafólio, sm. chervil (umbelliferous plant) 
Cerapéz, sf. Cerate (medicament made of wax) 
Cerasina, sf. beverage made of rice 
Cerásta, sf. Ceraste, -ástes, sm. horned serpent 
Cerástio de Granada, sm. white mouse-ear (pi.) 
Ceráto, sm. cerate (wax medicament) 
Ceratófilo.-ófilon, in. pond- weed; horn wort (pi.) 
Cerbatana, sf. sort of popgun; acoustic trumpet 
Cerbatana, ancient culverin of small caliber 
Cerbélo, sm. Cercbel, hind part of the brain 
Cérea, sf. enclosure; hedtje; fence; haw; yard 
Cérea, adv. near; nigh; close: at hand; not far off 
Cérea de, prep, close to; nigh; with regard to 
Cérea, (en) round about; in a circuitous manner 
Cérea (tocar de 1.) to be nearly allied to 
Cercado, sm. enclosed garden, &c.; enclosure 
Cercador, in. encloser; hedger; raiser of fences 
Cercadura, sf. enclosure; fence; hedge; wall 
Cercamiénto, sm. enclosing; enclosure; hedging 
' ite,«d!'.near; nigh; at a small distan 



, -w V . -Jcnoounns' 

Cercar, va. 1. to enclose; fence; s 
Céreas, (las) /. pi. foreground objects (in paint) 
Cercén, adv. at the root; thorouglily; fully 
Cercenadaménte, adv. in a clipping manner 
Cercenadéra,/. clipping-knife (wax-chandler's) 
Cercenadór, in. who pares, clips, lops off the ends 

pare; clip; lop off; retrench 
Cercéra, sf. air-tube (to extract the foul air) 
Cerceta, sf. widgeon (water-fowl) ; antler 
Cercha, sf. wooden rule (for convex bodies) 
Cerchar, va. 1. to square timber; lean upon 

CER e 

Cerchón, $m. wooden fran.e {to raise an arch) 
Cercillo, tm. ear-ring; tendril of a vine; boop 
Cercio, CerciOn, tm. Indian starling 
Cerciorar, vn. 1. to affirm; assure; ascertain 
Cerco, im. hoop; ring; circle; frame; blockade 
Céreo á una plaza, (poner 2.) to blockade a place 
Céreo (levantar el 1.) to raise the blockade 
Céreo, (echar 1.) to surround game with dogs 
Céreo (hacer un 2.) to draw a circle 
Céreo de puerta, jr«. frame of a door 
Céreo del sol, de la luna, halo round I he sun, moon 
Céreo, (en) adv. in a circle; on every side 
Cercopitéco, on. long-tailed monkey 
Cerda, »/. long hair of the tail, or mane of a horse 
Cerda, corn just cut down; bundle of flax; sow 
Cerda de puerco, #/. ho^'s bristle 
Cerda (ganado de) «m. herd of swine 
Cerdas, if.plur. snares (for birds) 
Cerdamen, »n. handful of bristles 
Cerdana, */. kind of dance in Catalonia 
Cerdázo, tm. augm. large hog, pig; hair-sieve 
Cerdear, vn. I. to be weak in the fore-quarter 
Cerdear, to sound harsh (string) ; evade a request 
Cerdillo, tm. dimin. small hog, pig 
Cerdo, tm. hog; pig (animal used tor food) 
Cerdo de muerte, tm. pig fit to be killed 
Cerdo de vida, pig not old enough to be killed 
Cerdoso, -údo, -a, adi. bristly; covered with hair 
Cerebelo, tm. cerebel; part of the brain 
Cerebro, tm. brain; skull; understanding; sense 
Cerecilla, «/. dimin. small kind of red pepper 
Cerecita, -ilia, tf. dimin. small cherry (fruit) 
Ceremonia,/, ceremony; formality; outward form 
Ceremonia (guardar 1.) to stick to old manners 
Ceremonia (hacer de pura) to do out of ceremony 
Ceremonia (de) adv. with all ceremony 
Ceremonia, (por, de) adv. out of compliment 
Ceremrinias, */. plur. words of course 
Ceremonial, tm. book of public ceremonies 
Ceremonial, adj. ceremonial; ceremonious 
Ceremoniáticaménte, adv. ceremoniously 
Ceremoniático, -a, adj. ceremonious; formal 
Ceremoniosamente, «civ. in a ceremonious manner 
Ceremonioso, -a, adf. ceremonious; formal 
Ct'reo, tm. torch-thistle (plant) 
Cereria,/. wax-chandler's shop; office in palaces 
Cerero, tm. wax-chandler; lounger; idler 
Cereza, «. cherry (small stony fruit) 
Cereza garrafal, tj. large heart-cherry 
Cerezal, tm. plantation of cherry-trees 

CeTpa.0, tm. cistus; rock-rose (plant) 
Cenbón, tm. surrender of property to creditors 
Ceribónes (hacer) to flatter submissively 
Ceriflor tm. honey-wort; honey-flower (plant) 
Cerilla, tf. wax-tapers rolled up; wax tablet 
Cerimónia,í/. cereraonjr; formalitj; outward form 
Cério, Cerério, tm. cenum, cerenum (chym.) 
Cerites, tm. wax-stone (kind of yellow agate) 
Cermeña, tf. Muscadine pear (early fruit) 
Cermeño, tm. Muscadine pear-tree 
Cernada, tf. residue of lie; size: plaster of ashes 
Cernadero, tm. strainer (of coarse linen) ; skein 
Cernadero, tm. sifting-apron: place for sifting 
Cernedor, tm. flour-sifter (with a sieve) 
Cerneja, tf. fetlock (tuft of hair on the pastern) 
Cerner, va. 2. to sift; separate with a sieve; bolt 
Cerner, vu. to bud; blossom; drizzle; fall in drops 
Cernerse, v.ref. to waddle; waggle; soar (birds) 
Cernícalo, tm. kestrel (small bastard hawk) 
Cernícalo, (coger, un) lo be half-seas-over 
Cernidillo, tm. thick mist; small rain: waddling 
Cernido, tm. sifting; bolting: flour sifted 
Cernidura, tf. sifting; separating with a sieve 

ro, (se 

n.) „ 

o be a 

Ceroferário, wi. light-bearer in the Roman church 
Cerollo, -a, adi. reaped rather green & soft (corn) 
Cerón, tm. cake of the dregs of wax pressed 
Cerote, im. shoemaker's wax; fear; panic; cerate 
Cerotéro, im. piece of an old hat (to wax twine) 
Ceroto, tm. soft cerate (made of oil and wax) 
Ceróya, tf. crops of com (beginning to be yellow) 
Cerquillo, m. small hoop; welt of a shoe; tonsure 
Cerquita, tf dimin. small enclosure 
Cerquita, adv. at a small distance; near; shortly 
Cerrada, tf. back part of a hide; skin; locking up 
Cerrada, (hacer) to commit a great fault; mistake 
Cerradero, tm. bolt; bar of a door; purse-strings 
Cerradero, -a, adj. locked up; bolted; barred 
Cerradizo, -a, adj. that may be locked, fastened 
Cerrado, tm. enclosed garden; enclosure; close 
Cerrado, -a, adj. reserved; close; hidden 
Cerrado cómo pié de muléto, as obstinate as a mule 
Cerrados los ojos, adv. exp. without examination 

uerraja, tj. lock (ot a Uoor, &c.); sow-tmstle 
Cerrajas, (ser agua de) to be good for nothing 
Cerrajear, vn. 1. to be a lock-smith; make locks 
Cerrajería, tf. lock-smith's trade; lock-smithy 
Cerrajero, tm. lock-smith; maker of locks, keys 
Cerramiento, tm. shutting, stopping up; close 
Cerramiento, partition-wall; finishing of the roof 
Cerrar, va. 1. to close; shut; stop up; lock; bolt 
Cerrar, to include; finish; prohibit; engage 
Cerrar la carta, to fold up a letter 
Cerrar la cuenta, to close an account 
Cerrar la boca, to shut one's mouth; be silent 
Cerrar la mollera, to begin to have sense 
Cerrar la oreja, to be deaf to one's proposals 
Cerrar la puerta, to give a flat denial 
Cerrar á alguno la puerta, to shut one out 
Cerrar los ojos, to die; sleep: submit blindly 
Cerrar del día, (al.) adv. at the close of the day 
Cerrarse, «. ref. 1. to remain firm in one's opinion 
Cerrarse, to be shut, cicatrized; grow cloudy 
Cerrarse de campiña, to adhere to an opinion 
Cerrarse todas las puertas, to be most destitute 
Cerrauriál, tm. water conduit; pipe; canal 
Cerrazón, Jm.dark clov.dv weather (before storms) 
Cerrejón, tm. hillock; little hill; eminence 
Cerrero, -a, adj. running wild from hill to hill 
Cerril, adj. mountainous; wild; unmannerly 
Cerril, (puente) tm. narrow bridge (for cattle) 
Cerrillár, va. 1. to mill; stamp the edges of coin 
Cerillo, tm. little eminence; hillock 
Cerrillos, tm. plur. dies (for milling coins) 
Cerrión, tm. icicle; shoot of ice; fresh cheese 
Cerro, SHI. hill; neck (of animal); baek-bone 
Cerro enriscado, tm. steep inaccessible hill 
Cerro (pasar, traer la mano por el) to flatter 
Cerro (en), adv. nakedly; barely; simply 
Cerros de úbeda, (cómo por los) quite different 
Cerrojillo, tm. wagtail (bird); small bolt 
Cernijo, tm. bolt (piece of iron to fasten doors) 
Cerrojos (tentar 1,) to try all ways and means 
Ci-rron, ttn. linen (made of tow in Galicia) 
Cerrúma, tf. defective quarter (in horses) 
Cerrumádo, -a adj. with weak quarters (horse) 
Certamen, tm. controversy; disputation; battle 
Certería, tf. skill; dexterity; firm hand; sense 
Certero, a, adj. dexterous; skilled (in shooting) 
Certeza, tf. certainty; certitude; surety 

; sccuritv; oblig^tioi 


Certidumbre, tm. 
Certificación, s/. 
Certificado, im. certificate; r 
Certificador, sm. affirrner; wJ 
Certificar, va. 1. to affirm: c< 

Certificatorio, -a, ad/, certify ,. 

Certinidad, Certitud", if. certainty; certitude 
Cerúleo, -a, adj. cerulean; blue; sky-coloured 
Cernina, «/. defective, weak quarter (in a horse) 
Cerusa,»/, ceruse; white-lead (kind of paint) 
Cerval, adj. of a deer; like a deer 
Cerval, (miedo) sm. gfreat timidity; fcarfulness 
Cervario, -a, adj. of a deer; like a deer 
Cervatica, »/. large green locust (insect) 
Cervatico, -illo, sm. dimin. small deer 
Cervato, sm. young- deer (not full ufrown) 

Cerveda, */. end of the ribs of pork 
Cerveza, «/. beer; ale; malt-liquor (beverage) 
Cervicabra, sf. antelope (animal like a goat) 
Cervical, adj. cervical; of the neck 
Cervigudo, -a, adj. high; thick-necked; obstinate 
Cerviguillo, sm. nape; (joint of the neck behind) 
Cervino, -a, adj. of a deer; like a deer 
Cerviólas, sf. phir. cat-heads (timbers in a ship) 
Cerviz, 5/. nape (hind part of the neck) 
Cerviz, (doblar, bajar la 1.) to humble one's self 
Cerviz, (levantar la 1.) to be elated; grow proud 
Cerviz, (ser de dura, v. au.r.) to be incorrigible 
Cervuno, -a, adj. of, like a deer; of a fawn-colour 
Cesácio, sf. suspension from religious offices 
Cesación, sf. Cesamiento, m. cessation; pause 
Cesante, adj. ceasing; leaving off; stopping 
Cesar, i-a. 1. to cease; leave off; forbear; desist 
Cesar, sm. name of the Roman Emperor 
César ó nada (ó) udr. ejp. neck or nothing 
Cesáreo, -a, adj. of Cesar; imperial 
Cesárea, (operación) sf. Cesarían operation 
Cese, sm. cease (mark of pension having ceased) 
Cesible, adj. that may be ceded, yielded 

Cesión de bienes, sf. surrender of property 


Cha, «/. tea; very thin kind of stuff (iu China) 
Chabacana, sf. kind of insipid plum 
Chabacanada, sf. some very vulgar word 
Chabacanamente, adv. in a bungling manner 

nliness, elegance 
Chabacano, -a, 'adj. coarse; unpolished 

'■. forelock-k 
Chabi'ta, (perder la 2 ) 
Chaborra, sf. young lass; giil (prov ) 

/'. rfi»i;/. very young l»ss (prov.) 

io, Ces 

smf c 

Cesta, sf. basket; pannier; 

Cestada, sf. basket full; contents of a full basket 

Cestería, sf. place where baskets are made, sold 

Cestero, stn. basket-maker, seller 

Cesticá,-ílla,-íta, sf. dimin. small basket 

Cestico, -illo,-ito, sm. little basket; hand-basket 

Cesto, sm. hand-basket; mound; hutch 

Cesto, festar hecho un) to be overcome by sleep 

Cesto, (ser un, p. au.r.) to be ignorant and rude 

Cestón, stn. <nig7n. large basket; pannier; gabion 

Cestones, sw/. };/«?-. cdrbeils (in fortifications) 

Cestonada, sf. range of gabions 

Cestro, sm. sistrum; cithern (kind of harp) 

Cetáceo, -a, adj. cetaceous; of the whale kind 
Cetis, sm. sixth part of a Spanish maravedí 
Cetra, sf. ancient Spanish leather shield 
Cetre, sm. small brass, copper bucket 
Cetrería, sf. falconry; haw.king; flying hawks 
Certrero, sm. verger; falconer; sportsman 
Cetrifpro, sm. one who bears a sceptre (poet) 
Cetrino, -a, adj. citrine; of a citron; jaundiced 
Cetro, sm. sceptre; reign; verge; staff; perch 
Ceuma, sf. zeugma (rhetoricalfigure) 
Cévil, nrf;. vile; despicable: polite; civil 
Cevilidád, sf. misery; meanness; civility 
Ceyba, sj. sea-weed; large tree in the Indies 

o lose 



n. 1. to chat; chatter; prate; talk idly 

., .'/. chattering; loquacity; idle talk 
Chacharón, sm. prater; idle talker 

stake (at ombre); word of endearment 
seasoned pork (for sausages, &c.) 

. light red sourish wine (in Biscay) 
Chacolotear, ;/. 1. to clap asahorse-shoe unnailed 
Chacolotfo, m. clapping of a horse-shoe unnailed 
Chacona, sf. tune and name of a Spanish dance 
Chacota, sf. noisy mirth; joke; ridicule 
Chacota de (hacer 2.)to turn into ridicule 
Chacota, (echar á 1.) to carry off with a joke 
Chacotear, vn. 1. to indulge in noisy mirth 
Chacotero; -a, smf. St adj^v/ng- ludicrous; droll 
Chacra, sf. dirty, Indian rustic dwelling 
Chacuaco, sm. clown; ill-bred man; rustic 
Chafaldetes, sm. phir. clew lines (naut.) 
Chafalla, sf. suit of old tattered clothes 
Chafallar, va. 1. to botch; mend in a clumsy way 
Chafallo, im. coarse patch; place mended coarsely 
Chafallón, -a, s. botcher; pateher; coarse mender 
Chafar, va. 1. to crush the pile of velvet, plush 
Chafar, to cut one short in his discourse 
Chafarote, sm. short Turkish broad sword 
Chafarrinada, sf. stain (in clothes); disgrace 
Chaf.arrinar, va. 1. to stain; spot; blot; disgrace 
Chafarrinón, sm. blot; stain; spot; disgrace 
Chafarrinón, (echar un) to disgrace one's family 
Chaferconéas, sf. phtr. printed, coloured linen 
Chaflán, sm. bevil (kind of square for masons) 
Chaflanar, va. 1. to form a bevil; cut aslope 
Chai, sm. shawl (part of a woman's dress) 
Chalán, -a, smf. peddler; jobber; huckster; jockey 
Chalanear, va. 1. to buy and re-sell 
Chalanería, sf. cunning (in buying and selling) 
Chaldron, sm. chaldron (coals measure 30 bush.) 
Chaleco, sm. waistcoat (under coat garment) 
Chalón, Chalón, sm. shalloon (woollen stuff) 
Chalóte, sm. eschalot; gariic (plant) 
Chalupa, sf. sloop; small light vessel; long boat 
Chamaleón, sm. chameleon (kind of lizard) 
Chamarasca, sf. brisk fire (made of brushwood) 
Chamaráz, sm. water-germander (plant) 
Chamarilero y^sm. broker; dealer in old pictures. 
Chamarillero,) furniture; gambler 
Chamarillón, sm. bad player (at cards) 
Chamariz, sm. blue tit-mouse (small bird) 
Chamaron sm. long-tailed tit-mouse (bird) 
Chamarra, sf. garment of sheep-skins; frieze 
Chamarreta, sf. short loose jacket with sleeves 
Chamberga, sf. long and wide cassock; silk girdle 
Chamberga, Spanish dance with a merry song 
Chambergo, -a, adj. slouched; not cocked (hat) 
Chamelote, sm. camlet (silk and wool stuff) 
Chamelote de aguas, sm. clouded camlet 
Chamelote de flores, sin. flowered camlet 
Chamelotina, sf. kind of coarse camlet 
Chamelotón, sm. coarse camlet (stuff) 
Chamerlúco, sm. close jacket with a collar 
Chamicera, sf. piece of wool scorched by fire 
Chamicero, -a, nd\. of scorched wood 
H 2 

CHA y 

Chamiza, »/. kind of wild cane, reed 
Chamizo, im. piece of wood half burnt 
Chamorra, »J. shorn head; head without hair 
Cliamorráda, */. butt given with a shorn head 
Chamorrar, im. 1. to cut off the hair with shears 
Chamorro, -a, adj. shorn; bald; without hair 
Chamorro, (trigo) sin. winter, beardless wheat 
Champada, ej. large lofty tree (in Malaga) 
Champán, m. American vessel about 7U to SO tons 
Champurrado, sm. jargon; mixture of liquors 
Champurrar, w«. 1. to mix liquors; talkgiboerish 
Chamuscado, -a, adj. tipsy; drunk; prone to a vice 
Chamuscado, -a, p. part, singed; scorched 
Chamuscar, va. 1. to singe; scorch 
Chamusco, Itn. singeing; scorching; wrangling 
Chamuscon, iin. augm. large singe; ' 

Chancearse, v. ref. to jest; joke; indulge in jests 
Chancellar, va. 1. to cancel; efface; annul 
Chanceller, im. chancellor (head of chancery) 
Chancero, -a, adj. merry; sportful; jocose 
Cháncharras, Máncharras, »/. plur. subterfuges 
Chancica, -ilia, -ita, </• <''"'• little fun, jest, joke 
Chancilleresco, -a, adj. of the court of chancery 
Chancilleria, >Jf. chancery; chancellorship 
Chancleta, if. slipper; kind of patten; clog 
Chancleta, (andar en 1.) to go slipshod 
Chanclo, m. patten; clog; galoche; wooden shoe 
Chanfaina, sj. ragout of livers and lights 
Chanfaina, trifling worthess thing 
Chanflón, -a, made in a coarse clumsy manner 
Chanflón, tm. money beaten out to appear large 
Changóte, tm. oblong bar of iron 
Chantar, va. 1. to put; clothe; deck; cloak 
Chantre, sm. precentor (dignified canon) 
Chantria, tf. dignity, office of precentor 
Chanza, «/.joke; fun; jest; facetiousness 
Chanza pesada, sf. sarcastic taunt; bad trick 
Chanza, (hablar de 1.) to jest; joke; speak in jest 
Chanzoneta, sf. joke; ballad; little merry song 
Chanzonetero, sm. petty poet; sonnetteer 
Chapa, sf. thin metal plate; rosy spot; rouge 
Chapa, (hombre de) sm. man of judgment, merit 
Chapas de freno,/, bosses of the bit of a bridle 
Chapadamente, udv. perfectly; elegantly 
Chapaleta, sf. sucker (of a ship's pump) 
Chapar, va. 1. to plate; cover with plates; coat 
Chaparra, sf. kind of oak; low-roofed coach 
Chaparrada, if. very heavy shower of rain 
Chaparral, sm. plantation of evergreen oaks 
Chaparro, sm. evergreen oak tree 
Chaparrón, sm. very heavy shower of rain 
Chapear, va. 1. to adorn; cover with metal plates 
Chapear, vn. to clap (as a horse-shoe unnailed) 
Chapeleta de una bomba, sf. clapper of a ship's 
Chapelete, sm. ancient bonnet, hat, cap [pump 
Chapelina, sf. ancient small gold coin 
Chapelo, Chapeo, sm. hat; cover for the head 
Chapería,»/, ornament made of many metal plates 
Cliaperon, sm. ancient hood; head cover; cowl 
Chapeta, si. red spot on the cheek; blotch 
Chapeta,-illa, sf. dimin. small metal plate 
Chapetón, sm. European settler (in Peru) 
Chapetonada, sf. disease of Europeans (in Peru) 
Chapin de la Reina, tax of lóO.OUU.UOO maravedís 
Chapín sm. clog (with a cork sole under morocco) 
Chapinázo, sm. stroke, blow with a clog, patten 
Chapinería, sf. shop for clogs, pattens, &c. 
Chapinero, sm. maker, seller of clogs, pattens 
Chapinito, sm. dimin small clog, patten 
Chapitel, tm. chaptrel; capital of a pillar 
Chapitel, brass plate over the compass 
Cháplc, sm. graver (tool used in graving) 


Chapodar, a. 1. to cm, lop off the branches of tree* 
Chapóte, on. kind of black glue, wax (in America) 
Chapotear, va. 1. to wet with a sponge 
Chapotear, vn. to paddle in the water; dabble 
Chapucear, va. 1. to botch; bungle 
Chapuceramente, adv. in a clumsy manner 
Chapucería, sf. clumsy performance 
Chapucero, sm. blacksmith; nail maker; bungler 
Chapucero, -a, adj. rough; clumsy (workman) 
Chapurrado, tm. jargon; broken language 
Chapurrar, va. 1. to talk gibberish; mix liquors 
Chapuz, sm. ducking; clumsy performance 
Chapuces, íwi. plur. mast spars (naut.) 
Chapuzar, va. to duck; paddle with the oars 
Chapuzar arse, vn. & ref. to dive; plunge; duck 
Chaqueta, sf. jacket (kiad of short coat) 
Chaquete, sm. game hke back-gammon 
Chaquira, sf. kind of pearl-white glass beads 
Charadrio, sm. common roller (bird) 
Charánchas, sf. plur. battens (supporters, naut.) 
Charanguero, -a, adj. clumsy; bungling; rough 
Charanguero, sm. hawker; peddler; coasting ship 
Charca, sf. pool intended for congelation 
Charcánas, sf. stuff made of silk and cotton 
Charco, sm. pool of standing water; small lake 
Charco, (pasar el 1.) to c) '' 

Charlant , . 

Charlar, vn. 1. to prattle; chatter; gossip; gabble 
Charlatán, -a, smf. prater; babbler; charlatan 
Charlatanear, vti. 1. to prattle; chatter; gossip 
Charlatanería, sf. loquacity; charlatanry; cheat 
Charlatanismo, sm. verbosity; quackery 
Charmilla, sf. horn-beam tree 
Charneca, sf. mastic tree; pistachio tree 
Charnecal, sm. plantation of mastic trees 
Charnela,»/, hinge: chape; catch (of a buckle) 
Charneta, sf. iron plate; flat piece of iron 
Charol, tin. varnish; shining matter; japan 
Charolar, va. 1. to varnish; glaze; japan 
Charolista, tm. varnisher; japanner; gilder 
Charpa, sf. belt (vrith a hook to hang on fire-arms 
Charpár, va. 1. to scarf; wrap; twist round 
Charquillo, sm. dimin. small pool; puddle 
Charrada, sf. speech, action of a clown; dance 
Charrada, showy thing made without taste 
Charramente, adv. clownishly; without taste 
Charretera, sf. strap (to fix trowsers) ; epaulet 
Charrióte, tm. carriage; cart; vehicle; coach 
Charro, -a, smf. churl; clownish person; peasant 
Charro, -a, adj. gaudy; adorned without taste 
Chas, sm. word expressing cracking, tearing 
Chasco, sm. fun; jest; trick; disappointment 
Chasco, (dar un 1.) to play a merry trick 
Chasco, (dar 1.) to disappoint; frustrate; balk 
Chasco, (llvárse ref. 1.) to be disappointed 
Chasquear, va. 1. to crack (with a whip, lash) 
Chasquear, to disappoint; frustrate; cheat; fail 
Chasquear, vn. to play a waggish trick; jest 
Chasqui, post boy; messenger on foot (in Peru) 
Chasquido, sm. crack (of a whip, lash); crack 
Chasquista, sm. one fond of playing tricks 
Chata, sf. flat-bottomed boat (naut.) 
Chata alijadora, sf. lighter (boat to unload) 
Chata de arbolar, sf. sheer-hulk (naut.) 
Chata de carenar, sf. careening-hulk (naut.) 
Chate, sm. round-leaved Egyptian cucumber 
Chato, -a, adj. flat; somewhat flat; flat-nosed 
Chata, (embarcación^ if. flat-bottomed vessel 
Chavari, sm. kind of linen 

CHA h 

Chaveta, «/. forelock key; forelock-plate 
CbaTÓnis, if. kind of muslin 
(Jhaúl, im. blue silk stuff (like gro^am in China) 
Chaza,/, point where the ball stops; birth in a ship 
Chaza, (hacer 2.) to walk on the hind feet (horse) 
Cbazadór, sm. one who stops the ball, and marks 
Chazar, va. 1. to stop the ball; mark the point 
Cheles, m. plur. cotton stuff of different colours 
Chelín, shilling (English coin of about 5 reals) 
Cheremia, Cheremilla, »/. clarion; trumpet 
Chema, */. ruffle (fish like a salmon) 
Cherquemola, /. Indian stuff made of silk & bark 
Cherva,/. great spurge (very purgative plant) 
Chevrouádo, -a, adj. charged with chevrons 
Chía,/, short black mantle; cowl 
Chiár, vn. 1, to chirp; chirrup (like birds) 
Chiba, sf. kid (goat not twelve mouths old 
Chibal, sni. herd, flock of goats 
Chibalete, «m. chest of drawers with a desk 
Chibáta, í/. shepherd's staff, club, crook 
Chibáto, sm. kid (between 6 and 12 months old) 
Chibetero, Chibitál, sm. fold (to put in kids) 
Chibo, sm. kid (not a year old) 

, (buena) «/. pretty little girl 
Chicada, sf. herd of sickly kids 
Chicarerro,)//. shoemaker (ofpumpsSt little shoes) 
Chicha, sf. children's meat; Indian corn drink 
Chíchaynábo, (sercósade) tobe of little moment 
Chichas (teuér pocas 2.) to be very lean, weak 
Chícharo, sm. pea (esculent pulse) 
Chicharra, sf. frothworm; harvest-fly (insect) 
Chicharra, (ser una, v. anx.) to be a chatterer 
Chicharra, (cantar la 1.) to be scorching hot 
Chicharrar, a. 1. to fry (meat) too much 
Chicharrero, i;«. hot place, country, climate 
Chicharro, sm. young tunny; horse mackerel 
Chicharrón, m. morsel of fried lard left in the pan 
Chichería, sf. tavern for Indian corn drink 
Chichisveadór, sm. wooer; lover; gallant 
Chichisveár, va. 1. to woo; court; sue for love 
Chichisveo, sm. court and attendance to a lady 
Chichisveo, Cicisbeo; spark; dangler; gallant 
Chichón, syn. lump on the head by a blow; bruise 
Chichoncillo, -ito, sm. diinin. small lump, bruise 
Chichota, (sin faltar) it is all complete 
Chico, -a, adj. little; small; short; young; puny 
Chico con grande, adj. both great and small 
Chico, (buen) s?n. good, nice young boy, man 
Chicolear, vn. 1. to joke; jest in gaflantry 
Chicoria, sf. succory; vrild endive (plant) 
Chicorrotico, -illo, -ito, -a, adj. very little, small 
Chicorrotin, adj. very small (child) 
Chicóto, -a, smf. strong fat boy, strong fat girl 
Chicóto, »m. segar (leaves of tobacco rolled up) 
Chicóto, sm. end of a rope, cable (naut.) 
Chicozapóte, sm. American fruit like a peach 
Chicuelo, -a, smf. dimhi. little child 
Chifla, sf. whistle (small wind instrument) 
Chifla, paring knife (of bookbinders) 
Chiflacayóte, sm. large American pumpkin 
Chifladéra, -úra, sf. whistle; whistling 
Chiflar, va. 1. to pare (leather to bind books) 
Chiflar, vn. to whistle; jest; mock; tipple; drink 
Chiflato, sm. whistle (small wind instrument) 
Chifle, sm. whistle; bird-call; priming-horn; tide 
Chifles, (aguas) sf. plur. neap-tide (naut.) 
Chiflete sm. paring-knife (of bookbinders) 
Chiflido, sm. sound of a whistle, bird-call 
Chiflo, sm. paring-knife (of bookbinders) 
Chilaeayóte, sm. American gourd (plant) 
Chile, sm. small American red pepper (plant) 
Chilera, sf. row-lock-hole (naut.) 


Chilindrina, sf. trifle; thing of little value 

indrón, sm. game at cards; collection 

Chilindrón, gash, cut, wound in the head 
Chilla, .«/. call for foxes, hares, rabbits 
Chilla (clavo de) sm. tack (sort of nail) 
Chilla (tablas de) sf. plur. thin boards 
Chillas, sf. plur. kind of East India cotton stuff 
Chillado, m. roof (made of shingles, thin boards) 
Chillador, -a, smf. who screams; thing that creaks 
Chillar, vn. 1. to .scream; shriek; mewl; creak 
Chillar, imitate the notes (of a bird); hiss 
Chilli-ras, «/.?''"■• shot-lockers (on board a ship) 
Chillido, m. scream; bawling (of a woman) 
Chillo, sm. call for foxes, hares, rabbits 
Chillón, sm. bawler; common crier; nail; tack 
Chillón real, stn. spike; long nail 
Chillón, (clavo) S7n. tack; smaU nail 
Chillón, -a, adj. tawdry; showy (of colours) 
Chimenea,.'/, chimney; flue; fire-place; head 
Chimera,/, chimera; wild fancy; vain imagination 
Chimia, sf. chymistry (analysis of bodies by fire) 
China, sf. pebble; china-root; china; bovish play 
China, (media) sf. coarser stuff than China silk 
Chinar, vn. 1. to creak; undertake unwillingly 
Chinárro, sm. large pebble (sort of bastard gem) 
Chiuateádo,«in. stratum of pebbles, small stones 
Chiná;¿o, sm. large pebble; blow with a pebble 
Chincharrázo, sf, thrust, cut with a sword, &c. 
Chincharr<"ro, sm. place swarming with bugs 
Chinche, .'/. buuf (very annoying insect) 
Chinches,(morir cónio3.) to die like rotten sheep 
Chinchero, sm. bug-trap (made of twigs) 
Chinchilla, sf. small quadruped (in Peru); fur 
Chinchón, m. lump ou the iiead (caused by a blow) 
Chinchorreo, m. tiresome importunity in asking 
Chinchorrería, sf. misrepresentation; story 
Chinchorrero, -a, sm/. insidious story-teller 
Chinchorro, «.American fishing-boat; fishing-net 
Chinchoso, -a, adj. peevish; fastidious; waspish 
Chinela,/, slipper; kind of pattens, clogs 
Chinilla, -ita, */. dimin. small pebble, stone 
Chino, -a, adj. Chinese (anything from China) 
Chio chio, stn. chirping of sparrows 
Chiquerc, sm. hog-sty; hut for goats, kids 
Chiquícháque, í»i. sawer; sawyer; grating noise 
Chiquillo, -a, smf. small child; infant 
Chiquirritico, -illo, -ito, -a, adj. very small, little 
Chiquirritín, Chiquitín, sm. small boy 
Chiquitico, ChiquitiUo, -A, adj. dimh'i. very small 
Chiquito, -a, adj. dimin. small; little 
Chiquito, (hacerse) to conceal one's knowledge 
Chiribitil, m. crib; little hole; small room 
Chirigáita, sf. kind of gourd (phint) 
Chirimía, sf. clarion (musical wind-instrument) 
Chirimía, sm. clarion-player; trumpeter 
Chirimoya, sf. kind of American pear 

Chiripa, sf. fortunate chance; good luck 
Chirivia,/. parsnip (escideut plant); wagtail 
Chirla, sf. muscle (bivalve shell-fish) 
Chirlador, -a, smf. loud talker, prattler 
Chirlar, vn. 1. to prattle; talk much and loud 
Chirlo, sm. large wound and scar in the face 
Chirriado, sm. chirp; chirping; crick; chatter 
Chirriadór, -a, adj. hissing (like something fried) 
Chirriadór, -a, creaking (as a door) ; chirping 
Chirriar, vn. 1. to hiss (like something frying) 
Chirriar, to creak; chirp; sing out of tune 
Chirrichóte, sm. presumptuous man 
Chirrichótes, sm. (nickname) for French priests 
Chirrido, sm. chirp; chirping; crick; chatter 
Chirrío, sm. creaking noise (of carts, &c.); crick 
Chirrión, »m. tumbrel; dung-cart; one-horse cart 



Chirrionéro, m. scavenger; dustman; dong-carter 
Chirumbela, ij. wind-instrument like a hautboy 
Chischás, sm. clashing of swords, arms 
Chisgaravis, »m. medillLSome fellow; dabbler 
Chisguete, im. small draught of wine 
Chismar, n. 1. to tattle; misrepresent; tell tales 
Chisme, stn. malicious tale; raisreport; lumber 
Chismear, «n. 1. carry tales; misreport; tattle 
Chismoso, -a, <idj. tale-telling; prattling; tattling 
Chispa, tj. spark, flake (of fire); small diamond 
Chispa, small particle; short gun; penetration 
Chispa, (ser una v. uu.r.) to be all lite and spirits 
Chispa, (tener 2.) to be very acute, sharp 
Chispas, (echar 1.) to be in a violent passion 
Chispas! i«ifr> fire and tow! 
Chispazo, tin. damage caused by a flying spark 
Chispazo, tale, story told to excite discord 
Chispear, n. 1. to spark; emit sparks; rain gently 
Chispero, sm. smith; low person (m Madrid) 
Chispero, -a, adj. emitting numerous sparks 
Chispo, im. small draught of wine 
Chisporrotear,», l.tu hiss (as hot oil put in water) 
Chisporroteo, sm. hissing noise; crackling 
Chispóso, -a, adj. sparkling; emitting sparks 
Chistar, a. 1. to mutter; mumble; utter imperfectly 
Chistar palabra, (no) not to open one's lips 
Chiste, tm. 6ne witty saying; joke; jest; fun 
Chiste, (dar en el) to hit the nail on the head 
Chistera, «/. narrow fish-basket 
Chistosamente, adv. in a lacetious manner 


o valer una 2.) not to be worth a rush 
n la 1.) to hit the nail on the head 
á dos) to have 2 strings ti 



Chiticalla, iin. one who tells not what he 
Chiticallár, va. 1. to keep silence, not divulge 
Chiticallando, (andar 1.) to go on tiptoes, softly 
Chito, j"-.wood, bone to put on the money at Chito 
Chito, Chiton, interj. hush! silence! not a word! 
Chitos, (irse á 3. rej.) lo lead a debauched life 
Cho! interj. driver's word to stop mules, horses 
Chuca, if. part of the game given to a hawk 
Chuca, stirring-stick (used by soap-boilers) 
Chocador, -a, smj. provoker; vexer; assailant 
Chocállo, sm. ear-ring; tendril; hoop of a butt 

1,:„„. :»;ro«;f,g; shameful 

jsh against 
Chocar', vit. to provoke; irritate; vex; disgust 
Chocarrear, vn. 1. to jest; joke; act the buffoon 
Chocarrería, »/. buffoonery; cheating (at play) 
Chocarrero, sm. buffoon; mimic; sharper; cheat 
Chocarrero, -a, adj. scurrilous; with low jests 
Chocarresco, -a, '/d;. with low buffoonery 
Chucha, Chochaperdiz, »/. woodcock (game-bird) 
Chochear, «. 1. to dote; lose one's intellect 
Chochera, Chochez, sj. dotage; imbecility of mind 
Chocho, -a, adi. doting; impaired in intellect 
Ch<5cho,sw/. lupine (kind of pulse); sweetmeat 
Chochos, »»/. pi. all sorts of sweetmeats, dainties 
Chocilla, »/. diniin. small hut; low cottage 
Chocláx, a. 1. to drive the ball through the 
Choclar, vn. to bolt, rush into a room 
Choclo, m. patten; clog; galoche 
Choclón, sm. driving the bal' ■" - 
Choco, tm. small cuttle-fish 
Chocolate, tm. chocolate (paste and liquor) 
Chocolatera, if. chocolate-pot 
Chocolatero, sm. grinder, maker of chocolate 
Chocoloteár, n. 1. to clap as a horse-shoe unnailed 
Chóde, »«i. paste made of flour, eggs, sugar & milk 
Chófa, J/- falsehood; duplicity; deceit; untruth 


Chofeár, va. 1. to utter falsehoods; say untruth» 
Chofero, sm. liver on lights and livers; liar 
Chófes, sm. pliir. lungs (organs of respiration) 
Chofeta, sf. chafing-dish; portable grate 
Chofista, sm. liver upon lights and livers; liar 
Cholla, sf. skull; intellect; sense; judgment 
Cholla, (no tener 2.) not to have common sense 
Chopa, */. sea-bream (fish) ; top-gallant poop 
Chopo, sm. black poplar (tree) 
Choque, sm. shock; clash; jar; encounter 
Choques de Henchimientos, >«. pi. filling-pieces 
Choques de entremises, in. pi. faying chocks 
Choquezuela, sf. knee-pan (small convex bone) 
Chorea, */. pit, hole dug in the ground 
Chorcha, sf. woodcock (game bird of passage) 
Chordón, sm. raspberry-jam (comfit) 
Choricero, sm. seller of pork-sausages 
Chorizo, sm. pork-sausage (roll of pork with salt) 
Chorlito,»»!, curlew: gray plover; redshank (bird) 
Chorreado, -a, adj. of a kind of satin 
Chorrear, vn. 1. to drop (from a spout) ; gush 
Chorrera, sf. spout; ornament of military orders 
Chorrera, mark (left by water); frill; chitteriingn 
Chorretada, sf. water rushing from a spout 
Chorretadas, (hablar á 1.) to speak fast & thick 
Chorrillo, m. money coming & going continually 
Chorrillo, -ito, sm. dimin. small spout (of water) 
Chorrillo, (irse por el) to conform to custom 
Chorro, sm. water from a spout; gush 
Chorro, hole made in the ground to play with nuts 
Chorro, (saltar el 1.) to burst out into laughter 
Chorros, (á) adv. abundantly; in plenty 
Chorrón, sm. hackled, dressed hemp 
Chotacabras, sf. goat-sucker; churn-owl (bird) 
Chotár, va. suck: draw milk out of the breast 
Choto, sm. sucking kid; young goat 
Chotuno, -a, adj. sucking; goatish; poor; starved 
Chotuno (oler a 2.) to stink like a goat 
Chova, sf. jay; chough (bird frequenting rocks) 
Chúva, sf. jackdaw (small kind of crow) 
Chó'z, sm. sound produced by a stroke, blow 
Choza, sf. hut; cot; hovel; shepherd's cottage 
Chózna, sf. great granddaughter 
Chozno, sm. great grandson 
Chozuela, sf. dimin. small hut, cottage, hovel 
Chubárba, sf. stone-crop (sort of tree) . 

Chubasco, -azo, sm. squall; sudden gust ot wind 
Chuca,*/, concave part of a ball (boys play with) 
ChLcállo, »m. ear-ring; tendril; hoop ol a butt 
Chucero, sm. pikeman; soldier armed with a pike 
Chucha, sf. opossum (American quadruped) 
Chuchear, va. 1. to fowl with calls, nets; whisper 
Chuchería,/, gewgaw; bawble; heartsease; titbit 
Chuchería, manner of fowling with calls, nets 
Chuchero, sm. bird-catcher; birder 
Chúcho.m. long-eared owl; word used to call a dog 
Chuchumero, sm. contemptible little fellow 
Chuchurrár, va. 1. to rumple; crush; r"-"" 
Chueca,/, hollow of the joints; r ' " 
Chuecázo, sm. stroke given to a 
Chufa, sf. edible cyperus: rodomontade 
Chufas (echar 1.) te '"-• — '■'°'' *'"" *"'" 

le rings 

hrough the ri 

icket-ball; fun 

unuias ^ecuar ^., w hector; play the buUv 
Chufar, Chufear, va. 1. to mock; hector; bully 
Chufeta, sf. jest; joke; small brasier, coal-pan 
Chufleta, sf. taunt; sneer; scorn; contempt 
Chufletear, vn. 1. to taunt; sneer; scorn; ridicule 
Chufletero, -a, adj. Uimting; sneering; ndiculing 
Chuláda, sf. droll speech, action, scornful worrt 
Chuleadór, tm. scoffer; ridiculer; taunter 
Chulear, va. 1. to scoff; ridicule; taunt; jest; joke 
Chulería, */. pleasing conversation and action 
Chulrta, sf. chop; piece of meat broiled, fried 
Chulillo, -ito, -a, smf. dimin. comical little wag 
Chulla, if. slice of bacon (thin flat piece) 

CHU í 

Chulo, -a, mf. jester; artful, merry person; rogTie 
Chulo, wi. butcher's mate; biUl-fightcr's helper 
Chumacera, s/. cloth put on the side of a boat 
Chumar, va. 1. to drink; pledge; toast 
Chumbo, higo de chumbo, sm. Indian fig 
Chúuga, s/. jest; joke; ludicrous merriment 
Chunga, (estarde 1.) to be merry, iu good humour 
Chunguear, vn. 1. to be merry, in good humour 
Chupa, s/. waistcoat; jacket; short close coat 
Chupadero, -a, adj. sucking; drawing out milk 
Chupado, -a, adj. lean; meagre; emaciated 
Chupador, -a.smf. sucker; that draws out the milk 
Chupador de niuos, sm. sucking-bottle; coral 
Chupadura, «/. sucking; exsuctiou; absorption 
Chupa -flores, -miel, -romeros, s. humming-birds 
Chupalandéro, m. snail (living on trees, plants) 
Chupar, va. 1. to suck; imbibe; absorb; cheat 
Chupar la sangre, to decamp w-ith cunning 
Chuparse los dedos, to eat with much pleasure 
Chupativo, -a, adj. of a sucking nature; absorbent 
Chupeta, -illa, «/. diiiiin. short waistcoat, jacket 
Chupete, y. great delicacy and good taste 
Chupetear, va. 1. to suck gently, over and over 
Chupetín, sm. inner garment, doublet (of a man) 
Chupetón, sm. sucking much at once; exsuctiou 
Chupón, sm. young twig; sucker; sucking 
Chupón, -a, smf. swindler; cunning cheat 
Chupona, s/. mean, blood-sucking strumpet 
Churdón, sm. raspuerry-jam (sort of comfit) 
Churla, sf. Churlo, m. bag of cinnamon 
Churra, sf. little pin-tailed grouse (kind of fowl) 
Churre, sm. thick dirty greuse 
Churretáda, sf. water rushing from a spout 
Churretoso, -a, adj. spouting, gushing; rushing 
Churriburri, «;«. low tellow; rabble 
Churri.-nte, adj. greasy; fat; unctuous; oily 
Churrillero, -a, i/«/ . prattler; tattler; gossip 
Churro, -a, adj. fed iu plziins; with coarse wool 
Churrullero, sm. prattler; tattler; deserter 
Churrupeár, va. 1. to sip, drink by small draughts 
Churrús, m. silk stuff with a little gold & sih er 
Churruscarse, v. ref. to be burnt, scorched 
Churrusco, sm. bread too much toasted, burnt 
Churumbela,*/, sort of hautboy (wind instrument) 
Churumo, sm. juice; substance (of any thing) 
Churumo, (hay poco) there is little cash, sense 
Chus ni mus (no decir 3.) not to say a word 
Chuscada, St. pleasantry; buffooneiy; drollery 
Chusco, -a, adj. pleasaut; jesting; merry; droll 
Chusma, sf. crew and slaves of a row-galley; mob 
Chutear, vii. 1. to whisper; speak low; carry tales 
Chuzázo, m. long, sharp-pointed iron; blow 
Chuzo, m. iron (of a spear) ; kind of pike 
Chuzos, m. pi. copiousness, abundance of rain 
Chuzos (Hover á) to rain as fast as it can pour 
Chuzos, fechar 1.) to brag; boast; magnify 
Chuzos, (a) adv. abundantly; violently; very fast 
Chuzón, -a, smf. cunning person; jester; punster 
Chuzón, am. aitgm. very large pike, spear 
Cía,»/, hip-bone; huckle-bone (jointof the thigh) 
Ciaboga, sf. tacking a row-galley about 
Ciaboga, (hacera.) to flee; runaway; desert 
Ciarscúrre, m. putting about & backing a galley 
Ciánco, sm. hip-bone; huckle-bone 
Ciáno, III. blue-bottle (flower of the bell shape) 
Cianguear, Cianqueár, va. 1. to paint well the hip 
Ciar, vn. 1. to back a galley; stop with the oars 
Ciar, to slacken in the pursuit of an affair 
Ciática, sf. sciatick; sciatica; hip-gout (di 

Ciático, -a, adj. sciatical; afflicting the hip 
Cibário, -a, adj. cibarious; of all kinds of too 
Cibeleo, -a, adj. of the goddess Cybele 

3 CIE 

Cibera, hopper (in a corn-mill) ; action of the mind 
Cibica, sf. iron-plate at the end of the axle-tree 
Cibicón, sm. large kind of clouts, iron-plates 
Cíbolo, sm. Mexican bull (large quadruped) 
Cicatear, vn. 1. to be sordidly parsimonious 
Cicatería,/, sordid parsimony; niggardliness 
Cicaterillo, -a, smf. and iidi. sordid little person 
Cicatero, -a, adj. sordid; parsimonious; nigga dly 
Cicateruelo, sm. dimití, niggardly liitle raiser 
Cicatricilla, sf. dimiii. small cicatrice, scar 
Cicatriz, sm. cicatrice; scar; gash; impressiou 
Cicatrización, sf. healing of a wound; scar lett 
Cicatrizal, adj. cicatrisive; healing a wound 
Cicatrizante, adj. healing over; consolidating 
Cicatrizar, va. 1. to cicatrize; heal a wound 
Cicatrizativo, -a, adj. cicatrisive; skinning over 
Ciceón, sm. mixture of meal, honey, water, &c. 
Cicercha, sf. kind of small chick-pea (pulse) 
Ciceroniano, -a, adj. in the style of Cicero 
Cicilaón, sm. bitter vetch (seed and plant) 
Ciclón, sm. intermittent fever (coming by fits) 
Ciclada, sf. undress (worn formerly by ladies) 
Ciclan, sm. male animal with only one testicle 
Ciclar, va. 1. to polish; burnish; clean 
Ciclo, sm. cycle; periodical space of time 
Cicloide, sj. cycloid; geometrical cune 
Cicuta,/, hemlock (plant); pipe; flute; flagelet 
Cicuta aquática, sf. water hemlock 
Cicuta de España, sf. Spanish hemlock 

Cidracayote, sm. American gourd (plant) 

Cidral, sm. plantation of citron trees 

Cidria; sf. cedria, resin distilled from the cedar 


m, lemi 

Cidronela, */. balm-mint (plant) 
Ciegamente, adv. blindly; without sight 
Cifgo, -a, adj. blind; deprived of sight; swayed by 
Ci.'go de ira', blind with passion, anger 
Cípgas (á) adv. blindly; in the dark; carelessly 
Ciego, sm. blind gut (anat.); large black pudding 
Cieguecico, -illo, -ito, -a, adj. little blind person 
Cieguezuelo, -a, smj. and udj. little blind person 
Cielo, i;«. heaven; skv; Uod;"air; country; climate 
Ci¿lo benigno, sm. liild climate; salubrious air 
Cielo, de cielo (mudar 1.) to change the air 
Cielo, (estar liecho un 1.) to be most splendid 
Cielo con las manos (tomar el) to be in rapture 
Cielo de la boca, S7t¡. roof of the palate 
Cielo de coche, sm. roof of a coach 
Cielo de la cama, sm. tester, cover of the bed 
Cielo del toldo de un bote, roof of a boafs awning 
Ciclo raso, sm. flat roof; roof horizontally level 
Cien, adj. (always used before nouns) hundred 
Cien doblones, a hundred pistoles 
Ciénaga, sf. marsh; moor; miry place; swamp 
Ciencabézas,í/. common eringo; sea-holly (plant) 
Ciencia, sf. science; learning; knowledge 
Ciencia cierta, sf. complete knowledge 
Ciencia y paciencia, (á) by knowledge & patience 
Cieno, sm. mud; mire; swamp; marshy ground 
Cientanál, Cienteñál, adj. centenary; of IIW years 
Cíente, udj. learned; versed in science; skilful 
Cientemente, adv. in a knowing & prudent manner 
Científicamente, adv. in a scientific manner 
Científico, -a, adj. scientific; full of knowledge 
Ciento, adj. hundred; of ten multiplied by ten 


Cierne, (estar ei 

; fence; hedge; mound 

Ciertamente, adv. certainly; surely; in truth 
Cierto, -a, adj. certain; sure; indubitable; fixed 
Cierto, (por.) adv. certainly; surely; in truth 
Cierto que, (dar por 1.) to be credibly informed 
Cierva, */. hind (female of the stag) 
Ciervo, ¡m. deer; hart; stag (male of the hind) 
Ciervo volante, >m. horn-boetle; scarab (insect) 
Cierzo, sin. cold northerly wind 
CicTzo, (tener ventana al 2.) to be haughty 
Cifác, Cifáque, sm. peritoneum (soft membrane) 
Cifra,*/, cipher; arithmetical character; figr " 
Cifra, (en) adv. brierty; shortly; ."">:»»""..« 
Cifrar, va. 1. to cipher; write in i 
Cigarra, »/. grass-hopper (small iiiscui I 
Cigarráll, sm. orchard, fruit-garden (in 1 oleUo) 
Cigarrista, sm. great smoker of segars 
Cigarro, sm. segar (small roll of tobacco) 
Cigarrón, sm. aiigm. large segar; balm-cricket 
Cigatera, sf. mereenary prostitute, strumpet 
Cigoñal, sort of crane to draw water from wells 
Cigoñino, >m. young stork (bird of passage) 
Cigoñuela, sf. small bird like a stork 
Ciguatera, sf. kind of jaundice (disease) 
Ciguato, -a, adj. jaundiced; with the jaundice 
Cigüéiite, adj. of a kind of white grapes 
Cigüeña,»/, white stork; crane; crank of a bell 
Cigiieaal, sm. sort of crane to draw water 
Cigüeño, sm. male stork; tall, silly looking mai 
Cigüeñuela, sf. small crank of a bell 
Cigüeñuelo del timón, goose-neck of the rudde 
Cigzáque, sm. zigzag; shor 
Cija, */ dungeo- -- ' 

Cilantro, i»i. CO , _- 

Ciliar, adj. ciliary; of the eye-lids 
Cilicio, sm. hair-cloth; girdle made of bristles 
Cilindrico, -a, adj. cylindric; cylindrical 
Cilindro, .««. cylinder; roller; circular body 
Cilia, «/. granary (for tithes and other grain) 
Cillázgo, sm. store-house fees paid for tithes 
Cillerero, sm. cellarist (butler in a convent) 
Cilleriza, sf. nun, housekeeper of the convent 
Cillero, sm. keeper of a store-house for tithes 
Cima, sf. summit; top; end; extremity; acmé 
Cima, (dar 1.) to conclude happily; end well 
Cima, (por) at the uppermost part of the top 
Cimacio ogee, moulding hall convex & concav 
Cimacio del pedestal, 5w._^cormce o' "-<■ -'■■<<■- 

,-uly (m 

o'ld walls) 


rio, sm. very dark, gloomy place 
Cimero, -a, adj. placed on the top of a high spot 
Cimiento, «m. foundation; basis; origin 
Cimiento real, sm. composition (to purify gold) 
Cimillo, sm. decoy-pigeon (to ensnare others) 
Cimitarra, sf. cimeter; short curved sword 
Cimiterio, Cimintério.íin. cemetery; church-yard 
Cimórra, sf. glanders; running from the nostrüs 
Cinabrio, sm. cinnabar; vermilion; African gum 

Cinamóiniuo, sm. a 

Cinamomo, «in. bead-tree (foreign plant) 
Cinca, sf. five points (in the game of n= - 

/-'¡ «.» <.hU.ol /tnrti t- " 

Cinceladura, sf. graving; embossment 
Cincelar, va. 1. to chisel; engrave; emboss 
dimin. small chisel, graver 

fix the saddle 
full speed 

Cimbalaria, sf. ivy-wort (growing 
Cimbalillo, sm. dimin. small bell 
Címbalo, sm. cymbal (musical instrumenti 
Cimbara, sf. large pruning-hook (to cut shrubs) 
Cimbel, decoy-pigeon; rope to tie a decoy-pigeon 
Cimbório-órrio, sm. cupola; dome; convex top 
Cimbornáles, sm. piar, scupper-holes (naut.) 
Cimbra, sf. wooden frame (to build an arch) 
Cimbra de una tabla, sf. bending of a board 
Cimbrado, quick movement (iuaSpanish dance) 
Cimbrar, Cimbrear, va. 1. to brandish a rod, wand 
Cimbrar á alguno, i'«. to give one a drubbing 
Cimbrarse, v. ref. to bend; vibrate; quiver 
Cimbreño, -a, adj. pliant; flexible (rod, cane, sic.) 
Cimbreo, sm. crookedness; bending (of a plank) 
Cimbria, sf. wooden frame (to build an arch) 
Cimbronazo, sm. blow, stroke with a foil 
Cimentado, sm. refinement of gold 
Cimentador, founder; establisher; raiser 
Cimentál, adj. fundamental; principal 
Cimentar, va. 1. to found; establish; raise; refine 
Cimentera, sf. laying the foundation 
Ciraenteria, sm. cemetery; church-yard 
Cimento, sm. cement; cohesive matter; union 
Cimera, sf. crest of a head-piece, helmet 

Cinch, Cinck, sm. zinc (semimetal) 
Cincha, sf. cingle; girth (band *" "■ 

Cinchas, (ir rompiendo) to driv , 

Cinchadura, sf. girthing; binding with a girth 
Cinchar, va. 1. to girth; bind with a girth 
Cinchera,»/, girth-place; disorder (of horses, &c.) 
Cincho, sm. belt; girdle; iron round the felloes 
Cincho, vessel of bass-weed to press cheese 
Cincho, disorder in the hoofs of horses 
Cinchón, sm. angm. broad girdle, belt, band 
Cinchuela, sf. dimin. small girdle; narrow riband 
Cinco, sm. & adj. five (arithmetical character) 
Cincoaüál, adj. five years old (animals) 
Cinco en rama, sf. cinque-foil; five leaved clover 
Cincomesino, -a, adj. five months old 
Cincuenta, adj. fifty; five tens 
Cincuentáina, sf. woman fifty years old 
Cincuentañál, adj. fifty years old 
Cincuenteno, -a, adj. fiftieth 
Cincuesma, sf. pentecost; whitsunday (feast) 
Cinéreo, Cinericio, ndj. cinereous; ash-coloured 
Cíngaro, -a, smf. gipsy; fortune-teller; vagabond 
Cingladúra, sf. one day's run, sailing (naut.) 
Cinglar, va. 1. to sail with a fair wind; briindisli 
Cingulo, sm. girdle; band; wreath; imlitary liaiige 
Cínico, -a, adj. cynic; churlish; snarling; s:itincai 
Cínico, Ji/J. cynic (fuUumer of Uiui;liios) ; spasm 
Cínife, sm. long-legged buzzing gnat (insect) 
Cinocf'falo, s»i. kind of monkey, baboon 
Cinotrl.Jsa, sf. houndstongue (plant) ^, ^ , , 
Cinosura, s/ cynosure (star near the North pole) 
Ciiuiueno, -a, adj. fifth (ordinal number of five) 
Cinqueño, -íUo, game at cards between o persons 
Cinta,/ riband; fillet; strong fish-net; pastern 
Cinta, girdle; first course of lloor-tiles 
Cinta, (andar con las manos en la 1.) to be id e 
Cinta, (estar en 1.) to be pregnant, with child 
Cinta, (espada en) with the sword or ""- "''" 
Cinta, (en) under subjectic- ••-'^•'' 

Ccntas de navio, sf. pli'r. w„..o ^ , 

Cintas galimas, bow-wales; harpings (naut.) 
Cintadero, sm. part of the crcss-bow for the string 
Cintagorda, sf coarse hempen net (for fishing) 
Cintájos, Cintarájos, jm. pliir. knot ol ribands 
Cintár, va. 1. to adorn, deck with ribands 
Cintarazo, m. blow with the «at of a broad-sword 
Cintarazo, lashing a horse with the stirrup-strap 
Cintarear, va. 1. to strike with the flat of a sword 
Cinteado, -a, adj. adorned, decked with ribands 
Cintería, sf. trade in ribands 
Cintero, weaver, seller of ribands; belt; girdle 
Cintero, truss; rope with a running knot 
Cintilla, sf. dimin. small riband 
Cintillo, sm. hat-band; ring set with jewels 
Cinto, sm. girdle; belt; waist; band of the alb 
Cintrcl, sm. line placed in the centre of a dome 
Cintura, sf. waist; small girdle for the waist; flue 

i; liable to restraint 


Cintnréro, tm. maker, seller of girdles; girdles 
Cinturica, -illa, -íta, »/. dimin. small girdle, belt 
Cinturón, sm. broad sword-belt; girdle 
Cinidero, ¡m. belt; girdle; sword-belt; cestus 
Cipero, íírt. Cyperus; sedge; narrow flag 
Cipión, »»n. walking-stick; walking staff 
Cipolini, sm. kind of greenish marble 
Cippos, sm. pliir. mile-stones; finger-posts 
Ciprés, sm. cypress-tree; emblem of mourning 
Ciprés, (baya del) »/. C)'press-berry, nut 
Cipresal, sm. plantation of cypress-trees 
Cipresino, -a, adj. of cypress; like cypress 
Ciquiricata, sf. caress; fondling; flattery 
Circense, adj. of a circus; circensial 
Circo, sm. circus; cirque; moor-buzzard (bird) 
Circoscribir, vu. 3. to circumscribe; bound; limit 
Circuir, ti«. 3. to encircle; compass; surrüuiiJ 
Circuito, sm. circuit; circumference; compass 
Circulación, sf. circulation; currency 
Circulación de la sangre, blood circulation 
Circulante, adj. circulating; circulatory 
Circular, adj. circular; circulatory; circling 
Circular, (carta) sf. circular letter 
Circular, va. n. 1. to circulate; stir; put about 
Circularménte, adv. circularly; in form of a circle 
Círculo, sm. circle; compass; district; magic ring 
Circuios del Imperio, íh. plur. circles of Germany 
Circumcirca, adv. about; thereabout; nearly 
Circmnpolar, adj. circmnpolar; round the pole 
Circumcidánte, m. clrcumciser; who circumcises 
Circumcidár, va. 1. to circumcise; curtail 
Circumcision, sf. circumcision (Jewish rite) 
Circumciso, -a, adj. circumcised; curtailed 
Circundar, vi. 1. to enclose; encircle; surround 
Circunferencia, sf. circumference; circuit; orb 
Circunferencial, adj. circular; circuitous; round 
Circuufereucialmonte, adv. in a circular manner 
Circunflejo, (accento) sm. circumflex accent 
Circunlocutión, sf. circumlocution; many words 
Circuulóquio, sm. circumlocution; many words 
Circunscribir, va. 3. to circumscribe; limit 
Circunscripción, sf circumscription; limit 
Circunscriptivo, -a, adj. circumscriptive 
Circunspección, sf. circumspection; caution 
Circunspectamente, adv. cautiously; carefully 
Circunspecto, -a, adj. circumspect; 

Cirujano, surgeon; chirurgeoi 

'.T of voimds 

Circunstanciadamente, adv. circumstantially 
Circunstanciado, -a, adj. circumstantial 
Circunstanciar, va. 1. to circumstantiate 
Circunstante, adj. circumstant; surrounding 
Circunstantes, sm. plur. by-standers; lookers on 
Circunvalación, sf. circumvallation; trench 
Circunvalar, va. 1. to circumvallate; surround 
Circunvecino, -a, adj. circumjacent; contiguous 
Circunvenir, va. 3. to circumvent; surround 
Circunvolución, i/'. circumvoiui.jn; rolling round 
Cirial, «n. large candlestick (in churches) 
Cirimpnia, sf. ceremony; sacred rite; form 
Cirineo, sm. assistant; mate; companion 
Cirio, sm. thick long wax-taper, candle 
Cirro, sm. tuft of mane over a horse s face; fibre 
Cirro, sm. scirrhus; induiated gland; induration 
Cirroso, -a, adj. with a morbid induration 
Cirróso, -a, fibrous, raíces cirrósas, fibrous roots 
Ciruela, s/. plum (stone-fruit of different sorts) 
Ciruela pasa, sf. prune (dried plum) 
Ciruela verdal, s/. greengage (species of plum) 
Ciruela de fraile, sf. long green plum (fruit) 
Ciruelár, sm. large plantation of plum-trees 
Cimelica, -ilia, -íta, sf. dimin. small plum 
Ciruelico, -illo, -ito, sm. dimin. dwarf plimi-tree 
Ciruelo, sm. plum-tree (tree of various kinds) 
Cirugía, surgery; chirurgery; curing of wounds 

surgeon's mate 
Cirurgia, surgery; chirurgery; curing of wounds 
Cisca, kind ot reed used to roof huts, cottages 
Ciscar, pa. 1. to besmear; soil; make dirty; foul 
Ciscarse, v. ref. to ease nature; evacuate 
Cisco, sm. coal-dust; coal broken into small bits 
Cisión, sf. incision; aperture; cut; wound 
Cisma, sm. schism; division (in the church) 
Cismático, -a, adj. schismatic; implying schism 
Cismontano, -a, adj. on this side of the mountain 
Cisne, s»i. swan (fowl); northern constellation 
Cisne, great poet; great musician; prostitute 
Cispadauo, ot the country between Rome & Po 
Cisquero, sm. small linen-bag with coal-dust 
Giste, J..,, cyst; cystis (bag with morbid matter) 
Cist^l, Cister, sm. Cistertian order (religious) 
Cisterciense, cistertian; of St. Bernards order 
Cisterna, sf. cistern; reservoir (for water) 
Cisteraica, -ilia, -íta, sf. dimin. small cistern 
Cístico, -a, adj. cystic; contained in a bag 
Cisto, sm. cistus; rock-rose (plant) 
Cistotomia, sf. cystotomy; incision of tumours 
Cisura, sf. incisión; cut; opening (of a wound) 
Cita, if. assignation; citation; quotation 
Citación, sf. quotation; illustration; summons 
Citadór, -a, «»«/. citer; who cites; quoter 
Citano, sm. such a one (particular person) 
Citar, va. 1. to appoint a meeting; convoke; cite 
Citar, quote; summon; cite; give judicial notice 
Cítara, sf. cithern; partition wall; body of troops 
Citarista, smf. player on the cithern (instrum.) 
Citaristico, -a, adj. adapted to the i ithern (poet.) 
Citíirizár, vn. 1. to play on the cithern 
Citatorio, -a, adj. citatory; in form of citation 
Citerior, adj. hither; higher; nearer; on this side 
Cítiso, sm. shrub-trefoil (plant) 
Cito, sm. word used to call dogs 
Citocredeute, adj. credulous; apt to believe 
Citoia, sf. clapper; clack (in corn mills); cithern 
Citolero, -a, smf. player on the cithern (instru.) 
Citóte, sm. summons; judicial notice 
Citra, adv. on this side 

Citramontano, -a, on this side of the mountains 
Citráto, sm. citrate (chymical preparation) 
Citrino, a, adj. citrine; lemon-coloured 
Ciudad, sf. city; corporation; civic body 
Ciudadanamente, adv. in the manner of a citizen 
Ciudadanía, sf. citizenship; freedom of a city 
Ciudadano, sm. liveryman (of a city); freeman 
Ciudadano, inhabitant of a city; kind of esquire 
Ciudadano, -a, adj. city; of a city; civil 
Ciudadano,!/, citadel; small fortress; castle 
Cívico, -a, adj. civic; domestic; of the town 
Civil, adj. civil; of the community; polite 
Civil, not militar)-; not clerical; of a low rank 
Civilidad, sf. civility; politeness; avarice 
Civilización, sf. civilization; civil cause 
Civilizar, va. 1. to civilize; bring as a civil cause 
Civilmente, adv. civilly; by the common law 
Cizalla, sf. fragments, filings of gold, silver, &c. 
Clamar, va. 1. to call; name; send for; invite 
Clamar, to cry out in a mournful tone; want 
Clamor, sm. clamour; outcry; scream; noise 
Clamorear, va. 1. to implore, solicit assistance 
Clamorear, vn. to clamour, toll the passing bcU 
Clamoreo, sm. knell; sound of the passing bell 
Clamorosamente, adv. in a vociferous manner 
Clamoroso, -a, adj. clamorous; vociferous; noisy 
Clamóso, -a, adj. csilling out; soliciting 
Clandestinamente, adv. m a clandestine manner 
Clandestinidad, sf. privacy; clandestine action 
Clandestino, -a, adj. clandestine; ; 

'..•'/• M 


Clavadura, /. nuiing to the quick of a horse's foo 
I ClaTár, va. 1. to nail; drive iu; stick; prick; sit i 
) ground the ai 

Clara, (á la) adv. clearly; evidently 
Claras, sf. ptiir. pieces of cloth lU-woven 
Claraboya, */. sky-light (window in the roof) 
Claram'^nte, adv. clearly; openly; obviously 
Clarar, v,¡. 1. to clear; explain; clarify; widen 
Clarea, sf. mulse; rambooze (drink made of wine) 
Clarear, vu. 1. to dawn; begin to grow light 
Clarearse, v. ret. to be transparent, cleared up 
Clarearse de hambre, to be very hungry 
Clarecer, V7i. i. to dawn; begin to grow light 
Clarete, «"i. claret (light French wine) 
Clareza, ■» «/• b"?^'"^*^! clearness; openness; 
Claridad, /glory of the blessed; celebrity; fame 
Clarificación, sf. clarification; purifying 
Clarificar, va. 1. to brighten; clarify; purify 
Clarificar la sangre, to cleanse the blood 
Clarificativo, -a, adj. tending to clarify 
Clarifico, -a, adj. bright; resplendent; pure 
Clarilla, sf. lie (liquor impregnated with ashes) 
Clarimiente, sw. ancient lotion, cosmetick 
Clarín, sm. trumpet; stop (in organs); trumpeter 
Clarin, fine & transparent cambric (for rutiles) 
Clarinado, -a, with a bell in the harness (anim.] 
Clarinero, tn. trumpeter; who sounds the trumpi 
Clarinete, sm. clarinet; player on the clarinet 
Clarión, sm. crayon (kind of pencil) 
Clarisa, sf. Clare (nun of the order of St. Clare) 
Claro, -a, adj. clear; bright; thin; serene; light 
Claro, -a, evident; illustrious; quick of thought 
■ .• >- 1 1- :•- a discourse, writing 

Clavar los ojos la v 
Clavar la artillería, t 
ir á uu caballo. 

Claro, m. sky-light; break 

Claro, rays of light falling on a picture; opening 
Claro, clear spot in the sky (naut.) ; sagacity 
Claro y oscuro, sm. light and shade (in painting) 
CUro, (sacar en 1.) to render evident; explain 
Claros, (ir 3.) to be clear & correct; speak frankly 
Claro en claro, (de) adv. evidently; manifestly 
Claro, (por lo) adv. clearly; conspicuously 
Claro, adv. clearly; openly; obviously; fairly 
Clarol, sm. veneering; marquetry; inlaid work 
Claror, im. splendour; brilliancy; brightness 
Clase, sf. class; rank; order; kind; species; form 
Clase, (navio de primera) sm. first-rate ship 
Clases de navio, sf. plur. rates of ships (naut.) 
Clásicamente, adv. in a classical manner 
Clásico, -a, adj. of authors; classical; principal 
Clásico, (errór^ sm. gross errour, mistake 
Clásicos, (autores) sm. authors of the first rank 
Clasificación, sf. classification; orders method 
Clasificar, va. 1. to class; range into order; place 
Claudicación, «/. lameness; habit of halting 
Claudicante, adj. halting; limping; hobbling 
Claudicar, !>h. I'.to hobble: limp; halt;walk lamely 
Claudicar, to act, proceed in a bungling manner 
Clauquilládor, sm. custom-house sealer 
ClauquUlár, va. 1. to put the custom-house seal 
Claustra,/, cloister; meeting of the faculty; room 
Claustral, adj. claustral; of a cloister; monastic 
Claustrero, sm. member of a cloister, convent 
Claustrico, -illo, -ito, sm. dimm. small cloister 
Claustro, sm. cloister; meeting of the faculty 
Claustro, gallery round the court of a convent 
Cláusula, af. period; clause; condition; bargain 
Clausular, a. 1. to close a period; finish a speech 
Clausulilla, »/. dimin. little clause, condition 
Clausura, «/. cloister; retirement; clausure 
Clausura, (vivir en 3.) to lead a monastic life 
Clausura, (guardar 1.) to lead a retired life 
Clava, »/. club; heavy stick; scupper-hole (naut.) 
Clavado, -a, adj. exact; precise; nailed: of a club 
Clavada una cosa á otra, (vcmr ó.) to fit exactly 

look with fixed eyes 
spike, nail up the guns 
1 prick a horse (in shoeing) 
prick oneself with a pin 
«o prick one's self with a 
•; cashier; dignitary [thorn 
Clavazón, m. set, parcel, assortment of nails 
Clave,/, key-stone; key(in music); chime of bells 
Clave, (echar la l.j to close a speech, an affair 
Clavecimbano, -imbalo, sm. harpsichord (instr.j 
Clavel, sm. pink (small fragrant Hower) 
Clavel de muerto, sm. marigold (yellow flower) 
Clavelina, »/. pink-plant; reseda; sweet balm (pi.) 
Clavellina,/, stopple of the vent-hole of a cannon 
Clavellina, Jamaica pepper; Spanish carnation 
Clavelón, sm. augm. large pink (flower) 
Clavelón de Indias, sm. Indian pink (flower) 
Claveque sm. false diamond; stone like a diamond 
Clavera, sf. mould for nail-heads 
ClavtTa, boundary where land-marks are set up 
Claveria, sf. office, dignity of the key-bearer 
Clavero, -a, smf. keeper of the keys; treasurer 
Clavero, aromatic clove-tree; key-bearer 
Clavete, sm. dimin. tack; small nail 
Clavetear, va. 1. to nail; garnish with nails; tag 
Clavicordio, sm. harpsichord (^musical instr.) 
Clavícula, sf. clavicle; collar-bone 
Clavigera, sf. opening in a mud-wall (for water) 
Clavigero, m. bridge of a harpsichord for the pegs 
r'l™;;.^^ ¡j\ pin; peg; plug; stopple; bolt 
o -ito, sm. dimin. small nail; tack 
c'üvíiio de hebilla, sm. rivet of a buckle 
Claviorgáno, sm. organ-piano-forte (instrument) 
Clavo, sm. nail; corn (excrescence); lint; clove 
Clavo, spot (in the eve); bead-ache; rudder 
Clavo de herradura, sm. hobnail (to shoe a horse) 
Clavo plateado, tinned nail; nail dipped in lead 
Clavo pasado, (ser de) to be utterly abandoned 
Clavo, (dar en el 1.) to hit the mark, nail 
Clavo, (hacer 2.) to set (with mortar, cement) 
Clavo, (non importa un) it does not matter a pin 
Clemátide, sf. clematitis; climber (plant) 
Clemencia, sf. clemency; forgiveness; mercy 
Clemente, adj. clement; forgiving; merciful 
Clementemente, adv. with clemency; mercitully 
Clementinas,/ pi. constitutions of Pope Clement 
Clementissimamente, adv. most mercitully 
Clementissimo, -a, adj. most clement, merciful 
Clemesi, Clemesino, -a, adj. cnmsou; purple 
Clepsidra, sf. water-clock; clepsydra 
Clerecía, sf. clergy; body of clergymen 
Clerical, adj. clerical; of a clergyman 
Clericalmente, adv. in a clerical ma 

Clericato, sm, office, dignity of a clergyman 
Clericatura, »/. condition of a clergyman 
Clérigo, sm. clergyman; ecclesiastic 
Clérigo de corona, sm. Roman Catholic pnest 
Clérigo de misa, sm. Calviuistical minister 
Clérigo de misa y olla, im. unlearned priest 
Cleriguíllo, sm. dimin. petty clergyman (iron.) 
Clerizón, sm. chorister; singing bov (^in cathed.) 
Clerizonte, sm. layman wearing a clerical dress 
Clerizonte, ill-dressed priest; rude clergyman 
Clero, sm. clergy; body of ecclesiastics 
Clibanário, -a, «rfi. of a portable oven 
Clibano, sm. small portable oven 
Cliente, m. client (advocate's object of defence) 
Clientela, sf. clientship: condition of a client 
Clientulo, -a, smf. client; advocate's ward 
Clima, »m. climate; clime; temperature; country 
Climatérico, -a, adj. cümacteric; periodical 

I de España, sm. joint-podded pes 
Clin, if. mane (of a horse) ; horsehair 
Clines, (tenerse á las) to strive not to decline 
Clínica, j/. medical instruction in hospitals 
Clínico, ítn. one baptized on his death-bed 
Clínico, student attending clinical lectures 
Clínico, -a, adj. keeping the bed through sickness 
Clinopodio, sm. common wild basil; field-basil 
Clistel, Clister, sm. clyster; injection 
Clistelera, sf. woman administering clysters 
Clisterizar, va. 1. to administer clysters 
Clivoso, -a, adj. declivous; gradually descending 
Clo clo, sm. clucking of a hen 
Cloaca, sf. sewer; conduit for dirty water 
Clocar, to cluck; chuck; make a noise like a hen 
Clochel, m. belfry; noddle; rack (in velvet-looms) 
Cloque, grapnel; grappling iron, harpoon (i 
Cloquear, n. 1. to cluck; make a ' '" 
Cloqueo, sm. chuck; clucking; cr 
Cloquera, sf. state of hatching in towls 
Cloquero, sm. harpooner (m the tuuny-fishery) 
Clóris, sf. greenfinch (greenish bird) 
Clorosis, sj. chlorosis; green-sickness (disease) 
Club, sm. club; association; meeting; society 
Clúcia donosa, sf. broad-leaved cluyiia (plant) 
Clueca, */. clucking and hatching (hen) 
Clueco, -a, decrepit; wasted, worn out with age 
Coa, sf. tail; train; glue; size; prolonged souiid 
Coacción, sf. coactiou; force; compulsion 
Coacervar, va. 1. to heap up together; coacérvate 
adj. coactive; compulsory; forcing 
«. coadjutor; assistant; helper 

sJ. cbadjuvancy; ""' 

e like a hen 





e by bull 

e, dignity of a coadj\ 

a, sf. Coaduuami>>i 
, a. 1. to mix, unite things together 
Coadj-udadór, sm. fellow-helper, assistant 
Coadyutor, jm. coadjutor; assistant; helper 
Coadyut.3rio, -a, adj. assisting; helping; aiding 
Coadyuvador, sm. fellow-helper; assistant; aider 
Coadyuvante, s. Óí adj. helper; assistant; aiding 
Coadyuvar, va. 1. to help; assist; aid; colleague 
Coagente, sm. associate; helper; assi ' * 
Coagulable, adj. coagvilable; coaguh 
Coagulación, sj. coagulation; concre 
Coagulante, adj. coagulating; concreting 
Coeigular, va. 1. to coagulate; concrete; curd 
Coagularse, v. ref. to coagulate; concrete; curdle 
Coagulativo, -a, adj. coagulative; concretive 
Coágulo, sm. coagulated blood; coagulator 
Coalabár, va. 1. to coUaud; join in praising 
Coalición, sf. coalition; combination; league 
Coalla, sf. woodcock (bird of passage) 
Coamánte, smf. partner, companion in loving 
Coapóstol, sm. fellow-propagator of the gospel 
Captación, sf. coaptation; fitness of parts 
Coaptár, va. 1. to adapt; fit; adjust; assort 
Coarrendador, sm. joint partner in renting 
Coartación, sf. obligation to enjoy a benefice 
Coartada, (probar la 1.) to prove an alibi 
Coartar, va. 1. to coarct; limit; restrain; restrict 
Cobalto, sm. cobalt (marcasite full of arsenic) 
Cobauillo, sm. small basket (used by vintners) 
Cobarde, adj. cowardly; timid; faint-hearted 
Cobardear, vn. 1. to be faint-hearted, a coward 
Cobardemente, adv. in a cowardly manner 
Cobardía i/. cowardice; want of courage 


Cobegera, sf. concealer; hider; secret receiver 
Cobertera, sf. pot -lid; cover of a pot; procuress 
Coberteras, sJ. 2 middle feathers of a hawk's-tail 
Cobertero, sm. cover (anything laid on another) 
Cobertizo, sm. small shed; hovel; covered way 
Cobertor, sm. coverlet; quilt; counterpane 
Cobertura, sf. cover; covering; coverlet 
Cobija, sf. gutter-tile; small cloak (for women) 
Cobijadúra, */. coverture; covering; shelter 
Cobijar, va. 1. to cover; overspread; shelter 
Cobijera, sf. chamber-maid; lady's maid 
Cobil, sm. corner; angle; nook 
Cobra, sf. number of mares to tread out the com 
Cobradero, -a, adj. recoverable; receivable 
Cobr;ido, -a, udj. recovered; received; complete 

Cobrador, (perro) dog fetching g.iiae out of water 
Cobramiento, sm. recovery; restoration; profit 
Cobranza, sJ. recovery, collection of money 
Cobranza, fetching the game (killed, wounded) 
Cobrar, va. 1. to recover, collect what is due 
Cobrar, to fetch the game killed, wounded (dog) 
Cobrar, to gain affection, esteem, good will 
Cobrar ánimo. Corazón, to take courage 
Cobrar fuerzas, to gather strength; grow strong 
Cobrarse, v. ref. to recover; gain celebrity; fame 
Cobre, sm. copper (metal); kitchen-furniture 
Cobre de cecial, sm. pair of dried cods 
Cobre (batir el, ) to pursue with spirit & vigour 
Cobreño, -a, adj. made, consisting of copper 
Cobrimiento, sm. concealment; hiding; secrecy 
Cobrir, ra. 3. to cover; face; screen; protect; hide 
Cobrizo, -a, adj. coppery; consisting of copper 
Cobro, sm. recover}'; place of safety; expedient 
Coca, sf. plant in Peru, fruit like the laurel-berry 
Coca, small vessel; twist of a cable; red gum 
Coca, figure of a large serpent borne at feasts 
Cocár, va. 1. to make grimaces, wry faces; coax 
Cocarár, va. 1. to gather the leaves of the cocoa 
Coccíneo, -a, adj. of a purple colour 
Cocción, sf. coction; boiling; concoction 
Cóce, kick; kicking, recoil of a gun; ebb of a flood 
Coceador, -a, smf. kicker; one that kicks 
Coceadura, sf. Coceamiento, m. kicking 
Cocear, va. 1. to kick; fling out; resist; trample 
Cocedero, Cocedizo, -a, adj. easily boiled 
Cocedero, sm. place for kneading, baking, boiling 
Cocedor, sm. boiler of must, new wine, wort 
Cocedra, sf. feather-bed; bed stuffed with feath. 
Cocedrón, sm. aitgm. large feather-bed 
Cocedura, sf. boiling; dressing of victuals 
Cocer, va. 2. to boil; dress victuals; bake bricks 
Cocer, WH. to boil; ferment; be agitated by heat 
Cocerse, ref. to suffer intense & continual heat 
Cocha, sf. small reservoir of water (in mines) 
Cochambre, sm. greasy, dirty, stinking thing 
Cochambrería, sJ. heap of nasty, filthy things 
Cochambroso, -a, adj. filthy, nasty, stinking 
Cocharro, m. wooden dish cup; platter; large dish 
Cochárse, 1. to hasten; quicken; accelerate 
Cochastro, sm. little sucking wild boar 
Coche, m. coach; carriage; kind of coasting barge 
Coche, (echar, 1.) to set up a coach; carriage 
Coche de alquiler, -simón, sm. hackney-coach 
Coche de colleras, sm. coach drawn by mules 
Coche de estribos, coach with steps in the doors 
Coches, (maestro de) sm. coach-maker 
Cochear, va. 1. to drive a coach; guide a carriage 
Cochecillo, íto, Jin. dimin. small coach, carriage 
Cochera, sf. coach-house; coachman's wife 
Cocheril, adj. of, to coachmen, coach-drivers 
Cocherillo, sm. dimin. little coachman, driver 
Cochero, sm. coachman; coach-maker; waggoner 
Cochero, -a, adj. which is easily boiled 

coc y 

Cocliiélo, Cochillo, tm. knife; goar 
Cochifrito, I», fricassee (made of lamb, veal, kid) 
Cochina, »/. sow (female pig, boar) 
Cochinada, sf. herd of swine: mean dirty action 
Cochinamente, adv. filthily; nastily; meanly 
Cochináta,4/.|rider (timber to strengthen a ship) 
Cochineár, vn. 1. to be dirty, hoggish, mean, base 
Cochinería, s/. dirtiness; filthiness; meanness 
Cochinilla, sf. wood-louse; cochineal (insects) 
Cochinillo, -a, »m/. dimin. little pig 
Cochinillo, sin. Brazilian animal like a pig 
Cochinillo de ludias. Guinea-pig (small animal) 
Cochino, -a, adj. dirty; filthy; nasty; hoggish 
Cochino, íin. pig; hog; wild boar; brutish man 
Cochio, Cochizo, -a, 'tdj. easily boiled 
Cochiquera, »/. hoe-sty (place to shut "P swine) 
Cochite hervite, thing done Uast'ly, in a hurry 
Cocho, -a, adj. boiled; baked; skilled; experienced 
Cochura, »/. boiling; dough for a batch of bread 
Cocido, -a, adj. boiled; baked; skilled 
Cocido en (estar) to understand business well 
Cocido, m. earthen pot; medley; stomach 
Cocimiento, m. decoction; quick lively sensation 
Cocina,/, kitchen: pottage (of greens); brotli 
Cocina de boca, kitchen to cook the king's meat 
Cocinar, va. 1. to cook; dress v.ctuitis; interlere 
Cocinera, «/. cook-maid; kitcheii-maid 
Cocinero sm cook (man who prepares victuals) 
Cocinilla, -íta, sj. dhni,,. small kitchen; fire-place 

Codicióse, -a, adj. covetous; greedy; assiduous 
Código, 1)1). code (book of the civil laws) 
" 'digo Justiniáno, ím. code of Justinian 
v,udilk:ra, sf. tumour on the knee (of a horse) 
Codillo, í;«. knee (of a horse, &c.); angle; couiUe 
Codillo, part of the branch joining the trunk 
Codillo, stirrup of a saddle (iron hoop) 
Codillo de una curva, breech of a knee (naut.) 
Codillo, (jugársela á uno de ref. 1.) to trick one 
Codillos, ir«. pliir. files (used by silversmiths) 
Codo, sm. elbow (curvature of the arm); cubit 
Codo real, royal cubit (is 3 fingers longer) 
Codo, (dar de 1.) to elbow; treat with contempt 
Codo, (levantar el, 1.) to tipple; drink hard 
Codos, (hablar per los 1.) to chatter; prate 
Codón, sm. leather-cover of a horse's tail 
Codorniz, sf. quail (bird of game like a partridge) 
Coeficacia, sf. coefficacy; united power, strength 
Coeficiente, adj. coelhcient; united in action 
Coepiscopo, sn,. <- : ' ' ' '"' l^'snoP., , 

Coequal, n.coeq..:' ■ t the rnnity) 

Coercion,»/, cue, ...pulsion 

Coercí' ' '""■ 

«cocinilla, -ii», V """•"•'""" — . ; , ■, 

Code, sm. grapnel; grapphng iron (naut.) 
Cóclea, sf. ancient machine (t 



Cóclea, endless screw; inner cavity of the ^... 
Coclear, va. 1. to strike, catch with a harpoon 
Coclear, vn.Xo cluck; hatch; angle; fishwitharoQ 
Coclearia. sf. scurvy grass; spounwort (plant) 
Coco, m cocoa-tre^e.^oc¿a-¿ut; choeolate-cup 
Coco, sm. BTub (bred in seeds, fruit); bugbear 
Coco (ser un) to be an ugly-looking person 
Cocos, m. beads (made of cocoa-nut tor 
Cocos, (hacer 2.) to fiatter; gain one's affections 
Cocolóbo, m. W00.1 or a ruddy colour for nice work 
Cocodrilo, sm. crucoiille (amphibious animal) 
Cocoliste, sm. any epiden.ic disease (in Mexico) 
Cocóso, -a, adj. worm-eaten; gnawed by worms 
Cocote, J»J. occiput; hinder part of the head 
Cocotero, sm. cocoa-tree; cocoa-nut; bugbear 
Cocotriz, sm. crocodile (voracious animal) 
Cocuyo, sm. glow-worm (peculiar to the Indies) 
Coda. s/. tail; train; glue; size; burthen of a song 
Codadura, /. part of an old vine laid on the ground 
Codal, *;«. ancient armour (for the elbow); shoot 
Codal, short thick torch: frame of a handsaw 
Codales, sin. plnr. carpenter's square 
Codal, adj. cubital; of the length of a cubit only 
Codaste, sm. stern-post (naut.) 
Codazo, sm. blow, push with the elbow 
Codear, va. 1. to elbow; push with the elbows 
Codecillár, Codicilár, vn. 1. to make a codicil 
Codena, sf. body, thickness required in cloth 
Codera, sf. itch, scabbiness on the elbow 
Codera en un cable, sf spring on a cable (naut.) 
Codeso, im. cytisus; basetrefoil (plant) 
Codeso de los alpes, sm. laburnum of the Alps 
Códice, sm. old manuscript on ancient events 
Codicia, sf. covetousness; cupidity; greediness 
Codicia rompe el saco, (la) covet all lose all 
Codiciable, adj. covetable; to be wished for 
Codiciadór, sm. desirer; who covets earnestly 
Codiciante, adj. coveting; desiring earnestly 
Codiciar, vn. 1. to covet; desire most earnestly 
Codicilár, adj. pertaining, relating to a coditU 
Codicilo, sm. codicil; appendage to a will 


Coesencialmente, aav. m a coeoacunni luo..".-. 
Coestenderse. ref. to coexteud; be of equal time 
Coestensión, sf. extending to the same space 
Coestensivaménte, adv. in a coextensive manner , 
Coestensivo. -a, adj. having the same extent, time 
Coetáneo, -a, adj. coetaneous; of the same age 
Coeternaménte, arf... in a state of equal eternity 
Coeternidád, sj. coeternity; equal eternity 
Coeterno, -a, adj. coeternal; equally eternal 
Coevo, -a, coeval; contemporary; of the same age 
Coexistencia, sf. existence at the same time 
Coexisténte, adj. coexistent; contemporary 
coexistir, n. 3. to coexist; exist at the same time 
Cofa, sf. round-house of the lower masts (naut. 
cofia, cap; head-dress; cowl; iron case (tor dies] 
Cofiezuela, sf dimin. small net; reticule 
cofín, sm. small basket (for fruit) 
Cofina. sf. Cofino, m. small basket (for fruit) 
Confráde, Cofráda, J»n/. member of a community 
Cofradía, sf. brotherhood; sisterhood; union 
Cofradria, sf. neighbourhood; congregation 
Cofre, leather trunk; lodgment; coffin of a press 
Cofre, (pelo de) sm. carroty, red hair 
Cofrecico. -illo, -ito. im. dimin. small trunk, chest 
Cofrero, stn. trunk-maker, seller 
Cofundadór, -a, smf joint-founder, foundress 
Cogecha, sf. harvest; harvest-time; reaping corn 
cogedera, sf bee-hive (used to gather a swarm) 
Cocedero, -a, sm. gatherer; collector 
cocedizo -a. arf/. easily collected, gathered 
Coiedór, «n. gatherer; collector; dust-box, pan 
CogedúA. «/.gathering; collecting; collection 
Coger, va. i to catch; gather (fruit, &c.); imbibe 
Co|ér; to hold; occupy; cover; find; surprise; stop 
Coger en mentira, to catch in a lie 
Coger las calles, to obstruct, stop the streets 
Coler la calle, to flee; run away; escape 
Co^er á deseo, to obtain one's wishes, desires 
roJér un cernícalo, to be intoxicated, tipsy 
Colermáno, -a, smf first cousin; cpusin-geman 
Colimiénto. sm. gathering; collecting; catching 
Colitáble. adl cogitable; that may be thought on 
Colitabundo.-a.odj. thoughtful; pensive; musing 
Cogitar, va. 1. to cogitate; think; meditate 
Cogitativo. -a, arfj. cogitative; thoughtful; musing 
Colite. (familiar phrase) I have caught you 
Cognación, */. kindred; relation; a*"»'y. , , , 
Coínádo.-i, ad/, cognate; allied; related byblond 
I Cognición sf. knowledge; acquaintance; receipt 



ae; nickname 

Cognónibre, stn. surname; famil; 
Cügnoméntu.tni. surname; coi,'i 
Cognominár, va, 1. to ^ve an additional 
Cognoscer, vu. 2. to know; perceive; feel; observe 
Cognoscible, iidj. cognoscible; that may be known 
Cognoscitivo, -a, adj. cognitive; able to know 
Cogollico, -ito, dim. small heart, flower (of pla.) 
CogfJUo, sm. heart {of garden plants); shoot; top 
Cogollos, SHI. pltir. ornaments of the friezes 
Cogolmar, vi.l. to fill up(a vessel) ; heap, make up 
Cogombradúra, sj. digging about plants 
Cogómbro, i«. cucumber (iiame & fruit of a plant) 
Cogote, »i«. occiput; hind part of the head 
Cogote, (ser ti"si> de) to be stubborn, obstinate 
Cogotera, sf. hair formerly lying on the netk 
Cogucho, sill, sugar of the most inferior quality 
Cogujada, s/. crested lark (small singing l>ird) 
Cogujón, ¡m. corner of a mattress, bolster 
Cogujonero, -a, «d/.corner-pointed (as a mattress) 
Cogulla, sf. cowl; monk's hood; habit of a monk 
Cogullada, sf. neck of a hog, pig, &c. 
Cohabitación, sf. cohabitation; living together 
Cohabitar, vn. 1. to cohabit; dwell, live together 
Cohechad()r, jw. briber; suborner; bribed judge 
Cohechamiento, sin. bribery; ploughing season 
Cohechar, w/. 1. to bribe; suborn; force; plough 
Cohechar, vn. to allow one's self to be bribed 
Cohechazón, breaking up the ground; ploughing 
Cohecho, bribery; subornation; ploughing-time 
Coheredera, sf. coheiress; joint heiress 
Coheredero, sm. coheir; joint heir; fellow-heir 
Coherencia, sf. coherence; connexion; cohesion 
Coherente, adj. coherent; consistent; suitable 
Coherentemente, adv. in a consistent manner 
Cohermano, sm. cousin (one collaterally related) 
Cohete, sm. sky-rocket (kind of fire-work) 
Cohete corredor, sm. rocket running along aline 
Cohetes para señales, sm. plur. signal-rockets 
Coheteria, sf. place where rockets, &c. are made 
Cohetero, m. maker, seller of rockets, fire-worUs 
Cohibición, */. restraint; restriction; stop 
Cohibár, va. 1. to restrain; hinder; stop; prohibit 
Cohita de casas, sf. contiguity of houses; street 
Cohobación, sf. distilling the same liquor again 
Cohol, sm. antimony; rectified spirit of wine 
Cohombral, sm. cucumber-bed 
Cohombrillo, sm. dimin. small kind of cucumber 
Cohombro, sm. cucumber (fruit and plant) 
Cohombro marino, sea-insect like a cucumber 
Cohonder, vii. 2. to corrupt; debase; defame; vilify 
Cohondimi nto, sm. corruption; infamy; reproach 
Cohonestar, a. 1. to give an honest appearance to 
Cohorte, sm. cohort (body of 5U0 foot soldiers) 
Coi, m. Coyes, pi. hammock; swinging bed (naut.) 
Coídár,f«.l. to heed; care; mind; look alter; think 
Coima, sf. perquisite (of a gaming-table keeper) 
Coime, Coimero, gaming-table keeper; gamester 
Coincidencia, sf. coincidence; concurrence 
Coincidénte, adj. coincident; concurrent 
Coincidir, vu.'ó. to coincide; concur; fall in, upon 
Coindicación, many symptoms of the same cause 
Coindicante, adj. betokening the same cause 
Coinquinarse, v. ref. 1. to be stained, defiled 
Coitárse, v. ref. 1. to hasten; accelerate; quicken 
Coitivo, a, adj. generative; of copulation 
Coito, m. coition; copulation; union of 2 bodies 
Coitóso, a, adj. hasty; acting with precipitation 
Coja, sf. lewd woman; prostitute; strumpet 
Cojear, vn. 1 to limp; walk lamely; hobble; deviate 
Cojear del mismo pie, to have the same passion 
Cojea, (saber de que pie,)to know one's weak side 
Cojedád \sf. lameness; habit of limping; halt; 
Cojera, -éz, i hobble; awkward gait; crippleness 
Cojijo, sm. complaint of a slight injury; grub 

Cojinete, -illo, sm. dimin. small cushion, pad 
Cojitránco, -a, sm. nick-name of a wicked cripple 
Cojo, -a, adj. lame peron, beast; unsteady table 
Cojón, sm. testicle (organ of seed in animals) 
Cojudo, -a, a. not castrated, gelt; in lull strength 
Cojuelo, -a, sinf. dimin. little cripple 
Coi, sf. cabbage with broad leaves tS: a short stalk 
Cola, trail; train; glue; students' wonl of reproach 
C'cjla clara, transp;irent glue (used by weavers) 
Cola fuerte, s/- strong glue (made of ox-hides) 
Cola de pescado, sy. isinglass (glue made of fish) 
Cola de retazo, size (to prepare linen for paint) 
Cola de boca, if. lip-glue (to stick paper, &c.) 
Cola de golondrina, sf. hornwork (fortification) 
Cola de caballo, sf. horse-tail (plant) 
Cola á, (hacer bajar la,) to pull down one's pride 
Cola, (cubrirse con la,) to use frivolous evasions 
Cola, (á la,) adv. backwards; behind; on the back 
Colaborador, sm. fellow-labourer; joint-worker 
Colachón, sm. guitar with a long handle (instr.) 
Colación, sf. collation; conference; light repast 
Colación, district (of a parish); potation 
Colación, sweetmeats (on Christmas eve to serv.) 
Colación, (traer á,) to support a cause by proofs 
Colacionar, tta, 1. to collate; compare; install 
Colactáneo, -a, smf. foster-brother, foster-sister 
Colada, sf. bucking (of clothes); linen bucked 
Colada, common (public ground); road for cattle 
Colada, (echar á uno la,) to clean one of his filth 
Coladera,/, strainer; colander; sieve to free wax 
Coladero, sm. colander; strainer; narrow passage 
Colador, colander; collator; barrel (to make lie) 
Coladora, sf. woman who bucks clothes, linen 
Coladura, sf. straining: filtering; percolation 
Coladuras, sf. plur. dregs, lees of clarified wax 
Coláire, sm. place purified by a current of air 
Colanilla, /. small bolt (to fasten doors, windows) 
Colante, adj. filtering; straining; purifying 
Colaña, sf. joist about 60 inches long, & 6l)road 
Colapez, -iscis,/. isinglass (extracted from fish) 
Colar, va. 1. to strain; collate; pass off bad money 
Colar, spread false news as true; drink wine 
Colar la ropa, con la lejia, to buck linen with lie 
Colar, vn. to pass through a strait place 
Colarse, f). ref. to steal into; creep in by stealth 
Colarse, to strain; be displeased with a jest 
Colateral, adj. collateral; in equal relation to 
Colateralraente, adr. in collateral relation 
Colativo, -a, adj. collated; bestowed together 
Colaudár, va. to praise; extol; commend; glorify 
Colcedra, sf. feather-bed; bed made of feathers 
Colcedróu, sm. augm. large feather-bed 
Colcha, sf. counterpane; quilt; coverlet (of abed) 
Colchadura, Colcha, sf. twisting ropes (naut.) 
Colchar, va. 1. to quilt; stuff with wool, cotton 
Colchar cabos, to lay, twist ropes (naut.) 
Colchar, (carro de) sm. rope-maker's sledge 
Colch'-ro, sm. quilt-maker; who makes quilts 
Colchico, sm. meadow-saffron (plant) 
Colchón, sm. mattress (bed to lie upon) 
Colchón de pluma,», feather-bed; bed of feathers 
Colchoncieo, -illo, -ito, sm. dimin. smallmattress 
Colchonero, -a, smf. maker of mattresses, &c. 
Colcótar, sm. colcothar (burnt, calcined vitriol) 
Coleada,/, wag of the tail (of fishes, other anira.) 
Coleadura,/, wagging of the tail; wriggling walk 
Colear, m. I. to wag the tail as dogs; wriggle 
Colección, s/. collection; compilation; selection 
Colecta, •!/. distribution of a tax levied on a town 
Colecta, collect (prayer); congregation 
"^ ' !j- jy_ collecting, gathering rents, &c. 

:o collect, gather, levy rents, &c. 
, , idj. gathered together (raw troops) 
Colectivamente, adv. collectively; in one body 
Colectivo, -a, adj. collective, of a multitude 
Colector, tm. collector; tax, rent-gatherer 
Colecturía, sf. coUectorship; tax-gathering 
Colt-ga, tm. colleague; partner in employment 
Colegatário, -a, j. coUegatary; sharer in a legacy 
Colegiado, sm. collegiate; member of a college 
Colegial, adj. collegiate; of a college; coUegial 
Colegial, sm. collegian; member of a college 
Colegiala, »/. woman member of a seminary, &c. 
Colegialico, -illo, -ito, sm. dimin. little collegian 
Colegialmente, adv. in the form of a college 
Colegiata, sf. collegiate church 
Colegiatura, sf. fellowship in a college 
Colegio, »n. college; seminary; house of education 
Colegio, society of men of the same profession 
Colegio, house of education for young ladies 
Colegir, va. 3. to collect; gather; deduce; infer 
Coleo, tm. wagging of the tail; wriggling walk 
Cólera, sf. choler; bile; passion; auger; rage 
Cólera, (montar en 1.) to be angry, in a passion 
Coléricamente, adv. in an angry manner; in a rage 
Colérico, -a, adj. choleric; passionate; hasty; hot 
Coleta, sf. hair tied behind with a ribbon; cue 
Coleta, short addition to a discourse, writing 
Coleta, nine-leaved coronilla (plant) 
Coletáneo, -a, smf. foster-brother, foster-sister 
Coletero, tm. maker of buff-doublets, breeches 
Coletilla, sf. dimin. small tail, cue 
Coletillo, sm. small doublet of butf, other skins 
Coleto, m. buff-doublet, jacket without skirts 
Col.-to, fecharse al 1.) to read it all over (book) 
Coleto, (echarse algo al) to eat, drink something 
Colgadero, sm. hook (to hang things upon) 
Colgadero, a, adj. fit to be hung up 
Colgadizo, sm. shed; slight temporary shelter 
Colgadizo, -a, adj. pendent; suspended; hanging 
Colgado, -a, adj. suspended; hanging; hung up 
Colgado, (dejar á uno 1.) to frustrate one's hopes 
Colgador, m. peel (to hang up new printed sheets) 
Colgadura, sj. tapestry; draper}-; hangings 
Colgadura de cama, sf. bed-furniture 
Colgajo, tm. rag, tatter (hanging from clothes) 
Colgajo de uvas, bunch of grapes (hung up) 
Colgante, adj. hanging; suspending; dependent 
Colgar va. 1. to hang up; adorn with tapestry 
Colgar, >;n. to hang from; be suspended 
Colgar á uno, to suspend something on one's neck 
Cólia, sf. Cólias, m. small fish like a pilchard 
Colibre, sm. colibri; beautiful humming-bird 
Cólica, sf. colic (disorder of the bowelsj 
Colicáno, -a, adj. with gray hair in the tail (horses) 
Cólico, (dolor) sm. colic (pain in the bowels) 
Coliquáble, adj. dissolvable; colliquable 
Cüliquación, sf. decomposition; coliiquation 
Coliquánte, adj. melting; dissolvent; coUiquant 
Coliquár, va. 1. to melt; dissolve; coUiquate 
Coliquárse, v. ref. to liquefy; become liquid 
(^oliquativo, -a, adj. colliquative; dissolvent 
Coliquecér, va. 2. to fuse; melt; put into fusion 
Coliquefacción, sf. melting together; fusion 
Colidir, va. 3. to collide; dash; knock together 
Colifero, -a, adj. having a true stalk; cauliferous 
Coliflor, tm. caulitlower (fine kind of cabbage) 
Coligación, sf. binding together; colligation 
Coligado, -a, smf. associate; confederate; ally 
Coligado, -a, adj. united together; associated 
Coligadura, sf. combination; connexion; union 
Coligamiento,»/', combination; connexion; union 
Coligancia, sf. connexion; correspondence 
Coligarse, v. ref. 1. to unite together; colligate 
Colilla, }/. dimin. small tail; train (of a gown) 


Colina, *f. hillock; small hill; seed of cabbage 
Colino, «in. small cabbage (not transplanted) 
Colirio, tm. coUyrium; ointment for the eyes 
Coliseo, >m. colisaeum; amphitheatre; play-house 
Colisión, tf. collision; striking together; clash 
Colitea, sf. Judas-tree (plant) 
Colitigante, m. litigant; one engaged in a law-suit 
Colitortc, m. hjrpocrite; dissembler (in religion) 
Colla, sf. collet (ancient armour for the neck 
Collación, sf. precinct, district (of a parish) 
Collada,/, neck; collar; small end of a wax-candle 
Collado, tm. hill; high land; small eminence 
Collar, m. necklace; collar; collet; neck-band 
Collar de un estay, iwi. collar of a stay (naut.) 
CoUaréjo, -ico, -ito, tm. dimin. small collar, chain 
Collarín, m. black collar edged with white; collar 
Collarino, m. ring at the top & bottom of a column 
Collazo, íí». ploughman; tenant; foster-brother 
Collazos, pi. poles to carry giasswort to be burnt 
Colleja, sf. lamb's lettuce; corn-salad (plant) 
Collejas,/, pi. little glands on a sheep's neck 
Culler, va. 2. to catch; imbibe; gather; take up 
Collera, /. collar (harness); convicts chained 
Collera, breeding mares used to thresh corn 
Colleta, tf. small kind of cabbage (plant) 
CoUete, tm. ring of the pintle of a gun-carriage 
Collón, sm. coward; poltroon; pusillanimous man 
Collonería, sf. cowardice; want of courage 
Colmadamente, adv. plentifully; abundantly 
Colmado, -a, adj. filled; heaped up; excessive 
Colraadúra, sf. neap; over-measure; completion 
Colmar, va. 1. to heap up; fill; load; confer; lavish 
Colmena, tf. bee-hive; place well stocked (fig.) 
Colmenar, »/i. apiary (place where bees are kept) 
Colmenero, tm. bee'-master; keeper of bees 
Colmenilla,/, moril (kind of porous mushroom) 
Colmillazo, sm. augm. large eye-tooth; sore gum 
Colmillejo, sm. dimin. small eye-tooth, fang 
Colmillo, sm. eye-tooth; canine tooth; fang 
Colmillos, (mostrar 1.) to show spirit, firmness 
Colmillos, (tener 2.) to be quick-sighted, sharp 
Colmilludo, -a, ad. with eye-teeth; fangs 
Colmo, sm. heap; over-measure; completion 
Colmo de sus deseos, sm. summit of one's wishes 
Colmo, íllegár á 1.) to come to perfection 
Colmo, (á) adv. abundantly; plentifully; amply 
Colmo, -a, adj. filled; heaped up; excessive 
Colo, m. chub; cheven; pollard (fish); colon 
Colocación, sf. employ; arrangement; position 
Colocar, va. 1. to place; arrange; station; put in 
Colocásia, sf. Egyptian-bean (plant) 
Colocutor, m. speaker in a dialogue with another 
Colodra,/, milk-pail; wine-measure 
Colodra, (ser una) v. aua: to be a tippler, toper 
Colodrázgo, m. tax, excise on wine sold in retail 
Colodrillo, tm. occiput; hind part of the head 
Colodro, sm. wooden shoe; wine mea 
Colofonia, /. colophony; resin; turp< 
Colombróño,»». namesake; oneof thi 
Colón, tm. two dots (:) to make a pa> 
Colón imperfecto, tm. semicolon (;) 
Colón, tm. colon (largest of the intestines) 
Colón, tm. colonist; planter; farmer; agricultor 
Colonia, sf. colony; plantation; silk riboon 
Colonia, (media) /. silk ribbon one finger wide 
Colonial, adj. colonial; of a colony, plautatiOD 
Colono, tm. colonist; planter; farmer 
Coloquintida, sf. coloquiutida; bitter apple 
Coloquio, m. colloquy; conference; conversation 
Color, f/i. colour; tint; complexion; pretext 
Color lU-no, cargado, tm. deep colour, tint 
Color vivo, tm. bright, brilliant colour 
Color muerto, quebrado, tm. wan, faded colour 
Color de aire, tm. light, delicate colour 

COL 1 

Color de rosa batida, $m. mixed rose-colour 
Colores (mudar de 1.) to change colour 
Colores a uno (sacarle los 1.) to make one blush 
Color (á) adv. on pretence; under pretext 
Colora, «/". choler; bile; anger; passion; rage 
Coloración, sf. colouring; laving on colours 
Colorada, (á Dios con la) adieu, God be with you 
Coloradamente, adv. under pretext; speciously 
Colorado, -a, adj. ruddv; indelicate; coloured 
Colorado, (pouerse rej! 2.) to blush with shame 
Colorado, (poner á uiio 2.1 to put one to the blush 
Coloraraiento, »/. being on fire; glow; liveliness 
Colorar, va. 1. to colour; dye; rouge 
Colorar, vn. to blush, redden with shame 
Colorarse, v. ri'f. to be ashamed, abashed 
Colorativo, -a, ndj. colorific; producing colour 
Colorear, «. 1. to colour; palliate; make plausible 
Colorearse, /'. ref. to redden; grow red 
Colorete, sm. rouge (red paint for the face) 
Colorido, «I. colouring; colour; pretext; pretence 
Colorido, -a, adj. coloured; dyed; colórate 
Colorín, Ml. linnet (singing bird) ; vivid colour 
Colorínes, sm. plur. shoviry colours 
Colorir, va. 3. to colour; dye; make plausible 
Colorista, sm. colourist; eminent painter 
Colosal, adj. colossal; gigantic; like a colossus 
Coloso, sm. colosse; giant; very large statue 
Colóstro, stn. first milk of a female after birth 
Colpa, sf. whitish sort of copperas 
Colpar, va. 1. to wound; dash together; move 
Colpez, sm. isinglass (fine kind of glue) 
Coludir, va. S. to collude; conspire in a fraud 
Columbio, sm. Columbian (American metal) 
Columbino, -a, adj. dove-like; innocent; candid 
Co) umbo, sm. Columbo-root (pli 


m. 1. t< 


Columelares, sm. ptur. incisors; front 
Columna,/, column; pillar; supporter; half a page 
Columnário, -a, adj. colmnnar; with two columns 
Columnata, sf. colonnade; peristile; piazza 
Columpiar, va. 1. to swing- to and fro 
Columf"-'.» „ .,f ,„ = J, 

column with a stair 
Colúna millar, militaría, sf. mile-stone 
Colunica, -ilia, -ita, sf. dimiu. small column 
Colurión, sm. flusher; lesser butcher-bird 
Coluros, sm. colures(,two imaginary circles) 
Colusión, sf. collusion; deceitful agreement 
Colusoriamente, adv. in a deceitfuf manner 
Colusorio, -a, a. collusory; with fraud concerted 
Colzál, sm. colewort-seed (seed of cabbage) 
Coma, sf. comma, point marked thus ( , ) 
Comadre, sf. midwife; god-mother; gossip 
Comadres, (jueves de) sf. pi. gossips' Thursday 
Comadreja, sf. weasel (small animal) 
Comadreja marina, tí. weasel-blenny (fish) 
Comadrero, -a, ii. gossiping from house to house 
Comadrón, m. pracliser of midwifery; accoucheur 
Comandado, -a, adj. officered; commanded 
Comandamiento, sin. command; commandment 
Comandancia,/, office, district of a commander 
Comandancia militar, sf. military command 
Comandante, sm. commandant; commander 
Comandar, vn. 1. to command; order; commend 
Comando, stn. command; authority; power; rule 
Comarca, sf. territory; district; boundary; limit 
Comarcano, -a, adj. adjoining; neighbouring 
Comarcar, va. 1. to plant trees on a straight line 
Comarcar, vn. to border; be on the borders 
Comáto, -a, adj. hairy; covered with hair 

1 COM 

Comáto, (Cometa) /. hairy comet (celestial body) 
Comáya, /. large basket; pannier; white owl 
Comba, sf. curvature (of timber, iron) ; bending 
Combas, (hacer 2.) to twist, contort one's body 
Combadura, y. vault; cave; curvature; bending 
Combalacharse, ref. 1. to join for an evil purpose 
Combar, vn. 1. to bend; inliect; crook 
Comliirse, ref. to warp; bow; bend 
Combate, S)«. combat; tight; agitation of the mind 
Combatible, adj. that may be combated 
Combatidor, w. combatant; champion; antagonist 
Combatiente, sm. fighter; fighting soldier 
Combatiente, adj. fighting; disposed to quarrel 
Combatir, ?;«. 3. to attack: fight; oppose; rouse 
Combatir, <■«. to fight; combat; quarrel; contest 
Combatir á la retrata, to keep up a running fight 
Combeneficiádo, prebendary of the same church 
Combés, sm. waist of a ship (naut.) 
Combinable, adj. combinable; that may be united 
Combinación, y . combination; concurrence 
Combinado, -a, adj. combined; joined together 
Combinar, va. 1. to combine; join together 
Combinatorio, -a, adj. combining; uniting 
Combleza, sf. mistress (kept by a married man) 
Comblezádo, adj. whose wife lives in adultery 
Comblezo, m. married man living with a man's wife 
Combo, -a, adj. bent; crooked; curved; warped 
Combo, sm. frame, stand for casks, barrels, &c. 
Combóy, sm. convoy; guard; escort; suite 
Combustibilidad, sj. combustilñlity; burning 
Combustible, adj. combustible; inliammable 
Combustible, stn. combustible; fuel; wood; coal 
Combustion, sf. combustion; conflagration; fire 
Combusto, -a, adj. burnt; consumed by fire 
Comedero, stn. dining-room; feeding-trough 
Comedero, -a, adj. eatable; that may be eaten 
Comedia, sf. comedv (dramatic satire on life) 
Comedia, (ser una v. auj:] to be a complete farce 
Comediante, sf. actress; female stage-player 
Comediiinte, stn. actor; player; comedian 
Comediante de la li-gua, stn. strolling-player 
Comediar, a. 1. to divide in equal shares; direct 
Comedición, /. thought; idea; meditation; design 

Comedico, -a, adj. comical; ludic 

rous; laughable 

Comedidamente, ad. civilly; com 

teously; gently 

Comedido, -a, adj. civil; courteou 

s; gentle; polite 

ness; urbanity 

Comedio, m. centre (of aplace) in 

termediate time 

Comedir, «. 3. to think; meditate 

Comedirse, v. ref. to govern one 

s self ; be civil 

Comedor, -a, m. great eater; feeder; dining-room 
Comején, m. moth (that eats clothes) ; wood-louse 
Comendable, adj. commendable; praiseworthy 
Comendador, m. knight-commander (milit. ord.) 
Comendador, prelate, prefect of monasteries 
Comendadora, sf. superior of a nunnery 
Comendamiénto, stn. commission; commandery 
Comeudár, va. 1. to charge; enjoin; recommend 
Comendatario, m. commendatory; clerical knight 
Comendaticio, -a, recommendatory (bishop's lett.) 
Comendatorio, a, adj. recommendatory (letters) 
Comendero, sm. beneficiary (sworn allegiant) 
Comensal, commensal; who eats at the same table 
Comentador, sm. commentator; explainer; critic 
Comentar, a. 1. to comment; explain; expound 
Comentario, 7/1. commentary; exposition; remark 
Comento, sm. comment; exposition; note; remark 
:ntuál, adj. explanatory; of, to a comment 
ji_ 1 : 1 1 beginning 

iplanatory; of 
gmner; who m 


adj. begii 

/. eating; food; victuals; meal; fare 
!. 2. to eat; swallow: consume; spend 

COM l( 

Comer como nn sabafiÓD, to eat excessively 
Comer pan con corteza, to have a surticiency 
Comer de mo);oll<5ii, to live at others' expense 
Comer, (ganar de 1.) to earn a livelihood 
Comer, (tener que 2.) to have a competency 
Comer á dos carillos, to enjoy 2 benefices at once 
Comerse de risa, ref. to refrain from laughing 
Comerse los codos de hambre, to be starved 
Comerse unos á otros, to be ever at dagt^ers drawn 
Comerciable, adj. merchantable; marketable 
Comercial, adj. commercial; trading; social 
Comercialménte, adv. in a commercial manner 
Comerciante, tm. trader; merchant; trafficker 
Comerciante, adj. trading; of trade; commercial 
Comerciar, va. 1. to commerce; trade; negotiate 
Comercio, m. commerce; trade; intimacy; intrigue 
Comercio, body of merchants; exchange; game 
Comestible, eatable; fit to be eaten; comestible 
Comestibles, m. pi. all sorts of food & provisions 
Cometa, »/. comet (heavenly revolving body) 
Cometa, kite (plaything); kind of game at cards 
Cometa comádo, Crinito, »/• hairy comet (astr.) 
Cometario, tm. kind of orrery; comctarium 
Cometedor, >m. offender; assaulter; assailer 
Cometer, va. 2. to commit; intrust; assault; attack 
Cometerse, ref. to expose one's self; take care of 
Cometografia, tf. description of the comets 
Comezón, sm. itching in the body; anxiety of mind 
Cómica, if. actress; témale stage-player 
Cómicamente, adv. in a comical, pleasant manner 
Comicios, m. pi. popular assemblies of the Romans 
Cómico, -a, adj. comic; comical; ludicrous; jocose 
Cómico, tm. actor; stage-player; comedian 
Comida, if. food; eating; dinner; meal; victuals 
Comida, (hacer una buena,) to make a good meal 
Comidilla, if. dim. slight repast; peculiar delight 
Comido, -a, adj. satiate; full to satiety; cloyed 
Comido por servido, (prov.) meat for work (little) 
Comienzo, im. beginning; oririn; source; cause 
Comienzo, (á, de) adv. from the beginning 
Comilitón, sm. parasite; sycophant; flatterer 
Comilitona, Comilona, «/.'splendid repast; feast 
Comilón, -a, »mf. great eater; luxurious feeder 
Cominero, ». miser; covetous wretch; miserable 
Comino, tm cumin (kind of animal plant) 
Cominos, sm. pliir. cumin-seed 
Comino, (no vale, monta un,)it is not worth a rush 
Comino, (partir el 3.\ to split a hair; be niggardly 
Comisar, va. I. to confiscate; seize bv forfeit 
Comisaria, if. Comisariato, m. commissariship 
Comisario, im. commissary; deputy; overseer 
Comisario de quartél, headborough (constable) 
Comisión, tf. trust; charge; commission; crime 
Comisión, committee of persons appointed 
Comisionado, -a, adj. commissional; deputed 
Comisionado, »i. commissioner; deputy; overseer 
Comisionar, va. to commission; empower; depute 
Comisionista, tm. commissioner; agent; deputy 
Comiso, im. conHscation; forfeiture; seizure 
Comistión,/, commixion; mixture; incorporation 
Comistrajo, im. hod^e-podge; medley; mixture 
C(4mi8úra, if. commisure; union of bones; suture 
Comité, count; overseer; king, head of gypsies 
Comitente, im. constituent; elector; appointer 
Coniitiva, */. suite; retinue; followers; attendants 
Cómitre, tvt. boatswain (on board a galley) 
Comiza, if. kind of surmullet (river fish) 
Cómo, adv. how? as; in what manner"' why? 
Como ello sea bueno, if it be good 

Cómodamente, adv. conveniently; commodiously 
Comodatario, Jin. borrower; pawn-broker 
Comodato, >m. loan; thing lent (for a fixed time) 

2 COM 

Comodidad, (/. comfort; ease; leisure; profit 
Cómodo, tm. utility; convenience; profit 
Cómodo, -a, commodious; convenient; suitable 
Como quiero, adv. however; yet; nevertheless 
Como quiera que, conj. notwithstanding that 
Comorár, vn. 1. to live, dwell, cohabit together 
Compaciente, adj. merciful; compassionate 
Compacto, -a, adj. compact; firm; close; solid 
Compadecerse, v. ref. to be compassionate; pity 
Compadecerse, to agree with each other 
Compadrar, vn. 1. to become a god-father 
Compadrazgo, rn.compaternity; sponsor's affinity 
Compadre, sm. god-father; sponsor; protector 
Compadrería,/, social bond between god-fathers 
Compage, system of many parts united; compage 
Compaginación, if. compagination; structure 
Compaginador, tm. one who joins, unites, couples 
Compaginar, va. 1. to join; unite; couple together 
Compágo, portico, porch of the door of a church 
Companiero, -a, imf. companion; friend; partner 
Compaña, outhouse; office; company of soldiers 
Compañería, youth; youthfulness; juvenility 
compañero, -a, companion; help-mate; consort 
compañero, comrade: colleague; partner; helper 
compañero de quarto, sm. chamber-fellow 
compañía, company; partnership; troop (sold.) 

Compáño, Compañón, im. companion; friend 
compañón, sm. testicle (organ of generation) 
C'ompañuéla, if. dimin. small family 
comparable, adj. comparable; equal to; similar 
Comparablemente, adv. in a comparable manner 
comparación,/, comparison; compare; collation 
comparanza, /. comparison; similitude; parallel 
Comparar, vn. 1. to compare; assimilate; confront 
Comparativam'-nte, adv. comparatively 
Comparativo, -a, adj. comparative; by comparison 
Comparecencia, tf. appearance (before a judge) 
Comparecer, va. 2. to appear in a court 
Compareciente, one who appears before a judge 
Comparendo, tm. summons; citation; call of law 
Comparición, if. appearance (before a judge) 
Comparsa, */. suite of great personages on a stage 
Comparte, im. joint party; accomplice; partner 
Compartimento, -lento, compartment; enclosure 
Compartir, va. 3. to compart; divide; arrange 
Compás, compasses; time (in mus.); rule of life 
Compás de calibre, callipers (arched compasses) 
Compás de proporción, proportional compasses 
Compás de relojero, clock-maker's compass 
Compás de muelle, »m. spring-compass 
Compás de mar, sm. mariner's compass 
Compás misto, im. feint; mock assault (fenc.) 
Compás trepidante, motion in a right line (fenc.) 
Compás, (echar el 1.) to beat time (mus.); direct 
Compás, (salir de,) to act without rule, measure 
Compás, (á) adv. in right musical time 
Compasadamente, adv. by rule and measure 
Compasar, va. to measure with a rule iv compass 
Compasar, to regulate; measure; divide 
Compasar una carta de marear, to prick the chart 
Compasible, adj. compassionable; pitiable 
Compasillo, sm'. dimin. quick time (in music) 
Compasión, if. compassion; pity; commiseration 
Compasivo, -a, adj. compassionate; merciful 
Compaternidad, cbmpaternity; sponsor's affinity 
Compatia, sf. sympathy; fellow-feeling; pity 

Compatibilidad,/, compatibility; c 
Compatible, adj. compatible; consistent with 
Compatiblemente, adv. compatibly; suitably 
Compatriota, /. compatriot; of the same country 
Compatrióto, sm. countryman, compatriot 
Compatrón, -a, «»«/. joint-patron; joint-patroness 


Compatronato, sm. joint right of patronage 
Compatrón, sm. joint-patron; joint-advowee 
Compeler, va. 2. Compelír, 3. to compel; force 
Compendiador, am. abriilger; epitomiser 
Compendiar, va. 1. to abridge; epitomise; shorten 
Compendiariamente, uilr. CDUipeiidiously; briefly 
Compendio, abridgment; suiiiiiuiry; compendium 
Compendiosamente, dii». in a concise m.uiner 
Compendioso, -a, adj. compendious; brief; concise 
Compendizar, a. 1. to abridge; shorten; epitomise 
Compensable, compensable; to be recompensed 
Compensación, sj. compensation; recompense 
Compensar, va. 1. to compensate; recompense 
Compensar, t'li. to make amends; make up 
Compenzár, va. to commence; betfin; undertake 
Competencia, »/. competition; competence 
Competencia, (á,) adv. contentiously; with strife 
Competente, ao/. competent; adequate; suihcient 
Competentemente, tidv. in a competent manner 
Competer, vn. 2. to be one's due: vie; contend 
Competición,/, competition; contest; competence 
Competidor, sm. competitor; rival; opponent 
Competidora, sf. competitress; (woman) rival 
Competir, vtt.'i. to vie; contend; rival; strive for 
Compiadárse, v. ref. 1. to pity; be compassionate 
Compilación, sf. compilation; collection 
Compilador, -a, mf. compiler; plagiary; collector 
Compilar, va. 1. to conipile, collect from authors 
Compinche, sm. bosom-friend; confident; crony 
Complacencia, sf. pleasure; complacency; joy 
Complacer, va. 2. to please (another); content 
Complacerse, to take delight in; be pleased with 
Complaciente, adj. pleasing; agreeable; kind 
Complanar, va. to clear up; explain; widen ; fine 
Complañir, to weep; lament; be compassionate 
Complemento, sm. complement; completion; end 
Completamente, adv. completely; perfectly 
Completar, vu. 1. to complete; finish; perfect 
Completas, sf. plur. compline; evening service 
Completivamente, ndv. in a corapleie manner 
Completivo, -a, adj. completive; making complete 
Completo, -a, complete; perfect; accomplished 
Complexión,/, complexion; constitution; habit 
Complexionado, -a, adj. complexioned; tempered 
Complexional, adj. complexional; of complexion 
Complexo, sm. complex; union of several parts 
Complicación, sf. complication; involution 
Complicadamente, adv. in a complicated manner 
Complicado, -a, adj. complicate; compounded 
Complicar, 1. to complicate; join; unite; involve 
Cómplice, smf. accomplice; associate; abettor 
Complicidad, sf. participation in a crime 
Complidúra, sf. correspondent quality, measure 
Complimiénto,í/n. supply of provisions; end; goal 
Complir, a. 3. to execute; provide; satisfy; fulfil 
Componedor, -a, composer; author; compositor 
Componenda, sf. fees paid in the Papal chancery 
Componer, va. 2. to compose; sum up; invent 
Componer, to furnish; fit up; reconcile; calm 
Componer, to write verses; compose, arrange tvpes 
Componer el semblante, to assume a modest look 
Componer tanto de renta, to have so much a year 
Componerse, ref. to set one's self off with dress 
Componible, a. compoundable; accommoriable 
Componimiento, sm. disposition; composition 
Comporta, sf. large basket (to carry grapes) 
Comportable, adj. supportable; tolerable 
Comportamiento, sm. comportment; behaviour 
Comportar, va. 1. to carry, bring together; suffer 
Comportarse, v. ref. to behave; conduct one's self 
Comporte, sat. suflferance; conduct; air; manner 
Comportilla, sf. dimin. small basket 
Composible, adj. compoundable; accommodable 
Composición, sf. composition; adjustment; pact 

3 COM 

Composición, modest appearance; arrangement 
Com.positór, sm. composer; compositor (of types) 
Compostura,/, composition; cleanliness; mending 
Compostura, adjustment; sedateness; composure 
Compota, sf. conserve of fruit (made with sugar) 
Compotera,/, vessel to serve up jams on the table 
Compra, sf. purchase; provisions for daily use 
Compra y vendida, (dar. 1.) to permit trade 
Comprable, adj. purchasable; that may be bought 
Comprada,/, purchase; provisions for daily use 
Compradizo, -a, purchasable; that may be bought 
Comprado, Compradillo, kind of play (at ombre) 
Comprador, -a, smf. purchaser; buyer; caterer 
Comprante, adj. purchasing; buying; who buys 
Comprar, va. to purchase; buy; obtain by money 
Compreda, sf. purchase; provisions for daily use 
Comprehendedor, -a,s. understander; conceiver 
Comprehender, to embrace; contain; understand 
Comprehensibilidad, sf. comprehensibleness 
Comprehensible, adj. intelligible; conceivable 
Comprehensibleménte, adv. comprehensibly 
Comprehensión, sf. comprehension; conception 
Coraprehensivo,-a, «(¿/.comprehensive; capaciou,s 
Comprehensor, -a, who comprehends, embraces 
Cojnpremibie, adj. compressible; fit to press 
Compremir,?;a. 3. to compress; restrain; repress 
Compresaménte, «di», compendiously; in epitome 
Compresbítero, sm. joint presbyter, priest 
Compresibilidad, sf. compressibility 
Compresible, adj. compressible; fit to press 
Compresión, sf. compression; compressure 

Compresivo, -a, adj. compressive; compressing 
Compreso, -a, p. part, compressed; restrained 
Comprimir, va. 3. to compress; restrain; repress 
Comprimirse, v. ref. to subdue one's passion 
Comprobación, sf. comprobation; full proof 
Comprobante, adj. attesting; concurring in proof 
Comprobar, to verify; concur in proof; compare 
Coinprofessor s;». colleague; joint-professor 
Comprometer, iir;. to compromise; engage; expose 
Comprometimi'-nto, iii. compromise; engagement 
Compromisario, sm. compromiser; ■arbitrator 
Compromisión, sf. compromise; engagement 

Compromiso! (poner en 2.) to 'render doubtful 
Compromisório,-a, adj. compromissorial 
Coraprotectór, s;n. jomt-protector, supporter 
Comprovincial, ndj. of the sanje metropolitan 
Compuerta, sf. hatch; sluice; flood-gate; curtain 
Compuerta, cloth bearing a knight's badge 
(íompuérta de marea, sJ. tide-gate 
Compuestamente, adv. in an orderly manner 
Compuesto, m. compound; mixture of ingredients 
Compuesto, -a, adj. compound; complex; repaired 
Compuesto, (orden) sm. composite order (arch.) 
Compulsa, authentic, attested copy of &c. (law) 
Compulsar, to compel; make an authentic copy 
Compulsión, sf. compulsion; compelling; force 
Compulsivo, -a, a. compulsive; forcing; obliging 
Compulso, -a, p.p. compelled; forced; constrained 
Compulsorio, -a, adj. compulsory; compelling 
Compulsorio, -a, ordering an authentic copy (law) 
Compunción, compunction; repentance; remorse 
Compungido, adj. compunctious; repentant 
Compungirse, v. to feel compunction, remorse 
Compungivo, -a, pricking; stinging; remorseful 
Compurgación, sf. testimony to a man's veracity 
Compurgator, sm. witness to a man's veracity 

Computable, adj. computable; numerable 
Computación, sf. computation; calculation 
Computar, im. 1. to compute; calculate; estimate 
Computista, m. computist; calculator; computer 


Computo, tm. computation of time; calculation 
Comulación, «/. cumulation; heaping together 
Comulgar, a. 1. to admini ■ -'^-•-' 
Comulgar, ' 


the holy 
the holy sacrament 

«.um.ugavu..u, o,,.. ^^ anion-table, altar 

Común, adj. common; usual; frequent; vulgar 
Común, (por lo) in general; usually; commonly 
Comunes, (pastos) sm.pliir. common fields 
Común, sm. community; public; commonalty 
Común, (en) in common; conjointly; collectively 
Comuna, ../. principal canal of irrigation 
Comunal, 5«i. commonalty; bulk of the people 
Comunaleza,/, mediocrity; intercourse; common 
Cüiuunalménte, Comunaménte, «rfw. commonly 
Comunero, -a, adj. popular; of a political party 
Comunero, sm. joint-holder of a tenure of lands 
Comunero, am. political party man of Comuneros 
Comunicabilidad, »/. communicability 
Comunicable, a. communicable; sociable; affable 
Comunicación, sf. communication; intercourse 
Comunicante, s. communicant (at the sacrament) 
Comunicante, adj. communicating; imparting 
Comunicar, va. 1. to communicate; confer upon 
Comunicar,», to communicate; take the sacrament 
Comunicarse, v. re/, to be joined; contiguous 
Comunicarse entre si, to exchange ideas 
Comunicativo, -a, adj. communicative; sociable 
Comunicatório, -a, adj. to be communicated, told 
Comunidad, /. commonness; commonalty; people 
Comunidad, community; guild; rebellious crowd 
Comunidad, (de) adv. conjointly; eoUoctively 
Comunidades, pi. riots in CastiUe against Char. \ . 
Comunión, if. communion; familiar intercourse 
Comunión, communion; receiving the Lord ssup. 
Comunmente, adv. commonly; usually; often 
Comuña, »/ meslin; mixed corn; contract 
Comuñas, </. pl- seeds (except wheat, barley, rye) 
Con, oreo, with; by; for; against; in; among 
Conque, prep, so that; provided; on condition that 
Conque, then; therefore; for this reason 
Conque, «I. condition; stipulation; circumstance 
Con tal que, conj. so that; provided that 
Conato, sm. effort; exertion; endeavour; attempt 
Conato de hurto, »'". attempt at robbeiy 
Conaviero, sm. co-partner, part-owner in a »1 
Cónca, sf. wooden bowl; socket (of the eye) 
Concadenar, i"í. 1. to chain, link together; fetter 
Concambio, sm. exchange; barter; trading mart 
Concanónigo, sm. fellow canon (in cathedrals) 
Concaptivo, -a, smj. companion in captivity 
Concatedralidád, sj. union of two cathedrals 
Concatenación,/, concatenation; series; chain 
Concatenar, va. 1. to concatenate; join together 
Concausa, »/. joint-cause; union of two causes 
Concava, Concavitlád, sf. concavity; hoUowness 
Cóncavo, -a, adj. concave; hollow; excavated 
Cóncavo, m. concavity; hoUowness; inside cavity 
Concebible, adj. comprehensible; conceivable 
Concebidór, sm. one who conceives, understands 
, Concebimiento, sm. conception; sentiment; idea 
Concebir, a. 3. to conceive; imagine; have an idea 
Concédante, adj. conceding; yielding; granting 
Conceder, a. 2. to give; grant; allow; admit 
Concedido, -a, adj. conceded; granted; admitted 
Concejal, tm. member of a council, board 
Concejal, adj. of public councils, boards 
Concejeramente, >idv. publicly; without reserve 
Concejil, foundling; body of armed men of a town 
Conce Í1, adj. public; common; of the council 
Concejo, sm. civic body of a small town 
Concejo abierto, meeting of the inhabitants 
Concelio, Concello, ."«. court of magistrates 
Concenár, v>i. 1. to sup. eat supper together 
Concento, m. concert of voices; harmony 

V trifle 

le another 

4 CON 

Concentración, »/. concentration; meditation 
Concentrado, -a, adj. concentred; meditative 
Concentrar, va. 1. to concentrate; muse deeply 
Concéntrico, -a, concentric; tending to one point 
Concepción,/, conception; thought; idea; notion 
Conceptear, a. 1. to give smart repartees, replies 
Conceptibilidid, sf. conceivableness 
Conceptible, adj. conceptible; conceivable 
Conceptillo, sm. dim. attempt at wit; witty 
Conceptista, «i. witty and ingenious speaker 
Concepto, sm. conceit; thought; idea; fcEtus 
Concepto, sm. sentiment; flash of wit; opinion 
Conceptuar, v. 1. to conceive; judge; be of opinion 
Conceptuosamente, adv. in a witty manner 
Conceptuoso, -a, adj. witty; sharp; ingenious 
Concernencia, sf. concernment; influence 
Concerniente, adj. concerning; interesting 
Concerniente, (por lo) prep, concerning 
Concernir, v. monop. 3. to regard; concern 
Concertadamente; adv. regiilariy; by agreement 
Concertadór, in. regulator; adjuster; contriver 
Concertar, va. 1. to concert; regulate; adjust 
Concertar, to bargain; compare; rouse the paj 
Concertar, wn. to agree; accord; s 
Concertarse, v. re), to deck, dres . 

Concertarse, to go hand in hand; concert; design 
Concesión,/, concession; grant; acknowledgment 
Concesionario, sin. grantee; receiver by grant 
Concha, sf. shell; oyster; tortoise-shell; volute 
Concha, ancient copper coin; shell of a dagger 
Concha de cabrestante, socket of the capstern 
Conchas de escobenes, sf. plur. navel-woods 
Conchas, (tener muchas) to be very sly, cunning 
Conchabanza. */. same ease as a fish in its shell 
Conchabanza, meeting in unlawful assemblies 
Conchabar, a. 1. to jumble the wool at shearing 
Conchabarse, v. ref. to conspire; join; unite 
Conchado, -a, adj. scaly; crustaceous; shelly 
Conchil, sm. rock-sheU; burret (shell-fish) 
ConchiUa, -ita, sf. dimin. small shell 
Conchite, sm. conchite (sort of petrified shelll 
Conchudo, -a, adj. shelly; scaly; crustaceous 
Conchuela, sJ. dimin. small shell 
Concibimientó, sm. conceit; idea; conception 
Conciencia, sf. conscience; veracity; scruple 
Conciencia, (ancho de) not scrupulous in morals 
Conciencia de (hacer 2.) to be scrupulous about 
Conciencia, (á) conscientiously; exceedingly 
Conciencia, (en) adv. in good earnest; in truth 
Concienzudo, -a, adj. conscientious; exactly ju,.t 
Concierto, sm. good order; concerl; agreement 
Concierto, (de) adv. according to agreement 
Conciliábulo, conventicle; illegal meeting 
Conciliación, sf. conciliation; resemblance 
Conciliación, obtaining friendship, esteem 
Conciliador, m. concUiatpr; reconciler; fnend 
Conciliar, va. 1. to conciliate; reconcile; gain 
Conciliar el sueño, to induce, bring on sleep 
Conciliar, adj. conciliar; relating to councils 
Conciliar, sm. member of a council 
Conciliative, -a, adj. conciliatory; reconciling 
Concilio, íF». council; assembly of bishops 
Concilio, collection of decrees of any council 
Concilio, (tener) to hold illegal meetings 
Conciiiidád,/. harmony; just proportion of sound 
Concino, -a, «. harmonious; concordant; musical 
Conción. f. sermon; religious discourse; homily 
CoUcloniáór, -a, smf priacher, speaker in public 
Concisamente, adv. concisely; briefly; shortly 
Concisión, sj. conciseness; brevity; shortness 
Concitación, sf concitation; stirring up; not 
Concitador, sm. inciter; agitator; instigator 
Concitar, va. 1. to excite; promote: stir up; incite 
Concitativo, -a, a. incentive; cntiiing: stimnp up 


Conciudadano, im. fellow-citii , 
Cónclave, am. conclave; assembly of cardinals 
Couclavista, sm. attendant on the cardinals 
Concluir, a. 3. to conclude; determine; finish 
Concluir, decide; convince; infer; disarm; expire 
Conclusión, sf. conclusion; decision; close; end 
Conclusión, (en) adv. finally; in short; lastly 
Conclusivo, -a, adj. conclusive; decisive; final 
Concluso, -a, adj. concluded; finished; enclosed 
Concluyente, adj, concludent; decisive; final 
Concluyentcmente, adv. in a conclusive manner 
Concofrade, stn. companion of the same society 
Concoide, sf. conchoid (curve line, mathematics) 
Concolega, f/i. fellow-collegian; fellow-student 
Concomerse, v. ref. 2. to hitch one's shoulders 
Concomimiento, 1 motion, twist of the shoulders 
Concomio, sm. f (with an itching: sensation) 
Concomitancia, if. concomitaiice;'concurrence 
Concomitante, adj. concomitant; concurrent 
Concomitar, va. 1. to concomítate; accompany 
Concordable, a. agreeable; suitable; concordant 
Concordablemente, adv. in conjunction; fitly 
Concordación, sf. co-ordination; conformation 
Concordador, m. conciliator; reconciler; friend 
Concordancia, /. concordancy; agreement 
Concordancia, index to the scriptures; concord 
Concordante, adj. concordant; suitable; agreeing 
Concordar, va. 1. to accord; regulate; compromise 
Concordar, n. to be in unison; agree; concur 
Concordata,/, concórdate; compact; convention 
Concordato, iin. concórdate; compact; convention 
Concorde, adj. concordant; of the same opinion 
Concordemente, adv. with one accord 
Concordia, s/. concord; agreement; harmony 
Concordia, (de) adv. by common consent; jointly 
Concorpóreo, -a, adj. of the same body 
Concreción, sf. concretion; union of parts; mass 
Concrescencia, sf. coalescence into one mass 
Concretamente, adv. in a concrete manner 
Concretar, va. 1. to concrete; form into one mass 
Concreto, -a, adj. concrete; formed by concretion 
.„. u„..„..ted (logical) 



Concubinário, in. who keeps a concubine; mistress 
Concubinato, srn. concubinage; immoral union 
Concúbio, sm. bed-time; hour of rest 
Concúbito, sm. coition; union of the two sexes 
Conculcación, sf. trampling with the feet 
Conculcar, va. 1. to tread, trample under foot 
Concuñado, -a, smf. brother, sister-in-law (kin) 
Concupiscencia, sj. concupiscence; cupidity 
Concupiscible, adj. concupiscible; libidinous 


Concurrente, adj. 
Com -■-' 

icident; t 


Concurrir, vn. 3. to concur; coincide; contribute 
Concursar, va. to award a warrant of bankruptcy 
Concurso, in. concourse; aid; contest 
Concusión, sf. concussion; shaking; agitation 
Concusión violenta, sf. violent agitation 
Condado, m. dignity of a count, earl, count 
Condal, adj. of the dignity of an earl, count 
Conde, sin. earl; count; overseer; chief of gypsies 
Condecábo, adv. another time; again; once more 
Condecente, adj. convenient; suitable; proper 
Condecoración, sf. decoration; embellishment 
Condecorar, va. 1. to adorn; embellish; 
Condena,/, attestation of a criminal' 
Condenable, adj. condemnable; culpable; guilty 
Condenación,/, condemnation; punishment; fine 
Condenación, (ser una) to be intolerable [pain 
Condenado, -a, svif. one condemned to eternal 
Condenado, -a, adj. condemned; damned; cursed 


Condenada, ftiérra) sf. saline residue (cliym.) 
Condenada, (puerta) sf. door stopped, shut up 
Condenador, -a, smf. condemner; reprover 
Condenar, va. 1. to condemn; censure; blame 
Condenarse, v. ref. to condemn, blame one's self 
Condenarse, to incur eternal punishment, pain 
Condenatorio, -a, adj. condemnatory; damnatory 
Condensa, sf. store-room; pantry; wardrobe, &c. 
Condensabilidád, sf. condensable quality 
Condensable, adj condensable; apt to thicken 
Condensación, sf. condensation; thickening 
Condensador, in. condenser; vessel to condense air 
Condensánte, «dj. condensing; thickening; firm 
Condensar, va. 1. to condense; thicken; curdle 
Condensarse, re/, to be condensed; gather; crush 
Condensativo, -a, adj. capable of condensing 
Condensiriád, sj. condensity; being condensed 
Condesa, sf. countess; waiting-maid; multitude 
Condesado, sm. earldom; estate giving that title 
Condesar, va. i. to save; spare; preserve; put by 
Condescendencia, .'/. voluntary submission 
Condescender, va. 2. to condescend; comply 
Condescendiente, adj. condescending; kind 
Condescendientemente, adv. condescendingly 
Condesica, -ilia, -ita, sf. ditnin. young countess 
Condesico, -illo, -ito, «in. dimhi. young earl 
Condesil, adj. belonging to an earl, countess, &c. 
Condestable, sm. constable; lord high constable 
Condestable, sm sergeant of marine artillery 
Condestable de arsenales, gunner of a dock-yard 
Condestable (segundo) gunner's mate (naut.) 
Condestablia, sf. office; Oignity of constable 
Condezmero, sm. part owner of the tithes of a par. 
Condición,/, condition; state; rank; clause 
Condición torpe, clause directly opposed by law 
Condición, (tentr 2.) to be of a peevish temper 
Condición, (poner en) to hazard; expose to danger 

Condicionado, -a, adj. conditioned; conditional 
Condicional, adj. conditional; on stipulation 

Condicionar, v>/. to stipulate; condition; agree 

Condicioncilla, -ita,"s/. diwi!«."hasty temper 
Condignamente, adv. deservedly; condignly; fitly 
Condignidád, sf suitableness to desert; merit 
Condigno, -a, adj. merited; deserved; condign 
Cóndilo, iH- protuberance; knuckle; joint; condyl 
Condimentar, vi. 1. to season; preserve with salt 


ning; s 

condisciple; school-fellow 
Condistinguir, va. 3. to make a distinction; mark 
Condolecerse, Condolerse, v. rej. L". to condole 
Condonación, sf. forgiving; pardoning; excusing 
Condonar, va. 1. to forgive; pardon; excuse 
Condor, sm. condor (large liind of vulturej 
Condrila, sf. common gum-succorj' (plant) 
Coi^duccion, sf. conveyance; carnage; guiding 



Conducente, adj. conducive; promoting, liclping 
Conducho, sm. provisions required of vassals 
Conducidór, m. conductor; leader; guide 
Conducir, a. 3. to convey; conduct; direct 
Conducirse, rff. to conduct one's self; behave 
Conducta,/ convoy; behaviour; life; direction 
Conducta, commission for recruiting; recruits 
Conducta, convoy of money (naut.) 
Conduciero, m. conductor; leader; conveyer 
Conductivo, -a, adj. capable of conveying 
Conducto, sm. conduit; drain; sewer; channel 
Conducto, (salvo) safe conduct; passport; guard 
Conductor, in. conductor; leader; usher; conveyer 
Conductora sf. conductress; directress; guide 

CON 1 

Cimdúmio, im. dressed meat eaten with bread 
Condúta, »/. conduct; behaviour; way of Imng 
Condutal, m. uTitter; eaves; drain to carry off ram 
Condutivo, -a,<irf/. capable of conveying; bearing 
Conejal, sm. rabbit-warren; abode of low people 
Conejar, »m. rabbit-warren; coney-burrow 
Conejera,»/. warren; coney-burrow; brothel; den 
Conej'-ro, m. warrener; keeper of a rabbit warren 
Conej -ro, -a, adj. that hunts rabbits (t( 
Conejillo, -ito, iConejuelo, — "'■- "** 

i. little rabbit 

^ Itch rabbits 

Conejo', -a, w/. ra'&bit (four-footed furry 
Cone a, (ser una v. am.) to breed '•'— " 
Conejuna, «/. rabbit-skin, down, fur 
Conejuno, -a, adj. to, of the rabbit kind 
Conexidades,/, rights, joined to the principal 
Couexirjn,/. connexion; union; junction; altimty 
Conexivo, -a.n.coniiexive; connective; cohesive 
Conexo, -a, «. connected; joined; united; linked 
Confabulación, if. familiar conversation; chat 
Confabular, vn. 1. to converse; chat; tell stories 
Confalón, m. gonfalon; standard; ensign; colours 
Confalonier, tm. royal standard-bearer (Arrag.) 
Confarreación,/. eating bread together (at Marr) 
Confección,/, electuary; confection; conserve 
Confeccionador, sm. confectioner; preserver 
Confeccionar, a. 1. to confect; preserve with sug. 
Confederación,/, confederacy; coalition; union 
Confederado, -a, mf. ally; accomplice; associate 
Confederado, -a, a. confederate; united; leagued 
Confederanza, »/. confederacy; union; league 
Confederar, vn.l.Xo confederate, join in aleagui 
Confederarse, ref. to confederate; combine; unite 
Conferencia, «/. conference; meeting; parley 
Conferencia, daily lecture (of students in Univ.) 
Conferenciar, vn. 1. to hold a conference; reason 
Conferir, va. 3. to confer; commune; bestow; give 
Conferir un beneficio, to bestow a benefice 
Conferva, s/. hair-weed (kind of spurge plant) 
Confesado, -a, adj. confessed; acknowledged 
Confesado, -a, snif. penitent; repentant 
Confesante, sm. penitent who confesses his sins 
Confessánte, adj. declaratory; affirmative 
Confesar, a. to confess; acknowledw; own; avow 
Confesar de plano, to confess plainly, openly 
Confesar sin tormento, to avow a fault freely; 
Confesarse, ref. to make confession (to a pnest) 
Confesión, sf. confession; acknowledgment 
Confesional, m. doctrinal tract on confession 
Confesionario, sm. treatise on confessions 
Confesionario, seat where sits the confessor 
Confeso, -a, mf. Jewish convert; lay-brother; nun 
Confeso, -a, adj. confessed; to be guilty (cnm.) 
Confesonario, »«. confessional; confessor's box 
Confesor, sm. confessor; who hears confessions 
Confesorio, sm. confessor's box; confessional 
Confiable, ndj. trusty; worthy of confidence 
Confiadamente, ndv. confidently: with reliance 
Confiado, -a, adj. confident; presumptuous-, bold 
Confiador, sm. joint-surety; relier; confider 
Confiánta, sf. confidence; reliance; boldness 
Confianza, secret agreement between two or more 
Confianza, (en,) adv. privately; in confidence 
Confiar, va. 1. to intrust; charge with; confide in 
Confiar, vn. to confide; trust in; rely; depend upon 
Conficiénte, adj. doing jointly (with another) 
Confidencia, sf. confidence; reliance; boldness 
Confidencial, adj. confidential; trust-worthy 
Cun!ideiicialm(=nte, adv. in a faithful manner 
Confidente, adj. true; faithful; trusty; honest 
Confidente, tmf. confidant; bosom-friend 
Confidentemente, adv. confidently; faithfully 
Confiesa,/, confession; acknowledgmo"» " "" 
Configuración, sf. configurati 

f6 CON 

Configurado, -a, adj. disposed in a peculiar form 
Configurar, a. 1. to configure; dispose into a form 
Confin, sm. confine; limit; border; boundary 
Confín, Confinante, adj. bordering on, adjacent 
Confinar, a. to confine; shut up; imprison; limit 
Confinar, vn. to border upon; be contiguous to 
Confingir, a. 3. to mix ingredients into one mass 
Confirmación, sf. confirmation; evidence; rite 
Confirmadamenle, adv. firmly; unalterably 
Confirmado, -a, adj. firm; unalterable; confirmed 
Confirmador, m. confirmator; atiester; confirmer 
Confirmamiento, sm. confirmation; evidence 
Confirmante, sm. confirmer; who confirms 
Confirmar, va. 1. to confirm; corroborate; ratify 
Confirmar, to confirm by the imposition of hands 
Confirmativamente, adv. in a confirming manner 
Confirmativo, -orio, -a, adj. confirmatory 
Confiscable, adj. confiscable; forfeitable; finable 
Confiscación, sf. confiscation; forfeiture 
Confiscado, -a, adj. confiscate; forfeited; fined 
Confiscadór, sm. confiscator; who seizes by '•>"- 

confiscator; who 

Confitár,t. , . ,-,. . 

Confite, m. comfit; sweetmeat; confected fruits 
Confite, (morder en un 2.) to be hand and gloi 
Confites, HI.;?/, dainties; flogging (children, joe. 

Confitente, adj. confessed tc "^ '— ' 

Confitera, sf. vessel to keep 
Confitería, sf. confecii "' 
Confitero, " ""' 

e guilty (ci 
in sweetmeats, &c. 
1 shop, &c. 

. _infectioner; sv 

m. broidered coverlet; comfit 

Confitón, sm. augm. large comfit 
Comfitúra, sf. confiture; mixture of 
conflación, sf. conflation; melting of metal 
conflagración, sf. general fire; inflammation 
conflátil, adj. fusible; liquefiable; soluble 

1. conflict; struggle; agony; pain 

a, /. conflux; union of several st 

adj. confluent; n 



Confluénc—, ^ . 

confluente, adj. confluent; meeting; uniting 
Confluir, vn. to meet; join (rivers); assemble 
Conformación, sf. proper formation of parts 
Conformar, va. to conform; assimilate; liken 
Conformar, vn. to suit; fit; comply vrith; agree 
conformarse, v. ref. to conform one's self; submit 
conforme, adj. conformable; consistent; similar 
Conforme, -a. adj. consistent with; agreeable to 
Confórme, proportion; according to;smtab y 
Conformemente, adv. conformably; consonantly 
conformidad, s/. conformity; similitude; union 
Conformidad, symmetry; adaptation; patience 
conformidad, (de) adv. by common consent 
Conformidad, (en) adv. agreeably; according to 
Confomista, smf. conformist 
Confortación, sf. comfort; consolation; relief 
Comfortadór, -a, comforter; consoler; reliever 
Comfortir, !'«.!. to comfort; strengthen; console 
Comfortativo, -a, ndj. corroborant; fortifying 
Comfórto, -órte, strengthening; solace; comfort 
Confracción,/, fraction; breaking; broken part 
Confraguación,/. mixing; incorporating nietals 
Confraternidad, sf. confraternity; brotherhood 
Confricación, sf. confricalion; rubbing against 
Confricár, vi. 1. to rub hard; produce fnction 
Confrontación, sf. confrontation; comparison 
Confrontante, adj. confronting; comparing 
confrontar, va. 1. to bring face to face; compare 
Confrontar, tm. to agree in opinion & sentiments 
Confiigio, sm. refuge; shelter; asylum; retreat 
Confuir, vn. 3. to flee in company with others 
Confundir, va. 3. to confound; confuse; refute 
Confundirse, v. ref. to be bevrildered; ashamed 
Confusamente, adv. confusedly; helter-skelter 
Confusion, sf. confusion; perplexity; disgrace 
Confusión á uno, (echar la 1.) to imprecate one 

CON 1 

Confuso, -a, ndj. confused; mixed; jumbled 
Confuso, -a, obscure; fearful; abashed; bewildered 
Confuso, (en) adv. confusedly; helter-skelter 
Confutación, »/. confutation; refutation 
Confutar, va. 1. to confute; disprove; convince 
Congelación, «/. congealment; crystallization 
Congelamiento, sm. congelation; concretion 
Congelar, va. 1. to congeal; turn to ice; coagulate 
Congelarse, ref. to congeal; con 
Cougelativo, -a, adj. congealable 
Congenial, adj. congenial; of the same uaiure 
Congeniar, vti. 1. to be congenial 
Congt^nito, -a, ndj. congenite; born together 
Coiig;^rie, »/. congeries;" union of small bodies 
Congestion, »/. congestion; collection of blood 
Congiário, sm. congiarj'; Roman gift in corn 
Cóngio, sm. ancient Roman liquid measure 
Conglobación, sf. round body; affections: passion 
Conglobación, accumulation of proofs, arguments 
Conglobar, va. 1. to gather into a hard round body 
Conglomerado, -a, a. gathered into a round mass 
Conglomerar, va. 1. to gather into a mass 
Congloriár, va. 1. to fill, cover with glory 
Conglutinación,/, conglutination; cementing 
Conglutinado, -a, adj. glued together; cemented 
Conglutinar, a. 1. to glue together; conglutínate 
Conglutinativo, -a, adj. eonglutinative; viscous 
Conglutinoso, -a, «rf/. glutinous; gluey; tenacious 
Congoja, sf. anguish; anxiety of mind; heartache 
Congojar, va. 1. to afflict: oppress; torment 
Congojosamente, adv. anxiously; with dismay 
Congojoso, adj. afflictive; painful; full of grief 
Congosto, sin. pleasureableness; state of delight 
Congraciador, sm. flatterer; congratulator 
Congraciami'nto, sm. flattery; obsequiousness 
Congra<:iár, a. 1. to flatter; implore benevolence 
Congratulación, sf. congratulation; wishing joy 
Congratular, vn. 1. to congratulate; compliment 
Congratulatorio, -a, ndj. congratulatory 
Congregación,/, congregation; pious assembly 
Congregación de los néles, catholic church 
Congregante, smf. member of a congregation 
semble; meet; collect 



Congrio, sm. conger-eel; 
Congrua, sf. competent 
Congruamente, adv. conveniently; becomingly 
Congruencia,/, convenience; agreement; fitness 
Congruente, adj. congruent; suitable; agreeing 
Congruentemente, adv. conveniently; fitly 
Congruidad,/, congruity; consistency; fitness 
Congruo, -a, adj. congruous; suitable; apt; fit 
Conhortar, va. 1. to comfort; console; cheer 
Conhorte, sm. comfort; consolation; joy; charity 
Cónico, -a, adj. conical; having the form of a cone 
Coniecha, sf. recollection; simimary; convent 
Conifero, -a, ad. with seed-vessels of a conic form 
Coniza, sf. great flea-bane (plant) 

ira, sf. conjecture; supposition; guess 
iráble, adj. conjeeturable; supposable 
. jrádor, -a, smf. conjecturer; guesser 
ijeturál, adj. conjectural; on conjecture 

- eturalmente, adv. conjecturally; by gue^s 
jeturár, va. 1. to conjecture; suppose; guess 

Conjuéz, sm. joint brother-judge (in some cause) 
Conjugación,/, conjugation; conne.\ion; union 
Conjugado, -a, adj. conjugated; inflected 
Conjugal, adj. conjugal; matrimonial; of wedlock 
'^"njugalmente, adv. conjugally; matrimonially 

- —--, a. 1. to conjugate; join; unite; compare 
5n,/. conjunction; union; part of speech 

. nriénte, ad. conjointly; in union; jointly 

Conjuntar, a. 1. to conjoin; unite; connect 
Conjuntivo, -a, adj. conjunctive; joined together 


o, -a, adj. connected, united; allied 
o, tm. connexion; conjugation; whole 
untura, sf. conjunction; union; assemblage 
' - sf. conjuration; conspiracy; complot 
:ión, sf. conspiracy; conjuration; plot 
urádo, -a, s. conspirar: plotter; factionary 
tradór, sm. conjurer; enchanter; conspirer 
■ ■ bind by an oath; swear 

, ^ . to bind one's self by oath 

5, adj. conjuring; conspiring; plotting 
vn. 1. to conspire; join in a conspiracy 
<m. to conjure; exorcise; implore; beg 
J. conjuration; exorcism; incantation 
levador, sm. assistant; helper; coadjutor 
Conllevar, va. 1. to assist; help; aid; bear with 
Conllorár, va. 1. to sympathize; feelvrith; lament 
Conloar, «. 1. to praise with others; join in praise 
Conmateriál, a. of the same matter; commaterial 
Conmemoración,/, commemoration; anniversary 
Conmemorar, a. 1. to celebrate the memory 
Conmemorativo, -ório, -a, adj. commemorative 
Conmensal, sm. commensal; messmate; boarder 
Conraensalia,/. commensality; table-fellowship 
Conmensurabilidad, sf. commensurability 
Conmensurable, adj. reducible to a same measure 
Conmensuraeión,/reduction to a same measure 
Conmensurar, a. 1. to reduce to a sai; 
Conmensurativo, -a, adj. reducible tc 

Conm\s.o, pron. pers. wr**- — =•*• • 

Conmifitón, sm. fellow-i 
Conminación, sf. threat 
Conminar, va. 1. to thr 
Conminatorio, -a, adj. c 
Conmiseración, sf. com 
Conmistión, Conmistura, sf. c 
Conmisto, -a, 6 " ' ' "' 
Conmoción, sf. 
Conmonitorio, . 
Conmovedor, si 

with myself 

; compassioi 

I. advii 

ingled; blended 
' '*; agitation 

e of ai 

_•; disquieter; fretter 

disturb; unsettle; commove 
Conmovimiento, sm. commotion; disturbance 
Conmutabilidad, sf. commutability; transfer 
Conmutable, adj. commutahle; exchangeable 
Conmutación,/, commutation; change; alteration 
Conmutar, vn. 1. to commute; exchange; barter 
Conmutativamente, adv. by way of exchange 
Conmutativo, -a, adj. transferable; commutative 
Connatural, adj. suitable to nature; connatural 
Connaturalización, sf. naturalization of aliens 
Connaturalizar, va. 1. to naturalize (aliens) 
Connaturalizarse, ref. to accustom one's self to 
Connaturalmente, adv. by the act of nature 
Connexidád, sf. right annexed to the principal 
Connivencia, sf. connivance; winking at a fault 
Connombrár, va. 1. to name; nominate; appoint 
Connómbre, m. surname; family-name; nickname 
Connotación,/, connotation; distant relation 
Connotado, sm. relationship; kindred; affinity 
Connotar, a. 1. to connote; imply; betoken 
Connotativo, -a, a. of the quality of its primitive 
Connovicio, m. fellow novice (at the same time) 
Connubial, adj. connubial; matrimonial; married 
Connubio, sm. marriage; matrimony; wedlock 
Connuraeración.s/. reckoning together [number 
Connumerar, a. \. to enumerate; include in a 
Connúsco, prov. pers. with us; with ourselves 
Cono, sm. cone (solid body like a sugar-loaf) 
Conocedor, -a, smf. connoisseur; judge of the arts 
Conocencia, sf. knowledge; criminal's confession 
Conocer, va. 2. to know; understand; perceive 
Conocer, to observe; conjecture; embrace; own 
Conocer su pecado, to acknowledge one's fault 
Conocer de una causa, to try a cause (judge) 
Conocerse, to know one another; be acquainted 

CON 11 

Conocerse, to appreciate one's own qualities 
Conocible, adj. cognoscible; that may be Icnown 
Conocidamente, adi:. knowingly: evidently 
Conocido, -a, smf. acquaintance; person of family 
Conocimiento, «m. knowledge; experience; skill 
Conocimiento, acquaintance; ¿«ifiicial notice 
Conocimiento, note of hand; bill of lading 
Conocimiento, (venir en 3.) to remember clearly 
Conocimientos, w. ;</. accomplishments; science 
Conoidal, adj. approaching to a conical form 
Conoide,/, conoid; figure like a cone, sugar-loaf 
Conoscér, t"i. 2. to know; understand; perceive 
Conoscimiénto, «in. knowledge; acquaintance 
Conque, »m. condition; state; quality 
Conquerir, vu. 3. to conquer, overcome; acquire 
Conqueridor, -a, nmf. conqueror; conqueress 
Conquiliolugia, sf. natural history of shells 
Conquista, */. conquest; victory; subjection 
Conquista, gaining another's affections 
Conquistable, adj. conquerable; vanquishable 
Conquistador,»!, conqueror; vanquisher; subduer 
Conquistadora, sf. victress; conqueress; subduer 
Conquistar, va. 1. to conquer; vanquish; acquire 
Conrear, va. 1. to grease wool by sprinkling oil 
Conregnante, adj. reigning at the same time with 
Coreinár, vn. 1. "to reign at the same time with 
Conreo, srn. benefit; favour; advantage 
Consaber, a. 2. to know jointly with others (thing) 
Consabido, -a, adj. already known; conscious 
Consabidor, -a, »n/. who knows jointly with others 
Consacrár, ya. 1. to consecrate; dedic 
Consagración, «/. 
Consagrado, -a, adj. 
Consagrante, f " 
Consagrar, va. 
Consagrar, to 

Consanguinéo -a, odj. consangi . 

Consanguinidad, sf. consanguinity; affinity 
Conscernir, va. 3. to concern; regard; belong to 
Consciencia, ^. conscience; scrupulosity 
Conscripción, sf. conscription; enrolling 
Conscripto, «n. conscript; recruit (in Prance) 
Conscripto, -a, adj. written; registered; enrolled 
Consecración, if. consecration; making sacred 
Consecrar, va. 1. to consecrate; hallow; dedicate 
Consectario, w. consectary; corollary; deduction 
Consectario, -a, adj. consequent; con 
Consecución, /. attainment of a benefice, 

Consecutivo, -_, .-_j. , 

Conseguientemente, ad. consequently; therefore 
Conseguimiento, sm. attainment; obtainment 
Conseguir, a. 3. to attain; obtain; come at 
nscja;/. fable; fiction (to enforce morality) 

; hallow; dedicatf 
--; kindred 

Consejáble, adj. capable of receiving advice 
Consejador, m. adviser; counsellor; admonisher 
Consejar, va. 1. to advise; counsel; admonish 
Consejera, sf. counsellor's wife; female adviser 
Consejera, stii. counsellor; adviser; bosom-friend 
Consejero de estado, ím. counsellor of state 
Consejero de capa y espada, tm. magistrate 
Consé o, tm. counsel; advice; council; way 
Conse uéla, sf. dimin. little story, fable, fiction 
Consenciénte, adj. consenting; conniving 
Consentido, siii. spoiled child; wittol 

r; encourager 

Consentidor, -a, I 

Consentimiento, . 

Consentir, va. 3. to consent; comply; depend 
Consequencia, sf. consequence; result 
Consequencia, (ser de) to be very important 
Consequencia, (en) adv. consequently; therefore 
Consequente, »n. consequent; effect; importance 
Consequente, adj. consequent; consistent 
Consequenteméñte, adv. consequently; therefore 

Conserge, sm. keeper, waraen of a royal palace 
Consergeria, sf. wardenship; office of warden 
Conserva, conserve; merchantmen under convoy 
Conserva, (navegar de 1.) to sail under convoy 
Conservación, sf. conservation; prescn"ng 
Conservador, sm. conservator; preserver; keeper 
Conservadora, sf. preserver; keeper; protectress 
Conservaduría, sf. dignity in the order of Malta 
Conservante, ndj. couservant; preserving 
Conservar, «. to conseoe; preserve; keep; candy 
Conservativo, -a, adj. conservative; preservative 
Conservativos, »«. pi- glasses to assist the eyes 
Conservatoria, »/. place, office of conservator 
Conservatoria, indult (to some communities) 
Conservatorias, sf. plur. patent letters 
Conservatorio, -a, a. conservatory; preservative 
Conservatorio, sm. conservatory; depository 
Conservero, -a, conserver; preparer of conserves 
Considerable, adj. considerable; great; large 
Considerablemente, adv. considerably; much 
Consideración, sf. consideration; attention 
Consideración, reflection; contemplation 
Consideración, importance; claim to notice 
Consideración, (ser de) to be of great moment 
Consideración, (en) adv. in consideration 
Consideracioncilla, sf. slight consideration 
Consideradamente, adv. considerately, calmly 
Considerado, -a, adj. considerate; prudent 
Considerador, -a, smf. considerer; prudent person 
Considerante, adj. considerate; attentive 
Considerar, va. to consider; examine; reflect 
Consiervo. sm. fellow-servant (at the same time) 
Consigna,»/, watch-word (sentinel's night-word) 
Consignación, sf. consignation; consi^ment 
Consignador, svi. consigner; who consigns goods 
Consignar, va. to cousip; commit; intrust; lay by 
Consignar, to sign with the mark of a cross 
Consignar, to give the watch-word to a sentinel 
Consignatório, sm. trustee; depository; factor 
Consigo, prow. ;)?rs. with one's self 
Consigo mismo, propio, solo, alone by one s sell 
Consiguiente, «i. consequence: deduction; result 
Consiguiente, adj. consequent; conclusive 
Consiguiente, (de, por, por el) adv. consequently 
Consiguientemente, adv. consequently 
Cousiliár, -io, sm. assistant to heads of colleges 
Consintiente, adj. united in opinion; agreeing 
Consistencia, sf. consistence; stability; sense 
Consistente, ndj. consistent; firm; fixed; fit 
Consistir, vn. to consist; be made of; comprised 
Consistorial, adj. of an ecclesiastical court 
Consistorial, (casa,) sf. senate-house; guildhall 
Consistorialmente, adv. in a consistory 
Consistorio, sm. assembly of cardinals; town-hall 
Consistorio divino, i>i>. tribunal of God 
Consocio, sm. companion; partner; associate 
Consolable, adj. consolable; admitting comfort 
Consolablemente, adv. in a consolable manner 
Consolación, sf. consolation; alleviation of pain 
Consolado, -a, adj. consoled; comforted; cheered 
Consolador, -a, smf. comforter; consoler 
Consolador, -a, ndj. consolatory; comfortable 
Consolante, adj. consohitory; giving comfort 
Consolar, va. to console; comfort; cheer; revive 
Consolativo, -ório, -a, consolatory; comfortable 
Consoldamiento, sm. uniting in a solid mass 
Consólida, sf. comfrey (medicinal plant) 
Consolidación,»/^, consolidation; solid mass 
Consolidar, vn. to consolidate; harden; combine 
Consolidar, unite the interest with the principal 
Consolidativo, -a, adj. consolidaut; cicatnsive 
Consonamiento, sm. sound of a word 
Consonancia, .*/ consonance; harmony; consent 
Consonante, consonant; corresponding sound 

CON 1 

Consonante, adj. consonant; harmonious; fit 
Consonantemente adv. agreeably; consistently 
Consonar, I'li. to malie (a body) sound; rhyme 
Consones, sin. plur. concordant sounds (music) 
Consono, -a, consonous; harmonious; musical 
Consorcio, »m. partnership; society; intimacy 
Consorte, smf. consort; partner; accomplice 
Consoúno, (de) ndv. at the same time; together 
Conspicuamente, adv. conspicuously; visiuly 
Conspicuo, -a, conspicuous; obvious; eminent 
Conspiración, >/. conspiracy; plot; conjuration 
Conspirado, >m. conspirator; complotter 
Conpirador, sm. conspirator; conspirer; plotter 
Conspirante, adj. conspiraut; conspiring; plottiujj 
Conspirantes, (fuerzas) cooperating powers 
Conspirar, vn. to conspire; complot; cooperate 
Conspirar, va. to implore; solicit the assistance 
Constable, adj. constant; fixed; unchangeable 
Constancia, sf. constancy; continuance' 
Constante, adj. constant; firm; unchangeable 
Constante loyal, manifest; evident; certain 
Constantemente, adv. constantly; evidently 
Constar, mono. 1. to be clear; evident; composed 
Constar en autos, to appear from the proceeding 
Constelación, j/. constellation; temperature 
Constelación, prognostication of the stars 
Constelación, epidemical disease; influenza 
Consternación, .?/. consternation; wonder; fear 
Consternar, va. 1. to terrify; affright; astonish 
Constipación, .</ constipation; costiveness 
Constipado, sm. cold; stoppage of the porcs(dis.) 
Constipar, i-a. 1. to cause a cold; stop the pores 
Conatipárse, v. ref. to catch cold; be costive 
Constipativo, -a, adj. constringent; binding 

Constitución, s/. constitution 

¡temper; statute 

Constitucional, adj. constitut 

onal; legal; radical 

Constitucional, m. adherent t 

the law of the land 

Constitucionalmente, adv. ac 

cording to the law 

Constituidor, sm. constituter 

Constituir, a. 3. to constitute 

erect; depute; pay 

Constituirse, v. ref. to bind o 

ne's self to 

Constitutivo, -a, adj. constitu 

tive; essential 

Constituyente, sm. constituen 

Constituvente, adj. constituer 

t; essential; fonnal 

., strainable; compellable 

Constreñidaménte, adv. by constraint; by force 
Constreñimiento, sm. constraint; compulsion 
Constreñir, va. 3. to constrain; compel; force 
Constricción, «/. constriction; contraction 
Constrictivo, -a, adj. constringent; astringent 
Constrictor, sm. constrictor; tnat contracts 
Constringente, sm. constringent; constrictor 
Constringente, adj. constringent; binding 
Constriñir, a. 3. to constrain; compel; force; bind 
Construcción,/, construction; syntax; version 
Construcción, ship-building 
Constructor de navio, sm. ship-builder, wright 
Construir, a. 3.toforra; build; construe; translate 
Construpación, i/. coustupration; defilement 
Construpadór, sm. defiler; raiisher; corrupter 
Construpár, «. 1. defile; ravish; violate; debauch 
Consuegrar, n. to becotne father, mother-in-law 
Consuegro, -a, smf. father-in-law, mother-iu-law 
Consuelda, sf. comfrey (medicinal plant) 
Consuelda media, sf. common bugle (plant) 
Consuelda real, sf. lark-spur; lark's heel (plant) 
Consuelo, sm. consolation; comfort; joy; charity 
Consuelo, (sin) adv. out of rule, measure 
(Consuelo, (beber sin 2.) to drink to excess 
Consuelo, (gastar sin 1.) to outrun the constable 
Consueta, s. prompter (on the stage; directory) 
Consuetas, pi. short prayers (said on some days) 
Consuetád, sf. custom; nabit; fashion; law; tax 
Consuetudinario, -a, adj. customary; used to sin 

9 CON 

Cónsul, tm. consul; officer to protect C( 
Consulado, sm. consulate; otfice of consul 
Consulage, sm. consulate; dues paid to consul.* 
Consular, adj. consular; of a consul 
Consular, (varón) sm. one who has been consul 
Consulázgo, sm. consulate; office of consul 
Consulta,»/, consult; question proposed; council 
Consulta, advice given to the king in council 
Consultable, adj. requiring deliberation 
Consultación, sf. consultation; conference 
Consultante, sm. consulter; he who consults 
Consultante, adj. consulting; advising 
Consultar, va. 1. to consuh; advise; deliberate 
Consultar, con el bolsillo, to consult one's purse 
Consultissimo, -a, adj. (superl.) eminently vrise 
Consultivo, -a, adj. consultative; advising 
Consultor, -a, smf. consulter; adviser; counsel 
Consumación, sf. consummation; destruction 
Consumadaimente, arfiJ. perfectly; consummately 
Consumado, -a, consummate; perfect; complete 
ConsuHiádo, sm. jelly-broth; rich soup 
Consumador, -a, smf. finisher; perfecter 
Consumar, va. to finish; perfect; consum 
Consumativo, -a, adj. consummate; perfecting 
Consumibile, adj. consumable; destructible 
Consumición, s/. expense; expenditure; charge 
Consumido, -a, a. lean; exhausted; easily moved 
Consumidor, -a, s. consumer; spendthrift; waster 
CoBSumiente, adj. consuming; spending; wasting 
Consumimiento, sm. consumption; wasting 
Consumir, va. to consume; destroy; waste; spend 
Consumir el caudal, to run out one's fortune 
Consumirse, ref. to be spent; wear, waste away 
Consumitivo, -a, adj. consumptive; wasting 
Consumo, «i. consumption (of provisions, goods) 
Consumos, sm. ;>/Mr. consumption of naval stores 
Consunción, sf. consumption, gradual wasting 
Consuno, (de) adv. Jointly; conjunctively 
Consuntivo, -a, adj. consumptive; wasting away 
Consustauciación. sf. consubstantiation 
Consustancial, adj having the same essence 
Consustancialidáa, sf. cimsubstantiality 
Consustancialménte, ad. with the same substance 
Cónta, /. calculation; account; narrative; reason 
Contacto, sm. contact; touch; close union 
Contadero, -a, adj. countable; numerable 
Contadero, sm. narrow passage (to count sheep) 
Contadero, (salir por) to enter a narrow passage 
Contado, -a, adj. scarce; rare; uncommon 
Contado, (de) adv. immediately; instantly 
Contado, (al) adv. with readv money 
Contador, -a, mf. computer; accomptant; counter 
Contador, desk; counting-house; auditor; counter 
Contador de nuevas, prattler; trifling talker 
Contador de navio de guerra, purser of a man-of- 
Contadoríllo, m. petty accomptant; clerk [war 
Contaduría, Contadoria, sf. auditor's office 
Contagiar, va. 1. to infect; corrupt one's morals 
Contagio, sm. contagion; infection 
Contagión, sf. contagion; propagation of vice 
Contal de cuentas, m. string of beads (for count.) 
Contaminación, s/. contamination; pollution 
Contaminado, -a, adj. contaminate; corrupt 
Contaminar, a. 1. to contaminate; defile; corrupt 
Contante, m. ready money; narrator; relater 
Contantejo, m. dim. small counter (to mark with) 
Contar, a. 1. to count; reckon; calculate; book 
Contar, to consider; look upon; depend; rely 
Contemperante, sm. & adj. moderator; tempering 
Contemperar, va. 1. to contempérate; inoderate 
Contemplación, sf. contemplation; meditation 
Contemplación, holy meditation; compliance 
Contemplador, m. contemplator; muser; ponderer 
Contemplar, va. 1. to contemplate; study; view 

CON 1 

Contemplar, to assent; flatter; condescend 
Contemplativamente, iidv. contemplatively 
Contemplativo, -a, udj. contemplative; studious 
Contemplativo, ¡m. contemplator; flatterer 
Contemplativo, pious devotee; worshipper . 
Contemporaneidad, ¡f. contemporariuess 
Contemporáneo, -a, a. contemporary; coetaneous 
Contemporizador, sm. temporizer; compiler 
Contemporizar, vn. 1. to temporize; comply with 
Contemptible, adj. contemptible; despicable 
Contención, sf. contention; strife; emulation 
Contenciosamente, adv. contentiously 
Contencioso, -a, adj. contentious; quarrelsome 
Contendedor, im, competitor; opponent 
Contender, vn. to contend; strive; debate; argue 
(Contendiente, adj. contendinfr; concurrent 
Contendor, sm. contender; antagonist; opponent 
Coutendóso, -a, adj. contentious; quarrelsome 
Contenedor, im. holder (one that holds); tenant 
Contenencia, sf. contest; dispute; contents 
Contenencia, short stop in the flight of birds 
Contenente, sm. continent; mainland; air; mien 
Contener, a. 2. to contain; comprise; restrain 
Contenerse, v. ref. to keep one's temper; refrain 
Contenido,-a, ad/, temperate; moderate; prudent 
Contenido, sm. contents; tenour; context 
Conteniente, adj. containing, comprising 
Contenta, sf. endorsement; certificate; present 
Contentadizo, -a, (bien) adj. easily contented 
Contentadizo, -a, (mal) adj. hard to please 
Contentamiento, sm. contentment; satisfaction 
Contentar, va. 1. to content; satisfy; please; fill 
Contentarse; v. ref. to be contented, satisfied 
Contentor, (ser de buen) to be easily pleased 
Contentar, (ser de mal) to be hard to please 
Contentible, adj. contemptible; despicable: mean 
Contentivo, -a, adj. containing; comprising 
Contento, -a, adj. glad; full of joy; contented 
Contento, m. contentment; satisfaction; receipt 
Contento, (á) adv. to one's satisfaction; fully 
Contentor, sm. contender; antagonist; opponent 
Contera, «/. ferrule; button (of a gun); prelude 
Contera, (por) adv. ultimately; finally; lastly 
Contermino, -a, adj. contiguous; bordering upon 
Conterráneo, -a, adj. of the same country 
Conterráneo, -a, smf. countryman; compatriot 
Contestable, adj. contestable; controvertible 
Contestación, sf. reply; contestation; debate 
Contestjp, va. 1. to confirm; attest; prove 
Contestar, vn. to agree; accord; concur; suit with 
Conteste, adj. confirming; proving; attesting 
Contesto, sm. intertexture; contest; series 
Contestúra,/. contexture; context; human frame 
Contia, sf. quantity; measure; number; portion 
Conticinio, on. dead of the night; stillness 
Contienda, sf. contest; dispute; conflict; fray 
Contiguación,/, frame of beams joined togetiier 
Contigo, prun. pers. with thee; with thyself 
Contiguamente, adv. contiguously: closely; near 
Contigüidad, »/. contiguity; nearness; contact 
Contiguo, -a, adj. contiguous; bordering upon 
Continamente, adv. continually; continuedly 
Continencia, /. continence; moderation; look 
Continental, adj. continental; of a continent 
Continente,»!. continent; countenance; mainland 
Continente, adj. continent; chaste; abstinent 
Continente, (en) adv. immediately; instantly 
Continentemente, adv. abstemiously; chastely 
Contingencia, sf. contingency; fortuitousness 
Contingente, adj. contingent; fortuitous; casual 
Contingente, un. contingent; share; allotment 
Contingentemente, adv. contingently; casually 


Contino, adv. continually; without intermission 
Continuación, </. continuation; stay; abiding 
Continuadamente, ad. continually; always; ever 
Continuador, sm. continuator; continuer 
Continuamente, adv. continually; continuedly 

Continuánza, sf. continuance; stay; abode 
Continuar, va. 1. to continue; pursue; protract 
Continuar, vn. to last; hold out; persevere 
Continuidad, sf. continuity; cohesion; duration 
Continuo, -a, adj. continuous; lasting; assiduous 
Continua, (á la) adv. continually; incessantly 
Continuo, sm. whole; one of the 100 yeomen 
Contióso, -a, udj. numerous; copious; plentiful 
Contonearse, t>. ref, to walk with an affected air 
Contoneo, sm. affected gait; manner of walking 
Contorcerse, v. ref. to distort, twist one's body 
Contorción, sf. contortion; twist; wry motion 
Contornado, -a, turned towards the sinister side 

Contorneo, im. going round; turn; delay; e' 
Contorno, sm. environs; vicinity; contour 
Contorno, (en) adv. round about; around 
Contorsión, sf. contorsión; twist; wry motion 
Cóiwxa., j>rep. against; contrary to; by favour of 
Contra, (en) against, in opposition to 
Contra, (ni á favor ni en) neither pro nor con 
Contras, sf. plur. base pipes of a large organ 
Contraabertúra, »/. counter-opening (surg.) 
Contraalétas, /. pi. counter-fashion pieces (naut.) 
Contraamantillas,/. p/. preventer-braces (naut.) 
Contraamúra, sf. preventer-jack (naut.) 
Contraapróches, sf. plur. counter-approaches 
Contraarminos, sm. pi. black field & white spots 
Contraataques, sm. plur. counter-attacks (milit.) 
Contrabajo, sm. counter-base; base-viol (instr.) 
Contrabalanza, sf. counter-poise; couiiterview 
Contrabalanzeár, va. 1. to counterbalance; poise 
Contrabandista, sm. smuggler; contrabandist 
Contrabando, sm. illegal commodity; smuggling 
Contrabando, (ir, venir de) to go, come by stealth 
Contrabasa, ^^ pedestal; basis of a column, statue 
Contrabatería,/, counter-battery; opposition 
Contrabatir, a. 3. to fire on the enemy's batteries 
Contrabitas,/. pi. standards of the bits (naut.) 
Contrabranque, m. stemson (to confirm the prow) 

s (ns 


Contracanal, s 

Contracción, sf. contraction; abbreviation 
Contracebadera, sf. sprit-top-sail (naut.) 
Contracédula, sf. decree reversing another 
Contracifra, sf. key to a secret manner of writing 
Contracodáste interior, sm. inner stern-post 
Contracodáste esteriór, back of the stern-post 
Contracosta; sf. coast opposite to another 
Contractacion, sf. trade; familiar intercourse 
Coiitractár, va. 1. to trade; bargain; c 
Contráctil, ndi. contractile; contractible 

Contractilidad, sf. capability of contraction 
Contracuerdas,/.»/. outward deck-planks (nai 
Contracúlto, m. plain and natural style of wi 

Contradanza,/, counter-dance (sprightly dance) 
Contradanzista, m. great lover of counter-dances 
Contradecidor, -a, smf. contradicter; denier 
Contradecimiento, sm. contradiction; denial 
Contradecir, va. 3. to contradict; oppose; deny 
Contradicción, sf. contradiction; opposition 
Contradicho, sm. contradiction; contrariety 
Contradicho, -a, past part, contradicted; denied 
Contradictor, -a, smf contradicter; opposcr 
Contradictoria, sf. refuting proposition 
Contradictoriamente, adv. contradictorily 


Contradictorio, -a, adj. contradictory; contrary 
Contradique, m. counter-dike to prevent floods 
Contraditor, -a, sinf. contradicter; gainsayer 
Contradizo, -a, adj. that may be met in tlie way 
Contradiza, /. second halliard (uaut.) 
Contradurmente, Contradurmiente, clamp (naut.) 
Contraemboscáda, sf. counter-ambuscade (mil.) 
Contraemergit>nte, adj. countersalient (heral.) 
Contraempuñadúra,/. preventer-ear-ring (uaut.) 
Contraente, adj. contracting; abridging 
Contraer, va. 2. to contract; make a bargain 
Contraer, to brinij two parties together; hetrothe 
Contraerse, v. rej. to contract; siiriiik up 
Contraer deudas, to run into, contract debts 
Contraer enfermedad, to contract a disease 
Contraer matrimonio, to marry; contract marriage 
Contraescarpa, s/. counterscarp (milit.) 
Contraescota, sj. preventer-sheet (naut.) 
Contraescotin, sm. preventer-top-sail-sheet (n.) 
Contraescritura, sf. counter-deed; protest (law) 
Contraestay del mayor, foremast-preventer-stay I 
Coiitraestambor, sin, knee of the stern-post 
Contrafacción, sf. infraction; contravention 
Contrafacer, va. 2. to counterfeit; falsify; pi 
Contrafallár, trump after another (at c 

Contrafirraánté, sm. countermanding decree 
Contrafirmár, va. 1. to obtain a reversing decree 
Contrafoque, sm. fore-top-stay-sail; flying-jib 
Contrafoso, sm. first trench; fore ditch ot a fort 
Cíoutrafuéro, sm. infringment of a cliarter, &c. 
Contrafuerte, sm. counter fort; leather-strap 
Contragudrdia, sf. counterguard; small rampart 
Contrahacedor, -a, S7nf. counterfeiter; imitator 
Contrahacer, va. 2. to counteifeit; forge; pirate 
Contrahacimiento, sm. counterfeit; forgery 
Contrahaz,»», wrong side (of cloth ixotherthings'! 
Contrahecho, -a, adj. humpbacked; counterfeited 
Contrahilera, s/. second line to defend another 
Contrahójas de las ventanas,/, plur. dead lights 
Contraindicación, sf. contraindication (med.) 
Contraindicante, sm. contraindicant (med.) 
Contraindicar, vn. 1. contraindícate (med.) 
Contraír, va. 3. to contradict; oppose; gainsay 
Contralladór, -a, smf. contradicter; gainsayer 
Contrallar, va. 1. to contradict; gainsay; clash 
Contrallo, tn. contradiction; opposition; clash 
Contrallo, (por el) adv. on the contrary 
Contralor, m. comptroller; inspector; director 
Contralorear, va. 1. to control; restrain; govern 
Contraloroia, sf. controUership; directorship 
Contralto, m. countertenor; middle sound in mus. 
Contraluz, sf. counterlight; opposite light 
Contramaestre, m. boatswain; overseer; foreman 
Contramálla, alladúra, sf. double net (to fish) 
Contramallár, to make nets with double meshes 
Contramandar, n. 1. to countermand; repeal orders 
Contramandato, «¡.countermand; repeal of orders 
Contramángas, sf. plur. counter-sleeves 
Contramarca, sf. counter-mark; duty on goods 
Contramarca, (cartas de) /. pi. letters of marque 
Contramarcar, va. 1. to countermark goods, &c. 
Contramarcha, sf. counter-march; retrocession 
Contramarcha, part of a weaver's loom; evolution 
Contramarchár, a. I. to countermarch, retrocede 
Contramarco, »n. counter-frame of a glass-window 
Contramarea, sf. couuter-tide; contrary tide 
Contramesána, sf. mizen-mast (nam.) 
Contramina, sf. counter-mine; stratagem of war 
Contraminar, «. 1. to countermine; counter-work 
Contramuralla, /. earth raised before a rampart 
Contramuro, m. countermure;wall behind another 
Contranatural, adj. contrary to nature 

111 CON 

Contraorden,»», countermand; repeal of an order 
Contraordenar, va. 1. to countermand; repeal 
Contrapalanquín, sm. preventer-clew-garnet 
Contrapares,/, jo/, counter-rafters (in building) 
Contrapás, sm. kind of step in dancing 
Contrapasamiento, sm. passing to the other side 
Contrapasar, vn. 1. to join the opposite party 
Contrapáso,ín.backstep; counter-pace; exchange 
Contrapechár, a. 1. to hit nt'ainst breast 
Contrapelear,». 1. to defVnd ni,,'s scif in afight 
Contrapelo, (á) -■ .' in 

Contrapesar, «.i. . iiipensate 

Contrapeso, S)«. c leiice 

Contrapilastra,*/, c.j ,....;,,.. ...-, laoulding 
Contraponedór, sm. whu cumparcs a thing 
Contraponer, ?ia. 2. to compare; liken; oppose 
Contraposición, sf. contra-position; contrast 
Contraproducentem, sm. thing contrary to proof 
Contraprueba, sf. counter-proof; 2d impression 
Contrapuerta, sf large inside door of a house 
Contrapuesto, -a, compared; opposed; contrasted 
Coutrapugnár, va. 1. to tight; combat; oppose 
Contrapuntante, smf. singer in harmony 
Contrapuntear, a. 1. to sing in harmony; compare 
Contrapuntearse, ref. to wrangle, dispute rudely 
Contrapunto, in. counterpoint; harmony (inmus.) 
Contrapuazón, s. puncheon (tool); counter-mark 
Contraquilla, sf. false keel (of a ship, naut.) 
Coutraracaiuento, sm. preventer-parrel (naut.) 
Contraregistro, m. register kept to be compared 
Contrarepáro, counter-guard; counter-defence 
Contrareplica, sf. rejoinder; reply; rebutter 
Contrarestar, a. 1. to coauterbuff; resist; check 
Contraresto, sm. player striking back the ball 
Contrarevolución, sf. counter-revolution 
Contrarevolucionário, -a, counter-revolutionary 
Contraria, sf. contrariety; opposition 
Contrarias, sf. pi. contraries; opposite qualities 
Contrariadór, -a, smf. contradicter; gainsayer 
Contrariamente, adv. in a contrary manner 
Contríriár, va. 1. to contradict; oppose; gainsay 
Contrariedad, sf. contrariety; opposition 
Contrario, m. opponent; competitor; obstacle 
Contrario, -a, adj. contrary; repugnant; adverse 
Contrario, (tempo) sm. foul weather (naut.) 
Contrario, (echar al 1.) to cross the breed 
Contrario, (al, por el) adv. on the contrary 
Contrario, (en) prep, against; in opposition to 
Contrariosamente, adv. contrariously; crossly 
Contraróa, Coutraróda, sf. stemson (naut.) 
Contraronda, sf. counter-round; officers' round 
Contrarotúra, sJ. plaster (for fractures) 
Contras, sf. plur. base-pipes of a large organ 
Contrasalva, sf. counter salute (milit.) 
Contrasellar, a. 1. to counterseal; seal together 
Contraseña, sf. countersign; watchword (milit.) 
Contrasta, sf. assayer; impediment; contrast 
Contrastante, -a, adj. contrasting; resisting 
Contrastar, a. 1. to contrast; oppose; resist; assay 
Contraste, sm. assayer; contrast; strife; check 
Contraste, sudden change of the wind into foul 
Contrasto, sm. opposer; opponent; antagonist 
Contrata, sf. contract; agreement; territory 
Contratación, sf. trade: familiar intercourse 
Contratación, contract; reward; recompense 
Contratación, (casa de) sf. commercial house 
Contratamiento, s»i. trading; trafficking 
Contratante, sm. & adj. contractor; contracting 
Contratar, va. 1. to trade; contract; stipulate 
Contratóla, sf. second enclosureto shut up game 
Contratiempo, sm. unforeseen event; mischance 
Contratista, sm. public contractor; stock-broker 
Contrato, sm. contract; mutual agreement; pact 

CON 1 

Contrato, (hacer un 2.) to strike a bargain 
Contrato nominado, J»i. definite a^eemciit 
Contrato innominado, J«i. indefinite agreement 
Contratrancauiles, sm.plar. inner water-ways 
Contratreta, if. eounterplot; plot against plot 
Contratrinchéra, sf. counter-trench (fortif.) 
Coutravalavión, ij. contravallation; trench 
Contravalar, va. 1. to form a contravallation 
Contravención, sf. contravention; infraction 
Contraveneno, »m. counterpoison; precaution 
Contravenidór, -a, tmf. offender; contravener 
Contravenir, a. 3. to contravene; violate; oppose 
Contraventa, sJT. reselling to the first vender 
Contraventana, sf. window-shutter 
Contraventor, -a, tmf. offender; contravener 
Contravidriera, sf. second glass window 
Contravolinas,/. pi. brails (to draw up the sails) 
Coutráy, sm. sort of fine cloth 
Contrayente, im. & adj. contractor; contracting 
Contrayórba, sf. contrayerva (kind of birlhwort) 
Contrayerba, precaution (to prevent damage) 
Contrayúgo, sm. inner transom (beam in a ship) 
Contrecho, tm. spasm in horses' bowels 
Contracto, sm. humpback; crooked back 
Contremecer, vn. 2. to tremble; shake; shiver 
Contribución, sf. contribution; tax; levy; share 
Contribución, (única) sf. income-tax 
Coutribudór, sm. contributor; who bears a part 
Contribuir, va. 3. to contribute; concur; promote 
Contribulado, adj. grieved; afflicted; troubled 
Contributario, stn. contributor; payer of taxes 
Contribuyente, s. & a. contributor; contributing 
Contrición, sf. contrition: repentance; penitence 
Contrincante, sm. competitor; rival; opponent 
Contristar, va. 1. to contrístate; make sorrowful 
Contrito, -a, adj. contrite; penitent; repentant 
Controversia, sf. controversy; debate; dispute 
Controversista, sm. controvertist; disputant 
Controvertible, adj. controvertible; dubious 
Controvertir, a. 3. to controvert, debate; dispute 
Contubernál, sm. chamber-fellow; companion 
Contubernio, sm. cohabitation; concubinage 
Contumáce, Contumaceménte,«. contumaciously 
Contumacia, sf. obstinacy; contumacy 
Contumaz, «. obstinate; perverse; contumacious 
Contumazmente, ad. contumaciously; perversely 
Contumelia, sf. contumely; reproach; abuse 
Contumeliosamente, adv. contumeliously 
Contumelioso, -a, a. contumelious; reproachful 
Contundente, adj. producing a contusion 
Contundir, a. 3. to contuse; bruise; beat together 
Conturbación, sf. perturbation; uneasiness 
Conturbado, -a, adj. turbulent; troublesome 
Conturbador, sm. perturbator; disturber 
Conturbamiénto, sm. perturbation; disquiet 
Conturbar, a. 1. to pertúrbate; disquiet; trouble 
Conturbativo, -a, a. perturbating; disquieting 
Contusión, if. contusion; bruise; hurt; bruising 
Contuso, -a, adj. bruised; contused; hurt 
Contutor, sm. assistant-tutor; fellow-tutor 
Conúsco, oron. pers. with us; with ourselves 
Convalecencia, sf. convalescence; recovery 
Convalecencia, (casa de) sf. hospital 
Convalecer, vn. 2. to recover from sickness 
Convaleciente, adj. convalescent; recovering 
Convalescencia, sf. convalescence; recovery 
Convalescér, tin. 2. to recover from sickness 
Convalidación, Convalidad, sf. confirmation 

Convecino, -a, adi. neighbouring; conterminous 
Convelerse, v. ref. 2. to shrink; be contracted 
Convencedor, -a, t/nf. convincer; demonstrator 
Convencer, V. 2. to convince; prove; demonstrate 
Convencible, adj. convincible; demonstrable 
Convencido, -a, iinf. Sc adj. convict; convinced 

,; confutation 

2 CON 

Convencimiento, sm. convicti< 
Convención,/, convention; contract; convening 
Convencional, adj. conventional; stipulated 
Convcncionalmente, adv. by contract, compact 
Convenialménte, adv. by common consent 
Convenible, a</j.docible; convenient; moderate 
Convenido, -a, adj. settled by consent; agreed 
Conveniencia, sf. utility; profit; conformity 
Conveniencia, agreement; convenience; service 
Conveniencia, (hallar 1.) to have a place 
Conveniencia, (buscar 1.) to look out for a placo 
Conveniencias, sf. plur. emoluments; property 
Conveniente, adj. useful; profitable; convenient 
Convenientemente, ad. conveniently; suitably 
Convenio, im. convention; agreement; consent 
Convenir, n. 3. to agree; coincide; correspond 
Convenir, to assemble; convene; cohabit 
Convenir, tnoiiop. v. to suit; be to the purpose 
Convenir en, to close with; settle; comprobate 
Convenirse, v. ref. to make up matters 
Conventdzo, 4m. «ug-;n. large convent; monastery 
Conventico, -ito, sm. dimitt. small convent 
Conventícula, sf. Conventículo, m. conventicle 
Conventillo, m. house of ill fame; small convent 
Convento, sm. convent; concourse; community 
Conventual, adj. conventual; monastic; recluse 
Conventual, sm, conventual; Franciscan friar 
Conventualidad, sf. living together as religious 
Conventualmente, adv. in a convent; in society 
Convergencia, sf. near approach to a point 
Convergente, a. convergent; tending to one point 
Converger, vn. 2. to converge; tend to one point 
Convernafor Convendrá fut, monop. of Convenir 
Conversa, sf. converse; (contrary, in geometry) 
Conversable, adj. conversable; sociable; familiar 
Conversación, sf. conversation; easy talk; chat 
Conversación, room; criminal conversation; club 
Conversación, (casa de) sf. assembly-house 
Conversante, adj. conversant; conversing 
Conversar, vn. 1. to converse; talk together 
Conversar, to cohabit; live together 
Conversión, sf. conversion; change of religion 
Conversión, apostrophe; wheel; wheeling (mil.) 
Conversion, (quarto de) sm. quarter-wheeling 
Conversivo, -a, a. having the power of converting 
Converso, sm. convert; proselyte; lay-brother 
Convertible, adj. convertible; changeable 
Convertido, -a, adj. changed; converted; directed 
Convertiente, adj. converting; changing 
Convertir, va. 3. to convert; reform; appropriate 
Convexidad, sf. convexity; spherical form 
Convexo, -a, a. convex; rising in a spherical form 
"' ' " «/.conviction; evidence; full proof 

Convictorio, m. boarders' refectory, &c. (in coll.) 
Convictorista, sm. boarder; pensioner 
Convidado, -a, smf. & adj. guest; invited 
Convidador, -a, mf. inviter; who invites to a party 
Convidar, va. 1. to invite (to a party, &c.) ; allure 
Convidarse, v. ref. to offer one's service freely 
Convincente, adj. convincing; convincible 
Convincentemente, adv. in a convincing manner 
Conviniénte, a. useful; profitable; convenient 
Convite, sm. invitation; inviting; feast; repast 
Conviviente, adj. living together, vrith each other 
Convocación,/, convocation; assembly; meeting 
Convocadero, -a, adj. to be convened, convoked 
Convocador, sm. convener; who convokes 
Convocar, va. 1. to convene; call together 
Convocatoria, sf. letter of convocation 
Convocatorio, -a, adj. convening; convoking 
Convólvulo, *m. convolvulus (flower); bindweed 
Convoy, sm. convoy; conduct; escort; retinue 

CON 1 

Convoyante, adj. convoying; escorlingf; guarding 
Convorár, wo. 1. to convoy; escort; (juard; protect 
Coiivulsár, n. I. to feel a contraction of the nerves 
Convulsárse, v. ref. to be convulsed, contracted 
Couvulsión./.convulsiou; contraction (of nerves) 
Convulsivamente, adv. in a convulsive manner 
Convulsivo, -a adj. convulsive; of convulsions 
Convulso, -a, adj. convulsed; agitated; spasmodic 
Convúsco, pron. pers. with you; with yourselves 
Conyúdice, ttn. joint judge '(to try a cause) 
Conyugal, adj. conjugal; matrimonial; connubial 
Conyugalménte, adv. conjugally; matrimonially 
Cónyuges, s. pi. married couple; husband & wife 
Conyúñto, -a,adj. united; allied by kindred; mixed 
Cooperación, sf. cooperation; joint labour 
Cooperador, -a, smf. cooperator; joint promoter 
Cooperante, adj. cooperating; contributive 
Cooperar, a. 1. to cooperate; labour jointly; hand 
Cooperario, -a, smf. cooperator; joint-promoter 
Cooperativamente, adv. coefficiently 
Cooperativo, -a, adj. cooperative; coefficient 
Coopositor, sm. candidate; competitor; rival 
Cooptación, sf. cooptation; assumption; choice 
Coordinación, sf. coordination; equality of rank 
Coordinadamente, adv. coordinately; equally 
Coordinado, -a, adj. coordinate; of ' ' 

Copa, sf. cup; bower; crown (of a hat); brazier 
Copa, everj- one of the cards with a heart 
Copas,/. /)/. bosses of abridle; hearts (at cards) 
Copada, sf. sky-lark (bird singing in its flight) 
Copado, -a, adj. tufted; tuftv; copped; coppled 
Copaiba, sf. copaiba (gum) dalsam of capivi 
Copal, sm. copal (fine transparent gum & varnish) 
Copanete, Cúpano, sm. small bark 
Copáza, sf. large cup, glass (with a foot) 
Copázo, m. large fleece of wool; large flake of snow 
Copela,/, coppel (chj-mical vessel to refine met.) 

Copera, sf. cup-board, (case to put in victuals) 
Coperiilo, m. dim. little cup-bearer, attendant 
Copernicáno, adj. copernican; of Copernicus 
Copero, sm. cup-bearer; attendant at a feast 
Copeta, sf. dimin. small cup; drinking vessel 
Copete, m. toupee; curl of hair; top of a shoe 
Copete, crown-work of a looking-glass-fraime 
Copete, íhómbre de) sm. man of respectability 
Copete, (tener 2.) to assume an air of authority 
Copetudo, -a, adj. copped; rising to a top; high 
Copey, m. Indian tree (its leaves serve for writ.) 
Copia, plenty; copy: copy of a picture; rate of tithe 
Copia, sf. portrait taken from original design 
Copiador, sm. copyist; copier; transcriber 
Copiador, (libro) sm. book to copy trade-letters 
Copiante, sm. copyist; copier; imitator 
Copiar, va. 1. to copy; transcribe; imitate; depict 
Copiar del natural, to copy from life 
Copica, ilia, -ita, sj. dimin. small cup, &c. 
Copico, -illo, -ito, sm. dimin. small fleece, flake 
Copilación, sf. compilation; collection; heap 
Copilador, J;n. compiler; collector of passages 
Copilár, va. 1. to compile; collect from authors 
Cópin; »rt. Spanish measure, 12th part of a quintal 
Copiosamente, ad. in great quantity; copiously 
Copiosidad,/, abundance; plenty; copiousness 
Copioso, -a, adj. copious; plentifiil; lar^e; diffuse 
Copista, »n. copyist; transcriber; copying-machine 
Copla,/, couplet; sarcastic hint; lampoon; ballad 
Coplas de ciegos, sf. plnr. vulgar ballads 
Coplas de repente, (echar 1.) to talk nons 
Copleador, sm. poetaster; vile petty poet 
Coplear, vn. 1. to versify; make couplets. 

Coplista, HI. poetaster; petty poet; ballad-seller 
Coplón, Coplones, pi. sm. augm. low vile poetry 
Copo, m. small bundle of cotton, &c.; flake of snow 
Copo, thick part of a fishing-net; odour of myrrh 
Copón, aitg. large cup; chalice; thick rope (naut.) 
Coposo, -a, iidj. tufted; tufty; copped; coppied 
Copra, sf. pith, marrow of a cocoa-nut 
Cópto, sm. Coptic (language of the Copts) 
Cópula, sf. union of two things; copulation 
Cúpula, union of the subject and predicate (log.) 
Copular, va. 1. to connect; unite; conjoin 
Copularse, v. ref. to copulate; come together 
Copulativamente, adv. in uniting together 
Copulativo, -a, adj. copulative; unitmg together 
Coqueta,/, coquette; gay airy woman; small loaf 
/^ — „•-. blow with a ruler in the palm of the hand 

Coquillo, sm. small s 


Ctquinário, -a, adj. culinary; of cooking 
Coquinario del rey, sm. the king's own cook 
Coquinero, stn. fishmonger; deder in shell-fish 
Coquito, sm. dimiu. small cocoa-nut; grimace 
Cor, m. heart; core; benevolence; spirit; mind 
Cor, (de) adv. by heart; from memory; heartily 
Coracero, sm. cuirassier (soldier in a cuirass) 
Coracha, sf, leather-bag (for cocoa, tobacco) 
Corachin, sm. dimin. small leather-bag 
Coracilla, sf. dimin. small coat of mail 
Coracina, sf. small breast-plate ¿worn formerly) 
Corada, Coradéla, sf. entrails; chitterlings 
COrage, »;«. courage; fortitude; passion; anger 
Corajosamente, adv. courageously; bravely 
Corajoso, -a,«. courageous; brave; intrepid; bold 
Corajudo, -a, adj. angry; passionate; courageous 
C^orál, sm. coral (red and stony sea-production) 
Corales, »n. pi. country-women's strings of corals 
Coral, adj. choral; of a choir; singing in a choir 
Coralero, »n. worker, dealer in corals, coral-beads 
Coralillo, sm. coral-coloured snake (anim.) 
Coralina, sf. sea-coralline (marine production) 
Coralina, coral fishing-boat; coralline animal 
Coralino, -a, ndj. coralline; consisting of coral 
Corambre,/, hides, skins of animals (of all sorts) 
Corambrero, sm. dealer in hides, skins 
Coramvóbis, sm. corpulent person strutting about 
Corascóra, sf. corascora (coasting Indian ship) 
Coraza, sf. cuirass (ancient iron breast-plate) 
Coraza, (caballo) sm. horse-soldier in armour) 
Corazas, (tentar á uno las 1.) to try one's mettle 
Coraznada, sf. pith of a pine-tree; fricassee 
Corazón, m. heart; core; benevolence; spirit; will 
Corazón de uno cabo, sm. heart-strand (naut.) 

i (ten 

2.) t. 

Corazón, (de) sincerely; heartily; from memory 
Corazonada, sf. courage; braverj-; livers & lights 
Corazonázo, sm. augm. great heart; noble spirit 
Corazoncico, -illo, -ito, sm. dimin. little heart 
Corazoncillo, m. perforated St. John's wort (pla.) 
Corbacháda, sf. lash, stroke with a bull's pizzle 
Corbacho, m. bull's pizzle (strong gristly nerve) 
Corbás, /. pi. the four largest feathers of a hawk 
Corbata, cravat; neck-cloth; neck-handkerchief 
Corbata, sm. magistrate not brought up to the law 
Corbatín, m. cravat; stock fastenedwith a buckle 
Corbáto, WÍ. cooler (vat with water to cool a still) 
Corbatón, small knee used in some pts. of a ship 
Corbeta,/, light ship with 3 masts & square sails 
Corcel, sm. steady horse; charger 
Corcesca, sf. ancient pike, spear 
Corcha, sf. cork; ice-vessel; bee-hive 
Corcheár, va. to interweave the ends of ropes 



Corche, »». sort of open sandal tied with latchets 
Corchea, /. crochet (note equal to half a miium) 
Corchear. ra. 1. to grain leather with a corli 
Corché™ ^/Pitehe^-cork-vessel to cool Uquors 
Corcheta, sf. eve of a hook, clasp, &c. , , , 
Coíchéteím. clasp, locket; brace; bench-hook 
Corchete catch-poll; bailiff's follower; sergean^ 
Corchetes, tm. pur. hooks and eyes [ot corK 
Corcho »«. cort; ice-vessel; bee-hive; box made 
torcho na'dár sin 1.) to need no leading-stnngs 
Corcho, (tener cara de 2.) to have a braxen fate 
Corchos, sm. pi. cloifs; pattens; t"'»?'""*, , 
CorciUo, -ino, »mf. dimin. small deer; little fawn 
Corcova, sf. hump; crooked back; ':?";'« 
Corcovado, -a, adj. hump-backed; g'bbous 
Corcovar, va. 1. to crook; bend; curve; oow 
Corcovear, v,t. 1. to curvet; bound; prance 
Corcoveta, tm. crook-backed person; hump-bacK 
CorcoviUa, -ita,/. little hump-Uck; crooked back 
Corcovo, »n. cSrvet; bound; leap; wrong step 
Córenlo, »>«. heart-shell (aquatic insect) 
Corcusido, -a, adj. clumsily mended, sewed 
Corcusir va 3 to darn; mend holes; patch 
Corda, (¿star á la 1.) to be close-haled, lying to 
Cordage, «I. cordage; ropes of a ship; ta<^kle 
Cordal, sm. double tooth; Cordales,;;?, grinders 
Cordato, -a, adj. wise; prudent; fon^iderate 
Cordel, sm. cord; thin rope; line (used in a ship) 
Cordel alquitranado, sm. tarred line (naut.) 
Cordel blanco, sm. untarred line (naut.) 
Cordel de corredera, sm. log-line (naut.) 
Cordel, (mozo de) sm. porter (earner for hire) 
Cordel echar el 1.) to mark with a line, cord 
Cordel, (estar á 1.) to be ma right line 
Cordeles, (apretar los) to oblige by force to say 
Cordelado, -a, adj. twisted for nbbons, garters 
CordeláíO, sm. lash, stroke given with a rope 
Cordelejo, sm. dimi«. small rope; joke; jest; fun 
Cordelería, sf. cordage; rope-walk; rigging 
Cordelero, »m. rope-maker, seller; knacker 
Cordelico; -iUo, -ito, sm dim. small rope c«d 
Cordelláte, m. grogram (silken s'"»'^.'?" P''^¿„ 
Cordera,»/, ewe-lamb; meek, gentle, mild woman 
Cordería,/, cordage; place "^ere ropes are Kept 
Corderica, -ilia, ita, sf. dim.n. little «we-lamb 
Corderico, -iUo, ito, sm. dim. young lamb [wool 
Corderino, sm. lamb's-skin (dressed with the 
Corderina, sf. lamb's-skin; h'fe «f ?1''"?^„„. . 
Corderino, -a, adj. of the lamb-kind; of lambs 
Cordero, m. lamb; dressed lamb's-sk.u; meek 
Cordero de socésto; lechal, m. house-lamb 
Cordero muéso, sm. small-eared lamb 
Cordero de Escitia, sm. polypody of Tartary (pi.) 
Cordeméla, sf. dimin. little ewe-lamb 
Corderuélo; »»i. ditnin. young lamb; lambkin 
Corderuna, sf lamb's-skin; hide of a lamb 
Cordela, sf small rope (made of bass-weed) 
Cordezuela, sf dimi,,. small rope, cord; string 
Cordíaco, -a, adj. cardiac,; cordial; invigorating 
Cordial, a. cordial; comforting; hearty; sincere 
Cordial, sm. cordial; strengthening potion 
Cordial dad, sf. cordiality; sincere friendship 
CoXlménU, «d". cordially; heartUy; sincerely 
Cordila, sf. spawn of the tunny-fish 
Cordilla, sf sheep's inside, entrails . 
Cordillera, sf ridge, chain of mountains 
Cordillera, elevated and straight tract of land 
Cordilo, ,'m. amphibious animal like a crocodile 
Cordobán, sm. cordovan; Spanish leather 
Cordobana, «/. nakedness; want of covering 
Coídobána (andar á la 1.) to go stark naked 
Cordójo, m. anguish; affliction; anxiety; grief 
Cordón, »».. cord; string; monks' girdle; cordon 
1 uf a cable (naut.) ; edge of a coin 

Cordones, f/i.p/. shoulder-knots; cords of a loom 
Cordonazo, sm. lash with a cord, rope; large rope 
Cordonazo de san Francisco, autumnal equinox 
Cordoncico, iUo, ito, sm. rf'»""- ^ma» ^°':<'' ' °t 
Cordoncillo, m. twisted cord on the edge ol a toai 
Cordoncillo, milling round the edge of a com 
Cordonería, sf twister's, lace-maker s work-shop 
Cordonero, -a. smf. lace-maker; rope-maker 
Cordoyóso, -a, ad/, languishing; pimng; gnevm? 
Cordula. sf ampllibious animal like a crocodile 
Cordura./, prudence; judgment; practical wisdom 
Cordúar, (hacer 2.) to act in a prudent manner 
Corea, sf dance accompanied with a chorus 
rnroaHa- ímúsica'i sí. chorus-music 

Corea, «/. aance accumijaui..u t.v« - . 
Coreada, (música) sf. chorus-music 
Coreado, -a, adj. sung, played in a chorus 
Corear, vn. 1. to sing, play in a chorus 
Corechamente, ad. correctly; accurately; neatly 
Corecico, sm. dimiu. of Cuero, small hide, skm 
Corecillo, sm. roasted sucking pig 
Corewncia, sf. co-regency; joint-government 
Corlgénic.'sm. co-re|ent; joint n3er governor 
Coreo sm connected harmony of a chorus 
Corezuelo, sm. sucking pig; small roasted pig 
Córi,rn.coris (shells passing for money in S am 
Coriámbico, -a, adj. of a verse of four s?41ables 
Coriambo, sm. choriambic verse of 4 syllables) 
Coriándro, m. coriander (pla.) aromatic seeds 
Coribánte, sm. corybante (priest of Cybele) 
Corifeo, m. corypheus; leader of the choir; chief 
Corillo,%>«. dimin. small choir; body of singers 
Corimbifero, -a, adj. bearing berries in bunches 
/-....-.™k« ..„ bunch; cluster; head of a plant 


b; cluster; ueau ui a ^iiom. 
J, adj. of the corinthian order 
membrane over the foetus 

Corion, sm. exterior memorauc uvc. t..^ .j^.- 
Corista, sm. chorister; singer m cathedrals, . 
Corito, sm. timid, pusillanimous man; nickUL — 
Coriza, sf. kind of shoe of undressed leather 
Coriza, increased discharge from the nose 
Corladura, sf gold varnisíi (brilliant lustre) 
Coriár, Corlear, va. 1. to put on gold varnish 
Cormas, sf. pliir. shackles; fetters; uneasiness 
Cormáno, -a, smf cousin-german; uncle 
Górmanos, sm. plur. children of a prior marriage 
Cornada, »/. thrust with a bull's horn, with a foil 
Cornadillo, sm. small coin of little value 
Cornadillo, (emplear su) K'?""«^^í ^Xe 
Cornado, sm. old copper com of s™*" ^*'"^,. . ^ 
Cornado, (no valer un) not to be worth a farthing 
Cornadura,/, horns (defensive weapons of anim.) 
Cornal, strap to tie oxen to the yoke bv the horns 
Cornamenta, sf. horns (of any animal) 

Cornaraüsa7/''co"rnemusV; b¿g-pipe (rustic 

s (strou, 
^uruav...u, .„.. ».-- -., --'" (fruit ai 
Córnea,»/, horny tunicle of the e^e; 

Cornamusa, belaying cleat (to fasten the ropes) 
Comas, J/ plur. bad-stays (strong ">?=?'"»'"•) 
Cornatillo, >m. kind of olive (fruit and plant) 

Cordon, strand o 

Córnea,»/, horny tunicle ot tne eye, curuc» 
Corneado, -a, adj. horned; furnisWd w. h horns 
Corneadór, -á, smf hornedanimal that butts 
Cornear va. 1. to butt; strike with the horns 
Comedio, -iUo, -ito, sm. small horn; comic e 
Corneja, sf. crow (bird that feeds on carrion) 
Cornejilla, sf dimin. small crow (bird) 
Cornejo, »m. cornelian cherry tree; small crow 
Corneo, -a, odj. horny; corny; callous 
Cornerina, sf. onyx (semipetlucid gem) 
Cornéro, í»i. hollow of the temples 
Cornero de pan, J»i. crust of bread 
Corneta,/, cornet; French horn; postilion's honi 
Corneta, comet; ensign of horse; troop of horse 
Corneta, broad pendant; rear-admiral s Hag 
Corneta, swine-herd's horn; ancient war-instru. 
Cornete sm. dimin. bugle-horn; hunting-horn 
Cornetica -ilia, ita, .'/• dimin. small comet; horn 
Cornezuelo, w. bugle-horn; horscbleediug wst. 

Cornial, adj. shaped, formed like a horn 
Cornicabra, i/, turpentine tree; sort of olives 
Corniculáta, iidj. horned like the new moon 
Corniforme, adj. corniform; shaped like horns 
Conifero, -a, horned; having horns; tornigerous 
Cornija, s/. cornice (ornamental projection) 
Cornijal, sin, angle, corner of a building 
Cornijamento, -iénto, sm. cornice; architrave 
Cornijón, sm. cornice; frieze; architrave (arch.) 
Coriiijui-lo, sm. alpine mespilus (plant) [horns 
Cornil, sm. strap to tie oxen to the yoke by the 
Cornillo, sm. alpine mespilus (plant) 
Comióla, 5/. onyx (semipellucid gem) 
Cornisa, /.cornice (uppermost ornament in arch.) 



ta, .</. d 

lall C( 

little wittol 

Cornucopia, _/. cornu 

Cornudázo, sm. migi 

Coruuderia, .?/. couil 

Cornudico, -illo, -ito 

Cornudo, sm. man whose wife is unfaithful 

Cornudo, -a, adj. horned; furnished with horns 

Cornúpeta, sm. wild ox badly trained 

Coro, til. ch'-iir; quire; chorus; church singers 

Córo,memory; summer solstitial wind; choirof an. 

Coro, (decir, tomar de 3. 1.) to say, get by heart 

Coros, (hablar ál.) to speak by turns; alternately 

Corocha,/, coat; vine-fretter (destructive ins.) 

Corografía, »/. description of some regions 

Corograficaniénte, adv. chorographically 

Corográfico, -a, adj. descriptive of some regions 

Corolla, sf. small crown; littli 
Corona, sf. crown; regal power; top of the head 
Corona, Spanish gold 85 silver coin; English coin 
Corona, reward; completion; laurel; honour; halo 
Corona, priest's tonsure; rosary of 7 decades 
Corona, top of the antlers; crown-work (fortilic.) 
Corona, large flat member of the cornice (arch.) 
Corona, pendant; rope used on board ships (naut.) 
Coronas delos palos,/, pi. main-tackle; pendants 
Coronas deguináles, preventer-shroud; pendants 
Corona de fraile, three-toothed globularia (plant) 
Corona de re'y, sf. common melilot trefoil (plant) 
Corona real, .1/. annual sun-flower (plant) 
Coronación, sf. coronation; perfection; end 
Coronado, ih. clerk, who has received the tonsure 
Coronador, m. perfecter; finisher; who completes 
Coronal, i. & adj. frontal-bone; of the foreliead 
Coronamento, -iénto, top ornament of a building 
Coronamento, -iénto, taffarel (top of the stern) 
Coronar, va. to crown; complete; finish; perfect 
Coronar, to fill a glass up to the brim; ornament 
Coronaria, coronary (blood-vessels of the heart) 

Corondel, m. riglet (printer's) ; water-mark 
Coronel, »m. colonel; commander (of a regiment) 
Coronela, sf. colonel's lady; wife of a cotoncl 
Coronela, sf. company commanded by the colonel 
Coronelía, sf. colonelsbip; office of a colonel 
Coroner, coroner; civil othcer on casual deaths 
Coronica, -ilia, -ita, sf. dimin. little crown 
Corónica,/. (-lironicle; accounts of events; record 
Coronilla, crown; top of the head; genus of plants 
Coronilla de fraile, sf. French daisv (plant) 
Coronista, sin. clironicler; recorder of events 
Coroza,/, coronet (made of paper) mark of infamy 
Corózo, species of high palm-tree (in Afr. & Am.) 
Corpanclión, Corpázo, sm. very big body, carcass 
Corpanchón de ave, tii. carcass of a fowl stripped 
Corpecico, -illo, -ito, Corpezuelo, sm. little body 
Corpezuclo, sm, under waistcoat without sleeves' 

5 coa 

Corpiñéjo, Corpino, un. under waistcoat, &c. 
Córpo, body; cori)se; trunk; matter; size; strength 
Corporación, sf. corporation; guild; connnunity 
Corporal, adj. corporal; bodily; fleshy; material 
Corporal, m. corporal; altar-linen at the sacrani. 
Corporalidad, sf. corporality; corporeal body 
Corporalménte, adv. corporally; bodily; in body 
Corporeidad, sf, corporeity; materiality 
Corpóreo, -a, adj, corporeal; bodily; material 
Corporiento, -a, corpulent; fleshy: of great size 
Corps, )//. body of soldiers; regiment; army; mass 
Corps, (los guardias de) sm. jkur. the lite-guards 
Corps (sumiller de) sin. lord chamberlain 
Corpudo, -a, adj. corpulent; bulky; of great size 
Corpulencia, sf. corpulence; bulkiness of body 
Corpulentamente, adv. in a corpulent state 
Corpulento, -a, adj. corpulent; bulky; of great size 
Corpuscular, adj. corpuscular; of small bodies 
Corpusculista, sin. atomist; studier of atoms 
Corpúsculo, sm. corpuscle; small body; 1 

Corral, square formed by a body of foot 
Corral de ovejas, sm. ruins, fragments of walls 
Corral de madera - '' "' •* 


Corralero, »' 

■) to loiter about in school ho 
keeper of a dung-yard 
corraiiiio, -ito, sm. dimin. small yard, court 
Corraliza,/, yard; court; open space about a house 
Corralón, sm. augm. large yard, court 
Correa, sf leather strap; leash; flexibility 
Correa, (besar la 1.) to be obliged to submit 
Correa, (tener 2.) to bear raillery witliout anger 
Correage, sm. lieap of leather-straps, thongs 
Correal, sm. deer-skin dressed of a brown colour 
Correal, (coser 2.) to sew with small thongs 
Correar, va. 1. to draw out wool to fit it for use 
Correazo, sm. blow with a lealher-thong, strap 
Corrección, sf. correction; amendment; revisal 
Corrección, correction in a ship's reckoning 
Correccional, adj. of correction (houses') 
Correctamente, adv correctly; accurately 
Correctivo, -a, adj. corrective; good for altering 
Correctivo, m. corrective; assuagement; lenitive 
Correcto, -a, adj. correct; exact; accurate; perfect 
Corrector, m. corrector; reviser; superior; uslier 
Corredentór, -a, snif. joint-ransomer, deliverer 
Corredera,/, race-ground; small wicket; street 
Corredera, runner; roller; wood-louse; log-line 
Corredera, fechar la 1.) to heave the lead (naut.) 
Corredera, (corretel de la) sm. log-reel (naut.) 
Corredero, -a, adj. running much; moving about 
CorredíUa, sf dimin. small course, race 

Corredor, -a, s. runner; racer; corridor; gallery 
Corredor, covert-way (fortif.); broker; pimp 
Corredor de cambios, sm. exchange-broker 
Corredor de matrimonio, match-maker 
Corredor de oreja, tale-bearer; officious tell-tale 
Corredor de popa, stern-gallery (of a ship) 
Corredorcillo, sin. dimití, small corridor 
Corredura, sf. liquor overflowing the measure 
Corredura, incursions into an enemy's camp 
Correduría, sf. brokerage; pimping; incursion 
Correería, sf. trade of a strap-maker, seller 
Correero, sm. strap-maker, seller 
Corregél, adj. of English sole-leather, or any like 
Corregibilidad, sf. possibility of correction 
Corregible, adj, corrigible; corrective; docile 
Corregidor, corrector; mayor; chief magistrate 
Corregidora, sf, mayoress; wife of a mayor 
Corregimiento, sm. office, district of a mayor 
Corregir, va, 3. to correct; amend; revise; temper 


Corregirse, v. ref. to amend; grow better; reform 
Corregüela, »/. small strap; biiuKveed (plant) 
Correw^üéla, boy's play with a stick & small strap 
Correlación, sf. analogy; reciprocal relation 
Correlativamente, adv. in a reciprocal relation 
Correlativo, -a, adj. correlative; analogous 
Correncia, if. looseness; diarrhoea; flux 
Correndilla, »/. hostile incursion; leather strap 
Correntia,/, artificial irrigation of stubble-ground 
Correntiár, va. 1. to irrigate stubble-ground 
Correntio, -a, adj. current; running; flowing 
Correntón, -a, orfi. gay; pleasant; fond of company 
Correntón, -a, taking a great deal of snuff 
Correo, sm. post; letter-carrier; courier; post-boy 
Correo, post-office; mail bag of letters; complice 
Correo de gabinete, sm. king's messenger 
Correo maritimo, >«. packet-boat (to carry let.) 
Correo mayor, m. post-master, director of the post 
Correón, sm. augm. large leather-strap, thong 
Correoso, -a, adj. ductile; flexible; pliable 
Correr, un. 2. to run; flow; pass away; arrive; blow 
Correr, glide; run on; hurry; flourish; spread 
Correr, a. to go about; travel over; frequent; visit 
Correr, seek; pursue; snatch away; persecute 
Correr los mares, to lead a sailor's life; live at sea 
Correr á bolina, to run close upon a wind (naut.) 
Correr del otro bordo, to stand on the other tack 
Correr por bordos, to ply to windward (naut.) 
Correr hacia la tierra, to stand in shore (naut.í 
Correr norte, to stand to the northward (naut.) 
Correr á dos puños, to run before the wind (naut.) 
Correr viento en popa, to sail before the wind 
Correr sobre un bajel, to chase a vessel (naut.) 
Correr la cortina, to draw the curtain; discover 
Correr á rienda suelta, to ride at full speed 
Correr la voz, to be said, reported; to go the story 
Correr monte, to hunt; chase; pursue the game 
Correr vaquetas, to run the gantlet (mil. punish.) 
Correr, á todo correr, (á mas) with full speed 
Correrse, v. to be ashamed, abashed, confused 
Correría, sf. hostile incursion; leather strap 
Correspondencia, sf. correspondence; relation 
Correspondencia, reciprocal intelligence 
Correspondencia, friendship; consent; fitness 
Corresponder, OTÍ. 2. to correspond; suit; agree; fit 
Corresponder, va. to return a favour; answer 
Corresponderse, v. to respect, esteem each other 
Corresponderse, to keep up a correspondence 
Correspondiente, sm. correspondent; agent 
Correspondiente, ad], correspondent; suitable 
Correspondientemente, ad. in a suitable manner 
Corresponsal, m. correspondent; trustee; agent 
Corresponsión, sf. conformity; proportion 
Corretage, sm. brokerage; money paid to a pimp 
Corretear, a. 1. to walk the streets; rove; flirt 
Corretera, sf. gadding woman; loiterer; tattler 
Corretero, m. gadder; who runs, roves about idly 
Corretóra,/. nun who directs the choir (iu conv.J 
Correvedile, m. tale-bearer; mischief-maker 
Corresmela, sf. small strap; bindweed (plant) 

r. _-,_ u — . , =..^ -':k&small 

: full speed 
. , _ ; flow (of liquids) 

Corrida de toros, bull-baiting (sport with dogs) 
Corrida (de) adv. at full speed; in haste; swiftlv 
Corridamente, adv. currently; plainly; easily 
Corridita, tf. dimin. small course, incursion 
Corrido, sm. romance; merry song with a guitar 
Corridos, m. pi. rents due unpaid; arrears of taxes 
Corrido, -a, adj. expert; experienced; ashamed 
Corriente, «m. current; course; progress; custom 
Corrientes, stn. plur. currents (in ttie seas) 

, adj. current; general; plain; fluent 


on . swaggerer; boaster 

Corillo, sm. circle; people assembled to talk 
Corrimiento,*»!, shame; acrid humour; concourse 
Corincho, sm. meeting of low vulgar people 
Corro, m. circle; ring of people met to see a show 
Corro, (escupir en) to drop in the course of chat 
Corro, hacer 2.) to clear the way; make room 
Corroboración, sf. corroboration; confirming 
Corroborado, -a, adj. corroborate; confirmed 
Corroborante, ». & a. corroborative; corroborant 
Corroborar, a. 1. to corroborate; fortify; confirm 
Corroborativo, -a, a. corroborative; corroborant 
Corrobra, sf. treat at the conclusion of a bargain 
Corroer, va. 2. to corrode; eat away by degrees 
Corrompedor, sm. corrupter; seducer; tempter 
Corrompedora, sf. corruptress; female seducer 
Corromper, va. 2. to corrupt; vitiate; seduce 
Corromper, to bribe; suborn; induce by gifts 
Corromper, n. to emit an offensive smell; mortify 
Corromperse, ref. to putrefy; become putrid; rot 
Corrompible, a. corruptible; that may be bribed 
Corrompidaménte, adv. corruptly; viciously 
Corrompido, -a, adj. corrupt; spoiled; depraved 

Corrosión, sf. corrosion; acrimony; destruction 
Corrosivamente, adv. in a corrosive manner 
Corrosivo, -a, adj. corrosive; gnawing; wasteful 
Corroyente, a. corrodent; wearing away; wasting 
Corrugación, sf. corrugation; wrinkling 
Corrugar, va. 1. to corrugate; wrinkle; purse up 
Corrugo, m. channel to convey water from a river 
Corrulla, sm. room under deck in a row-galley 
Corrumper, a. 2. to corrupt; vitiate; seduce 
Corrupción,/, corruption; putrescence; bribery 
Corrupción, depravity; pollution; looseness 
Corruptamente, adv. corruptly; depravedly 
Corruptela, sf. corruption; depravation, abuse 
Corruptibilidad, sf. corruptibility 
Corruptible, adj. corruptible; liable to bribery 
Corruptivo, -a, adj. corruptive; tainting; bribing 
Corrupto, -a, adj. corrupt; corrupted; defiled 
Corruptor, sm. corrupter; seducer; misleader 
Corrusco, sm, offal; waste meat; refuse 
Corrusión, sf. corrosion; destruction; acrimony 
Corsa, sf. cruise; voyage in search of plunder 
Corsario, m. corsair; cruiser; pirate; sea-robber 
Corsario, -a, adj. cruising, with a letter of marque 
Corsé, sin. corset; pair of stays; bodice; jumps 
Corsear, va. 1. to cruise; sail in quest of an enemy 
Córsia, sf. passage between the sails in a galley 
Corso, sm. cruise; cruising; course; career; race 
Corso, -a, smf. roe-deer; tajlow-deer 
Corta, sf. felling, cutting down of wood 
Corta ó á la larga, (á la) adv. sooner or later 
Cortabolsas, sm. pick-pocket; cut-purse; sharper 
Cortadera,/, chisel to cut hot iron; liiver's knife 
Cortadillo, sm. tumbler; small drinking-glass 
Cortadillos, (echar 1.) to speak affectedly 
Cortado, sm. caper; jump; leap (in dancing) 
Cortado, -a, adj. adapted; fit; exact; proportioned 
Cortador, -a, smf. cutter; person, thing that cuts 
Cortador, m. butcher; flesh-seller; king's carver 
Cortadores, sm. plur. cutters; incisors (teeth) 
Cortadoras,/. ;<.cutting-boards (in a velvet-loom) 
Cortadura, sf. cut; incision; wound; fissure 
Cortadura, parapet; raised work in narrow passes 
Cortaduras, «/. /j/ur. shreds (of cloth); cuttings 
Cortafrío, sm. chisel (for cutting cold iron) 
Cortafut'go, m. thick wall to prevent fire (in Spa.) 
Cortamente, adv. sparingly; frugally; scantily 


Cortamiento, tm. cutting; amputation 
Cortan, »i. measure (of about a peck); oil- 
Cortánte, am. cutter; butcher; carver 
Cortante, adj. cutting; that which cuts 
Cortapicos y callares, prov. ea: hold your prating 
Cortapies, tm. thrust at the legs (in fencing) 
Cortapisa,/, ornament sewed round edges ot cloth 
Cortapisa, elegance and grace (in saying things) 
Cortapisa, condition with which a thing is given 
Cortaplumas, sm. peu-knife (used to cut pens) 
Cortar, va. 1. to cut; divide; separate; hew 
Cortar, to cut off part of the enemy's army; stop 
Cortar, to interrupt; abridge; decide; suspend 
Cortar, to cut away a mast, cable; smother bees 
Cortar el agua, to cut off the water; navigate 
Cortar la lengua, to speak a language elegantly 
Cortar de vestir, to cut and make clothes 
Cortar una pluma to make, mend a pen 
Cortarse, re/, to be ashamed; confused; stop short 
Cortarse, to open out the folds in cloths; ransom 
Cortarse las uñas con, to pick a quarrel with 
Corte, «I. edge (of a sword, &c.); cut; felling 
Corte, mediation; expedient; measure; notcti 
Corte de ingenio, cutting-engine; machine 
Corte,/, court; royal palace; tribunal of justice 
Corté, levee; retinue; suite; people of the court 
Corte, yard; courtship; district of five leagues 
Corte, (hacer la) to court; flatter; try to please 
Cortecica, -ilia, ita,/. dimni. small crust, peel 
Cortedad,/, sraallness; dulness; want of spirit 
Cortedad de medios, indigence; want of means 
Cortega,/. hazel-grouse; hazel-hen (water-fowl) 
Cortejador, >«. wooer; lover; courtier; who courts 
Cortejante, a. courting; making love; gallant 
Cortejar, ca. to court; make love; accompany 
Cortejar una dama, to pay one's addresses to a lady 
Cortejo, sm. court; homatre; present; lover 
Cortes, 5/ phir. Spanish assembly of members 
Cortés, a. courteous; civil; gentle; polite; kind 
Cortesana, «/. courtesan; prostitute; bad woman 
Cortesanamente, adv. courteously; politely 
Cortcsanazo, -a, adj. aHá-'«.most awkwardly civil 
Cortesanía, s/. courtesy; civility; good manners 
Cortesano, -a, arf/. of the court; polite; courteous 
Cortesano, sm. courtier; attendant on a court 
Cortesía, sj. courtesv; civilitv; present; favour 
Cortesía, davs of grace for the pavment of a bill 
Cortesía, (título de) title of honour; not of right 
Coriesménte, adv. courteously; civilly; kindly 
Corteza,»/, bark; peel; crust'(of bread) 
Corteza, outward appearance; want of civility 
Cortezón, sm. augm. thick bark, peel, rind, crust 
Cortezoncito, m. dim. thin bark, peel, rind, crust 
Cortezudo, -a, ad/, full of bark; corticose; rustic 
Cortezuela, sJ. dimití, thin bark, rind, peel, crust 
Cortical, adj. cortical; barky; of the rind, bark 
Cortico, -illo, -ito, -a, udj. dim. somewhat short 
Cortijo, sin. farm-house; manse; grange; farm 
Cortina,/, curtain; part of a rampart; veil; cover 
Cortinage, sm. set of curtains (for a house, &c.) 
Cortinal, 41/1. ground near a village, farm-house 
Cortinón, m. uug. large curtain (to keep out air) 
Cortir, va. 3. to tan leather; ' ' ' ' ' 

Corto de vista, short-sighted; unable 
Corto de oído, hard of hearing; a little deaf 
Corto de manos, slow at work; not handy 
Corto sastre, unskilled in his own profession 
Corta ó ala larga, (á la) adv. sooner or later 
Cortón, m. worm; field-mouse (that burrows) 
Corulla,/, place for the stoppers of cables (na.) 
Coruscante, Corusco, -a, glittering; shining 
Corva, sf. hinder articulation of the thigh; curb 

7 COS 

Corvadura,/, curvature; flexure; bend of anarch 
Corval, adj. of an obloi|g shape; longer than broal 
Corvar, vu. 1. to bend; crook; bow; curve; inflect 
Corvato, sm. young crow, rook (bird) 
Corváza, sf. curb (disease in horses' knees> 
Corvecito, m. dimití, young little crow, rook 
Corvedad, sf. curvature; flexure; bend of an arch 
Corvejón, sm. joint of the hind leg (of beasts) 
Corvejón, spur of a cock ; cormorant (bird of prey ) 
Corveta, sJ. curvet (leap of a horse) ; corvette 
Corvetear, ti. 1. to curvet; leap; bound; prance 
Corvillo, sm. bill; kind of hatchet 
C'orvillo de podón, sm. pruning-knife 
Corvillo de zapatero, paring-knife (of shoe-mak.) 
Corvillo, (miércoles) sm. Ash-Wednesdav 
Corvina,*/, kindof conger, sea-eel(in theMedit.) 
Corvino, -a, udj. of a crow, raven, rook; corvine 
Corvo, -a, adj. curvated; bent: crooked; arched 
Corvo, sm. craw-fish (kind of sea-fish); pot-hook 
Corzo, mf. roe-deer; fallow-deer (beast of chace) 
Corzuélo, m. wheat left in the husks by threshers 
Cosa, í/. thing; matter: afl'air; suit; cause; reason 
Cosa de, .'/. important thing 
Cosa de risa, laughing-stock; object of ridicule 
Cosa de ver, sf. thhig worth seeing 
Cosa, (fuerte) sf. hard task; thing difficult tf ' 

:; little : 



I, half a league : 
Cosa, (qué)? intrr. wliat is the matter? 
Cosa y Cosa, (que es)? inter, whatmeansall this 
Cosario, m. privateer; pirate; carrier; huntsman 
Cosario, -a, adj. of a privateer, corsair; beaten 
Coscarána, sf. cracknel (hard brittle cake) 
Coscarse, v. ref. 1. to shrug one's shoulders 
Coscoja, sf. scarlet-oak; dry leaves of the ilex 
Coscoja, ring, knob on the cross bit of a bridle 
Coscojal, -ár, sm. plantation of scarlet-oaks 
Coscojo, sm. grain of the scarlet-oak; kermes 
Coscojos m. chain of the mouth-piece of a bridle 

Coscorrúdo,-a, «.bruised; contused; black & blue 
Coscurro, sm. flat loaf 
Cose, ,«/. kind of measure 

Cosecante, sm. cosecant: secant of an arch (geom.) 
Cosecha, sf. harvest; harvest-time; gathering 
Cosecha, collection of virtues, vices, &c. (meta.) 
Cosecha de vino, sf. vintage; time of making wine 
Cosecha, (de su) adv. of one's own invention 
Cosechar, va. 1. to reap; crop; gather the harvest 
Cosechero, m. proprietor of vines, olives, corn 
Cosedéros de los tablones, f«. plan 
Cosedízo, -a, udj. which can, mus 
Cosedór, sm. one who sews; sew£ 
Cosedóra, sf. sewer; she vho works vrith a needle 
Cosedura, sf. seam; seizing a line to fasten (naut.) 
Coselete, sm. corslet; coat of armour; pikeman 
Coseno, stn. cosine; right sine of anarch (geom.) 
Coser, i«. draught-horse (used in war, tourna.) 
Coser, a. 2. to sew; stitch together; join & unite 
Coser un motón, to lash, seize a block (naut.) 
Coser a puñalodas, to stab with apointed weapon 
Coserse con la pared, ref. to stick close to a wall 
Coserá, sf. ground that may be irrigated at once 
Costada, sJ. race; very swift course; speedy run 
Coseteár, v. 1. to walk the streets; ramble; flirt 
Cosible, adj. that may he sewed, stitched 
Cósica, -illa, ;ta, sf. dimin. small thing; trifle 
Cosicosa, sf. riddle; enigma; obscure problem 
Cosido, tn. foul linen, sewed together for washing 
Cosido, horse jaded and fhin v.ltli hard labour 
Cosidode cama, quilts \ blankets sewed together 

it be stitched 

Cosigo, pr„ 
Cosmético, 1 

úí: by o 

s self 

mprove the skin) 

COS 1 

Cosmogonía, «/. rise, birth of the world; creation 
Cosmo^rafiá, if. science, description of the world 
Cosmográficamente, adv. cosmographically 
Cosmográfico, -a. adj. describing the creation 
Cosmógrafo, tm. dcscriber of the universe 
Cosmología, »/. science of the laws of nature 
Cosmológico, -a, adj. of the science of the world 
Cosmopolita, m. citizen of the world; cosmopolite 
Cóso,>/i. place for bull-fights, &c.; worm; course 
Cosquillas, sf. pliir. tickling; titillation; discord 
Cosquillas, (no sufrir 3.) to suffer no jokes 
Cosquillas, (tener malas 2.) to be ill-tempered 
Cosquillas, (hacer cosa) to be tickled by a thing 
Cosquilloso, -a, adj. ticklish; touchy; peevish 
Costa, */. cost; expense; charge; labour; coast 
Costa, (dar á la 1.) to get on shore; land 
Costa á costa, (ír3.) to coast; sail along the coast 
Costa, (arrimado á la) adj. close in shore 
Costa de sotavento, lee-shore; side of the wind 
Costa de, (á) prep, at the expensi- of 
Costa, (a toda) adv. at all hazards; at all events 
Costado, int. side; flank; back part; sideof aship 
Costado derecho, (navio de) wall-sided ship 
Costado falso, (navio de) sm. lap-sided ship 
Costado al navio, (dar el) to heave down a ship 
Costados, tm.plnr. race; lineage; succession 
Costados, (árbol de) sm. genealogical tree 
Costal, sm. sack; large back; rammer; beetle 
Costal, (no sov) I cannot tell all at once 
Costalada, sf. flat fall on the ground 
Costalazo, sm. blow with a sack; very large sack 
Costalazo, (dar un) to fall flat on the groiind 
Costalero, sm. porter (carrying goods) 
Costalico, -íllo,-íto, sm. dbniii. small sack, bag 
Costanera, (navegación) if. sailing near land 
Costaneras, sf. pi. rafters; timbers (in building) 
Costanero, -a. adj. of a coast; declivous; sloping 
Costanero, (bajel) m. coaster; coasting vessel 
Costanilla, sf. dimin. gentle declivitv; slope 
Costar, vn.l. to cost; be bought for; stand in 
Costar la torta un pan, the sprat cost a herring 
Costas, (condenar en) to sentence to pay the costs 
Coste, sm. cost; expense; charge; labour; price 
Coste y costas, (á) adv. at first cost, prime cost 
Costeadór, sm. coaster; coasting-vessel 
Costear, va. 1. to pay the cost, expense; coast 
Costelación, sf. constellation; cluster of stars 
Costeño, (barco) stn. boat for the coasting trade 
Costera, sf. side of a bale; fisherman's basket 
Costera, flank (of a body of troops); sea-coast 
Costera, outside quire of a ream of paper 
Costero, sm. first plank cut from a pine-tree 
Costero, -a, adj. outward; outside; oblique (shot) 
Costero, (papel) sm. outside quires (of paper) 
Costezuéla, sf. dimin. slight declivitv; coast 
Costilla,/, rib (bone); stave; rib (wife) ; wealth 
Costilla, triangled part of organ-bellows 
Costilla, fur (timber strengthening joists) 
Costilla, (hacer 2.) to bear the brunt 
Costillas, sf. plur. shoulders: back 
Costillas de un navio, ribs of a ship (naut.) 
Costilláge, -ár, sm. all the ribs; timbers of aship 
Costillér, sm. gentleman of the bed-chamber 
Costillica, -ita, sf. dimin. small rib 
Costilludo, -a. adj. broad-shouldered; clownish 
Costino, -a, adj. of the costus-root 
Costo, cost; price; expense; charges; costus-root 
Costo y costas, (á) adv. at first cost, prime cost 
Costóiñbre, custom; habit; practice; common wav 
Costosaipente, adv. at a high price; expensively 
Costoso, -a, adj. costly; dear; expensive; difficult 
Costra, sf. crust; external coat; broken biscuit 
Costrada,/, seed-cake (kind of sweet seedy cake) 
Costrcúír, Costriñir, ra. 3. ' 

18 cov 

CostribaciÓD, if. obstruction; costivencss 
Costribár, a. 1. to harden; make strong; indurate 
Costrilla, -ita, tf. dimin. small crust, broken bit 
Costringimiénto, sm constraint; compulsion 
Costringir, va. 3. to constrain; compel; force 
Costriñénte, adj. constringent; compressing 
Costrivo, m.prop; stay; support; staff; protection 
Costroso, -a, adj. crusty; covered wtli crust; hard 
Costruir, a. 3. to construct; raise; form; construe 
Costumádo, -a, adj. accustomed; ordinary; usual 
Costumbrár, va. 1. to accustom; use; inure 
Costumbre, sm. custom; habit; practice; fashion 
Costumbres, sm.plur. customs; manners (of nat.) 
Costume, sf. custom; habit; practice; usual way 
Costura, sf. seam; needle-work; splicing of a rope 
Costuras de los tablones, seams of the planks 
Costuras abiertas,/./)/, seams stripped of oakum 
Costurera,/, seamstress; needle-working woman 
Costurero, m. tailor; maker of clothes; seamster 
Costurón, sm. seam; large scar; coarse suture 
Cota, sf. coat of mail; coat of arms; jacket; quota 
Cota, marginal note; annotation; Mary (name) 
Cotana,/, mortise (hole for the tenon of aboard) 
Cotangente, sf. cotangent (line to the radius) 
Cotánza, sf. sort of linen 

Cotár, a. 1. to limit; set bounds; lop; quote; attest 
Cotarrera, sf. gadding woman; idler; loiterer 
Cotarro, sm. hut for the reception of beggars 
Coteár, a. 1. to enclose; fence; limit; quote; attest 
Cotejamiento, m. comparison; compare; parallel 
Cotejar, va. 1. to compare; assimilate; confront 
Cotejo, sm. comparison; parallel; conformity 
Cotí, sm. sort of linen; ticking (for mattresses) 
Cotidianamente, adv. daily; happening every day 
Cotidiano, -a, adj. every day; quotidian; daily 
Cotila,/, cavity of a bone to admit in it another 
Cotiledón, m. cotyledon (husk of seeds of plants) 
Cotilla, sf. stays; bodice for women; corset 
Cotillero, sm. stay-maker; one who makes stays 
Cotín,<ín. back stroke (given to a ball in the air) 
Cotin, ticking (strong striped linen for beds) 
Cotiza,/, baud of a shield one 3d less in breadth 
Cotizado, -a, adj. having bands in the field (her.) 
Coto, m. enclosure of pasture grounds; district 
Coto, land-mark; measure of a hand-breadth; rate 
Coto, combination among merchants to fix prices 
Coto, morbid swelling in the throat (in Peru) 
Coto, chub (small freshwater fish); fine; mulct 
Cotófrc, in. drinking-glass(cup used to drink lir) 
Cotón, sm. printed cotton; cloth made of cotton 
Cotonada, sf. cotton-cloth striped and flowered 
Cotoncillo, m. button of a mostic, painter's staff 
Cotonía, tf. dimity; fine fustian; cloth of cotton 
Cotonina, sf. sort of precious stone 
Cotorra,/, parrot (of the smallest kind); magpie 
Cotorrera, sf. hen-parrot; prattling woman 
Cotorreria, sf. much talking; chattering; prate 
Cotráí, sm. sort of linen 

Cotral, «1. old ox (worn out with work set to grazed 
Cotufa, sf. Jerusalem artichoke (esculent plant) 
Cotufa, tit-bits; dainties; nice delicate morsels 
Cotuféro, -a, adj. producing tit-bits, dainties 
Coturno, S'l,. buskin (shoes worn by tragedians) 
Coturno, (calzar el 1.) to compose, act tragedies 
Couráu, sm. small yawl (in the river Garonne) 
Coutelina,/. blue, white cotton stuff (from Ind.) 
Covacha,/, cave; hollow place under ground; grot 
Covachuela, sf. dimin. small ca\e; grotto; cavern 
Covachuela, office of secretary of state 
Covachuelas, shops in St. Philip's vaults (Mad.) 
Covachueléro, shop-keeper in St. Philip's vaults 
Covachuelista,»!, c-lerk in state-secretaries' office 
Covanilla, »/. 1 wide-mouthed basket for gather- 
Covanillo, sm./ing grapes in the vintage 

cov 1 

Covezuéla, sf. dimin. small cave, grotto, cavern 
Coxa, s/. prostitute; strumpet; lewd woman 
Coxcox, Coxcojita, (á) adv. lamely; haltingly 
Coxeár, vn. 1. to limp; halt; hobble; go astray 
Coxedád, sf. lameness; limping; hobble; halt 
Coxéndico, sin. hip-bone; joint of the thigh 
Coxera, Coxéz, sf. lameness; hobble; limping 
Coxijo, sm. complaint of a slight injury; insect 
Coxijóso, -a, adj. peevish; irritable; passionate 
Coxin, sill, cushion; large pillow; soft pad 
Coxixo, sm. small insect, grub; slight complaint 
CÓXO, -a, lame person; beast; unsettled weather 
Coxquearse, v. ref. 1. to be displeased with 
Coy, sm. hammock; cot; sailor's bed (naut.) 
Coya, sf. very small spider of a venomous kind 
Coyecho, -a,'adj. gathered; collected; imbibed 
Coys, (afuera) all hammocks up (naut.) 
Coyunda, sf. cord, strap to tie oxen to the yoke 
Coyunda, dominion; power; matrimonial union 
Coyundado, -a, adj. tied to the yoke with a strap 
Coynndilla, sf. dimin. small strap, cord 
Coyuntura, sf. joint; occasion; critical point 
Coz, sf. kicking with the hind leg; recoil of a gun 
Coz, kick with the foot; rcflowing of a Hood 
Coz de mastelero, sf. heel of a mast (naut.) 
Cozes, (á) adii. by dint of kicking 
Cozcúcho, m. balls made of flour, water, & honey 
Crabrón, m. hornet (large strong stinging fly) 
Crálo, -a, adj. clear; transparent; fine; thin 
'■-^ -- - skull; ■ ' ■ 

'■ to-n 

Crasamente, adv. grossly; rudely; greasily 
Crascitar, i-n. 1. to cackle; crow; caw; croak 
Crasedád, Craseza, -icia.j/. grease; fat;!gnorance 
Crasicie, s/. grease; corpulency; ignorance 
Crasiento, -a, adj. greasy; smeared with grease 
Crásio, -a, adj. greasy; fat; oily; gross; thick 
Crasitud, sf. grease; fat; crassitude; grossness 
Craso, -a, adj. greasy; oily; fat; thick; stupid 
Craso, (disparate) sm. egregious nonsense 
Craso, (ignorancia) sf. gross ignorance 
Craso, (error) sm. gross crrour; great blunder 
Cráter,™. Crátera,/, crater; aperture of avolcauo 
Cratícula, sf. small wicket (in nunneries) 
Crea, sf. linen of a middling quality (in Spain) 
Creable, adj. possible to be created; productible 
Creación, sf. creation; formation; beginning 
Creado, -a, adj. created; formed; begotten 
Creador, m. creator; maker; trainer of dogs 
Crear, a. create; produce; institute; nourish 
Creativo, -a, a. creative; able to create, produce 
Creatúra, sf. creature; hmnan being 
Crebantár, Crebrantár, va. 1. to break; induce 
Crebillo, sm. small sieve; riddle; scarce; bolter 
Creból, sin. holly (evergreen shrub) 
Crecedero; -a, adj. able to grow; tuat can grow 
Crecer, va. 2. to augment, increase, raise (price) 
Crecer, vn. to grow; increase; become bigger 
Creces, sf. pi. augmentation; additional quantity 
Crecida; sf. swell (of rivers by heavy rains) 
Crecidamente, adv. in abundance; plentifully 
Crecidito, -a, arij.diwi. somewhat increased; grown 
Crecido, -a, adj. increased; grown; grave; large 
Crecidos, m. pi. stitches with knitting-needles 
Creciente, adj. growing; increasing; crescent 
Creciente, ni. crescent; swell (of rivers); leaven 
Creciente de la marea, sm. flood-tide; flowing 
Crecimiento, sm. increase; growth; swell; rise 
Crecimiento de la marejada, j«i. swell of the sea 
Credencia, sf. stand by the altar; credentials 
Credencial, sf. credential; accreditation 
Credenciales, (cartas) sf.plur. credential letters 

9 CRI 

Credenciéro, sin. king's butler 
Credér, va. 2. to believe; credit; trust; think true 
Credibilidad, sf. credibility; probability 
Crédito, in. credit; belief; reputation: trust; bill 
Credo, in. apostolical creed of faith (Rom. chur.) 
Credo, (cada) adv. every moment; at every turn 
Credo, (en un) adv. in a moment; in a trice 
Credulidad, sf. credulity; readiness to believe 
Crédulo, -a, adj. credulous; apt to believe; easy 
Creedero, -a, adj. credible; worthy of credit 
Creederas, (tener buenas 2.) to swallow the bait 
Creedor, -a, adj. credulous; apt to believe; easy 
Creencia, sf. credence; belief; persuasion; creeil 
Creendéro, -a, adj. recommended 
Creer, va. 2. to believe; credit; think true; trust 
(ver y) to see and belie; 


Creíble, adj. ( 
Crema, sf ere; 

■t of li 


■able; conceivable 
e, aav. in a credible manner 
■eam of milk; name of the 2 dots on ü 
ino, -a, adj. crimson; bright red 
Crémor, sm. milky, creamy substance; crémor 
Crémor tártaro, sin. cream of tartar [parts 

Crencha, Crenche,»/, parting of the hair in 2 equal 
Crepusculino, -a, adj. glimmering; crepusculine 
Crepúsculo, sin. crepuscule; twilight; dim light 
Cresa, sf. flyblow; maggot; eggs of the queen-bee 
Crescemiénto, in. Crescéncia,./. increase; growth 
Creseentár, va. 1. to increase; augment; enlarge 
Crespár, a. 1. to curl, turn the hair into ringlets 
Crespárse, v. ref. to be displeased; grow angry 
Crespilla, sf. excrescence; St. George's agaric 

Crespina,/, net for holding up the hairofwomen 
Crespino, sin. barberry-tree (prickly shrub) 
Crespo, -a, adj. crisp; crisp-leaved; obscure 
Crespón, sm. crape (kind of gauze, thin stuff) 
Cresta, sf. cock"s-comb; crest; tuft; cramp-iron 
Cresta , (alzar la 1.) to be puffed up with pride 
Crestado, -a, adj. crested; adorned with a crest 
Crestica, -ilia, -ita, sf. dimin. small crest 
Crestón, m. crest; plume of feathers on a helmet 
Creta, sf. chalk; white fossil earth; bole 
Cretona, sf sort of linen-cloth 
Creyéncia, s/. credence; belief; persuasion 
Creyente, a. believing; thinking true; persuaded 
Crezneja, sf. streak of blanche bass-weed 
Cría, sf. brood; hatch; suckling; sucking child 
Cría, concise and pathetic narrative, history 
Criación, sf. breeding; education; creation 
Criada, sf. maid-servant; hand-maid; wash-bat 
Criada de menáge, sf. house-keeper; house-maid 
Criadero, sin. plantation of young trees 
Criadero, -a, <idj. fruitful; prolific; generative 
Criadilla, sf. testicle; small loaf like a testicle 
Criadilla, little worthless hand-maid; truffle 
Criado, sin. inan-sersant; groom; client; follower 
Criado, -a, nclj. educated;' instructed; well-bred 
Criado, (hablar bien l.)to speak as one well bred 
Criador, sm. creator; maker; giver of existence 
Criador, breeder of (horses, &;c.); trainer of dogs 
Criador, -a, adj. fruitful; fertile; fecund (soil) 
Criadora,/, inventress; who breeds, brings forth 
Criaduéla, sf. dimin. little servant-maid 

. give life; bring up; nurse 
Criar, breed; educate; instruct; establish; found 
Criar, commence and pursue any expedient 
Criar, rear, fatten fowls, and other animals 
Criar carnes, to grow fat and lustv 
Criar molleja, to grow lazy, idle, indolent 

Criatura, (ser una) to be yet an iufant 



Criba, «/. cribble; sieve; nddle; searce; bolter 

Cribar, va. 1. to sift; '""•»"?! .ff" ^'^e seaice 
Cribillo. $in. dimin. small cribble, sieve, searce 
c"bo"m cribble; sieve; riddle; bolter; searce 
Cridar, Tñ. 1. to call oat; shout; crv; exclaim 
Crimen, m. crime; sin; offence; guilt; great fault 
Crimen (sala de) »/. criminal tribunal 
Criminación, if. crimination; accusation 
íí"^l"J"""'/-;.riminal; guUty; faulty; not civil 
r ^.«»«;*iaiitv rriminal action 

Criminal, adj. cnmiuo., s»— j> :-—-'.■ 
Criminalídáá, ./. criminality; criminal 

Criminalista, sm. writer on criminal itii.. 

CnriSalménte, adv. in a guilty, criminal manner 
Criminar, va. 1. criminate; charge with a crime 
Criminoso, -a, adj. criminous; cnminal; faulty 
Criminoso -a, >mf. criminal; off''"»"' f?.'°"„,^ 
Crimno, jm. coarse flour (used to make fritters) 
Crin, sm. mane (of a horse) ; horse-hair 
Crinado, -ito, -a, adj. with long ha.r; hairy 
Crinito, (cometa) long;bearded comet 
Criollo, >m. Creole native of Amenca,Wcst hid.) 

Crisis, if. cnsis; decisive period; cnteriou 
Prisma »m chrism; holy oil (used in baptism) 
Crismad" l.W^perform' the rite of couhnnation 

Crisoberilo, sm. ííirysoberyl P«;;;°"^ ^'°°^^ 
Crisócola, »/. chrysocoUa; gold solder; borax 
cSsócomk, »«. goldilocks; chryspcoma (plant) 
Crisol sm. crucible (pot for melting metals) 
Crisolada, «/. crucible fall of metal 
Crisólito, sm. chrysolite <precious stone) 
CrísoDéí a »/ alchemy (hermetical philosophy) 
Criso^r1it¿, ,;«! ^een'^merald (Precious stom.) 
Crisoatúra. «/. spasmodic contraction ot ncr\e» 
Crs?a/ crest (ornament of a helmet lu herald.) 
Cristal >in crystal: best glass; lookintr-glass 
Crista IwaterTpoe .); «•'« shining woollen stuff 
CrisíK-Ul¿^íto,^m. dimin. line «ys»' 
Cristalino, -a, adj. crystalline; transparent 
Cri ali"ación, ,/ co.fgelation into crys als 
Cristalizar, va. 1. to «■7='»''"^^' =°"Í'^u 
Cristalizarse, v. re}., to shoot >»"> ^O'^'als 
Cristalom-afia, sf. science of crystallization 
Cristel?«*. clyster; injection (into the rectum) 
Cristianamente, adv. like » chmtian 
Cristianar, va. 1. to make christian; cnristeii 
Cristiandad, sf. Christianity; religion of ^ T it 

Cristianésco, -a, '«(i- J'.f'*.' '^.^^f "^',i*"= Z 
CristianiUo, -a. sm). dxmxn. little chr stian 
Cristianismo, sm. christian religion; baptism 
CrUtianizár va. \. to cliristianize; baptize 
Cristiano -a. a. christian; of the christian faith 
Cristiano; -a,',, christian; ^Jhrist's follower 
Cristiano, (á ley de) upon the word of a chnstiar 
Cristifero. -a, a. ful of the law and love of Chri»! 
Cristo, m. Christ; Messiah; A.'omted^ Redeeme, 

Cristas, (no saber el 2.) to be verj- ignorant 
ciutM ("star en el) to be in .the very- rudiments 
Cri u^á,7/. Ump's pan (for holding the oil) 
Crisuflo. im. kitchen, stable-lamp; cock of a hat 
Crisuléa j/ nitro-muriatic acid; aqua regia 
Critéro sm criteriun; distinguishing mark 

Crítica, sf. critical examination; censure 
Criticable, adj. censurable; deserving censure 
Criticador, sm. critic; censurer; cnticiser 
Criticar, va. 1. to criticise; censure; judge 
Criticastro, sm. animadverter; would-be tntic 
Critico, s<n. critic; criticiser; judge; censurer 
Crítico, -a, adj. critical; judicious; accurate 
Criticón, sm. animadverter; would-be critic 
Critiqueár, Critiquizar, va. to cc/^^í": .^°''J*,"^' 
Crizneia. sf. trace, rope made of twisted tmigs 
croa"u!'t,». 1. to ¿roa'k; make a hoarse low 
Crochel, sm. tower (part of a buildmg) 
Crocino, sm. unguent, oil of saffron 
Crocitar vii 1. to cackle; croak; crow; caw 
Crocodilo, sm. crocodile (amphibious animal) 
Cromático, -a, adj. chromatic; by semitones 
Crónica,/, chronicle; record; register of events 
Crónico, -a, adj. chronical; of long duration 
Cronicón, sm. chronicle; history of the times 
Cronista, sm. chronicler; recorder of events 
Cronourafia, sf. description of past events, tiraej> 
Cronógrafo, sm. expositor of the periods of tune 
Cronoiráma, sf. inscription dating an action 
Cronología, «/. science of computing past events 
Cronololicimente, adv. in a chronological order 
Cronológico, -a, adj. relating to time, past eveiiti 
Cronologista, Cronólogo, sm. computer of time 
Cronómltro, sm. instrument to measure time 
Crotorar, vn. 1. to cry like a crane, stork 
Croza, sf crosier (pastoral staff of bishops) 
Cruamente, Cruamientre, adv. in a cruel manner 
Crucccilla, -ita, sf. dimin. small cross 
Crucera,/, withers of a horse i^ovcA of the ii 
Cruceras, two large pins fixed in the axle-tr 
Criireria sf. eothic architecture 
Sacéro,'slfransept(ofachurch;) cross-bearer 
Crucero, piece of timber across the rafters 
Crucero, cross of a chase; cruising-station (na.; 
Cruces,/, preventer Icach-lines ot the top-sails 
Crucetas, »/. p/. cross-trees of the top-masts (na. ) 
Cruciáta, sf. cross-wort (plant) ^i^ "v,^ 

Cruciferario, sm. cross-bearer; '"1'° c?^" he 
Crucifero, m. cross-bearer; fnar of the holy cross 
Crucifero -a, adj. bearing the cross; cruciferous 
Cruciticádo, (el) sm. Jesus Christ; our Saviour 
Crucificado, -a, adj. crucified; "««'c" " *,'^'° „ 
Crucificadór, sm. crucifier; torturer; cruel maii 
Crucificar, va. 1. to crucify; najl to a cross: vex 
Crucifixion,»/, crucifixion; nailing to a cross 
Crucifixór, sm. crucifier; who nails to » cross 
Crucifixo, crucifix; image of Chnst on the cross 
ifórmc, adj. having the form a '-"-'= 


a?, naving luc lum, - v..«».. 
crucígero -a, «dj. bearing the sign of the cross 
Crucillo, sm. push-pin (child's play) 
Crudamente, adv. crudely; in a rude "»""«' 
Crudeza, sf. crudity; rudeness; vain boasting 
Crudezas, sf. plur. crudities; indigestions 
Crudio, -a, adj. raw; green; unripe; rude 
Crudo, s,«. paiking-cfoth; cloth to pack in goods 
Crudo -a, adj. raw: green; unripe; rude 
Crudo, crude; hard of digestion; not mature 
Crudo, (lienzo) sm. unbleached linen 
Crudo (tiempo) sm. raw, bleak weather 
Crudo, (punto) sm. critical moment, juncture 
Crudo (apunto) «dr. untimely; unseasonably 
Cruel, adj. cruel; inhuman; oppressive; violent 
Cruel, (un frio) sm. an intense cold 
Crueldad, sf. criielty; inhumanity; oppression 
Crueles, (dolores) sm. plur. severe P»'"^ 
Crueleza, Cruentidad. Crueza. /cruelty; outrage 
rnii-lniéiite ad cruelly; in a cruel manner 
C^entación. sf. bloodiness; effusion of blood 
Cruentaui. nte, adv. with cruel effusion of blood 
Cruentar, va. 1. to stain with blood; ensanguine 


Cruento, -a, adj. bloody; cruel; inliuman 
Crujía, sj. midship; gang«!iy; large open hall 
Crujía, passage from the choir tolhe high altar 
Crujía de piezas, fliglit of successive rooms 
Crujía, (pasar 1.) to run the gantlet; suffer mncl 
Crujido sin. cracli; sudden noise; crackling 
Crujir, vn. 3. to crack; break into chinks; split 
Crúo, -a, adj. cruel; inhuman; oppressive; violent 
" ' . gore; coagulated blood; cruor 

Crural, adj. crural; of the leg 

Crureo, »wi. muscle of the caff of the leg 

Crustáceo, -a, adj. crustaceous; with shells 

Crústico, -a, adj. beating; pulsatory; throbbing 
Crustóso, -a, inlj. crusty; covered with a crust 
Cruxia, sf. midsiiip gangway; large open liall 
Cruxido, sm. crack; sudden noise; crackling 
Cruxir, w. to crackle; rustle; make a sudden noise 

Cruz,/, cross; trov 

las bitas, c 

Cruz tomada con los ciíbles, t 
Cruz, (bracear en 1.) to square the yards 
Cruzada, sJ. crusade; tribunal of tlie crus 
Cruzada, cross-«ort; vallantia (plant) 
Cruzado, m. cruzado (Spanisli& Portugués 
Cruzado, crusader; knight of a military oi 


adj. t) 

e (n< 

Cruzarse v. ref. to be knighted; cross and trip 
Cuácaro, -a smf. quaker (sectarian^ [(naut.) 

Cuaderna, sf. fourth part of (anytliing) ; frame 
Cuaderna maestra .«/. midship-trame (naut.) 
Cuaderna del cuerpo pop>-s, stern-frame (naut.) 
Cuadernal, srn. block; pulley (naut.) 
Cuadernales de carenar; m. pi. carcening-gears 
Cuadernaléte,ím. short and double block (naut.) 
Cuadernario, -a, adj. quaternary; of four 
Cuadernas de la amura, /. pi. loof-frames (naut.) 
Cuadernas de henchimiento, fiUing-tlmbers 
Cuadernas reviradas, cant-timber (naut.) 
Cuadernas á escuadra, square timbers (naut.) 
Cuadernillo, m. 5 sheets of paper over each other 
Cuadernillo, s. few sheets of paper made in a book 
Cuadernillo, clerical directory for daily duty 
Cuaderno, m. parcel of paper stitched together 
Cuaderno.small memorandum-book; pack of cards 
Cuádra,hall; saloon; drawing-room; square; stable 
Cuadra, length of a street; quarter of a ship (naut.) 
Cuadra, (por la) adv. on the quarter (naut.) 
Cuadradamente, adv. exactly; completely 
Cuadrado, -a, arfj. of 4 equal sides; square; perfect 
Cuadrado, sm. square; gusset of a shirt-sleeve 
Cuadrado, quadrate; square of a letter; die; clock 
Cuadrado, (de) in front; opposite; face to face 
Cuadragenario, -a, adj. 40 years old; of 40 years 
Cuadragesimal, adj. quadragesimal; of Lent 
Cuadragésimo, -a, adj. fortieth; fourth tenth 
Cuadral, sm. timber crossing diagonally 2 others 
Cuadrangulár, udj. with four right angles 
Cuadrángulo, sm. surface with four right angles 
Cuadrantal, adj. in the fourth part of a circle 
Cuadrante, sm. quadrant; sun-dial-plate 
Cuadrante, 4th of an inheritance; smallest coin 
Cuadrante, (hasta el último) to the last farthing 
Cuadrar, va. to square; fit; adjust; accommodate 
Cuadrar, multiply a number by itself; quadrate 
Cuadratín, tn. piece of type-metal to fill up blanks 
Cuadratura,/, quadrature; reducing to a square 
Cuadratura, first and last quarter ot the moon 
Cuádrete, sm. dimin. small square 
Cuadricenal, adj. done every forty years 

11 CU.\ 

Cuadrícula,/, pentagraph (instr. to copy draw.) 
Cuadricular, va. 1. to copy with a pentagraph 
Cuadrienal, adj. comprising 4 years; quadrennial 
Cuadrienio, sm. time, space of four years 
Cuadrifórme, adj. having four faces, squares 
Cuadriga, sf. carriage drawn by four horses 
Cuadrir, sm. haunch-bone (in animals) 
Cuadrilátero, -a, adj. with 4 sides; quadrilateral 
(-'uadriliteral, adj. consisting of four letters 
Cuadrilla, sf. meeting of four or more persons 
Cuadrilla, gang; band of armed men after robbers 
Cuadrillero, sm. member of la Santa Hermandad 
Cuadrillero, commander of an armed band 
Cuadrillo, m. .small square; kind of Jloorish dart 
Cuadrilongo, m. oblong square; troops so formed 
Cuadrilongo, -a. adj. in the form of a long square 
Cuadrimestre, sm. space of four months 
Cuadrinomio, m. quantity consisting of 4 terms 
Cuadriple, adj. quadruple; fourfold 
Cuadriplicado, -a, ff. quadrupled; 4 times as much 
Cuadnsibibo, -a, adj. of four syllables (word) 
Cuadrivio, m. place where four paths, roads meet 
Cuadrivio, tiling feasible four different wavs 
Cuadrivista, m. one trving 4 ways to gain his end 
Cuadriyugo, sm. cart with four horses 
Cuadro, -a, adj. square; with 4 equal sides; perfect 
Cuádro,;«. square; painting; picture-frame; plateu 
Cuadrupedal, adj, four-footed; quadrupedal 
Cuadrupedante, c/.quadrupedant; going on 4 feet 



r. 1. t 

a thin 


lultiply by lour 
. , , ^ quadruple; 'fourfold 
Cu.adrúplo, (al) adv. in a fourfold p/oport 
Cuajada, sf. butter (food from the cream o 
Cujadillo, sm. sort of silk gauze with How 
Ciijádo, m. dish made of meat, herbs, fruits, sugar 
Cuajaleche, yellow goose-grass; cheese-runnet 
■), swi. coagulation; congelation 
•unnet; calf's maw used to curdle milk 
. . ) coagulate; curd; decorate too much 
Cuajar, to succeed; please; like; choose 
"-- arejo, sm. runnet; calfs maw to curdle milk 
; coagulated fluid; clot; gore 
fulate; curdle clot; concrete 

en 2.) to be too dull and patient 

r de 1.) to tear up by the roots 

1) sf. yellow goose-grass (plant) 

■- i; like; one; partly 

•uthorize; attest 
itever; whatsoever 

Cual, adj. which; such; 
Cualidad, sf. quality; iir 
Cualificar - - ' ■ ' 

Cuilque, „^, , 

Cualquier, \adj. any one; some c 

Cualquiera, J soever 

Cuamáno, -a, adj. how great; so big 

'' ''"■ '""" '~ ' — " - ily before nouns) 

Cuándo, n 

: (de : 

■n) a 


_ _ that; though 
from time to time 

st; how( 


Cuándo, (hasta) «rfi'.untilwhen; to the time that 
Cuándo acá, (de),!níprr. since when? what time? 
Cuándo, sm. determinate period of time 
Cuantía, sf. quantity; extent; number; rank 
Cuantía, (hombre de gran) sm. man of high rank 
Cuantiar, a. 1. to estimate the property (in pla.) 
Cuantidad, s/. quantity; extent; number; weight 

Cuantiosamente, adv. abundantly; in plenty 
Cuentióso, -a, ai/j. numerous; copious; abundant 
Cuantitativo, a, adj. estimable by quantity 
Cuánto, -a, adj. as many as; as much as; the more 
Cuánto? how much? Cuántos? how many? 



Cuánto, all; whatever; excessive; ^eat in some 
Cuánto V. d. quiera, as much as /""j.'*^ ;,["'''? 
Cuánto, adv. in regard to; respectme; whüst 
Cuánto antes, adv. as soon as possible 
Cuánto mas, adv. moreover; the «no" as 

Cuánto, (por) adv. in as much as 
Cuarango; sm. Peruvian bark-tree (vulgar) 
Cuarenta ad), forty; four times ten ,, ,. . 

Cuarentena, Lent; suspension o' "^si-fj' °"[ . 
Cuarentena, quarantine; space «f * '^^y? ^"?'"-{ 
Cuarentena, (hacer) to perform quarantine (ua.) 
Cuarentón, -a, smj. person fo'ty years om 
Cuaresma, V- Lent; coUection ot Lent-sermons 
Cuaresmal, adj. of Lent; 1»'"'i«S"""*' ^^t 
Cuaresmar, vn. 1. to keep Lent; ^^t "« ™f ^' 
Cuarta sf fourth; quadrant; quarter (naut.) 
cSfrta, sequence o] four cards (at piquet, game) 
Cuartas, ij.plur. body-mules of a carnage 
Cuartago, i'm. nag; pony; small lior^e 
rnartaJuillo «»i. dlmin. small nag, pony 
Cuartlfsm bread weighing one fourth of a loaf 
Cuartal! quarter (measure, quarter of a ^"shel) 
Cuartaííie'nte, adl fourthly; in 'l-ej^urth place 
Cuartana, s/. quartan-ague (fever e"/"? «haay) 
Cuartandi,i<y. returning on every fourth day 
Cuartanario, -a, adj. affected with a q""'*'?-^^^ 
Cuartár, a. 1. to plough the ground * '°yth .me 
Cuartazo, tm. augm. large room; large 'l'!^^'^'' 
Cuartazos, tm.plti.r. coarse, corpuleut person 
Cuartear, a. 1. to quarter; d>v>de'nto four parts 
Cuartear, to bid a fourth more (at P"Wic "Ic^) 
Cuartear to make a fourth person at a game 
Tnartí-ár^p V tef to Split into pieces 
Cuartal sw quarter; ward; soldiers' lodging 

Cuartelero, m. soldier who keeps the room clean 
Cuarte oía If. quatter-cask of liquors, fluids 
Cuartera/ dry measure of about 15 pks (in Cat ) 
Cuartéro -a. ¿dj. collecting »»•« ^^^ "^ ¿^l^d 
cuarterón, upper part of ^"f ?„\^,** °P^"' ¿oo 
cuarterones, w. pi. squares of wainscot in a doo 
cuarteta,/, quartraiii (4 hues rhym ng by turns; 
cuartee -éto. «m. quatrain (stanza); quartetto 
Cuai 11a, /.sixteenth part of a quintal; pastern 
grrillia fourth part of a sheet of paper 
cuartillo, m. pint; fourth P^rt of a peck, of a real 
Cuartillo, (ir de 3.) to share t^e .profits or losses 
cuartillos, (tumba) tippler; sottish drunkard 
Cuartillúdo, -a, adj. with ong pasterns (horse) 
Cu - -■ '■ —"-"■■■" 

Cuarzoso, -a, arf/. containing, resembling quartz 
Cuáíi udv almost- nearly; in such a manner; as 
Cuasimodo, .«.Low Sunday; Sunday after Easter 
Cuaternario, -a, adj. of the "«'"ber 4; quaternary 
Cuaternidad, if. quaternair.; union oHour unit». 
Cuaternión, m. union of 4 ttings, sheets ('"?""») 
Cuatórce, fourteen (cardinal number of 10 & 4) 
Cuatralbo, -a, adj. with four white feet (horse) 
Cuatralbo, sm. commander of four galleys 
Cuatratuo -a, a. sprung from a Creole & bpam«d 
Cuatrero, m. stealer of horses, sheep, »"<» eattle 
Cuatridial, -ano, Cuatriduíno, -a, adj. of 4 days 
Cuatrienio, sm. time and space of four years . 

Cuatrillo, m. quadrille (game at cards) : faf f"^» 
Cuatrín, >«. small coin (formerly ■" Spa'"'! eash 
Cuatrinca, sf. union of 4 persons, things; 4 cards | 
Cuatrisílabo, -a, adj. of four syllables (word) 
Cuatro, -a, adj. four; twice two; fourth 
Cuatro, sm. figure 4; card with four marks 
Cuatro voter for 4 absent persons; quartetto 
Cuatro! (mas de) great number of people 
Cuatrocientos, -as, adj. plur. four hundred 
Cuatrodial, adj. of four days' duration 
Cuatrodoblar,-!». 1. to quadruple; make fourfold 
Cuatropea, tf tax on horses (sold at market) 
Cuatropeado, sm. step in dancing 
Cuatropear, vn. 1. to run on all fours 
Cuatrotánto, sm. fine 4 times the traua s amount 
Cuba, i/.vrine, oil-cask; toper; cowl; coop; tub 
Cubáza, sf. augm. large pipe; hogshead 
-• ' •-- jirt. blow from a pipe, hogshead 

sf. cubeb (small dried fruit like pepper) 
Cubero; im. cooper; who makes barrels, casks 
Cub:nlraV^ovi'7ov';riLl"sfrttii; pre'.^ 
Cubéía, »/.' small cask, barref; bf >'«'•• 'Oop 
Cubeta dbnde se come, sf. mess-bucket (naut.) 
Cubeta para alquitrán, sf. tar-bucket (naut.) 
Cubetilla, sf. dimin. small bucket 
Cubeto, sm. small barrel, cask t,-^„ii_ 

Cúbicamente, ad. in a cubical manner; cuo'cany 
Cubichete, ,n. water-boards; weather-boards . , ) 
Cúbico, -a, adj. cubic; cubical forvuLil liKc .i cuue 
Cubiculario, sm. groom of the bed-cLamuer 
Cubierta, sf. covering; pretence; deck tn»"'-^ 
Cubierta principal, / lower deck; gun-detk (ua.) 
Cubierta, (segunda) sf. middle deck (naut.) 
Cubierta, (tercera) sf. upper deck (naut.) 
Cubierta cortada, 'cover of a letter; open deck 
Cubiertamente, adv. privately; secretly 
Cubierto, sm. cover (at tab e); roof; shelter 
Cubierto, allowance of a billeted soldier 
Cubierto! (ponerse á) to be screened from danger 
Cubijadera, sf. procuress; ff"""S woman; ba« a 
Cubilar va 1 to cover; shelter; overspreaa 
Cubil, s'm. lair; couch (of wild beasts) , _ 
Cubilar, 1. 1. to take shelter in the night (sheep) 
Cubilete, sm. copper-pan; tumbler; ih.p-box 

^ ^ _,.¡. fourth part; '¡"^ "'|!" 

Cuarto, copper coin wori! I - ^^ 

Cuarto, crack in horses i¡ 

Cuarto bajo, sm. room on 

Cuarto principal, sm. first- . ^^^^^^-^^^^ ^^^^„^^ 

^ülrto! teoTjl "un) noTt^ ''^^'""ife manné? 
Cuarto á cuarto, ad. in a mean miserable manner 
Puerto (de tres al) adv. of little moment 

Cufr o 'r-qttTnd of metallic stone) 
Cuáno citrino, >m. occidental topaz (gen.) 

cubiletero, sm. paste-mould; large mug, c-r 
Cubilla,/ Spanish fly; canthary (for blisters) 
Cubillo, «». small bucket; blister-beetle 
Cubillo, small box near the stage 
Cubillos, sm. plur. ladles (of a miU-wheel) 
Cub IT «dj. "f a cubifs length; 18 inches long 
Cubito, ««: small bucket; cubit; ulna (anat.) 
Cubo sm. cube; wooden pail; mill-pool 
Cubrépán, m. fire-shovel (used by pastry-cooks) 
Cubriente, adj. covering; sheltering; hiding 
Cubril, «.«. lair; couch (of wild beasts) 
Cubrir, a. 3. to cover; face; screen; hide; roof 
Cubrir la mesa, to lay the cloth, the table 
Cubi Í a cuénía, to balance, settle an account 
Cubrirse ref. to take measures to prevent losses 
Cubrirse! to put ou one's hat; be protected, sale 

: [snuflF 

cue 1 

Cuca! íqne cosa tan) what a pretty like thing! 
Cuca,/ kind of fruit; Pcruviau plant; caterpillai 
Cuca y matacán, sort of game at cards 
Cuca, (mála]s/. wicked person 
Cuca de aquí, prov. eap. begone; away with you 
Cucaña, s/. public amusement (in Italy) 
Cucaña, acquisition at other people's expense 
Cucañero, sm. parasite; sycophant; flatte-— 
Cucar, va. 1. to mock; ridicule; tantalize 
Cucaracha, sf. wood-louse; beetle; lighl 
Cucaracha martin, (nickname for) a brown wuiuau 
Cucarachera, it/, luck; cfood fortune-, windfall 
Cucarachera, (hallarse buena, ref.) to be lucky 
Cucarda, sf. dispute ending with blows; cockade 
Cucárro, m. nickname of a boy dressed like a friar 
Cucárros, sm. plur. harpings (naut.) 
Cuchar, sm. tax on grain; spoon; corn-measure 
Cuchara, sf. spoon; iron-ladle (to take out water) 
Cuchara para brea, sf. pitch-ladle (naut.) 
Cuchara de cañón, sf. gunner's ladle 
Cucharada, sf. spoonful; ladleful 
Cucharál, sm. bag for spoons (among shepherds) 
Cucharas, sf. plur. ladle-boards of a water-wheel 
Cucharázo, sm. stroke, blow with a spoon, ladle 
Cucharero, sm. maker, seller of spoons, wooden 
Cuchareta, sf. dimin. small spoon [spoons 

Cucharetear, va. 1. to stir with a spoon 
Cucharetear, to meddle with people's affairs 
Cucharetero, sm. maker, seller of wooden spoons 
Cucharetero, board with list to hold spoons 
Cucharica, -ilia, -ita, sf. dimin. small spoon 
Cucharón, sm. kitchen-ladle; table soup-spoon 
Cuchárros, sm. plur. harpings (naut.) 
Cuchárros, (tablones de) serving-planks (naut.) 
Cucheár, ran. 1. to whisper; speak with a low voice 
Cuchichear, 7'nn. 1. to whisper; speak into the ear 
Cuchicheo, sm. whisper; cock-partridge's call 
Cuchichero, -a, smf. whisperer; who speaks low 
Cuchichiar, vn. 1. to call (partridge); whisper 
Cuchilla, sf. large kitchen-knife; chopping-knife 
Cuchilla, ancient poniard; bookbinder's knife 
Cuchilla, (gente de) /. (nickname) the military 
Cuchillada, sf. cut, slash with a knife, &c.; gash 
Cuchillada de cien reales, sf. large cut, wound 
Cuchilladas, pi. wrangles; quarrels; cut in cloth 
Cuchilladica, -ilia, -ita, sf. dimin. smaU cut, gash 
Cuchillar, adj. of, belonging to a knife 
Cuchillazo, sm. augnt. large knife 
Cuchilleja, sf. dimin. small, little knife 
CuchiUejo, m. dim. small knife; cockle-weed (pla.) 
Cuchillería, sf. cutler's shop; street of cutlers 
Cuchillero, sm. cutler; maker, seller of knives 
Cuchillico, -ito, sm. dimin. small knife 
Cuchillo, sm. knife; goar; ground not tillable 
Cuchillo de monte, sm. hunter's cutlass 
Cuchillo, (pasar á 1.) to put to the sword, kill 
Cuchillo, (tener horca y) to be one's lord & judge 
Cuchillo de (ser) to torment, vex continually 
Cuchillón, sm. uugm. large knife 
Cuchillos, 6 chief feathers in a hawk's wing 
Cuchillos de una vela, gorings of a sail (naut.) 
Cuchitril, sm. narrow hole, corner; small room 
Cuchuchear, van. 1. to whisper; carry tales; blab 
Cuchufleta, s/. joke; pleasantry; jest; fun 
Cucióso, -a, adj. diligent; careful; anxious; nice 

.-shell; tippler; cuckoo 

3 CUE 

Cucúfa,/. cap lined with eephalics; wild fowl 
Cuculla,/, cowl (formerly worn by men & women 
Cucúrbita, sf. cucurbite (chymical vessel) 
Cucurbitáceo, -a, adj. like a gourd, porapion 
Cucurucho, sin. paper-case made like a cone 
Cudiciár, a. 1. to covet; long for; desire eagerly 
Cudria, sf. flat-woven bass-rope 
Cuebano, sm. basket (to carrv grapes to the press) 
Cueila, sf. care; grief; trouble; earnest desire 
Cuelga,/, cluster of grapes, fruit, hung up for use 
Cuelga, birth-dav's present, kind remembrance 
CuelüdegoUádo,' -a, adj. with one's neck bare 
Cuellierguido, -a, ad¡. síitf-necked; very proud 
Cuello, sm. neck; collar; neck-band; neck-cloth 
Cuello, small end of a wax-candle; instep 
Cuello, (levantar el 1.) to be in prosperity 
Cuelmo, candle-wood (piece of pine, &c.); brand 
Cuembas, sf. sort of Indian silk-stuff 
Cuerno, adv. how; in «hat manner; as; if; like; why 
Cuenca, sf. wooden bowl; socket of the eye 

, icated affair, b 
int; overseer; head of gj'psies 
tin. small bowl 

Ida, (madeja si 
Cuénde, sm. earl: c 

Cuenta, or Caí 
Cuenta, (dar 1 
Cuenta de algí 
Cuenta, (tener ü.j 
Cuenta, (tomar poi 

.; proportion 
in reed (plant) 

(dar) t( 

Cuenta, (á 

te, destroy (things) 

take upon one's self 
!). on account; in part of payment 
,) adv. at that rate 

ibar, sf.plur. amber-beads 

Cuentas alegres, (hacer 2 ) to foster vain hopes 
Cuentas, (pasar l.í to pray without devotion 
Cuentas, (tribunal de) sm. exchequer (coiirt) 
Cuentas, (en resumidas) «í/d. in short; at last 
Cuentecica, -ilia, -ita, sf. dimin. small account 
Cuentecico, -illo, -Ito, m. dim. little tale, story 
Cuentero, -a, í.&n. tale-bearer; misrepresenting 
Cuentezuela, sf. dimin. small bead 
Cuentista, s;n. tale-bearer; informer; makebate 
Cuento, m. million; variance; prop; children's tale 
Cuento, misreport; accompt; number; detail 
Cuento, joint of the wing; but-end of a spear, &c. 
Cuento de horno, vulgar conversation; tales 
Cuento de viejas, old women's stories; idle story 
Cuento de Cuentos; account not easy to explain 
Cuento, (á) adv. to the purpose; opportunely 
Cuentos, (andar en 1.) to fall to loggerheads 
Cuentos, (dejarse de ref. 1.) to come to the point 
Cuer, m. heart; spirit; will; affection; pith; centre 
Cuera, sf. leather jacket (of old times) 
Cuerda, sf. cord; rope; chord; chain (of a watch) 
Cuerda, match (to fire a gun) ; fishing-line 
Cuerda, (aflojar la 1.) to temper the law 
Cuerda, (apretar la 1.) to treat with severity 
Cuerda, (pordebájú de) ad. underhand; privately 
Cuerdamente, adv. prudently; judiciously 
Cuerdecica, -iila,-ita, Cuerdezuela, /. small cord 
Cuerdecito, -a, rfiwi. somewhat prudent; not mad 
Cuerdo, -a, ad), prudent; judicious; sensible 
Cuerecico, -itb, sm. dimin. smnll thin hide, skin 
Cuerezuélo,i);í. dim. small thin hide; sucking-pig 
Cuerna, horn-vessel; stag's, &c. horn; bugle-horn 
C'uernecíco,-íllo,-íto,n¡. di;». small horn; cornicle 
mall horn; farrier's paring-knife 

>; feeler; side; 

Cuerno, (obra á) */. horn-w _ , 

Cuerno de abundancia, horn of plenty [shell 

Cuerno de anion, Cornuanimonis; ram's horn like 

CUE 1: 

Cuernos, (poner los) to bestow horns; cornute 
Cuero, <»i. skin, hide (of aiiiin.); leather; toper 
Cuero, (estirar el 1.) to make the most of (thing) 
Cuero csteriór, cuticle; cuero interior. Skin 
Cuero, y carne, (entre) «dd. between skin & flesh 
Cueros, hangings of gilded, painted leather 
Cueros, Cueros vivos, (en) adv. stark-naked 
Cuerpecico, -illo, -ito, dim, small body, carcass 
Cuerpo, »m. body; being; corpse; mass; collection 
Cuerpo, guild; floor (in a building); size; volume 
Cuerpo, (vino de mucho) strong-bodied wine 
Cuerpo de ejército, ¡m. main body of an army 
Cuerpo de reserva, »m. corps of reserve 
Cuerpo del cabrestante, sin. barrel of a capstern 
Cuerpo de guardia, sm. guard-room 
Cuerpo de rey, (tratar como) to feast like a king 

Cuerpo, (f"'"á- 1 1 •" inr— <..« = . o..lo».ro 

Cuerpo descubierto, (á) without shelter, 
Cuerpo de camisa, (en) half-dressed ; in one s sniri 
Cuerpo, (con el rey en el) in a despotic manner 
Cuerpo y en alma, (en) adv. totally; wholly 
Cuerva, »/. crow (bird that feeds on carrion) 
Cuervecico, -illo, -ito, sm. dim. little rook (bird) 
Cuervo, sm. raven; crow; southern constellation 
Cuervo marino, sm. cormorant (bird'of prev) 
Cuervo, (venir el 3.) to receive repeated relief 
Cuesa, sf. measure of grain 
Cuesco, kernel; mill-stone (of oil-mill; back-wind 
Cucsquillo, sm. dim. small kernel, stone of fruit 
Cuesta, s/. hill; rising ground; guest; charity 
Cuesta abá^o,arriba,(ir3.)togo down hill, up hill 
Cuesta arriba, adv. with great diHicuIty, pain 
Cuesta, (al pie de la) at the beginning of 
Cuestas (á) on one's shoulders, back; to one's care 
Cuestecica, -ilia, -ita, Cuestezuela, sf. hillock 
Cuestéro, sm. one who collects alms, charity 
Cuestión */. question; inquiry; debate; problem 
Cuestión de tormento, torture (of criminals) 

Cuestionario, sm. collection of questions (book) 
Cuestor, sm. questor (Roman treasurer); beggar 
Cuestório, -a, adj. lucrative; gainful; profitable 
Cuestóso, -a, adj. lucrative; productive of profit 
Cuestura, sf. questorship; office of questor 
Cuetárse, v. ref. 1. to afflict one's self; lament 
Cuetzále, sm. large Indian bird 

Cugujada, sf. skv-Iark; field-lark (bird) 
Cugulla,}/, cowl (monk's hood); habit of amonk 
Cuida, /. young lady taking care of a younger one 
Cuidadico, -illo, -ito, sm. dim. little care, regard 
Cuidado,»/!, care; attention; fear; charge; distress 
Cuidado, (estar de) to be in great danger, very ill 
Cuidador, sm. person very careful, thoughtful 
Cuidadosamente, ndv. carefully; cautiously 
Cuidadó.so, -a, adj. careful; anxious; mindful 
Cuidar, í/a.l. to care; look after; mind; heed; think 
Cuidoso, -a, adj. careful; anxious; thoughtful 
Cuita, sf. ^ief; care; trouble; earnest desire 
Cuitadamente, adv. anxiously; fearfully 
Cuitadez, sf. propensity to mourn, be sorrowful 
Cuitadico, -illo, -ito, -a, adj. dim. timid; uneasy 
<;iiitami'.'Uto, sm. timidity; want of courage 
Cuitar, a. 1. to incommode; give trouble; utilict 

t CUL 

Cuitas, (contar sus I.) to tell one's troubles 
Cuitoso, -a, adj. earnest; pressing; verv urgent 
Cuja, sf. leather-case; head of a bed; thigh 
Cujára, sf. spoon; iron ladle; pitch-ladle (naut.) 
Cujárda, sf. French daisy; coronilla (plant) 
Culada, sf. stroke with, fall on the back-side 
Culadas, sf. pi. shocks and rollings of (aship) 
Culantrillo de pozo, sin. maiden's liaír (plant) 
Culantro, sm. coriander (plant); hot seed 
Culata, sf. breech of a gun; but-end; screw-pin 
Culata, (dar de 1.) to recoil; rush; fall back 
Culatazo, sm. recoil (of a gun, musket) 
Culazo, iin. angm. large back-side, breech 
Culcusido, sm. botch-work; clumsy mending 
Cult-bra,/, snake (oviparous aiii.) joke; whipping 
Culebra, sagacious cunning woman 
Culebras (saber mas que las) to be very crafty 
Culebrazo, in. whipping of new prisoners by old 
Culebrear, vn. to move along like a snake; c— ■ '- 
Culebrica, -ilia, ita, sf. dimin. little sp-''» 


Culebro, sm. male snake (cr 
Culebrón, sm. aiig-m. large snake; double dealer 
Culera, sf. stain of urine in swaddling clothes 
Culero, in. clout (for children); disease in birds 
Culero, -a, «rfj. idle; lazy; indolent; slothful 
Culito, SMI. dim. small breech, backside 
Cullidor, sin. receiver; collector; gatherer 
Culmifero, -a, adj. with a smooth jointed stalk 
Culminación, sf. transit through the meridian 
Culminar, vn. 1. to be in the meridian; culminate 
Culo, stu. breech; lowest part; bottom; socket 
Ciilo de mona, sm. very ugly ridiculous thing 
Culo de pollo, rough il'1-meuded part in clothes 
Culón, jirt. augm. large breech; retired soldier 
Culpa, sf. fault; offence; slight crime; defect 
Culpabilidad, sf. culpability; blameableness 
Culpable, adj. culpable; guilty; blameable; faulty 
Culpablemente, ad. in a culpable, guilty manner 

Culpadamente, ad. in a culpable, guilty manner 
Culpado, -a, Í. & a. who has committed a fault 
Culpar, va. 1. to accuse; blame; censure; cry down 
Cultamente, adv. neatly; in a polite manner 
Cultedad,/, affected elegance & purity of style 
Culteranismo, sm. sect of purists (in words, &c.) 
Culterano, -a,smf. purist (affected in words, &c.) 
Culterano, -a, a. of an affected elegance of style 
Cultería, sf. affected elegance, purity of style 
Cultero, sm. purist with affectation ' 
Cultiello, sm. knife; goar; ground not tillable 
Cultiparlar, 1. to spea^ with affected elegance 
Cultiparlista, adj. speaking with affectation 
Cultipicaño, -a, 'adj. speaking affectedly; jeering 
Cultivable, adj. cultivable; improvable 
Cultivación,/, cultivation; improvement; culture 
Cultivador, in. husbandman; tiller; kind of plough 
Cultivar, a. 1. to cultivate; till; improve; keep up 
Cultivar á, to cultivate the friendship of 
Cultivo, sm. cultivation; improvement; culture 
Culto, -a, adj. pure; affectedly elegant; polished 
Culto, adv. neatly; in a polite, elegant manner 
Culto, respect (to a person); worship; adoration 
Culto de latria, sin. adoration to God alone 
Culto de dulia, sin. worship to angels & saints 
Culto de hiperdulía, worship of the Virgin Mary 
Culto divino, sin. public worship in churches 
(;últo estprno, sin. processions; sacrifices, &c. 
Culto indebido, unaue worship by false miracles 
Culto sagrado, sin. worship to God & to the saints 
Culto supersticioso, sm. improper worship 
Cultor, sm. husbandman; tiller; worshipper 
Ciiltio, sm. plough (instrument of husbandry) 

cuL n 

Cultura,/, culture; improvemcat; elegance 
Culturar, va. 1. to cultivate; improve; keep up 
Cum? adw. how? in what maimer ? why? as; if 
Cúmba, </. curvature; bend (of timber); convex 
Cúmbe, sm. dance and tune among the negroes 
Cumbleza, /. concubine (kept unmarried woman) 
Cumbre, Cumbrera, sf. summit; top; apex 
Cúmo, adv. how? in what manner? wliy? as; if 
Cumpleáúos, m. birth-day (on which one was born) 
Cumplidamente, adv. completely; immediately 
Cumplidamiente, -entre, adi>. completely 
Cumplidero, «a, a. to be fulfilled; fit; convenient 
Cumplido, -a, a. large; plentiful; gifted; polished 
Cumplida, (una casaca) sf. a full coat 
Cumplida, (una comida, sf. a plentiful dinner 
Cumplido, sm. compliment; congratulation 
Cumplidor, sm. who executes a commission, trust 
Cumplimentar, a. 1. to compliment; congratulate 
Cumplimentero, -a, adj. full of compliments 
Cumplimiento,»/!, complimenting; completion 
Cumplir, a. 3. to execute; provide; humour; acquit 
Cumplir años, to reach one's birth-day 
Cumplir por otro, to do in the name of another 
Cumplir, vn. to be fit, convenient, surticient 
Cumulador, sm. accumulator; recorder of a court 
Cumular, a. 1. to accumulate; heap together; pile 
Cumulativamente, adv. in heaps; in piles 
Cumulativo, -a, adj. cumulative; hoarding up 
Cúmulo, sm. heap; pile; throng of business 
Cumunalménte, adv. in common, without division 
Cuna,/, cradle; foundling hospital; native soil 
Cuna, lineage; origin; beginning; cradle (naut.) 
Cundido, silt, shepherd's provision of oil, vinegar 
Cundido, honey; cheese given to boys with bread 
Cundir, ya. 3. to occupy; fill; propagate; increase 
Cundir, wn. to spread; yield abundantly; grow 
Cuneiforme, adj. having the form of a wedge 
Cúneo, m. space between thepassages in theatres 
Cúneo, triangular formation of troops 
Cunera,/, rocker (of the cradle of the infantas) 
Cunero, -a, smf. foundling (deserted infant) 
Cuneta, sf. small trench (to drain off the water) 
<;unica, -ilia, -ita, sf. dimin. small cradle 
Cuña, /.wed^e (sharp-edged tool to cleave wood) 
CúñEis de mango, sf.plur. horsing-irons (nant.) 
Cuñas de los masteleros, fids of the top-masts 
Cuñas de las vasádas, blocks of a ship's cradle 
Cuñas de puntería, sf. plur. gun-quoins (artil.) 
Cuñas de rajar, sf. plur. splitting wedges 
Cuñadád|;o, sm. relationship by affinity 
Cuñadería, sf. kin by being god-father to a child 
-Cuñadla, >f. Cuñadlo, m. kindred by affinity 
Cuñadica, -illa, -ita, sf. dimin. little sister-in-law 
<:uñadico, -íllo, -Ito, dimin. little brother-in-law 
Cuñado, -a, smf. brother-in-law, sister-in-law 
<;uñál,a<í;.coined; fastened with wedges; hoarded 
Cuñar, va. 1. to coin; mint; wedge; hoard up 
Cuñete, sm. keg; small barrel; firkin 
Cuño, sm. die (for coining) ; mark put on silver 
Cuño, triangular formation of troops; stamp 
Cuomo, adv. how? in what manner? why? as; if 
Cupé, sm. landau (4-wheeled carriage); coopee 
Cupido, m. bit of steel out of the eye of a needle 
Cupitel, (tirar de 1.) to throw a bow archways 
Cupresino, -a, a. cyprine; made of cypress-wood 
Cúpula, sf. cupola; dome; hemispherical roof 
Cupulino, sm. small cupola reused on another 
Cuquillero, sm. baker's boy 
Cuquillo, sm. cuckoo-bird; vine-fretter (insect) 
Cura, sf. cure; healing; guardianship; parsonage 
Cura, m. rector; parson; parish-priest; incumbent 
Cora, (los derechos de) m. pi. dues, fees of a rector 
Curable, adj. curable; healable; remediable 
Curación, 'f. cure; healing; act, effect of curing 


Curddgo, m. curacy; rectory; benefice of a parish 
Curadfllo, sm. cod-fish; ling (sea-fish) 
Curado, -a, adj. of a parson; rector; rectorial 
Curado, (beneficio) sm. cure of souls [healed 
Curado, -a, adj. Si pp. cured; restored to nealth; 
Curador, sm. overseer; guardian; healer; curator 
Curador de lienzo, sm. bleacher of linen-cloth 
Curador de bacallao, sm. cod-salter; liiig-curer 
Curador ad bona, sm. curator of a minor's estate 
Curadora, sf. female guardian; protectress 
cIT'd^r'}*-^- ^«ardiansbip; office of a guardian 



.physic (given to a hawk to purgf 

I, í7n. quack; mountebank; raedi _ _ 

Curar, va. 1. to cure; restore to health; bleach 
Curar, to prescribe a regimen; season timber 
Curar, vn. to recover from sickness; grow well 
Curarse, en salud, ref. to guard against any evil 
Cúratela,/, guardianship; office of a guar 
Curativo, -a, adj. curative; healing; sana 
Curato, SMI. rectory; parish (of a rector, parson) 
Curato anejo, m. small parish joined to another 
Curazgo, sm. rectory; parish (of a rector, parson) 
Curcuma,/, turmeric (Indian root dyeingyellow) 
Cureña, sf. gun-carriage; stay of a cross-bow 
Cureña, skin, bag filled with cocoa-nuts 
Cureña rasa, (á) adv. without shelter, defence 
Cureña rasa (á) vrithout a parapet, breast-work 
Cureña rasa, (tirar á 1.) to fire at random 
Curesca, sf. wool (sheared off by a clothier) 
Curia, rf'. ecclesiastical court; care and skill 
Curial, adj. of an ecclesiastical court; expert 
Curial, sm. under officer in the courts of justice 
Curial, voter in the ancient Spanish Cortes 
Curialidad, sf. politeness; civility; kindness 
Curiana, sf. kind of black fly (winged insect) 
Curianas, sf. plur. chips (cut off from wood) 
Curiar, va. 1. to guard; care; look after; mind 
Curiosamente, adv. curiously; neatly; diligently 
Curiosidad, sf. curiosity; neatness; rarity 
Curioso, -a, adj. curious; neat; handsome; careful 
Curo, sm. small vessel (used on the Garonne, 
Curro, sin. familiar proper n 

Curruca, s/. Ur ■ " = 

CurrJtáca,/.w ^ , 

Currutaco, m. beau; fop; coxcomb; man fond of 
Currutaco, -a, adj. affectedly nice in dress [dress 
Cursado, -a, adj. accustomed; habituated; inured 
Cursante, adj. frequenting; attending lectures 
Cursar, va. 1. to frequent; attend universities 
Cursario, »»«. pirate; corsair; sea-robber 
Cursillo, sin. short run, walk, course of lectures 
Cursivo, -a,, of Italic characters (in print.) 
Curso, sm. course; series; laxity; cruise; career 
Curso de la corriente, sm. current's way (naut.) 
Curso de la marea, sin. tide's way (naut.) 
Cursor, «.courier; messenger of a court of justice 
Curtación, sf. distance of a star from the ecliptic 
Curtido, -a, adj. accustomed; expert; dexterous 
Curtidor, sm. tanner; leather-dresser; currier 
Curtidos, sm. plur. tanned leather 
Curtidúra, sf. art, trade of tanning leather 
Curtiduría,/, tan-yard (place for tanning hides) 
Curtimiento, S7n. tanning; preparing leather 
Curtir, va. 3. to tan leather; imbrown; harden 
Curto, -a, short; Caballo curto, short-tailed horse 
Curuca, Curuja, sf. eagle-owl (night-bird) 
Curuéña, sf. gun-carriage; stay of a cross-bow 
Curúl, adj. curule; of a chariot; senatorial 
Curva, /. curve line; knee (timber like a knee. 
Curva quadrdda, sf. square knee (naut.) [naut.) 
Curva capuchina, sf. standard of the cut water 
Curva coral, sf. knee of the stern-post (naut.) 
Curvas á la valona, sf. plur. lodging knees (na.) 



Curvatón, im. little knee, small kr 
Curvatura, Curvidad, */. curvature; bent form 
Curvilíneo, -a, adj. forming a crooked line 
Curvo, -a, iidj. curved; crooked; bent; inflected 
Cuscuta Europea, >/. dodder (winding-weed) 
Cusir, ra. 3. to sew, stitch clumsily; botch 
Cúspide, j/. point; sharp end (of any thing) 
Custodia, »/. custody; keep; guard; tabernacle 
Custodiar, va. 1. to keep; guard; lay up, by 
Custodio, sm. guard; keeper; watchman 
Cutáneo, -a, adj. of the skin; cutaneous 
Cute, J/, skin (covering of the flesh) 
Cúter, im. cutter (fast-sailing vessel) 
Cutiano, -a, adj. quotidian; daily; every day 
Cutícula, sf. cuticle (outermost covering-) 
Cuticular, adj. of the skin; cuticular; cutaneous 
Cutidero, sm. blow; shock; concussion; conflict 
Cutio,>in. labour; work; Trabajo cutio, short work 
Cutir, vil. 3. to knock; strike against; oppose 
Cutis,/, skin (covering of the flesh) ; hide; rind 
Cuto, sm. hanger; short broad-sword; sabre 
Cutre, sm. pitiful, miserable fellow; low man 
Cuyo, -a, jjron. ret. of whom, which; whose 
Cuyo, sm. gallant; lover; wooer; sweet-heart 
Cuz, Cuz, sm. word used for calling doga 
Czar, sm. czar (emperor of Russia) 
Czarina, »/. czarina (empress of Russia) 

D, contraction for Don, Doña, Doctor, D, 500 
Dable, adj. easy; possible; feasible; grautable 
Dabóvis, sf. sort of cotton stufif 
Daca, ado, this side; on, from this side here 
Daca, 2. pers. imp. of dar. & acá, contr. give hen 
Daca, Dá acá.Dame acá, give me here 

s pajas, prov. e 
-Í. impost; (cv 

n (to be paid) ; 

a flash 

--, ,.,, „ & 2 short syll.) 

Dáctilo, kind of shell (crustaceous substance) 
Dactilología, sf. conversing by the fingers 
Dactilolómia, sf. numbering on the fingers 
Dada, .if. possession (of a thing given, delivered) 
Dadpro,-a,«i// that should be given, is to be given 
Dadillo, sm. dimin. small die (cube to play with) 
Dádiva, sf. gift; present; keepsake; donation 
Dadivado, -a, a. bribed; suborned; gained by gifts 
Dadivosamente, adv. bountifully; liberally 
Dadivosidad, sf. liberality; munificence; bounty 
Dadivoso, -a, adj. liberal; munificent; bountiful 
Dado, sm. die;/»/, dice, (small cube to play with^ 
Dado falso, sm. cogged, false dice (to cheat with) 
Dado dc la roldana, coak of a sheave (naut.) 
Dado, (á una vuelta de) adv. at the cast of a die 
Dados, sm.plur. case, grape shot (for large guns) 
Dador, -a, smf. giver; drawer of a bill of exc. 
Daga, sf. dagger; poniard; stove of a brick-kiln 
Dagon, im. au^m. large dagger, poniard 
Daguilla, >f. dtmin. small cogger, poniard 
Daifa, sf. kept mistress; concubine 

Dala, sf. pump-dale (of a 

Dale, interj. hold! (word of displc: 


Daipún, -a, pron. & adj. some person, one, thing 
Dali, for (de allí) adv. from this place, this cause 
Dalla, for (de allá) adv. thence; from that place 
Dallador, im. mower; grass-cutter with a scythe 
Dallar, va. 1. to mow; cut grass with a scythe 
Dalle, sm. scythe (instrum. for mowing grass) 
Dallen, for (de allende,) ad. from the otherside 
Dnlmática, sf. tunic; vestment with open sleeves 
Dama, sf. lady; damsel; concubine 
Dáma,womanaffectedlynice; actress; Span, dance 
Dama de palacio, lady of honour (at court) 
Dama cortesana, lady of pleasure; girl of the town 
Dama, (soplar la 1.) to carry off and marry a lady 
Dáraa, (soplar la) to huff the queen (at draughts) 
Damaceno, Damascéuo, -a, adj. of damson (plum) 
Damajuana, sf. large glass bottle (used in ships) 
Damas, (juego de) sm. game of draughts 
Damasánio, »»j. water-plantain (herb) 
Damascena, sf. damson; damascene (black plum) 
Damascado, -a, adj. in imitation of damask 
Damasco, sm. damask; damson; Brussels apricot 
Damasina, sf. light silk stuflf like damask 
Damasqueta, sf. sort of chintz with gold sprigs 
Damasquillo, sm. kind of cloth, &c. like damask 
Damasquino, -a, «(í/.ornamentedwithgold, silver 
Damasquina, (á la) after the Damascus fashion 
Damáza, sf. fine, handsome, portly woman 
Damería, sf. prudery; affected scrupulosity 
Damería, excessive nicety in conduct 
Damiento, sm. gift; present; keepsake; donation 
Damil, adj. feminine; effeminate; of ladies; soft 
Damist-la,/. young gentlewoman; lady of pleasure 
Damnable, udj. damnable; most wicked; odious 
Damnación, sf. damnation; eternal punishment 
Damnár, va. 1. to condemn; damn; refute 
Damnificadór, -a, smf. causer of damage, injury 
Damnificar, va. 1. to hurt; damage; injure 
Danchado, -a, at//, dancette; indented (heraldry) 
Dángo, «/.eagle with black and white feathers 
Danta, tapir (Americ. anim. somewhat like a hog) 
Dante, for (de antes) adv. previously; before 
Dante, s. & a. giver; oestower; giving; conferring 
Danza, sf. dance (motion of the feet to music) 
Danza, (meter en la 2.) to involve in some affair 
Danzador, -a, smf. dancer; practiscr of dancing 
Danzante, -a, smf. dancer; knowing, fickle person 
Danzante, (hablarl.) to stammer; talter in speech 
Danzar, vn. 1. to dance; turn, whirl round 
Danzar, (sacar á 1.) to invite, engage to dance 
Danzar, (sacar á) to set one's self up in business 
Danzarín, sm. fine neat dancer; giddy person 
Dañable, adj. hurtful; injurious; condemnable 
Dañado, -a, adj. doomed to everlasting tonnent 
Dañador, -a, >mf. offender; injurer; who hurts 
Dañar, va. 1. to hurt; damage; injure; weaken 
Dañino, -a, adj. noxious; hurtful; injurious 
Daño, sm. damage; injury; prejudice; mischief 
Dañosamente, adv. hurtfully; injuriously 
Dañoso, -a, adj. hurtful; injurious; mischievous 
Dapnár, va. 1. to condemn; damn; refute; blame 
Daquen, for (de aquende) adv. from this place 
Daqui, for (de atiui) from this; hence; herefrom 
Dar, va. 1. to give; afford; bestow; confer; allow 

Dar de ojos, t 

fall into an error; be mistaken 
Í, alguna cosa, to hit, strike against 
uar cuenta de, to account; answer for; explain 
Dar fiado, to give credit; trust; confide in 
Dar razón, to give an account of; inform 
Dar dado, de balde, to give gratis, for nothing 
Dar fiador. Fianza, find bail; give security 
Dar que hacer, to give trouble; engage overmuch 
Dar barro á la mano, to furnish materials 



Dar calle, to clear the way, make way 
Dar higa, to miss fire (lire-arins) 
Dar los días, to congratúlate on one's birth-day 
Dar los buenos dias, to wish a good day 
Dar madrugón, to rise, get up early 
Dar parte, to share with; partake of; divide 
Dar mai rato, to give uneasiness; trouble 
Dar recados, to greet absent friends 
Dar señal, to give earnest (to ratify a bargain) 
Dar guerra, towage war; be very troublesome 
Dar memorias, to give one's respects 
Dar voces, to call; scream; cry out; exclaim 
Dar el espíritu, to yield up the spirit; die; expire 
Dar tras uno, to persecute; pursue with malice 
Dar de comer, to feed; supply vnth food; nourish 
Dar el nombre, el santo, to give the watch-word 
Dar la enhorabuena, to rejoice at one's good luck 
Dar puerta y silla, to invite one in, and sit down 
Dar vez, to give one his turn; Dar baya, to tease 
Dar diente con diente, to shiver with cold 
Dar vuelco á un coche, to overset a coach 
Dar zapatetas, to leap witli joy; be overjoyed 
Dar de mano, to depreciate; undervalue; despise 
Dar á luz, to be delivered (of a child) ; publish 
Dar el si, to consent to be married to (a person) 
Dar el testo, to give the authority; authorize 
Dar licencia, to give leave; permit; allow 
Dar á trompón á bulto, to give by the lump, bulk 
Dar á reír, to set a laughing; make laugh 
Dar á llorar, to fall a crying; shed tears; weep 
Dar con la entretenida, to put off with words, &C. 
Dar con uno, to meet a person one is looking for 
Dar de comer al diablo, to wrangle; quarrel 
Dar de si, to stretch; Dar prestado, to lend 
Dar de traste, to run aground (ship, naut.) 
Dar en el blanco, to hit the mark; reach the point 
Dar en el hito, to hit the nail on the head; guess 
Dar en el rostro, to hit in the teeth with 
Dar en las mataduras, to touch one to the quick 
Dar en manias, to be foolish, extravagant 
Dar en un bajío, to strike aground; get on shore 
Darága, Dárga, sf. leather shield (of oval form) 
Dardabasi, sm. hawk (voracious bird of prey) 
Dardáda, sf. blow given with a dart 
Dardo, sm. dart; serpent darting on its prey 
Dardo de pescador, sm. fizgig (kind of harpoon) 
Dares y tomares, (andar en) tu dispute; contend 
Dargadandéta, poor, young, impudent girl (nick.) 
Darse; r. to yield to the will of; give one's self to 
Darse á la vela, to set sail; put to sea (naut.) 
Darse á merced, to surrender at discretion (mil. 1 
Darse de las astas, to batter one's brains; argue 
Darse á perros, to become enraged, furious 
Darse al diántre, to despair; be without hope 
Darse por veneído, to surrender; give it up 
Darse ¡as manos, to shake hands (at meeting, &c.) 
Darse maña, to manage one's affairs cleverly 
Darse priesa, to make haste; accelerate; hasten 
Darse una panzada, to be fed to satiety, sickness 
Darse una panzada de, to get a surfeit of 
Darse una vuelta, to find out one's own faults 
Darse un repelón, to have a little small talk 
Dársena, sf. place for keeping & repairing ships 
Dáta,/.date (day of the month, year); item; state 
Datar, va. 1. to date; note with the time; reckon 
Dataría, sf. office of the chancery (at Rome) 
Datário, m. chief officer, of the chancery (at Rome) 
Dátil, sm. date (fruit of the great palm-tree) 
Dátil de raposa, fruit of the dwarf fan-palm-tree 
Datilado, -a, adf like, resembling a date 
Datilera, sf. common date-palm 
Dativo, m. dative (third case of nouns in gram.) 
Dato, sm. datum (truth granted and admitted) 
Dáuco, sm. carrot (esculent gardcu-root) 

Dáyfa, sf. mistress; concubine; kept w 
Daza, sf. lucern; pannic-grass (herb) 
Dé dónde diere, inconsiderately; witho 
prep, of; from; with; by; ( 

De plata (vaso) sm. silver cup; cup of silver 
De Flándes (vengo) I come from Flanders 
De aquí se infiere, from this; hence it follows 
De día, adv. by day; De noche, adv. by night 
De intento, adv. on purpose; Del vino, some wine 
De balde, adv. for nothing; gratis 
De comer, (hora) «/. dinner-time; time for dinner 
De comer, (bueno, -a) adj. good to eat 
Dea, sf. goddess; beautiful woman (poet.) 
Deán, sm. dean (2d dignitary of a diocese) 
Deanáto, -ázgo, »;«. deanship; office of a dean 
Debajo, Debaxo, adv. under; below; underneath 
Debajo de mano, adv. under-hand; privately 
Debajo, adj. under; subordinate; dependent 
Debandár, va. 1. to disband; break up; disunite 
Debate, sm. debate; discussion; contest; clash 
Debatir, va. 3. to debate; discuss; combat; argue 
Debda, sf. debt; engagement; fault; offence 
Debdádo, -oso, -a, udj. indebted; obliged 
Debelación, sf. conquest (in war) : debellation 
Debelar, va. 1. to cunciuer, subae(in war); debel 
Deber, sm. obligation; dutv; office; task; debt 
Deber, (hacer su 2.) to fulfil one's duty 
Deber, va. 2. to owe; be obliged for, indebted to 
Deber, with De, denotes a past, pres., future thing 
Debidamente, («fc. justly; duly; perfectly; exactly 
üebidór, -a, smf. debtor; who owes to another 
Debiente, s. & «rfj. debtor; owing; beingindebted 
Débil, ady feeble; weak; debilitated; frail; timid 
Debilidad,/, debility; weakness; want of health 
Debilitación, sf. weakening; want of strength 
Debilitar, va. 1. to debilitate; weaken; extenuate 
Débilmente, adv. weakly; in a feeble manner 
Débito, sm. debt; duty; obligation; office; task 
Debo, sm. instrument, tool for scraping skins 
Debrocár, vn. 1. to be sick, in bad health; infirm 
üebujadúra, sf. design; sketch; outline; draught 
Debujár, va. 1. to design; draw; sketch; depict 
Década, */. decade; sum, number of ten 
Decadencia, sf. decay; decadence; fall; decline 
Decadencia, (ir " ' ' ■ • 

1 3.) to be on the d 

Decadente, adu decaying; declining; falling away 
Decaeménto, Decaiménto, sm. weakness; decay 
Decaer, 2. to decay; decline; fall to leeward (uaut.J 
Decágono, m. decagon (figure of lU equal sides) 
Decaimiento, sm. decay; decline; weakness 
Decálogo, sm. decalogue (the 10 commandments) 
Decainpaméuto,írt.decampment;shi(tiug the camp 
Decampar, ii. 1. to decamp; raise, shift the camp 
Decanato, dignity of the senior of a community 
Decano, sm. senior of a community, corporation 
Decantación, sf. decanting; pouring off (liquors) 
Decantar, va. 1. to cry up; magnify; decant 
Decapitación, sf. beheading; decapitation 
Decapitar, va. 1. to behead; decapitate; lop off 
Decasílabo, -a, adj. of ten syllables (verses) 
Deeastilo, m. assemblage of ten pillars; dccastyle 
Decebimiento, sm. deception; deceit; artifice 
Decebir, va. 3. to deceive; impose upon; delude 
Decemviráto, sm. government by ten rulers 
Decemviro, sm. one of the ten governors of Rome 
Decena, sf. number of ten; party of ten persons 
Decenal, ad], decennial; of, lasting ten years 
Decenario, -a. adf making ten; of the tenth bead 
Decencia,/, aecency; propriety ; modesty; honesty 
Decondér, va. 2. to descend; lower; let down 

Decen . 

itly; explain well 

_ (ordinal nvi 

Decentar, a. to handsel; lose what has been kept 
Decentarse, gall the skin; be bed-ridden 
Decente, adj. decent; convenient; modest 
Decentemente, adv. decently; becomingly; fitly 
Decepción, sf. deception; illusion; false show 
Decerner, ?■«. 2. to discern; distinguish; judge 
Dccerrumbár, a. 1. to precipitate; throw headlong 
Decesión,/, precession; antecedence; priority 
Deceso, sm. decease; demise; departure from life 
Dechado, sm. sample; pattern; design; example 
Decible, adj. expressible; utterable 
Decideras, sf. pi. eloquence; elegance of speech 
Decidero, -a, adj. that may be said with propriety 
Decidir, wa. 3. to decide; determine; fix; conclude 
Decidirse, v. re/, to be determined; resolve 
Decidor, -a, swf. fluent & elegant speaker (poet) 
Deciente, sm. person falling, deceasing, djang 
Décima./.tithe; tenth part; Spanish stanza(poet.) 
Decimal, adj. decimal; of the tithes; by tens 
Decimales, tréntas) sf. pliir. tithe-rents 
Decimanovena, /. one of the registers of an organ 
Decimár,ua. 1. to decimate; take the tenth; tithe 
Décimo, -a, adj. tenth (ordinal number of ten) 
Decimonono, -a, adj. nineteenth (ordinal of 19) 
Décimoquárto, -a, adj. fourteenth (ordinal of 14) 
Decimoquinto, -a, adj. fifteenth (ordinal of 15) 
Decimoséptimo, -a, aaj. seventeenth (ordin. of 17) 
Décimosésto, -a, adj. sixteenth (ordinal of 16) 
Decimotercio, -a, adj. thirteenth (ordinal of 13) 
Decinuéve, sm. & adj. nineteenth (ordinal of 19) 
Deciochéno, -a, adj. eighteenth (ordinal of 18) 
Decir, va. 3. to say; tell; speak; —-•—■ -'>=" 
Decir bien, to speak fluently 
Decir de repente, to make verses uu-uuhu 
Decir de sí, to affirm; declare; say positively 
Decir de no, to deny; contradict; disown; refuse 
Decir por decir, to talk for the sake of talking 
Decir, (por mejor) adv. more properly speaking 
Decir de las gentes, (el) s. the opinion of people 
Decir, sm. notable saying, expression; words 
Decires, m. p¡. idle talk; scandal; false rumours 
Deciséis, sm. sixteen; six and ten (numeral) 
Decisión, sf. decision; judgment; disposition 
Decisivamente, adv. decisively; conclusively 
Decisivo, -a, adj. decisive; conclusive; decretory 
Decisorio, -a, adj. decisory; concluding; final 
Declamación, sf. declamation; rant; invective 
Declamador, -a, S)n. declaimer; haranguer; ranter 
Declamar, v7i. 1. to declaim; harangue; rant 
Declamatorio, -a, adj. declamatory; bombastic 
Declaración, sf. declaration; account; proposal 
Declaradamente, adv. declaredly; avowedly 
Declarado, -a, adj. declared; explained; manifest 
Declarador, -a, s. declarer; expositor; proclaiiner 
Declarante, sm. declarer; explainer; expounder 
Declarar, 1. to declare, explain; depose upon oath 
Declarase, v. ref. to declare one's opinion 
Declaratorio, -a, adj. declaratory; explanatory 
Declaro, m. declaration; exposition; deposition 
Declinable, adj. declinable; variable 
Declinación, sf. declination; fall; declension 
Declinante, a. declining; bending down; sinking 
Declinar, vn. 1. to decline; decay; sink; fall off 
Declinar, va. to decline: inflect (nouns, verbs) 
Declinatoria, »/. plea against a judge's power 
Declinatorio, sm. declinator (for dialling) 
Declive, -ivio, sm. declivitv; fall; descent 
Declivitlád, sf. declivity; inclination; descent 
Decocción, sf. decoction; preparation by boiling 
Decolación, sf. decollation; beheading 
Decolgár, a. 1. to hang up; adorn witn tapestry 


Decoración, if. decoration; ornament; show 
Decorador, sm. decorator; embellisher; adorner 
Decorar, a. 1. todecorate; ennoble; learn by heart 
Decoro, -a, adj. decorous; becoming; decent 
Decoro, sm. honour; respect; gravity; civility 
Decorosamente, adv. in a decorous manner 
Decoroso, -a, adj. decorous; becoming; decent 
Decorierse, r. 2. to escape from danger; slip out 
Decorrimiento, m. course, flow, running of water 
Decorticación, sf. stripping off the bark of trees 
Decrecer, vn. 2. to decrease; grow less; dimmish 
Decremento, sm. gradual decrease; diminution 
Decrepitación,/, crackling noise; calcination 
Decrepitante, a. reducing to powder; calcining 
Decrepitar, va. 1. to decrepitate, calcine salt 
Decrepitar, vn. crackle in the fire; decrepitate 
Decrépito, -a, adj. decrepit; worn out with age 
Decrepitud,/, infirm old age; last stage of decay 
Decretación, sf. determination; estabhshment 
Decretal, sf. letter, rescript, decree of the pope 
Decretalista, m. decretist; expounder of decrees 
Decretar, a. i. to decree; determine; give a decree 
Decretero, sm. list of criminals; decretal 
Decretista, vi. decretist; expounder of decrees 
Decreto, sm. decree; order; ordinance; opinion 
Decretório, -a, adj. decretory; judicial; critical 
Decretos de cajón, sm.plur. common decrees 
Decúbito, m. lying down to rest; flow of humours 
Decumána, sf. tenth thing in the numeral order 
Décuplo, -a, a. tenfold; ten times greater; decuple 
Decuria,/, class of 10 students under a decurión 
Decuria, body of 10 Roman soldiers under a chief 
Decuriáto, sm. student belonging to a decuria 
Decurión, sm. student who teaches ten others 
Decurión de decuriones, sin. senior decunoa 
Decúrsas, sf. plur. arrears of rent 
Decurso, sm. course; wane; decrease; succession 
Dedada, sf. fingerful taken up at once 
Dedada de miel (dar á uno una) to deceive one 
Dedal, sm. thimble; very small dnnking-glass 
Dedalera,/, fox-glove; digitalis (medicinal pla.) 
Dedicación, sf. dedica*=— ■ -""--'•"•'■i" 
Dedicante °- " -"-''= 

Dedicar,!-.-. . 

Dedicarse á , ref. to apply one s sell to 
Dedicatoria,/, dedication; inscription of a booK 
Dcdignár, va. 1. to disdán;; contemn 
Dedignárse, ref. to scorn doing any thing 
Dedil, sm. thumb-stall; sheath of leather, linen 
Dedillo, sm. dimin. little finger [small bit 

Dedo, sm. finger; toe; hand of a clock, watch; 
Dedo pulgar, sm. thumb (first finger of the hand) 
Dedo merúqie, sm. little finger (of the hand) 
Dedo del corazón, hi. middle-finger (of the hand) 
Dedo, (señalarle con el) to point with the finger 
Dedos, (ganar á 1.) to gain by inches 
Dedos, (meter los 2.) to pump one; examine slily 
Deduction, sf. deduction; consequence; origin 
Deducible, adj. deducible; inferable 
Deducir, «a. 3. to deduce; infer; allege; subtract 
Deductivo, -a, a. deductive; deducible; inferable 
Deesa, sf goddess; beautiful woman 
Defacto, adv. in fact; actually; effectually 
Defalcar, va. 1. to defalcate; lop off; dissuade 
Defamar, va. \. to defame; dishonour; libel 
Defecado, -a, a. free from dregs; cleansed; pure 
Defección, sf. defection; apostacy; revolt; failure 
Defectible, adj. defectible; deficient; imperfect 
Dcfectillo, sm. dimin. slight fault, defect 
Defectivo, -a, adj. defective; imperfect; wanting 
Defecto, sin. defect; fault; imperfection; blemish 
Defectuosamente, adv. in a defective manner 
Defectuoso, -a, adj. dcfectuous; imperlcct 
Dcfcminádo, -a, adj. effeminate; womanish 

a. dedicator; dedicat: 

DEF 1 

Defendedóro, -a, adj. susceptible of defence 
Defendedor, jin. defender; protector; keeper 
Defender, va. 2. to defend; protect; assert; forbid 
Defendimiento, «»i. defence; protection; support 
Defenecer, va. 2. to close an account 
Defensa, sf. defence; vindication; shelter; guard 
Defensáble, adj. defensible; maintainable; right 
Defensar, n. 1. to defend; protect; assert; forbid 
Defensatriz, if. defender; protectress; support 
I Defensible, adj. defensible; maintainable; right 
1 Defensión, sf. defence; protection; prohibition 
I Defensiva, >/. safe^ard; state of defence 
Defensiva, (estar a la) to be on the defensive 
Defensivo, sm. defence; safeguard; bandage 
, Defensivo, -a, adj. defensive; proper for defence 
Defensor, -a, imf. defender; supporter; pleader 
Defensóría, sf. office of an appointed pleader 
Defensorio, sm. defence; vn-itten vindication 
Deferencia,/, deference; complaisance; regard 
Deferente, adj. yielding; submitting; assenting 
Deferir, a. 3. to defer; yield; submit; confer 
Deferir, va. to communicate; share in the power 
üefésa, sf. pasture ground (laud for grazing) 
Defeso, -a, adj. prohibited; interdicted; forbid 
Defiánza, sf. diffidence; distrust; susp'';iou 
Deficiencia, sf. deficiency; want; imperfection 
Deficiente, adj. deficient; wanting; defective 
Defidación, sf. ugliness; homeliness; dishonesty 
Definible, adj. definable; ascertainable 
Definición, sf. definition; decision: resolution 
Definiciones, sf. plur. statutes of militiirv orders 
Definido, -a, «<//. definite; certain; limited 
Definidor, s. de'finer; assistant of a proi 


le; fiui 

Definitivamente, adt\ in a definit( 
Definitivo, -a, adj. definitive; positive; precise 
Definitório, sm. synod; chapter of religious 
Deflaquecimiento, sm. debilitation; weakness 
Deflújo, sm. defluxion; recession (of the moon) 
Defoir, va. '6. to avoid; evitate; shun; escape 
Defondouir, «. 1. to break the bottom of (a vessel) 
Defondonár, to penetrate the bottom of a ship 
Deformación, sf. deformation; disfiguring 
Deformador, sm. one who deforms, disfigures 
Deformar, va. 1. to deform; disfigure; missliape 
Deformatorio, -a, adj. deforming; disfiguring 
Deforme, n. deformed; disfigured; ugly; hideous 
Defonneménte,«rf.deformedly; in anvigly manner 
Deformidad, sf. deformity; ugliness; gross error 
Defraudación, sf. defraudment; fraud; deceit 
Defraudador, sm. defrauder; cheater; cozener 
Defraudar, i'rt. 1. to defraud; cheat; trick; cozen 
Defraudar, to intercept the light of the sun 
Defraudar, to spoil the taste; disturb the sleep 
Defuera, adv. externally; outwardly; exteriorly 
Defuir, )ia. 3. to fly; escape; get off; shun; avoid 
Defunción,/, decease; extinction; death; funeral 
Defúnto, sm. corpse; dead body; cadaver; corse 
Degána, sf. farm; farm-house; farmer's dwelling 
Degáno, HI. farmer; overseer of a farm; agricultor 
Degastár, va. 1. to lay waste; devastate; desolate 
Degeneración, sf. degenerating; degeneration 
Degenerado, -a, adj. degenerate; base; unworthv 
Degenerar, v. 1. to degenerate; fall ofT; grow wild 
Deglución, sf. swallowing; deglutition 
Deglucir, wa. 3. to swallow; devour; absorb 
Degollación, sf. beheading; decapitation 
Degolladero, sm. throttle; scaffold (for crim.) 
Degolladero, seat near the orchestra (in thea.) 
Degolladero de bolsas, cut-purse; very dear shop 
Degolladero, (llevar al) to put in great danger 
Degollador, sm. headsman; executioner 
Degolladura, sf. wound in the throat; interstice 
Degolladura, slender part of balusters; slope 

y DEL 

DegoUamiénto, »m. beheading; decapitation 
Degollar, va. 1. to behead; destroy; ruin; tease 
Degollar á sangrías, to weaken bv over-bleeding 
Degradación, sf. degradation; fall; baseness 
Degradar, va. 1. to degrade; tolessen; place lower 
Degradarse, !'. ref. to demean, degrade one's self 
Degüello, swi. beheading; neck; destruction; ruin 
Degüello, (tirar á) to seek one's ruin; try to kill 
Dehender, va. 1. to split; cleave; divide in two 
Dehendimiento, sm. splitting, cleaving in two 
Dehesa, sf. pasture-ground (land for grazing) 
Dehesar, va. 1. to turn arable land into pasture 
Dehesero, stn. keeper, owner of pasture-ground 
Dehortár.a. 1. to dissuade; advise to the contrary 
Deicida, sm. deicide; crucifier of Christ 
Deicidio, sm. deicide; murder of Christ 
Deidad, deity; divinity; goddess (hamlsomewom.^ 
Deifero, -a, adj. one who bears God at heart 
Deificación, sf. deification; making a God 
Deificar, ;•«. 1. to deif?-; make a God of; adore 
Deifico, -a, a. deific; of God; with God's attributes 
Deiforme, «rf;. of a godlike form; deiform; divine 
Deipara, sf. deiparous (applied to the Virgin) 
Deísmo, sm. deism; belief in one God alone 
Deísta, sm. believer in one God without worship 
Deja, sf. prominence between two fissures 
Dejación, sf. giving up; relinquishing; leaving 
Dejada, sf. giving up; abdication; resignation 
Dejadez, sf. slovenliness; neglect; laziness 
Dejado, -a, adj. slovenly; idle; lazy; low-spirited 
Dejadór, sm. begetter; procreator; generator 
Dejamiento, sm. giving up; idleness; langfuor 
üejár, vil. 1. to leave; omit; permit; forsake 
Dcjir dicho escrito, to leave word, in writing 
'^^ ' 1 cueros, to strip one of his property 

esco á alguno, to frustrate; disappoint 
ras, to excel; outdo; surpass; be eminent 
, V. ref. not to take care of one's self 
to abandon, suffer, allow one's self to 
rogar, to extend the favour required 

llevar, to suffer one's self to be led by 

Dejarse veneer, to yield to the opinion of others 
Dejarse caer abajo por un rio, to drop down a river 
Dejarse caer á la pupa, to fall astern (naut.) 
Dejarse caer á sotavento, to fall to leeward (na.) 
Dejativo, -a, adj. lazy; indolent; languid 
Dejemplár, va. 1. to defame; dishonour; belie 
Dejillo, sm. dim. slight taste (left after eating) 
Dejo, iM. end; result; laziness; taste; accentuation 
Deiugár, va. 1. to extract the juice, substance of 
Del, (contraction of de el) def. art. mase, of the 
Delación, sf. accusation: impeachment; charge 
Delantal, sm. apron (part of dress hung before) 
Delante, pre/). & adv. before; anteriorlv; prior to 
Delantera, sf. forefront; front-seats; frontiers 
Delantera, fore skirts (of clothes) ; advantage 
Delantera, (coger la 2.) to get the start of one 
Delantera, (ir en la 3.) to take the lead of 
Delantero, -a, aaj. foremost; first; first in place 
Delantero, sm. the first: chief; leader; postillion 
Delatáble, adj. accusable; censurable; culpable 
Delatante, sm. accuser; informer; delator 
Delatar, va. 1. to accuse; inform; impeach 
Delate, sm. highwayman; robber on the highway 
Delator, sm. accuser; informer; impeacher 
Déle, sm. mark of deletion (used by printers) 
Delectable, adj. delectable; delightful; pleasing 
Delectación,*/, delight; pleasure; great joy 
Delectar, a. 1. to delight; please; content -*■ 
Delecto, jmi. choice; deiiberation; separi 
Delegación, sf. delegation; substitution 
Delegado, iin. delegate; deputv; commissioner 
Delegante, sm. constituent; elector; appointcr 





Deleeár, va. 1. to delegate; depute; empower 
Ueleitabilidád, tf. deliglitfulness; pleasure 
Uele tibie, adj. delectlble; delightful; pleasing 
Ueldíableménte, adv. delightfuily; '"'h P'^J'^^^-'^'^ 
Ueleitación, >/. pleasure; delight; delectation 
DeSmie^to, jm. delightful.iess; pleasure 
De e ántl,«'ó'pleasin|; delightful; dehghtmg 
Deleitar, va. 1. to delight; please; «ve V^^^^ 
Deleitarse, v. ref. to delight; have pleasure m 
Deleite, sm. delight; pleasure; gratiticatiou 
DeMte sensual,,». emotion of pleasure(mus&c.) 
Deleitosamente, ad. delightfully; pleasantly 
Deleitoso, -a, adj. delightful; agreeable; pleasing 
Deletéreo, -a,adj. deleterious; destructive, deaaiy 


Ete'ülf "'r"ota'p'T&í ", speak oarelessl 
Delfi^n, m! dolphin (fish); cannon; «auphiníprm.J 
Delfinia, ,f. dauphiness ;»Ue of the d.uphm) 
Delfino, sm. larlí-s¡nir ÍP'í^'í^f' "YtIjI. acute 
Delgacero, -a, ndj. thin; "gnt, sit • 

Delgadamente, adv. tbiuly; tnely; ai-u.ely 
Delgadez, »/. thinness; acuteuess; leanness 
Delgado, -a, adj. thin: light; slender; acute; short 
Dellido á proa, (navio)/»- sl»arP-P°;"'??r"M 
Dellido para andar, (navio) sharp-bmlt vessel 
De gados (navio de michos) sharp-bottomed ship 
Delgados de un navio, rising of a ship s floor 
Delgado, «7». strait, narrow place 
Delgados, sm. plur. flanks (of animals) 
Dellazár, fl.l.tomake thin; lessen; refine; argue 
Deliberación, sf. deliberation; resolution 
Deliberadamente, adv. deliberately; advisedly 
Deliberador, sm. deliverer; rescuer; s^ver 
Deliberamiento, m. deliverance (from captivity) 
Deliberar, n. 1. to deliberate; consult together 
Deliberar, a. to choose; hesitate; rescue; deiivei 
Deliberarse, v. ref. to delight, have pleasure n 
Deliberativo, -a, adj. deliberative; tnougntmi 
Delibración, Delibránza, sf. ransom; exciian.e 
Delibrar, a. 1. to deliberate: determine; liuerdK 
Delicadamente, «dw. delic;ii. ; ^^ ' 
Delicadez, sj. delicacy; lii 
Delicadeza, «/.delicatene- i 

Delicadeza, acuteness of uii.L. r •" 

Delicadeza, refinement of v.u, p-i. 
Delicado, -a, adj. delicate; weak; luce; tmp 
üelicadúra, /. delicamiénto, m. delicacy; nicei] 
Delicia. */. delight; pleasure; satisfaction 
Deliciase, v. ref I. to delight have pleasure ii 
Deliciosamente, adv. deliciously; pleasantly 
Delicioso, -a, adj. delicious; sweet, pleasing 
Delineación, sf delineation; sketch; o""'»e 
Delineamento, -iénto, sm. deUneament; drawing 
Delinear, va. 1. to delineate; sketch; describe 
Delinqüénte, s. delinquent; offender; criminal 
Delinquimiento, m. delinquency; fault; failure 
Delinquir, vn. 3. to transgress the law; offend 
Delintár, Delinterár, a. 1. to remove; transgress 
Dcliquescencia, sf. Uquefaction; dissolving _ 
Deliquescénte, adj. melting on exposure to ajr 
Delirar, a. 1. to dress; adorn; decorate; embellish 
Deliquio, jm. fainting-fit; swoon, deliquium 
Deliramento, sm. delirium; aUenation ol mind 
Delirante, adj. delirious; raving; light-headed 
Delirar vn 1. to rave; dote; talk nonsense; rant 
Delirio', «m. delirium; dotage; melancholy; rant 
Helito sm crime; offence; delinquency; guilt 
Delia, *Déllo, (for De ella. De ello) of her, of it 
Delia con Dello, ad. one with the other; goodScbad 
Delongár, va. 1. to enlarge; expand; prolong 

Delúbro, tm. temple dedicated to aii Idol; Idol 
Delusivo, -a, adj. delusive; apt to deceive 
Delusor, »m. deceiver; deluder; cheat; impostor 
Delusoriamente, adi-. in a delusory manner 
Delusorio, -a, adj. delusorj-, apt tR deceive 
Demies, Uv. 0T¿r and above; besides; beyond 
Demagógo,ring-leader; demagogue; head of amob 
Demindl, demand; question; request; chanty-bos 
DemtSda', look-out for the land, ^vessel (naut ) 
Demanda, (salir ala) appearin one s own deteuce 
Demandáble, adj. demandable; that may be asked 
Demandadéro,-a,servant-man,womau(ot aconv ; 
Demandado, -a, smf defendant; person accused 
DemtSdtSór, m. one asking C^ity Jorpiousj^es 
Demandador, claimant; one who asks in damage 
Demandadora, sf plaintiff; petitioner (woman) 
Demandante, smf. claunant; complainant 
Demandir, va. 1. to demand; claim; covet; pilfer 
Demandar require more water to saü (nautl 
Dcmaniil, «dj! originating in; proceeding from 


f/j. originating in; proceciiug ..v" 

/./. demarcation; boundarjiof laud) 

■' ho sets marks, Ihuits, bounds 

mark out limits, confines \ 

Dem^íáíse,^^/: iaomi^^lead lead wrong, astray 
Demás, adt;. over and above; besides: •?weover 
Demis (lo) m. therest; los, las demas, the others 
Demás, (y así de lo) and so on; so ^"t*' »f « "'; 
Demás estar 1.) to be useless, «''^ »°^ j*J'°¡f„ 
Demás (por) a. uselessly; to no purpose, in vain 
Demises, i/.p/«r. abundance; great plenty 
Demasía i/. excess in the price; unjust claim 
Demasía useless expense; arduous enterprise 




Dementar va. 1. to make; rendermad; deméntate 

Demeritorio, -á, «¿/^'^'^^«"'■"^"'viVlt u^ f 
Demias, sf pl. stockings; trousers (vu g. lang.) 
Demientra.«d..m the mean ti^^^^^^^^ 

D^mSo^n/.-dimtS'dec'rease;' lessening 
Dem,W,a.3:todm.imsh; abridge; detrae ^^^^ 


Demoler va 2. to demolish; pull down, üioioui 

Demonládo -a, adj. POfsessed jvith the de;^, 
Demonichúcho, s,». ugly, hideous littedeTil 
Demonio, m. demon; evü spirit; fa""!»*'', „, /^if 
Demonstración, ./. demonstration; proof,.^rk 

E'emorDemoiinza. ,/. delay; «top; demurr^e 
Demora, (sin) adv. vvithout delay, '0*=' o' """^ . 
Demorad, pn. 1. to remain; continue; bearli.aut.) 
Demostrable, adj. demonstrable: proveable 
Demostrablemente, adv. demonstrably 
Demostración, sf. demonstration; proof; mark 
Eemo^^ór,'-a-^ smf demonstrator; expl^ner 
Demostrainiento, »». judication: ^'S^^^^.^'""" 
Eemostránza, ./. manifestation, expos.ti|on^^^ 
Demostrar va. 1. todi 
Demostrativamente, i 

manifestation, exposition 

to demonstrate; prove; manliest 

ite, odt». demonstratively 


Demonstratívo, -ft, ' '■ ' '" . proveablt 

Demudación, í/. nit lutatiou 

Demudar, va. 1. t.i lúe 

Demudarse,»?/. tu ; . rtformed 

Demulcente, »in. & evening 

Denáute, Denántes, uav. ratiier; more readily 
Deuário, sm. small Roman silver cuiíi; decimal 
Denário, -a, ndj. tenth; denary; containing ten 
Déndc, prep, hence; from this cause; since; from 
Dendrite, sf. dendrite (arborescent mineral) 
Denegación, j/. denying; denial; refusal 
Denegar, n. 1. to deny; refuse; contradict; disown 
Denegrecer, va. 2. to blacken; darken; deiaiue 
Denegrido, -a, adj. blackened; smoky; defamed 
Denegrir, ¡a. 3. to blacken; darken; calumniate 
Dengoso, -a, «. oveniice; too scrupulous (pers.l 

Denguero, -a, «dj. prudish; aliectedly modest 
Denigración, sf. "denigration; disgrace; stigma 
Denigrar, va. 1. to denigrate; defame; calumniate 
Denigrativamente, adv. injuriously; infamously 
Denigrativo, -a, adj. injurious; calumnious 
Denodadamente, ad. boldly; fearlessly; daringly 
Denodado, -a, adj. bold; fearless; daring 
Denomináble, denominable; that may be named 
Denominación, .s/. denomination; title; name 
Denominadamente; ad. distinctly; definitively 
Denominador, sm. denominator; giver of a name 
Denominar, va. 1. to denominate; give a name 
Denominativo, -a, adj. denominative; defining 
Denostadamente, adv. ignominiously; vilely 
Denostador, ;«. vilifier; defamcr; reviler; abuser 
Denostar, va. 1. to vilify; insult; revile; abuse 
Denotación,/, denotation; denoting; designation 
Denotar, va. 1. to denote; signify, explain 
Denotativo, -a, adj. denotative; impljing 
Densamente, adv. densely; closely; compactly 
Densár, raw. 1. to condense; thicken; grow thick 
Densidad, sf. density; closeness; darkness 
Denso, -a, adj. dense; thick; close; compact 
Densúno, adv. jointly; in union; together 
Dent, (de él, de ello, de aquello) of him, it, that 
Dentado, -a, adj. toothed; dentate; jaggy 
Dentadura, sf. set of teeth 

Dental, sm. bed of the ploughshare; wooden fork 
Dental, instrument to draw teeth; tooth-shell 
Dental, adj. dental; of the teeth; with the teeth 
Dentar, an. 1. to indent; tooth; teeth; set teeth 
Dentaria, */. tooth-wort; dentaria (plant) 
Denteabrúño, Denteagrúfio, in. spleen-wort (pi.) 
Dentecér, vn. 2. to cut teeth; teeth; breed teeth 
Dentecillo, sm. dimin. small tooth 
Dentejón, sm. yoke-tree (of a cart to yoke oxen) 
Dentelaria, sf. lead-wort; dentelaria (plant) 
Dentellada,/, gnashing; bite; mark of the teeth 
Dentelladas, (a) adv. snappishly; peevishly 
Dentelladas, (dar 1.) to speak surlily, uncivilly 
Dentellado, -a, a. deuticiilated; jagged; dented 
Dentellar, vn. 1. to gnash, grind, collide the teeth 
Dentellear, va. 1. to bite, fix the teeth in 
Dentellón, m. moulding (of corn.) ; piece of a lock 
Dentera,/, tingling pain in the teeth; envy; pain 
Dentezuélo, sm. dimin. little, small tooth' 
Dentición, sf. dentition; breeding of the teeth 
Denticular, adj. denticulated; dented; toothed 
Dentista, sm. dentist (operator for the teeth) 
Dentiváno, -a, a. with long & large teeth (horse) 
Dentón, -a. adj. with large uneven teeth 
Dentón, sm. dentalium (small sheU-fish) 
Dentórno, adv. from round about the environs 
Dentrámbos,(contr. of de entre ambos) from both 
Dentrífico, m. dentifrice; powder for the teeth 
Dentro, prep, within; Dentro del año, within the 
Dentudo, -a, adj. with large uneven teeth [year 

Denuedo, sm. boldness; courage; intrepidity 

Denuesto, m. aflront; insult; insolence; outrage 

'^■"■'■""■"i, s/. denunciation; information; threat 

Denunciador, sm. denouncer; accuser; informer 
Denunciar, va. 1. to advise; denounce; proclaim 
Denunciatorio, -a, a. accusatory; of information 
Denuncio, m. denunciation; information; threat 
Deñár, va. 1. to deign; vouchsafe; deem worthy 
Deográcias, term of salutation on meeting in Spa. 
Deparar, va. 1. to offer; present; furnish; supply 
Departamento, w. department (of a chief admiral) 



divider; sharer 
difference; dispute 
i^^j/on,.!, €j„. a. lu l.ullYcl^e; speak; contend 
Departir, va. 3. to divide; diversify; arg^e; teach 
Departir, to mark out; hinder; impede; obstruct 
Depauperar, va. 1. to empoverish; debilitate 
Dependencia, sf. dependence; subordination 
Dependencia, business; relation; connexicn 
Dependente, s. dependent; follower; hanger-on 
Dependente, adj. depending; living in subjection 
Depender, vn. 2. to depend; be dependent 
Dependiente, m. dependent; follower; hanger-on 
Dependiente, a. depending; living in subjection 
Deplorable, a. deplorable; lamentable; mournful 
Deplorablemente, ad», deplorablv; mournfully 
Deplorar, va. 1. to deplore; lament; bewail 
Deponente, s>m/. deponent; evidence; witness 
Deponente, deponent; verb vinthout active voice 
Deponer, a. 2. to depose; affirm; lay bv; deposit 
Depopulación,./, havoc; devastation; waste; ruin 
Depopuladór, sm. depopulator (of a country, &c.) 
Deportación,^, transportation, exile; deportation 
Deportar, a. 1. to transport; banish; disport; rest 
Deporte, stn. disport; diversion; amusement 
Deportóso, -a, a. diverting; amusive; recreative 
Depós, ad. after; afterwards; next; subsequently 
Deposánte, adj. deposing; testifying; atlirming 
Deposár, a. l."to depose; affirm; lay by; deposit 
Deposición, sf. deposition; assertion; remove 
Depositadór, sm. who leaves in trust with (onej 
Depositante, s. & adj. depositor; leaving in trust 
Depositar, «. 1. to deposit; give; enclose; bury 
Depositaría, sf. depository; repository 
Depositario, -a, smf. depository; trustee 
Depositario, -a, adj. of a depository, repository 
Depósito, sm. deposit; pledge; trust; depository 
Depóst, ad. after; afterwards; next; subsequently 
Depravación,/, depravity; corruption; debauch 
Depravadamente, adv. depravedly; corruptly 
Depravado, -a, adj. depraved; bad; corrupt; lewd 
Depravador, sm. depraver; corrupter; debaucher 
Depravar, a. 1. to deprave; corrupt; vitiate 
Deprecación, sf. petition: prayer; deprecation 
Deprecar, va. 1. to entreat; implore; deprecate 
Deprecativo, -orio, -a, a. deprecative; deprecatory 
Depréces,m.pZ. due; fees, paid to persons in office 
Deprender, a, 2. to Icam; acquire knowledge 
Depresión, sf. depression; abasement; pressure 
Depresor, sm. depressor; oppressor; humbler 
Depreterición,/, preterition; omission in a will 
Deprimir, a. 3. to depress; deject; cast down 
Depuración, sf. depuration; clarification 
Depurado, -a, adj. depurate; purified; clarified 
Depurar, to depurate; clarify; purify; cleanse 
Deque, adv. since that; from the time that 
Deraigamif>nto, sm. extirpation; rooting out 
Deraigir, ra. 1. to root out; extirpate; expel 
Deranchadamente, adv. in a disorderly manner 
Derecera, sf. straight way; direct road; highway 
Derecha,/, right h.iud; right side; pack of hounds- 

Uerechéz,/. Tightness; rectitude; straightness 
Uerechéza, straightness; rectitude; integrity 
Derecho, -a, adj. straight; right; just; perfect 
Derecho, urn. right; just claim; tax; due; fee; debt 
Derecho, (según) ad», according to law 
Derechorero, -a, adj. just and right; lawful, legal 
Dcrechuelo, -elos, m. first seams taught to girls 
Derechura,/, rectitude; right way; sslary; right 
Derechura, (en) adv. by the most direct road 
Derechurero, Derechúro, -a, adj. just; legitimate 
Derechuria,/. right; justice; equity; just claim 
J>erezár, va. 1. to guide; show the way; direct 
Deriva, ij. ship's course (naut.) 
Derivable, adj. derivable; that may be derived 
Derivación, sj. derivation: inference; descent 
Derivar, va. 1. to derive; infer; deduce; fetch 
Derivar, vn. to derive from the course (naut.) 
Derivarse, v. ref. to derive, descend, come from 
Derivativo, -a, a. derived, taken from; derivative 
Derogación,/, derogation; abolition; diminution 
Derogado, -a, adj. derogate; annulled; reformed 
Derogar, va. 1. to derogate; abolish; annul 
Derogatorio, -a, adj. derogatory; dishonourable 
Derouchar, oa. light; combat; contend; resist 
Derrabadura, »/. wound (by cutting off the tail) 
Derrabar, va. 1. to dock, cut off the tail(of aiii.) 
Derraigar, va. 1. to root out; extirpate; banish 
Derrama, »/. assessment; duty; impost; tax 
Derramadamente, adv. lavishly; depravertly 
Derramador, sm. prodigal; spendthrift; waster 
Derramamiento, sm. wasting; waste; dispersion 
Derramamiento de lágrimas, tm. flood of tears 
Derramar, va. 1. to drain off; leak; publish; spill 
Derramar doctrina, to diffuse, spread a doctrine 
Derramarse, v. ref. to be spread about; escape 
Derramarse, to abandon one's self to; disembogue 
Derrame, sm. liquor, seed lost in measuring 
Derramo, sm. prodigality; sloping of a wall, &c. 
Derrancar, va. 1. to assault; fight impetuously 
Derranchado, -a, adj. disordered; deranged 
Derranchar, va. 1. to desert; disorder; derange 
Derraspado, adj. beardless (applied to wheat) 
Derredor, m. circumference; circuit; round about 
Derredor, (al, en) adv. round about; on all sides 
Derrenegar, va. 1. to hate: detest: dislike; abhor 
Derrengada, »/. step in dancing 
Derrengado, -a, adj. incurvated; crooked; bent 
Derrengadura, sf. weakness in the hip; dislocation 
Derrengar, 1. to sprain the hip; pull do\vn(fruit) 
Derrengar, to detest; abominate; dislike greatly 
Derrengó, sm. pole, stick (to pull down fruits) 
Derrería (á la), adv. at length; in the end 
Derretimiento, m. thaw; fusion, violent affection 
Derretir, va. 3. to liquefy; melt; consume; change 
Derretirse, ref. to be deeply in love; melt; grieve 
Derribado, a. with a longer & lower croup(hor.) 
Derribar, va. 1. to demolish; fell; displace; ruin 
Derribarse, ref. to tumble, throw one's self down 
Derribo, sm. demolition; pulling down; ruins 
Derrocar, va. 1. to precipitate from a rock; fell 
Derrocar, to rob one of his fortune, happincsg 
Derrocar, vn. to tumble; fall down on the ground 
Derrochador, tm. prodigal; spendthrift; waster 
Derrochar, va. 1. to waste; make away with 
Derrompér, va. 3. to break; violate; inlringe 
Derrostrarse, v ref. to be defaced witli blows 
Derrota, sj. ship's course; tack uf a ship sailing 

12 DES 

Derrota, road; route (of army); opening in fences 
Derrota estimada, dead reckoning of a ship (na.) 
Derrota, (seguir en directa) , to steer directly 
Derrotar, va. 1. to cause to drive; fall off (wind) 
Derrotar, to destroy health, fortune; defeat 
Derrotar, n. to arrive at a place in a ruined state 
Derrote, tm. defeat; rout; destruction; ruin 
Derrotero, tm, collection of sea-charts; course 
Derrubiar, va. 1. to break the bounds (of a river) 
Derrubiar, to undermine, wash away the ground 
Derrubio, tm. insensible overflow oí water 
Derrucár, va. 1. to unhorse; throw off its rider 
Derruir, va. 3. to demolish; destroy; ruin 
Derrumbadero, tm. precipice; arduous affair 
Derrumbamiento, tm. precipitation; blind haste 
Derrumbar, a. 1. to precipitate; emit rays of light 
Derrumbarse, t'. ref. to precipitate one's self 
Dervis, tm. dervise (Turkish priest, monk) 
Des (contraction of De ese), ^ron. of this, of that 
Des que (contraction of Desde que), since that 
Desabarrancar, va. 1. to drag, draw out of a ditch 
Desabarrancar, to disentangle, extricate from 
Desabastecer, 2. to leave a piare unprovisioned 
Desabatir, va. 3. to lower; abate; lessen in price 
Desabejár, 1. to take away the bees from the hive 
Desabido, -a, adj. ignorant; illiterate; excessive 
Desabille, sm. dishaoille; undress; loose dress 
Desabitar, va. 1. to unbit (remove from the bits) 
Desabollador, tm. tin-worker's tool; tin-worker 
Desabollar, 1. to take bulges out of pewter dishes 
Desabono, tm. prejudice; disadvantage; injury 
Desabor,™, insipidity; want of taste; dejection 
Desaborár, va. 1. to render insipid; disgust; vex 
Desabordarse, 1. to get clear of a boarding ship 
Desaborido, -a, adj. insipid; tasteless; dull; flat 
Desabotonar, van. 1. to unbutton; blossom; blow 
Desabridamente, adv. bitterly; rudely; harshly 
Desabrido,-a,i'M(;. tasteless; sour; hard ; bleak (air) 
Desabrigadamente, adv. nakedly; without shelter 
Desabngado, -a, adj. uncovered; without support 
Desabrigar, van. 1. to uncover; strip; be naked 
Desabrigo, m. nudity; destitution; want of home 
Desabrimiento, »n. insipidity; severity of temper 
Desabrimiento, despondency; rebouiid(of guns) 
Desabrir, va. 3. to torment; plague; vex; harass 
Desabrochar, va. 1. to unclasp; unbutton; unclose 
Desabrocharse, to unbosom; tell in confidence 
Desacabalár, va. 1. to pilfer; make incomplete 
Desacalorarse, ref. 1. to take the fresh air; cool 
Desacatadamente, ad. in a disrespectful manner 
Desacatado, -a, adj. acting disrespectfully; rude 
Desacatadór, -a, t. uncivil, disrespectful person 
Desacatamiento, sm. disrespect; incivility 
Desacatar, va. 1. to treat in an uncivil manner 
Desacato^ tm. disrespect; incivility; ruder 

adj. destitute of sufficient oil 
1. to sweeten; assuage; mitigate 
te, adv. inconsiderately 
adj. inconsiderate; thoughtless 

Desacerbar, i'(s 
Desacertado, - . . 

Desacertar, va». I. to mistake; miscondi . 
Desacierto, stn. errour; mistake; blunder; fault 
Desacobardar, va. 1. to inspirit; encourage 
Desacollar, va. 1. to dig about, cultivate vines 
Desacomodadamente, adv. incommodiously 
Desacomodado, -a, adj. destitute; out of place 
Desacomodamiento, tm. inconvenience; trouble 
Desacomodar, a. incommode; turn out of pi. 
Desacompañamiénto, m. want of company, society 
Desacompañar, i/a. l.toretire; leave the company 
Desaconsejado, -a, adj. inconsiderate; ill-advised 
Desaconsejar, f'«. I. to dissuade; divert by reason 
Desacordadamente, adv. without reflection 
Desacordado, -a, «(//.discordant (colour in paint) 
Desacordaniiento.m.discordance; neglect; errour • 

Desacordánza, if. disagreement; opposition 
Desacordar, a. 1. to untune; disorder the harmon 
ücsacordár, «. to discord; disai»ree; not suit wit] 
Desacordarse, v. rcj. to be forg^etCul, at varianci 
Desacorde, adj. discordant; opposite; contrary 
Desacorrarár, im. 1. to let out of tlie penfold 
Desacostumbradamente, nd. contrary to custom 
Desacostumbrado, -a, adj. contrary to custom 
Desacostumbrar, a. 1. to" disuse; lose the custon 

Desacuerdo, dera: 
Desaderezar, va. 
Desadeudar, va. 1 
Desadorar, va. 1. 1 



e; love no longei 

)use from stupor 

lierate, thoughtli 
eed without thou 

Desadornar, a. 1. to disauori 
Desadorno, sm. want of emt 
Desadvcrtidaménte, adv. im 
Desadvertido, -a, a. incou,i 
Desadvertimiénto, m. want 
Desadvertir, v. 3. to act, proi 
Desafamación, sj . defamatio 
Desafamar, va. 1. to defame 
Desafear, vn. 1. to maiic ugi 
Desafectación, s/. reserve; 
Desafecto, -a, a. disatfected; 

Desafecto, sm. disaffection; 

Desafeitár, va. 1. to dirty; make ugly; disadorn 

*~ ■ uiifurl the sails (na.) ; looser 

mza, xj. challeng^f 

;prive of beauty 
of affection 
ting affection 


uge; 1 




Desafiador, , 


Desafiiir, va. 1. to challenge; 

Desafición, sJ. disaffection; \ 

Desaficionar, va. 1. to destro 

Desafinadamente, orfi-.'in a d 
Desafinar, v.iv. 1. to untune; 
Desafio, vn. challenge; duel 

fight du 
; duellisi 


adj. huge; ( 


h upon o 

Desaforarse, < 
Desaforarse, t 

Desaforrar, a. 1. to take off the linintr | 
Desaforrar los cáliles, to unserve the C! 
Desafortunado, -a, adj. unfortunate; i 
Desafuciamieuto, sm. difüdence; niisti 
Desafuero, m. injustice; violation of oi 
Desagarrar, va. i. to release; set at lil 
Desagotar, va. 1 to drain off water; wa 
Desagraciado, -a, ad), ungraceful; ine: 
Desagraciar, va. 1. t¿ disfigure; make i 
Desagradable, «dj. disagreea"- - ' 

Desagradar, v„. . 

Desagradecido, - 

Desagrado, stn. a 



Desaguar, vt 

Desagüe, i)n. 


ijár, ! 


Desahogar, ( 


. to flow, empty into the sea (river) 
". rpf. to discharge by vomits, &c. 
r'«. 1. to drain, draw the water from 
channel; drain; uncommon expense 
líente, adv. injuriously; unjustly 
-a, adj. injuiious; exorbitant; bold 
sm. injury; offence; wrong; hurt 
. 1. to wean; put from the breast 
". r. to swarm; quit the hive (bees) 
V. ref. to relieve the stomach 
freely; impudently 

;; alie 

Desahogar, _ 
Desahogarse, te 
Desahogo, Sm. e 
Desahogo, disd 
Desahuciad améi 
Desahuciado, -a 
Desahuciar, va. 

Desahumado, -a 
Desahumar, a. 1 
Desainar, o. ¡. te 
Desainarse, r. u 


iation; laxity 
te pain, distress 
fatigue, illness 
grief; represent 
self from debt 

grief; looseness 
te, ad. with no hope of recovery 
adj. given over; despaired of 
I. to despair; give over; dismiss 
- away cattle from a pasture 



ig away cattle from a pasture 
adj. mild; faded; become vapid 
to tree from smoke; expel smoke 
xtenuation by overheating (ho.) 
extenuate, lessen the fat (of ani.) 
lose a great quantity of blood 

; slight 


Desalad ail 
Desalar, 1. to ci 
Desalarse, v. r. 
Desalbardar, va 
Desalentar, va. 
Desalentar, to di 
Desalentarse, v. 
Desalforjar, va. 
Desalforjarse, v. 
Desalhajar, a. 1. 

ref. 1. to ceas 

"/. 1. to excuse; exempt one's self 
. 1. to disunite; disjoin; separate 

1. to disproportion; mismatch 

'. to withdraw from an agreement 

disproportion; unsuitableness 

. 1. to straighten a plank warped 

, adv. anxiously; with speed 

:ut off the wings; freshen salt fish 

/. 1. to take off the pack-saddle 
' 'o put out of breath by labour 
lurage; dispirit; damp; dismay 

:o take otf the saddle-bags 
/. to take oft' one's trappings 
unfurnish; strip off furniture 
nay; fall of courage; damp 

Desaliño, s: 
Desalivar, i 
Desalmar, i 

. 1. t 

salivate; < 

¡charge saliva 
lanly; cruellv 

ruel; profligate 
3, sw. cruelty, profligacy 
1. to take away one's life violently 
uesaimar, to speak with ingenuity and candour 
Desalmarse, v. ref. to desire very anxiously 
Desalmenado, -a, a. without turrets, an ornament 
Desalmidonár, a. 1. to take the starch out of linea 
Desalojamiento, sm. expulsion; dislodging 

dislodge the enemy's troops 
|uit one's house, apartments 
to allay; assuage; settle 
te, ad. obscurely; erroneously 
(/. dazzled; grop'ing in the darK 
>, sill, blindness; ignorance 
forthy of being loved; hateful 

;. 1. t 

Desamadór, (m. hater; detester; one who dislikes 
Desamar, va. 1. to love no more; hate; detest 
Desamarrar, va. 1. to unmoor (a skip); untie 
Desamarrar un cabo, to unbeud a rope (naut.) 
Desamasado, -a, adj. dissolved; parted; disunited 
Desamigado, -a, adj. ceased to be a friend 
Desamistád, sf. unñiendiiness: dislike 
Desamistárse, v. ref. 1. to break off friendship 
Desamodorrar, vn. I. to remove lethargy 
Desamoldar, 1. tonnmould; change the symmetry 
Desamor, »m. dislike; disregard; disaffection 
Desamoradamente, adv. witnout love; harshly 
Desamorado, -a, adj. cold-hearted; harsh; rude 
Desamorar, va. 1. to cease loving; disregard 
Desamoroso, -a, adj. unloving; void of love 
Desamorrar, va. 1. to cheer up; make one yield 
Desamotinarse, v. ref. 1. tonithdraw from mutiny 
Desamparadór, -a. deserter; forsaker; abandoner 
Desamparamic'nto, sin. desertion; abandonment 
Desamparar, «. 1. to forsake; abandon; quit a place 
Desamparar los bienes, to give up one's property 
Desamparo, sin. abandonment; dereliction 
Desamueblado, -a, n. unfurnished; without goods 
Desamueblar, va. 1. to uufomisb; strip of goods 
Desancorar, va. 1. to weigh, raise anchor(uaut.) 
Desandar, 1. to retrograde; go back the same way 
Desandarlo andando, to undo what has been done 
üesandr^ádo, -a, «rfj. ragged; dressed in tatters 
Desangramiento, sm. bleeding to excess 
Desangrar, va. 1. to bleed to excess; impoverish 
Desanidar, vn. 1. to forsake the nest (birds) 
Desanidar, a. to dislodge; seize runawaysin a den 
Desanimadamente, adv. without animation 
Desanimar, va.\. to dishearten; discourage; damp 
Desanimarse, v. to be disheartened; dispirited 
Desanudar, va. 1. to untie; loosen; extricate 
Desanudar la voz, to pronounce clearly, freely 
Desañudadúra, sf. untying; disembarrassment 
Desañudar, va. 1. to untie; loosen; disembarrass 
Desaojadera, sf. supposed curer of charms (wom.) 
Desapacibilidad, sf. rudeness; peevishness 
Desapacible, adj. sharp; rough; disagreeable 
Desapaciblemente, adv. sharply; disagreeably 
Desapadrinar, va. 1. to disprove; contradict 
Desapañar, va. 1. to undress; take off the clothes 
Desaparear, a. 1. to unmatch; disjoin; separate 
Desaparecer, van. 2. to remove out of sight; hide 
Desaparecerse, ref. to disappear; go out of sight 
Desaparecimiento, in. disappearance; vanisliing 
Desaparejar, vn. 1. to unharness; unrig (a ship) 
Desaparroquiarse, ref. 1. to change one's parish 
Desaparroquiarse, to cease to deal at a shop 
Desapartar, a. 1. to part; disjoin; impede; disturb 
Desapasionadamente, adv. without partiality 
Desapasionar, a. 1. to root out a strong affection 
Desapegar, va. 1. to disjoin; disunite; separate 
Desapegarse, v. ref. to be impartial, unbiassed 
Desapego, sin. indifference; impartiality 
Desapercibidamente, adv. inadvertently 
Desapercibido, -a, adj. unguarded; careless 
Desapercibimiento, Desapercibido, in. disregard 
Desapestár, va. 1. to cure of the plague 
Desapiadadamente, adv. impiously; cruelly 
Desapiadado, -a, adj. impious; cruel; hard-hearted 
Desapiladór, m. man taking down the piles of wool 
Desapiolár, a. 1. to loose the strings tying game 
Desaplicación, sf. inattention; carelessness 
Desaplicadamente, adv. without attention, care 
Desaplicado, -a, adj. inattentive; careless; lazy 
Desapoderadamente, adv. precipitately; in a fury 
Desapoderado, -a, adj. impetuous; furious; huge 
Desapoderamiento, sm. excessive boldness 
Desapoderar, a. 1. to rob of property; dispossess 
Desapoderar, to revoke a power of attorney 


Desapolillar, va. 1. to free, clear of moths 
Desapolillarse, v. ref. to take the air when cold 
Desaposentar, a.l. to turn one outofhis lodging's 
Desaposentar, to drive away from one's mind 
Desaposesionar, va. 1. to dispossess; deprive 
Desapostár, n. 1. to dislodge the enemy fromapost 
Desapostúra,»/. inelegance; deformity; indecency 
Desapoyar, a. 1. to remove the foundation; unprop 
Desapreciar, va. I. to depreciate; undervalue 
Desaprecio, sm. depreciation: undervaluing 
Desaprend"r, 2. to unlearn; forget one's learning 
Desaprensar, a. 1. to take off the gloss of cloth 
Desaprensar, to free one's self from a difficulty 
Desapretar, a. 1. to slacken; loosen; relax; unbind 
Desapretar, to ease; free from anxiety & trouble 
Desaprir, a. 3. to disjoin; disunite; separate; part 
Desaprisionar, va. 1. to set at liberty; release 
Desaprisionar, to remove an impediment 
Desaprobación, sf. disapprobation; censure 
Desaprobar, a. 1. to disapprove; censure; reprove 
Desapropiamiento, sin. alienation; expropriation 
Desapropiarse, v. ref. 1. to alienate: expropriate 
Desapropio, «i. alienation; transfer of property 
Desaprovechadamente, adv. uupro6tably 
Desaprovechado, -a, adj. unprofitable; backward 
Desaprovechamiento, m. backwardness; dulness 
Desaprovechar, va. 1. to waste; turn to a bad use 
Desaprovechar, to be backward; make no process 
Desapteza,/. unfitness; ineptitude; incapacity 
Desápto, -a, adj. unfit; inept; incapable; useless 
Dcsapuésto, -a, adj. inelegant: uncomely; 

Desapuntar, to raze the days missed at the choir 
Desarbolar, va. I. to unmast, lay up in ordinary 
Desarbolo, >m. unmasting; laying up in ordinary 
Desarenar, va.\.toia\te away'thesand(ofaplacc) 
Desareno, sin. clearing a place of sand 
Desarmado, -a, adj. unanned; defenceless; naked 
Desarmador, sm. man who discharges a gun 
Desarmadura, sf. Desarmamiento, in. disarming 
Desarmar, n. 1 . to disarm ; disband a body of troops 
Desannár, undo (a thing) ; dismount a cross-bow 
Desarmar, prohibit the carr}'ing of arms; butt 
Desarmar, pacify; disarm vengeance, wrath 
Desarme, sm. disanning of ships 
Desarraigar, a. 1. to eradicate; extirpate; banish 
Desarraigo, in. rooting up; eradication; excision 
Desarrapado, -a, arfj. ragged; dressed in tatters 
Desarrebozar, «.1. tounmulflle;lay open; discover 
Desarrebujar, va. 1. to unfold; uncover; explain 
Desarregladamente, ad. in a disorderly manner 
Desarreglado, -a, adj. extravagant; immoderate 
Desarreglar, a. 1. to disorder; put out of order 
Desarreglo, sm. disorder: licentiousness 
Desarrendarse, v ref. 1. to shake off the bridle 
Desarrevolver, a. 2. to unfold; decipher; unravel 
Desarrimar, va. 1. to remove; separate; dissuade 
Desarrimo, sm. want of props, support 
Desarrollar, va. 1. to unrol; unfurl; unfold 
Desarromadizár, va. 1. to cure of a cold 
Desarropar, va. 1. to undress; take off the clothes 
Desarrugadúra, sf. taking out of wrinkles 
Desarrugar, va. 1. to take out wrinkles 
Desarrumár, va. 1. to unload, discharge the cargo 
Desartillar, va. 1. to take the guns out of a ship 
Desasado, -a, adj. with broken handles 
Desaseadamente, adv. uncleanly; nastily 
Desasear, va. to make dirty; disorder; disturb 
Desasegurar, a. 1. to lose the security (of things) 
Desasent:ir, a. 1. to disagree with; not to sit w'ell 
Desasentarse, v. ref. to arise from one's seat 
Dcsasi-o, sm. uncleanliness; filth; disorder 
Desasesádo, -a, adj. senseless; without judgment 


Desasimiento, m. looseiiin!?i disinterestedness 
Desasir, va. 3. to loosen; disentangle; give up 
Desasirse, ref. to (lisengajte, extricate une s st 
Desasnar, va. 1. to polisti one's manners; civili; 
Ufsasndrse, r- to ifrow sharp; learn goorl manne 

1. to disquiet; deprive of re 

i ' . !. M.~.,i ur-, ";í/í'. in a miserable manne 
Desastrado, -a, <i(!j. miserable; 
Desastre, sm. disa'stc 

Desatacar, a. 1. to loosen; untie, unbuid; draw out 
Desatadamente, ndv. without order, union 
Desatado, -a, ttilj. loose; untied; unbound 
Desatador, i»i. who unties, unbinds; absolver 
Desatadura,/. Desatamienío, m. untying(a knot) 
Desatancar, va. 1. to clear the sewers, conduits 
DesatapadCira, uncovering; taking off the cover 
Desatapár, va. 1. to uncover; take off the cover 
•^ ~ ' ^ - 1-:. J -iddle; liquefy 

;o let 01 
t. 1. to I 


; talkni 

Desatarse, ; 

Desatascar, — .. — 

Desatascar, to extricate one from difticulties 
Desataviar, va. 1. to strip off decorations 
Desatavio, im. uncleanliness; want of neatness 
Desatenipíárse, r. 1. to be discomposed; act rashly 
Desatención, s/. want of attention; disrespect 
Desatender, a. 2. to disregard; take no notice of 
Desatentadamente, udi'. inconsiderately 
Desatentado, -a, ndj. inconsiderate; imprudent 
Desatentamente, 'tdv. disrespectfully; rudely 
DeSHteutamiento, s>u. want of thought 
Desatentar, va. 1. to disturb, pei"plex the mind 
Desatento, -a, a. inattentive; thoughtless; rude 
Desatesádo, -a, «. weak; feeble; languishing; lax 
Desatesorar, n. 1. to spend, remove the treasure 
Desatiento, sm. «ant of thouglit; inattention 
Desatinadamente, adv. inconsiderately; wildly 
Desatinado, -a, adj. extravagant; giddy; foolish 
Desatinado, sni. id'iot; dolt; fool; madman 
Desatinar, «. do foolish things; make one mad 

dote; stagger 

;r from stupor 
ar away (naut.) 
aite; separate 
3uple hounds 

Desatinar, to throw in 
Desatinar, vi/. to talk 
Desatino, sm. wildness; reelii 
Desatollar, va. 1. to pull out t 
Desatolondrado, -a, adj. reco' 
Desatolondrar; a. 1. to restor* 
Desatolondrarse, v. ref. to re< 
Desatontarse, v. ref. 1. to rec 
Desatracar, a. 1. to sheer off; 
Desatraer, va. 2. to disjoin; di 
Dcsatrahillár, va. 1. to untie. 
Desatrampar, a. 1. to clear, clean a conduit. 
Desatrancar, a. 1. to unbar, unbolt; clean a well 
Desatufarse, r. allay one's passion; grow calm 
Desaturdidór, sm. rouser, exciter; encourager 
Desaturdir, va. 3. to rouse from a state of stupor 
Desautoridad, sf. want of authority, power 
Desautorizar, va. 1. to disauthorize; disempower 
Desavahado, -a, adj. free from fogs, clouds 
Desavahar, va. 1. tb expose to the air; evaporate 
Desavaharse, v. ref. to grow lively, sprightly 
Desavecindado, -a, adj. deserted;' depopulated 
Desavecindarse, v. ref. to change one's domicile 
Desavenencia, tf. disagreement; misconception 
Desavenido, -a, adj. discordant; t" 
Desavenir, va. ', 
Desavenirse, v. 
Desaventajad an 

o discompose; disconcert 
f. to disagree; differ; quarrel 
-?, udu. (lisadvautageously 

Desavez „, , 

Dcsavczár, a. 1. to disuse; lose the custom, habit 
Desaviar, va. 1. to deviate; lead astray; bereave 



IS of 

;d; disgraced 
uesavio,?;/.goiugastray; want of necessary mean! 
Desavisado, -a, a. ill-advised; misguided; mislet 
Desavisar, va. 1. to give a contrary account 
Desavisar, countermand; repeal a former order 

Desayudarse, ref. to be negligent in one's duty 
Desayunar, va. 1. to give the first intelligence 
Uesavunárse, r. to breakfast; eat the first meal 
Desayunarse, to have the first intelligence 
Desayuno, sm. breakfast; first meal in the day 
Desayuntamiento, sm. dissolution; disjunction 
Desayuntár, a. 1. to disunite; separate; dissolve 
Desayustar, a. 1. to unbend a rope, cable (naut.) 
Desazogar, va. 1. to take off the quicksilver 
Desazón, i)M. insipidity; disgust; unfitness 
Desazonado, -a, adj. ill-adapted; peevish; poorly 
Desazonar, va. 1. to render insipid; disgust; vex 
Desazonarse, v. ref. to be indisposed; be sick 
Desbabado, -a, adj. beardless; having no beard 
Desbabar, vn. 1. to drivel; slaver; drop; dote 
Desbabarse, re/. 1. to be deeply inlove; dote upon 
Desbagar, a. 1. to extract flax-seed from the pods 
Desbalijamiento, sm. plundering a porti 


o gut 01 

DesbaUestar, va. 1. to unbend a cross-bow [in it 
Deshancar, a. 1. to clear a room of the benches 
Deshancar, to win all the money of a gambler 
Desbandarse, r. 1. to disband; desert the colours 
Desbañádo,'!. not having taken water when wanted 
Desbaratailamente, ad. disorderly; without rule 
Desbaratado, -a, a. debauched; dissolute; rakish 
Uesbaratadór, -a, snif. debauclier; destroyer 
Desbaratamiento, sm. perturbation; com ''" 
Desbaratar, va. 1. to destroy; rout; wast 
Desbaratar, n. to speak foolishly; talk ni 
Desbaratar la paz, va. to break the peace 
Desbaratar la plática, to interrupt the talk 
Desbaratarse, re/, to be disordered in one's mind 
Desbarate, -ato, sm. defeat; ignorance [(things) 
Desbaraustár, va. 1. to disorder; derange, ruiu 
Desbarai'iste, óík. disorder; derangement 
Desbarbar, a. 1. to shave; trim, cut off filaments 
Desoarbillar, va. 1. to prune young vines' scions 
Desbardar, va. 1 to uncover a wall, fence 
Desbarrar, n. 1. to rove; go beyond limits; waver 
Desbarretar, a. 1. to unbar; unbolt; take off bars 
Desbarrigado, -a, a. little bellied; disembowelled 
Desbarrigar, va. 1. to eventerate; open the belly 
Desbarro, m. falling into error; nonsense; frenzy 
Desbastadura, s/. planing; polishing; tr •-- 



Desbaste, sm. hewing; trimming; polishing 
Desbastecido, -a, adj. wanting sufficient stores 
Desbautizarse, r. 1 to be angry; fly into a passion 
Desbazadero, sm. damp, humid, slippery place 

Desbocadamente, «íi. impudently; without shame 
Desbocado, -a, a. open-mouthed; broken-lipped 
Desbocádo,-a, foul-mouthed; indecent; wild (ho.) 
Desbocamiento, sm. impudence; impertinence 
Desbocar, a. 1. to break the rim of a mug, jar, &c. 
Desbocar, n. to disembogue; empty into the sea 
Desbocarse, v. ref. to use injurious language 
Desbocarse, to be hard-mouthed; wild (horse) 
Desbombár, va. 1. to pump out water 
Desbonetárse, r. 1. to take off one's cap, bonnet 
Desboquillar, a. 1. to break tlie mouth of (avessel) 

Uesbordár, va. 1. to overflow; inundate; run over 
Desboronar, a. 1. to destroy, ruin little by little 
Desborrar, n. 1. to cut ofTtbe loose threads (of stu.) 
üesborrár,to lop off the branches of trees,(mul.) 
Desbozar, a. 1. to take off the relievos of a statue 
Debragádo, -a, unbrecched; without breeches 
Desbraguetádo -a, a. with breeches open before 
Desbravar, va. 1. I to tame; break in (horse) ¡di- 
Desbravecer, -a, 2. / miuishthestrengtb ¡moderate 
Desbrazarse, v. ref. 1. to stretch out one's arms 
De8brevárse,rc/. evaporate; g^row weak (wine) 
Desbriznar, 1. to chop; niiuce; cut in small parts 
Desbrozar, o. clear, take away rubbish; clean 
Desbrozo, <m. clearing away rubbish; cleaning 
Desbruár, va. 1. to cleanse cloth of grease; tuU 
Desbrujar, va. 1. to destroy, ruin insensibly 
Desbuchar, a. disclose one's secrets; cast up 
Desbulla, sf. part of the oyster left on the shell 
Desbullar, a. 1. to extract an oyster from the shell 
Desea, sf. tar-pot (vessel with liquid pitcli, iiaut.) 
Descabal, a. imperfect; defective; incomplete 
Descabalár,r< make incomplete; pilfer; impair 
Descabalgadúra, ¡f. dismounting from a horse 
Descabalgar, a. 1. todismount,alightfromahorse 
Desraballár, a. 1. to clear exuberant leaves, buds 
Descabelladamente, adv. without order, method 
Descabellado, -a, adj. dishevelled; disorderly 
Descabellado, -a, lavish; wild; violent; uufit 
Descabelladúra, if. ruffling of the hair 
Descabellamiento, sin. absurd action; speech 
Descabellar, va. 1. to disorder, undress the hair 
Descabe6árse,í'.rf/. 1. to disorder, toss one's hair 
Descabestrar, a. 1. tounbalter; disentangle (bea.) 
Descabezádo,-a, a. beheaded; light-headed, giddy 
Descabezamiento, ¡in. beheading; perplexity 
Descabezár.a.l. to behead; overcome; termii 
Descabezar el sueño, to take a nap, a short sleep 
Descabezar, vu. to terminate; join another land 
Descabezarse, v. ref. to screw one's wits, brains 
Descabezarse una vena, to burst a blood-vessel 
Descabritar, a. 1. to wean kids (from the she-goat) 
Descabullirse, ref. 3. to sneak off; elude; avoid 
Descacilár, a. 1. to cut the ends of bricks equaljy 
Descaderar, a. 1. to hip; sprain, dislocate the hip 
Descadillár, va. 1. to cut off the fag-end of a web 
Descaecer, 2. to droop; decline; edge away (naut.) 
Descaecido, -a, adj. weak; feeble; languishing 
Descaecimiento, ) weakness; debility; despon- 
Descaimiento, iin./dency; lowness of spirits 
Descaer, 2. to decline; decay; languish; grow weak 
Descalabazarse, t;. rej. 1, to puzzle one's brains 
Descalabrado, -a, a. injured; wounded in the head 
Descalabrado (ssilir) , to have been a loser in, &c. 
Descalabradura,/, contusion, wound in the head 
Descalabrar, to break, hurt the head with a blow 
Descalabrar, to impeach one's character; injure 
Descalabrar un navio, to disable a ship (naut.) 
Descalabro, sm. calamitous event; misfortune 
Descalandrajar, va. 1. to rend, tear one's clothes 
Descalcañalar, a. 1. to smooth; level the furrows 
Descalcañar, va. 1. to cut off the talons, heels 
Descalcez, y. bareness of the feet; being barefoot 
Descalladór, ím. farrier; shoer of horses, &c. 
Descalorársc, v. ref. 1. to take the fresh air 
Descalostrádo, -a, a. having passed the first milk 
Descalzadero, am. little door of a pigeon-house 
Descalzado, -a, adj. barefooted; witnout shoes 
Descalzar, a. 1. to pull off the shoes & stockings 
Descalzar, to remove an obstacle (to awheel) 
Descalzarse, to {luU off one's own shoes & stock. 
Descalzarse de risa, to burst into laughter 
Descalzarse los guantes, to pull off one's gloves 
Descalzo, -a, adj. barefoot; barefooted 
Descaaiinadameute, adv. absurdly, out of order 


Descaminado, -a, adj. misguided; ill-advised 
Descaminado, -a, (ir) to deviate from rectitude 
Descaminar, a. misguide; lead astray; seduce 
Descaminar, to seize upon goods for unpaid duty 
Descamino, »»/i. seizure of goods for unpaid duty 
Descamino, duty imposed on goods seized; crrour 
Descamino, deviation from the high road, truth 
Descamisado, -a, adj. without a shirt; very poor 
Descampado, -a, a. disengaged; clear; open; free 
Descampado (en) , exposed to wind & weather 
Descampar, vn. 1. to cease raining; leave off work 
Descañár, a. break the arm, leg, stem, branch 
Descaudalado, -a, adj. left without fortune 

Descansadamente, adv. with ease; undoubtedly 
Descansadero, i»i. place of repose, rest, quiet 
Descansado, -a, adj. affording repose, rest, quiet 
Descansar, n. 1. to rest from labour; pause; repose 
Descansar, lean upon; trust; rest; be interred 
Descansar, va. to aid, ease in labour, fatigue 
Descansar sobre los ramos, to rest on the oars 
Descansa harriero (á), adv. conveniently 
Descansa harriero (dar á), to give blows easily 
Descanso, »n. rest; repose; pause; quiet; day of rest 
Descanso, ladies' undress; landing-place of stairs 
Descanso, halting-day on a march; seat; bench 
Descanso, partner of the bowsprit (naut.) 
Descantear, va. 1. to smooth angles, corners 
Deacanterár, va. 1. to take off the crust (of bread) 
Descantillar \vu. 1. to pare off; break part ol. 
Descantonar / subtract part from a total; lessen 
Descantillón, m. line marked to cut a scantling 
Dcscapar, va. 1. to strip one of his cloak 
Descaperuzar, a. 1. to take off the cowl from one 
Descaperuzarse, v. ref. to uncover one's head 
Descaperuzo, in. salute by taking off one's huod 
Descapillar, a. 1. to take off the hood, cowl, cap 
Descapirotár, va. 1. to take off the doctor's cap 
Descaradamente,'»/», iuabold, iiupudeir*— - - 

Descarga, sf. unloading; discharge of a 
Descarga, volley; general discharge of guns, Í 
Descarga de aduana, clearance at the custom-1 
Descargadero, ím. wharf; unloading place 
Descargador, ím. discharger; wharfinger; porter 
Descargadúra, /.boning meat(to be more thrifty) 
Descargamiento, i»i. exoneration; discharge 
Descargar, a. 1. to discharge; unload; lighten; fire 
Descargar, to bone (meat) ; unship a cargo; acquit 
Descargar, «.disembogue; discharge into the sr 
Descargarse, ref. to give a plea to an accusatiu 
Descargarse, to resign one's place; lose lustre 
Descargo, >/i. exoneration; receipt; plea; acquittal , 
Descargue, sm. alleviation Irom a ¿urthen 
Descariñarse, r. 1. to lose one's love for (a thing) 
Descariño, sm. coolness; loss of love, affection 
Dcscarnadór, m. instrument to excaruate a tooth 
Descarnadura,'/, removing, taking away the flesh 
Descarnar, va. 1. to excaruate; take away part of 
Descarnar, to inquire, search minutely into 
Descarnarse, v. ref. to run through one's fortune 
Descaro, iw». impudence; effrontery; saueiness 
Descarriamiento, i«. losing one's way; misguiding 
Descarriar, va. 1. to lead astray; separate cattle 
Descarriarse, ref. to be disjoined; lose one's way 
Descarriarse, to deviate from justice; go astray 
Descarrillar, va. 1. to tear the jaws asunder 
Descarrio, sm. losing one's way; going astray 
Descartar, a. 1. to discaid; dismiss; put, lay aside 


Descartarse, v. ref. to discard; excuse one's 
Descartarse, to plead innoceiuc to a charee 
Descarte, sm. cards thrown out; discardinir 
Descarte, —'-•-'■ • 






Descolgarse, to glide; flow; run down ( 
Descoligado, -a, adj. disjoined from a le 
Descolladamente, adv. with an air of au 
DescoUamiénto, )«. enormous height of a 

to peel; decorticate; strip off bark 
^L.irse, V. re), to hreak into pieces 
1-1 íirár, a. 1. to decorticate; boast; bluster 
■ ..ararse, v. ref. to fall, come off (outside) 

i •• -i ;isp;ir, «. 1. to scrape the fleshy part of a hide 
Descaspar, take the daiidriff from the head 
Descasque, m. decortication; taking off the bark 
Decastar, va. 1. to deteriorate a race, lineage 
Descebar, a. 1. to take awav the priming (of guns) 
Descendencia, sf. descent; origin; extraction 
Descendente, a. descending; declivous; sloping 
Descender, vn. 2. to descend; go down; proceed 
Descender, decline in esteem, Ike; expatiate on 
Descender, a. to let down; lower; take, bring down 
Descendida, sf. descent; disembarkment 
Descendiente, n. descending; allied by descent 
Descendn'ntc, sm. descendant; lineal offspring 
Descendiente, sf descent; inclination of an arch 
Descenanniento, sm. lowering down; descensión 
Descendimiento, deliuxion from the head 
Desceñidúra,y. disjunction; untying; loosening 
Desceñir, va. 3. to ungird; take off the girdle 
Descensión, sf. descensión; descent; origin 
Descenso, sm'. descent; degradation; descensión 
Descanta,/, invasion; hostile entrance; attack 
Descepar, va. 1. to eradicate; root up; demolish 
Descerar,«.l. to take the empty combs from a hive 
Descercado, -a, a. unfortified; undefended; open 
Descercadór, sm. he that forces to raise a siege 
Descercar, vn. 1. to destroy, pull down a wall 
Descercar, to force the enemy to raise the siege 


!. 1. 1 

'; loftine 

5f the 


Descerrajado, -a, adj. vicious; wicked; corrupt 
Deseerrajadúra, sf. taking off fastenings, bolts 
Descerrajar, va. 1. to take off the lock of a door 
Descerrajar, to 6re; discharge fire-arms 
Descerrumarse, ref. 1. to be wrenched, distorted 
Descervigar, va. 1. to twist the neck 
Descetranar, a. 1. to gnaw wood to its very heart 
Descifrador, sm. decipherer; explainer of ciphers 
Descifrar, va. 1. to decipher; unravel; unfold 

to raze; pull down to the gronnrl 
1 ungirth; loose the girth (h. 



■s (in 

11 a grape 
:'s clothes 

I. to clear, free from insects (trees') 
ef. tobe impudent; shameless; bold 
!. to digest; concoct in the stomach 
adj. very 

Descoco, sm. impudence; boldness; 
Uescodar, va. 1. to unsew; unstitch; 
Descoger, va. 2. to unfold; spread 

i Descogollar, &.i. m 
I Descogotádo, -a, a. ' 
Descogotár, a. 1. to 
Descogotár, to knoc 
Descolar, r«. 1. to d 

Descolgar, va. 1. to 
Descolgarse, ref. to i 

the heart of a plant 

itli the neck bare & exposed 
ill by one blow on the nape 
off a stag's horns at a blow 
ck; cut off the tail, fag-end 

ike down (things hung up) 

entiy; sli 


DescoUárse, ref. to exceed; outdo; be superior 
Descolmár, va. 1. to strike corn with a strickle 
Descolmillar, r«. 1. todr: "' ' 

Descoloramiento, sm. pal, 
Descolorar, va. 1. to disc 

Descolorido, -a, adj. c 

pull the eye-teeth 

5S; growing pale 

ir; change colour 

lie discoloured, pale 

ared; pallid; pale 

, adv. 1 

itof C( 


Descomedido, -a, adj. haughty;' lofty; insolent 
Descomedimiento, ni. affected disdain of a thing 
Descómodo, -a, adj. inconvenient; unsuitable 
Descomodidad, s/Zincommodity; inconvenience 
Descompadrar, «. 1. to disagree; differ; quarrel 
Descompafiár, a. 1. to retire; leave the company 
Descompás, sm. excess; superfluity; redundance 
Descompasadamente, adv. out of proportion 
Descompasado, -a, adj. excessive; extravagant 
Descompasarse, r. 1. to exceed allrule& measure 
Descomponer, va. 2. to discompose; disconcert 
Descomponer, to decompound; decompose 
Descomponerse, r. to be out of temper, indisposed 
Descomposición, sf. disorder; decomposition 
Descompostura, s/. disagree] " ' 

Descompostura, slovenlines: 
Descompuestamente, ad. in ; 
Descompuesto, -a, a. bold; i 
Descomulgado, -a, adj. pervi 

Descomulgadór, ,,.„^. 

Descomulgar, va. 1. to ea 
Descomunal, adj. uncomii 
Descomunalmente, a. unc 

se; wicked 


n anathema 

Desconchar, <. 


Desconejár, a. 

sf discorc 
1. to ¡.ill a 
nte, adv. i 

oinposure; disorder 
scompose; disconcert 
i disagree (in price) 
! imprudent, indisposed 
ale; take off the scales 
posure; confusion 
dence; indolence; flux 
It; opposite; contrary 

(real number of rabbits 

Desconfiado, - 

Descoufiánte, adj. distrusting; suspicious 
Desconfianza, >f. diffidence; distrust; jealousy 
Desconfiar, va. 1. to distrust; suspect; doubt 
Desconformar, n. 1. to dissent; differ in opinion 
Desconforme, a. disagreeing; contrary; unlike 
Desconformidad, .if. disagreement; unlikeness 
Desconhortar, va. 1. to dishearten; discourage 
üesconhórte, sm. lassitude; dejection; timidity 
Uescouocencia, sf. ingratitude; ignorance 


Desconocer, a 

Desconocer la tierra, not to k 
Desconocer á uno por hijo, n 
Desconocidamente, adv. 

-a, adj. ungrateful; disguised 



Desconsiderado, -a, iidj. inconsiderate; rash 
Desconsolación, af. disconsolation; discomfort 
Desconsoladamente, ad. in a disconsolate manner 
Desconsolado, -a, adj. disconsolate; sad; sick 
Desconsolar, va. 1. to afflict; grieve; put in pain 
Desconsolarse, v. ref. to become low-spirited 
Desconsuelo, sm. trouble; a(9iction; disorder 
Descontagiar, «. 1. to purify; free from contagioi 
Descontamiento, ¡m. payment in part; discount 
Descontar, iin. 1. to discount; abate; diminish 
Descontentadizo, -a, adj. squeamish; displeased 
Descontentamiento, tm. discontent; displeasure 
Descontentar, vn.l. to discontent; displease 
Descontento, m. discontent; uneasiness; murmur 
Descontento, -a, adj. discontented; dissatisfied 
Descontinuación, «/. discontinuation; pause 
Descontinuar, va. 1. to discontinue; g^ve over 
Descontinuo, -a, adj. discontinued; disjoined 
Desconvenible, adj. inconsistent with; unfit 
Desconveniencia, sf. inconvenience; disunion 
Desconveniente, adj. inconvenient; discording 
Desconvenir, vn. 3. todisagree; be unlike; unsuit 
Desconversable, adj. unsocial; unfit for society 
Desconversár, vn. 1. to be unsocial; shun society 
Desconvidar, va. 1. to annul; revoke; disinvite 
Descopár, va. 1. to lop off the branches of a tree 
Descorazonadaménte, adv. inanimately; feebly 
Descorazonamiento, sm. lowness of spirits 
Descorazonar, a. 1. to tear out the heart; dispirit 
Descorazonar, to discourage; smite with love 
Descorchador, sm. one who barks the cork-tree 
Descorchador decolmena.stealerofahive's honey 
Descorchar, a. 1. to decorticate a cork-tree, &c. 
Descorchar, to break a bee-hive to steal the honey 
Descordar, va. 1. to uncord an instrumf " 
Descorderár,j) wean (lambs from th 
Descordójo, irn. taste; joy; pleasure; enjoyment 
Descornar, va. 1. to dishorn; deprive of horr- 
Descornar la flor, to discover a trick, fraud 
Descorrear, a. 1. to loosen the skin of tenderlings 
Descorregido, -a, adj. incorrigible; irreclaimable 
Descorrer, vn. 2. to run; flow; retrograde 
Descorrer la cortina, to draw the curtain 
Descorrimiento, m. flowing; fluxion (of liquids) 
Descortés, «dj. uncivil; unpolite; ill-bred; coarse 
Descortesía, sf. incivility; want of politeness 
Deseortesménte, adv. incivilly; unpolitelv 
Descortezador, m. barker; who strips off the bark 
Descortezadúra, sf. 1 decortication 
Descortezanüénto, mj stripping off the bark 
Descortezar, «. 1. to decorticate; strip off bark 
Descortezar, to take off the crust of bread; flay 
Descortezar, to break in (ahorse) ; polish; civUize 
Descortezarse, v. ref. to become civil, polite 
Descortezarse, to do with eagerness, assiduity 
Descosedura, sf. undoing, cutting open a seam 
Descoser, vn. 2. to unseam; cut open; rip; disjoin 
Descoser los labios, (no) to keep a deep silence 
Descoserse, v. ref. to clack without intermission 
Descosidamente, ad. excessively; immoderately 
Descosido, m. babbler; chatterer; teller of secrets 
Descosido, -a, nrfj". unseamed; ripped; unstitched 
Descostillar, vn. 1. to take out, break the ribs 
Descostillarse, to spram one's back bv a fall 
Descostrar, va. 1. to to take, cut off the crust 
Descostúmbre, sm. disuse; want of practice 
Descolar, a. 1. to remove the prohibition of a road 
Descoyuntamiento, m. dislocation; joint put out 
Descoyuntar, «. 1. to dislocate; disjoint; molest 
Descoyuntarse, v. ref. to feel some violent pain 
Descoyuntarse de risa, to burst with laughing 
Descoyunto, sm. luxation; disjointing of bones 
Descrccéncia,»A.decrease;decrement; diminution 
Descrecer, «n.2. to decrease; diminish; grow less 

Descrédito, ( 
Descreer, t 

fall; subside; grow short (day) 
, sm. decrease; decrement; decay 
discredit; dishonour; disgrace 

,. .„ disbelieve: abjure; not credit 

„^^^,^ , .., «dj. incredulous; unbelieving 

Descrepusculár, va. 1. to remove the twilight 
Descrestar, va. 1. to take off the crest 
Descriarse, 1. to pine awav with desire; weaken 
Describir, ü«. 3. to draw; depict; describe; relate 
Descrinár, a. 1. to dishevel; discompose; disturb 
Descripción, sf. description; delineation 
Descriptivo, -a, adj. descriptive; describing 
Descripto, -a, a. described; delineated; depicted 
Descriptório, -a, adj. descriptive; describing 
Descrismar, va. 1. to give a blow on the head 
Descrismar, to remove the chrism, the holy oil 
Descrismarse, to lose all patience; be enraged 
Descristianar, va. 1. to remove the chrism; oil 
Descrito, -a, «dj. described; delineated; depicted 
Descrucificar, «. 1. to take from a crucifix, cross 
Descruzár, va. 1. to undo the form of a cross 
Descuadernár,a. 1. to unbind (book); discompose 
Descuadrillado, m. sprain in the haunch (of ani.) 
Descuadrillado, -a, adj. separated from the ranks 
Descuadrillár, va. 1. to hough; hamstring; cut up 
Descuadrillarse, ref. to be sprained in the hips 
Descuajar, a. 1. to dissolve; eradicate; fnghteu 
Descuajo, sm. rooting up weeds (from a land) 
Descuartelado, (á) adv. abaft the beam (wind) 
Descuartizar, a. 1. to quarter; carve; cut eatables 
Descubierta, sf. pie without upper crust 
Descubierta, discovery; recognition (milit.) 
Descubierta, (á la) adv. openly; plainly; clearly 
Descubiertamente, adv. openly; manifestly 
Descubierto, m. whole of a discovery; exposition 
Descubierto, unroofed part of a house; balance 
Hoo,.„Kiort,iial) ad", openly; manifestly; plainly 
1, -a. «d/.uncovered;forsaken: forlorn 
lies,' Ji;i. small fan (used bv ladies) 
in, sf. view of a house over another 
ro, sm. eminence; rising ground 
r, -a, s. discoverer; investigator; scout 
r, vessel on a voyage of discovery 
énto, sm. discovery; disclosure 
Descubrir, va. 3. to discover; uncover; lay open 
Descubrir, find out; reveal; expose the sacrament discover alcak(nau.) 
Descubrir la tierra, to make the land (naut.) 
Descubrir el campo, to reconnoitre; view(milit.) 
Descubrir su pecho, to unbosom all one's secrets 
Descubrirse, v. ref. to take off one's hat to (one) 
Descuello, sm. enormous height (of anim.) 
Descuello, pre-eminence; haughtiness; pride 
Descuento, w. payment in part of a debt; discount 
Descuernacabras, sm. cold north wind 
Descuerno, m. scorn; inelegance; frown of fortune 
Descuidadamente ad. carelessly; negligently 
Descuidado, -a, a. careless; idle; unwary; slovenly 
Descuidar, va. 1. to neglect; make easy,car~'- • 
Descuidar, vn. to want attention, diligence 
Descuidarse, v. ref. to be forgetful of one's duty 
Descuidarse, to make one's self easv, at ease 
Descuido, sm. carelessness; oversight; rudeness 
Descuido, disgraceful action; imprudence 
Descuido, (al) adv. with affected carelessness 
Descuitado, -a, ndj. living without trouble, care 
Descular, W1.1 .to break the bottom, end of (thing) 
Descúlpa,/. excuse; apology; exculpation; plea 
Desculpár, va. 1. to exculpate; palliate; excuse 
Descultizár, a. 1. to free the style (from bombast^ 
Descumbrádo, -a, /id;, level; even; plain; smooth 
Descumplir, va. 3. not to fulfil one's duty 
I Dcscúra, sf. carelessness; want of atteutjon 

ÜES 1 

Desdar, va. 1. to untwist a rope (ropa-maker) 
Desde, pr. since; after; from Desde alii, thence 
Desde, adv. after; afterwards; next; following 
Desde aquí, from this place; for this reason 
Desde lué|{0, from that place; thence; instantly 

rv,:...i ».: '--jm this time forward 

iincc one's childlioud, infancy 
x^esuecir, u. o. lo ^ivc the lie: charge with untrutn 
Desdecir, vn. to degenemte; difter; fall to ruin 
Desdecirse, w. ref. to gainsay; recall one's word 
Desdél, (contraction of Desde él) since he 
Desdén, sm. disdain; contempt; affront; insult 
Desdén, (al) affectedly careless, negligent 
Desdeude, udit. f:-oin this time forward 
Desdenes de la fortuna, m. pl. frowns of fortune 
Desdentado, -a, adj. toothless; deprived of teeth 
Desdentar, va. 1. to pull, draw out teeth 
Desdeñable, a. contemptible; despicablt 



mpt; 1 

Desdeñ(5so, -a, adj. disdainful; contemptuous 
Desdevanar, va. \. to unwind, undo a clew 
Desdicha, sf. mistortune; ill-luck; great poverty 
Desdichadamente, ad. unfortunately; bv ill-luck 
Desdichadillo, -ito, -a, adj. a little unfortunate 
Desdichado, -a, adj. unfortunate; unlucky 
Desdichado (ser uii), to be a poor sorry creature 
Desdicho, -a, adj. degenerated; fallen to ruin 
Uesdinerar, va. 1. to rob, plunder of money 
Desdoblar, va. 1. to take out the folds; explain 
Desdoblar, to resume the thread of a discourse 

Desdonadamente, adv. ungente'elly insipidly 
Desdonddo, -a, adj. ungenteel; foolish; insipid 
Desdonár, va. 1. to take back a given present 
Desdorar, va. 1. to take oft' the gilding; disgrace 
Desdormido, -a, adj. alarmed; frightened 
Desdoro, sm. dishonour; disgrace; ignominy 
Deseable, «. desirable; eovetable; to be wished 
Deseablemente, adv. desirably; with desire 
Deseadór, -a, «»//. wisher; desirer; who longs for 
Desear, va. 1. to desire; wish for; covet; claim 
Desecación, s/. drying up; making dry 
Desecamiento, sm. exsiccation; making dry 
Desecante, sm. & adj. desiccant; absorbent 
Desecar, «. 1. to dry; absorb; desiccate; detain 
Desecativo, -a, a. desiccative; drying; exsiccant 
Desechadaméute, adv. vilely; despicably; basely 
Desechado, -a, adj. refused; excluded; rejected 
Desechar, va. 1. to depreciate; reject; fling away 
Desechar, refuse; expel; exclude; condemn (ship) 
Desecho, sin. residue; refuse; offal; disregard 
Desedificacióu, sf. demolition; bad example 
Desedificar, a. 1. to demolish; set a bad example 
Deseguida, sf. prostitute; unchaste, lewd woman 
Deseguir, vu. 3. to follow any one's party 
Desejecutár, «. 1. to liberate from execution (la.) 
Deselladúra, sf. unsealing; taking off the seal 
Desellar, va. 1. to unseal; take off the seal, &c. 
Desembalar, Ha. unpack; open packed goods 
Deseraballestár, dispose to a descent (falc) 
Desembanastar, a. emptv a basket of its load 
Desembanastar, to talk at random; draw the sword 
Desembanastarse, v. ref. to break loose; escape 
Desembarazadamente, ad. without restraint 
Desembarazado, -a, adj. unrestrained; free 
Desembarazar, va. 1. to disembarass; free; clear 
Desembarazarse, r. to free one's self from trouble 
Desembarazo, sm. disembarrassment; freedom 
Desembarcaciijn, sf. disembarkment; landing 
Desembarcadero, sm. landing-place; wharf; key 
Desembarcar, van. 1. to disembark; tmship; land 

Desembarque, a 
Desembarrar, v 
Desembaúlar, ; 
Desembaúlar, t 

ef magistrate (in Portug.) 

m embargo, sequestration 
ving an impediment 
1 embargo, sequestration 
ing, coming on shore 
clear of mud, clay (thing) 
empty a trunk, box, chest 

t thoughts 

Desembebecerse, v. ref. i. ti 
Uesembeber, n. to recover t 
Desembelesarse, r. 1. to rec 

Desembojadera, .i/. gatlierer of silk-pods (worn.) 
Desembojár, a. lake silk-pods from abrotanas 
Desembolsar, a. 1. to empty a purse; disburse 
Deseml)ülso, («.disbursement; cost; expenditure 
Desemborrachar, va. 1. to cure of drunkenness 
Desemborracharse, re/, to grow sober, temperate 

Desembose;irse, — " ' ' " ' ' 

Desembozar, vu. 

o get o 

Desembuchar, t( 

_ e; unravel 

, wi. unmutfling, uncovering the face 
inbozo, liberty, freedom of speech 

inbravecimiento, sm. taming; reclaiming 
inbrazár, a. i. to dart; take from the arms 
lubriagado, -a, adj. recovered from drinking 
mbriagár, va. to sober; cure from drinking 
inbriagárse, ref. to recover from drinking 
mbridár,a. unbridle; take off the bridle 
mbroUár, va. 1. to disentangle; extricate 

disgorge; turn out of themaw 

, . . draw out as through a funnel 

Desemejáble, a. dissimilar; unlike; strong; large 
Desemejado, -a, adj. different; unlike; horriule 
Desemejante, a. dissimilar; diffeient; unlike 
Desemejanteménte, adv. in a dissimilar manner 
Desemejanza, sf. dissimilitude; unlikeness 
Desemejar, va. 1. to disfigure; deform; disguise 
Desemejar, vn. to be unlike, dissimilar; differ 
Desempacar,», to unpack; open goods packed up 
Desempacarse, v. ref. to grow calm; be appeased 
Desempachár, a. make the stomach discharge 
Desempacharse, v. ref. to discharge crudities 
Desempacharse, to grow bold; lose bashfulness 
Desempacharse, to despatch; make haste; hurry 
Desempacho, stii. forwardness; effrontery 
Desempalagar; va. 1. to clean one's palate 
Desempalagar, to clear of stagnant water (mill) 
Desempañar, o. 1. to take off the clouts & swaddles 
Desempañar, to clean a tarnished looking-glass 
Desempapelar, va. 1. to unwrap out of the paper 
Desempaquetar, a. to unpack; open packed goods 
Desemparejar, van. 1. to unmatch; be separated 
Desemparvár, heap, store up thrashed corn 
Desempatar, a. 1. to make unequal; explain; clear 
DescmpedradOr, sm. man who unpaves [meut 
Desempedrar, a. 1. to unpave; break up thepave- 
Desempedrár, to haunt, beat, ramble about a spot 
Desempedrando la calle, (ir) to go very rapidly 
Desempegár, va. 1. to take off tlie pitch; unglue 
Desempeñado, -a, adj. free from, clear of debts 
Desempeñar, va. 1. to redeem from pledge 
Desempeñar, to fulfil one's duty, jiromise; acquit 

DES 1 

Desempeñar, to free from a difficult affair 
Desempeñarse, ref. to clear ouc's self of debts 
Desempeñarse de la oústa, to stand off the shore 
Desempeño, un. redeeming- a pledge 
Desempeño, performance of a promise; proof 
Desempeño, perfection; utmost height 
Desempeorarse, rej. 1. to recover from sickness 
Desemperezar, n. 1. to leave off indolent habits 
Desempolvoradúra, »f. dusting; clearing of dust 
Desempolvorar, a. 1. to dust; clear from dust 
Desemponzoñar, va. 1. to heal from, expel poison 
Desemponzoñar, to cure a disordinate passion 
Desempotrár, va. 1. to unprop; remove ibe stays 
Desempulgadúra, sf. unbending of a bow 
Desempulgár, va. 1. to unbend, relax a bow 
Desenalbardar, i:n. \. to take off a packsaddle 


!. 1. t 

Desencabalgado, -?í, adj. dismounted; alighted 
Desencabalgar, ra. 1. to dismount (cannon) 
Desencabestradúra, tf. disentangling (a beast) 
Desencabestrar, a. 1. to disentangle the halter 
Desencadenar, va. 1. to unchain; break loose 
Desencadenar, to dissolve all 

Desencajonar, va. 1. to unpack; take out of a box 
Desencalabrinar, va. 1. to remove dizziness 
Desencalcar, a. 1. to dissolve a caked substance 
Desencallar, a. 1. to set afloat (a stranded ship) 
Desencaminar, vn. 1. tolose one's way; go astray 
Desencantamiento, im. disenchantment 
Desencantar, va. 1. to disenchant; eountcrcharm 
Desencantaración, sf. drawing lots for rivals 
Desencantarar, a. 1. to draw lots for candidates 
Desencantarár, n. to be withdrawn as incapable 
uchantment; countercharm 

Desencapotadúra, if. stripping off a cloak 
Desencapotar, a.l. tostrip off a cloak, great coa 
Desencapotar, to uncover; make manifest, plai 

Desencapotar, raise &keep up the head of ahorse 
Desencapotar las orejas, to prick up the ears 
Desencapatárse, ref. to lay aside frowns, anger 
Desencapotarse (el cielo), to clear up (sky) 
Desencaprichar, a. 1. to dissuade from prejudice 
Desencarcelar, va. 1. to free from prison; release 
Desencarcelar, to extricate from ditficulties 
Desencarecer, va. 2. to lower the price (for sale) 

o lose 

I affec 

It do^'s tor; . 

s plac 

Desencastillar, vii. 1. to drive out of a castle 
Desencastillar, to manifest; exorcise; deprive 
Desencaxamiento, Desencáxe, tm. uncasing 
Desencaxár, a. 1. to take out of its place: luxate 
Dcsencaxonár, va. to unpack; take out of a box 
Desencentr3r,a.l.totake,reraovefrora the centre 
Desencerrar, a. 1. to free from confinement; open 
Desencerrar, to disclose what «as unknown 
Desencintár, untie; unbind; loosen (string) 
Desenclavar, va. 1. to unnail; take, draw out nails 
Desenclavar, to put violently out of place 
Desencogér,« unfold(thing doubled); spread 
Desencogerse, to lay aside all bashfulness 
Desencogimiento, m. unfolding; expediting 
Desencolar, va. 1. to unglue; undo what is glued 
Desencolerizarse, 1. to be appeased; grow calm 
Desenconar, va. 1. to cure an inflammation 
Desenconar, to appease, check one's passion 
Desenconarse, v. rrf. to be appeased; grow calm 


Desencordar, va. 1. to unstring; untie strings, &c- 
Desencordelar, «a. 1. to loosen, untie, undo ropes 
Desencorvar, va. 1. to straighten; make straight 
Desencrespar, wa. 1. to uncurl; undo the ririglets 
Desénde, (eontr.of Desde ende) ndu.from this time 
Desendemoniár, Desendiablár, va. 1. to exorcise 
Desendiablárse, v. ref. to appease one's fury 
Desendiosar, va. 1. to humble vanity, pride 
Desenfadaderas, tf. plur. means of extrication 
Desenfadado, -a, adj. free; unembarrassed; wide 
Desenfadar, va. 1. to appease anger, passion 
Desenfadarse, v. ref. to be amused, entertained 
Desenfado,». freedom;ease; relaxation; calmness 
Desenfaldar, va. 1. to let fall the train of a gown 
Desenfamár, a. 1. to defame; slander; discredit 
Desenfangár,a. I. to cleanse, free from mud, mire 
Desenfardar, Desenfardelar, va. 1. to open bales 
Desenfatuár, a. 1. to wean of aprejudice, passion 
Desenfrailar, vn. 1. to quit the monastic life 
Desenfrenadamente, ad. without restraint 
Desenfrenado, -a, adj. unrestrained; outrageous 
Desenfrenamiento, sm. unruliness; debauchery 
Desenfrenar, a. 1. to unbridle; take off the bridle 
Desenfrenarse, rrf. to unbridle one's passions 
Desenfrenarse, to fly into a violent passion 
Desenfrenarse, to be mad, unruiy; break out 
Desenfreno, sm. unruliness; licentiousness 
Desenfreno de vientre, sudden & violent flux 
Desenfundar, va. 1. to take out of a bag, bolster 
Desenfurecerse, rí'/ grow calm; be appeased 
Desenganchar, «. 1. to unhook; take from a hook 
Desengañadamente, ad. ingenuously; awkwardly 
Desengañado, -a, adj. undeceived; ill-executed 
Desengañador, sm. undeceiver; who undeceives 
Desengañamiento, Jm. undeceiving; upbraiding 
Desengañar, va. 1. to undeceive; tree from error 
Desengañifár, a. 1. to disengage from the grasp 
Desengaño, m. undeceiving; disabusing; reproof 
Desengarrafár, va.l. to disengage from claws, &c. 
Desengarzar, va. 1. to unravel; disentangle 
Desengastar, a. 1. to take adiamondout of aring 
Desengoznar, van. 1. to unhinge; be disjointed 
Desengrasar, va. 1. to take out the grease 
Desengrosar, va. 1. to attenuate; make lean, thin 
Desengrudamiénto, «i. rubbing off cement, paste 
Desengrudár, a.l. to rub off, scrape the paste from 
Desenhadár, a.l. to remove the disgust for a thing 
Desenhadárse, v. ref. to be rendered pleased 
Desenhebrar, va. 1. to unthread; explain; unravel 
Dcsinhctráble, adj. extricable; explainable 
Dcscnhetrár, va. 1. to disentangle (the hair) 
Uesciihciriiiir, ra. 1. to take out of the oven 
Desenjaezar, a. 1. to unharness; unsaddle (horsej 
Desenjalmar, i-a. 1. to unharness (horses, mules) 
Desenjaulnr, uncage; let loose out of a cage 
Desenjecutár, a. 1. to liberate from an execution 
Desenlabonar, va. 1. to unchain; unbind 
Desenlace, f/i. catastrophe (of a play); conclusion 
Deseuladrillár, va. 1. to take up floor-tiles 
Desenlazar, va. to unlace; untie knots; mark 
Desenlosar, va. 1. to take up the flags of a floor 
Desenlutar,». 1. to leave off mourning; not ^ieve 
Desenmarañar, va. 1. to disentangle; extricate 
Desenmohecer, rub off rust; make manifest 
Desenmttdeeér, cure an impediment of speech 
Desenojar, va. 1. to appease anger; allaypassiun 
Desenojarse, v. ref. to amuse, recreate one's self 
Desenojo, sm. abatement of anger, passion 
Desenojoso, -a, adj. appeasing, assuaging anger 
Deséño, m. design; purpose; intention; course 
Desenquadernár, va. 1. to unbind (a book) 
Desenquietár, u. 1. to disquiet; molest; stir up 
Descnra/.onádo, -a, adj. unrea.sonable ' 
Dcscurcdar,« disentangle; clear; put in order 

DES 1 

Deseuredárse, v.ref. to extricate, clear one's self 
Ueseuréiio, sm. diseutaiigling; catastrophe 
UeseuroUár, v^. 1. to uurul; uufurl a roll; unfold 
Desenrollar, va. 1. to remove tUe rubbish from 
Deseuroüecér, a. 2. to rub off the rust (from met.) 
Deseuroüecér, to polish; improve the mind 
Deseurouquecer, »«. 2. to free from hoarseness 
Desenroscar, va. \. to untwist; unwrap 
Desensabauár, a.\ ' 
Desensabauár, to r 
Desensañar, a. l.t 
Desensartar, va. 1. 

to change, take off the sheets 
imove an impediment 
appease, pacify anger; plea 


to strip a he-goat of his fat 
ie working for a little; rest 
take out of the breast, bosom 
ight; uuiustruc